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  • Obama’s Immigration Speech Showcases Plans for Amnesty

    Today, President Barack Obama gave a major speech on immigration reform at the American University in Washington, D.C. He emphasized that it was time for the United States to “squarely confront our challenges” when it comes to the country’s broken immigration system.  Indeed, fixing the immigration problem is appropriate because the country is facing a serious illegal immigration problem — however, the answer of how to fix it is where President Obama deviates from common sense.

    It is clear that at the heart of the Administration’s immigration reform agenda will be an amnesty for those illegal immigrants inside of the United States. However, the country did an amnesty in 1986 — and what it did was push the illegal immigration problem on to another generation. Now in 2010, the population has increased to 10 to 11 million.  It’s clear that such a move only encourages more illegal immigration, and doesn’t get to the root of the illegal immigration problem. Yet, Obama not only used his speech to push for a mass amnesty; he also pushed for the Dream Act, which would grant an amnesty to individuals inside the United States who came here before the age of 16.  

    Any kind of amnesty — whether the Dream Act or a mass earned legalization — would have the same results of encouraging more people to come to the United States illegally.

    President Obama’s focus on improving border security and enforcement as part of an amnesty package glosses over the fact that in 1986, aggressive enforcement was also linked to amnesty.  However, politicians were too weak to enforce the law, and the problem got even worse.  There is nothing to indicate that the results would be any different in 2010, as the Obama Administration has rolled back several effective enforcement efforts including random workplace enforcement raids.

    The right answer is to secure the border while instituting a strong enforcement system that will discourage illegal immigration, while at the same time making legal avenues of immigration more efficient and better able to serve the needs of the economy. These steps, coupled with efforts to work with Mexico to reform its own economy and fight the drug cartels are good first steps for ensuring that the system works for all Americans.

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    60 Responses to Obama’s Immigration Speech Showcases Plans for Amnesty

    1. Ian P. Hines says:

      You say:

      "The right answer is to secure the border while instituting a strong enforcement system that will discourage illegal immigration, while at the same time making legal avenues of immigration more efficient and better able to serve the needs of the economy."

      I agree wholeheartedly. But the question still remains: what becomes of the 10-11 million individuals currently residing in the United States?

    2. george groom says:

      I want to tell every legislator in my zip code 92078 that I will vote against every one of them if they pass an amnesty bill or reform package! Enough!

    3. Sharon Schroeder, Au says:

      Reagan tried it during his administration (one rare disagreement with him), and it did nothing….solved no problem. The definition of INSANITY is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results! Why not enforce the LAW for a change? BTW–last night's news showed bullet holes in the courthouse in El Paso—shots came from the drug cartel on THE OTHER SIDE of the border. Thank God, no one was injured or worse.

    4. Billie says:

      Mr. President, you mentioned "everybody knows the immigration law is broke.'

      i BEG TO DIFFER. I did not know it is broke, what I do know is IT'S NOT BEING ENFORCED. so how can something be broke when it hasn't been PROPERLY used?

      You claim it's more SECURE THEN IT'S EVER BEEN? Only to those including yourself that GET something personally out of it. I don't feel secure that you would allow illegal immigrants to rape, pillage and murder, turn around and give them amnesty. Discipline the borders, Mr. President.

      Keep convincing the immigrants their weakness is your strength. I pray immigrants will see through you and VOTE YOU OUT after you allow undeserving, unfair, burdens and hardships to law abiding Americans, amnesty.

    5. Kristina Smith, PA says:

      Some illegals are more American than those who were born here! They do work that most Americans would rather claim welfare than do. They are not stealing or outsourcing jobs–they are picking up the slack. Sure there are illegals who endanger our nation, but these are drug cartels–people who will not be stopped by a wall or a law. The 16 year old age limit seems a bit strange–why 16?

      The United States is a nation built on immigrants; we all forget our history. Why are we afraid of letting in more people? Is it the language? Here's an idea–make English the official language of the USA. Focus on language acquisition classes for new Americans (instead of this dumb "Race to the Top"). But also we need to work with Mexico to strengthen our friendship and help them reclaim their capital from the drug cartels.

      • Ashley Salinas, NE says:

        Agree 100%. In one way or another the majority of "Americans" are actually immigrants. My husband came here to make a better life for himself. And we are doing it the right way… i.e. applying for residency, paying fees, filling out more forms than most people will ever fill out. And the fact of the matter is, it's a very long, very complicated process that costs an extreme amount of money. Tell me this, how do people legally come to the U.S. when they are usually from countries where $1 a day is a good wage? How could they EVER afford to come here if they did it the "right" and "legal" way? Besides, like you said, not all illegals are bad. Just people like us who want to live a better and more fulfilling life. Thanks for the post!!!!

