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  • Petition Seeks To Remove Stalin from D-Day Memorial

    Earlier this month, we told you about the decision to place a bust of the brutal dictator Joseph Stalin in an installation commemorating D-Day. Despite the controversy that this decision has caused, the National D-Day Memorial Foundation—the organization responsible the memorial—has steadfastly refused to remove the offending sculpture.

    A new website, StalinStatue.com, has been launched in an effort to force the removal of the statue from the memorial. Visitors can visit the site and sign a petition which reads:

    I, the undersigned, STAND for the memory of all the Allied troops of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Poland, Australia, and Norway who gave their lives on D-Day or in the ensuing combat on the Western Front.

    I STAND for the American veterans currently living in the State of Virginia, and in all other States, who survived D-Day, risking their lives to liberate Western Europe from tyranny.

    I AFFIRM that the true history of World War II must be protected from distortion and misinformation which threaten to erase or alter well-established and documented facts.

    I RECOGNIZE, on the basis of overwhelming historical evidence, that neither Joseph Stalin nor Soviet forces played any part in the D-Day landings at Normandy.

    I AFFIRM that a bust of Joseph Stalin has no place at the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford, Virginia, whose stated purpose is to “honor the valor, fidelity, and sacrifice of Allied forces on D-Day,” June 6, 1944, and that a Stalin statue should not be displayed with statues of the leaders of the Western Allies responsible for the triumph of D-Day.

    I therefore PETITION the Officers and Board of Directors of the National D-Day Memorial Foundation to remove the bust of Stalin from the grounds of the Memorial immediately; I further PETITION Interior Secretary Kenneth Salazar to ensure that if the National D-Day Memorial should come under the National Park Service, no bust or statue of Stalin will be included or allowed; in so acting, the National D-Day Memorial Foundation and Interior Secretary Salazar will safeguard the sacred memory of D-Day for ourselves, our veterans, and future generations.

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    15 Responses to Petition Seeks To Remove Stalin from D-Day Memorial

    1. Faye Yates, New Brau says:

      This attempt to insult our soldiers makes me sick.

    2. Gary Unruh ---Broken says:

      Sent that BUST too BIG O's White House and trade that one 4 WINSTON's CHURCHILL's that he sent back because the BRIT's were hard on HIS HOME LAND KEYNA …Winston Churchill worked 4 his people (GREAT MAN),STALIN KILLED HIS PEOPLE..

    3. Constantine Greece says:

      though sympathizing Russians

      Stalin has no place in the free world after all a dictator born in Georgia.

    4. Orlandovjc, USA says:

      It is amazing how this will not be run in one Liberal News outlet (google and you wont find a one). And yet we as a country are in denial that Liberal, Democrat or environmentalist is anything other than we don't see a Communist party – they've all taken their agenda and cloak it in this "acceptable" labels. Same agenda different name.. and this statue not being headline news is a clear indication of that.

    5. sandi151 says:

      It's rapidly becoming clear to most of us that history is being changed on all fronts. Shameful!

    6. Ray Elston, Florida says:

      Stalin's bust should have no place in this memorial

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    8. Billie says:

      What a blessing in regard to the petition!

      It is beyond words to be represented by such ugly, repugnant, abhorring leadership.

    9. Suzanne, San Mateo, says:

      Is there a photo of the display (as it will be/has been installed) available?

      In WHAT CONTEXT is the Stalin Bust displayed?

      IF given a role IMPLYING that STALIN was a major POSITIVE FORCE FOR the ALLIES on D-DAY,

      THEN I would AGREE; however, IF a STALIN BUST is displayed AS an ENEMY of the ALLIES, as an IMPEDIMENT to FREEDOM-FIGHTERS, THEN it ***MAY***HAVE A PLACE IN the MUSEUM display.

      I want, as always, to SUPPORT any and all RECOGNITION OF TROOPS in each war (and "conflict") in which AMERICANS HAVE participated, SACRIFICING LIFE, LIMB & MENTAL HEALTH, etc.

      Sometimes, to do that adequately, appropriately, requires a clear contextual explanation – in writings and in visual representations.

      I only want to be sure that this is not a knee-jerk reaction on the part of anyone!

      HOW DO THE FEW REMAINING WWII VETS – the ones WHO WERE THERE ON D-DAY – FEEL about the DISPLAY **AS IS/as intended** (not as may be automatically assumed when hearing the name Stalin, in this case)???

      (Sadly), So few are left. I am most concerned about THEIR VIEWS, and they should be the ones we CONSULT – for THEY HAVE THE GREAT HONOR and RIGHT to SAY HOW D-Day is REMEMBERED, what THEIR LEGACY should be and IS.

      In advance, I thank any and all who will provide factual links/info about the ACTUAL display.

      And again, as always, I THANK ALL SERVICE MEMBERS, past and present, in times of war and times of peace.

      I pray God will continue to Bless America, especially the Brave Americans who protect and serve at home and abroad every day.

    10. Robert Tremain says:

      If Stalin is appropriate, Hitler is more appropriate

      Stalin killed more Russians than Hitler did

      Stalin has been removed from Russia

      He is not appropriate anywhere except a museum of killers and tyrants

    11. gene holly, ohio says:

      Right on Mr. Tremain. Even the Russians realize the horror of the Stalinist regime. Communism isn't even in the school books anymore. My own daughter when I asked her if she knew what socialism or communism was said, "No". She's in her twenties and a college graduate.

    12. Cornelius, NC says:

      What's next, a bust of Osama Bin Laden at the 9/11 Memorial? Stop the madness!

    13. Harold Stinnett, Vin says:

      The patriotic people of this great nation must stand up and be heard at all cost with the same urgency and passion as our founders This communist take over must stop now. Khrushchev called it to the T in the 60s so we know exactly the plan, now put a stop to it or suffer the usual fate of communism which has always ended the same way, mass deaths and total failure. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Chavez. Do we really want to join this club? Although they try to scrub it from the history books so the younger generation won't know the truth, Google can find it with ease. Thank you Mr. Google, I live in Virginia and I am personally embarrassed at the gall of Virginians to accept this Stalin likeness within its borders.

    14. Betsy Aaltshuler, Fl says:

      What a slap in the face to all who served and sacrificed !!!!

      Remove it at once!

    15. Jackie, NYC says:

      Excuse me…but are these people even Americans? This is just so ill-advised and disrespectful and provocative. Or are they a bunch of politically-correct

      people who seek to rewrite history so we can all be friends.

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