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  • Morning Bell: Halting the Explosive Growth of Welfare Entitlements

    Despite its failure last week, Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) is continuing to push his tax-extenders bill. Bundled together with the many egregious pieces of this bill is a $2.5 billion Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) emergency fund. This provision ties right into the current administration’s philosophy on government welfare: grow the number of Americans dependent on government by increasing spending.

    This is obviously the wrong approach. Instead of throwing more money at the ever-expanding and fiscally unsustainable welfare state, Congress should implement practices that work to move people out of poverty, versus those that do nothing but grow federal bureaucracies.

    When President Lyndon B. Johnson announced his famous “War on Poverty” in 1964, his intent was to win the war by eliminating the causes of poverty.  He actually promised to shrink, not enlarge, the welfare state.

    Just the opposite has occurred. Today, we spend 13 times more on welfare than in 1965 (even after adjusting for inflation), and the welfare state has made the problem of poverty worse by undermining the very fundamentals that decrease dependence: stable families and a strong work ethic. Out-of-wedlock childbirth is at an historic high of 40 percent and means-tested welfare has grown faster than any other sector of government.

    Furthermore, since the 1960s, the United States has spent $15.9 trillion on welfare. Despite the current state of the nation’s debt, President Barack Obama plans to spend $10.3 trillion more over the next 10 years.

    The welfare reforms of 1996 attempted to tame this beast by putting in place reforms that would make welfare programs do what they should: move people out of poverty. It did this by restructuring one of the more than 70 welfare programs. What had been the Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) – a cash-assistance program – became the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program. Instead of simply receiving a check from the government each month, recipients were now required to be involved in work or a work preparation activity for 20 to 30 hours a week in order to receive aid. These reforms were dramatically successful. State welfare agencies became job placement offices, and recipients moved from a cycle of poverty into job seeking and employment. The number of families in poverty dropped by 2.8 million and the child poverty rate dropped significantly.

    Instead of adding $2.5 billion to the welfare state, which will only increase the number of individuals dependent on government assistance, the federal government should make fundamental changes that would decrease dependence and subsequently ease the burden on the nation’s ever-growing deficit. Reforms, such as those that took place in 1996, along with others, must be put in place if the United States ever hopes to get back on a track of financial stability.

    These reforms should be based on the following principles:

    1. Slowing the growth of the welfare state. After the recession ends, Congress should roll back welfare spending to pre-recession levels and then cap it at the rate of inflation.

    2. Promoting personal responsibility and work. Similar to the TANF reforms, other large programs such as Food Stamps and housing assistance should include work requirements.

    3. Providing a portion of welfare assistance as loans rather than as grants. Government assistance can incentivize behaviors that lead to increased dependence. To reduce this risk, some welfare assistance should switch from grants to loans that must be partially repaid.

    4. Ending the welfare marriage penalty and encouraging marriage in low-income communities. The decreasing rate of marriage is the greatest cause of child poverty. Today, the out-of-wedlock birthrate in the United States is at an historic high. Marriage penalties, present in many current welfare programs, should be reduced or removed, and information on the importance of marriage should be provided in low-income communities.  

    5. Limit low-skill immigration. A significant portion (15 percent) of welfare spending goes to homes headed by lower skill immigrants with a high school degree or less. The government should limit immigration to those individuals who will be net fiscal contributors, meaning they will pay more in taxes than they take in benefits. Also, the government should not provide amnesty to illegal immigrants, as doing so would instantly add millions of people to the welfare roles.

    Throwing more money at the ever-growing behemoth that has become the U.S. welfare system will do nothing to improve the wellbeing of our nation’s poor. Instead, it will lead to increased dependence and unsustainable national spending. Congress must implement policies that attack the roots of poverty, instead of promoting it with more handouts. This is the only way the United States will produce self-reliant individuals and stable families: the greatest weapons against poverty.

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    63 Responses to Morning Bell: Halting the Explosive Growth of Welfare Entitlements

    1. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      Good for the GOP

      they stopped those New Needy Unemployed workers

      from getting any help.

      Let 'em starve

      Let 'em be homeless

      the GOP could give a Spit about them.

      Remember the GOAL of the GOP

      is to PROTECT THE RICH

      not waste $$$ on the Needy.


    2. toledofan says:

      Another great article, but, I fear, falls on deaf ears in Washington. This administration is hell bent on spending as much as possible, thinking things are going to get better. We, all, or at least most of us, know the more you give, the more people want, and the less they will do to get it. If you look at the waste in all of the entitlement programs and add in the waste we pay out for education, it's some wonder we have some change left over for other things. Money buys votes and the folks in power will do what ever it takes to keep it, so, greasing the palms of those less fortunate buys them some votes. It's like the Democrats have become the anti-American Party and are now a party of elite socialists hell bent on destroying our way of life.

    3. Dave says:

      Agree on all counts except for the phrase "After the recession ends,". We are not in a recession…this level of unemployment and sluggish GDP growth is the new normal, given the size and scope of government relative to the economy. If you wait until we return to 80s-90s levels of growth and employment before you claw back social spending, you will be waiting a long time.

    4. Robert, North Richla says:

      Amen! Total welfare spending is now over 50% of the federal budget. Plus, when you consider that welfare has been the fastest growing category, you have to assign that % to our debt – and the corresponding annual interest expense on that portion of the debt. Which means we currently spend 59% of our government budget on welfare. That's a lot of people on the dole. Look around you, if you see 6 people, 3 of them are on the take. And guess how they vote?

