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  • Timelines Gone Wild!

    When is a timeline not really a timeline? When the President says so. See GITMO, Healthcare, etc…now add Afghanistan.

    At a press conference today, President Obama said of his Afghanistan withdrawal timeline, “We didn’t say we’d be switching off the lights and closing the door behind us. We said we’d begin a transition phase in which the Afghan government to take more and more responsibility.” Good news for folks who think we ought to fight our wars to win? Guess again.

    If the start date for the withdrawal is not such a big deal after all, then why did the President announce one to begin with? Easy. The answer is that it was for domestic political consumption—an implicit promise to his political supporters that Afghanistan would be off the table by the time it came to gear up for the 2012 presidential campaign.

    Here is the problem, Mr. President. The enemy gets a vote—and they vote early and often. In Afghanistan and Pakistan, from villages to terrorist hideouts, the message was thatAmericans lack the stomach to stick it out till the job is done. Why would the Pakistani Taliban dispatch a terrorist to kill Americans in Times Square if they didn’t think they could break the back of American resolve?

    Winning in Afghanistan is in the vital interests of the United States. We don’t secure vital interests by token efforts, suggesting it is okay to put our men and women in uniform in harm’s way for a year—but then we have to take our ball and go home.

    No right-thinking strategist would sign up for an open ended commitment to keep troops in Afghanistan—but timelines need to be set based on the situation on the ground, not the political calendar in Washington. You don’t get your allies to stand shoulder to shoulder with you by threatening to abandon them.

    If the President really wants to help Gen. Petraeus win the war, he can publicly state “forget the timeline, we will start to bring the troops home when conditions are right.” He could also pledge to give Gen. Petraeus whatever he needs to get the job done.

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    6 Responses to Timelines Gone Wild!

    1. Betsy Washington, Boston says:

      When is the Conservative Right going to propose legislation to fix the naturalization laws which have allowed so many unpatriotic residents become citizens to vote in an international candidate who is ruining our country ?

      The laws sould only allow citizenship to those who are born in the US of parents who are already citizens, and who remain here. Dual citizenship should be revoked. Only citizens should be able to own property and espcially own Media companies (TV radio press banks private schools hospitals). This is a free country for citizens, not for non-citizens who are not supportive of the foundations of this country. Additionally, citizens who spend most of the year out of the country (allowing tax benefits) should be asked to return once a year to renew citizenship or else loose it.

      We aren’t intolerant people. We know that this country is a melting pot, but just like any company, group, organization, we believe that the US should require its citizens not to take their citizenship for granted. It should be earned and kept responsibly and not abused.

      The recent interest in immigration reform is just another way to buy international votes, to turn this country into another a hydrid of all other countries, but what the US was before it started being used by people with non patriotic agendas.

    2. Dennis Georgia says:

      The people in power have not the guts or will to fight this war or any war. They had much rather go around the world and tell every one how sorry America is for the wrongs it has caused. This will be just like Vietnam, the politicans will rule and dictate to the Generals, and all will be lost. We will get our lunch handed to us ona sliver platter, 9/11 will seem like a cake walk the next time.

    3. Drew Page, IL says:

      When is "illegal",as in illegal immigrant, really illegal? Same answer, when Mr. Obama says so. When has someone made "enough" money? Same answer. When is something "Constitutional" and when is it not? Same answer. When is the industry you choose to work in, or the food you eat, or the car you drive, or the temperature setting in your home ok? Well, I think you get the point.

    4. Lynn Bryant DeSpain says:

      The question remains, "Are we fighting to rid the World of Terroist, or are we fighting to bring Democracy to Afghanistan?" If it is to rid us of Terroist, the go for it and be done with it, and use all we have available to do it, including nuclear weapons. If it is for the other reason, forget it, these people are simple barbarians, who eithr fight, harvest popies, or starve. That is the way it has always has been and always will be. That is their history and life experience and what they accept, or they themselves would have changed it long ago.

    5. CEALEY OREGON says:

      Do we have to keep listening to lies? Doesn't anyone have control in this country when a president is certifiably insane? How in the world can he stay in office another week? He has Betrayus in McCrystal's place now. Betrayus is a man who thinks you can take humanity to people who think we are infidels and need to die. Have you read timeline on Betryus~he gets sick or gets hurt to get out of anything~like the Vietnam war. He~o~ made an oil spill into total drama. I was born and raised on oil land in Oklahoma. I know what oil does and doesn't do, and I know how toxic it isn't. There are oil workers working the fields right now who can tell you how to stop the oil gusher~easily. This needs to stop. What can be done? Oh, when did illegal become legal? Definitely looks like he is trying to ruin the USA on fast track timeline!

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