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  • Taxpayers Borrow to “Bankroll the Largest Abortion Provider in America”

    A new report from the General Accounting Office that was released on Capitol Hill last week has found that more than $1 billion in federal funds were expended from 2002-2009 by six controversial nonprofits, including the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA), the Population Council, and the Sex Information and Education Council of the United States.  The first two of these nonprofits received more than $941 million of this total, and the International Planned Parenthood Federation received another $3.9 million.  The GAO notes that these amounts likely understate the federal expenditures made by the nonprofits because, among other reasons, the report excludes funds sent to entities with annual federal expenditures below a certain threshold ($300,000 until 2004, and $500,000 afterward).

    Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana commented, “This report confirms that the largest abortion provider in America is being bankrolled by American taxpayers.  In these tough economic times, there is simply no reason why taxpayer money should go to fund the activities of abortion providers and equip them with the resources they need to end innocent human life.” Pence was among the 31 members of Congress, including Pete Olson of Texas, who requested the GAO analysis.

    Pence’s point is especially strong when one considers the fact that the nonprofit Pence is referring to, PPFA, regularly runs an enormous annual surplus.  For example, PPFA’s net income (revenue over expense) during the period 2002-2007 was more than a third of a billion dollars — $388 million.  In 2006 and 2007 alone, the last years for which information is available, the organization ran a $197 million surplus.  The surplus could easily derive from abortion clinic revenue and/or private donations to the organization.  But the essential point is that the PPFA has enormous resources in surplus funding that call into question why taxpayers should endure soaring deficits while financing an entity that has such a large imbalance between receipts and expenditures.

    Policy makers looking for entities capable of self-funding more of their activities without taxpayer grants and opponents of federal subsidies for the nation’s largest abortion provider have an interest in common.  The GAO report underscores why reducing grants for one of the nation’s most controversial nonprofits makes sense from both a budgetary and ethical perspective.  Instead, the new programs established under ObamaCare will almost certainly increase the PPFA’s funding.

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    5 Responses to Taxpayers Borrow to “Bankroll the Largest Abortion Provider in America”

    1. Billie says:

      Sex is an act of nature GOVERNMENT DOESN'T BELONG IN. All tax dollars funding the consequences of peoples personal conduct should expose all names and reasons. Do ALL PEOPLE working for non-profits make LESS THE MINIMUM WAGE? Bet not. Therefore it is not NON-PROFIT! This is corruption at it's finest…

    2. anonymous says:

      Why does the Gov't fund this group when they praise a former Klan speaker? I recently watched a 2 hour documentary loaded with quotes and original works of Margaret Sanger and The Eugenics Groups who founded her organization, Planned Parenthood. The film was called: Maafa21 Black Genocide in 21st Century America and it shocked me to say the least. Margaret Sanger met with and spoke to the KLAN and received additional invites for them after that meeting. No one knows whether she continued to meet with the KLAN after, because she doesn't detail it in her autobiography. Anyway- Planned Parenthood praises Sanger despite her KLAN and Eugenics connections. Sanger was a member of the American Eugenics Society and that group was ALSO very RACIST. Sanger invited these eugenic thugs to preach their poison in her Birth Control Review publication. Maafa21, showed how the government wanted to FUND Planned Parenthood because they were in bed with Eugenics targeting people, they play an interesting tape of Richard Nixon and show how many Dem and Repub Presidents promoted this eugenic plan. VERY EYE OPENING to say the least. Heard of NSSM200? Watch Maafa 21 for details on that horrifying gov't edict. I was totally unaware of how the early civil rights leaders warned that abortion clinics were strategically being placed in black neighborhoods. And today they not only are but our tax dollars are funding this! Why? What was really surprising was the video clip of former Planned Parenthood President Faye Wattelton, admitting that Planned Parenthood receives racist donations. She admits that people support them because they want to get rid of blacks – that ties into what Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg recently said in 2009 that she thought abortion was meant to "get rid of populations we do not want there to be too many of" ! Watch Maafa21 ( see preview of Maafa21 here: http://www.maafa21.com)

    3. Krista says:

      Sure Billie. Disease is an act of nature, too. So pay for your kid's own vaccinations!

      You want NAMES? What kind of sicko Puritan are you?

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