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  • Is There a Secret Obama Deal to Limit Missile Defense?

    Only in Obama’s Orwellian world can secret negotiations to kill missile defense not mean the White House plans to kill missile defense. These secret negotiations were exposed by Bill Gertz in a June 16 article in The Washington Times. Genuine missile defense cooperation between the U.S. and Russia would be a very good thing. In fact, the U.S. was well down this path in 1992 with the Ross-Mamedov Talks, named for two chief negotiators, in response to Russian President Boris Yeltsin’s proposal for a Global Protection System against missile attack.

    The Clinton Administration canceled these talks in 1993 in favor of its policy of preserving and strengthening the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty with the Soviet Union. The ABM Treaty prohibited an effective U.S. missile defense development program and deployed capability. The Clinton administration’s policy to preserve the ABM Treaty failed because the Senate was fully prepared to reject this portion of its arms control agenda, even in the face of the Russian Duma’s decision to jettison the START II strategic nuclear arms control agreement. In fact, the Clinton administration did not even bother to submit its agreements for preserving the ABM Treaty to Senate because it knew that rejection was the likely outcome. START II never entered into force. The courage and forthrightness of the Senate in the face of both Clinton administration and Russian Duma defiance is why the U.S. has a robust missile defense program today and an open path to strengthening its overall missile defense capabilities in the future.

    Now, it appears that the Obama administration and the Russians are returning to the patterns of behavior exhibited over the course of the late 1990s. Only this time, according the piece by Bill Gertz, they are calling these attempts to limit U.S. missile defense options as a form of expanded cooperation. Further, it appears that the Obama administration and Russia have created a hostage in the form of New START, similar to START II, in order to coerce the Senate and the American people. This may well constitute cooperation, but it is cooperation aimed at denying the American people and America’s allies of the defense against missile attack they deserve. Today, the Senate should do what it did in the late 1990s and say this kind of cooperation between the Obama administration and Russia is simply unacceptable and it will not consent to the ratification of New START under these circumstances. At the same time, the Senate should say that it will welcome genuine cooperation between the people of the U.S. and the people of Russia based on an unfettered missile defense program.

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    5 Responses to Is There a Secret Obama Deal to Limit Missile Defense?

    1. Jim, Canandaigua NY says:

      For America to remain strong, it must have advanced missile defense deployed. There is more than one adversary with nuclear missiles. Also, deterrence is what keeps peace between sane countries. Instead of slashing our ICBMS we should reintroduce the Peace Keeper missiles.

      We don’t get second chances to avoid/protect in a next war.

      It is true now and will forever be: Peace through Strength

    2. American Eagle, America says:

      Ah Jim, from NY,
      what makes you think that Obama is concerned about,
      “America to remain strong …” ?

      Even more important than missile defense is protecting America from her domestic enemies—Obama and the criminally insane Left. And if we keep assuming the unsupportable, i.e., ‘obama wants all these things for america that we, the people, want, but he is just too incompetant or foolish to give it …’, then we fail to identify the real enemy, the termite infestation which is bent on destroying the house. We on the Right keep decrying the administration’s refusal to *name the islamist threat as such*, and for all the right reasons. Why don’t WE take the same medicine and name the most dangerous enemy America has today—Obama and Leftists?

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    5. Cal, NY says:

      A Moony Times article is a worthless source for such a significant claim.

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