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  • Podcast: The Importance of Fathers

    Despite differences and variations, fathers often represent a formative influence in our personal development. These days, though, it has become increasingly common for a child to be fathered by a man who isn’t married to the child’s mother – and may never get to know his son or daughter.

    Robert Rector, Heritage’s senior research fellow for domestic policy studies, steps up to the microphone for a special Father’s Day conversation on this hidden cause of childhood poverty in America. In the resulting audio podcast, Rector talks about the need for society to place great emphasis on the importance of married fathers.

    Listen in for this Father’s Day edition of the “Heritage in Focus” podcast, titled “Robert Rector on Married Fathers: America’s Greatest Weapon Against Child Poverty.”

    Rector will talk about his new paper, which cites research showing how being born to an unmarried mother substantially increases a child’s chances of living in poverty. A child born to married parents, on the other hand, is 80 percent less likely to be poor.

    Hear Rector describe what’s at stake for marriage and the American family. Subscribers to our “Heritage in Focus” podcast get regular quality time with policy experts who, like Rector, bring insight and practical conservative solutions to bear on the hottest issues of the day.

    Vincent Coglianese is a member of the Young Leaders Program at the Heritage Foundation. For more information on interning at Heritage, please visit: http://www.heritage.org/about/departments/ylp.cfm

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    4 Responses to Podcast: The Importance of Fathers

    1. JOSEPH P.MARTINO says:

      Heritage Foundation Editor:

      Re: the importance of fathers and child development article.

      I came from a broken home and raised without a father. It was a very difficult experience.I am a former veteran and retired peace officer. Early on I discovered the power of positive and motivational material to turn my troubled early years around. Since retiring and based on my peace experience I have authored 0ver 160 poems/quotations many motivational/inspirational in the sole attempt to turn troubled pre and teen lives around. I have asked fast food chains and malls to place inspirational quotations on soft drink cups and mall posters to inspire. A few of my many copyrighted quotations presented as a public service:

      "the young man and women with sight see things as they are, the young man and women with insight see things as they could be."
      "the only time failure should come before success is in a dictionary."
      "the high price of success is bought, paid and purchased with blood, sweat and tears."
      "you can learn more from your competitors than your friends, they will be among the very to expose your every flaw and shortcoming."


      Joseph P. Martno, Millburn, NJ

    2. danny roberts says:

      guess i was lucky to have a Mom and a Dad and to have grown up in a normal family setting, it was real good.Today there's no comparision to the 50s 60s 70s and even the 80s.Liberals in and out of government,ruined America for generations to come, it's sad also what Obama and his democratic buddies are doing to promote the civil war that is being fermented in the minds of many of us out here.

    3. Dave Wallace Restore America's Mission, Baltimore, MD says:

      I would hope that the Socialist policies begun during Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society could begin to be dismantled, and yet we have a current President that has not done anything to support the cohesive family, where two adults are present in a stable Traditional household. We understand that the values and virtues, the self-esteem and social skills that are created in a stable home environment build sound communities. The Cohesive two parent family is the Bedrock of our Great Nation. We can not survive as a strong society without the Traditional Family leading the way! We must work hard as a nation to elevate the Father and husband hood, to elevate the Wife and Motherhood. We have started going further and further from this Time Honored and Tested model. Societal ills are caused in great measure by the degradation of the role of the father in the family. We also need an equal measure of respect and admiration by todays men for the role of the Mother. And of course the Child, the core belief in the sanctity of life, especially the life of a new born, is the third element in the reconstruction of the traditional Family unit. Realizing that all life is sacred allows the entire Family structure to be revitalized. One of the most critical and simplest cures to our fiscal issues as a nation is self-reliance within the family. Let’s begin to restore the sanctity of the Traditional Family and in turn Restore America’s Mission. Restore America’s Mission is pleased to say: Happy Father’s Day!

    4. joseph p.martino says:

      "a modern infrastructure is the very lifeblood of the success of a nations economy, as crucial as the arterial system is to life."
      copyright joseph p.martino
      joseph p.martino poet,writer,inventor,motivator

    5. joseph p.martino says:

      "a modern infrastructure is the very lifeblood of the success of a nations economy, as crucial as the arterial system is to life." copyright joseph p.martino

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