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  • Morning Bell: Obama's Leadership Vacuum

    More than two years ago, then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton launched a campaign ad that took direct aim at Senator Barack Obama’s inexperience. It painted the picture of a telephone ringing in the White House at 3 a.m. and asked the question, when there is a crisis in the world and your children are safe and asleep, “Who do you want answering the phone?”

    Now, two years later, there are several crises confronting America, that telephone is ringing, and President Obama isn’t quite sure what to do about it.

    The first crisis is the War in Afghanistan, a lynchpin in the War on Terror and a key to ensuring U.S. security. Gen. Stanley McChrystal, U.S. commander in Afghanistan, reportedly tendered his resignation yesterday following a Rolling Stone article that portrayed him and senior aides on his team as dismissive of top Obama administration officials. Apart for being an embarrassing moment for both President Obama and Gen. McChrystal, the story revealed a larger problem for the president – festering, internal dissension regarding his administration’s Afghanistan strategy. As Politico reports, there are divisions among Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Vice President Biden, Gen. David Petraeus, Richard Holbrooke and others.

    Those divisions are of Obama’s own making, stemming from his lack of leadership and failure to make a firm commitment to victory in Afghanistan. It took the president 10 months to decide on an Afghanistan strategy, he took a middle road in only committing 30,000 additional troops to the mission, many fewer than Gen. McChrystal had requested, and he imposed an artificial timeline for withdrawal that sent mixed signals to the country, the military, our allies and our enemies about America’s resolve to win the war. Now, as the president contemplates Gen. McChrystal’s potential resignation, it appears he is reaping the bitter harvest of his failure to take decisive action.

    There’s another crisis spewing from deep in the Gulf of Mexico, where the environmental and economic repercussions of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill continue to spread, 64 days later. Even after President Obama addressed the nation on the government’s oil spill response, 59 percent of Americans do not believe he has a clear plan for tackling the crisis.

    Is it any wonder? Yesterday, a federal judge struck down the president’s six-month ban on oil drilling, concluding that plaintiffs likely could show “the Administration acted arbitrarily and capriciously in issuing the moratorium.”

    The ruling followed protests from Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and 19 Gulf lawmakers, including Democrat Rep. Charlie Melancon (LA), who complained that the ban would pile on even more economic hardship to the embattled Gulf region. Despite the ruling, the protests, the economic consequences, and a poll showing that 56 percent of Americans believe offshore drilling is necessary for U.S. energy security, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar says he will issue a new order re-imposing the moratorium on deepwater drilling.

    The Heritage Foundation’s Hans von Spakovsky writes that the ban is just one example of the Obama administration’s oil spill failures:

    From the unjustified 24-hour ban imposed by the Coast Guard on the barges that were pumping oil out of the water to check on whether they had fire extinguishers and life vests on board to the Army Corps of Engineers’ delays in allowing Louisiana to build berms and sand barriers to protect its wetlands, the administration has acted more like the Keystone Cops than a competent and effective government.

    And then there’s the budget. President Obama’s administration has been marked by a spend-now, cut-later (or never) mantra that has featured the largest single-year increase in domestic spending since World War II and a trillion-dollar health care plan. Recognizing that all that spending might cause a public relations problem, the president appointed the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform to study ways to improve America’s fiscal future. Why make a decision when others can do it for you?

    Taking a cue from their leader, House Democrats announced yesterday that they won’t pass a budget this year. Even though that’s never been done in the history of the modern budgetary process, they want to wait until the president’s commission issues its report in December before making any moves.

    Following President Obama’s Oval Office address on the oil spill last week, MSNBC commentators Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann and Howard Fineman, three of the president’s most ardent media cheerleaders, roundly criticized the president’s speech. Fineman said “Obama should be acting like a ‘commander-in-chief.’” Olbermann complained the president “wasn’t specific enough.” Matthews observed, “I don’t sense executive command.” Each of those observations comes down to one thing: leadership. And these days, the man picking up the White House phone at 3 a.m. doesn’t seem to have it.

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    84 Responses to Morning Bell: Obama's Leadership Vacuum

    1. david turney says:

      the koran says smile in their faces and curse them in your heart obama is doing just that he don`t go to church i think he is a muslim and america has been fooled and he has lied over and over to us he is destroying this country a muslim he is and so is holdrin and emanuel

    2. Bette Overk, Bridgew says:

      That is an understatement !

    3. Beverly Barnum San A says:

      Here is what I sent to my senator John Cornym this morning.

      Impeach Obama before it becomes impossible. His executive orders and unconstitutional edicts by czars are making you in Congress obsolete. Help and tell me how I can help!

      Enough is already too much! The border insanity, lawsuit against Arizona, executive order pardoning illegal's to become citizens, interference in the oil spill (shutting down dredges when the oil is worse than any other harm), the drilling moratorium, the quagmire in Afghanistan and now McChristal, the takeover of banks, increase to the debt, failure to even begin formulating a budget, the auto industry, the health care debacle, and my list grows with every days news.

      Bold action is required to stem these disasters.

    4. Bonnie, FL says:

      This president is a joke. George Soros is making all the decisions…..

    5. Rich, Loudon TN says:

      I'm still confused as to why there isn't more of an outcry over Obama's refusal to suspend the Jones Act and allow foreign ships to enter the Gulf and skim that damn oil. His recalcitrance is nothing more than political maneuver and a sop to the maritime unions. What he's doing is malfeasance. Where's the outrage? Where's the publicity?

    6. Richard H. Irish, Ed says:

      I STILL say that you guys are giving Obama an unwarranted alibi. I maintain that he is NOT incompetent at all, but just the opposite. His goal is to destroy our economy, shred our institutions, enhance labor unions, decimate our military, dissolve our borders and render us a part of the socialist "community" sans the Constitution provided by our Founding Fathers in their infinite wisdom and all with the aid of the "useful idiots" in Congress. So far, I think he has been REMARKABLY EFFICIENT!

