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  • Morning Bell: A Crisis of Competence

    Nearly 31 years ago, on July 15, 1979, President Jimmy Carter told the American people from the Oval Office: “Energy will be the immediate test of our ability to unite this nation, and it can also be the standard around which we rally. On the battlefield of energy we can win for our nation a new confidence, and we can seize control again of our common destiny.” Last night the American people heard almost the exact same speech from President Barack Obama: “I’ve returned from a trip to the Gulf Coast to speak with you about the battle we’re waging against an oil spill that is assaulting our shores and our citizens. … The tragedy unfolding on our coast is the most painful and powerful reminder yet that the time to embrace a clean energy future is now. Now is the moment for this generation to embark on a national mission to unleash America’s innovation and seize control of our own destiny.”

    White House spokesman Robert Gibbs billed the speech as an “inflection point,” where the President’s initial response would be replaced by more decisive action. But this is now day 57. Where has the decisive action been up to this point? The Obama administration has not been working in a coordinated fashion. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Department of the Interior, the Department of Homeland Security, and the White House, as well as the Coast Guard, have been putting out confusing and contradictory statements since the disaster began.

    Federal regulatory red tape has gotten in the way of the cleanup, including: 1) missed opportunities to burn off more of the oil because of overblown air pollution concerns; 2) holdups in the use of dispersants; 3) permit delays in allowing the state of Louisiana to create artificial barriers against the encroaching oil slick; 4) failure to waive reg­ulatory prohibitions against foreign assistance; and 5) failure to approve barges and booms in time to block oil from reaching Alabama’s Magnolia River.

    Instead of providing leadership and properly coordinating the response, the Obama administration has chosen to shift blame and politicize the disaster, including: 1) “not-at-all veiled shot[s] at the Bush Administration” for the state of the Minerals and Management Service; 2) vague threats of criminal prosecution from Attorney General Eric Holder; 3) a moratorium on offshore oil drilling which could kill 120,000 jobs in the Gulf alone; and 4) pushing caps on carbon dioxide emissions which have no hope of cleaning up a single drop of oil spilled.

    The President spoke of “political courage and candor” last night, yet both were missing from his speech. The President asserted: “Time and again, the path forward has been blocked … by oil industry lobbyists.” But the reality is that BP lobbyists have been pushing for the President’s energy agenda from the beginning. The President claimed: “Countries like China are investing in clean energy jobs and industries that should be right here in America.” But the reality is that China will account for nearly 45% of oil demand growth in the next five years, receives 70% of its energy from coal already, and is projected to nearly triple coal capacity by 2030.

    In his 1979 “malaise” speech, President Carter told the American people: “I want to talk to you right now about a fundamental threat to American democracy. … The threat is nearly invisible in ordinary ways. It is a crisis of confidence.” Carter was wrong. America was not suffering from a crisis of confidence. As the election of President Ronald Reagan would show the next year, it was the Carter administration that was suffering … from a crisis of leadership.  Today, our country is in crisis again. The Obama administration’s constant blame shifting, politicization, and lack of organization demonstrate a crisis of competence. To restore America’s faith, the White House should drop irrelevant policy priorities, refrain from making the economic damage worse, end unnecessary bureaucratic delays, and restructure the response and recovery efforts. As MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann said following the address: “It was a great speech if you’ve been on another planet for the last 57 days.”

    Quick Hits:

    • According to the progressive firm Public Policy Polling, a majority of Louisiana voters think President George Bush did a better job with Katrina than Obama’s done dealing with the BP oil spill.
    • According to The New York Times, the Build America Bonds authorized by President Obama’s failed $862 billion economic stimulus are actually increasing costs to states and cities.
    • According to Rasmussen Reports, 53% of Americans still think the federal government bailout of General Motors and Chrysler was a bad idea.
    • Small online publishers fear that new proposed privacy legislation on Capitol Hill could put them out of business.
    • A federal government nutrition panel is trying to change the way Americans eat.
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    109 Responses to Morning Bell: A Crisis of Competence

    1. Arnie Silva says:

      The Presidents leadership could be sumed up in one axiom- problem, reaction, solution. We know the problem is one of the worst ecological disasters to hit this country ever. The reaction by the Administration has been a mess from the begining. The solution the President offers is more taxes, and less drilling, and more regulation. Funny it is what he wanted before the disaster ever to place in the Gulf.

