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  • Gulf Spill Update: WH Admits Missed Oil Containment Deadline Missed

    Robert Gibbs and Thad Allen

    Admiral Thad Allen, National Incident Commander for the BP oil spill, admitted in yesterday’s White House briefing that the government has failed to meet the President’s goal of recovering 90 percent of the flow coming from the spill site by the end of June. He conceded that that goal wouldn’t be attainable without installing a new cap.

    REPORTER: A few weeks ago, one percentage figure that has been used by the President, and I believe you, Admiral Allen, was 90 percent — a few weeks ago the President said that in a few weeks 90 percent of whatever it is, the gas and the oil, the carbons coming up from the floor, would be capped. Where are we on that? Ninety percent of what?

    ADMIRAL ALLEN: Ninety percent of the flow coming out of the wellbore right now.

    MR. GIBBS: Also, to add a little context to what the Admiral said, the hope for the kill line to the Helix was obviously the end of June — largely around today. Because of weather, equipment had to be taken off of the Enterprise that’s needed for the Helix. So the date for — which the Admiral said earlier in the briefing — is sort of midweek next week to bring the kill line to the Helix online that would take us what we believe to a capacity of around 50,000 to 53,000 barrels a day.

    REPORTER: But that’s not 90 percent.

    ADMIRAL ALLEN: No, the 90 percent is achieved with the second cap.

    When asked by a reporter on a timeline for the new cap, Allen responded, “No decision like that is forthcoming right now. We’re technically reviewing all of those options right now.”

    Currently some of the gushing oil is being collected by a direct line from the wellhead to the Discoverer Enterprise and a choke line to the Q4000. A new ship, the Helix Producer, which was scheduled to head to the area and provide some redundancy to the process by connecting to the well through a “kill line”, has been delayed due to the weather. This new cap proposed by BP would be designed to replace the current cap and provide a permanent seal, allowing the company to implement several other measures to finally plug the leak.

    A further ding on the White House’s credibility came as the Senate’s Energy and National Resources Committee voted to create a bipartisan commission to look in to the oil spill, even though the White House had created a similar committee, the , last month. That committee will have its first meeting on July 12th, nearly two months after its creation. Casting doubt on the fairness of the White House commission, Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) said:

    Maybe the commission that the Congress sets up, in a more balanced fashion, with both very strong environmental views and very strong industry views, could actually come up with something that really might work for the dilemma and the challenge that this nation faces, which briefly is this:  We use 20 million barrels off oil a day. That was true the day before the Deepwater Horizon blew up. It is true today. We need to get that oil from somewhere.

    As The Times-Picayune reports, some, including Senator Landrieu, have objected to what they see as an attempt by the White House to pack their commission solely with environmental advocates.

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    20 Responses to Gulf Spill Update: WH Admits Missed Oil Containment Deadline Missed

    1. BORDERTOWN,USA says:

      Meanwhile, the INVASION continues… http://www.BorderInvasionPics.com

    2. Inherited Tiger, Ear says:

      Obama just announces things. He doesn't have to DO them. The announcement is enough, then the nightmare factory of Hollywood and the media does the rest.

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    5. Dave says:

      Not to be trollish, but what the heck is that headline? It's not like you have space constraints, put some articles in there so it makes a little sense.

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      There are 2 very important parts of this process:

      1. The oil coming from the broken well-head, and

      2. Cleaning up the oil in the Gulf.

      Why do you guys let the W.H. insist on talking about only the oil coming from the well head. It's the oil that's not being picked up that is killing the fish, the birds, the marshes and ,of course, the beaches.

      Technology to clean the oil before it can kill the ecosystem entirely exists. The EPA, Cosast Guard, and Corps of Engineers have been allowed to prevent its implementation by not weaiving many regulations such as The Endangered Species Act. Obama finally waived the Jones Act after 70+ days.


    8. Sadie says:

      As The Times-Picayune reports, some, including Senator Landrieu, have objected to what they see as an attempt by the White House to pack their commission solely with environmental advocates.

      To correct Sen. Landrieu's observation – it's not an attempt, it's a takeover.

      Rest assured that 90% of whatever is said is 90% oily slick political rhetoric.

    9. Globalwarmer Indiana says:

      Our little community organizer-n- cheif is about as far over his head as the cap at the bottom of the gulf.

    10. Chuck, USA says:

      BP and our government want to cap the welll to keep collecting the oil instead of just sealing it up. They are in each others pocket instead of just doing the right thing for the enviroment and its people. Once again it shows that our government is no longer for the people but for who as the most money.

    11. Bean Dip, San Fran says:

      This commission will report what Odumbo and Rham want it to report. No story here…move along please

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    13. Chip Berman, Rockvil says:


      McLean, Virginia, June 17, 2010 – As the Gulf oil spill catastrophe moves toward its 60th day, Deborah Oyler and Brenda Robinson, find themselves lost in a maze of federal bureaucracy, with no end in sight.