    7. sheilph2, NJ says:

      I agree with the person who said the POTUS is bored with this job for which he is undertalented, underenthused and overwhelmed. No one could be so lacking in communion with what the American people want versus what he wants. I think now that he has had the fun of flying about to dinner and shows and free golf tees and time, he might consider resigning and letting someone up to the task take over. Unfortunately, that would not be Biden, Pelosi or Reid.

    8. Karl Witkowski Tampa says:

      Do you think Hillary Clinton would have made a better President from the standpoiont of doing less damage to the country?

    9. MN J says:

      The only "decisions" Obama appears to have made in his life are those where he uses OPM (other people's money) to attack others.

      Real decision? Never

      Real work? Never

      Real faith in anything other than leftist propaganda? Never

      Shelby Steele said it very well a couple of years ago (I paraphrase) – Obama doesn't know himself, who he is. Until he addresses that, he can't win.

      Unfortunately for Americans and the rest of the world, Obama won but the base statement of Obama not knowing himself remains true. If you don't know who you are and what YOU stand for, you cannot lead. It's that simple.

    10. toledofan says:

      Heritage has hit the nail on the head, again, and to me it's like watching a bunch of kids trying to play government. The sad reality is that because of the lack of leadership and understanding of how America really works; many people are suffering and will continue to suffer needlessly because of the indecisions, the lies, corruption and the lack of a comprehensive plan to get things back on track. Our foriegn policy is in a shambles, as well, and our arms length approach with Israel will create even more unintended consequences, like, another major battle in the middle east. One crisis after another without any solid plans to bring them under control spells a disaster in the making.

    11. Greg - Arlington, TX says:

      Let me paraphrase Obama’s religious mentor Jeremiah Wright. “The Liberals Chickens have come home to roost.”

      They bought this Pig and we all get a poke in the eye.

      How many times now in American history have we had to clean up after a liberal progressive catastrophe?

    12. grannie says:

      Obama is nothing more then a front man for George Soros. He should be impeached, and I mean now before he does any more damage to our nation.

    13. Mary.... WI says:

      I never believed that BO had any leadership qualities and I always felt that someone was pulling his puppet strings. When I ask folks why they like BO so much the only answer I EVER get is that he's a great orator….a huge improvement over Bush. When you ask about what good he's done for this country they usually cannot name one thing or they ask if they can get back to me aftet they give it some thought…..they never do get back to me.

      BO clearly sees this whole presidential "thing" as something that takes up too much of his time to spend with his family and friends and doing the fun stuff he has always done prior to his 2009 commitment. He truly lacks leadership and honesty. He relies on others to do the job je's suppose to be doing.

      I find his speeches to be boring….his monotone voice and his ramblings on and on about nothing. To me he comes across as insincere, bored, and unhappy with his job probably because his heart was never in it to begin with. Running for president was all just a game to see if he could pull the wool over the eyes of the American people…..by golly he did it. Now this country is heading down a deep dark path that will take years to crawl out of….unless he's relected in which case this country, the way I have always known her, will be dead and gone.

      ANd though McKystal may have been disrespectful I'm glad he said those things so the American people can see BO for what he really is….incompetent for the position of president

      of the USA.

    14. Wily, Central Illino says:


      The only real question is, when will the mutiny gather steam. Good people won't tolerate working for duds very long.

      And this president's team actions at home and arond the world are set on destroying America, with aplogoies, a failed Afghanistan strategy that beholdens the enemy and kills Americans, a health care fiasco that will cost trillions we don't have, and on and off the books budget deficits that simply are unconscionable.

      We wonder how Htiler took control over Germany while allowing it to happen right here, right now.

      2010 and 2012 can't come soon enough.

    15. Dorse A. Lanpher says:

      Obama's handling of the Rolling Stone, Gen. McChrystal’s article only makes it more clear that Obama is an immature person who lacks the worldly experience and wisdom required to make sound decisions which are advantages to America and our people. He now makes a public issue of what should be private but conducts his health care bill behind closed doors. By allowing his people to make a public fuss of the Rolling Stone article plays into the hands of the Taliban. His tactics are of the school yard variety and our President should be a person who is beyond that kind of behavior.

    16. Liz, Eastern Shore o says:

      I didn't vote for Obama primarily because of his lack of executive experience. I listened to his pie in the sky speeches, knowing that his promises would be broken. You cannot promise massive "investment" (spending) and at the same time lower taxes on the middle class.

      It is a sad time when candidates are elected on the basis of their rhetoric, and not their ability. The next president needs to lead us out of this mess, and hopefully will not waste time blaming Obama for the challenges he inherited.

    17. Becky, Lakewood says:

      A reasoned and accurate diagnosis. Obama is not a leader; he lacks experience at being a leader; and he acts like someone who's afraid he won't be liked if he assumes leadership. This is not middle school; this is a world and nation that need a bold and unafraid leader.

    18. Kara, Washington DC says:

      Obama's once admirable pragmatism has turned into a man with little to no idea of what is going on. Yes, he has a lot to deal with – the bailout, the war, the oil spill, the mess that health care has become – but this isn't the time to sit back and admire all the options. Obama needs to make some choices. We are 64 days into the oil spill and years into a seemingly endless war; it's time to end this. BP is not scrambling to clean up this mess, and yes, it's great they are "paying for it", but nothing is happening. Throwing money at a problem doesn't make it go away, we should have used foreign aid when it was offered and we should have let local professionals deal with the matter using BP funding. As for the war, Obama needs to provide a definitive timeline. He needs to ask how many troops they need, provide them, and say this is when we are moving out. It is foolish to think we can establish any form of organized modern government in a tribal state. Evolution takes hundreds of thousands of years. It's time to pull out and let them deal with it. We should have focused on the initial plan of getting Bin Laden, as opposed to hoping we could magically turn the Middle East into a democracy. If the dems are worried about losing Arizona, maybe Obama should consider a policy on border control that makes the states happy. The illegal immigrant issue is a problem, and as opposed to catering to them, we should focus on strengthening our borders and for the ones that are here, they need to go through all the proper channels and assimilate into our culture.