    2. David, Northwest Geo says:

      Is it possible that the White House is using a veil of apparent incompetence to disguise the fact that they are intentionally allowing the oil to spread and inflict as much damage and financial pain as possible? Might this simply be a way to use this crisis to "smash Big Oil", an ambition the Dem's made clear during the Clinton and Obama campaigns in 2008?

      Let's face it, any half competent manager would have established 90% protection of our shores by now were it not for the federal government impeding every attempt along the way. Why is this not clearly visible to our public, even though our media won't mention it?

    3. Gailmarie says:

      My thoughts exactly, He has offered nothing… He was selling his hope for Cap and tax and that is all I walked away with. Although it seems the Southern Love for the Lord and Prayer was there, Those Southern Folks may have slapped him with the Holy Ghost and I will not pretend to judge him on his relationship with the Almighty God. It is my duty to pray for his salvation. But all that said, He was more worried about his Energy Bill and Holding BP's check book then, how we might Collectively Plug the HOLE!!! American’s have found no Hope in his Change. Psalms 33:12 Blessed is the Nation who's God is Lord.

    4. Chris, St Joseph says:

      Where is the leadership from this administration? Clearly, we have a crisis. Anyone who pays attention to the news is aware of this. We also know the cause.

      Why has this President not stepped forward asking for unification of the American people to clean up the mess? Yes its a tragedy. Things go wrong, equipment fails. Is blaming someone and looking for "who's ass to kick" more important than the welfare of our nation, our environment or our economy. At present, we are a culture that relies on oil. This is a problem for all of us, not just BP.

      The President hasn't learned that when a person points a finger there are three pointing back.

    5. Frank25 says:

      I did not waste my time listening to speech, and have not listened to many after first 30 days. Get enough of his mis-statements, outright lies, and blaming everything on President Bush or prior administrations. Knew I would get too much from the cable "talking heads" afterwards to know what was happening, and I am looking forward to November. We need to change the power levels to more even distribution, so politicians do have to co-operate. Everyone of them represents ALL constituents, regardless of party affiliation. And this is not happening.

    6. Steve Nosich says:

      When are you going to ask for his Impeachment —- to let something like this oil spill and the border problem continue are just enough to get someone FIRED.

    7. George, Akron, Ohio says:


    8. DAVID LA ROCHELLE, M says:

      His entire agenda is a well planned attack on our Liberty by demanding that his

      Waxman Cap and Tax plan be implemented to require more government control on our businesses, our homes, and the way we live as Americans. The "oil crises"

      situation shows how incompetent Obama and his administration are. His refusal to accept assistance from other nations is criminal. The photo ops of the people in white cover alls picking up little tar balls on the beaches is a joke. The oil is out in the water, and just laying down barriers one foot in diameter will do nothing but store up the oil for a storm to wash it over the barrier. I did not see any scuppers or suction devices extracting the oil. These are apparently still in Maine and the Netherlands.

    9. Gary Alaska/Nevada says:

      The ONLY thing that Olberman has ever said that I agree with, but he could add, also if you are a Jihadist who will damage America at any cost.

    10. ron hansing, columbi says:

      Blame it on Oil

      Blame it on Bankers

      Blame it on Wall Street

      Blame it on Insurance Companies

      Blame it on Doctors

      Blame it on Warmer Deniers

      Blame it on Racists

      Blame it on Republicans

      Blame it on Tea Partiers

      Blame it on Birthers

      Blame it on Conservatives

      Blame it on Capitalists

      Blame it on the Old

      Blame it on the Young

      Blame it on Greed

      Blame it on Bankers

      Blame it on White People

      Blame it on Charley Brown, my chocolate Lab

      Blame it on my Grandchildrens

      Blame it on all the eggs in My granddaughters Ovaries

      Blame it on the Sky

      Blame it on birds

      Blame it on us

      Blame it on Kitties

      Blame it on … well add to the list.

      But don’t Blame me, I’m God

    11. toledofan says:

      Well, it was a speech; good words but no plan, no real actions and just more of the same. It is clear to me that this administration has no clue on what to do and beating up BP isn't going to solve the problem. I think that yesterday was not one of Obamas best moments and actually may have caused even more problems for the Democrats. I think that any new taxes, more regulation, and the continued shutdown of other drilling is going to create even more economic hardships for everyone. There is no substitute for good leadership and we can easily see we have little or none in Washington.