    5. mike murphy says:

      I agree. This is more like the principles of Jesus Christ. This is what we should base all our decisions and guidelines on

      Paul said under divine providence" if they don't work wiht their hands kick them out of the church" Jesus doesn't like us to not use our talents or laziness

      God Bless keep the great effort to heal our nation from Left wing pagans

    6. Bab says:

      It is obvious that you think everyone is the same as you. I am 61 and have been looking for a job since August 2008. Nobody will hire me because of my age and I am too (young) to take retirement that (I have earned). So now you stop the extended benefits…..I have lost my home, have not a dime to my name, and and filing bankruptcy…..



    7. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Can we imagine what would happen in this country if ever anyone tried to take away one penny from the millions of welfare recipents that live on out tax dollars.

      If you think the mess in Greece was bad, just know that most Greeks done have guns.

    8. Gary Alaska/Nevada says:

      All great sentments, but realistically do you imagine ANY of these concepts being implemented, in time? In this atmosphere, of class warfare, which is intent on the total destruction of American values, or "fundamentally changing America," as was stated. With the momentum of the Obama machine, how do we recover from the pending and intentionally caused CHAOS, which at this point is enevitable, is the thing. The resiliance of Americans is about to be tested, once again.

    9. Bernard Rosenberg says:

      I think that your opions are falling on deaf ears.

      The goal of 90% of the politicians is to stay elected and in power.. To do so he/she must create a base of those that will retain him/her in power.To so so, they, at first throw free goodies just like throwing candy to young children.As time passes these kids grow dependent on these free goodies, they become dependent on these free goodies. The only ones that offer these free goodies are those in pwer, hence they elect those in power.I call this diabetes of the mind. They get so much seets, they develope diabetes, and rely on insulin from the gov't. Same as those that push drugs. They forcibly inject young kids, in order for them to be addicted to the drugs and to want more. More from the drug pushers.

      Our education system attest to this. The average pupill graduates with very limited knowledge. They graduate because they cant very well stay forever in the school. They always look for the easy way out. The teachers are the same, looking at the clock and study how to maximize their union benefits, instaed od teaching.

      85 % of those in Congress are whores, who seek to give people the easy way out( the sweets) Their chief pimp is Obama. And he gets his money from Saudi Arabia ( that is why he bowed to the king)

      We must change the way these politicians utilize their position.We must have a constitutional amendment requiring each and every Conressional member to read and understand each and evey bill before passing it. You hire a lawyer to read a contract. If he fails he is out. You hire a Congressional person tp read and understand the bill they pass. If not they have not done their duty and should be disqualified

      Until this is done, you will have a cyclical wave from Republicans to Democrats and vice versa, as a tug of war between whores as to who gets the most customers.

      Truth, Honesty, Integrity and Accountability must prevail. Otherwise, America will fall to the same level as the Europeans, from whom the Americans fleed.

    10. Ron Homan Dumfries, says:

      The welfare program has destroyed our previous culture and many famlies, especially the Black famlies. We had very little government intrusion on our lives when I was growing up in the 1940 =1950 time frames.

    11. Kelly , Vancouver, W says:

      I am a receipent of TANF. I had been off of the system for over 5 years when I lost my job 3 years ago. I have been faithfully trying to obtain a job by participating through the Workfirst program. Since I had put so many hours in doing job search in a year, they put me through a program that is here in Vancouver, WA called Partners In Careers (PIC). Through this program I work for my grant of $762 a month (which takes care of 4 kids and me) by doing a work experience 30 hours a week. I had my unemployment then they took it away because my employer lied about a situation. Needless to say, I have bills that obviously gone into collections. Making someone pay back the grant isn't even realistic. With the economy the way it is, the taxes we pay, and the low paying jobs, people who are getting off TANF can't afford to pay back money. I know I couldn't. I have other bills that I have to pay back as well already from losing my job. The unemployment rate in the county I live in is 14.6% roughly. I live on the border of Washington and Oregon. Oregon's rate is pretty high there too. Unless you can get a very high paying job in Oregon, it isn't worth the time to go out the door to work there. You have to pay their state taxes which knocks your wages down to $2 an hour less than you would be making in Washington. To add to the cost to working in Oregon, they are trying to impliment a toll on both of our our Interstate bridges which would add another cost. Traveling to where most of the jobs are, which are in Beaverton, OR, would cost you in gas and time. Yeah you could ride mass transit, but they keep increasing their fares at an enormous rate that no one will be able to afford that either. How about the government make these companies bring back the work to the United States and give them tax break incentitves or something for doing so? How about the illegal immigrants or non-citizens not being able to collect any monies from our government? Actually, there is a federal law that states they are not supposed to unless they are ciitizens, so how about we enforce that? Illegal immigrants can get more help and assistance than a natural born citizen can. Tell me how a Russian immigrant can come to this country and get welfare and get housing from the Housing Authority when they are not citizens and there is a waiting list of 7 years minimum for Housing? Those are questions that need some answers!!! I do my work experience at a homeless shelter for families that is totally ran by churches and the community. They do not accept any type of govenrment monies. Those people in that shelter work their butts off trying to just get ahead in life to become stable. Making them pay a partial amount of their grants back when they land jobs would put them back in the same situation that they came from. You really need to think about that idea again of making people pay back a portion of their grant. I'm a conservative and I am all for cutting back programs, but you have to be careful how you do it and that was not a realistic solution. Getting illegal immigrants and non-citizens off of our system is. They are supposed to have jobs and a means to support themselves before coming here so why aren't we enforcing that?