    19. Pete Speer says:

      This Presient will never be a leader.

      He is a follower, and to put a different name on it, a prisoner of the forces that elected him.

      a. Education reform, but only in the form that the teachers unions demand.

      b. economic job stimulus, but only at the Davis Bacon wages which the trades unions demand, but which minimized the number of new jobs which could be created.

      c. stimulus money used to bail out failing public pension funds, but only to relieve non-feasance by the favored states on behalf of union employees.

      d. pandering to La Raza by failing to enforce Border regulations and deport illegal aliens during the time of high unemployment, in order to capture for the Democrat Party the maximum number of Hispanic votes.

      e. and now, repairing the largest man made disaster since the death of Christ — but don't offend the environmentalists by putting regulations aside to serve the greater good.

      Everything — every action — designed to maximize Democrat political wellbeing, rather than the economic wellbeing of the country.

      BP found themselves in deep kimchi because of their own reckless actions with respect to the method of drilling, the lack of attention to and remediation of problems with both drilling equipment and the safety devices, Read the statements of those who were on the rig and in the control room. Essential devices in the deep were either not working, broken or breaking on their very watch.

      Never for a minute believe that the Interior Department regulators who should have halted all this did not know about the close BP/POTUS relationship.

      The burden crushes him.

    20. GodsCountry, Fox Riv says:

      General Eisenhower, from a Nazi prison, 1950; “I couldn’t go in there, ya know, with a straw and suck up all those Nazis…”

      A bit of levity

      General Washington, from a British prison, 1776: “I couldn’t, ya know, go in there and suck up all those Redcoats with a straw…”

      General Grant, from a Confederate States prison, 1876; “I couldn’t, ya know, go in there with a straw and suck up all those Rebs…”

      Ronald Reagan, East Berlin, 1999; “Ya know, I couldn’t suck up that big ole wall with a straw…”

    21. Laura K, Pennsylvani says:

      is there any doubt, at this point in time, that this president has no leadership skills, whatsoever?Once again, it is an empty suit managed by someone else interests. In short, we ha no leader, we have a joke in the White House.

    22. Lloyd Scallan New Or says:

      When are you going to understand Obama IS NOT "incompetent, inexperienced, or naive". Everything he does or says is designed to futher his socialist agenda.

      The latest "crises" (the oil spill) is nothing more than a means to an end. Why would Obama give the Brazilian oil company (Petrobras) 2 billion of our tax dollars

      to support their plans to drill in 14,000 feet of water, when he demands we not drill in US water over 500 feet, to "portect the environment"? This company consistantly makes over 10 billion dollars in profit each year. Perhaps because George Soros invested 900 million of his dollars in Petrobras, and of course

      Soros is one of Obama's biggest supporters.

      Within 48 hours of Obama's moratorium declaration on deep water drilling here in the US, Petrobras contacted the owners of these deep water drilling rigs to

      contract drilling off the coast of Brazil. The cost to move this type of rig

      cost perhaps 10 millions dollars. Thus once moved out of US waters,

      they will be gone for years. This means we wouldn't have rigs to drill, once and if, the moratorium is lifted.

      You and everyone else had better start connecting the dots between Obama,

      Soros, John Podesta (who runs Soros's radical left organization), his brother

      Tony Podesta (who is the lobbyist for BP), Obama's non-action in helping

      stop the flow and clean-up of oil from a BP well, to better his chances to push through Crap and Tax. Once you look at the big picture, it's simple to understand Obma's master plan to drive this country into his "transformation" into socialism.

    23. Marshall Port Isabel says:

      What an idiot. Our president is a typical black liberal. Send him a paycheck & it's party time all the time! Want's no responcibility! I'm surprised we haven't found out about his filandering. I'm sure it's there. The liberal media is still protecting this dumby.

    24. Norm Klevens says:

      Obama has mainly voted Not Present as a State Senator and as a US Senator. He is continuing his tradition as President of the United States. In addition to all of the examples in this article, Obama can't look eye to eye at the general and demote or fire him or accept General McChrystals's resignation. The decision has been put off till reportedly later today. I guess it has always been the case where a general has done so very much and is so much more qualified than a commander in chief, but this general has accomplished much more in his years than Obama and Emanuel will ever accomplish in their combined entire lives. Despite the protocol broken, the general shouldn't have to deal with a VP Biden giving him orders, a so called diplomat who cannot play his role as a team member in addition to Obama who is the only 1 of the 3 who has the right to give orders. Can it be imagined what the diplomat Clark says today when he apologized in a 911 hearing to family members ? Can we imagine what the former chairman of the committee dealing with war does today as VP when he knows he has more experience than the only commander in chief ? Obama is not in charge of anything. This article proves that and one can imagine how many people are issuing orders to the commander on the ground. Plus as a former commander of Special Forces, the general has to endure Rules of Engagement that increase the risk to his fighters. Who sent the so called reportette to "observe" the action ?

    25. Ernie, Trinity, FL says:

      In listing his failures in handling the oil spill, don't forget the Jones Act — allowing foreign-crew skimmer ships in to help. He _still_ hasn't done this, and should not get a free pass on this.

    26. Ernie, Trinity says:

      Re stopping work on the berms — the State of Louisiana should go ahead and do it, and dare the White House to do something about it.

