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  • Morning Bell: Remember the Gulf

    Remember 9/11. Remember Katrina. Remember Haiti. Often, after a disaster of epic proportions, we are urged to remember the victims and the lessons of how to avoid a similar catastrophe. These reminders are necessary because after the moment of impact passes, people’s attention is drawn to other major events. Rarely ever, however, is the phrase used while the crisis continues unabated; while the administration that the media needs to hold accountable flounders in a sea of ineptitude, red tape and finger pointing.

    Yes, we’re talking about the Gulf oil spill. It may be the first time in U.S. history that a president and the national media’s attention need to be refocused on a crisis while it is still, in fact, underway. Remember the Gulf.

    We at The Heritage Foundation are not forgetting it. Starting today, a team of respected energy, environment, homeland security and response experts are traveling to the Gulf region. Over the coming week, we’ll investigate what is and is not working and what more needs to be done (or in many cases, where the federal government should simply step out of the way), and we’ll report our findings back to you.

    Why are we doing this? Because it has now been 77 days since the Deepwater Horizon platform exploded, killing eleven workers, and setting in motion the spill still gushing today. Over that time, the outflow has gotten worse, goals have been missed and attention has waned. Since the disaster, President Obama has visited the region four times. Only one of those visits included Mississippi, Alabama or Florida, states that are being summarily affected by economic and environmental damage. His first visit came only two weeks after the explosion, and after a national outcry.

    During that time period, one could point to a number of issues and events that have taken priority for the president—and yes that includes political commitments but also vacations and hanging out with rock stars and sports personalities. But, to be fair, even when focused, the administration continues to flounder.

    Obama’s cabinet, including the EPA, continues to let ridiculous regulations stand in the way of oil being removed from the water. Skimmers that discharge separated water containing less than 1% of oil residue are being met with bureaucracy. Local authorities were unnecessarily stopped from dredging to build protective sand berms, out of concern the dredging was too close to the shoreline. The environmentalists who wish to protect our nation from some uncertain catastrophe are ignoring the one happening right this very moment.

    Meanwhile, according to the Associated Press, thousands of volunteers remain on the sidelines endlessly waiting for instructions. Skimmers remain docked at port. And today, we learn that BP has only captured a small portion of the oil they promised federal regulators in a March 24 report that went completely unquestioned. In fact, since the spill began, BP has only removed 60% of what it promised could be removed in one single day, and yet we have no accountability. As John F. Young Jr., chairman of Louisiana’s Jefferson Parish Council told the Washington Post: “I think the federal government should have at the very least picked up a phone and started asking some questions and challenged them about the accuracy of that number and tested the veracity of that claim.”

    The question remains why President Obama is not concerned with this catastrophe; at least with the same vigor he so clearly displays when fighting Arizona immigration laws or defensively stumping for his stimulus bill. Some infer that politics may have something to do with it. The President still has never visited Tennessee which was ravaged by deadly floods this spring. Tennessee shares a commonality with Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi beyond geography: a right leaning electorate.

    The president would surely bristle at such an accusation. Yet, the fact remains that his inattention causes some to entertain these conclusions. Other potential reasons are that his former support of offshore oil drilling—which many doubted was heartfelt—may have made this a political hot potato. The delegator-in-chief may feel his briefings are sufficient. It’s possible that after successfully painting BP as the sole villain in a snake bitten address to the nation in June, he felt his work was done. This president, though preternaturally defensive and notoriously thin-skinned, works best on the attack.

    We don’t know why the president has chosen not to adequately focus on an ongoing crisis in the Gulf. But America deserves to hear his reasoning. And who will force this response? Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) simply brought up the oil spill in a White House meeting on energy, and was dismissed as a partisan by the president himself. When Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) delivered a report criticizing aspects of the federal response, it was met with the arrogance the nation has come to expect from a petulant Robert Gibbs, who ever so cleverly corrected him on spelling one word in the report.

    The national media may yet again ignore its watchdog role. When the president last took questions from the press at the G20, not one reporter asked him an oil spill related question. Government accountability cannot be achieved without the sunlight of a watchdog press corps. While networks still have anchors stationed in the Gulf, the stories today are largely of a human interest perspective, brutalized wildlife or tarball removal; rather than government accountability.

    And, one may ask, where is the environmentalist industrial complex in all this? The pursuit of a clean environment comes second to the pursuit of federal largess, which Obama is more than happy to accommodate. His response to the spill thus far has been to advocate for a global warming tax that will have zero effect on the spill (because the inconvenient truth is that less than 1% of domestic electricity demand is met by petroleum). But this tax will provide the eco-left what they have been clamoring about for years.

    That’s why the Heritage Foundation is on the case.  The Gulf oil spill is happening, right now. The president needs to wake up to the disaster in the Gulf, and we intend to provide the alarm clock.

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    101 Responses to Morning Bell: Remember the Gulf

    1. Rick,Texas says:

      Thanks for your effort. God help us through this mess.

    2. Mark, Cincinnati, OH says:

      If I may be so daring as to suggest that we (Heritage Foundation), raise the question that our perception of the Obama Administration Gulf response(s) seem to indicate that they wish to prolong this catasrophe?

    3. Mary Sue, NY says:

      Thank you for the great perspective you present here. I appreciate all that you do for our country. Keep up the good work and I can't wait to read your report after the visit to the gulf.

    4. Virginia Morris says:

      A huge thank you, Heritage for your research and reporting on this fiasco.