    12. Mary.... WI says:

      ILLEGAL immigrants have already bankrupted this country with free everything! It has been part of the demise of our country's current problem. As for the rest of the problem….the more you give they more they take. You have good ideas and indeed working in exchange for government assistance worked well under former Repub. Gov Tommy Thompson. It certainly helpoed keep welfare recpients from coming to Wi from IL and MN. But now under current democrat Gov. Jim Doyle we have the problem again because he did away with Thompson's program. The dems want people to be dependent on them for all their needs.

    13. Warof2010, SF Bay Ar says:

      FY2009 — 2.105 — 3.518 — 1.413 Trillion

      FY2009 Entitlement Spending

      ……………….FY2009….May09….May10 (IN BILLIONS)

      Debt Interest.. 383—– 124—— 152

      Social Security 659—– 433—— 461

      Medicare…….. 428—– 278—— 291

      Medicaid……… 251—– 164—— 180

      Unemployment 120—— 70——- 111

      FY2009 363 + 659 + 428 + 251 + 120 = 1.821 TRILLION IN ENTITLEMENTS,



      not much left for anything else

      little things like defense, etc…..

      The FY2009 Deficit was 1.413 Trillion

      and it's going to be worse this year

      Through May (8 months)

      FY2010 — 1.344 — 2.285 — 0.941 Trillion

      and even worse next year


      FY2011 — 2.673 — 3.668 — 0.996 Trillion

    14. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Obama and all Progressives have no interest in what is right or good for America. Their intention is to subvert the America of our Founding Fathers and replace the greatest system of government in the history of the world with an "Animal Farm". The USA is the culmination of history's struggle to free individuals and erase slavery. Obama believes servitude to the state is better than individual freedom. It is a pity that so many will sell themselves for the state's bowl of porridge!

      Progressives desire to install a system that has never been successful and reinstate slavery. The individual will exist for the benefit of the State and at the discretion of the state.

      Obama's "useful idiots" are too ignorant to "see" or understand this! It is a government based on a Ponzi scheme. We are already at the half-way point with half the country paying taxes and the other half depending on them. How lmuch longer before the dependents become so many and the producers so few that the "inverted triangle" collapses?

    15. KLIMAX says:

      The Illegal aliens in OUR country are here because in their home country they have to pay for services in their country that they get here for free !! The only way to stop it is to have States stop issuing Drivers licences or official ID cards so they can be used for proof of legal presence and stop the invading army of illegals from draining OUR systems dry !!

      The citizens who have been on the "Dole" for generations know how to play the system taking it for all its worth !! The people who earn below 34,300 do not pay taxes anyway and get a bonus of several thousand dollars through the earned income program just to name the big one !! The Government needs to get everyone working to pay some amount of tax, maybe on a sliding scale to eliminate the 47% of the workers who DO NOT pay taxes !!! It has to be done and done soon !!!!!

    16. darnell garcia says:

      Some people use false social security cards to obtain welfare , food stamps and entrance into public schools.. At the same time some are committing fraud by claiming not to have a live in spouse or boyfriend when the opposite is true. In my opinion welfare reform should include stopping identity theft(Verifying social security cards and ID at time of application for services ) and prosecuting those that commit this crime cutting off benefits immediately, have a more strigent method to verify household occupants- thereby eliminating other occupants from using these benefits , and prosecuting those that take food stamps at certain stores and give cash in return , some of this could be accomplished by using marekting techinques and prosecuting those at welfare offices that do not adhere to the laws

      in addition we should enforce accountability. This sound easy and is not but we have to start by Talking, educating, marketing and enforcing the laws.

      The United States has a wealth of (honest) volunteers and such should be used on Welfare reform at all local levels.

    17. Pete Stroempl of For says:

      What ever you subsidize – for example welfare – your will get more of it. I do not know to whom this truth should be given credit.

      My suggestion is to eliminate welfare grants – as they exist today; and replace it with a loan program with both a debt limit and a time limit. The recipient is obliged to payback the loan when they have become self supporting.

    18. Sam, Fulshear, Texas says:

      An excellent piece! But based on the responses it is a sermon to a choir, most of whom wholeheartedly concur. It does, however, beg the question; How do these simple, straight forward facts receive media and law makers attention and exposure? More, more!!

    19. bigdave ocala fl says:

      My understanding is that REAL UNFUNDED LIABILITIES ARE $130 TRILLION!!! Thanks to DEMORATS "give-our-money-away-for-votes programs", whether it be our TAX DOLLARS paying for WELFARE ENTITLEMENTS, or programs like Social Security in which we are FORCED to pay in to, along with our employer matching our payments, only to have DEMORATS GIVE AWAY THIS MONEY TO IMMIGRANTS(AND A HUGE ADMINISTRATION!!!) WHO NEVER PAID A DIME INTO IT! AND NOW ITS BROKE! Now lets throw in all UNION WORKER PROMISES( ever see a union boss you could trust?! They SPENT THE MONEY!!) of HUGE RETIREMENT INCOME(just a promise folks…Obama will take our tax dollars and we will pay for UNION CRIMES!). We have sat back and WATCHED our country be TURNED UPSIDE DOWN by the DICTATOR-IN-CHIEF who knows he can do no wrong in the eyes of the left wing media who will lie and spin to cover up the fact he is INEXPEREIENCED, UNPREPARED, and an AMERICA HATER. Do not believe one word this man says, he is the ultimate liar, just watch what he does, like shove ANOTHER bill down our throats, which AGAIN, NO ONE HAS READ! MORE POWER FOR THE STATE OF AMEXICA TO CONTROL THE "NOW POOR PEOPLE, WITH NO PROSPECTS OF ANY JOBS IN THE NOW DEAD PRIVATE SECTOR. YOU PEOPLE HAVE STAYED AT HOME, YOUR HEAD IN THE SAND, AND NOW LOOK WHERE WE ARE AND WORSE, WHERE WE ARE HEADED.

