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  • Heritage Foundation 661,000 Members Strong

    There is a hunger in America for conservative principles and policies, as the explosive growth in Heritage Foundation membership demonstrates. Today, we have more than 661,000 active members.

    Over the past year and a half, traditional American values have been put through the ringer. The liberals in Washington are working quickly and persistently to diminish principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom and a strong national defense – all conservative principles. But their progressive ways have met an obstacle: the American public.  And it’s more conservative than they thought.

    With many politicians of both parties straying from the principles that have made America great, record numbers of Americans are turning to The Heritage Foundation for leadership.

    In 2007, Heritage launched its ten-year Leadership for America campaign to get the nation back on track. At the time, Heritage counted 275,000 Americans as paid members.

    Within a year, Heritage membership grew to just over 300,000, making us by far the most broadly-supported public policy organization in the country.

    Today, our membership has doubled: we count more than 661,000 active members on our membership rolls. In 2010, we’re adding an average of 15,000 unique new members to our rolls each month.

    Why is this significant? Well, for one, it flies in the face of the liberal mantra that conservative ideas are archaic and unpopular. More importantly, it reflects the nation’s center-right leanings and allows Heritage to lead the way to future conservative victories.

    The accelerated growth of Heritage membership demonstrates that our message of building an America where freedom, opportunity, prosperity and civil society flourish is resonating with Americans more than ever before. And it further underscores why this message should resonate with lawmakers.


    • Three-quarters of Congressional districts are home to more than 1,000 Heritage members each;
    • 210 Congressmen represent districts that include more than 1,500 Heritage members;
    • Traditionally blue states like California, Pennsylvania and New York boast some of our highest membership counts: 76,000, 30,000 and 27,000 respectively.

    Our new sister organization, Heritage Action for America, will leverage this membership to help enact principled, conservative change. Through targeted grassroots and national activist campaigns, Heritage Action for America will apply pressure on lawmakers and make them feel the heat for the rising tide of conservatism in America.

    The Heritage Foundation’s membership growth is only the beginning. Studies show that millions of households nationwide identify with conservative principles. And as the left continues to push through its harmful agenda, this number will continue to climb. And Heritage’s membership will climb with it, because we offer real leadership to get America back on track. From where we’re standing now, the future of Heritage and the conservative movement at large shows unlimited potential moving forward.

    Join The Heritage Foundation today with your gift of $25 or more to help build the conservative movement.

    Co-authored by Eva Brates, a member of the Young Leaders Program at the Heritage Foundation, contributed to this post. For more information on interning at Heritage, please visit: http://www.heritage.org/about/departments/ylp.cfm

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    52 Responses to Heritage Foundation 661,000 Members Strong

    1. James R. Wolf waxhaw says:

      I am proud to be a member of a group that stands for the same fundamental principals as I do . We now have a group that is not divided so that we can move as a united force in this great country.

    2. Lynn Costello, Vanco says:

      I am thankful for Heritage as that is where I get so much of my information on issues of the day. I appreciate all the resources you provide and most of all for your standing up for the Constitution and traditional American values.

    3. Wally Hughart says:

      661,000 is good, but not great. Let's is all vow to sign up at least one new Heritage Foundation member in the next 30 days. Let's get over 1 million now! We have just begun to take back our government from the secular socialist liberals, but there is much to do before November. God bless the Tea Party movement, and God bless The Heritage Foundation.

    4. AHD61 Groton, CT says:

      It's sad that so many people suddenly realize that our government is the enemy. Our generation (born 1939) felt that we could trust our elected representatives to carry out the business of the country responsibly and in accordance with the basic principles of the Constitution, a bad assumption. However, this state of affairs is not surprising. In the generations since the establishment of the Republic we have been warned by men of stature and good repute that "eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. God help us if we don't get things turned around at the 2010 election cycle. As candidate Sharon Angle carefully suggests we are headed toward "Second Amendment measures." Pray for our country.

