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  • Morning Bell: Time to Dump the Afghanistan Timeline

    The Washington Post reports today that Gen. Stanley McChrystal, U.S. commander in Afghanistan, apologized for an upcoming article in Rolling Stone magazine that portrays him and senior officials on his team as dismissive of top Obama administration officials. As a result, General McChrystal has been summoned to the White House to explain his comments. It is a case of poor judgment on the part of the general and his staff to air comments on the character of senior civilian leaders to a reporter, but both the White House and the brass need to put this media gaff aside and focus on the real problem – destroying al Qaeda, defeating the Taliban and helping establish an Afghanistan that can govern itself.

    As long as we are being frank, we ought to acknowledge that problem #1 in the president’s strategy was setting an artificial timeline for withdrawal. That led our military leaders to question the strategy in Afghanistan and put tremendous, unnecessary pressure on our armed forces to accomplish the task at hand. And while that timeline provoked questions among top brass, it also led everyone involved to question America’s resolve, from the government in Kabul, to the people in the villages, to the terrorists in the caves, and to the military in Pakistan. In particular, that has led Pakistan to continue to play a dangerous double game, trying to “manage” the Taliban rather than defeat them and root out al Qaeda. We have already seen the consequences – the Times Square Bomber admitted he was trained by the Pakistani Taliban in Pakistan, and he was sent here to kill Americans.

    As Heritage regional expert Lisa Curtis writes:

    By highlighting that the U.S. will begin withdrawing troops in July 2011, President Obama signals to Afghans and others that the U.S. is not truly committed to prevailing over the Taliban.

    This weakens Afghan resolve to resist the Taliban now for fear they will be back in power in the near future. It also reinforces Pakistan’s inclination to hedge on its support for the Afghan Taliban leadership based on its territory.

    There are, however, no do-overs in war. The president can’t pretend that he never set a timeline, and he can’t undo his decision to send too few troops for the surge, rather than deploying the thousands more the generals in the field said would have been optimum to implement a better counter-insurgency strategy.  The president, however, can make things right.

    First, he can dump the timeline.

    Second, he can make a commitment to the American people that we will achieve victory in Afghanistan, and he can give our military leaders whatever additional forces or resources they need to get the job done.

    Third, he can be crystal clear about how to deal with the Taliban. Curtis writes, “U.S. and NATO forces must first weaken the Taliban on the battlefield before engaging in serious negotiations with the leadership.”

    Fourth, the Administration has to press Pakistan to deal firmly and unambiguously with all terrorists, including those targeting its arch-rival, India.

    President Obama’s strategy has provoked serious questions among military leaders and our allies, it has posed serious problems for our troops on the ground, and it has undermined America’s ability to win the war. In short, we do not need an artificial timeline for withdrawal. We need a strategy for victory.

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    68 Responses to Morning Bell: Time to Dump the Afghanistan Timeline

    1. Bill Dayton, OH says:

      The only mistake the General made was in his apology. Just because he is a general doesn't mean he is unable to have his own opinion. If the president is wrong (obviously), then someone should point it out. We have become so obsessed with being politically correct we are on the verge of destruction. We need to get over this and state what is right and not be apologetic. It is what it is.

    2. Mitchell Gershten says:

      Can you articulate what exactly victory in Afghanistan looks like ?

    3. Dennis Georgia says:

      This is very similar to locking the door and then put a note as to the location of the key. When a timeline was stated for the withdrawl of our troops obama just gave away all chances for any victory. The just have to wait untill the time comes, then shoot our guys in the back as they leave. Those that live there know what will happen when we with draw, if they helped us, then they are marked for death. I do not blame the General for his statements, he like many others are disgusted with obama and the dems. They only want defeat for America. The statements by obama only show his lack of respect for the military and this country, but do show his want to keep the islamic people on his side.

    4. Jackson, Denton, TX says:

      I keep forgetting that the military is one of the few jobs where you are absolutely not allowed to speak your mind, particularly when it concerns your boss. The military, by design, is NOT a democracy but the problem is, things that need to be said for the benefit of "we the people" are left on the cutting room floor. The real truth gets quashed for the benefit of "they the politicians." And so it goes.

    5. Norm Terry says:

      I fully supported the war in Afganistan. And I've always fervently supported our troops and the job they're doing. However, if we continue the present strategy of trying to nation build instead of kill terrorists, our efforts will be in vain and an unnecessarily high cost in lives. Therefore, under present circumstances, it's time to get out today. Don't wait another moment. Afgan's could give a shit anyway. They only care about selling poppy.

