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  • G-20: Obama Keeps Talking, But The World Has Stopped Listening

    Although Canada’s taxpayers were forced to spend one billion dollars for security at the G-20 Summit in Toronto last weekend, more than 600 people were arrested after a roving bands of protesters shattered shop windows for blocks.  At that point, as Mark Steyn points out, the “insecure dweebs of the Toronto police” started threatening law-abiding passers-by.

    Meanwhile, on substance the G-20 ended up being the flop many predicted.  That didn’t stop President Obama, who talked on and on from the beginning of the confab through his wrap-up press conference trying to convince other nations to follow his flawed strategy of stimulus spending, which everyone agrees has failed to jumpstart the U.S. economy despite the President’s repeated assurances that it would.

    Instead, European leaders got a green light to pursue austerity measures in their efforts to restore market confidence in the post-Greek fiscal crisis Euro.  Unlike Americans under Obama, many Europeans are being better served by leaders who (rightly) are much more concerned about high sovereign debt than they are about putting their political parties’ interests first through taxpayer-funded vote buying.  So in the end Obama was forced to go along with a G-20 timetable for cutting deficits and halting the growth of their debt.

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    11 Responses to G-20: Obama Keeps Talking, But The World Has Stopped Listening

    1. Curtis Ophoven says:

      Obama needs to print a lot of money to bailout California and keep the US economy from collapsing, but he cannot do that unless he can convince world leaders to follow suit and continue printing money so that their nations will continue accepting the value of the dollar as is.

      Without foreign nations printing money as fast as the US, the dollar will sink and the US economy will be forced to face massive inflation on top of its troubles. The inflation (reflected in higher prices) will then force the US to stop printing and borrowing money as interest rates rise.

      Obama clearly does not want to face the recession and would rather the US continue to put off the day of reckoning for another day, perhaps after his term in office.

    2. Greg b. Vail, AZ says:

      The world has finally come to it's senses with regard to Obama. They begin to see him for what he really is. A man with a jumped up sense of his importance. An ego maniac with no real substance. Simply put ALL talk NO walk.

    3. Amy, Powhatan, VA says:

      I think almost everyone has stopped listening to Obama….Other than causing trouble, he is of no value. Those other countries are on the right track. Hopefully in November we can take our country back and get our financial house in order.

    4. Tim AZ says:

      This is good news for the American people and bad news for the regime. If the rest of the rich nations do not collapse along with the U.S.. This creates a huge uncertainty as to who would actually take control of the reins of America after the collapse. This kind of uncertainty has to be very disturbing to the regime and likely will force them to abandon the Cloward and Pivens strategy at this time. It seems they may have missed the Socialist's peak through out the rest of the industrialized world. The rest of the industrialized world seems to be abandoning the socialist tenet's of fiscal policies.

    5. Wm; Ky says:

      Obama is getting exactly what he intended. I just find it hard to believe that so many people calling themselves Americans are unable or unwilling to see what that is.

    6. Drew Page, IL says:

      How ironic. Poor Obama has spent his presidency trying to make America more like European socialist countries. And now, just as he thinks he has gotten most of America on board, here come those same European socialist countries telling him "Stop. It doesn't work. We can't spend out way out of debt and you won't be able to either." Undaunted, Obama persists, like a ship going down at sea, firing upon his rescuers.

    7. Bryan, seattle says:

      Berry can not help but embarrass himself and, by proxy, America. Made a terrible mistake. Hopefully we ALL get it after this… 'Course there will always be U.C. Berkley…But hey! Chicago could cease to exist at any time. Ah, the bright point….

    8. Deidra Houston, Texas says:

      I suddenly feel alot better about Europe and Canada than I have in a long time.
      There really are a few leaders left in the world who possess the rare trait…..common sense. Hallelujah!!!!!

    9. Spiritof76, NH says:

      Europeans have understood that their socilaist policies are unsustainable. They have the courage to face it at least at their eleventh hour. They have some sense of fairness to their people.

      Obama doesn't care about Americans. He considers America as an evil country. He is brought up to hate it and spice up that hatred more due to his utter hatred of white people. Listen to what he has already written in "Dreams of my father". Listen to the latest rant of his spiritual leader and black liberation theologian, Rev. Wright. He is clearly a racist.

    10. Chris O'Toole - says:

      This mendacious, pusillanimous undercover statist has been brilliant, in fooling the masses of the USA to vote for him. Shame on all of the folks who voted for this extremist, who was never vetted in a proper manner. All who voted for Obama deserve to be castigated. How's that hope and change rattling your cage now?

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