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  • Jindal vs. Obama: Time to End the Drilling Moratorium

    First there was Hurricane Katrina, then there was the Deepwater Horizon disaster. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal now says that the newest threat to the economy of his state is President Barack Obama’s moratorium on deepwater drilling.

    Jindal today joined in support of oil service companies who are suing to halt the six-month ban on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, issued by the Minerals Management Service on May 30. A federal district court judge is hearing arguments on the lawsuit today and will rule no later than Wednesday.

    In an amicus brief filed with the court, Jindal argues that the moratorium is disastrous to his state’s economy:

    The State of Louisiana, more than any other public or private entity, has been most adversely affected by the Deepwater Horizon disaster. The drilling moratorium imposed by [the government] will only compound the State’s problems, effectively turning an environmental disaster into an economic catastrophe for the State. Every day the moratorium is in effect costs the State untold millions of dollars.

    To put numbers on it, Jindal states that Louisiana is vulnerable to the moratorium because it is home to 19 active refineries, which “rely significantly on offshore production in the Gulf of Mexico for their raw materials.” The offshore oil and gas industry, which has a $3 billion per year economic impact on the state, includes salaries and wages of workers on the rig, as well as secondary industries including those who do business with the oil industry, such as boat companies, tool rental companies, food service, and others. As Jindal argues in his brief:

    Because of the pervasiveness of the oil and gas industry in Louisiana, the entire economy is affected, from grocery stores and restaurants to banks and schools.

    Jindal points to studies showing that within five months, the moratorium will result in a layoff of 3,339 Louisiana workers and a loss of 7,656 additional jobs, while the state expects to lose more than 20,000 existing and potential new jobs over the next 12 to 18 months.

    The governor of Louisiana isn’t the only one pointing out the tremendous impact of the drilling ban. Last Tuesday, 19 Gulf lawmakers, including Democrat Rep. Charlie Melancon (LA), held a press conference demanding an end to the moratorium. (Today, Melancon gave President Obama a “C” for his response to the oil spill crisis.) There’s good reason for the uproar over the moratorium. The Heritage Foundation’s Nick Loris writes:

    According to Burt Adams of the National Ocean Industries Association, in the Gulf Coast, more than 200,000 jobs are tied to the offshore drilling industry and 35,000 workers are directly involved each day when the rigs are in use. The American Petroleum Institute forecasts that if the drilling ban continues, more than 120,000 jobs could be lost in the Gulf Coast and key resources abandoned or moved elsewhere.

    Jindal notes that the government’s sole argument for the duration of the ban is that they need “time to step back and investigate both the root causes of the Deepwater Horizon disaster and to implement safety measures.” Given the consequences of the ban, one might hope that the Obama administration can offer more reason than that to justify the economic harm it is piling on Louisiana and the Gulf region.

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    27 Responses to Jindal vs. Obama: Time to End the Drilling Moratorium

    1. Tony, FL says:

      First he came for the jobs of Las Vegas hospitality workers. I neither live in Vegas nor work in hospitality, so I said nothing.

      Then, he came for the creditors' share of GM's bankruptcy and gave it to the unions. I wasn't a creditor – GM has been losing money for years so serves them right, doesn't it? – and unions are the heart of America after all aren't they? Heck my grandfather was in a union. So I said nothing.

      Then, he came for the jobs of those working on the space program – some of the best and brightest we have. But hey, I'm sure they'll land on their feet – they're rocket scientists after all. And it's not like anyone else in the world has a shot at overtaking our position in space any time soon – right? So I said nothing.

      Now, he's taken my job too – as punishment for something done by someone else. Forget that my job isn't anything like what they were doing. Forget even that by taking me off that rig it becomes far MORE, not less, likely that a similar mishap will occur. What I'm most interested in is how I'm going to feed my family. Will anyone speak up for me?