    5. Allan T. Templin, Co says:

      The Heritage Foundation underscores the need for more of these types of principled organizations. We conservatives now have a voice that at times seems to ring hollow or is completely ignored by the mainstream press and many of our elected officials.

    6. Jo Ann Wiliams 1128 says:

      The Heritage Foundation keeps me informed about what's going on in the federal government and how the actions they're taking are going to affect me, my family and our freedom. I know I can depend on their information because their research is thorough and is supported with facts. Their main priority is protecting the freedoms The Constitution provides and our forefathers fought and died for, because they trusted in God and knew how special and precious our freedom is.

      Thanks Heritage for your good work. May God continue to bless your efforts.

    7. Frances D. Summers - says:

      In the present troublesome times, we need a true source for information, along with help in educating us in this complex situation we find ourselves in. It matters for us and for the world to know— to your best ability.

    8. Jack Tracey-Scottsda says:

      I subscribe and read numerous newspapers and magazines that I believe have a conservative theme. Some of this media includes The Wall Street Journel, Human Events, National Review, American Spectator. In spite of all this imput I still rely on my daily Email from The Heritage Foundation. I am not surprised that youe enrollment is over 600000. I would predict that as the country begins to realize the disaster taking place to our country under this administration your membership will be in the millions.

    9. Carol Dixon Klein says:

      We have to do more than talk among ourselves. Young, smart people are still blaming the RICH Conservatives (Republicans) for our troubles, seriously believing that Obama wants to help the country but are hindered by them. How can we change their minds, let them know the truth? They have been brainwashed by newage books, college professors and their own glibly exchanged prejudices? They could clinch the victory. They are sincere and hoping for CHANGE. We know there ARE Republicans who are Progressives who are hand-in-glove with the Dems…and those who pretend to be with the Tea Party, but only for self=gain. We want a clean sweep, a moral country and we want it to include those beautiful people who are so deluded. How can we reach them, anyone have an idea?

    10. Don C. Hayward Monum says:

      The Heritage Foundation's strict constructionist view of the Constitution will continue to be the singular salvation of this Representative Constitutional Republic.

      It is only by the continued learning of the history of the country and the truth of the Bill of Rights extending to all people, that the classification and the collectivisim of Marxist can be effectivly neutralized.

      It is astounding that four members of the Supreme Court can vote to ignore an enumerated right as the second Amendment. It is as preposterous that an enumerated right should get to the Supreme Court and is stark testimony as to the depth that the nation has sunk.

    11. jim morgan long beac says:

      all i have to say is keep up the fine work your doing,and help us get this man out of office..plain and simple

      secure the border send the ppl home that dont belong here

    12. Patti, Las Vegas says:

      I'm proud to support Heritage. It gives well researched and factual information about political issues affecting me and mine. Without it, I'm not sure where I would turn to get no-spin reporting on constitutional issues particularly.

      Thank you Heritage.

    13. Allen B. Crosby, Hou says:

      I'm a new member, so please excuse any naivetee and disconnect between my expectations and reality. I want to support knowledgable, action groups who have the experience, knowledge, contacts and the will to get things done. I hope for, long for and desperately desire some people who, and organization(s) which, will stand up for America. Talk is cheap, and dispicable – rendering the "talking heads" to be within the same category as those with whom they talk. America does not need more intellectualizing – we recognize smart people when we see/hear them (we also recognize "intellectual fools") – America needs people who will speak simply, concisely, directly, honestly; i.e. his legislated activities should be repealed and he should be drummed out of office. Then, initiate action for impeachment – for the repeal of every bill, act, law, initiative and executive order he has signed. Every politician who has "compromised" has sacrificed his/her principles on the altar of power – every politician who has "negotiated" their vote has exposed themselves as a prostitute, a whore, a slut – one who has offered and accepted bribes in direct violation of their oath of office. "Business as usual" is no justification, it's a lame excuse for weak-willed, power-hungry, ego-centric individuals to maneuver themselves into what they think are positions of more influence. Without knowing, or without caring, they have violated our trust, and have committed a sin against God and country. I wish there was time and space for all the Biblical references – admonistions – directly applicable. George Washington said, "No man may consider himself educated unless he has a working knowledge of the Bible." I would add, "and adheress to its principles". I hope my comments are taken seriously – there is precious little time remaining to reverse the harm done to America. We should post banners declaring that America is a Christian nation, English is the national language, our immigration policy will mirror those of each other, respective nation (at least that of Mexico), our creed is God – Country – and Family; no more talk – take action.