      Please continue to educate the public. You are so needed. If America survives the onslaught of the current administration, it will be, in large part, because you faithfully continue to keep the electorate aprised of events in spite of the all too cozy relationship of most of our media. Again, thank you, and, God bless you all.

      V. Morris

    5. Charles E. Moran, Ho says:

      Thank you for remembering, unlike the rest of the media, that 11 men died in the explosion. On day two, the 'media' was whimpering about wildlife – what about the 11 human beings with families who died? That's my question for the national media!

    6. Barb, WI says:

      May God bless all of you. How can the rest of us help? It's about time someone takes the ball and finds out what is going on. If we would believe the media, we'd think this was all taken care of.

    7. Corky, Howey in the says:

      The "community" leader is not and should not be in the Oval office. He made it there on LIES and he is there only to put this Great Nation in the ground. The lame street media is so in love with him they have forgotten how to be HONEST journalist. Thank you so very much for all the HONEST people at The Foundry. PLEASE KEEP UP YOUR GOOD WORK!

    8. Bill Lee, ArkLaTex a says:

      Yes accountablity is improtant for BP and the governments oversight of the cleanup. This needs to be reported on from time to time.

      The details of the EPA and political "foot dragging" as in the Jones Act, needs to be examined and the Administration must be made to answer for it.

      Maybe next year after the Nov 2010 elections Congress can start a detail investigation of the Administrations actions in the Oil Spill!

    9. Barb Knack, Lake Gen says:

      Thank you for your efforts. This administration again is all talk and no action, their politics as usual. There was a rush to Haiti, but we at home get zip….God bless you for bringing this to the forefront!

    10. Tom, DC says:

      While I agree with your actions and comments, I hope the author was attempting a pun:

      "while the administration that the media needs to hold accountable flounders in a sea of ineptitude"

      although I doubt it since flounder, the fish, is used for founder twice in the article.

      • Brandon Stewart Brandon Stewart says:

        Actually both “founder” and “flounder” (the verb, not the fish) get the point across, I think.

    11. Mary, WI says:

      Thanks HF! I hope you find the answers to so many questions. I'm sure the main goal of this president is to pass Cap and Trade under the guise of this catastrophe. Perhaps you will be able to expose the truths and present so that the whole world sees BO for what he really is….deceptive.

    12. Bonnie, FL says:

      What's not to believe in the Federal Government response to the oil spill. Just like the border problems the oil spill is affecting red states (Republican states). Obama does not go out of his way to help red states. Another example is the flooding in Tennessee. Where is FEMA and other government agency that should be working through the border crisis, oil spill and flooding in Tennessee?

    13. Don C. Hayward Monum says:

      The nastier this spill becomes the Marxist administration will capitalize on tragedy to try and get ca[p and trade passed.

      The ends always justifies the means with Marxist/progressives.

    14. Joseph Creveling says:

      Thank you Heritage for doing this. I will be donating monetarily for this effort. Thank you for bringing truth to light.

    15. Ron, Derry NH says:

      That thing we accept as our president this time is struggling to shed his agenda, and seems completely at ease lying to preserve his image rather than get his hands dirty trying at least to preform as an American president.

      He is no doubt in the office of the presidency by he and his elitist progressive congress are showing they have NO INTEREST in performing their duties in reality and would rather IMAGINE themselves as leaders as the chain the countries hands to an anchor and throw it overboard along with good judgment.

      11 men died trying to bring us the energy we use to survive while obama kills every effort to clean the spill by playing golf, insuring an enforcement of regulations rather than DO THE JOB that is needed, and using this moment to push through more agenda based ideology..

      I fear for America with such heartless leaders.

      A man who builds his life upon the shifting sands of rhetorical garbage can not amount to much more than what he has invested.

    16. Frank - Northern Cal says:

      Spinning the story, I see.

      So, how much money does 'big oil' continue to flush into Republican campaigns? Please, give us all a break!

      Let's stop the blame game and just fix the problem.

      Enough is enough.

    17. Danny Jeffrey says:

      Since taking office Obama has assembled a regime that Al Capone would have been proud of. He has turned a troubled economy into a world wide catastrophe. NASA's goal is no longer the exploration of space, Its lofty goal has become to make Muslims feel better about themselves. Across America banks and businesses are failing, many due to their not knowing what punishment the president would next choose to afflict them with and now this oil spill is just icing on the cake. This is a crisis custom made for Rahm Emanuel..Do nothing. Allow an environmental crisis to occur and use it as an excuse for another power grab. The Narcissist in Chief needs to be dethroned.

    18. Neil California says:

      Here is my two cents…I think that Obama is purposly lettting this oil spill to continue without doing anything to either stop the oil at it's source 5000 ft down, nor does want to clean the oil of the water's surface. I think he and his people are perfectly happy to destroy the Gulf Coast economy.

      I am waiting for this oil to reach the Florida Keys and maybe destroy the Corral Reefs.

    19. J. Rucker, Myrtle Be says:

      Bravo Heritage Foundation! Finally someone takes the lead that loves America…and not someone that is out to destroy her!

    20. Barbara, LA says:

      I know I am digressing here but this is for Tom- flounder is indeed a fish but it also means "to struggle clumsily, helplessly or falteringly" so the two places that "flounder" was used, WAS correct….check your dictionary next time before you correct something in print…especially from Heritage.