    2. West Texan says:

      Louisianans have far more reason to be upset with Obama than with the CEO of BP. Why? For starters Obama accepted the reins of presidential power placing him over federal bureaucracies such as the MMS. Stop blaming everybody else and start leading. The tragic platform accident triggered a growing crisis in the Gulf's nationally open waters. If media reports are correct about this president's initial indifference to BP's developing oil spill, then I'll show you a president ripe for impeachment. And now a negligent Obama is threatening even more economically crippling polices from his throne? Please go back to Chicago!

    3. Billie says:

      Still stalling, Mr. President? YOU ARE THE DISASTER CAUSING ALL CRISIS!

      Since the government is putting America in perilous ways, isn't it time we take control for the survival of our lives and dignity, without the misguided directions of the American government?

      Bobby Jindahl, A man of integrity and goodwill. Responsible, accountable and genuine. A man who respects and honors and inspires freedom, doesn't let his passed stop him from achieving at his own accord. And look what he's achieved!

      Bobby sees people for who they are, not build community resentment as encouraged by direction of the feds, who provoke individual races of people to be, through government education. A man that sees what needs to be done for the safety and well being of the lives of Louisiana, and, due to the American government, (breaking our hearts), has to FIGHT to get ANYTHING done!

      I heard of Bobby Jindahl but the the first time I heard him talked about, (5-08, Florida, met a couple from the state of Louisiana, in line at walt disney world aerosmith ride, great ride!)) and since, I know a true American, a real man. A governor of a state, leading by example. His genuine personality is greatly admired.

      Bobby Jindahl caught on quick to America although his parents are immigrants. A man of outstanding qualities and inner strength, is someone to behold. A man of crisis is someone to put away!

      God Bless his parents and Bobby and family. God Bless America home of the brave, free and Bobby Jindahl leading the way!

      We figure, a state run by a man like Bobby, must be intelligent, self-reliant, great, strong, free, independently living people, true Americans like Bobby, if it weren't for the feds.

    4. Jeffrey Tingey says:

      The scariest thing about the oil leak is the suspension of oil drilling. The regulations concerning off-shore drilling need to be simplified to the point they can be followed and supervised. Wells with high pressure need more blowout prevention as designed by the drilling companies.

      I have seen Congress look stupid on several occasions, but never as badly as they did in hearings with the BP CEO.I'm embarrassed by our Congress.

    5. Dianne Thompson says:

      We applaud Governor Jindal. He has been a consumate advocate for jobs in Louisiana. He asked for help from the Government immediately when the oil crisis occurred to stop the oil form getting to the shore line, saving wetlands, marshes and the economy. Bravo Governor. Jindal vs Obama translates to Action/Results vs Lip- Service.We need more like you Governor..

    6. geraldine robinson says:

      Who knows maybe it is obamas plan then he and Soros may make more money on the two billion Obama has invested of our money in petrobrazil. Gee they are only going to drill 14,000 feet off of Brazil, which we are supporting with our money. UMMMM now why would we have a moratorium here while supporting drilling even deeper there. Sounds rather suspicious doesnt it?

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    9. Monica says:

      Since when does the executive branch of the government have the right to shut down an industry. This should be illegal and should never have happened. I don't think it has anything to do with safety, but rather everything to do with pushing his Socialistic, Marxist agenda. Obama wants to break America to force Socialism on us. We must stand firm and fight the tyranny of this current administration. We must take our country back.

      Let's hope Judge Feldman implements and injunction against the moratorium.

    10. Eugene Kupstas, Kins says:

      I'm afraid our President cannot or does not really want to find the root cause for this disaster. BP is paying for its mistakes, of which there are several obvious ones. But it is unlikely that the government policies and regulations that helped create this disaster will be thoroughly reviewed. BP was drilling in water too deep for the technology it had, because of the restrictions on near-shore and land-based drilling. In order for the rig not to malfunction and explode, BP would have had to second-guess the government inspectors who are paid to find potential problems that are now so obvious. I'm not holding my breath until the federal government admits that its own regulations only made the misery worse.

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    12. Preston, LA says:

      At last, a solution to the oil spill that puts money in people's pockets!