      Allen B. Crosby

    14. Andrew, Arlington VA says:

      Congratulations! This is good news. But I’m surprised that, member-wise, your strongest regions are in the Rust Belt, Virginia, and the nation’s three biggest states by population (CA, TX, and FL).

      One would think there would be more Heritage members in the Deep South (LA, MS, AL, GA, SC) or the Mountain West, which are often characterized as the most “conservative” regions in the country.

    15. David Michael, Marlton NJ says:

      our government from the top down appears to be very corrupt and very determined to destroy america. they have little or no regard for our godly heritage. the president lies about everything and doesn’t care. and he is not the only one. if this nation doesn’t reverse course very soon there will be no nation to govern by anyone and it seems that is what they want. when you destroy the foundation doesn’t the roof always fall in. righteousness is creative. sin is destructive. just look at what our so called leaders are doing, they are destroying everything. impeachment should start in the white house and go right on down the line…..

    16. Geraldine Quinlan, Missouri says:

      We the People have the right to hold onto our Freedoms, where an America keeps opportunity, prosperity, and a civil society. Where OUR Constitution and OUR Bill of Roights are kept in existence and respected. Where OUR FLAG and OUR FLAG alone is flown with love and respect everywhere and anywhere we so desire. Where no foreigners are allowed here without going through the proper channels of our country..and that they follow our laws under pain of arrest. That OUR Country continue OUR LANGUAGE OF ENGLISH !!!
      Seal the borders and KEEP AMERICA SAFE !!!!!

    17. Mark says:

      Heritage is my source for the truth about information that makes this country Free, and the shining light in a world of Socalist/Marxist/Communist. No other country in the world has ever come to the rescue of so many without ever asking for anything in return.

      With all of the “Miss-Information” that the Government is sending out, Heritage is the Best Source for straight, well researched information, helping conservatives including past presidents……Why go anywhere else.

    18. Doug Funk, Tulsa, OK says:

      If you would do a map of Heritage membership by state, as a percentage of population, that would also be interesting. Keep up the good work.

    19. Betty Merry, Arizona says:

      I joined the Heritage Foundation a couple of years ago because I believed they were truly conservative, but if they are, why don't they explore the greatest HOAX ever regarding the Eligibility of Obama (If that is even his real name)?

      The Heritage Foundation completely ignores any and all questions regarding the subject of Obama, much like the media.

      I have read that highly commissioned military officers have also approached Heritage with inquiry regarding Obama's eligibility and they to are totally ignored.

      They don't seem concerned that millions of American taxpaying citizens are asking the same question. Who the heck is Obama? And Why, after 18 miserable months of his presidency is he still unknown Heritage Foundation?

      Is his name really Suharto? Was he really born in Barat Obome, Indonesia and the son of the late dictator Suharto or (Soeharto) that killed 500,000 of his own people? Why must Americans speculate who the leader of the nation is? Answer that question Heritage.

    20. A. Bruce Lancaster,San Diego says:

      You have revield that there is an enormous thirst for more knowledge about the founding of our nation and a return to strict adherance to the Constitution.
      Intgeresting that the red stgatges on your mape arfe mostly those in deepest trouble because they have not followed the Constitution.

    21. Sherrie Barth FL says:

      Isn’t it nice to see all those red states and not one blue???
      Let’s all hope it looks this way in November!!!!

    22. Ed Kulis, Pittsburg, CA 7th Congressional District says:

      Greatest Membership in the Most Liberal States?

      If the greatest membership is in the most liberal states, why can’t we vote out the liberals???