    21. Dusty, Florida says:

      Thank you! I pray you are successful in your efforts. We need all the help we can get down here. Our air quality is also going to be destroyed, while they keep "burning" away out there creating all that black smoke in the air. (And enviromentalists squawk about white steam from coal fired plants who use scrubbers?) Somwhere on these comments was the discussion about "flouder." What we've got as a leader is an absolute dead fish! Know nothing, do nothing! A party boy! To me, what is happening in the Gulf is nothing short of criminal negligence on the part of all the administration's flapping traps. Yep .. speeches. Red tape. No action with the exceptionof creating a "commission to investigate the commission." So for 77 days we get oil and smoke! Our so-called or referred to as the woundrous leader, will rise in some fashion just before elections. Remember the Gulf indeed. And he who has done nothing! Check out the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) via OSHA and read up on the chemical Corexit9500 please, people. That oil dispersant being used. We are not being told the truth down here and are being exposed to far greater and worse things (all the way around) than has been reported.

    22. Jeannine California says:

      I heard, on FOX, this morning that if BP goes belly up and defaults on their 20 million. Mr. B HO/America can seize the eintire opperation? Perhaps this has been known all along. This strengthens my paranoid belief that some one from our side known or unknown (ordered by the White House OR enviromental wackos)

      blew up the platform. I have a tendency to rule out enviromental wackos because of the impact, as distasteful as it is that leaves only one conclusion. Did Mr. B HO know? Don't know. I believe a lot goes on he doesn't know about because what he don't know can not come back to bit him. His attitude tword the spill is so bizar and in light of what I heard on FOX I, personally, will hold to my conclusion. SOME ONE BLEW UP THE RIG!

    23. Dee McLaughlin, Appl says:

      Where is the "Remember Nashville flood:? "

      There has been absolute silence abouthe Nashville flooding and that was

      just as devastating, AND with loss of life and property. People are still

      working to restore their homes and property. Maybe because people

      in the midwest don't ask for help, could this be why they are not remembered?

      I know many cities in our area were destroyed and many areas flattened from

      tornados, no one asked for Federal help, they just picked up the pieces and

      did the best they could without government help.

    24. Carrie, Washington says:

      Our State is getting geared up with regard to Sustainability Programs (global warming and environmental stuff). Here and across the nation the people need to rise up against this nonsense. Think about it-our President has not handled the crisis in the gulf with any sense of urgency and yet we are to buy off on the global warming tax and other mandates. NO! Just plain NO! He is emotionally uncommitted to this nation. After the attacks on our country in 2001 we said, "we will never forget". Well we did because the very people who attacked this nation are now inhabiting the White House. This is not a partisan or a race issue. So stop throwing that out as an excuse in an attempt to shut people up.This nation has been attacked and made vulnerable from within. We are under duress. Our nations flags should be flying upside down under such conditions. Not to mention he is not a United States citizen. America Wake Up & Stand Up!

    25. toledofan says:

      We are watching the epic destruction of American Capitalism from within the Administration; not only are these guys not paying attention to the Gulf, the economy is in a shambles, there is no solid plan for Iraq and Afhganistan, the heatlthcare debacle is starting to take form and will run in deficeits for years, unemployment is at 10%, higher in some states, and as people struggle our Commander in Chief is AWOL. I think it's all part of the Obamas giant plan to socialize America and make Americans dependant on the government to survive. Everything is political and absent of any solid ideas other than to spend more. I think that if these Democrats did half of this stuff in 1776 they would have been tried for treason.

    26. Gerry (Germantown, M says:

      Your article says it all – go for the truth. And then ask for an appointment with the New York Times and the Washington Post so they can cover your story.

      We need to discover first, what exactly is possible, and at what rate, within the known capability of the world's oil industry, to finally cap that well? To skim the existong spilled oit from the ocean's surface? To clean and restore the costal habitat? and, To clean, restore and compensate the costal communities and beaches? And we need to know it soon.

      Second, we need to clearly understand what the administration did and did not do, and why they don't seem to care?

    27. MIke Wren, Long Beac says:

      I am a life long resident of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, having experienced my first natural disaster in 1947 – before storms were named. The problem really relates to government involvement into a situation about which they have absolutely no expertise and are unwilling to reach out for it; not an uncommon issue with this administration. The demonizing BP has served no purpose other than to deflect the governments inability to realize that had this happened to Shell, Exxon, or any other major oil producer, the results would probably not been too much different. Knowing when you are faced with a situation about which you have no experience and simply trying to gloss it over by blaming others seems to be the basic strategy of this administration.

    28. dfaris says:

      Thank you for your investigation of the ongoing disaster in the Gulf. A suggestion it would be worthwhile to think about renaming the commonly used word"spill" in refering to the disaster. Spill seems to fall far short of discribing what is going on in regard to the huge amount of oil gushing into the Gulf waters on a daily basis. Another term could dramatize the spill rather than the word "spill" You guys are very creative. What would a new word to reference the oil gusher at the well sight? Just a thought. In Mobile we are suffering in many ways from this disaster. Many of us are despondent a this point. And the prospects of what will happen in the near future for all coastal waters including fresh water is frightening. Wishing you good success as you research the questions you pose. And prayers for your success in getting answers from the administration on our behalf.


      Dfaris, Mobile, Al

    29. Cheryl, CO says:

      @ Tom, DC You obviously need a dictionary. "Flounder", verb, means to thrash about ineffectively, which is no doubt exactly what the writer meant (both times), and describes the Gov't actions well.