    20. Evan, Anchorage says:

      HF, this time stated good solutions to the problem instead of just bad mouthing. Please do more of it. For once I think I will send the list of solutions to my liberal friend–whom will probably agree with them.

    21. Richard J. Frankonis says:

      Great article. I agree EXCEPT you did not consider the pitifull job situation In America because of all the "Out-Sourcing" sending so many jobs overseas. Global economy or not, our society needs to incentivize american companies to keep jobs here. Fewer jobs = More poverty = More dependence on government.

    22. KC - New Mexico says:

      I agree with the previous comments. The current administration is only concerned with providing for the poor and those who do not contribute to our communities. There was a map shown in NewsMax today that showed the large population centers that generally voted for BO. The amount of entitlement money is highest in these areas.

      Real reform requires that those who receive any form of entitlement give back to their communities. Housing, medical, food stamps, education, etc must be worked for.

      I agree with Bab's comments as well, we cannot leave behind those who have contributed to society. My issue is with those who do not work and have no desire to work. They only exist to get the free entitlements. This is wrong and these individuals need to work for the free stuff that the rest of us pay for through taxes.

      Keep in mind the comment I posted some time ago – rob from the rich and give to the poor, rob from the rich till there aint no more! Think Greece is bad, just wait a few more years – if we do not get the administration turned around, America will be doomed.

    23. M. S. Haden says:

      One of the things that has drastically changed in this generation is that people do not save or plan for emergencies or retirement. They work, earn and spend and let the future take care of itself. "You have to work to live decently" you hear. Actually, it would not require two paychecks to live decently. But it does require two paychecks to have a high mortgage or apartment rent, expensive furnishings, two new cars, eat out or eat take-out, dress well, regularly go to concerts, movies, game rooms, travel and shop. Even with the best of plans and preparation for a good life, things can happen that reduce ones income. One of the recommendations for a good plan is to have cash in the bank equal to six months expenses. Another, and the best I think, is to learn a trade even if you have a profession. Plumbers, AC Technicians, Electricians, flooring installers, Exterminators, etc always have work. It's not the "Government's" money that subsidizes people who are out of work and need financial assistance. It's everyone's money who pays into the plan. So it's not a stingy government that won't extend benefits, and it's not a benevolent government that will extend benefits past the time ones contribution is covered. It's a wise government that will consider the benefits of everyone who contributes to the plan and resists the opportunity to buy votes with reckless spending of the funds with which it has been entrusted. We are ultimately responsible for what ever situation we are in and we are subject to the limits of the programs in place to assist us in time of need.

    24. Warof2010, SF Bay Ar says:

      Here's a large part of the problem

      Apprehensions http://bit.ly/bslVmr

      In the last 23 years, since the 1986, Reagan, one-time amnesty,

      over 27 million illegals have been apprehended,

      as they crossed the border into our United States.

      UNFORTUNATELY, far less than half of illegals are apprehended at the border.

      Before the recent addition (over the last two years) of 10,000 Border Patrol agents,

      313.9 miles of Pedestrian Fence, 34 miles of the legislated double-layered fence,

      and 298.5 miles of Vehicle Barriers. it was estimated, by the border patrol agents,

      that less than 1, out of 7, illegals, were apprehended at the border.

      Some border patrol agents said less than 1, out of 10.

      Now, they say they catch about 1, out of 4.


      (Source DHS/CBP)








      1994–1,094,717——2002—-955,310——2010—-beg. 10/01/09

      Southwest Border Patrol Sector Apprehensions

      (Source DHS/CBP)

      In Order From the Highest Sector in Apprehensions to the Lowest

      Fiscal Year————-2005———–2006———2007———2008——–2009

      Tucson —————439,053——-392,074—–378,239—- 317,696—- 241,673

      San Diego————126,879——-142,104—–152,460—- 162,390—- 118,721

      Rio Grande Valley– 134,136——-110,528——-73,430—– 75,473—— 60,989

      Laredo —————-75,268———74,840——-56,714——43,658——-40,569

      El Centro————–55,725———61,465——-55,883——-40,961—— 33,521

      El Paso————–122,624——–122,256——-75,464—— 30,312——-14,999

      Del Rio —————-68,547———42,636—— 22,920——-20,761—— 17,082

      Yuma————– –138,492——-118,549——-37,992——– 8,363——–6,951

      Marfa ——————10,532———-7,520——- 5,536———5,391———6,360



      San Diego Border Patrol Sector Monthly Apprehensions Of Illegals—Length 66 miles







      El Centro Border Patrol Sector Monthly Apprehensions Of Illegals—Length 71 miles







      Yuma Sector began Operation Streamline on December 4, 2006 (FY2007)

      Yuma Border Patrol Sector Monthly Apprehensions Of Illegals—Length 118 miles







      Tucson Sector began Operation Streamline in Jan. 2008

      Tucson Border Patrol Sector Monthly Apprehensions Of Illegals—Length 262 miles







      El Paso Border Patrol Sector Monthly Apprehensions Of Illegals—Length 268 miles







      Marfa Border Patrol Sector Monthly Apprehensions Of Illegals—Length 510 miles







      The Del Rio Sector began Operation Streamline on December 5, 2005 (FY2006)

      Del Rio Border Patrol Sector Monthly Apprehensions Of Illegals—Length 210 miles







      The Laredo Sector began Operation Streamline on October 30, 2007 (FY2008)

      Laredo Border Patrol Sector Monthly Apprehensions Of Illegalss—Length 171 miles







      Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol Sector Monthly Apprehensions Of Illegals—Length 316 miles







    25. Dennis Georgia says:

      As long as the dems and obama are in power, the welfare statem of this counrtry will continue to grow. They all stand up ans spout off about how much the "guvment" has done fopr all of us, and the bad part they believe it. The cost of obama flying around the country in his campaign mode would feed a large percentage of the people, then throw in what pelosi and and the rest spend we all would lots better off. They talk about what a hard time the people are having, but we do not see them cut back on any thing, just the opposite happens, they spend more. I will be glad when November gets here and we can throw these people out in the street.