        • allan says:

          I agreed 100% with with that comments from this two ladies comun sense and very mature way to react in from of this situation that it have all north americans worried for welfare,paying taxes etc,etc. The ilegal immigrants work and they pay taxes,how much money is not claim every year cause they are not able to prove that they have a ssn provide to them. Same way to claim unemployment benefits or any other help from the goverment

    6. sergio f.barreno says:

      We don't want to support any ilegal aliens that present sociall load: as criminals, thieves, drug addicts, drug traffickers,lazy for mental or physical work.They should have a Hystory of being able to support themselves and have no illicit business activity tendency of any kind That they have been able to support themselves economically and to honestly been able to show

      documents that they have paid taxes not depended of social welfare of any kind except for very short periods of time.

      That they are Healthy or are not going to be HealCare Load very soon ( good Physical Exam and other methods to check their health.

      That the ilegal aliens candidates for Permanent Residency and specially Citizenship show love and respect for The USA by taking and passing courses for loyalty to this Our lovely country, unequal in the world, the Dream many times unfullfiled of billions of peoples in the world.

    7. Rosemary Mariotti, S says:

      Protecting the Constitution and its Citizens, an oath the incoming president takes, has been violated by this horror that carries the title. He has no intention of doing any of that, it has been evident since day one. If he gets this Amnesty through, I fear it will be the second American Revolution. Just as the first needed to survive.

      Americans speak up, call your Senators, Congress Men/Women. We can't sit still for anymore of Obama and the Democrats screwing us to the wall and treating "We the People as if we don't matter. Change is not working, Hope is gone. Wake up American we need our country back and sanity along with it.

    8. Paula, Texas says:

      Blanket amnesty for illegals is flat wrong – these people broke into our country as surely as if they broke through our front door! Amnesty for these people would include MS-13 gang members, Mexican Mafia and mother's of anchor babies.

      How is that right? What kind of problems would that bring us then?

      I know of illegals that come to this country and "marry" American women so they can gain citizenship have babies – and then claim welfare support. These men send their money back to their wife in Mexico and leave their "wife" in America to claim entitlements! WTH! We are being played!

    9. Indyeast , Indianapo says:

      I stand with George in my zip..46202

    10. Ellen, NC says:

      Just a thought; when i went to college, I had to APPLY to go, and then wait to be accepted. I couldn't just show up, and then expect them to allow me to graduate, even if I had attended all the classes and was a good student and worked hard. Making people apply to come to this country (even if the process needs to be made more efficient) causes one to more fully appreciate what they have been given. Even the immigrants at Ellis Island went through a processing system before they were allowed access to America. I believe proper immigration is not about keeping people out as a means of punishment or discouragement, but in keeping citizenship to this country special, helping people to appreciate the freedoms here, and to help us maintain order and stability for proper planning of immigration programs (by knowing how many are expected to come based on applications).

    11. Tom Miller, Baton Ro says:

      Amnesty is not the answer. These "illegals" are criminals. These illegals have no rights except the right to be fairly treated while they are sent home. They are here illegally and should be arrested and deported immediately. Giving them citizenship only adds another 17 million to the "entitlement" roles. They have done nothing to earn citizenship. They came here and do not abide by our laws, have not paid taxes, do not want to learn English, do not want to assimilate into American culture but want a free ride on the American taxpayers bill. To give them amnesty is a slap in the face to all those that have come to America and worked and earned their citizenship. This president is anti-American and doesn't care about the citizens. He is more worried about votes than anything else. He should be impeached for allowing another country to invade the United States and for not defending it's borders. Close the borders, now, by whatever means needed. Arrest and deport all illegals.(it's been done in the past and can be done again) Enforce the laws. Then, after two years and the fences are up, then talk about comprehensive immigration reform. But to give the illegals amnesty now is ludicrous. I will actively campaign against any legislator that votes for amnesty.

    12. Carol, AZ says:


















    13. Page Oceanside Ca says:

      This brings to my mind a quote of Churchill's that "a lie makes it halfway around the world before the truth puts its shoes on in the morning." We must have the courage to take a stand together before his lies go too far.

      Clearly, President Obama is either not aware, or does not care that, there are 15 million unemployed Americans who are "simply seeking a better life for themselves and their children" by looking for a job. He must also be unaware that 8 million illegal aliens have full-time jobs, thereby keeping 8 million Americans out of work. Any amnestying of these illegal aliens would prevent millions of American families from attaining a "better life."

      Please don't delay. Send a message to President Obama today

      Any comprehensive amnesty for illegal aliens is just plain wrong and goes against the wishes of the vast majority of the American people. 25 million Americans are either unemployed or cannot find a full-time job and they are depending on you to do the right thing and oppose amnesty. Why are you letting these Americans down by supporting amnesty?