    27. Dennis Georgia says:

      Heitage is right again. This is just a big mess that only gets worse as time goes on. We are a country without a true leader, just an organizer that has lost his way, and surrounded by idiots that do not know what they are doing. Well, those around him may know what they are doing, they are working for the destruction of this once great country, destroying all that has been fough for, declaring those that paid the ultimate sacrafice to be usless. We the people must retake this country and the "guvment", that is tearing us down. We must get involved in the politics and then change the way this country is going by voteing. We have sat on our butts way to long, we have developed an attitude of let some one else worry about it. Well we have to worry about now, we have to take blame for lots of what has happened. We gave up the right to make our own decisions, and now we see what a mistake it was. We the working people are what makes this country, not those seeking a give away program, not the aclu, nor the do gooders that get so much attention, and not the liberal media or the unions that suck us dry.VOTE IN NOVEMEBR AND CHANGE THIS COUNTRY FOR THE GOOD.

    28. BobPDX says:

      Obama is following a specific plan.

      He is not stupid or lacking in leadership.

      He is a Socialist who should be impeached.

      George Soros has been kicked out of other countries for doing exactly what he trying to do here. He should be thrown out of the U.S. and banned forever.

      So far, I would say that Obama is about 95% effective at creating chaos and getting his Cloward & Piven agenda implemented in our great country.

      To say he is inexperienced or ineffective completely misses the point.

      The courts are our only hope for now and November can't come soon enough.

    29. Mike Schwartz, El Pa says:

      Whether or not you voted for him, "we" elected him. By our complacency not only recently but in the past 4 years we have empowered him and his machine. Soros provides money, opportunities and direction(not advice). If there isn't a massive turnout at the polls in November and again in 2012, Soros and company win.

      Obama is not a leader, has no military expertise, no sense of tactics or strategy, nor any sense of shame. In many ways he is a lot like Saddam Hussein.

      Vote him and the other 535 morons out.

    30. Gerry Box, Edmonton, says:

      Americans should have listened to the "conservative radicals" like both Limbaughs, Krauthammer, Hanity, Drudge, Barone, and they should have read the Heritage Report daily. We were warned about POTUS, but, sadly, too many closed their ears and eyes. Now our children and grandchildren will be paying for the monstrous debts Obama and his progressives have jammed down our throats. Please remember this idiocy in November and vote for candidates who will defend the Constitution rather than destroy it.

    31. Warren Lyckman Hills says:

      Of all the ugly remarks made about President George W Bush by members of Congress, liberal media, and other politicians, the simple little true remark made by the General is grade schoolish at best.

    32. D.Clay says:

      Hurray! Perhaps there is a light at the end of tunnel. Time to wake up and think about what is to come next…there is no time to waste. Country first!

    33. GasGuzzler says:

      So what is the role of the President? So far it appears that his chief responsibilities are:

      1) to be the continuous party cheerleader in perpetual campaign mode. . . he is STILL promoting health care even though the bill is already law.

      2) He is to entertain and entertain he does! He has spent $10 million to keep the party going at the White House – almost $19,000 a DAY for 17 months!

      3) He has been on the golf course in excess of 70 times in that same period of time. AND he has taken numerous vacations, with/without his family. Remember when he was in Hawaii during an attempted terrorist attack?

      4)He has traveled the world as our representative telling foreign countries what a horrible world partner the United States has been and said things that one would NEVER expect our President to say about us.

      5)He went to Copenhagen to LOBBY for Chicago to get the Olympics . . . AND took TWO planes so his wife could travel with Oprah!

      6)He and the DOJ have numerous lawsuits pending AGAINST the States in this country: health care, illegal immigration, drilling for oil. But on the other side of the coin, the DOJ had won a case against the Black Panther members who were intimidating voters at the polls in 2008 and when the plaintiffs did not show up for court, the DOJ dropped the charges!!!

      One has to ask why this President is NOT actively engaged in the business of running our country and the two wars we are currently involved in. I can only conclude that when he agreed to run for President, that was not in his designated position requirements by the Shadow Group – a person or committee of people. One thing is sure: so far they have been doing everything THEIR way! They hit the trifecta in 2008 – the President, the House and the Senate – and are "making hay while the sun shines."

      And the well-oiled machine continues to roll. We must be on our toes in November or our fate is surely sealed for eternity!

    34. Lil, San Diego says:

      So many comments stating the truth about Obama: no experience, no leadership skills, no agenda except a socialist/progressive agenda that will bankrupt and destroy this nation! His administration's complete incompetence in handling the oil clean-up makes Katrina's incompetence look reasonable! Now the General McChrystal fiasco, yes he and his staff should have been circumspect in their remarks; but, the frustration these remarks reveal illustrate the problem and the problem is a White House which has no plan or objective to WIN in Afghanistan!

    35. bigdave ocala fl says:

      Its NOT Obama! Ok, he may not have as much political experience as a Washington, DC streetwalker, but he did not put himself in the presidency. As an Ex-Military, Combat Vet, I can NOT understand how ANY military person, especially one at the level of McChrystal, could vote for anyone like Obama for PRESIDENT/COMMANDER-in-CHIEF! Obama has ZERO military experience, ZERO WORK HISTORY, ZERO ACCOMPLISHMENTS, sooooo…WHERE'S THE BEEF?! Answer: AINT NONE THERE! But lets vote for the man anyway cause it will make black folks feel better and prove we are not racist. In short…LETS JUST THROW AWAY OUR COUNTRY BY PUTTING IT IN THE HANDS OF WHAT "USED TO BE OUR GREATEST ENEMY"…FASCISM, SOCIALISM, COMMUNISM=PROGRESSIVEISM! WE ARE TALKING DUMBED-DOWN- VOTERS ON A GRAND SCALE, TO INCLUDE HOLLYWOOD AND THE BRAINLESS MEDIA! At voting time, HERITAGE READERS NEED TO COME OUT IN FORCE AND VOTE RATHER THAN THROWING UP OUR HANDS IN DISGUST!

