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  • Heritage Podcast: Jonesing for Action to Clean Up the Oil

    Why is an act from the 1920s hindering a more efficient effort to clean up the Gulf coast? And why are politicians refusing to budge on a common-sense measure to bring more aid and technology into the area that needs as much help as it can get?

    Listen to Rob Bluey explain the Jones Act, an outdated act that prevents foreign ships from speeding the recovery of the Gulf coast, in this week’s Heritage in Focus podcast. You can also subscribe to Heritage in Focus’s RSS feed, or listen to us on iTunes.

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    6 Responses to Heritage Podcast: Jonesing for Action to Clean Up the Oil

    1. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      From the very beginning of the oil spill, Obama used the Jones Act to appease the unions and refuse accepting foreign help in the clean-up. But also what is overlooked is that without oil washing up on beaches, in full view of the public and media, Obama could not use this "crisis" to push Crap and Tax.

      Louisiana marshes are not easily reached, thus the oil will be somewhat hidden. But, on sugar white sand beaches that the public can drive up too, the reaction is much more server.

      In short, Obama did not and does not want the oil skimmed up before he can complete his "never let a crisis go to waste" theory and get Crap and Tax passed.

    2. Tim AZ says:

      Very true Lloyd. But another thing to keep in mind is that Obama does not want to find himself on the receiving end of union leaders and their goon squads. The community organizers does not relish the idea of being reorganized.

    3. Tim AZ says:

      One more point on the subject. I'm sure there couldn't be any monetary inducements by ensuring that Petro Bras gets these oil rigs do to the moratorium on drilling. After all last year Mao-Bama only gave 2 billion in tax payer dollars to Brazil. Probably just coincidence considering Petro Bras has a yearly profit of 15 billion dollars.

    4. Steve Fagan, Suitlan says:

      You know, it seems to me that our so called government officials wants this oil spill to worsen to the point of no return! They need to get out of the way and let the people who kopw what they're doing and get it done! I mean Kevin Cosner has an un proven apperatous he clains will clean up the mess! Well hells bell boy get it in the water and let's see what it'll do!! BUT oh No not enough enviromental testing and debate has been done to allow that!!

      You know some thing if this adminstration was around 100 years ago we would still be using candles and wood burning stoves to cook and keep warm in winter! This is as backwards of leadership as I've ever seen! All politicians are sel serving sobs but these guys are trying to burn it all down or give it all away to those less fortunate! But of course that doesn't include them and what they have!

      Then the media is nothing more than a bunch of pandering nitwits who uhyasn't asked an unscripted question since this president took office!


      November 9, 2010 will be here before you know! Then we the people can clean out congress!!

    5. Lynn Bryant DeSpain says:

      Makes about as much sense as allowing a foriegn drilling company to do the drill, when so many American companies with good sfaety records were available. Follow the money and you will find your answers. Remember when you vote in November,"What is In, is Out!"

    6. Mark, MI says:

      To all, and especially those at Heritage.org:

      I am quite surprised that such a conservative organization that I admire would find fault with the Jones Act, particularly in our country's current economic crisis. With regard to the oil spill, the Jones Act in no way is impeding cleanup efforts, as the greatest concentration of oil is well offshore, where any vessel from any country is welcome to help. Gutting the Jones Act is unnecessary to do the work in the Gulf, and will spell disaster to the US Merchant Marine fleet, mariners, and shipyards.

      I have heard the word "protectionism" used frequently in association with the Jones Act. I can't argue that! I am certain that I would lose my job here on the Great Lakes if the Jones Act is repealed. Canadian ships already move 80% of the US-Canada cargo on the Great Lakes. They cannot move the 125 million tons of raw materials we now can carry in a season between US ports. The Canadians are currently in the process of repealing their version of the Jones Act, and as a result shipyards across that country are doomed, as Canadian ship owners are turning to Chinese and Taiwanese shipbuilders in an aggressive shipbuilding campaign. Cheap foreign labor is being used in the shipbuilding industry in the same way as it has replaced our textile, automobile, and a host of other manufacturing industries. Just try to buy something that is made in the USA anymore!

      Here on the Great Lakes there are 55 US flagged ships carrying the majority of our domestic cargo. Those ships employ 2200 merchant mariners with good wages (not all are union either), untold numbers of administrative staff, shipyard workers, and many supporting businesses. You gut the Jones Act and I can assure you that cheap foreign operators will be doing our jobs in no time at all.

      I could go on and on about others who will be adversely affected if the Jones Act is repealed, particularly the tens of thousands of shipyard workers around the country, and the businesses that supply those yards, but I'll leave that up to someone else I hope sees this.

      Repealing the Jones Act will be the death of the US Merchant Marine fleet, its Mariners, and will weaken our ability to provide logistical support to our military in times of conflict.

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