      And we need to let the breadbasket know that they need to formally recognize their own family values and join Heritage

    23. Jerry Adams, Texas says:

      The Heritage Foundation has proven to provide accurate information on subjects important to preserving the freedoms we must defend.

    24. Anne Miller Donalsonville Georgia says:

      The Heritage Foundations give me hope for America, I am amazed at the number of members, pray it would become 10,000 times more. Thank you for all the infomation.

    25. E. Holmes, Raleigh NC says:

      I love knowing that Heritage Foundation is there. Even though the numbers seem low, I’m sure there are many Americans out there who support what you do. We have to work on increasing membership and getting the many organizations out there to work together so people don’t feel information and organization overload. I choose the organizations that I support carefully so that I can target my limited funds very precisely. However, I support in principal many more organizations than I am able to support financially. Thanks for all you do.

    26. Steven - Florida says:

      Love the communiques – but what it actually means to be a member of a tribe less than 700,000 in a population above 300,000,000 under a Socialist Coup is we are all probably on a list – first to be sent to concentration camps under Marshall Law.

    27. Carol J, California says:

      You ask me to join. Only a $25 donation required. The problem is, a lot of people like me would love to join, only we can't afford even $25. I can't even afford my prescription coverage the cost has gone so high, and I no longer get any cost of living raise in my Social Security. All I can do is hope that those who are members can get enough done before my doctor gets tired of giving me the samples of my meds.

    28. Jon Salazar, Lancast says:

      As a member of the Young Americans Foundation, as a Christain, and as an American, I am honored and proud to support the Heritage Foundation.

      America was founded upon principles such as limited government and lower taxes. These have made America great.

      Now we have a socialist in power, who appoints liberal people to his ever increasing government. – I see a great conservative victory in 2012!!!!!

      I am greatful that this foundation reports fair and balanced. No bias.

      As my good friend sean hannity once told me "we must return to the basics"

      Thanks to this foudation for keeping the basics !!

      Keep up the great work and never falter. May God bless America

    29. Bernard Baars, North says:

      Dear Ms. Reinecker,

      As long as we are going to remember our heritage, we should remember that the left is putting us "through the wringer" not the "ringer"! Picky, I know. But a wringer squeezes the water out of wet clothing. That's what it feels like to live under the current regime. I'm not sure what ringer we might be being put through, but it could be the ringer in the White House, I suppose!

    30. Jon B. Cain, Delaware Ohio says:

      July 4, 2009

      As the 4th of July, 1826, approached, Thomas Jefferson lay wasting away in his bed at Monticello. His physical being was not cooperating with his brilliant mind, and he knew his time was short. Our beloved Founding Father had tried with all his might, and to the last ounce of his being, to remain alive until this sacred day.

      His last earthly triumph was to survive until the 50th anniversary of the day he and his fellow revolutionaries announced our independence from the economic tyranny and the oppressive government of England…..he was a patriot to the bone, and he loved this country to the death. All those around him feared he would not make it to that blessed day and that he would not fulfill his wish, for his body was failing and he was very weak.

      It was nearly one o’clock on that summer afternoon, 4th of July, 1826, one of the greatest men ever to walk the Earth, had expired. Surrounded by many friends and family, Jefferson clutched a bible, several books of Greek tragedy, manuscripts of Socrates, remnants of other great thinkers of history, and accounts of other successful civilizations that had rose to greatness, then collapsed in failure. He had learned much from their history. Jefferson vowed not to make the same mistakes of Rome or Greece, his brilliant, written architecture & verbal designs would see to that indeed. Jefferson was not an extremely pious man, but he knew the importance of God and felt the role He played in the forging of any successful republic. He relied on Him at this hour, as he did during other tribulations before this day.

      About 600 miles North at Quincy, Massachusetts, John Adams lay in his death bed as well, awaiting his faithful departure from Earth. Two days prior, Mr. Adams showed no signs of the fate to befall him. Surrounded by family and friends, and other notables, John Adams died only a few hours the latter of Mr. Jefferson, and also on the 4th of July 1826.
      The last words uttered out of his struggling lips were the words, “Thomas Jefferson still survives”, and then Mr. Adams fell silent forever.