    26. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      One need only drive 45 miles East from my office and one will witness first hand the result of "The War on Poverty." Detroit Michigan is the poster city for this program. All that could go wrong has gone wrong. Sadly, the citizens still think the Democrats are their saviors when in reality they are the cause of the problem. The beginning of the downfall was the election of Coleman Young (D). Now Columbus Ohio is a larger city than Detroit. There is serious talk about turning the empty land into agriculture use such as tree farms. Perhaps this is the hidden agenda of the enviro-left – trash a city and grow trees to reduce CO2.

      On another subject, Kelly beautifully defines the net results of entitlement problems – the destruction of the family unit. Prior to our welfare state families stuck together in times of need and helped each other out. My Dad is a child of the great depression and tells the stories of how his parents survived and ultimately prospered through hard work without welfare. The culture of his generation has been destroyed by "well intentioned legislation by the ill-advised and uninformed with ulterior motives." If our society is to survive it must start in the family unit – pure and simple.

    27. Mike, Chicago says:

      This article is the most concise explanation of how we got to be in this mess, another in a serious of good articles from this author. http://www.opednews.com/articles/Mission-Accompli

    28. Fred Thompson says:

      We have generations of (predominately) single parent families that exploit the welfare system as a way of life. Irresponsible behavior is encouraged: Drop out of school; Become pregnant; Seek public assistance. I am reminded of the Biblical verse: "Therefore do not worry, saying, "What shall we eat?' or "What shall we drink?' or "What shall we wear?' For after all these things the Gentiles seek. For your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things. But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you."

      Substitute the 'federal government' for "heavenly Father" and ignore the righteousness part, and we have the irredeemable burden of welfare.

    29. Vicky Jackson says:

      Entitlements: You're entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    30. Sue Marie, Detroit says:

      The Democrats want as many people as possible on welfare that way they can control the masses. They are building a class system similiar the third world dictatorship countries. The Political Class (Ruler Class)and the Serf Class(Enslaved Class). That is their goal.

    31. Pingback: The poor and welfare

    32. Russ Errett Sebring says:


      There are six reasons that I object to government welfare and subsidies.1: The government has a history of providing mediocre service. So why do we continue to force government to take on more duties when the private sector can do much better.

      2: There is a continued battle over the separation of church and state. Compassion is the bailiwick of religions. Why does the government speak out of both sides of its mouth? On one side they want to disassociate themselves from religion and on the other side they want to hijack religion?s principles.

      3: Democracy vs. Republic. I have noticed that the evolution of our government has morphed the democracy and republic together. I don?t know who started it. Was it the despots who used the promise of a free lunch to buy votes or was it the citizens who demanded the politician to provide a free lunch for their vote2 I guess it makes no difference, the outcome is the same. The citizens will vote themselves money from the treasure in a democracy, or in a republic only vote for candidates who promise to give them money from the treasure.

      4: We may not want to admit it, but we are all greedy and we are all tightwads. It all depends on where we stand and what the time. When we go to work we are a producer and we are greedy, and when we go to the store we are consumers and are tightwads. This is what makes the competitive free enterprise system work. That is until the government interferes. If the producers decides to raise prices then the tightwads will refuse to buy. When the producer loses business and moans to the government to provide subsidies or welfare so that their greed will be satisfied. The producers on the other hand should not be rewarded (unemployment compensation, housing subsidies, farm subsidies, food stamps, etc.) for not playing the competitive market place game by the rules.

      5: Another unintended consequences is the breakdown of the family and is fostered by the National Organization of women. The present day thinking is that the female can do just fine without the male, but the statistics prove otherwise. Before we were civilized the only thing offsprings had to learn was how to get their food and to protect themselves. As civilization progressed the offspring had to learn more and more. This learning did not negate the animal instinct, only to subdue it. I don?t think that civilization has advanced far enough to eliminate our animal instincts. Therefore it still takes a lot of learning (such a big task that it takes two parents) to subdue the animal behavior. Just scan the newspaper and listen to the news to see that animal behavior is still with us.

      6: Amendment V of the U.S. Constitution states this: ‘nor be deprived of life, liberty, or

      property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.” The Webster Dictionary definition of money. “Stamped pieces of medal, or any paper notes authorized by a government as a medium of exchange. Since money is a medium of exchange then we can substitute the word money in place of property. Therefore we can substitute money

      for property in; “nor be deprived of life, liberty, or money, without due process of law; nor shall private money (taxes) be taken for public use, without just compensation”

      Another word that needs to be defined is compensation. “1, To make up for: counterbalance 2, to make payment to. We compensate government workers for their work. We compensate the military for protection. We compensate for the construction of roads. We compensate welfare and subsidies for … for what? The only thing I can think of is a bribe for votes.

      Not Yours To Give – Colonel Davy Crockett
      http://www.juntosociety.com/ patriotism/ inytg.html

    33. Kern McDaniel, San J says:

      Barrack Obama can't cut back on welfare, he wouldn't get that many votes. He is like H. cahvvez in Venazuala(sp) who gave out cooking oil and rice to get the votes of the poor.