    6. Kate Gordon says:

      Does this mean any of our soldiers being killed from this point on is insignificant? Are we staying and fighting or is Obama going to continue our 'cat and mouse' game? I'm so sorry I voted for the man and more sorry he has turned out to be the most destructive president we've ever had. I only hope that God does bless America and gets rid of the mess in the White House.

    7. Jackson, Denton, TX says:

      I keep forgetting that the military is one of the only jobs where you are absolutely not allowed to speak your mind, particularly when it concerns your boss. The military, by design, is not a democracy but the problem is things that need to be said for the benefit of "we the people" are left on the cutting room floor.

      Informational statements that run contrary to the the government's agenda are quashed for the benefit of "they the politicians." And so it goes. We are like mushrooms, the govt keeps us in the dark and feeds us BS.

    8. Montgomery Granger, says:

      Add the Afghanistan timeline to the growing list of PC promises the President made on the campaign trail that were not then nor are now practical solutions to actual problems. The President must've realized that the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay is in fact the safest, best place for detainees, and maybe even heard his hero, Abraham lincoln, whisper in his ear the reminder that during the Civil War he suspended habeas corpus and established military commissions to try civilians. The President needs some schooling on geopolitics in the 21st Century, and on asemetrical warfare. Let the generals fight the battles and support them any way we can, which includes sitting on a Pakistan that was the birthplace of the Global War on Terror back on November 21, 1979, when the first casualty of the war fell defending the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad. CPL Stephen Crowley of Port Jefferson Station, NY, was shot in the head by male Muslim extremists, later to be funded by Osamma bin Ladin, who were bussed to the embassy after an unverified story about Americans occupying the mosque at Mecca, Saudi Arabia, was plastered all over the Arabic press. The false story was corrected, but not in time to save CPL Crowley, who expired when medical oxygen he was being given during the embassy siege. Now it is time to come full circle, and deal with the one country that can make or break the Afghanistan plan.


    9. Sandy Rosser, Indian says:

      The General is a man of great honor. He is literally falling upon his own sword for the sake of his men and his nation. While some consider his move to be insubordinate (and certainly it is), I will put myself into the mindset of so many liberal talking heads: We must ask ourselves WHY? The General has said what so many in the military have been saying privately; the Obama administration is violating the Constitution of the United States of America and engaging in treasonous acts against the nation,

    10. W.J. Bach, Tampa, FL says:

      "Don't just do something, stand there!" It's about time someone with some intestinal fortitude stood up to the "wimps in the White House" and said what a lot of American people wish they had a platform on which to say the same thing. Hooray for a General who is willing to honestly say what he believes.

    11. Les, South Florida says:

      The general has breached protocol. But in all probability he is 100% correct in his assessment. So he will be punished for being correct by our President who is hopelessly wrong.

    12. Drifter, Utah says:

      Obama will not follow a rational path in concluding the Afghan war. He does not appear to be motivated by the judgements, expected by the American people of an American president in a similar situation. He instead seems to be working with a model that the United States, rather than the Taliban is the evil force in the world, which needs to be destroyed.

      The shame of this moment in history is ours not his…

    13. Mavin Swapp, Gilbert says:

      Dump Afghanistan and move the troops to our southern border! The only way the Taliban can hurt us is by coming across our borders as that have no planes or missiles. The Taliban are winning right now because we are broke and yet we continue to spend Billions on a war to put thugs into power. Protect our borders and save Billions!

    14. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      The old joke goes as follows: What constitutes a leak in Washington is when somebody tells tells the truth. Well, General Stanley McChrystal, the commander of

      NATO forces in Afghanistan, told the truth. Now he's going to get his ass handed to him by some grab-asstic puke who couldn;t find his own ass with both hands, The

      only way to defeat the Taliban is to outlast it. What will the Taliban learn from this?

      The same thing the Vietcong learned from our withdrawal from Vietnam. Once we say

      we're leaving, all they have to do is lie low and then re-emerge to fight the dispirited

      army of the corrupt Karzai regime, and take over the country again. This is what Obama really wants. If we stay, if we force Karzai our in favor of someone more

      agreeable. Abdullah Ababulllah won last year's Afghan presidential election but had the presidency stolen from him by a corrupt dictator. When will we learn, make that relearn, the lessons of Vietnam?

    15. CSchirmer, Pearland says:

      Enough of this nation building. Either fight to win, that is destroy everything which moves into our path or bring our troops home immediately. If a new terrorist event occurs, nuke the part of the world from which it originated. If nukes are not your weapon of choice, spend money on developing one which is acceptable to you.

      'Boots on the ground' is wrong. Develop unmanned weapons for war and put manned vehicles into space.

