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  • Heritage Foundation Statement on the War in Afghanistan

    The artificial Afghanistan withdrawal deadline has obviously caused some of our military leaders to question our strategy in Afghanistan.

    That deadline, which President Barack Obama announced to the American people, the military, our allies and our enemies on December 1, 2009, has provoked many — including the government in Kabul, the Afghan people, the military in Pakistan, and our enemies the terrorists  – to question America’s resolve to win the War in Afghanistan.

    More disconcerting for the American people is that the timeline appears to be putting tremendous unnecessary pressure on our armed forces to accomplish their task: victory on the ground.

    We don’t need an artificial timeline for withdrawal. We need a strategy for victory.

    Though the president can’t pretend he never set a timeline, he can now exercise his authority as commander in chief to make things right.

    He should start by eliminating the timeline and making it clear that winning the war is his top priority. He can do that by giving our military leaders whatever additional forces or resources they need to get the job done.

    Together with Afghan forces and NATO, the United States must weaken the Taliban on the battlefield before engaging in serious negotiations with Taliban members who break ties with al-Qaeda. And the president must press Pakistan to deal firmly and unambiguously with all terrorists.

    Now is the time for President Obama to recognize that his artificial timeline has had very real consequences. The president must right the ship, change course on his strategy, and make it clear to friend and foe that he is committed to victory in Afghanistan.

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    19 Responses to Heritage Foundation Statement on the War in Afghanistan

    1. Wildcat from Dallast says:

      It’s a nice thought that Obama can make it right by removing the artificial date to leave Afghanistan and re-energize a strategy that has but one objective, victory, but he won’t. He is only focused on one war and, unfortunately for the American citizens it his war on prosperity as he battles capitalism at every turn.

      GEN McChrystal was absolutely correct when he identified the enemy as the “wimps in the White House”. Obama and his crew of misfits have no interest in learning the art and science of war relative to anything resembling air-land battle (or even sea battles) but cling to their Socialistic views that our enemies are justified in hating us because we offended them etc.

      I think it would be very interesting if Obama and his crew of White House misfits (and a select number of those in the Legislative and Judicial branches) would pack up and hit the front lines in Afghanistan to show America how this is done. Perhaps they will either make the enemy laugh to death or bore them to death if they do not make the ultimate sacrifice themselves first.

    2. Paul Rinderle says:

      Your too kind Ed.

      Announcing a time line is like saying you are walking off the field in the seventh inning of a nine inning game, thereby forfeiting the game to the opposition.

    3. Lou, Tucson AZ says:

      Day by day, more cracks are appearing on the facade that is "Barak Obama". It's no surprise to me that he is an epic failure as President because so many American's ignored Obama's own words, writings, and record mistakenly believing that Obama would nevertheless govern from the center. Instead, America got: Carter II, the sequel.

      Now that we've allowed progressives to overrun the house, how are we supposed to win a war, with representatives like Hoyer demanding CUTS to defense spending? You can't have it both ways. If you want to win, get out of the way of the military, let them do what they need to do. Instead, we have idiots like Biden, McCain, and Gabrielle Giffords asking stupid questions like "What are you doing to reduce carbon emissions?" Really? Are you kidding me?

    4. Beverley Albertson, says:

      I agree on what you say about Obama — He should do this, he should do that, et al. But he ISN'T going to do anything of the sort, because his "idealism" does not permit him to think intelligently. We have an idiot for a Commander in Chief, who is thin-skinned and egotistical, which is a very bad combination.

    5. Bob says:

      Gen. McChrystal was absolutely correct in his public comments, even though I do not agree with the manner in which they were dilievered. I believe he had a sense of duty for GOD and Country to continue to save the lives of the men and women in uniform who are sacrificing their lives daily under continued failed policy at the cost of stellar career! His apology was carefully crafted as a matter of honor & duty to those who serve and what a better spokesperson then the General to finally say enough is enough from the lack of competent leadership within the WhiteHouse. I must remind others that both Iraq and Afghanistan parallel many of the same issues, strategies, cultural and political divides we had in Vietnam, so where are the lessons learned?

    6. guillaume says:

      I thought GW Bush was right to invade Afghanistan; however, having since read a good deal about its history, it appears to me that changing the country in any truly meaningful way would take centuries. Probably, therefore, it was a mistake, one that will not be resolved by Mr. Obama, who appears to have contributed hugely to the muddle.

    7. Chris Epperson, Oreg says:

      This is so true. When we were in WW2 we didn't go overseas into Europe and the Pacific based on a timeline nor did we go for just Adolph Hitler, Hideki Tojo,(if that's spelled right). Neither did Communist Russia, they wanted Revenge. We wanted Victory, and that is what we will achieve in this war.

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    9. Howard Lauther Cinci says:

      One who is interested in expanding one's knowledge of the situation in Afghanistan should listen to an interview that occurred between Dick Martin and Lt. Col. Jody Nelson on NPR. It will at least provide a different perspective that will allow one to reach a more rational judgment rather than flail away blindly at certain people because one doesn't like them, which often seems to be the habit of those who insert their personal comments inside a website. To access that interview, first use this link: http://thestory.org/ Then, click on LISTEN, which appears on the left-hand side of the website. If you get nothing else out of it, you'll surely feel a sense of pride in having a such smart, compassionate individual in the ranks of our military. In fact, you may even want to notify your friends about the interview.

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    15. Tom Allen says:

      As a Viet Nam veteran Afghanistan brings back shades of that debacle in many ways such as not finishing a job once it is started. We should have learned from the Russians who left Afghanistan after 10 years of war that fighting in such a place against tribes, warlords, and other assorted factions that it is a no win situation. The United States could drop every conventional bomb it owns on that country and then fly over and take pictures and you would see no difference in the before and after shots. It is a land of primarily mud huts, rocks, and mountains. I believe our troops could be used in a much more effective manner such as beefing up boarder security in the United States.

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