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  • Mr. President, Tear Down This… Statue

    It was the dead of night.  Police cordoned off the area and shooed away curious onlookers.  When the townspeople awoke, the city square in Gori, Georgia—the birthplace of Joseph Stalin—was missing its most famous icon.

    Last night, Georgian authorities finally removed the 20-ft. bronze statue of the former Soviet dictator to the confines of a local museum.  To most, the statue had been a painful daily reminder of darker days when the forces of communism gutted Georgian society and shrouded the region with tyranny.

    The statue had proven remarkably resilient until today.  The Soviets themselves once tried to purge the memory of Stalin as they attempted to rewrite their own history in the 1960s.  In Russia’s 2008 war of aggression against Georgia, bombs fell nearby.  But since that most recent conflict, the statue could not withstand the popular outrage against what it still symbolized.  As Giorgy Baramidze, Georgia’s minister for European integration, explained the government’s decision, “Our historical ideals should be people who tried to build a normal civilised country rather than bloodthirsty hangmen.”

    It is shameful that Georgians understand that symbolism but Americans have apparently already forgotten it.  Bedford, VA saw fit to commemorate the recent 66th anniversary of the D-Day invasion by erecting a new statue to Stalin.  It is some perverted sense of fairness that opts to celebrate the forces of freedom by remembering the most fearsome communist leader, valuing pluralism ahead of justice.  (In the interest of genuine fairness, however, it is only right to point out that fully 94.8 percent of Bedford residents disagreed with the emplacement of the new statue.)

    Today happens to be another sobering anniversary.  On this day in 1950, communist forces of the Korean People’s Army crossed the 38th Parallel into South Korea. This aggressive act of communist tyranny cost the lives of 33,739 Americans in combat.  But on this 60th anniversary, the symbolism was not lost on North Korea, which demanded again yesterday that the United States pay $65 trillion in compensation for American “atrocities.”

    Next week, America will observe the 147th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg—the single bloodiest battle in American history, but also the turning point of the Civil War, after which the reunion of America again became possible.  This weekend, America will celebrate our day of independence and the forces of liberty.  There is no better opportunity to prove that America is still a symbol of something greater than mere pluralism.  Coincidentally, a new president, Robin Reed, will assume leadership of the National D-Day Memorial Foundation this week as well—the foundation responsible for the new Stalin bust in Bedford.

    Mr. Reed’s first priority should be obvious.  Mr. President: tear down this statue!

    Nick Krueger is the Jordan Saunders Intern in the Young Leaders Program at the Heritage Foundation. For more information on interning at Heritage, please visit: http://www.heritage.org/about/departments/ylp.cfm.

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    3 Responses to Mr. President, Tear Down This… Statue

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    2. IGOR says:

      I address to all people who is able to think clearly and who knows the history well.

      Those who vote for destruction of the statue of Stalin, have to vote for destruction for two other statues in Bedford. Why?

      Because all the three statues are monuments to the leaders of anti-Hitler coalition. And the Soviet Union made for this victory over Hitler MUCH MORE than any other country. 27 million of Soviet people died in that war. The second front was opened by Churchill and Rosevelt in 1944 – WHEN IT WAS ABSOLUTELY CLEAR, THAT SOVIET ARMY IS GOING TO WIN OVER HITLER.

      In this context Stalin as a Superior Commander of Soviet Red Army suits much more to be monumented, than Churchill and Rosevelt.

      Also, those who are against this statue, say that Stalin killed and repressed several millions of Soviet people. But they forget that Truman killed several millions of Japanese with nuclear bombs brought on Hiroshima and Nagasaki!!! HE KILLED MANY PEOPLE WITHOUT APPROPRIATE REASON! It was clear that there was no need in using nuclear bomb! Why is this fact forgotten?

      Churchill made a genocyde in India and other colonies of Britain. Why is this fact forgotten?

      I don't think Stalin was a hero or absolutely good. But we can say the same about ALL the politicians and ALL the leaders. The only inviolent leader was Mahatma Gandi – and that's all. And Stalin was one of the WINNERS in WWII, and not the last but one of the FIRST. If there were no Stalin, Churchill and Rosevelt would join Hitler in genociding the Earth!

      So, it's better either to leave all statues in Bedford on their places, or destruct them all and put the statues of SOLDIERS, and the RED ARMY SOLDIER as first.

    3. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      The perverted sense of fairness runs rampant in all kinds of ways in our new Communist Nation (Yeah, that's right. We are Communist now.) It is fitting that the D-Day people should honor the number one appeaser of Adolf Hitler, it casts their motives in sharp relief, enough we can see the duplicity there as well as in the way we treat those fiends at the U.N. Oh! These Virginians are so wishey washey! They should also put up a statue of Barack Obama right next door to Uncle Joe. "Our beloved First Communist President!" Before he is done Obama will outdo even the master murderer of all time, but it will be 'nice murder' like taking people's guns when guns save millions of lives (just one example). Deny the old folks Dentistry. As you may recall, Stalin murdered millions of Russian peasants by stealing their seed. "Oh! Crop failures, mean old Mother Nature." Well, it is Bush's fault too (for not prosecuting DINOs, the Communist Infiltraitors), I guess it is everything, right? Bush's fault? And Sen. Reid, "Gosh! Duh! I didn't do anything!" Other than perfidy. As a Mormon I will personally meet Harry at the Pearly Gate and march his whimpering soul to Hell. Mormon hell is actually better than Harry has in mind for us in America.

      I love my Country! You think Glenn's insane? Look! If you Progressives can't cope with being a creative spiritual being at liberty under God? You are insane. If you were a real American you would know, it is actually the Law around here. Comrade.

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