    36. Corey, Perrysburg, O says:

      Leadership is clearly the problem here. was in the Army for 7 years and the Army values are as follows:




      Selfless Service



      Personal Courage.

      They spell out "LDRSHIP" as you can see, and for good reason. Not only does Mr. Obama not posses the necessary qualities that make up a good leader, he lives by NONE of the values listed above as well. This man is no example of presidential leadership, nor presidential material.

    37. Lakewood, WA says:

      David Walker, former US Comptroller General, warned America of the consequences of the "crisis in leadership" in the online v ideo http://www.iousathemovie.com. A "community organizer" is not a "commander in chief." "For God and Country" has become WIFM (What's In It For Me?) with both government and PACs (ie, lobbyist). If you haven't read Mike Ruppert's "Crossing the Rubicon" or seen his recent video "Collapse," you may wrongly think a US Middle East military occupaton has something to do with WMDs or national security or a peoples right to self determination. Nothing further from the truth. And the truth does not come out of WA DC.

    38. Drew Page, IL says:

      For better or for worse, when you are in the Armed Services you are not allowed to practice democracy, only defend it.

      McChrystal is great at his job, but he embarrassed the administration and the Commander-in-Chief by saying some things about them. He did the right thing by tendering his resignation and apologizing for his remarks. He is a stand up guy. Now let's see what kind of man the Commander-in-Chief is.

    39. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      Nature, and politics, abhors a vacuum. Obama's leadership vacuum is as wide, and

      limitless, as the cosmos. He's like Jimmy Carter. Jimmy Carter proved his ineptitude

      during the Iran hostage crisis when our embassy personnel were the "guests of the

      Ayatollah." Why do we need a President who needs on-the-job training?

    40. sandy says:

      Agree, Obama must be impeached. We in Arizona cannot live with fear for our lives and property. Az has been invaded and this administration put up signs telling Americans not to enter areas on our border because it is not safe. Isn't that his number one priority? We are talking interior areas which are now unsafe. He must be removed from office for total failures of obeying laws, protecting us, and putting us in harms way by issuing visas to people from countries exporting terrorists.

      With the economy in free-fall, we should not have any people coming in and taking our jobs. this area has seen a huge influx of people from other countries and they are working.

    41. joan, connecticut says:

      All Americans, know that Obama is only a puppet for George Soros—we just can't see the strings, but, if you look at the big picture, you will definitely find the ties that bind. Check out Petrogras in Brazil, a multi million dollar company,with an excellent profit record, and whose major stockholder is,.- TA DA -!!!! multimillionaire Geroge Soros.Why would the administration send Petrobras, two billion US dollars for their drilling process,after shutting down all US drilling? It can't be coincidental, can it? All the drilling Rig companies will leave the Louisiana if they can't drill? Where will they go—– HMM ! anyone think Brazil's petrobras is going to benefit from the move? Petrobras plans to drill a 15 thousand oil well. That's almost three times deeper then BP's disaster in Louisiana. Nancy Pelosi, and her environmental friends, are so worried about drilling deep wells—- Wher the H— are they now? They are they vocal only, when it suits their purpose, whether it is for their own financial gain, politicial backing , or to pander to a lobbyist group. We have to remembe, to vote for change in Washington in November 2010 and 2012, to throw the career politicians out ! If we don't, we are doomed to the same old double talk and actions.

    42. Kent Wolford, Jackon says:

      How many coal mine disasters, that have costs hundreds of lives, have we had over the years. Have we shut down all coal mining because of an accident. Of course we haven't, that would be stupid. We find out what caused it and try to see that it does not happen again. With the oil spill, we are talking about an accident that has not happened for the last 41 years. Obama wants this to drag on as slow as possible, to promote his cap and trade agenda

    43. West Texan says:

      No sir! Obama is a leader, only the wrong one. His style is better suited to mob rule. Scapegoat America, private enterprise, state actions, big oil, power industry, military commanders, republican party, past president ad continuum . Hang em all! is his favored mantra. Or in his words, "kick …"

    44. Chuckwagonchuckie2u, says:

      Both McCrystal and Obama should resign. Obama for his ineptness as a leader and Mc Crystal for allowing the interview in the first place. Mexico is more of a problem than Afganistan and our troops should be recalled and placed along our own border.

    45. Gary Alaska/Nevada says:

      Petulent-in-chief, dismisses a Warrior, over a "Rollingstones," article, wonderful! Mexican drug cartels have observation posts in Arizona watching our law enforcement, wonderful! Obama is using a back door to continue the moratorium on drilling American oil, wonderful!

    46. Timpclimber Provo, U says:

      One question, How would senator McCain have reacted to the oil spill crisis?

      Answer, a heck of a lot better than an inexperienced, socialistic, Chicago politician.

    47. Jim Linsdau, Melcher says:

      I think it is becoming quite apparent that Mr. Irish's statement as to Obama's real intent in these situations is to do exactly what he's been doing – crippling America. Incompetence is one thing, but ignoring that 3 a.m. telephone call is quite another.

      I understand even the rats are thinking about jumping from the White House ship. I wonder how long before George Soros decides it's time to dump Obama? Even Hillary is finding it difficult to live this lie. If her appearance becomes any more haggard she's going to be mistaken for Helen Thomas.

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    49. Oscar says:

      I agree, start a push to impeach before it is too late.

      Our coasts are ruined and we are not safe at home, etc.. on and on

      How can 300 years of history and values trashed so quickly?

    50. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      First of All BHO is not a great orator, he's a great reader, without his telepromters he's lost, and hem and haws. I am not so sure he doesn't know what he is doing, sure he is a front man, but he is devius, he spent a lot of money to keep certain records from the public, now they will be found and sometime soon, with the goingson in chicago and the accusatons on Colo. and Penna. the facade is starting to crumble. Lets just hope those that are tied to him DO NOT escape and all are made to be accountable for their actions.