    16. john koss tennessee says:

      Thank You General McChrystel!! It's about time someone in the Military had the ka…..s to say what they meant and felt. Look at that Rohm Emmanuel character lately. These guys running our country are pacifists and do-gooders. They feel they can talk their way out of a conflict. The fooseball in New York pointedly stated: "We are at War." If this common piece of whatever he is, feels this way just what do you think the other yokels feel. There is a place for decorum and that is at Obama's Tea Parties and crumpet socials. We've lost over 5000 good people in these two wars and I am sure that for once our Military would just love to go out and K..K A.. and take names but since Vietnam we've been so afraid of looking like a bad guy that we've really forgotten and believed we are the good guys. I am sad for the people of Afghanistan and Iraq but it is about time they take some control and responsibility for their ownselves. It really is funny but a lot of these advisors to Obama probably don't know one end of a rifle from the other but when you really get down to it isn't this what the American public asked for when they voted this administration into office. As far as I go General you've done nothing wrong concerning these bureaucrats

    17. Robert, North Richla says:

      We will never [and do not have the stomach necessary to] "win" in Afghanistan. There is nothing left in Afghanistan except the very poor, the helpless and terrorists. Our military is stretched thin enough. We need to destroy any areas where the Taliban exist; destroy their weapons and their supply caches, and then leave. Second, where Pakistan is concerned we can put an economic fence around that whole area. Nothing leaves, and nothing is exported to the United States. Go ahead, let them ship their drugs through Russia and China. If we leave, Pakistan falls and they will be under Taliban control as well. That is not a good thing for India, Pakistan or anyone. We have been in Afghanistan for over eight years now – and it is as big a mess now as it was then. Just as in Vietnam, if we refuse to address our enemies' lines of supply – we will not prevail.

    18. Bette Overk, Bridgew says:

      I don't believe Obama cares one way or the other if the U.S. wins anything. I do believe he is doing everything possible to destroy us. No matter what the majority thinks should be done, he does the opposite. Closing the offshore oil drills will put the final cabash on our economy. I pray he will be impeached or arrested everyday. I don't understand why the whole country isn't screaming for it, they are in denial.


    19. West Texan says:

      A disingenuous urban community organizer directing the nation's foreign war policy? I'm backing the professionals on this one. These generals, like Americans concerned over domestic issues, have cautioned this president about factual realities. For once he'd do well to listen.

    20. Lloyd Scallan New Or says:

      General McChrystal made a huge mistake! Not by his honest comment in Rollng Stone. But by "apologizing" to a "Commander in Chief" that has disgraced the

      office of President. How can the General "breach protocol" when his comments are addressed to a person and an adminstration that does not deserve the respect of the American people, let alone the troops that defend us all. People say we should respect the "office of President". This President has distroyted any

      respect for the office.

    21. JFrykman, Minneapoli says:

      McChrystal proved he isn't a politician, but his assessment of Obama is on the mark. Obama has forever blown his credibility. There is nothing one can do to regain credibility once it has been lost, any more than a tiger can change his stripes. That is who Obama is, an amateur politician, and an incompetant president. He is in office for two reasons: He is Black (or at least 1/2 Black) and he is not George Bush. There is no other explanation as to why he got elected.

      He and his motley crew have got to be shown the door or this country is sunk.

    22. Marion Routt Lehigh says:

      The only way to win this war is get rid of the Muslim in the white house. He will not do anything against his religion.

    23. Betty, Broward Cty, says:

      We are all making comments, Yes, McChrystal make a mistake going public with his views. And yes, he should have done this differently. But as you realize, our Commander-In-chief has shunned our distinguished Commander of Armed Forces in the past, by refusing to receive him on an earlier occasion.

      It is painful to see the killing of our men and women in a war that is difficult to fight because of the many obstacles being confronted because of poor judgment and political priorities on the part of our President.

      We need to take the bull by the horns…enough comments without common sense resolutions…and backbone.

    24. Norm Klevens says:

      The general apparently violated protocol at least. But it seems to me he has been given an impossible task. Who fights a war that has a definite end date ?. Obama can send conflicting signals [and lies]. The commander in chief doesn't know what victory is. Just what does Biden know about war ? Biden's son knows more as he is in the fight. The general will probably retire today or be removed from his present assignment, unfortunate for him. Iraq went well for that field general and diplomat, it seems as they were on the same page. The bottom line is how his departure will affect the troops ? Obama doesn't care.

    25. Pete Speer says:

      This discussion borders on the absurd. A central government in Afghanistan is close to irrelevant. We have a tendency to want to restore the status quo ante as if the borders of the prior state were something close to holy. In so doing we subsidize corruption. We certainly do not install Judeo Christian democracy

      The proper example is not the United States after the ratification of the Constitution, it is the United States at the conclusion of the Revolutionary War, when the Articles of Confederation were adopted. That is a close as the thirteen former colonies wanted to come to a nationhood — as close as they thought their particular economic and political interests coincided.