      Jefferson and his fellow Founders forged a new document, a blueprint to design a better, stronger, more perfect union that would stand the temptations of men and their relentless quests for power. However, even the Founders may not have foreseen what was to come, or could have conceived such maniacal stresses to our countries’ foundations. These present tests to the Declaration of Independence and to the United States Constitution have not yet succumb Her to the ravages of Man’s greed, thus far. Jefferson and Adams, perhaps from beyond the grave, holds out hope that their magnificent designs will not fail its intended purpose and our Framers’ foundations will remain intact. This fate remains with us.

      These great men help found this nation and suffered greatly for it. But they knew the cause was just and the mission noble, for they understood that without freedom of the individual, tyranny and misery would forever rule men’s souls. Even the most ardent Atheist could not ignore this magnificent, triple coincidence, and what I believe to be one of Divine providence. Two men, entwined in history and destiny, to both pass on that fateful day, within hours of one another, and for Adams to know Jefferson’s fate so immediately, was incredible indeed.

      Long live the United States of America, not as our contemporaries may try and transform Her into, but long live the America our Founding Fathers entrusted all of us to protect and preserve at all costs. This country was not created for man’s pleasure to bastardize, or change into his own vision, or to have the audacity to believe it needs to be corrected in any manner whatever. This country is the greatest gift to mankind and the best hope for the world to prosper in peace and the preservation of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

      Jon B. Cain
      Delaware, Ohio, USA

    31. Rob Erichsen, NY, NY says:

      Here in one of the hives of liberalism I cannot afford to enter into the fray of political debate without having solid facts as my army in defense of the Constitution and conservatism. The Heritage Foundation is my logistical support in this "battlefield of ideas".

      As a exchange between soldiers in the series Band of Brothers explains:

      "Panzer division is about to cut the road south. Looks like you guys are going to be surrounded."

      "We're paratroopers, Lieutenant. We're supposed to be surrounded."

      Like them we believer's of our Founder's principles and God's Freedoms will always be in the middle of the fight for Liberty.

    32. Welton Modisette - W says:

      There are many fronts of this ongoing war against rampant liberalism and requires vigilance, always,never ending vigilance. I am proud to support The Heritage Foundation. Fight the the good fight ! Let's break a million before 2011!

    33. Alan Knabenbauer - O says:

      Wonderful to see us grow and am anxiously awaiting the number to double.

      Carry on Heritage … carry on!

    34. G-mama, PA says:

      I appreciate all that the Hertiage Foundation does. We need people to keep us informed, stand up for our rights and liberties.

      If the average American has to retire in their sixties, why is there no limit to the Congress and members of the Supreme Court. I think this should be changed.

      I'm proud of the number of Heritage members in my state of PA.

      May God bless America – I pray daily for His help for all of us.

    35. AL NAZARIO says:


    36. red-white-blue says:

      I used to be able to distinguish the headlines from the comics, but now I don*t know the difference any more. Just today, I read that an illegal immigrant crashed his car, after working his 2nd job, and 16 hours straight, and injured a woman, and her child. The man could not read nor write English, but yet eas driving a vehicle!!! Of course, the man has no driver8s license, insurance, or registration, so woman cannot sue for medical expenses!!! Amazing how stupid our country has become!! Another headline was man stabbed, and killed 4 people!!! He was released from prison, after serving 15 years, of a 30 year sentence!!! He had been in jail for a previous murder 15 years prior!!! Why in God*s name was he let out????? He was already taking anger management courses, while in jail!!!!! Our penal system is a joke, and more and more people are getting fed up with this country, unless you are here illegally, or you are on welfare, or a minority, then you love this country, and why wouldn*t you??? Everything is handed to you for nothing, and us taxpayors pay for your sorry butt. We need leadership with a backbone, and get back on the track, our fathers, and grandfathers laid out for us., AND YOU KNOW WHAT??? Like the Australian President recently told his people, We are a Christian nation, and we speak English, and we will not change, so if you don*t like it, GET OUT OF OUR COUNTRY!!! Now, there is a President with a set of nuts. Amen to him.