      Enforce our existing laws and SECURE OUR BORDERS

      the media won’t really delve into what’s going on – and there’s a lot going on.

    14. Michael says:

      THE USA DOES NOT NEED A REPEAT OF 1986!! That is what Obama is basically offering. Jena and Carol have it right. We need to conduct the following:

      1. Secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws including the crackdown on employers of illegal aliens.

      2. Get our visa program back under control. Roughly half of the illegal aliens in America today are attributed to overstaying their visa.

      3. Establish new federal and state authorities regarding immigration enforcement and clean house to get people who will enforce these regulations in the proper positions.

      4. Document all illegal aliens in the United States and place them on a probationary Green Card permanent residency for 12 years before even considering citizenship … no voting rights … no public office. Proof of Tax Contribution … Income tax, property tax, and sales tax. Proof of necessary insurance coverage … Health, auto, and property. Criminal activity leads to deportation. Citizenship test required … English (read and spoken); U.S. Constitution and key U.S. laws understood; U.S. customs and traditions understood and respected. These people are becoming U.S. CITIZENS and should not be able to maintain a dual nationality status.

      5. Revise our immigration laws to specify the professional and technical skills that this nation requires. Modify the family reunion element to one of spouse and immediate children only. Change our birth law so that one parent must be a U.S. citizen in order for a child born in this country to be a citizen (H.R. 1898). Look at Canada, Australia, and Ireland's immigration laws for samples.

      6. Determine how much growth through immigration the USA can afford. This is an issue of "public wealth". The USA has a carrying capacity … public funded institutions and programs … usable land … energy resources … etc.

    15. Markg says:

      Everyone against sensible immigration can't get past the fact that undocumented immigrants "broke the law." How many of us break the law everyday: speeding, jaywalking, not paying sales tax on Amazon purchases, online gambling, skimming on your taxes. Slavery was the law, segregation was the law, prohibition was the law but what happened to those laws? We can all agree that they were wrong and unjust, and simply needed to be fixed. It was the law to sit at the back of the bus but somebody refused. It was the law to prohibit drinking a beer. It was the law to force someone to pick cotton. I ask were those laws just? No, they were wrong and needed to be REFORMED. Hence, Immigration Reform it’s about making the outdated laws more effective to cope with the growing economy. Soon America won’t be the destination for immigrants it will be developing nations like Brazil, Germany, France, Italy where people use to come from, but will be going. We have willing minds, ready to do great things but we’re holding them back. It’s not just about people who are undocumented, it’s about lives on the legal limbo. There are thousands of immigrants, waiting to adjust their status but since the system is so messed up they just cannot contribute. This is not a MEXICAN ISSUE. There are about 7 million undocumented Mexicans here, but what about the 5 Million from everywhere else ie: Canada, Ireland, Germany, France, China and Italy. The white folks that blend in so well you can’t tell they are undocumented, but live amongst us. We are forgetting that with 12 million undocumented immigrants, comes there are 12 million documented family members. They all contribute to our system, they buy food, rent, pay taxes, pay insurance, etc BUT MOST OF ALL. They also do jobs Americans won’t do. All recent immigrants need to have a MASS BOYCOTT OF EVERYTHING, they offer to society. You think the economy is bad now, think about not having 24 million not spending a dime would mean. America was built by immigrants and her foundation is FREEDOM NOT FOR SOME BUT FOR ALL. We lose sight of that might as well call her Iran. We are better than this or are we?

    16. andres quesada says:

      Millions of immigrants make their way to this country to become citizens. They follow the law and put forth effort to become legal citizens of our country. My father did this. After years as a diplomat, he applied and became a citizen. He's probably one of the strongest conservatives in my life. Most people who migrate to the US and seek to do so legally end up voting conservative. They know the difference between this place and where they came from.

      This Administrations Immigration policy seeks to give it away to millions of illegals who don't necessarily want it. Paying taxes, adhering to the rule of law isn't in their priorities. The administration thinks it will garner a huge voting block, securing it's safety for generations. It may succeed. These illegals don't want to pay taxes, but having things given to them for nothing will buy their allegiance to the Democratic party, for now.

      30 million extra voters will give Obama his second term. And that alone is reason enough to stop this.