      Great idea guys! http://www.mypixplace.info/oil.htm

    13. John says:

      I don't care if people lose their jobs because of the drilling moratorium. They work for dirty money anyway. They can have their jobs back, once the fishermen in the Gulf get their livelihood back. Why do those people deserve to lose their livelihood, but not the ones in the industry causing this big mess. If they lose their jobs because of the moratorium, then maybe they can try becoming fishermen instead.

    14. Rhonda says:

      John, your comments are hilarious! Do you know what the revenue and taxes from the oil and gas industries pay for? Sure they make money, but first they pay taxes. They support other oil and gas service providers (who pay taxes), their employees (who pay taxes), local businesses (who pay taxes), etc and those taxes pay teachers, firefighters, police, government workers (who pay taxes). The taxes also pay for roads, hospitals, and government programs, including government pensions, medicaid and welfare. The natural resources of any state help fund the state from top to bottom. Most people understand this concept. If you want to see what a governor who doesn't understand this concept can do to the revenues of a state, come to NM and see what our governor has done for us. He ultimately declared war on the oil and gas industry with frivolous environmental regulations and run many oil and gas companies out of the state (their taxes covered approx. 2/3rds of the cost of running the state). Not to worry though, he's got it covered. He is actively courting the Hollywood crowd, hoping a few movies shot in NM will pick up the loss of state revenues. Give me a break.

      If the federal and state governments think they can live without "dirty money" from the oil companies, then they better start eliminating government services now (better yet, yesterday).

      A better solution would be to effectively manage state resources, while developing new resources and other industries gradually transferring dependence on oil revenue to these other industries. We should also implore all our government agencies to cut expenses and services immediately. If you intend to destroy an enormous and integral tax payer, you must be prepared to expect less from the government programs and services they support.

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    16. Gene Stewartr/Cal-Co says:

      John, who are you to decide who "deserves" to lose their job? Do you work for the gov't by any chance?

    17. Lloyd Scallan New Or says:

      Tell us John, how do you fuel your vehicle or heat/cool your home without the

      "dirty money' that supports hundreds of thousands of jobs. I'll bet you voted for and blindly support Obama regardless of how much he destroys.

      The more oil flows into the Gulf, the more chance Obama feels he has

      to get his Crap and Tax bill passed. Bobby Jindal has begged for help from

      Obama since this entier matter began. But because Jindal is a Republican, who is being touted as a presidental candidate in 2012, and because Obama needs the oil damage to support his agenda, he is doing everything he can to make sure Jindal's requests are slow to be granted (if at all) thus the damage continues.

      All attention is directed to BP and why/how the well blew out. But very little, if any attention, is directed at why did the B.O.P. not operate. It only takes one well placed sab to screw-up the hydraulics that control the B.O.P. Just think about that for a minunte. In particular since in was the Federal Government that

      forced BP to drill at over 5,000 ft, instead of the 500 ft BP got approval for by the state of Louisiana.

    18. Lynn Bryant DeSpain says:

      Thank God the Federal Court Reversed Obama's Moritorium today. Of course there will now be a Federal judge looking for a new job, but at least he had the fortitude to be a Real American Patriot, who actually understands the limits of the Federal Governemt's Houses and powers provided by the Constitution!

    19. Dean, Houma says:

      "Given the consequences of the ban, one might hope that the Obama administration can offer more reason than that to justify the economic harm it is piling on Louisiana and the Gulf region."

      It's a sad day in this country when not wanting to cause more death and destruction isn't a good enough reason to put mild capitalistic gain on hold.

    20. jack bentoncity wa says:


    21. Mak Thorpe says:

      You guys are kidding, right?

      This isn't just about BP's incompetence. All the companies have been trying to shut this well down and they simply haven't a clue.

      Face it. The oil companies have amply demonstrated over the last 64 days that they don't know what they are doing. They don't know how to drill at these depths yet, and until they show that they can, then what is the sense in giving them opportunities to further annihilate the Gulf's tourist and fishing industries?