    30. jim smith new york, says:

      You fine organization is always on the money. Nobama's brownshirts are always taking our money. This fascist cabal spends most of golf-interrupted work week with yet another vacation and/or deviant political scheming. When are the constitutional lawyers going to step in or has George Soros bought them off also?

    31. Dale Curtis, Maine says:

      Thank you so much for your help and your Leadership, something we as a Nation are seriously lacking in Washington D.C. My personal opinion is that if Louisiana had a extremely large Muslim population along the coast then maybe Obama would have done something much more productive than cheap talk.

    32. JOAN, HILLSDALE, MI says:


    33. Myra, FL says:

      I suppose I could be strung up for even thinking this, but it wouldn't surprise me if this were a deliberate act of sabotage in order to bring about the passage of the "floundering (or foundering)" cap and trade plan. Oh, plus to bring the oil industry in the US under total government control…just this a.m. something about possible BP America banckruptcy with the government being obliged to step in and take over (dare I say it? Read, nationalize) the company. If this were the Bush administration, impeachment procedings would already have begun!

    34. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      According to President Barack Obama, our Fearless Leader, (I hope Boris Badinov and Natasha Fatale, don't sue me), :) What happened in the Gulf isn't his fault. He can't suck it up with a straw, he wasn't sitting in Washington leading seminars, he was

      trying to figure out whose ass to kick, and he's finally figured out whose ass to kick.

      Who's ass is it? It's not his own ass. It's Bush's ass. Why? Because Bush's ass has been kicked by him so many times that it's black and blue. So next time our Fearless

      Leader says he's trying to figure out whose ass to kick, tell him that in two years, we're going to dropkick his sorry ass to curb. The presidency's a job for a world organizer. Not a community organizer. Ronald Reagan said it best: "The presidency doesn't lend itself to on-the-job training." Rham Rahmbo Dead Fish Emmanuel said "Never let a good crisis go to waste." We're not. We're going to clean the House, clean the Senate, and in two years, do some White Housecleaning.

    35. William Downey, JD L says:

      Thank you for your effort, even as the main stream media has tired of reporting the situation.

      The fifth responsible party in this is the federal government. Prior to the disaster the DOI/MMS failed in their oversight responsibilites, failed to even read or notice the problems with the BP response plan. After the disaster the government failed to be proactive in seeking help from those who offered both technical expertise and or equipment. The government allowed BP to direct the actions and has continued to allow not only BP but other federal agencies to restrict response planning and actions.

      Keep up the good work.


      Thank you, Heritage, for your work. Hopefully as you investigate there will be ways to get the information to people who are willing to do something to help. Unemployment due to damage to one's profession/industry is no fun, and neither is destroying "Our Father's World". The "fix" will have to take place on a large scale, seems to me.

      I know many of you are praying; please don't give up that. Most things that are wrong with our country can be healed only by our national, corporate repentance and turning to OUR FATHER for HIS wisdom to help us fix the problems.

    37. Dwana Townsend Harve says:

      Thank you for remembering us, while it is evident that the Federal GVT has forgotten even the President seems to have more important things to do than to simply sign an executive order allowing our local governments access to what we need.

      Jimmy Carter a great humanitarian helped us to rebuild many homes after Katrina through Habitat through Humanity. Former Pres Bill Clinton helped the citizens of Haiti.

      I wonder if Jindal invited Pres Clinton down here to see for himself if the Obama Administration would act a bit more quickly since O doesn't want to be undercut by the Clintons.

      Now we have more storms on the way and the rock jetties still not approved by the EPA. Here is a question: How in the heck will rock jetties pollute our water more than it is being polluted right now? Toxins are now being found in our waters and we are now seeing tar balls in Lake Ponchatrain (where some of the best fishing, crabing, and shrimp come from).

      I would love to see the media converge down here and meet with our city and parish officials and get permission to ride with them while they take surveys. A documentary needs to be done regarding this situation.

    38. Lynn, Austin says:

      Thank you for researching this. Why hasn't the US allowed other nation's skimmers in STILL??!?!?!!? Absurd! I think the Administration and the EPA should be charged for criminal negligence for the loss of marine life, loss of jobs, loss of coastline, income, etc.

      What corruption we continuously see out of this administration.

      You may need to do your investigating as to why the DOJ threw out the case against the Black Panthers intimidation methods at the voting precincts, due to lack of evidence!!!!!!! Come on, the whole administration is so corrupt!!!!!!

    39. David, Mobile, Alaba says:

      Welcome to the Gulf Coast, y'all.

      Just remember that the cleaned beaches, boomed waterways and brilliant new protection methods y'all will encounter are the result of state and local ingenuity and dedication. And, remember that when each of these endeavors were begun, they were either impeded or ignored by federal officials here.

    40. Sandra Anderson, Gre says:

      Thank you for all your information & look forward to your report from your visit there. My question is why on earth aren't the elected Republicans gathering together & making some noise about Obama's " non-reaction" to the spill so we can feel they are fighting for us. This man is unreal & our country is going down the drain because of him.

    41. Joe, KY says:

      I'm not sure these comments were flattering enough, so let's see if we can't bring the the "con" into conversation and the "di" into dialogue.

      1) This catastrophe does not need more experts going to critique the scene. We all know that things are not going well. What we need is more people to begin doing the work.