    17. lucy says:

      we have two groups of illegals the ones who have ssn nos who have jobs, pay every

      every taxes and health insurance like any working american

      the other groups is the one without ssn. these groups work under the table which means they are not taxable because they dont appear anywhere in the system. Its the group which sends millions of dollars back home because they live free from taxes, when they get sick, the tax payer pays their hospital bills. my suggestion is give work permitts to people who currently pay taxes together with their children who they claim in their taxes and have vallied passports.. let the non with ssn register and prove they have been here for the years you choose then they can pay back taxes and start the process for ssns they should prove when they entered the states by either passports or doctors note ,phone bills ectt

      • Ashley Salinas, NE says:

        Group 3… those here waiting for residency and SSN and don't have a green card. My husband is here while his immigration papers are in process and he isn't working because he won't recieve payment "under the table". It's wrong and unacceptable. Instead, he VOLUNTEERS his time at a mechanic. Learning the trade so he has some experience when he can get an actual job. So just know, not all illegals fall in group 1 or 2. In may be small, but there are people who fall into group 3.

    18. LostNTime says:

      There is an illegal alien problem because the INS does not process applications in a humane time frame when a family is told the wait period for processing an application is anywhere up to 30 years they are torn with a decision to either overstay their visa and be illegal or make the INS happy by paying the fees and going away and not see their family for years maybe never,,

      DO NOT blame illegal aliens for the problems the system is creating illegal aliens by not processing applications and making applicants jump through smaller and smaller hoops with never ending fees and new requirements with no end in sight.

      Call an immigration officer and ask how long will my application take response we have no way of telling it could be 10 years could be 20 years may be as much as 30 years the INS may live for ever but people don't.

      • Ashley Salinas, NE says:

        Thank you. My husband is going through this long and seemingly endless process. Feels like a hopeless situation I must say.

    19. LostNTime says:

      You have people out of work in America because the work ethic is lazy and demanding, if you think an immigrant with no formal education can waltz into America and take your job you really need to ask your self why he is being chosen over you.

    20. jennifer call, albuq says:

      I live in a border state with hundreds of illegals here. Crime is high. Our state hospital UNMH treats them at taxpayer expense. They get government aid. And our esteemed governor (hispanic Bill Richardson) lets them get drivers licenses. ENOUGH! I'm a naturalized citizen and there were several hispanics sworn in when I was. They couldn't speak English and one guy refused to stand for the flag. It took me years and lots of expense to get my adopted Englsh daughter citizenship because we adopted her through an English adoption agency, not an American one, and hurdles were thrown in front of us at every turn. This was when she was 8 and we'd had her since she was 5 weeks. We finally had to get our Congresswoman to step in. Now they want to give criminals amnesty. This is SO WRONG.

      These people don't respect our traditions and are changing the face of America. They don't respect our laws.

      When I sent for my citizenship papers they sent them to me in Spanish! Not English and Spanish. They don't want to join us, they want to change us and make us Spanish. Over 50% of the population of NM are Hispanic and you can bet your bottom dollar that most Hispanics in high state office are corrupt. They only prosecute a few because the fox is watching the hen house! They run this state like a third world country. They are in gangs. They disobey traffic laws. It's dreadful here.

      It's time something was done. If it was up to Democrats we'll all be speaking Spanish in 50 years.

      Jennifer Call

    21. Loren, Texas says:

      DREAM Act will be a good first step to moving our country forward. The Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce shows that by 2018, we will need 22 million new college degrees—but will fall short of that number by at least 3 million postsecondary degrees, Associate’s or better. In addition, we will need at least 4.7 million new workers with postsecondary certificates. The DREAM Act will provide nearly 2 million college educated individuals.

    22. LostNTime says:

      RE: Tom Miller comment: These “illegals” are criminals

      Many illegals that have fallen into an illegal alien status actually have legal paths to be here such as sons and daughters or parents of American 'CITIZENS' .

      If you are going to put a processing time frame n an application of anywhere up to 30 years you are 'frcing' people to become illegal.

      I am the son and grandson of American citizens born in Europe paid 20 years of taxes to the states on investments, I have 160 American family members I am the only one that is not an American, I am a millionaire investor single no children and a clean record I have waited so far 20 years for a green card and been told I am looking at 10 more on a ban because I overstayed a visa some 18 years ago to be with my family you think that makes me a criminal to keep people like you happy in your cozy family?

      Lets see how loud Americans would squawk if they were told you cannot see your child for 20 years may be 30 we have no way of saying they must wait out side the country.

      The problem with the whole situation is that a lot of Americans are ignorant to what is going on behind the curtains with these applications and the time frames, the INS is just a money making racket designed to approve everyone for the fees but give nothing by making people wait so long that they either give up or die.

      The one question I am always asked by immigration when I call in is 'Is your Father still alive?' they ask me this because the second he dies from old age my application is void, hence making people wait up to 30 years keep the fees and hope that the sponsor dies.