      They found out differently. Enlightened self interest called for the establishment of the Republic with all the advantages of a Federal system — advantages which we seem hell bent to throw away.

      So it should have been in Iraq, so it should be in Afghanistan. Two different nationalities, at least, many different tribes. The Taliban never controlled the entire country before we got there. Let them organize severally into different states, join together when they believe necessary, bless them for the effort and leave the bloody territory to those who live there. Now.

    26. Norm Klevens says:

      The general apparently violated protocol at least. But it seems to me he has been given an impossible task. Who fights a war that has a definite end date and without the resources the commanders in the field said they need?. Obama can send conflicting signals [and lies]. The commander in chief doesn't know what victory is. Just what does Biden know about war ? Biden's son knows more as he is in the fight. The general will probably retire today or be removed from his present assignment, unfortunate for him. Iraq went well for that field general and diplomat, it seems as they were on the same page. The bottom line is how his departure will affect the troops ? Obama doesn't care and will not admit he was wrong.

    27. Fox Hunter, Californ says:

      Gen. McChrystal is undoubtably correct in his assessment of the politically correct, politically connected and militarily inept administration but he knows that no matter what he thinks of the administration and Obama, the military answers to the president no matter how wrong headed, or even stupid, that he may be. He will probably be reassigned and/or soon retired.

    28. Richard H. Irish, Ed says:

      You are making the faulty assumption that Obama wants to WIN is Afghanistan. That has NEVER been his goal from Day One. He finds nothing wrong with sacrificing our troops there as he is more attuned to the destruction of OUR country than he is his fellow Muslims.

    29. Charles Nystrom, Sum says:

      A fifth step for Obama "to make things right" should be added to the comments offered by Heritage regional expert Lisa Curtis.

      Fifth, rules of engagement must be changed to permit our military to fully engage the enemy. For one example, the enemy is not captured or killed during a battle but permitted to "walk away" if they just drop their weapons. For another, we use little artillery (to kill enemy combatants) for fear of collateral damage.

      If the current rules of engagement are not changed to favor our winning, it is time to bring our troops home before further blood and teasure is wasted.

    30. John, Montana says:

      The General should be able to speak his mind to the people. We are seeing a President that is a dreamer and not used to the reality of War. He has been educated by Public Money and employed in a profession that is idealistic in how and what the results would be. His voting as Present indicates he will not take take a stand. The current comments about his staff leaving due to friction in the staff, show his lack of leadership. The outrage of the citizens of the Gulf, force him to the trips to the Gulf, as did the Public outcry of him not going to the Gulf.

      He is our President so we have to tolerate him, but can still comment on his lack of a firm policy and lack of leadership.

      Having seen all the Presidents since FDR, in my opinion he lacks the quality to unite the Country in crisis and form a policy.

    31. G Buss says:

      Events set in motion from Pres Carter to Clinton have come to fruition. We lack the ten regular army divisions (Clinton) and the logistics (Bush& Obama) to effect even an orderly retreat from the middle east. As we have supplied 'bunker buster' munitions to our allies, I expect general war in the mid east this year. Buy munitions stock and relax. Unless one of your family is in the military. History has shown us that big wars always solve economic problems.

    32. Don, Texas says:

      Don't hold your breath. It is this administrations intent to bring America down at all levels. It would behoove all of us to admit it, and start playing defense against this team…… instead of looking surprised each time they do something unamerican.

    33. toledofan says:

      The main purpose of a war is to kill as many of the enemy as possible, break as many things as you can and force the enemy to accept your terms for surrender. The whole problem with this administration is that they don't have the stomach to do what it will take to win, they haven't fully committed to doing whatever it takes and developing a timeline for withdrawal is like saying uncle, you win. I'm sure General McCrystal said some things he probably regrets, probably should have said them in private, mano e mano, but, on the same note, he's right on the money and probably thinks, move me and put in somebody who will do your bidding.

    34. Darryl, Lexington, K says:

      McChrystal initially requested 80,000 troops to minimize risk to US personnel, said he could do the job with 40,000 if medium risk was acceptable and 20,000 at high risk to US troops. Our president compromised at 30,000 troops. So, what is the president's objective here?

    35. Brown Derby, Iowa says:

      The last sentence of your treatise on Afghanistan undermines the your whole argument, "We need a strategy for winning." There is no such thing.

      I have not seen mention of such a strategy that did not require leaders in the affected region to adapt policies which they are incapable of carrying out even if they were so inclined. We cannot define victory, therefore we cannot attain it. We have killed untold high ranking enemies and yet they proliferate.