    34. john Arizona says:

      As usual, the liberals in congress and this administration believe all problems are solved by throwing money at it. Welfare and education are very much alike – the more money you throw at these areas, the worse they get.

      Can't these liberal loons get the picture? Maybe if they were to look at history from FDR, to LBJ, to Jimmy Carter, and now today's clown prince. Money doesn't solve the problem! It hurts more than it helps!

    35. Elizabeth says:

      We need to get rid of welfare. I am sick and tired of paying for people that abuse the system. I am sick of government housing that is placed where people pay mortages. I am also tired of people calling me a racist because I say people shouldn't have children when they can't afford to feed themselves.

    36. rusty v. - phx., az. says:

      You don't value what you don't EARN by your own sweat!!!

    37. Lynn Bryant DeSpain says:

      It is without doubt and no serious consideration, nor arguement can disagree with the fact, that illegals have broken our Social Services Systems.

      We are all very quick to point to the immediate for the cause of "Open Borders" being at fault, and the current Administration for being at fault, and even the previous Administrations, all the way back to the first time that Amnesty was granted to Illegals by a Republican Administration. I remind all, that experiment did not work.

      However, let us go back even further, to our Founding Father's thoughts on the majority of Welfare reipients, the Minorities, whom they thought, as expressed in their letters, as "Dullards, and fit only for Meanial Task and Work, and to be Know of Low potential of Intelligence.

      This thought continued, mainly through the Democratic party including in the letters of Robert F. Kennedy, keeping the same thoughts and expressions.

      The result, America created a Welfare Class of Oeioles, which later involved, because of the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl, peoples of all Colors, who found it far easier to not work, and let everyone else take care of them, and to vote for those who promised to do so.

      Now let us look to another souce of "Taking" against all Constitutional laws, by Congress with Presidential Blessings.

      This is from John Herber's Special, 10/27/81. 183 years from the time of this article America established "The Maritime Fund", better known in modern terms as the "Marine Hospital Insurance." Tax was collected for this fund at the rate of one cent per ton of material shipped and received in the United States, and set aside for the exclusive use for medical treatment of all Merchant Seaman, and Commerial Fisherman.

      In 1884, that exclusive fund was transferred to the Treasury. During Eisenhower's Presidency, he felt that the Seaman's Hospitals was obsolete and wanted them cancelled. Slowly over time until the Reagan Administration the funds were directed to the Welfare Systems and Regan during his period brought down the number od Seamn Hospitals to 8, while increasing the Welfare Hospitals by 29.

      On October 31, of 1981, all funds for the Seam Hospitals were removed from the Federal Budget, yet the Treasury still collects the penny per ton originally, written into Law for the exclusive use for the Medical Treatment of those who earned their livelyhood from the Sea.

      The same was done with the Johnson Administration with our Social Security Funds. Originally, set aside, by Law for the exclusive use of those who had reached ritirement age, or had been so injured so as to keep them from working, or their children in case of their death.

      The conversion of these funds for Medicare and Medicaid is at best agueably agreeable, for it benefits those for whom the monies were, by Law, set aside.

      However, Johnson and Congress also tapped those funds to be used for Welfare receipients for their Medical needs, which is way beyond the scope and boundaries set forth in the original act creating Social Security.

      In essence, we, The American Politicians, and Power Bokers, have done absolutely nothing to rid America of the parasidic use of welfare, as a Right, by far to many of its Citizens.

      Now we have a whole new set of old way thinkers in Congress and the White House, who's solutions are no different now than they were from the beginning of our Nation.

      If we do not stop what has been and remove this cancer, then the body of liberty must surely die.

      So remember to vote this November, and keep in mind,"What is in, is out."

    38. dave vk says:

      welfare is put there to keep the minoritys enslaved….their new master is the govt….our cities are a sad and dangerous place to live….

    39. KC - New Mexico says:

      Oh my gosh – just saw the Newsmax hit that the administration is going to plan B to provide amnesty for the milions of immigrants currently here. We can not continue to add more mouths to feed, house and provide free medical assistance. We must get this information to the media and get this stopped. Why does our country have so many uninformed citizens who care not to raise the issues that are destroying this country?

    40. craig Sacramento says:

      Just another convenient way for the Obamafia to destroy this country, fiscally in this particular case. End of the recession? I don't think so as there can never be a recovery when you have wild unsustainable spending and endless restrictions on free enterprise. Indeed we are going into a world which is painted in dismal shades of gray as well as poverty and freedom stifling actions on the part of the government. We have one last chance to dump this whole evil mess in November, otherwise it is going to be curtains and stage left for our once great nation!

    41. Ron Derry Nh says:

      We are watching religious zealots implement governmental destruction of worth to set themselves up as lords of all destiny by way of monetary serfdom.

      Government is a religion when it becomes blind to reality and sets itself up as the bringer of human value and its destroyer too.

      The Ivy league has driven a stake into the heart and soul of work ethic and is on a tear to dismantle self sustainable worth by way of servitude to debt.

      This is a Marxists dream to enslave an entire world by economic worth, rather than personal merit. It is why they encourage fascism to destroy free will. We are in a battle that we may lose America in, to the socialists, communists and fascist dictators that have economically planned the demise of marketable worth and replaced it with government dependency.

    42. Mike, Chicago says:

      Welfare reform allowed people to work, not pay taxes and still collect public aid. The whole system should be abolished and only allowed for people that are aged or infirmed.

    43. Sparkleplenty27 Oreg says:

      Far too many people seem to regard Obama's actions as mistakes brought about by stupidity, error of judgment, or miscalculations or being misguided.