    23. LostNTime says:

      Re: Amnesty for these people would include MS-13 gang members, Mexican Mafia

      More propaganda fear mongering talk

      NO amnesty will help NO ONE with any kind of criminal connection, even with amnesty you still need to provide police certificates back ground checks and proof of financial support, plus you have to bring all your taxes up to date.

      NO criminal is going to be given amnesty no drug smugglers no gang members no rapists no murderers no shoplifters no international crime Lords no genocidal maniacs LMAO it is so dumb to think that amnesty is going to be given to gang members.

      Amnesty will give you the opportunity to apply for residency APPLY APPLY APPLY that does not mean guaranteed, anyone with a criminal background is not going to qualify PERIOD!!!

      Amnesty is to help unify family members that rather than be separated from family for the next 10-20-30 years became overstays do we ever hear these people mentioned or is ignorance choosing to lie and spread propaganda type messages ….

    24. LostNTime1 says:

      HaHa I see the editor deleted my messages because I gave reason to amnesty way to go suppress the facts, nothing changes this is why this country acts scared by putting fear in to the people…

      Go ahead editor get your dumb ass group of vigilantes together

      The editor should not be in the news business this is not 1965 Russia

    25. Rich Macaluso says:

      Secure the borders and stop the flow. Enforce existing laws against employers who employ illegal immigrants.

      As far as the 10 million here now – we as a country have turned a blind eye to this problem for a LONG TIME and only now are getting serious about enforcing our laws. We have allowed them to be here and establish themselves. So … no amnesty, but a path to citizenship for some is a must answer to the problem.

      For all those existing illegals here for more than 2 years, who have committed no other criime other than being here illegally, will pay back taxes and/or a fine, get 5 citizen sponsors to sign, learn to read, write and speak English, commit loyalty to America and flag, etc we should allow a 2 year work permit and then citizenship if they continue to follow all rules and stay as contributing citizens and members of US society.

      What other plan for those 10 million do you have if your answer is "NO AMNESTY"?

    26. HolyQuest says:

      You want to discourage illegal immigration simple fix

      Legitimize the immigration system and process applications within a reasonable time frame say 6 months to a year then you would not have such a problem and give an early yes or no if a yes issue a green card if a no the person has not wasted their life away and still has an opportunity to move on.

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    28. Jim Burzenski says:

      I keep reading/hearing that the number of illegal immigrants is around 11 million but I would suggest that the REAL number would be 40 – 50 million and growing quickly!

      I just read an article about the Catholic Church protecting illegal immigrants that enter the country and was thinking about the quote from the Bible about rendering unto Caesar that which is Caesar's (sorry if that is not the exact quote) but wasn't Jesus saying OBEY THE LAW?

      Final point: Entering the country illegally is not a felony until a person obtains a false I.D. so I'm wondering………..how many of the illegals have a form of identification that is fake?

    29. WRITETORIGHT says:


      While our national energies are diverted towards cleaning up and stopping the BP oil spill, the economic recession, leadership shake-ups in Iraq and Afghanistan war affairs, and illegal immigration, Obama has had multiple meetings with homosexual and lesbian groups whose immoral anti-marriage and anti-family advocacies are destroying the traditional Judeo-Christian foundation upon which this great nation was founded for civilized leadership on the earth.

      The Marxist-socialist Obamites have been busy dismantling America while in the face of hard-times Americans are found focusing on bread-and-butter issues that impact their daily survival. Meanwhile, breakdown of the nuclear family, single-parenting matriarchy on public assistance, teen-age suicides and gang activity, low school attendance rates and high graduation failure rates demonstrate the imperative need to return to religious morality and principled standards of right and wrong so essential to ordered liberty and the work ethic.

      Our national heritage, spiritual values, and moral foundation have so deteriorated that the historical fabric of the American Union is being shredded by Marxist-socialist extremists who are deconstructing our constitutional system of laws. The forceful leftist-socialist bureaucratic dictates and administrative edicts by-passing State assemblies and Congress are unconstitutional and destructive to our national security, spiritual vibrancy, moral regeneration, and technological leadership. Come November 2010 and 2012 elections, respectively, we are hoping for a national revival with a Republican Congress and a new Republican administration for restoration to new-life, moral sanity, and cultural rebirth.

    30. Larry Dyer, Baton Ro says:

      From I what can find, illegal immigrants generally pay withholding taxes, but for the most part do not pay Federal income taxes. If they all received amnesty, they would become eligible for Social Security and Medicare, whereas they are not currently. They would have to pay income taxes, but I would speculate that most would qualify for the earned income tax credit. Therefore, with anmesty, they would still not be paying income taxes, but would instead receive money, in the form of the EITC. I believe amnesty would produce a severe drain on the fiscal situation of the government.