      The tools (murder, torture, mutilation, etc) our enemies use to convince the local populace to reject our offerings are very effective. They know we will leave in due course. It is matters little whether it is next year or five years from now, the result will be the same.

      The arguments mouthed by today's hawks are the very same we heard during the Korean and Vietnam years and they resonate with the same hollowness.

      There is nothing to "win." Get out and save blood and treasure!

    36. Norm Klevens says:

      A breach in protocol, however this commander has been given responsibility to fight a war with an end date, with rules of engagement made up by John Kerry who spent 1/3rd the standard tour in Viet Nam and wanted a more sensitive war, which puts the troops in more danger than is warranted, while protecting the enemy. And with insufficient troop levels along with a president wantabe [Biden] telling him what to do. This along with a commander in chief who is not committed to Victory. And now the drive by media, with people who have never accomplished anything, wants the general gone. Faced with the media onslaught, Obama, the community organizer, will relieve the general, with his stellar career, of his command. What will a defeat in Afghanistan look like ?

    37. Dennis Georgia says:

      I bellieve the General expressed his true feelings, but will have to pay for doing so. It was wrong for obama to place a timeline on the troops withdrawing. This just gives our enemy the upper hand, and places our troops in a bad position.

    38. Darryl Hofe, Lexingt says:

      An almost forgotten element is General McChrystal's inital manpower assessment and request to President Obama:

      Small risk to US troops and assets – 80,000 troops

      Medium risk – 40,000; High risk – 20,000. Allotment fromthe President – 30,000.

    39. Jim says:

      What the general has just told the American people is that with the current policy half measures / pullout date certain from this regime is going to fail and he is recommending to get out now and quit the BS like we are doing something noble. He is a true patriot.

      Falling on his own sword in essence.

      Obama needed his fall guy, now he has gotten him.

      I predict Obama will not be around, one way or another to even consider a second term.

      The sky is finally falling on this guy. Nobody is going to be the cover and fall guy for this joke of a President and his incompetent admin.

      Not even the MSM can avoid this total colapse of the man – child.

      Let's get the A team in place in Nov. to save this great nation.

      The social experiement called liberal guilt and the black man can do it is finally exposed.

      This has always been about George Soros. He is the one writing the script for the teleprompter.

    40. D.Clay says:

      I am so tired of seeing President Obama on television, hearing his comments and summoning General McChrystal to the White House to defend his freedom of speech and opinions. General McChrystal puts himself and his men at risk daily to keep American safe where is the support from our President.

    41. Mike, North Carolina says:

      Another exercise in futility, made only too evidently and obviously so by Obama and his accomplices, of such as "Obama/the Obama Administration (Regime) Should do this and/or that".

      Let us know when such exercises in futility are a thing of the past and the focus is instead on what must be done to make things right…getting Obama and his accomplices out of power as soon as possible.

      Until then, stop wasting our attention, time, and computer disk space on such exercises in futility.

    42. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      Yes as an Army Officer he breached protocol, so did another General, Mac Arthur, he too had to show Truman the way and Truman replied by firing him. Truman had served in WWI, BHO has never served and has no knowledge of how to conduct any military action. Battle lines are drawn but timetables cannot often be met, circumstances change. BHO needs to leave all this up to those who know what they are doing, not his Chicago henchmen.

    43. carol hayden Venice, says:

      Regarding the Afganistan War.

      America should look after her interests 1st. Our country should use the war money we spend on the Iraq and Afganistan War to set up our soldiers and their machines of war–drones, aircraft, helicopters, bomb robots, Hummers on USA soil to protect "our citizens".

      We fought WW1, WW2, Korean, Vietnam, Iraq, Kuwait, and Afganistan Wars like mercenaries (WITHOUT ANY PAY) for other countries.

      I am very tired of fighting for other countries.

      It is time we withdrew our troops from foreign soil, and spent that money on protecting ourselves!

    44. Richard - South Caro says:

      President Obama had better quit fighting another Korean War, and give the military leaders – the ones who know what they're doing on the battlefield – the resources they need to WIN this war. Oh, wait, wasn't it Harry Truman, a Democrat, sitting the White House as president when the Korean War was lost, simply because he wouldn't let the military leaders fight to win??

      Seems as though the Democrats always have a problem with finishing a war.

    45. Tim Tieman Las Vegas says:

      This is easily one of the most concise, well thought out commentaries I have ever read in Heritage. Obama is clueless, the UN is gutless. With Obama in power even our oldest allies have little reason to trust the US. At a time when the worlds economy is shaky and Americas goals are unclear why would anyone put their people or their countries treasure at risk. Obamas Foreign Policy has gone 180 degrees from what he said he wanted but I suspect that the results are exactly what he actually wanted to achieve.