      Somehow a few naive republican ideologues figured that taking the cops off the streets would generate jobs. This colossal spill has demonstrated how the opposite is true, as it devastates Gulf businesses. It has only been two years since Bush lifted the moratorium on offshore drilling. He listened to his oil buddies' rosie assurances that we had the technology. Today, Jindal is demonstrating he is equally naive to pass along the oil industry talking points about how BP and big oil is being victimized by the gubmint.

      Right. I suppose that not many in the right wing echo chamber see the risks of attempting to recast the rapist as victim, but please- don't let anyone try to stop you from speaking your mind.

    22. Drew Page, IL says:

      Yes, the oil leak has put fishermen in the Gulf out of work, damaged the coastal wetlands and beaches and has hurt the hotel and tourism industry along the soiled coasts. Mr. Obama's solution? Put those Americans working in the oil industry out of business.

      I'll be a lot more receptive to "clean energy" when I see Mr. Obama and all the federal members of the Senate and House driving (or being driven) in tiny electric cars everywhere they go and when they (and their families) stop jet-setting around the world on taxpayer funded junkets, like the one recently held in Sweden. The same goes for the members of the Senates and Houses of the various states. Are they "too important"? Are they better than the rest of us? They are supposed to be the "leaders". Let's see them lead by example.

    23. Cornelius, NC says:

      GOD help the Gulf, because the President surely isn't! It doesn't fit his agenda!

    24. Mak Thorpe says:

      The discussion is about resuming a moratorium that George Bush senior first put in place. Bush's rationale for the moratorium was that there was too much economic risk to allow deep water drilling until the oil industry proved they understood what they were doing. What was true in 1990 is still true in 2010. It wasn't Obama's responsibility to develop the proper technologies, it was the industry's. They declined to do so. Now, if Exxon's engineers came in and were able to shut down the well promptly, and could conclusively show in engineering tests that the designs they use for deep water drilling would not allow the same disaster, they would have the economic advantage of being allowed their drilling to continue.

      Shell and BP would pay the price for their sloth. As it is, all of them are clueless about how to extract this energy without the very large risk of severely disrupting other businesses that depend on the gulf.

      Blaming government is nothing more than blaming the cop for pulling over some joker that was driving dangerously. Perhaps we can be thankful that traffic violations have not (yet) been politicized. There is such a thing as prudent business practices, and there must be consequences if those practices are not being observed. These businesses must run their operations so that other businesses are not endangered. Period. That may not have been the case during Bush jr.s term when MMS regulators were busy snorting oil industry provided cocaine off and horsing around sexually with their workers. There is a new sheriff in town.

      Regarding clean energy- sure. We know we aren't getting off carbon any time soon. But it's only a matter of time before the drilling and deep sea engineers crack this nut. The oil industry has the capital and the know how to do it, and they will. Who knows. Maybe they can come up with something and demonstrate the solution's effectiveness in a short time. What the heck- maybe in 12 months they will show that a dual blowout protector will do the trick- one that can slice through all sections of the drill pipe- not just the sections between the joins.

      Both progressives and conservatives want to free America from its dependence on foreign energy. We just got through wasting a trillion dollars of national treasure on two wars that we could have avoided were we no so dependent. It is in our national interest to fix this problem, so let's cut the nonsense and work together to return America to a position of strength rather than dependency on foreign energy.

    25. J Dexter Marshall Tr says:

      From my understanding of facts, this was a "knee-jerk" type decision to order the moritorium on the oil industry. The majority of advise on the moritorium was NOT to have one.

      What we should do is proceed as normal with all operations in defiance of the moritorium. This only makes common sense to continue with operations that are operating satisfactorily and safely while you deal with the problem at hand. All businesses have problems occur, but they do not shut down the entire business until the problem is solved.

      This might also result in some interesting activity(s) by the Feds on how they plan to enforce the moritorium. As I state above, this was a "knee-jerk" type of decision and these types of decisions need to stop.

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