      The fact is that this man and his goons are doing precisely what they have intended – which is to overwhelm the economy, system and government; to grow the ranks of welfare recipients; to have a sizeable number of people die; and to create a one-party dictatorship. Be sure – this man and his team intend to destroy this country, our values, culture, way of life, economy, laws of the land – all of it. It has been planned for a long time – waiting for the ideal person to carry out the plan – Obama is the Son of Perdition. Current actions, legislation and intentions for the next few months all point to them pulling out all the stops to be sure they maintain control of Congress in Nov. – and then they'll move into high gear to finish us off before 2012.

      It is all evil – as are all who carry out the plan.

    44. Barbara, LA says:

      here here to you all…and what Lloyd Scallan said…I can’t even IMAGINE what would happen to this country if everyone who gets freebies or for THAT matter, those who work in the public sector were to have their money/jobs cut or done away with. My understanding that those in Greece that were rioting were GOVERNMENT workers. Add to that all those on welfare or ANY government handout and I shudder to think what this country would look like.

    45. B.A.- T.O. CA says:

      I see articles like this and I never see the affirmed or disabled mentioned, yet it is their money, from those who paid into the system against their wills each paycheck that is being taken away from them here in California. Many live on less than $650.00 a month and are forced into being homeless which adds to their disability issues in most cases.

      No one considers the arguement they have, What would you have them do, just die and reduce the surplus population??

      Most did not ask to become disabled, Many were born this way…yet they are apart of the entitlements you people want to cut?? I can not believe this is the America I fought for in a war, so you can decide the fate of the weak and affirmed. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. May God have the same mercy upon you.that you show for other's.

    46. Terrig says:

      I agree with you as far as the generation to generation lifers from the cradle. BUT, with the outsourcing of jobs,closings,and jobs lost due to the crooks on Wall Street that shut down jobs,destroyed many families of LIFE LONG WORKERS while racking in the BAILOUT (handout)…

      Instead of hurting the out of job-ers with no food (except for food stamps) or the little bit of unemployment money they get…

      Give this treatment to crooked WALL ST., AND THE REST OF THE BAILOUT reciprocates that had no problem with getting their bonuses and pay raises,neither did the Politicians,and Government Research Grant receivers ETC…

    47. Don Croson says:

      This is as planned. The divisiveness of the Progressives. Look at History. FDR did the same in the '30's. Had we not had WW2, what shape would our country be in now? The question is: What will "shake it out" this time? God help us all.

    48. Barbara Frances Delo says:

      Another excellent article. One small comment…let’s focus a bit on all the positive aspects of the many LEGAL immigrants we have in our nation – and the opportunities for them that are taken away by illegals.

    49. Nicholas Arena, Esq. says:

      Your readership is quite sophisticated, and has covered the subject well. I'd add

      a point or two:

      1. Both parties have tackled the problem discussed, but with little success. The

      reason is that perhaps our culture has changed —due to immigration and education

      policies going back decades — so that it is now impossible to change these failed

      policies, in spite of their worst features and sad outcome.

      2. As an attorney, privy to much of what goes on in our society, I have to smile

      when I hear people attribute almost all ills to "illegal immigrants." Yes, they do

      cost a lot of money and crime, and should be dealt with accordingly.

      But what is rarely pointed out is that legal visitors/tourists also receive benefits

      that make no sense in a well-regulated society. As a result of my contacts in

      the foreign community, I know cases where tourists arrive here pregnant, get

      pre-natal, delivery, post-natal and food stamps, counseling and the works,

      approaching in some cases six figures in value, at no cost to the visitor.

      Under these circumstances, it may be fair to say: "The Train Left the Station."

      It may be too late to save our country!

      Just some thoughts…..

      Old Nick

    50. Jackson, Denton, TX says:

      What ever happened to the Welfare Work Program Ronald Reagan put in place while Gov of CA? It mandated that ABLE folks on the state dole work in public service to carry their end of the log till they became self-dependent. Why not put some of the able bodied people on welfare to work doing the jobs “no one else but illegals will do”? Sound familiar? That would solve two problems.

      Of course THIS administration would never entertain such a proposal because it would tap into their voter base of “gimme, let me have, have you got” slugs.

    51. roger andrews sc says:

      No soceity can or will survive with this many people on the dole. many are justifible needie the the bulk are those that have made it a lifestye. no answer will be a perfect but tough love never is. the whole of our nation is very near to collasp and were still handing out borrowed money to those who will never give back. there are many examples of past soceities failing foor much the same reasons. can we not learn from them? i,m afraid the answer is no; and it,s also becoming obvious that we can no longer learn either.
      i,ve seen so many examples of parents going to schools wanting teachers fired because they have critized their young,un for misbehaving! have no snswer as to how we turn it around as it,s a system of children raising children . grow up America the party is over and the chickens have come home to roost. the problem is the home is empty and the fast foods won,t let them dine without MONEY! like welfare money,without witch there would be no fast food industry!

    52. Alan Playa Del Rey says:

      Your plans to reduce welfare are pie in the sky with our current unemployment rate.

    53. Carol , AZ says:

      Pass a law in the USA that STATE"S THAT ENGLISH is the primary language.

      Get RID of all the secondary prograrms created by the Federal Gov't

      paid for by the Federal Gov',t, that has polarized and will continue to split this country in half.

      Who here understands the term racial profiling?

      Is it press 1 for english, #2 for SP?

      Is it re-formatting entire school systems for an invasion of people who will never intergrate into America, and also here illegally?

      Who have stolen I.D's and also take away many semi-skilled jobs?

      Is it discrimination in reverse?

      Fine all employers who hire any illegal worker.

      Who are WE to say WHAT American worker who jobless, will do,

      or take a job to make a living wage when they are unemployed an America? .