    46. Don, Oklahoma says:

      McChrystal is only telling what 70% of Americans think. Does OBama think that he can bully down anyone he calls into his office. He better look out, McChrystal could run in November and win, actually I think anyone could beat BO now. Even Joe the Plumber. McChrystal is an AMERICAN. BO is a Marxist lacky for George Soros and his Socialist Comrads. November will not come soon enough.

    47. Bill, MI says:

      "It is a case of poor judgment on the part of the general and his staff to air comments on the character of senior civilian leaders to a reporter"

      These civilian "leaders" are pushing for American Failure. McChrystal has not displayed poor judgment. McChrystal has the lives of many soldiers in his hands and mind. When the commander and chief displays blatant distain for soldiers, what McChrystal did was heroic, noble, and correct. Allowing evil people to succeed by following etiquette is not God's work. We, personally, are not in the Middle East. Our soldiers are!!

    48. Lynn Bryant DeSpain says:

      I agree that the General should not have apologized. he should have held fast to his comment, because we are not in a War with Afghanistan, we at War with Terrorism.

      how does anyone defeat Terrorist? that in and of itself is an exremely complicated question for anyone to answer.

      The Terroist mind set is their belief that anyone who does not believe in and worship God in their manner is not worth living. Is this a possible mind set to change?

      If not, then to the last believer, we must hunt down and eliminate these believers. Where they are located is a lesson we must ake in consideration of the USSR's attempt to invade and take over Afghanistan. They failed and destroyed thier own Nation in the process, with our aid to the Afghanistan Rebels.

      This is their land, and they know this land from the time of the god of Abraham, and we do not. So how do we respvle an unresoveable question.

      We must think and act outside of our own way of thinking, our own way of conventional warfare.

      Emabargos do not work, nor does conventional War. The only available solution, the "Occum's Razor", is to give the Afghanisan people and defined period of time, while we withdraw all of our United States personel, and notify all our allies, that unless ALL Terrorist are either captured and given over, or killed, we will use Nuclear weapons on the nation of Afgahanitan.

      To horrible to consider? I think not. It is time for America to flex its might, and ether get it on, or roll over and play dead.

      Our conventional ways are not doing it.

    49. Laura brown-young ha says:

      I think we just need to get the heck outta there–should have NEVER went there in the first place–No more war & No more funding war & No more sending more troops there!! NO MORE WAR PERIOD!! Bring our troops home & stop killing them & killing people over there too!! Enough is enough!! NO MORE WAR!! WITHDRAW NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    50. hal metzger - Scotts says:


      I understand he is a respected General and initially assigned to that post by the Administrations because of his liberal leanings. It's interesting how politics fly out the window when "boots on the ground" or completion of the mission are imperiled by nutty politicians and their ineptness regarding wartime risks. Obama will find some other General to do his political pandering bidding for the "Peacenics" vote of confidence.. We just celebrated the Day of Remembering of our kids who gave their lives for just this kind of political machinations.

    51. Peyton, a Libertaria says:

      "I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God." (Title 10, US Code; Act of 5 May 1960 replacing the wording first adopted in 1789, with amendment effective 5 October 1962).

      General McChrystal took this oath more than 35 years ago. Please note, it says nothing about not being able to speak one's mind or criticize the POTUS or officers appointed over (me). But it does require the commissioned officer to "bear true faith and allegience to the same." This is supposed to be the Constitution, but the military has bastardized it to mean "superior officers" in the chain of command. This is the culture of the military, follow the legal orders, don't question, criticize in private after the fact.

      This mindset led to the bombing of Pearl Harbor, after intel was dismissed by a superior officer, it lead to Truman firing McArthur, it led to the French and our defeat in Viet Nam. Failure of the chain of command led to the bombing of Kobar Towers, it lead to the debacle in Somalia………….

      And it's gonna lead to our ultimate defeat in Afghanistan. Without clear rules of engagement that allow our troops to return fire to destroy those who fire upon them.

      Having a civilian control of the military is a great idea, it keeps the military from become like that in Myanmar. But a Commander in Chief who has no military experience, who doesn't listen to the men on the ground, has been, and continues to be a recipe for disaster.

      GEN McChrystal will "fall on his sword" beyond his mea culpa. If OBUMMER follows his usual modus operandi, he will dismiss the general, or (as he did with Rick Wagner of GM) ask him to retire and get one of his "followers" to rigidly follow his insane timeframe.

