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  • Open to Attack: U.S. Land in Mexican Drug Smugglers' Hands

    Nothing is more vital to a nation’s sovereignty than its ability to protect and control its territories, and that’s why it’s so appalling that the federal government essentially has given control over U.S. land to Mexican drug and smuggling gangs.

    Under Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution, the federal government is charged with providing for the common defense, which includes protecting America’s borders. Although small compared to the vastness of the border, this implicit bequeath of U.S. territory occurred in 2006 during President George W. Bush’s Administration and continues unabated today, despite U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano’s assertion that the border is more secure than ever. This section of land lacking any meaningful security presence is a global advertisement for al Qaeda to hire these Mexican human smugglers to get them safely into America to launch attacks on us.

    News reports today lay the lack of control over this area to the United States’ environmental laws. This Roman-esque outcome — a great nation rotting from within as it does little to defend itself — could only occur in a country that spends enormous amounts of time and money debating how much cleaner our already clean water, air, or land needs to be before we can stop placing purity ahead of prosperity. In our haste to protect the environment, we hasten our own demise.

    Let’s also not forget, that while environmentalists are busy decrying border security measures, drug traffickers and smugglers are causing environmental damage of their own from trash, soil erosion, and destruction of property. Yet, environmental laws are halting the very infrastructure that could prevent this damage. Brilliant.

    This reality is appalling and must come to end before al Qaeda successfully transports a nuclear weapon aboard one of the daily flights between Tehran to Caracas, then up the America Highway and through the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge straight to New York City, Washington, DC or Los Angeles.

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    6 Responses to Open to Attack: U.S. Land in Mexican Drug Smugglers' Hands

    1. Billie says:

      What message does it send that the president of this country would violate the safety and lives of the people that voted for him while he stabs again to get the illegal votes of those criminalizing the law abiding citizens of America? Tells me this country is being led by the weak and cowardice.

      The law is being violated by mayors and congressmen of all sanctuary cities. There's where the law suits should be! (this was mentioned on the educational channel.) How simple, right and obvious!

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    3. Zeb Arrow, NC says:

      So let me get this straight. Instead of doing it's job of securing the borders (the Buenos Aires National Wildlife refuge in Arizona is a perfect example) and providing for a orderly, safe, secure and LEGAL immigration system…instead of doing all it possibly can to aid and help Arizona with the lawlessness of them being overrun by illegal aliens….instead the idiots in the Obama Administration decide to sue Arizona for doing the job the feds wont do. BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Holly, Los Angeles says:

      I always hear everyone talking about the drug smuggling. Isn't it happening because Americans are addicted to drugs? So, shouldn't we be blaming the demand instead of what will naturally follow, which is the supply? If the Mexicans don't satisfy that demand, someone else will. It's unsmart to think that a nation (Mexico) wants to be involved in a bloody drug war just because. Let's start to look at our own druggies and fix them, first. They are killing innocent people in other countries (Mexico). The Mexican people that have died innocently who were caught in the middle of this drug war are not culpable.

    5. Billie says:

      Holly, I'm an American and I'm not an addict! …getting tech w your state- j/k.

      It is the choices individual people make. Who would you consider to be the "bigger" of the two? The drug addict or the drug supplier? If people bothered to follow the law to become legal citizens, none of this would be as ugly as it is and there wouldn't be supplies of drugs coming to American addicts. Laws have to be enforced as much as followed, otherwise it becomes what it has…dangerously life threatening. They've been talking about legalizing drugs? Saying that would solve most problems…

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