    12. Steve C, Las Vegas, says:

      The real invasion is taking place along the border with Mexico, and it doesn't involve innocent people coming here for jobs and opportunity. It involves criminal drug gangs who have taken control of vast areas of the Southwest. Why no response of action here oh great one?

      He has proven his incompetence.

    13. JK, Cincinnati says:

      In his Oval Office speech, President Obama referred to the Deepwater Horizon calamity as "the worst environmental disaster America has ever faced." It certainly is a monumental disaster, but it's by no means the worst. The Dust Bowl in the Great Plains during the 1930's killed about 7,000 people, and about 500,000 families lost their homes. Millions of acres were devastated, and the damage is still evident today. Interestingly, one major cause of the Dust Bowl was the federal government's policy of encouraging homesteaders to destroy the native prairie grasses in order to grow wheat — in an area that was never environmentally suited for that use.

    14. Steven Coy Westminst says:

      Where are the REPUBLICANS telling America what really transpired and show that this (sic) president is a lieing bastar_ and needs to Resign or be IMPEACHED, now, WHILE WE STILL HAVE SOME FORM OF OUR REPUBLIC. People wake up,I email and call my Three Stooges here in Colorado every single day, what are you doing to save our Republic? Demand to see this Traitors records and prove that he is an American Citizen. I have seen too much information about his past to believe that he is an American, everyone should expect proof from all people who run for President, its our Constitution. Even McCain had to show proof, why not Obamanation?

    15. Da Dog - Deep South says:

      What a bloviating fool! The more he talks, the clearer it becomes to more and more thinking Americans that he is without substance. What is sad is that he still has many supporters who obviously lack any rational thought whatsoever.

    16. Francis Oswego, NY says:

      In 1973 we imported about 35% of our oil and in 2009 about 67%. President Carter Established the Department of Energy to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. How are we doing?

    17. Dottie, Dawsonville, says:

      Sometimes I wonder if the administration would rather take heat about the oil spill than the "spill" from the Blagoivich trial!! Just a thought. There is a real potential for the "spilling" of undesirable information for many, many individuals.

    18. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Liberal, progressive, socialists want power so that they can impose idealistic dreams that end as nightmares. As Carter was an empty windbag, so is Obama. They think rhetoric provides answers. I am convinced Obama's lag for 57 days and still counting is intentional; create a crisis and take advantage, never solve a crisis.

      God help us. We are in dire need when even the toady, Oberman finds it in himself to criticize Obama!

    19. Jolene Atkins - Dall says:

      Should we change Rohm Emanuel's words to: "Never mess an opportunity to mess up America?" It just never ends – Outlandish Stimulus packages, health care, nationalized automobile companies; thereby, putting many family-owned business out of business. To add to everything else, President Obama wants to pass Cap and Trade. He needs some experienced, knowledgeable help and a lot of it; and it is most certainly not coming from those he chose for his staff.

      To hear that there was the opportunity to get help from foreign companies to keep this spill from ruining the Gulf Coast and that it was turned down (at least politely – this time), is just too sad. .

      To me it is not understandable why our Coast Guard and Government has not been working with CEO, T. Hayward as a team effort. It would seem the Jone Act could have been waived; so that we could receive help for countries experienced with this kind of clean up.

      Further if it weren't for EPA regulations and controls, we could have been drilling not only in shallow water; but in Anwar, in a number of states, etc.

      I heard John Boehner say yesterday that they wouldn't be able to pass Cap and Trade. Now, we see that Harry Reid intends to pass it before July 4. I hope John Boehner is right – I hope that somehow, we can keep this awful thing from happening.

    20. Jeff, Fountain Hills says:

      As Ronald Reagan proclaimed years ago, government isn't the solution. Government is the problem.

    21. TeaParty says:

      Another bunch of fluff and buff rhetoric with no concrete merit!!! TV time wasted.

    22. Len, Alexandria,KY says:

      What is there left to say….Olbermann, Matthews and MSNBC ( aka the Official Majik Inept private news dispenser) get on the Inept's back … well is there HOPE for networks after all and the ONE Term Elected office for the Majik Cluelss one??

      BTW any idea who wrote that Campaign speech last night?? Axelrod, Gibbs, Stern, Ayers ?????