      2) In regards to BP, there is little to do in this political climate. The demand for accountability and subsequent punishment to BP if that accountability was not met would be grounds for impeachment by the right-leaners who say that Obama has already taken the government too far. As long as BP is primarily responsible to its shareholders and not the American people, nothing productive will happen.

      4) Please cease in your attempts to attempts to put this disaster on the same level as Katrina or Haiti. Both of those were large-scale humanitarian disasters ,where each minute of response held human lives in the balance. This is different. This is a time-sensitive ecological disaster with a massive humanitarian component. If Obama is not visiting the different parts of the Gulf every day, perhaps it is because he is running two wars and dealing with overhauling the economy. These are also areas where millions of people's lives hang in the balance, and ones equally deserving of his attention, while more suited to his skills.

      We were one nation before this, and whatever happens, we will be one nation after. Throwing stones at a bogged-down president to score political points against him is more selfish than anything you have accused Obama of above.

    42. rusty v. - phx., az. says:

      while your in the Gulf, you might want to check the air quality for methane gas.

    43. F. D. O'Toole, says:

      Thanks for a very well organized report on the continuing oil spill. In your continuing investigation, please comment on reports that the Administration, through DHS and BP paid local law enforcement, is harassing investigative reporters and photographers.

    44. Phil Grant, Pearland says:

      Obama is doing exactly what he and his bunch want him to do. Nothing. That way he can go back and point at the spill as more justification of his green jobs and green everything else agenda. He may be (and is) incompetent but just like Emanuel said, "never let a crisis go to waste." This is all part of his agenda and that is all he is interested in. So what if a few fishermen and oil people loose their livelihoods, it all works for him in the end.

    45. Janet Lane, Tennessee says:

      More power to you and thanks!

    46. George Richardson says:

      Your article would have greater weight if it showed that it had been properly edited. The third paragraph should have stated that "a team of . . . experts . . . is travelling to the Gulf region.

    47. Steve says:

      The Russians have successfully detonated a nuclear device to terminate a similar spill. Obama does not want to entertain a nuclear option for obvious political reasons, one being the fallout from the Left. The administration must act NOW to end this horrible disaster.

    48. Liz, North Carolina says:

      I am totally dumbfounded by the general news media and their lack of reporting and asking the tough questions about the government's lack of interest in this growing tragedy! We have to get the word out to mainstream America! Thank you for the work that you are doing!

    49. Renny. Middle River, MD says:

      I noticed, we have great information comming from the Tea Party, Consertative radio, Fox news, Heritage and an organization not mentioned very much, but doing a wonderful job, “Judical Watch.” They are doing more than reporting, they are attacking!!! Just think if all four of these organizations got together to go after this community organizer and his gang, how we could get this mess cleaned up quickly. Maybe we should include the RNC! I pray our Lord will have Mercy on us for allowing this to happen to His world!!!

    50. Richard Cancemi, Arlington, TX says:

      Thank you for all you are doing!

    51. Timpclimber Provo, U says:

      Thank You HF for your action. As to the pontificating, obsequious, inept flounder and his bilious crew we have for President and Executive branch, November cannot come soon enough!

    52. Gloria, Rapid City, SD says:

      Thank God someone is finally going to step in!!
      This President(and I use the term very loosely) makes most of us ashamed daily that he shows no interest in WE THE PEOPLE and the disaster that is damaging our coastlines, and way of life for the people!
      I can hardly wait to read your report. Will what you find be sent to the *President* or members of Congress????? I read your reports every day and am glad you are making this effort to find out the truth!

    53. walter says:

      A non-caring adminestration that uses a catastrope to promote an agenda that is not wanted by most Americans. Obama doesn’t listen,(He is good at that). He is always in campaign mode and not in being the leader of this country. His priorities are abysmal. He doesn’t care, he doesn’t know how or he just doesn’t want to do the job he was elected to do. Hope and change. Hope we can get him out before it’s too late and make a change for the better. God help us. God bless us.

    54. Rick says:

      BP has only captured a small portion of the oil they promised federal regulators in a March 24 report that went completely unquestioned?

      Probably … probably… BP’s operations plan met up with the enemy.

      All plans suffer on first contact with the enemy.

      While we can investigate and potentially prosecute (even as we certainly persecute) BP for its actions that seemed to accept inordinate levels of risk to attempt to save time and money, BP has worked diligently at the well site to move toward shutting down the well and to minimize the outflow while efforts proceed on the relief wells.

      BP seems to be a responsible actor now. It is not the Exxon of Valdez fame.

      Pressing the government to manage its portion of the spill cleanup is needed – this is where the focus should be applied.

    55. JULIE, OHIO says:

      thank you heritage !! we all must remember that our duty is to make all aware of what choices are made to expedite political avenues by this president and the proggressive movement to take over our freedom and our constitutional rights. this tragedy in the gulf could have and should have easily been avoided. I believe that with the heritage at the helm we the people will continue to fight for freedom and adherence to the commandments of our God.

    56. OCALA.FL says:

      After reading all the coment,there is not much to add.I look forward to reading your report.I hope it produces something we all can use even here in Florida. We are told my the media that all is being done that can be doneand nature will do it’s thing.God help us.This is man made and man has to fix it Fast!Not a month from now.