      Too bad the military mindset won't allow the general to follow the first part of his oath to "defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC"

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    53. David Louiso, Goshen says:

      We have not been in a war to win it since WW2. What a shame on the souls of politians who pull the strings that put Generals, hands bound, having to send young American lives to their death. And in the end for what? They still refuse to hold out borders from another 911 attack. I gaurantee that if these elected people had to ride comercial flights they wouldn't mind stiffer intel on if a terrorist was on board the very same plane they were riding in. (Nancy Polosi, Harry Reed to name a couple) If we are not "in it to win it" bring our people home before anyone else gets hurt or killed. Otherwise let the Generals do they're job in half the time that the morons in DC make it take. Hoo-rah!!!

    54. Timpclimber Provo, U says:

      General McChrystal knows by now that Afghanistan is not a country, never has been one for a thousand years. It is, has, will be an area of tribes and clans. People are loyal to their tribe or clan. The only common thread is the muslim religion. It has no infrastructure or real government. To think we can turn it into a country or defeat an enemy that looks, acts, sounds like the locals or are the locals is foolishness. When we leave the clans will reclaim their power and territory with the strongest taking most of the gear we will leave behind and using it to defend their tribe against other tribes. We should withdraw our troops ASP and put them to work on our boarder with mexico to defend our own land and people.

    55. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Rep. Wilson apologized. Gen. McChrystal apologized. Rep. Joe Barton apologized. For what? The truth?

      It is Obama who needs to apologize to the nation for the anti-American policies he has rammed through unconstitutionally and for his disregard of the American people.

      Another two-and-a-half years of him and we may not recognize the USA.

      The "useful idiots" who support him must wake up ! Their freedom is on the line too!

    56. Helen in Australia says:

      The Taliban will never be defeated. Why haven't governments learned from history?

      There is only one way to finish this and that is a repeat of the end of WW2

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    58. John, Arizona says:

      The great community organizer, who has and always will detest the military, like all other lefty loons, continues to think that the Taliban will soon call him to sit around a campfire, have a group hug, and sing KumBaYah, because he is such a special person.

      Wake up, Mr O, get out of the way and let the military do its job.

    59. Geppetto says:

      In all these discussions and opinion pieces on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan the Islamic component is seldom mentioned, as though the ideology that precipitated the attacks leading up to and culminating in the horrific tragedy of 9/11 has little to do with our current involvement in the midst of the Islamic world. Al Qaeda and the Taliban are not "terrorists;" they are Islamic fundamentalist merely trying to impose Sharia, the Islamic rule of law; the Taliban in the land of their birth and Al Qaeda with more global ambitions. What we in the west consider terrorist or barbaric behavior they consider “law enforcement” and the exercise of Islam’s religious right to world domination.

      I'm not in support of the Taliban or Al Qaeda or against our U.S. Military. I am against putting our troops, those brave young American men and women who have volunteered to serve our beloved country and die if necessary, in a war that our political and military leadership refuses to, or are incapable of, recognizing the enemy and their true motivation. Wars cannot be won unless the enemy and his intentions are clearly understood.

      When we have finished our "nation building" in Iraq and Afghanistan, declare “victory” and get our troops out of harms way, whoever is in power in either of these countries will ultimately unite with or be infiltrated and defeated by the radical Islamists in that part of the world in their quest to establish a global caliphate; Islamic world dominance; the suppression and subjugation of all other religions and the annihilation of the Jews.

      The Islamic world did not have the power to confront the west in the not too distant past but with Pakistan and very soon, Iran in possession of atomic weapons this imbalance is soon to be overcome. Iran has been posturing as a world superpower for sometime. They are not of course but, like the belligerent, disobedient bully that goes unpunished, it is becoming increasingly bellicose. This is extremely dangerous because unlike most if not all of the nations in the west deterred by the concept of mutually assured destruction, Ahmajinedad and his ilk are inculcated with the Islamic belief that death in advancing the spread of Islam results in immediate martyrdom; eternal life in paradise enjoying all the carnal pleasures they can only fantasize about during their self imposed, miserable existence in life. One of their favorite gloats over non Muslims is that unlike the latter’s quivering fear of death, Muslims revere death over life.

      The Islamists are already hard at work, have been for a very long time and only differ in the means to achieve their goal, a goal that they seek with the fervor to be expected being the religious zealots that they are. The west cannot “make nice” with Islam. Revert, accept submission and pay the jizyah (tax), or be executed if you’re a Jew. Tolerance and compassion for non Muslims is not in their playbook.

      Europe is considerably further down this dirt road than America but the ideological beast is already across the pond and spreading it's ugly tentacles while we blithely drift along in a sea of political correctness, denying the mounting evidence that is staring us right in our face. Nearly every act of terror throughout the world has ties to Islam. The terrorists themselves make no attempt to hide their affiliations or their motivations yet we cannot utter the words, “Islamic terrorism” for fear of offending “peaceful Muslims” who, for the most part, remain disturbingly mute.