    51. J. Guidry, Battlefie says:

      I agree with Richard Irish of Edmond, OK. Everything this president has done, or had done by congress and others, is destructive to this country and its citizens. This is all part of the plan of the "progressives" to bring America down and allow some other form of government take over. My guess is that he will suddenly show up in the oval orifice for a national speech dressed in the robes of the muslims and announce that he is instituting muslim law throughout the land. Along with this would be the abolishing of the courts and congress. He is headed in that direction, of his buddy, Hugo Chavez. The difference would be the muslim bit. Maybe its just me, I don't know, could be, maybe not.

    52. Jewel, Atlanta says:

      I agree that OB is a monumental disaster as a president and should be impeached before he does more damage. I think he does know what he's doing: trying to destroy the country, and there are more sinister forces behind the scenes pulling the strings, Soros, for one. I often wonder if the red phone in the oval office is connected to Soros, and OB calls him every day to get his instructions for the day. OB doesn't seem good for much except playing golf and taking Michelle on vacations. The saddest part of all—and most revealing—is that such a person was elected by the people. We have met the enemy and he is us!

    53. maria,pa says:

      Obama is ignorant on how to run anything.His wife runs their family and was made president not by a majority. Most of those that voted for him wish they had not (as many of my friends do) or look at too few issues to make a decision and didn't prioritize correctly.It was easy to figure out where alot of his campaigne money came from and it wasn't from american friendly places.

      Like I said before the vote…HE IS OUT TO DESTROY OUR COUNTRY……LOOK AROUND HE IS METHODICALLY RIPPING US APART….I pray the supreame court would move it with the proof he has no right to be our president so we can reverse pretty much everything he signed and throw his sorry butt in prison.

      I do feel sorry for his girls but his wife is fully aware of his agenda and is as guilty as he is .

      Keep praying but pray god will work quickly

    54. Tec Stein says:

      I very much look forward to your coverage of the reactions from conservatives, and liberals since you see value in their opinion when it supports your point of view, when they respond to Obama's handling of the current military crisis.

      Further, I also hope you will print fair commentary on the aftermath of the BP oil spill in three months, a year, and five years from today. Since the state of the art for deep sea oil spills is the drilling of relief wells, and they take months, the stopage will also. The real test will be how the region, both its people and natural resources, are taken care of.

      I'm not a big believer in blaming the former administration for the current administrations challenges. But I am a supporter of giving criticism where appropriate, and credit when due.

      As a faithful reader of your blog, it's obvious that's an area we don't agree. But who knows, I may have to write a comment castigating myself.

    55. rosemarie douglass says:

      is amerika sleeping , like ripp von winkel,

      wake up america , younhave a person in the white house that is a , egoistic,

      narcissistic lying

      SOCIALISTIC baboon , he needs to be impeached now , he has already damaged the usa so bad , europa is loughtin at us , i know i com from europe

      thank you

    56. Stephen,Pa. says:

      Fill Congress in Nov. with conservative republicans who understand that the frustration and anger the American people are feeling is due to this president's unwillingness to hear them.Rnder him irrelevent.

    57. Susan Tenofsky, Ando says:

      Obama, purposely (I believe) or not purposely is destroying America and for such behavior should definitely be impeached. Harnessing such feelings only makes making desperate matters for caring Americans and better for George Soros and Maurice Strong.

    58. KLIMAX Baltimore, Ma says:

      Obama will not make a stand unless it goes against the American Citizens !! He is letting Mexico tamper with OUR Countries political system by letting them file in federal court to sue over Arizona's anti-illegal alien law he should tell them to "Back Off" it is a internal matter and non of their business !!! When is NOBAMA going to put "Real" troops on the border with weapons and the "RIGHT" to return fire and arrest illegals and drug smugglers ??!! When is OBUSHA going to make Homeland Security go after the drug cartels network of drug smuggling and sales in OUR Country ??!!

      I could go on for pages but you get the idea Obama and his cronies, like the Attorney General who must be illiterate since he can't even read a 17 page document before commenting on it in the media, will only hurt the tax paying American Citizens with their push for ideals only they want !!!!!!!!!!

    59. paul, the villages,f says:


    60. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      In my opinion, the true vacuum exists inside Obama's skul! He is a puppet speechmaker and not a man who can speak for himself. He continues to be a dedicated worker for the Progressive-socialist World movement for which he was raised. His mission is to deliver a a destroyed capitalist America to the Cartel thaat is orchestrating the Progressive agenda around the world. It has been a gradualist movement for the past 100 years. Now with the USA as the last true bastion of capitalism and freedom, Obama and his cronies in the White House as well as those in the Congress and Judiciary and with the help of the "useful idiots" in the Media and Population, they feel victory is at hand. There are no heroes in this country to stand up to him and challenge him. It reminds of the fear Hitler, Stalin, Castro etc. instilled into people to make them keep their mouths shut. There has been lamenting of Obama placing the USA on a slippery slope; complaints in photo ops- all hot air! Nobody stands up in Congress and challenges. Nobody initiates action. Nobody says: "NO". Even when the Court rules against a 'ruling' by Obama, the White House says they will do it anyhow. It is disgusting to be 76 years old and see where our country is today and the poor quality, if not downright traitorousness of those 'in office'! Maybe all of Congress needs fumigating!

    61. dr. harold hope says:

      I am afraid he is incompetent with an ego bigger than the sun.The combination is frightening

    62. Peyton, a Libertaria says:

      Dorse hit the prime issue on the head!

      Obama does things in public that should be done behind closed doors, i.e. disciplining a subordinate, and does things behind closed doors that should be done in public, i.e. all his legislative agenda items such as cap & tax, stimulus, health care.

      Someone has his priorities all screwed up! I'm just praying he doesn't screw up this country anymore than he already has!