    57. Don Huber, Willis TX says:

      I'm simply a common, ordinary person, and I hear so much from people who live in this area and work in the oil service business. From those comments, I have come to the conclusion this disaster has far reaching problems, more than we can even visualize. Our nation is in deep, deep trouble, more so than just the Gulf disaster, but this one thing can bring this nation to its knees.

    58. steve pa says:

      i will bet you a real man with callouses on his hands that knows how to do real stuff other than rabble rousing like our esteemed president, some one like maybe, stanley mccrystal could probably fix this problem or at very least lead those who are capable to fix it. you know a real leader.

    59. Carl, Lenoir City, TN says:

      Great article. Please maintain surveillance on the Gulf effort and keep us informed. The “mainstream press” apparently will not.

    60. David Houston TX says:

      The time is drawing closer to invoking the Ultimate Solution provided us in the United States Constitution! …..Article 2., Section. 4…where authority is granted to execute the action. Since this important proceedure is extremely expensive, all Heritage Members and any future recruits should double their contributions in order to achieve the end result. Thank you for being there to champion the cause and to protect our future generations……..God Bless Us All.

    61. MIchael Linkowski says:

      The HF needs its own Cable News program! I fear only the members hear your warnings and truths. Why don’t you have a HF reporter as part of the White house press core? The internet is great for those who care but we need to reach further into the minds of the America through Television! I will up my Pledges to get HFTV going, please tell me you have at least considered it?

    62. William Jackson, Val says:

      I could say that this is God's way of finally getting back at Evil,Greedy people! But to some that would make me a God Fearing Idiot. So I'll say that Safty Standards were set a side due to Greed. And now the "World is Paying for it." Has anyone thought that if we "can't" stop the leak, it will have the continued effect on the whole Northern Hemisphere? God have Mercy on us, if we "don't" stop it.

    63. fatalgae says:

      The Gulf Catastrophe could have been avoided if the US were growing algae. Algae is renewable, does not affect the food channel and consumes CO2. No explosions, no fires, no deaths and no environmental problems. What’s wrong with that???

      Algae has been researched in US universities for over 35 years. It’s time to move it out of the lab and go into commercial-scale production. Algaepreneurs are starting to build commercial-scale plants throughout the US using all off-the-shelf existing technologies. More algae production plants are coming online. Algae is one solution to get the US off of foreign oil and create new jobs right here in the US. The algae industry is being built today by Americans who all want to get off foreign oil.

    64. steve pa says:

      our president is probably wonderingwhether or not king james would sign with the washington wizards if he made an offer of the Lincoln bed room.

    65. J. Marshall Saye says:

      I wholeheartedly agree with Rick’s comment. I believe that BP is doing all they can to sovle the problems. Why would anyone think otherwise? Now about the others, many if not most are just getting in the way of stopping the flow and getting on with the cleanup. And I include the President in this. Each Presidential visit diverts resources, management and support, from what should be the primary focus. Give BP a break and help.

    66. Bill Cribbs, Port Ne says:

      I would like to know if there is credible research going on to verify some of the grapevine data and "worst case scenarios" that are pervading the internet right now. Things such as a huge methane bubble that could possibly rupture and spew huge amounts of this flammable, toxic gas into the water and atmosphere. Or the wearing away of the casing as abrasive and corrosive oil and gases, along with rock and sand erode the inside diameter, causing the flow to increase in volume.

      The subsequent "tsunami" if there is such a rupture that will flood the Gulf Coast, especially Florida due to its lower elevations.

      There are tons of reports, videos, and blogs giving such reports from supposed "inside sources" who are mostly unnamed BP employees or EPA agents.

      Where can we get some truth that will give us the likelihood of such scenarios?

    67. Tom K says:

      I would like to thank all the u.S. Citizens and non citizens and the ones that weren’t alive at the time their vote was cast for this joke of a government, these people couldn’t run a popcorn stand.

    68. ONTIME says:

      Why not have the inept congress sanctify another national holiday in honor of Barry Sotero our un-credentialed POTUS and call it "Tar Baby Day"?

    69. Ingrid--Indiana says:

      Thank you for “The rest of the story.” Where is concern & action on the part of elected leaders who swore they would protect & defend our country? We await further information re this incredible “lolligagging” over a huge “crisis” which our so-called “leaders” say they “never want to let go to waste.” . . . Psalm 109:8 is a prayer flying around the country.

    70. gail, maine says:

      For the first time in US history the American people have a president who appears to care more about agenda/ideology, both personal and political, than he does about the preservation of this great country. A country he calls his own, but clearly disapproves of “fundamentally” at every turn. He is not a fan of liberty or the common man, but instead, uses his God given talents to line is own pockets ( check some facts on his connections and investments) and send America on the path to mediocrity and dependency. It is a shame and a waste, that upon such a ground breaking step forward in the evolution of this nation, the election to the presidency of a mixed race person, that Obama should be the one to cause so much division racially, politically, morally, environmentally and economically. The oil spill, while not this administrations fault by design, is none the less being used as a spring board to move an agenda that has little or nothing to do with what is best for America’s people.

    71. william & marie mannix says:

      . We look forward to your report on the Gulf mess, we know that you will report facts as they are.
      We live in Navarre, Fl. and have enjoyed the beaches here for many years. What a complete disappointment this admin. has shown the public..November is just around the corner …..
      Thank you for your emails, they are greatly appreciated.

    72. Pingback: Barry Soetoro - Ignoring the Gulf - How Many Have to Die? | Morning Liberty Radio Program

    73. john Arizona says:

      Surprise, surprise, Obama politicizing something! And the environmentalists not doing anything positive! What more do we expect from these bozo’s???