    37. Dennis Weber, Kalama says:

      The Heritage Foundation is the ONLY web site that I always recommend to anyone who is trying to find the truth in todays government.

      I have a couple of comments, ideas

      1. The amount of methane gas that is being released from the BP oil leak is huge and will increase global warming . Methane is many times more effective than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas. The pressure of the methne gas is probably what is pushing the crude oil up to the leading pipe. What is being done to stop the methane pressure?

      2. The Mexican illegal alien issue may have its roots in more problems than is usually mentioned in the media. Europe and America both do not have birth rates that are sufficient to keep the population stable. That is why Europe has imported so many Muslim workers. Europe needs the help. America needs workers also, but the birthrate is not sufficient for American Global business to get the workers that are needed. A birth rate of about 2.2 to 2.5 children per couple is needed just to maintain the present population. The present birth rate just barely makes enough, but it would not be enough if Mexican illegal immigration was to be stopped. The reason why the American birth rate is too low is because of at least two things. The most important is that the Federal, State and Local tax rates are so high that it is not possible for a family to exist on just one wage-earner. The mothers must work to give the family enough income. When mothers work, the birthrate must go down and the rearing of children suffers. The other reason why the birth rate is too low is that the Federal Government has increased abortion to the point where we are killing the babies that could fill the need for a bigger birthrate. There are forces in America that want to keep abortoin high ( abortion is a business that helps elect damn politicians.). The combined effect of low birthrate, abortion, too high tax burden on families and the demand for more workers by Global business can only be modified by immigration, even illegal immigration. All of this is why both Republican and Democrat parties will not stop the illegal immigration from Mexico. The Federal government will not stop abortiona and the huge tax burden because the forces that want abortion and high taxes are at the very h ighest positions in government and business. America, & the Heritage Foundation need to till the voters WHY the GD government does not have the guts to stop illegal immigration.

      Dennis Weber


    38. Richard H. Irish, Ed says:

      I will support you when you wake up and support our Country in it's GREATEST need. Removing this ILLEGAL Marxist Muslim usurper posing as President.

      Richard H. Irish

      Edmond, OK

    39. Sharin potter says:

      I LOVE the HERIATAGE FOUNDATION! One of the, actually THE BEST, Foundation on our planet! E VERYONE—PLEASE—-JOIN THEM, they r in coourt almost daily, yes, daily, always on one topic or another! You have no ide, how bd things would be right now, IF NOT FOR THE HERIATAGE FOUNDATION! Cannot even tell u how IMPORTANT they are, and one really funny thing–Nanci Pelosi–HAS TO LOOK AT THEIR BUILDING-EVERYDAY SHE GETS STARBUCK'S coffee!!LOVE THAT!!!Thank you Heritage, and GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!

    40. James W Ausmus says:

      The coment by Jon Cain of Delaware deserves a prime time reading on all channels July 4th and actually, any day.

    41. James W Ausmus says:

      The comment by Jon Cain of Delaware deserves a prime time reading on all channels July 4th and actually any day.

    42. John Houser says:

      Each time there has been a blossoming of the human mind it has occurred when there was a collection of competitive states, with the one exception of England, but even there competition was possible as no government was able to be autocratic. Government is always and all ways suppressive. That old document called the Constitution has to be removed from its grave and its life renewed. Without it we are bound by the solipsism of those congregated in Washington.

    43. Stephanie, Fayettevi says:

      The Heritage Foundation gives me hope. It assures my heart that I am not alone in my conservative beliefs no matter what the liberal media would want me to think. Thank you Heritage. Keep up the good fight…we stand with you!