      The State of PA just passed a law requiring construction job hiring to ulitized E-Verify.

      They further stated that between 18,000 and 35,000 construction jobs in PA are taken by illegals living there. ( ref; http://www.numbersusa.com)

      We have in America, un-controled illegal immigration, open borders, and the fleecing of America all supported by D.C leadership.

      When the Sec. Of Labor ,"states on T.V.

      "that a toll free number can be called, if illegal workers here , feel they have not been paid fairly ," and an army of newly hired Federal employees will go into the field and follow-up the claims…."

      We clearly have fallen down the rabbit hole here.

      Illegal means against the law.

      We have allowed this insanity to continued here in America for forty years. .

      Stolen I.D,'s receiving funding based on all the above and the right to claim incentives.

      With NO accountability for any of the incentives.

      Make the incentive go away. Stop this run away train.

      If the job offers go away, the incentives go aaway, and the laws for illegal workers and families are enforced America may finally get on it's feet.

      All Federal $$$$ given out to any city under the illegal heading of" Sanctuary" is unconstitutional.


      The head of the list is CA.

      WE help families WHO ARE AMERICAN..

      That is for jobs.

      Job training, and relocation if necessary for jobs.

      If we can not get leadership to support this idea based on all Federal Laws and State law which in all areas of the counrty are not enforced/ but already there .

      The enforcement must be done by States Rights and enforced to save that state to control the budget .

      AZ is an excellent example of that and has been lined up in the press and attacked by the Jackels

      .We are are suppose feel guilty because AZ wants to enforce the law?

      Thank you "War OF 2010 " from S.F, for taking the time to type all the starts that is clearly front and center of the problem.

      I got it . You get it . But few others want to face it..

      Illegal immigration here in America is the Pandora's box of DC.'s best keep secret.

      We can all look forward to the Welfare state of the UNION and get exactly what we deserve for NOT fighting to fix this problem.

      After all, it will be pressing, 3 for Chinese, soon since they own us now.

      We are trillions of dollars in debt and we still running around saying


      " Come -in an we will support you .

      Just Press #2 and the ATM machine for benefits will ka-ching. Ka Ching.

    54. Annie - Northbrook, says:

      If you use the % of folks whose comments agree with this article, you'll find it is very similar to how the overall population feels about the path this Admin/Congress is taking our country. The sad part is our views continued to be ignored even though it is the majority.

    55. Tom Berquist, Pennsy says:

      I have a better idea. Don't stop the growth of the welfare programs. Eliminate them. It's time to start phasing out welfare agencies. Social security and Medicare are the big hitters. We need to redefine eligibility for both programs, put them into the private sector for administration and phase them OUT over a finite time.

    56. C Knight, Falls Church VA says:

      Yes, we can see right through their plans. Thank you for pointing out the obvious and enumerating the sensible (duh) solutions.

    57. Bob Godwin, Jarretts says:

      The plan, as Heritage knows, is to increase dependency on big government. This is of course part of that plan. Until there are Conservatives calling the shots it will continue.

    58. Tom, Pennsylvania says:

      No surprises here. The welfare system designed in the 60s was just one more way big government could enslave whole generations of poor people, mostly those living in big cities that are the havens for Democrates and their power base. They keep promising more money and the people keep voting them in, year after year, decade after decade. Yet many of those being "helped" do not realize that they are being used as pawns by the Progressives so they can expand power and take away personal dignity and freedom. Welfare keeps people down and does not provide a true mechanism to get out of the system. the revisions in the 90s started to turn this around, but like any feebie system, it is easier to milk it than it it to get off it. Fraud, Waste and Abuse is the name of the game when it comes to government entitlement programs like this. Ben Franklin once said, "We ought not to make being poor too comfortable."

      When we finally hit the budget wall and go backrupt like Greece, we can only expect that those who have been living off of other people's taxes, will react just like those thugs in Greece. Our day of reckoning is not far off!

    59. Alma I Kelly says:

      I diffently believe something needs to be done about the number of young unmarried women who keep getting more food stamps because they keep having more kids this must come to a stop..I've been legaly married for more than 30yrs and me and my husband and our daughter are Disabled and on SSI And we pay alot of high bills yet we get less Food Stamps than Young UNMarried women get..Bradford Pa has a horrible problem of there being way to many fatherless kids I believe that all women whom have already had 2 children on welfare should be made to have a operation so they can not have anymore children and they also should be made to marry the father of there childern or have Him at least in there lives and pay his fair share of raising his kids….Children need there Fathers as much as there mothers maybe more so…lets stop the kids from having 2many kids. Alma I Kelly.

    60. Jeff Swanson, Metoli says:

      I agree that we need welfare reform deaperately. There are too many people on the wlfare roles who shouldn't be on them, either because they are able to work but simply refuse to, or they are on the roles illeaglly. Either way, it is fraud.

      There are, however, some who legitimately need the assistance. My wife and I both suffer from severe health problems. I have been unable to work at a regular job for about 2 years now, and my wife just recently had to quit working. Since they still don't know exactly what is causing my problems (it's either TIA strokes or epilepsy) I have been unable to apply for disability. So, we were trying to live on my wifes income alone. We tried to apply for foodstamps, but my wife made about $50.00 to much per YEAR. Yet I see others (mostly hispanic) go into the store with and come out with several hundred dollars worth of groceries, and they paid for them with thier Oregon Trail (food Stamp) card. We are facing a time now when we don't even know where rent will come from. We are Believers, so we are sure God will provide, but it still bugs me that so many healthy people con get the assistance they need and we can't, even though we have both been productive, tax-paying citizens for more than 30 years.

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