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    32. Richard, Bryan, Tx says:

      If a illegal is paying income tax, they are using stolen social security or fake numbers. Go to a low income clinic, very few people speak English. Kids do not speak English. Walmart having a Spanish speaking store. Not some people speaking Spanish, everything in the Store is labeled that way.

      Most of our family's came here, learned English, and prospered. Mexicans are not the only people who have to over come issues. Immigrations needs reform, but no amnesty and secure our borders against all illegal entry.

    33. A. F. FL. says:

      I just could not believe my ears when Obama comes out with laws like Arizona's make harder for ILLEGALS to report crime making law enforcements job HARDER. I have this idea that its a crime to be in this country illegally? If this and some of the MANY other ridiculous reasons i have heard bantered around are valid grounds for amnesty and this is truly what THEY believe the socialist democratic party is doomed. What planet is this guy from. I hope we can right the ship come NOV. and beyond

    34. Gloria Pronesti New says:

      I have a question.

      I am a citizen living in Pa Living in an open boarder country, as I am, that violates my rights, I am to be living on land that obeys its own laws.

      Do the states have a duty to their citizen, to protect our rights against The Federal Government?

    35. Cliff Johnson says:

      Do we have laws in this country? Is that why they are called illegal immigrants? And who is in charge of making the laws, and who is in charge of enforcing the laws?

      OK, then, until those who make the laws change them then maybe those whose job it is the enforce them better do it.

      The illegals have contempt for American laws, they are higher than the laws. Likewise those who don't want to enforce the laws but would rather turn a blind eye likewise show contempt for the American law making process and think themselves above the law.

      This is a serious breach of trust to me and with the American people.

    36. Isela, California says:

      I disagree. I believe that taking in account our situation with the economy, we should take advantage of an immigration reform. That way we can charge every illegal immigrant the process for which they can acquire their documents. I am sure that many are willing to pay thousands for their papers. Then, the government can use that money to better our economy. Also, the Dream Act is another great way to better our economy. More kids will be attending college, more jobs will be created, kids will be inspired to go back to school and as a result, less violence on the streets…c'mon people is time to think outside the box for once. Secure the borders but give every citizen already here the right to better their future. GOD BLESS AMERICA!! that means EVERYONE in it…

    37. Carol, AZ says:

      Lauren from TX you can Dream all you want about the Dream ACT.

      But this is not Abatar.

      You are not getting another handout because you are a minority.

      Every American kid and TX will tie that piece crap legislation up in court until your a grandmother

      .Two million advanced degrees you say …Goergetown U study???

      How about 17 million unemployed American workers. How many of those Americans do think have advanced degrees?

      .In the USA of American we believe in equal rights not reverse discrimination. That would be press #1 for English,

      and English is the primary language


      You have been seriously mislead by our delusional Pres who clearly believes that we in America are all as naive as you.

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    39. McAuley's World says:

      Could the Mexican Democracy collapse? Might the United States be faced with a Marxist Narco State on our southern border? Sunday’s elections in Mexico are being “haunted” by the Drug Cartels. Political candidates are being assassinated while others have been arrested for their involvement with the Cartels …. how safe are our broders? See :http://mcauleysworld.wordpress.com/2010/07/03/the-immigration-debate-could-the-mexican-democracy-collapse-a-marxist-narco-state-on-our-southern-border/

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    41. lmlm400b says:








    42. James Morrison Sewel says:

      The 55 mph federal speed limit was bad law because it disregarded the wishes of the majority of U.S. citizens who then whole heartedly disregarded it. Even law enforcement saw the impossibility of its enforcement and reverted to the 80% rule regarding defacto speeding limits. Given this, the only result of this law was to encourage public disdain and disrespect for the law and the authority from which it originated.

      If present immigration law is a bad law it should be abolished. But, if not, then American citizens, and not the present Administration or its appointed Czars in government bureaucracies, must decide if they will hold their government to its constitutional responsibility to protect them by guaranteeing America's sovereign borders. Presently, the only force preventing the liberal social Democratic party and its current leader in the White House from enlisting illegal aliens in legal 'voter fraud' (Google: "ACORN voter fraud charges") is that of the true conservatives in Congress. For their principled stand they are labled "uncaring" and, of course, "racist", but then the founding fathers were labeled "traitors". So, perhaps, these members of the party of "NO" are in good company.

      If the Democrats think present immigration law is wrong or incorrect they should change it. Given the recent passage of Obamacare this should not be much of a problem, at least legislatively. They have the total Congressional majority so they should have at it. If President Obama and his party find there is some reason for Republican political cover in this instance they should try honest introspection and use its result as a guide for the greater American good. The responsibility of the Obama Administration and of Congress is to do what is best for the U.S. and not what is good for the political fortunes of the Democratic Party.


