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  • Gulf Spill Update: Army Corps Rejects Plans; Oil Reaches Lake Pontchartrain

    Lake Pontchartrain

    We reported yesterday about the Army Corps of Engineers rejection of a plan by Louisiana’s Jefferson Parish to block oil from entering the Barataria Bay. Outrage has been growing over that decision, buoyed by news that oil has reached nearby Lake Pontchartrain. According to a reports, responders retrieved roughly 1,000 pounds of “tar balls and waste” from the waters.

    Not only are locals upset by the rejection–a shock after initially offering support for the measure–but there is increasing concern that the government has no alternative plan in place:

    “One of the things that really gets me is they didn’t offer us an alternative plan and they didn’t offers us a plan of their own, “[Grand Isle Mayor David] Carmardelle said. “They just said, No.”

    Carmardelle’s frustration was matched by Governor Bobby Jindal who explained, “They need to fight it like the war that it is. We have told them that no is not an answer, no is not a plan, no is not acceptable.”

    Environmental groups have been roundly criticized by local politicians in the Gulf, who they feel are stymieing a quick recovery. Both the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration relayed their concerns to the Army Corps about the possibility that the rock dikes could result in environmental damage. And a number of environmental groups like the Florida Wildlife Federation and the Sierra Club joined the federal government on Tuesday in their appeal of the decision by Judge Martin Feldman to block the President’s six month moratorium on offshore oil drilling.

    Meanwhile oil slips closer to shore every day while the people most affected by the spill feel hamstrung in their efforts to protect themselves. But rather than wait around, Carmardelle is still hoping to find a solution. BP had already purchased the rocks pending the Army Corps’ decision and the mayor is hoping he might still be able to find the money to build the dikes:

    “I’m really hurt inside. I think they’re going to kill our community,” Camardelle said. “But I’m not giving up.”

    With the rocks already purchased, Camardelle said, building the dikes would cost about $25 million.

    “I say, let’s go. If we can come up with the money, let’s bypass the federal government. Let’s protect our people.”

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    21 Responses to Gulf Spill Update: Army Corps Rejects Plans; Oil Reaches Lake Pontchartrain

    1. Billie says:

      How could these people even CONSIDER rock dikes resulting in environmental damage when their is oil reaching the shores?

      My God! Remove these people, they are a threat to the survival of civilization!

    2. bob baltimore says:

      Our prayers and thoughts are with those folks in Louisiana, I only wish we had the resources to help with this disaster

    3. Richard Harvey (New says:

      What is desperately needed to contend with the horrendous and out of control consequences of the Gulf oil hemorage is a DUNKERK initiative by which I mean to say that every oil sucking, oil storing vessel from the most humble oil barge to a "Whale" super tanker must be mobilized into the gulf in mass. and immediately. When British troops were trapped for slaughter on the beach of Dunkerk every vessel that could float and make way answered the call and plucked up as many guys as they could from an otherwise certain fate.This multitude of vessels large and small were not scrutanized for minute disqualifying infractions before they were allowed to go. THEY JUST WENT. There was no well orchestrated plan. THEY JUST WENT. The situation in the Gulf is the same. The consequences of in-action are however even more dire than a tepid response at Dunkirk. In all likelyhood the hemorage of oil will not abate. If any thing it will get worse and The oil will not be contained in the Gulf but get into the Gulf Stream , engulf the Atlantica Basin and create a vast oceanic dead zone. The only hope that I see in the implementation of Maratime law as it pertains to salvage.There exist precidence for the salvage of cargo that is harmful to the environment . Certainly crude oil qualifies. If vessels have the right of salvage the operation of all vessels will be more than covered by the sale of the crude to the refinaries that exist in the Gulf from St Croix to Baton Rouge to Trinidad. In addition the use of oil disbursants should cease immediately as they are even more harmful to biological life than the crude oil it is intended to disburse. Aside from Maritime law the only laws that should pertain are the Navigational Rules of the Road. All marine operators are well versed in the rules of the road.which are designed to prevent collision. The Gulf can accomodate a high density of salvage vessels. It is appropriate that this initiative come through the Heritage Foundation as this is an enterprenurial solution to a man made environmental catastrophy, and will give strong credability to the proposition private sector initiation of solutions to environmental issues in the electoral season to come.. I am ready and willing to meet any where any time if it will further this undertaking. Richard Harvey.

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    6. ray zammit, Toledo O says:

      …screw the government….build your rock dikes before its too late….what's worse, oil in the marshes that kill things, or a temporary rock dike?

      Go for it Louisianna!!!!!! Protect yourselves!!!!!

    7. Gordon Tiedemann, Va says:

      It is obvious to every clear thinking Ameican that this President and his Administration are not interested in the welfare of the American people but, rather desire to bring this nation to its knees.

    8. Jill, California says:

      Maybe it's time to switch from tea parties to oil parties. Maybe it's time for the citizens of this country to shove Obama and his goons out of the way and show them how we the people will protect our country.

    9. Jeff Bolding, Mobile says:

      I think the best plan to take care of the oil spill from a Progressive point of view is to do everything possible to slow down the clean up process. That way the Goverment can hire numerous low paid workers (and have them work about 15 minutes out of each hour – which will further slow progress) who can improve the employment statistics – much like the census workers did.

      This slow recovery climate will make the un-informed people angry at "Big Oil' so public support will build for American oil drilling to stop. The Green supporters and Middle East oil interests will be especially delighted, and the Republican leaning Gulf States will be "sent a Chicago style message' all in one fell swoop.