    44. Carolyn Shortt says:

      Heritage Foundation to me a a strong group of people working very hard to hold back the forces of evil that are trying to dissolve the principles of freedom that our great nation was founded upon. They are a group of people that I am counting on to "hold the fort", or "stand in the gap", in the critical time in our country. May God's hand be upon you and His face shine upon you as you work hard to keep back this evil, so my grandkids can know and enjoy the freedoms that I have known here in this great land.

      From my heart, I thank you/

      Carolyn Shortt

    45. Roy S. Ridenour, Jr. says:

      Dear Heritage,

      # 1 – Freedom and Liberty described and protected in our Constitution.

      # 2 – Appreciative of my fellow Americans like those of you at Heritage to stand for our rights as Americans.

      # 3 – As a believer in God, The Father of Jesus Christ of Nazareth whose Home of Isreal is the ground blessed by Abba God / The Ultimate Truth of Human Creation whose gift is In Fact Is Defined as Freedom,

      A person that has pursued his talents and gifts to find a purpose for existence in this world, Blessed by those who sacriced everything that I may live free and enjoy my life with restraint to our 10 Commandments and Civil Laws,Who was never told I could not try to be "All I Could Be", To live ad let live, To speakout against terrany, To speak out against injustice, To declare Wrong Doers as Crooks and Theives, To vote against those an their actions destroying our country, Speaking for the Good and Condeming the Bad, Calling Things as the Good see them, Ridding the Cancer of Government are just afew of the things I find Heritage.Org doing for us all who blessed by being Citizens of this Great Republic of Freedom.

      Thanks for allowing me to express these thoughts.

      In the words of my Favorite General and American Patriot.

      Leos Daio,

      Roy Ridenour

    46. Roy S. Ridenour, Jr. says:

      Forgive the typo's.

    47. Sheron Evans, Riva, says:

      I too am thankful for the work that the Heritage Foundation is doing but its not just the politicians who have gotten us into this mess, though I surely hold them accountable for much of it. It is the people in our society who voted for them and the way they think and believe……….or should I say "not think or believe". Take God out of it and this is what you get and there have been those who have been doing their best for years to do just that, as we all know. I agree with those who feel we need to get back to what our forefathers established in the first place. They knew what they were doing and it has worked for many years. It is also going to take more than just our efforts to get our country back………its going to take sincere prayer and a move of God. The hearts of the people need to be changed and their eyes have to be opened to the truth. We may persuade some but the one who can do that the best is God Himself.

    48. Bob Mallison says:

      A source of information that I can trust.

    49. Cindy, NC says:

      I have donated money through the years to politicians and conservative causes, then later regretted it. The Heritage Foundation has never disappointed me. Donations to Heritage provide me with valuable education, news and is my leverage on Capitol Hill. It is almost as important as my vote in preserving my liberty. God willing, if my finances endure so will my support of the Heritage Foundation!

    50. jane hughes, san ant says:

      As a practicing physician and surgeon, the research done by the healthcare experts at Heritage Foundation has armed me with the facts necessary to promote free market, private sector solutions to preserve the finest health care in the world, while fixing what needs repair in the system. I am very involved in what has now become the repeal effort. I believe that this midterm election is the most important one in my lifetime. By taking the initiative with the new affiliated organization which can directly promote political actions, the Heritage Foundation has stepped up to the plate and deserves support as we try to keep America the land of the free and the home of the brave.

    51. Elizabeth Garcia, Sh says:

      Membership in Heritage Foundation gives my husband and me the opportunity to expand our knowledge, be prepared to make knowledgeable comments and to be with other like-minded folks at seminars. We feel we are part of a voice that is being heard instead of being an ignored whisper in the liberal state of MA.

    52. Boo Ewald Taylor says:

      I love the information that I know I can trust to be accurate and help me to make informed decisions. I love knowing that there are so many concerned citizens, like myself, awakened to this nightmare called socialism trying to take over our wonderfully free country. Education is the key, voters must know who the real enemies are. Truth is needed, but often gets lost. The media could do so much for us, but the media chooses to serve themselves, not the public. Thank goodness for Heritage!!

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