    43. Anne, Sterling, Va says:

      This is all a joke. Having worked the borders for 33 years this problem will never go away. The Mexican government does not educate past the sixth grade. They apply for border crossing cards where they can come into the country within 25 miles and stay up to 72 hours. Once they get the card they look for jobs, cleaning schools, hospitals, etc along the border and have US babies in county hospitals, free. They then make enough money to buy a travel ticket telling immigration they need a visa to go inland. They never come back. There are over 35 visas they can apply for, part time, full time, student, research professor etc. They don't apply because they don't want to pay taxes; they have criminal records in the US or in their home countries; they have serious medical problems but could get free medical once they show up at a county hospital. If you think all those videos that "illegals" are working on farms I'll sell you the Brooklyn Bridge. Bring down the hammer. Get on TV tell them they must depart, go to a consulate in their home country with a valid passport, with THEIR OWN NAME, on it and apply like everyone else.

    44. OneSaneVoice, Detroi says:

      Okay: I am against illegal immigration. We are a country of immigrants, true, but illegal is illegal. Just because I disagree with a law doesn't give me the right to violate it. (BTW: Native Americans don't exactly see us as "immigrants")

      But think: Why would the Fed's care about granting amnesty? To apease a vocal minority? Not hardly: Grant amnesty to 10 million workers, and instantly create 10 Million new taxpayers. 10 Million new voters. No more "cash under the table" – you get minimum wage. The markets are instantly stabalized, albeit with some inflation to cover the increased costs of doing business. This gives the country a way-point on which to prevent future illegal immigration. It's admitting the obvious – illegals are here and there isn't thing one we can do about it. (No, don't whoop it up and pull your six-gun; those days are over.)

      None of these solutions are going to keep people from central and south america from coming to the US. As long as the dispartity in living conditions between us and the third world is so dramatically pronounced, you may as well ask water not to flow.

      I don't care if folks from south of the border want to come here and do the odd jobs we won't do; just register and do it legally.

    45. Paul, troy, mi says:

      Why does the government make it so difficult for Mexicans to get a Visa in the first place? There is no way in the world that you can deport millions of people. Lets give these people a chance. There are many good outstanding Mexicans here in our country, who love our country. Many are working, and trying to do a good job a live a good life. Lets give them a chance. We need these hard working people. I say amnesty now, then let us secure our borders properly if we don't want anymore illegals. People with a criminal record for crime should not be granted amnesty. It's time we change our attitude towards these illegals and lets give them a chance for a better life.

    46. David Raun says:

      We cannot deport 11 million illegal aliens ? Why not ? It would surely be cheaper to deport them than to keep spending billions on their health care, housing, food, education, incarceration, etc , etc. As well as the expense of printing myriad pamphlets, brochures and signs in Spanish.

      I am offended by having to press 1 for English !

    47. Lavern ,Tx says:

      I am reading most of these comments and i am just shaking my head…Yes there are alot of illegal that do commit crimes and they do get deported most of them..,but there are the children babies,toddlers,Teens, that were born in the USA or brought to the USA at a young age. Most of the family that come here wants a better life for there family..IS THAT A BAD THING. most of the kids that don't have status is American just like your kids. They are friends with your kids and I'm sure your kids aren't coming home saying that this person is a bad person. This child that don't have status could be you child best friend… If Obama does Amnesty I'm sure they are going to take precautions on who get amnesty I'm sure If someone is already in jail I don't think they are going to get Amnesty just like that. Its the family that's here that are working that aren't looking for handouts. The family that is a US citizen but the child that they adopted cant change their status.. I have seen all types of family with different prob in immigration. All they want is to live a Happy productive Life just Like Most of your family is doing…..Yes they need to secure the borders Yes they are criminals here, Yes they are alot of stuff in immigration that needs to be taking care of, but what about the innocent family. I think Obama should give them a chance.

    48. Carol, AZ says:




      #1. http://www.wbtv.com/video/23438021/index.html

      #2 http:// http://www.wbtv.com/video/23438712/index.html



    49. Billie says:

      LostNTim- good luck!

      but… Have some empathy!

      Because you can't look a person in the eye and assume he's a murderer, LINES HAVE TO BE DRAWN. I assume, there are proper applications to become legal. If not, it's not the American peoples' fault, but the GOVERNMENT who puts all costs and consequences and appeasement programs on the American people resulting in needless increased government.

      If people came in here without being a burden to society, who would know? But they don't and the hypocrisy of the government is using illegals for their gain and our loss. Here's government: "we'll do everything for illegals to get their vote. Do illegal immigrants like being used in this matter? Do they appreciate the government promoting their human weakness?