      Their firms, Green Earth Naturally, LLC (GEN) and Environmental Solutions, Inc. (ESI) respectively, leading a team of small businesses from five states (Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, Maryland, and Virginia), at their own expense, have invested extensive time in the Gulf region studying the devastating environmental impact of the spill. The goal? To design a remediation process that: 1) minimizes the impact of the encroaching oil by capturing the spill and degrading it before it ever reaches land; and 2) prevents oil from adhering to trees, shrubs, rocks, and wildlife on the beaches, marshes and other coastal areas as the onslaught of oil continues to arrive.

      They succeeded. Through a series of comprehensive tests in the Gulf region for more than a month the GEN/ESI team has validated a technology process that can effectively address the oil encroachment facing Gulf region states. Ms. Oyler, an expert microbiologist who is experienced in environmental disasters, participated in the Exxon Valdez cleanup, has successfully isolated a select population of microbes harvested from BP’s Deep Horizon spill itself. After a natural modification process, these microbes actually digest the oil with which they come in contact. In combination with the all-natural absorbent materials supplied by Ms. Robinson’s firm, the GEN/ESI team has the ability to readily produce a collection of product lines that can both capture oil before it reaches shore and remediate the damage once it does. The results were stunning.

      “Our team has been on the ground in the Gulf from the outset of the disaster, conducting extensive analysis to produce solutions custom designed to the conditions being faced,” states Deb Oyler, CEO of GEN. “Our BioCleanz filter is designed to protect shorelines, beaches and marshes and it is far superior solution compared to the boom products currently being used,” said Oyler.

      Ms. Oyler explained that the BioCleanz filter combines activated virgin wood pellets and microbes indigenous to the Gulf. The pellets and the microbes are then packaged in bags and act as a barrier to the oncoming oil. Oyler continues, “during the actual absorption tests we conducted in the Gulf, the pellets expanded up to five times their original volume and the Bio Clenz Filter demonstrated the potential to absorb up to 11 times its weight in oil, while the microbe organisms fully digest the oil over time.”

      So why is there a delay to deploy the Bio Cleanz Filter and other products specifically tested in the Gulf to remediate and mitigate this oil spill? You guessed it – government bureaucratic red tape!

      The federal government appears completely unprepared to confront this tragedy. Presently, there is no process to fast-track viable solutions that have been fully vetted in the Gulf region by those with the requisite experience, and who are academically qualified to deal with oil spills of this magnitude. Of equal importance, the government lacks a procurement structure to facilitate contracts with commercial businesses to effectively advance proven solutions, rapidly.

      In an attempt to proceed through the proper channels, GEN and ESI were told by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to contact one of fifteen labs that met EPA registration testing requirements for oil remediation. After contacting all fifteen labs, they discovered that only one could actually do the work, and it would require a nine-month study period. Then, the final hammer was dropped by the Feds, the lab certification cost could be up to $30,000, a sum most small businesses find to be prohibitive without some sort of assurance that the government will utilize their products.

      “It is all very frustrating,” says Oyler. “We have even offered to run a series of scalable tests in the Gulf to demonstrate the technology. However, the EPA refuses to modify its certification procedure. Now is not the time for government bureaucratic procedure to take precedent over common sense and solutions that can effectively mitigate a disaster of this magnitude,” adds Oyler.

      So, while millions of barrels of oil continue to pour into the Gulf of Mexico, threatening, in President Obama’s words, “a region’s way of life,” two solution-oriented, small businesswomen, with a senior team possessing more than 150 years of experience in the environmental arena with much of it concentrated in large remediation projects, must sit and wait. Solutions, as Ms. Oyler offers that have been tested and proven to confront the problem immediately, and have been demonstrated over a 7-day testing period to provide a 60% removal of oil from the shorelines.

      Adds Ms. Robinson, “we have been working to get our message out to Congress, government agency officials, and the White House. Small business innovation and technological solutions should not be stifled by bureaucratic and political inaction. I’m just amazed by the lack of urgency given the extent of this disaster. If a major storm or hurricane comes into the Gulf, the nation could face oil contamination in its waterways, airways, and into our farmlands. Now is not the time for bureaucratic red tape.”

      To arrange an interview with team principals or for more details and test findings, please email Mike Lewis at: mlewis@libertycapitol.com or call 703-675-6821.

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    18. geri - Oklahoma says:

      Can you help get the independant scientists and geologists who are requesting the "MUD LOG" records from all of the oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico ? The people in the area need to be forwarned of impending disaster due to the high levels of methane and other deadly volatile gases they are being exposed to right now! Many questions are being asked as to "why" there are no warnings being issued! Thank you.

    19. Christine says:

      It is not the White House's job to cap the well and start collecting oil, the would be BP's job since it is their well. BP failed to meet the deadline, which is really no surprise.

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