    74. Red Geo, SE says:

      The media needs to be taught a lesson. We need to embarrass and publicly humiliate them with ads asking them why they lie, why they hate America and why they aren’t doing their jobs.

      The MSM has a lot to answer for and putting them on display in TV ads or billboards would be a great thing.

      I would contribute to a fund if HERITAGE sets it up to start a media campaign—against the media.

    75. Glenn, Texas says:

      It does appear that this administration is intentionally prolonging this crisis. I saw an interesting article that provides a possible explanation…follow the money trail. http://www.examiner.com/x-37620-Conservative-Examiner~y2010m6d2-Investigation-reveals-possible-criminal-activity-connecting-Obama-to-BP-oil-spill

    76. Anil Petra says:

      May I ask a question, in all seriousness and without snarky partisan replies?

      I'd like to know whether, and if so when, President Obama sat down with the leadership of the United States Navy, with perhaps the Army Corps of Engineers, the Civilian Naval Engineering Service, and the U.S. Submarine Force, to pose some difficult questions about the Gulf oil spill.

      Given the full force of the United States military, including all its most advanced (and expensive) underwater hardware, including its 75 submarines and ancillary equipment for deep underwater military and rescue operations, is there a contingency (of whatever cost and risk) that would have a high probability of halting the spill?

      I hear again and again, pooh, guffaw, of course not. But that's partisan.

      But was this every asked, and what was the answer? Would the Administration please declassify any records of the discussion, for the edification of the American people, and peace of mind that everything that can be done has been done?

    77. David McElfresh Goos says:

      I'm glad president Obama wasn't in charge at Valley Forge

    78. Al, Fl says:

      What we will learn over time as to what will work to cap the flow of oil and to clean up the mess, who knows. However, Pres Obama has not addressed this issue in a way that I think most executives would. He hasn't even streamlined the approval process to avoid all these environmental road blocks and the time of response to the requests. The logical conclusion of an observer would be that he only responds to those whom he favors (more so than any president in my lifetime) and he seems to view everything in terms of how it can be used to further his agenda (thus it would appear he finds the oil spill disaster useful and is not particularly in a hurry to find a solution). A one term president and a republican lead congress in 2011 are our best chance of recovery.

    79. C A Venable, Houston says:

      Seems to me that everything this man in the White House does is detrimental to our country.

    80. Edgar, Texas says:

      I am a life long resident of Gulfport, MS and have lived through Camile and Katrina but could not stand to stay for the final nail in the coffin, BP oil spill. For pure political reasons, the Obama Administration and in particular Obama and his media have turned their head on this major disaster and citizens of this once great nation. Our Gulf will not recover for many, many years. America, wake up; we are systematically being destroyed from within. When the Romans refused to protect certain areas and citizens under their control centuries ago for political purposes, it was the beginning of the end. America, we are at that point. May God Forgive Us all.

    81. Eugene Kupstas, Kins says:

      I am very much afraid of what will happen if a hurricane strikes this area. The only things I have seen our President and the Democratic leadership move quickly on are efforts to set up vast, vaguely outlined bureaucracies and hammer away even more at our Christian traditions.

      I am concerned about the general elections in November. With Loretta King and others like her responsible for complaints about elections, the only outcome that they would consider legal is one favoring minorities who vote for liberal Democrats. With DISCLOSE and other rule changes in the works, those who want to change the system and bring the country back to morality will need unusual courage from God Himself.

    82. Gail Arizona says:

      While you are down there….Please check and see if you can find out if there is truth to the speculation that there are several serious ruptures at the bottom of the sea and there is a 30-mile bulge that could release methane+ causing a tsunami, or an eruption of the sea floor causing worse. Maybe that is why they are holding back? because it is really, really scary? some think the incompetence on this disaster could be the least of the worries.

    83. Mister Kite says:

      Obama believes that African Americans were deliberately abandoned by the federal government after Katrina. 70 odd days into the current oil spill, his government has yet to provide coordinated federal disaster relief and is actively obstructing local efforts. One purpose is to let the crisis build to such a magnitude that oil as an energy source, greedy corporations and capitalism itself will be demonized in public opinion and can then be more easily regulated out of existence. The other purpose is to show the white folks of the gulf what it's like to be abandoned by the federal government.

    84. BK, US says:

      It is very apparent that O is calcitrantly derelict in his duties to protect our nation in both the Gulf and Arizona situations.

      We can try to impeach Clinton for moral conduct, we should be able to impeach O for these transgressions.

      Let's get to it!

    85. Gloria, Rapid City, says:




    86. Virginia Piccininni, says:

      Our President acts as though he were the head of a foreign nation that is hostile

      to the US. He is incompetent, rude and most untrustworthy. Our Congress is just as bad. They are so incompetent in mostly all areas but especially in economics.

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    88. Cat, Wisconsin says:

      Am starting to believe as Jeannine in CA….this was no accident.

      There is an FSB report out that Obama, the head of BP and many others in congress through Vanguard, sold megashares of BP several weeks before the well blew.

      Politics and greed…that's the name of the game.

      Both parties are to blame.

      Wake up America! They're out to bankrupt the country and take it over by whatever means they can…bailouts, amnesty, cap and trade, you name it.

      Flip the whole house in Nov. if we still have our freedom to vote!