    63. Carol , AZ says:



    64. bigdave ocala fl says:

      Moan and groan people. YOU allowed a NO-COUNT Community Agitator, a man raised as a MUSLIM(after 9/11 and a MUSLIM NAME FOR GOD'S SAKE!), a man who admits to being a PROGRESSIVE(fascist, commie, socialist all roled into one) and who "hires" known communists as his "CZARS" to be elected , not as school board president, but president of the US?! You continue to get your LIES form ABC, NBC, CBS and from God awful cnn and msnbc?! You only get half the truth! to get the OTHER HALF, you need HERITAGE, FOX NEWS and TALK RADIO, which the lunatic left is desperately trying to SILENCE and these MORONS called CONSERVATIVES "fascists"! These IDIOTS do not know the meaning of the name and all they have to do is look at "their" president and they will see a fascist in the flesh!

    65. ONTIME says:

      The DIC (Duffer in Chief) has all the ledership qualities a union could ask for, he is not going to lead a nation but he is going to lead the unions and their demands for socialism right up to the day he is removed from the Oval Office. Now why he is in the Oval Office and demands that he be called the POTUS escapes all who want him to produce the legal document that requires him to be born in the USA and a legal citizen, a Birth Certificate but a simple request by a half million people ought to stir the Rea Republicans and the Supreme Court to demand tha Eric Holder the USAG to investigate this matter publicly. Until he does the DIC will suffice for Barry Sotero.

    66. Marte Cliff, Priest says:

      I don't know if Obama knows what he's doing… but I have a terrible feeling that the people who control him know exactly what they're doing. Their aim is to destroy America.

      Whatever the reason for his actions, he is not competent (or allowed?) to solve any problem or help America in any way.

      I didn't like Hillary – she's far too liberal for my taste. But, I do think that she's at least an American, even if misguided.

    67. Sue Marie, Detroit says:

      Obama is out to destroy this country and all of western civilization. Western Civilation has given the average person the ability to dream and maybe achieve that dream. The progressives want to destroy mankind.

      Send us back to the 10th century. Have a ruling class and a serf class. Will I be hung by the lords for killing a deer to feed my family.

    68. Ron Derry NH says:

      I fear for America with a president this bad, this incompetent who can't do anything but set the foundation of ruin and socialized dictatorship into law. If he can't be removed will absolutely destroy the fabric of this nation as pensions dry up, debt increases and his lack of knowledge and leadership becomes frightening more devastating. Inability is his greatest virtue, for he can not even speak without a script.

      What a national travesty he has become along with his cohorts.

      The liberal/progressive front that is dismantling America should be found treasonous for abandoning their sworn duty to defend this country and serve us not their power brokers.

    69. Pingback: The Runaway Presidency | The Conservative Soldier

    70. Nanette Breeden says:

      These times of crisis are allowing us all to see Obama's true colors. He is nothing more than an idealogue who is not, nor has ever been, qualified to lead this country. I am in agreement with the majority of the comments listed so far. Our best efforts will be made clear in November when we are given the chance to vote for candidates that are for our country and for preserving the constitution. America – step up and vote – this time for conservative candidates who can make a real impact for our country and put the brakes on this spiral of debt, corruption, and poor leadership.

    71. James, Goleta says:

      Too bad you folks in congress can't ask our military leaders to invoke martial law on these treasonous jerks. They are taking over our government like the bastards in Germany did in the twenties. Stepping on Constitutional rule is not a misdemeanor and these people are like a bunch of storm troopers. Why is congress not having the FBI investigate and report on what Fox News reported what is going on with Obama and Soros and their partners in crime on the Brazilian oil deal where was $2 billion in American taxpayer funds were given to drill for oil in extra deep wells off the coast of Brazil. And that is just the tip of the Obama administration iceberg.

    72. Normca says:

      All of the goons selected at the Obama Admin were in the Willy Blue Dress Clinton Administration. Except for the tax cheats and the silent Gates, another great pick by GW, like Hank Paulson.

    73. Eugene Kupstas, Kins says:

      Every time I hear about something else our President, Barack Obama, has done, it brings tears to my eyes.

      Now, I see Governor Bobby Jindal outshining Former Governor Sarah Palin. They are my dream ticket for President/Vice President, in either order.

      I also see average Americans groaning under heavy load after heavy load, hoping to keep some money after higher taxes kick in, wondering if their health benefits are really all that better or cheaper, and consoling one another at the Employment Security office.

      Meanwhile, a handful of multi-billionaires, George Soros included, getting richer and more powerful, along with machine politicians and honest-to-goodness leftists who are satisfied with Obama and his administration's programs. Then there are those vocal minorities, who must have been offered the moon and the whole earth, telling us again and again that they never got what they deserve.

    74. C. Hyatt, Albuquerqu says:

      Want leadership? 2012. In the mean time November 2010. It's time to take back our country.

    75. Glynnda White, Orlan says:

      I saw the report on what Cornyn said below "wasn't that the same guy who said they can't expect us to read a bill that we can't understand without lawyers input?" Anyway, I have to agree with him on this one…..the president needs to be impeached and thrown out of office, he is neither executive nor presidential, besides the fact that he is trampling all over the Constitution he swore to uphold…….that would include a large part of our Congress as well unfortunately and they need to go with him….what they are doing is criminal.

      On McChrystal's resignation……I think he (McChrystal) did this on purpose because he wanted out of Afghanistan, he does not have any backing or focus from the White House, he has just witnessed the deadliest month for US troops in Afg. since the war started. I believe he understands that this war is not going to be won and our president has no intention of winning it…..unfortunately for our president, it is becoming his Vietnam.