      There is tremendous opportunity here – just ask Rom Emmanuel.

    10. Prudie Potter, Annan says:

      It is time to disregard this incompetent President. He is destryoying our country!

    11. Felicity Diamond Mar says:

      If anyone thinks that the EPA, Army Corps of Engineers, & other gov't agencies have the environment & the Gulf Coast residents best interests in mind, better THINK AGAIN! The incompetence at the federal level is egregious as we enter day 80 of the gulf oil disaster. Why in the hell can't Obama & his legions of leftists allow all of these other nations to send ships with add'l skimmers, oil booms, etc. It is an absolute tragedy.

    12. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Billie, Bob, and Richard. You have to understand, the rocks, the paryers, and the resourses have been their from almost day one. You also must understand this

      tragety is being allowed to continue because Obama is using this "crisis" to

      pass his Crap and Tax bill. He, and his pawns, continue to block or hinder most

      any local efforts to prevent the oil from reaching shore. Obama is using intimidation and threats to shut-up local officals from voicing what is NOT being done. Now, he has placed restrictions on national news media outlets from photographing the damage at close range. Like most everyone eles, you must

      start connecting the dots and stop using incompetence or lack of interest, as

      the reason we are now at day 80!

    13. Tim AZ says:

      Is there anyone that does not see the mastery of the Administrations plan here in the Golf of Mexico? Anyone with military experience knows that the individual must first be torn down before they will accept transformational change. Who would have thought this could be achieved one crisis at a time at such a fast pace. The process does not have to be so traumatic if the individual will simply accept government as their personal savior. The tragedy for those who live along the Golf Coast is that they continue to bitterly cling to the antiquated notion of individualism through capitalism. You no longer need to be responsible for your own destiny. Let not your hearts be troubled and embrace the compassion of liberalism as this environmental tragedy is allowed to play out. Take comfort in the fact that Mao-Bama waits in the wings to pick you up after you have hit bottom. That hope and change can only work if you allow it to run its course. Seize the transformational agenda. I guess the other choice would be to register your complaints on every election day until satisfaction is achieved. How's that hope and change working out for you?

    14. Bob, Salt Lake City says:

      How about a new approach. Starting next Monday, the salaries of all employees of the EPA, MMS, NOAA and Army Corp of engineers will be reduced 0.1% for every additional mile of coastline or 10 acres of marshland newly contaminated with oil.

      Or, they will receive the same proportion of their pay (not to exceed 100%) as the the amount of oil removed from the gulf bears to the amount gushing out of the hole, computed weekly.

      I'll bet you would be surprised at how many new and creative ideas would be approved and how fast oil would start coming out of the Gulf and off the beaches.

      Its real easy to be cautious when its someone else's fat in the fire. The way to get action is make the consequences real to the decision makers.

      And don't forget! Its the same marvelous folks in the government who will soon be providing the same high quality medical care for a family incredibly near you.

    15. Bob, Salt Lake City says:

      Lloyd in New Orleans, have you also considered the possibility that some union pension funds may want to get some cheap Gulf front property for future resorts and or casinos when all of the local owners start defaulting on their mortgages? I have no idea if that might be involved, but I'm told Obama did get a great deal on his home and part of the neighboring lot not do long ago while he still lived in Illinois.

      Just Wondering.

    16. Norma in Nebraska says:

      A few years ago I used to say that the difference between the Russian people and Americans was that we just THINK we are free, and the Russians KNOW they are not. Well, obviously that statement is truer today than ever before. Who would have ever thought that the federal government could ORDER the news media to not photograph or report on the damage done in the Gulf!!!

      Who in the hell do these people think they are!! Boy, if we don't make a dramatic change in November, 2010 we are going to live to see the end of our Republic! We ALL have to fight with every breath we take in order to survive.

    17. Ray, Hampton VA says:

      This whole Gulf situation is a disaster because of one person – Barack Hussein Obama!! His lack of initiative and his complete inaction have caused this accident to become a tragedy of monumental proportions!! He does not care one iota what happens to the gulf states. He is focused upon pushing forward his Marxist-socialist agenda and nothing will deter him from destroying this great country. He will not stop until we are on our knees bowing to him!! We must stop him, folks! And, we must do it, ASAP!!

    18. patty t., alabama says:

      Tell the EPA to get out of the way and protect yourself Louisiana. you have to do it. you are being destroyed. I support Gov. Jindal. do what ya gotta do!

    19. Spiritof76, NH says:

      Ignore the orders and do what is best for your circumatances. Civil disobedience. Remove all the environmental wackos out of the area. They are the worthless scums that would rather have everyone else live in caves while they live like kings. State of Louisiana must mobilize and resist the EPA, the Corps(e) and the rest of the worthless slugs.
      Consider the federal government not on your side.

    20. Bill Lee, ArkLaTex a says:

      All I know is when there is an accident on the highways and Hazardous Chemicals are spilled the local governments and EPA has Contract Hazmat Companies come in to vacum or clean up to protect the local population from the toxic chemicals.

      Later the bill for the clean up is sent to the Trucking company who caused the spill.

      Yet our Wonderful President sat on his "ass" and pointed a finger at BP and didnt get the Oil Skimmers in the Gulf to start a massive clean up of the oil.

      When this is over we need to determine how we punish Obama for his criminal actions or lack of action. This must be laid on Obama's neck!!

      Our wonderful media sits on its behind and bemoans the oil release and shows birds soaked in oil. Yet they never put the blame on Obama as well as BP and their dangerous drill plans, which were approved by MMS our wonderful oil drilling regulators!

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