      Our political and military leadership remain clueless as do our media. General Casey warns that we must not let the Fort Hood massacre affect the apparently more important diversity efforts in the military. George Bush proclaims the infamous western mantra, say after me, "Islam is a religion of peace," almost immediately after 9/11/01. Mayor Bloomberg opines that the Times Square bomber was probably some radical who opposed health care reform, an info babe on one of the networks expresses her fervent hope that he’s not a Muslim and Bloomberg is totally silent on the issue of the Ground Zero mosque. Kieth Olbermann's denigration of the June 6th Ground Zero mosque protest rally as consisting of a paltry 300 rabid, right wing fascists. The crowd was actually over 5000 and it was a very peaceful if passionate protest by relatives and friends of those who died and ordinary Americans determined never to forget the tragedy of 9/11, the motivation of the Muslim perpetrators and suspicious of the true motives behind the construction of a mosque within 600 feet of Ground Zero. Would it be appropriate to put a swastika next to the mass graves at Auschwitz?

      Indoctrination and paradigms can be the enemies of reason. Having accepted ideas, explanations and concepts as absolute truth stifles debate. As Americans we are proud of our institutionalized notion of freedom; specifically, in this case, freedom of religion. And, Islam is a religion, right? This misconception is at the root of the problem. Islam is a political system that codifies every aspect of life in Sharia, the Islamic rule of law. There is no separation of Church and State in the Islamic world and no man made law can supersede or replace the laws of Allah, Sharia law, including the Constitution of the United States. Devout Muslims who emigrate to other countries often have no intention of adapting to the new culture. Rather, they gather in enclaves, go to their mosques, cling to their Islamic beliefs and customs and actively demand deference to their cultural and religious mores; with increasing fervor as their numbers grow.

      Until this becomes clear to the west in general and western governments in particular, we will continue to flounder in Iraq and Afghanistan spending billions of dollars and sacrificing the lives of our beloved troops attempting to build their military and security forces and democratize their governments; all the while, perhaps with unintentional hypocrisy, glorifying the loss of American life and capital as a noble and worthy effort in the cause of human rights and freedom. And, in the end, we will go to war again to fight nations that we’ve made stronger by our actions on the one hand and inaction on the other because we’ll have done nothing to quell the real intentions of those determined to destroy us by any means at their disposal. In fact we are daily stoking the fires of their hatred.

      A bleak assessment that I hope will be proven wrong.

    60. Eugene Kupstas, Kins says:

      Afghanistan is where empires go to die, according to National Review. What a thought! Alexander's Greek Empire. Great Britain. The Soviet Union. Now, us. But is President Obama ready to preach the funeral for our reputation and interests overseas? If he is, October 2010 would be as good a date as July 2011.

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    62. Gabriel A Goldstein, says:

      We do not have a Commander in Chief, we have a Perpetrator in Chief

      He has absolute minimum leadership skills

      By setting a withdrawal date, and by preventing our Army from properly making war, ( and not goiving them what they need and what they have asked for), he is snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, as usual, being a Democrat, that is what they do

      The General must have become very, very frustrated by the stupidity of the so-called leadership, that he chose to air his views publicly – ill advised, but understandable in the circumstances – it is he that is being called upon to lead his men to defeat by the incompetency of the President and his leadership

      If the President, had any leadership skills??? whatsoever he would devote the time at the meeting to LISTEN and LEARN before worrying about satisfying his monstrous ego


      1) Find a new Commander in Chief ,ASAP

      2) Let the Army be the Army and do their job -WIN THE WAR

      3) Get the G–Dammed lawyers out of Afganistan

      4) Remember if we loose in Iraq and Afganistan, the War will move to the USA, unfettered, and then it will be too late(Remember Chamberlain, Hitler and Churchill)

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    65. June Gagnon - Golden says:

      We've lost another military hero, thanks to obamma's obssessive, compulsive arrogance disorder! General McChrystal only used poor judgment in allowing a reporter, from a rag magazine, into the tent. For that matter, maybe this "reporter" only reported "his own version" of events, just as most of the liberal mis-informed media does?? Irregardless, obama uses "poor judgment" (if any) at every turn. Since he loves golf so much, I can only hope he hits himself in the head with the 7 or 9 wood – -maybe it'll knock some sense into it! I can only hope!

    66. Ted@ethcpa.copm says:

      Can you think of what defeat will look like?

      Ted Humphreville

    67. J Williams says:

      A lot of people commenting at 10:13 AM…

    68. B.R. Lowe Utah says:

      Obama will only do what he is told to do and it won't be what the people of the U S want. He has shown us that is his pattern.

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