      Maybe if illegals assumed America's law was just as strict as Mexico's they'd think twice before coming illegally. We have a president that is putting human lives in danger just to get votes. Immigrants will never know what true freedom is. Will never gain the dignity they could if they were respectful and lawful.

      Let's not forget, God is God, not government.

      Please see it for what it is. Please have respect and decency to follow and respect the law for the sake of law abiding citizens. The government implies illegals aren't equally human and can't. The president insinuates people are unable to live for themselves? Everything needs to be handed out! I disagree.

      One more thing is disgusting to me, that you mentioned amnesty is to unify families. Why would anyone make the conscience choice to put their child through this to begin with? It's the consequences of their actions that government members is putting on us. Why is anyone obligated to pay for the unlawful actions of others? Obama loves it. Do you?

    50. H. Steudemier, New Y says:

      Obama's solution to the out-of-control illegal immigration problem is to reward the perpetrators with citizenship. Brilliant.

    51. meg moss says:

      People,you are very narrow minded and vicious.It is sad that you fall in the wrong propaganda.

      You should be ashamed of yourself.We are all human beings.

      Do not forget-Human Beings!

    52. JC/brooklyn says:

      What everyone seems to overlook is the danger to women and their families from illegals. They are some of the most mysogenist and violent cultures to swarm into this country.Lack of education and envy and low levels create severe danger to American women. If you haven't realized the increase in sexual assaults and kjdnapping and murder just google it. There Are over 150,000 sexual predators by 2006.

    53. Carol,AZ says:

      Lauren of TX.:


      Why am I suppose to reward you and how many others ? With a free education through the Dream ACT , when you an 2 million children of illegals now living here ,all expecting a free ride paid for by the American tax payer?.

      My advise to all parents of legal American kids writing those increasing higher tuitions checks each semester is go to court in every State in the USA with class action lawsuit an sue the Federal Gov't for reverse discrimination if this insane idea is passed to law.

      We do not owe you anything because you are a child of illegal immigrants who happened to get here. , it's called illegal because it means against the law..

      We all owe the support to low income and middle class American kids, who's families are now unemployed , 17, million and increasing ea week,HELP..

      There is this insane attitude by you and others in the country that we are suppose feel guility about who you are.

      We do not feel guilty about you..

      I feel disgusted that you would suggest that we owe you and other a free ride because????? pick a topic.

      Because your a minotrity?

      You deserve it more because you were told along the way and shown alone

      the way how easy it has been to collect entitlements in numerous incentives, hand-outs from 40 years of Gov't incentives. ?

      The Gov't ATM machine is shutting down.

      No AMNESTY and this topic will be the tipping point for America, which is spitting apart at the seams, where 63 % of our budget is debt.

      Go get a student loan and stop your give me, give me, wails for help and self pity,

      We are so sick and tired f hearing the same old crap…Feel sorry for us beacuse..blah, blah ….

    54. Ben Woodall Hartford says:

      yes i kind of think that now we all know just who this Illegal is and his name is Obama and he's not really our president because he is Illegal and can not be in the white house. but along with polisie and Read he is just another cheap shot from nowhere except Kenyea where he was borned are hatched out from a Bussards egg. i say through the whole bunch out and start over it for sure can't hurt us any worse then what we got in there now end of story.

    55. David Rios, NY says:

      I'm 16 years old and my parents are illegal immigrants. They came to this country about 19 years ago and we've been pretty much living in poverty since my dad is a waiter. In his native country of Ecuador, he was an accountant and not a bad guy at all. I think this whole immigration issue fails to see cases like my families. Why not grant amnesty to families of illegal immigrants who've paid taxes, have kids who will probably contribute to society in the near future (Bard Early College with a 91 transcript average) and can themselves contribute more to society if they themselves had citizenship? Bottom line; "LINES HAVE TO BE DRAWN"

      From the view of an educated American with illegal immigrant parents, all of this hatred towards illegals is really sickening.

      • LostNTime says:

        Immigrants are an easy target when people screw up in their own lives; many illegals are successful people such as business owners pay their taxes and are productive in society but when times are hard everything is blamed on them and all the good 'over stayers' start getting described as thieving robbing rapists and welfare defrauders.

        Its all propaganda to get the American people riled up when in fact the real reason this country has problems is because the entire world knows that the average American has lazy ethics makes too many demands is self righteous and thinks their spot on this Earth makes them more valuable than any other human being elsewhere and loves to overspend and borrow beyond their means.

        This is why an immigrant with all the odds against them and without all the luxuries of opportunities that Americans have had can come here and always seems to be working this is because immigrants have different values about what is important..

        Good luck to you and your parents I respect the fact they work their but@s off for you and each other.

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