      Obama's quick replacement of him with Gen Petraus was nothing short of foolishness in my opinion. Did this president not believe that the video of him completely degrading Petraus as a senator would begin playing all over the place? How does he now believe in Petraus as the man to handle much more difficult circumstances that Iraq. It is now obvious that SENATOR Obama was simply playing politics during a bid for the presidency and now he is dealing with the realities of being the president. He was childish during his campaign and in his criticisms of the war and the president…….he continues to act childish in his decision making. He is purposely prolonging the gulf oil spill problem to push legislation…..it couldn't be more obvious, he is now having to juggle several disasters of his own making as the article this morning correctly points out……

      The war & Gitmo which he promised to have dealt with by now his "Vietnam"

      The gulf oil spill which has most definitely become his "Katrina"

      The border problem, which he is attempting to prolong to allow more illegals into the country…..why? I feel sure to create future votes for democrats who for the most part have become unscrupulous and are regularly willing to put our nation's security at risk in order to keep their seat.

      Democrat politicians should learn from this experience (though I doubt they will). They should learn to keep their mouths shut rather than taking every opportunity to jump on their opponents in some childish, petulant rant in order to gain politically. This can certainly come back to bite them in the rear end in the future. The results of the November I suspect will prove me right, democrats are going to be slaughtered at the polls. Besides which we have seen the rise of the tea party movement. The democrats made a huge mistake in their embrace of the monsters they have chosen to represent them over these last few decades, these same ruthless, radicals are now turning on the president they paid to put in office. They are not getting paid back for what they put in and they are starting to speak out….. The democrats put one too many "straws" on the backs of American citizens during all this activity and radicalizing of our nation…..they woke a sleeping giant……I couldn't be more thrilled and I can't wait until November.

    76. Andreafromfayette says:

      Please don't forget about our borders. Now each State in the U.S. needs border protection as the majority are overwhelmed with infiltration of illegal aliens. He should be impeached for failing to defend our Constitution on this issue. I JUST WANT A JOB AND TO SAVE THIS COUNTRY. I WORKED FOR 30 YEARS AND NOW BECAUSE I CAN'T SPEAK SPANISH, I CAN'T FIND ANY WORK.


    77. My Poor Country says:

      Mr. Richard H. Irish hit the nail on the head with his comment. Most conservative radio hosts give BO way to much credit when it comes to his ability. This is all by design I have just one question how will he suspend elections and make himself dictator in the end?

    78. Jackie in West Colum says:

      obama is to busy playing golf or hanging out with his rock star friends to answer the phone when there is an emergency. Then it takes him a week to answer it.

    79. JIM says:


    80. duelles says:

      the General's firing/ resigning is a because Obama is afraid of David Patraeus running for President in 2012. I think some of the cam David CIA operatives from Princeton University have had their hearts set on him as a candidate. Somehow Obama caught wind of this and needed to occupy Patraeus so that he cannot run.

      How about that for a Mel Gibsonian conspiracy Theory?

      Or maybe Oabama is inept and now McChrystal can be the FOX NEWS Military analyst every night ! That would be fine!!!

    81. JIM says:

      When I returned from Viet Nam in 1968 I had human fieces thrown at me and was called a baby killer in Nazi peelosees district of San Fran Cisco. At the age of 18 I joined the army to serve my great country but wasn`t sure how to do that, with all the turmoil at the time. I decided to become a combat medic to save lives and not take lives, not all plans don`t work out. Once back home I bought a motorcycle and traveled the country with long hair, crazy women, and the devil may care attiude to be accepeted to the new liberal movement and be accepted by my peers. Free love, free living and drugs I was Captian Freedom and very much an easy rider. What a piss poor way to spend my youth, in retrospect, I would rather take my chances on Broke Back Mountian. (I have never seen the movie but know the jest) FREEDOM ISN`T FREE!!!!!!!!!!!! If you have nothing, you have nothing to loose!!!!! I was in a space of libersim and what I was taught as a youth. Today the people that called me names and threw shit at me are running this once great country, how wrong I was to try to accept these views. I would not vote for a Democrat if the Pope himself was on the ticket!! I have seen both sides in and out. I trust that our great country is somewhere I was in the 1970s and do as I did and change the course. IN GOD WE TRUST!!!!!!!!!!

      pope himself was on the ticket!!!!!!!!

    82. Joy, Colorado says:

      Obama doesn't want to lead. The last thing he wants to be is our (the majority) President. Being President hinders his objective. Therefore, he is unattached, unmotivated and annoyed with his presidential duties. He took this job so that he could affect and bring about the changes that would forward his progressive agenda. He wants America under the UN Charter, not the US Constitution. And after the Fall 2010 elections he will become unbearable because he will not be able to move forward as he has been. Obama and his administration will become more and more nasty about it all. 2 + 2 = 4 We must continue the commitment to uphold our Constitution and our American heritage and bear the next 2-1/2 years…during which time we need to figure how to pull America out of the progressive drain we're in because in 2012 we will need to hit the ground running.

    83. Deidra Houston, Texas says:

      And Rome burned while Nero played the fiddle……….does this sound familiar?

    84. Kathleen Henderson 2 says:

      Good morning. I should not speak because I live on SSD; however I still have my opinion. I think that it is time to take action against the entire Obama administration, before we have an all out war right here in the USA. With the HOT summer upon us, and millions of people out of work, now the stopping of the unemployment for many people, in my opinion Obama has done nothing to help the people, and I am afraid of riots (like Detroit 1967). Someone with a level head must step up and take control of our government, before we completely fall apart and are unable to recover. We are the people of the United States of America and we Fight For Our Freedom and our Right To Be FREE. We need to take back our government and find the path that will save us rather then allowing Obama to continue to destroy us. Our fore fathers worked and fought and died to make the USA free and we above all costs need to preserve it, for our kids, grand kids and their grand kids. It's time to tell Obama you had your chance and you through it away, now step aside and let those that want to save, and can save our country, save it.

      GOD I pray, please remove Obama and appoint someone who can, and will show us how to lead us back to an America that we are proud of, that our kids and their kids can grow and prosper in. Amen

      Kathleen Henderson

      I love my country

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