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  • Time to Take on the Welfare State

    In New York, facing a $9 billion deficit, state legislators put welfare on the chopping block to head off a government shutdown. Lawmakers in New Jersey avert their own shutdown in a ninth-hour budget deal that manages to save $22 million for adults on welfare. Meanwhile, in budget-busting California, welfare recipients keep playing the casinos by withdrawing cash with their state-issued debit cards.

    Trillions in welfare spending will drive America to bankruptcy unless Congress puts on the brakes and encourages able-bodied adults to seek work and act responsibly, rather than sink deeper into dependence on government. That’s the message of a new report by two of Heritage’s experts on the U.S. welfare system, Robert Rector and Katherine (Kiki) Bradley.

    “Careful policy reforms focused on fiscal restraint, strong work requirements, the promotion of marriage and personal responsibility can transform the federal welfare system,” Rector and Bradley write, “reducing dependence on government and increasing the well-being of families and children.”

    Rector and Bradley contend it’s still possible to restrain the reckless, headlong growth of the welfare state – despite efforts by the Obama administration and liberal lawmakers to undo the welfare reforms of 1996. They lay out principles for new action that, if embraced by President Obama and Congress, would fight poverty far more effectively while assisting and protecting Americans in need.

    As matters now stand, Obama plans $10.3 trillion in means-tested welfare spending this decade, about $100,000 for every person in the poorest third of the population. But once the recession ends, the Heritage report states, Congress could save $1.4 trillion over the 10 years simply by rolling back spending to pre-recession levels in the nation’s six dozen welfare programs — and then holding future increases to inflation.

    To hear Bradley talk about the need for real reforms of the welfare system, check out her new “Heritage in Focus” audio podcast. Then read the details and see the eye-opening new charts in the Bradley-Rector paper, “Confronting the Unsustainable Growth of Welfare Entitlements: Principles of Reform and the Next Steps.”

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    13 Responses to Time to Take on the Welfare State

    1. Billie says:

      They can start by getting rid of everything but education in public schools. Including free breakfasts and lunches. Parents who get free breakfasts and lunches are DEMANDING their children get NUTRITIONAL LUNCHES from public school when it is the parents responsibility to be feeding their children in the first place. You got a problem with your FREE LUNCH, make your own, selfish burden.

    2. Ron, Houston says:

      After decades of robbing Social Security now they've compounded reckless out of control government spending. They won't address the problem now. They'll wait until the only choice is cutting benefits, then both parties will address Social Security, not by stopping their theft of the program or paying back all the interest they owe the fund, but by reducing the benefits and extending the age limit so most who paid in will have died. Unfortunately, they clump this vital program under the same horrible umbrella as the give-aways – entitlement programs. People pay into Social Security.



    4. Bill, Kansas City, M says:

      Time to get rid of the bums in Washington, and get them off of the welfare roles also. They, Democrats and Republicans, spend our tax dollars faster than the mint can print money. Time for term limits and capping campaign and political party contributions.

    5. Tim AZ says:

      If California's Govt. continues to refuse to be responsible for their childish spending habits. Then after the 2012 election the Federal Govt. may have to assume control of the govt. of California and impose upon them the virtues of personal and fiscal responsibility to avoid dragging the rest of the U.S. down with them.

    6. Dennis Georgia says:

      This will never happen, those on welfare are the back bone of the dems and obama.

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    8. Drew Page, IL says:

      Ron in Houston hit the nail on the head. Our federal government has been stealing from the Social Security fund for years, leaving worthless IOUs to be paid by somebody else in the future. That "somebody else" is the taxpayer.

      The term "entitlement" has come to take on a nasty connotation, like getting something for nothing.. Working American citizens pay into Social Security over our whole working lives, with our employers paying in matching amounts. If people expecting their benefits at the end of their working careers is an "entitlement", then so is expecting delivery of the refrigerator you paid cash for at the appliance store.

      Both parties have been guilty of stealing from Social Security funds. That's why government employees have their own separate pension plans, safe from depredation, which happens to pay 7 to 8 times more than Social Security. Our own government has stolen a hell of a lot more from us than Bernie Madoff ever could have. Then they have the gall to lecture us that Social Security is broke, as we we had anything to do with it.

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    10. randy sa,tx says:

      The more you can increase fear of drugs and crime, welfare mothers, immigrants and aliens, the more you control all the people

    11. Lynn Bryant DeSpain says:

      One good way to reduce our welfare roles; If the applicant cannot read, write, or speak English, they do not qualify. No options allowed.

      If a couple or individual comes in and applies for Welfare and is denied for the reason of having no children, there must be a waiting period of 36 months before appling again. Far to many come in ad are told this and sixty days late, come in pregnant, and receive all the benefits available.

      This is killing America from without, not from within, and that is worse my friends.

      Vote in November!

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    13. Carol , AZ says:

      H.F. you suggest that we roll-back all the entitlement programs and save all those tax dollars. What a brillent idea!

      This website has not posted anythingin weeks
      about enforcing illegal immigration which is the cesspool for all growing entitlements and continues as the run away train across all of America.
      Where do you live ?
      How dare you be sophomoric.

      “How about the next step”.

      1. enforce all laws for illegal immigration.
      2.Secure the border.
      3. put troops on the border to curtail the run away drug cartels from entering our broker border system.
      4. cut all incentives for all illegals living here .
      5. Fine buss. that hire them.
      6. Put a tax on all cash accounts leaving the USA from workers here on temporary worker status.
      7. Stop the anchor baby scams.
      8. Collect from all foreighn countries the payment for housing and feeding foreign prisoners.
      9. Reform the catch and relase program.
      10. arrest and deport all illegalsand shut the ATM cash machines for all incentives..

      It is the biggest doom doggle for CA and unlawful.

      Eliminate spinter groups that have been allowed to proper like Acorn and new programs that spring up as soon the fundng runs out from one
      another is reinvened..
      Get rid of press 1 for Eng and 2 for Sp and 3 for Chinese.

      After all we are trillions and debt.to China…have you heard?
      Countries are controled by debt not surplus. ..

      .At least you got that partly right….
      How about some exposure and disclosure..honestly….

      After all/ your not the boring mainstram press with major news event that talk about two guys having a a baby.
      That compared to octo mom and LA county picking up the tab for over $1. dollars and then bragging about it on television. How pathetic!
      Have we all lost our minds in this counrty?
      Invest in America we are the best and the brightest but our star is dimming very quickly. And vote the bum out in NOV!

    14. Jack Rough Columbus, says:

      I commented and apparently was too fast for your server?

    15. Jack Rough Columbus, says:

      I would gladly give up "Social Security Benefits" if the program was terminated.

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