      Elect people outside of Washington's elite.

      WTG Heritage…the whole rat's nest needs to be uncovered and cleaned out!

    89. JimS says:

      Remember also…these are the THUGS who will be controlling your health care…your life and death decisions…

    90. Dusty, Florida says:

      Hey Barb,

      Dictionary isn't requied regarding flounder. I agree, mixed up and muddling around or any other way you want to have the meaning adhere to someone who is inept and worthlessly squirming around. In this case, several lies can enter this multi-faceted picture and definition. Webster or otherwise! However, even a "fish" washed up on the beach and can't get back in the water, flounders around helplessly and then becomes dead. And when one thinks a little further, even a dead fish can keep that eye on a ball!

    91. Allen Kelly, 3925 Pi says:

      My big concern is that; while I appreciate and fully agree with the article above and many of the comments I have read, it is very clear to me that we are nearly all on the same page regarding the practices and actions, of Mr. Obama(please note that I do not call him President).Sept. 2, 2010,I will be 90 years of age, (no,–Old)! In that span of years, I have lived through The complete administrations of 12 Presidents and thus far into the term of our treasonous,"fake", President. Never before has there been anyone who completely ignored, and substituted his own rules and had them accepted by all elements of government and the public, even before being elected. Then, after election, made such overt attempts to finish destroying our Constitution and "transform" (he likes that word) our nation from Christianity to Muslim and from Democracy to any kind of tyrannical dictatorship. It is appalling that we have reached so low as to elect a man who would refuse to prove his eligibility to be President, and has no experience in anything. Now it is so blatantly clear that his sole agenda is to destroy this Great Nation, that our Government at every level and stage should be clamoring to impeach and convict him. Instead, we have Representatives, all kinds, in our Government who will not listen, TV Talk show hosts and various book writers who tell us just how bad things are, and Nobody,— NOBODY, does anything to get rid of Him and his collegue Traitors.——— Why!!!!?????

    92. Don Broome says:

      Remember that the forces at work here are all part and parcel of the proposed agendas of Cloward-Piven, and Rules For Radicals, by Saul Alinsky – frustration, chaos are just two of them.

      Thanks for sending a "truth squad" to the Gulf.

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    95. Eloise W, Ozark, MO. says:

      Let's face it, this President is not a Leader in protecting We The American People on our own soil. Obama left his heart in Kenya and I think he would be happier living where he was born. He's like an individual who got mixed up with the wrong people and got lost. He doesn't know what he is doing but, he thinks he does. He has deceived himself and just can't seem to break free from the chain wrapped around his life. Pride cometh before a fall.

      The Federal Government sueing the State of Arizonia is absolutely without common sense. Arizonia has every right to protect her borders from illegals that are breaking the laws of this Country and costing us billions of dollars to take care of them. We can't even take care of alot of our own people right now. Is this the change that Obama promised those who voted for him? I think his voters got sold a bill of the wrong goods.

    96. Pingback: Emergency Preparedness Updates » Blog Archive » Government may end hands-off approach to disaster planning for offshore drillers – Dallas Morning News

    97. Republican says:

      The facts: Reagan embraced Milton Friedmans economic theories that purport "regulation is bad because it causes distortions in markets, and that the deregulated markets will "police themselves" and should not be regulated". Bush Sr continued to allow deregulation of corporations. Clinton, like an idiot, repeals the Glass-Steagal Act, allowing derivatives in financial markets. Then of all things, the brilliant Republicans hire an oil man and administration that completely abolish any regulation over the oil industry! Thank you GeeDubya Bush!!!! Supreme Court then allows corporations to buy off all politicians. So all you whiners complaining about Obama have primarily yourselves to blame for this oil spill. Why? Because you support the Republicans/corporations, not the hardworking honest Americans. How could this be? Your Republican leaders ALWAYS side with the corporations, leaving the folks in Garfield County CO to drink poisoned ground water from energy corporations fracking for natural gas, and leaving the folks in Prince Williams Sound without a herring industry, and now the Republicans, with plenty of help from the Democrats, have completely obliterated the Gulf of Mexico via deregulation! A couple mo's ago the Republican leaders found it appropriate to allow Lord Christopher Monkton to testify to America's Senate Enrgy and Environment oversight committee. Lord Christopher was Margeret Thatchers energy policy advisor, a politician not a scientist. He testified that "global climate change does not exist, and even if it does we have 23yrs before we need to worriy, and that any changes in temperature would be beneficial". Conclusion: the Republicans could not find an American scientist who would lie for them so they relied on a British politician? The three scientist on the panel including one from the NOAA testified to the contrary of the Lord from Britain. As long as the American leaders, especially the Republicans, continue to allow corporations to run roughshod over the country without any regulation, Americans can count on poisoned for water, and loss of environment. Don't believe me? Then get off your butt an go drink some water in Rifle Colorado!!!!!

      The sad truth is, you won't, thus you'll continue to blindly destroy our fresh water and our oceans. Unbelievable.

    98. Joe (Slidell, LA) says:

      Great, incisive article on this worsening disaster and our federal government's blind eye toward it.

    99. Don, Maine says:

      Why no mention that the EPA research ship "OSV BOLD" was in Miami when the spill started but followed it's 2010 schedule and went up the east coast checking on dredge sludge piles and an open house in Boston. A reply to my inquiry was "We have not been asked to go to the gulf."

    100. john sardy says:




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