      So where are the Swedish, Norwegian Skimmers Barry??? Being held up by your Union Bosses???

    23. Robert Hysell Saint says:

      I am a retired engineer and feel that Obama is not doing enough to correct the oil spill problem. During my corporate days, I took part in many meetings concerning "Risk Analysis" on various projects. BP should be required to provide their agenda for a typical "Risk Assessment" meeting.

      A company that faces a crisis that could close their business would address any such crisis in a very different manner from that being pursued by the Obama administration.

      The CEO would demand daily face to face meetings with the person he places in charge of addressing the crisis. Daily action plans would be established and progress on those plans would be reported daily.

      Obama is saying he is addressing the problem by appointing another commission. The Department of the Interior's secretary Ken Salazar should be the head of any investigation and corrective planning. A representative of BP should also attend the daily meetings giving progress reports on plans that are in place, future plans, etc.

      I believe you should interview a CEO of a large company to discuss what they would do if the very existence of their company was at stake in a crisis. It would not include assigning another committee everyday and saying you are addressing the problem.

    24. Grace, Boston, Mass says:

      So far only four states have introduced legislation to Nullify Cap and Trade. We must also work to legislate Nullification of the EPA.

    25. Chuck Ivie, Oak HIll says:

      We are expected to accept the notion that the government knows how to protect the interests of private citizens from dangerous procedures and products. The events in the gulf demonstrate that this trust is misplaced. We have agencies whose sole purpose is to protect the populace from dangerous commercial activities. This protection is supposedly assured by inspection and licensing of products, services, and processes. When these agencies are headed by political appointees rather than experts in the technology or service being approved and licensed the general public is at risk. When politicians make important appointments based on political favoritism rather than expertise in the field in question incompetence is guaranteed.

      We as a nation are in great peril because our politicians have neither the will or the knowledge to address threats either external or internal. Our enemies need take no actions against us. All they need to do is stand at the ready to march because we are destroying our selves from within.


    26. T R Miller, Rising S says:

      From all I have read, the problem is not with oil, or drilling for oil, whether on land, under the sea.

      It is the bypassing of safety and security measures, mandated by EXISTING law, that lobbyists have succeeded in getting regulatory personnel, people responsible to enfore the law, to ignore, thus allowing hazardous conditions to exist and continue to exist.

      We don't need a "new" emphasis, just enforcement of existing regulations.

    27. James A - Longdrycre says:

      If we survive this President, and resemble the resilent America of the past, I am hopeful.

      The Admistration actions demonstrate in an crisis or emergency the "full power" of the bureaucracy is impotent. Impotence is because the bureaucracy is staffed

      by those who are many rungs above the ladder of The Peter Principle. Including Obama.

      The Republic must be restored which means: close these Departments: Education, Energy, HEW, Transportation because they have not lived up to

      their promise. These departments are part of the problem, not solutions to anything.

      Modify and downgrade EPA and the USDA until it serves some useful purpose.

      I hope the next President and Congress will return us to the Republic. Otherwise, we are doomed to join Athens and Rome in their glorious days as republics.

      We are better than that. Obama does not believe, nor any of his cabinet believe, in the Republic.

    28. Jack Maclean, Reynol says:

      Well said. This administration is all about posturing to project an image of itself that defies the reality. The next time an election calls for the voters of the US to select an "experienced" executive, we should take heed.

    29. Sandy, Granger India says:

      Man….it must be bad when Chris Tingles Matthews and Keith Oh-I-Wish-I-Were-A-Man don't hear their Dear Leader and fall to their hands and knees in worship. Even Rachel Madcow was a bit harsh in her post-speeh analysis.

    30. Dennis Social Circle says:

      The mighty one has spoken, did anyone hear the wind blow????

    31. Suzanne-Florida says:

      If I were King I would have rallied all resources within 48 to 72 hours to proceed to the Gulf and commence locating necessary equipment and organizing to prevent the 50 mile distant oil from attacking the shorelines. The Coast Guard, Fema, fishing boats and all able bodied locals would be ask to assist. All offers from countries willing to help due to their expertice would immediately be accepted and the Jones Law voided.

      Too, I would have immediatly given power to oversee all aspects of the shore prevention to one knowledgable leader. Remember Gen Honore? BP would continue working on closing the well rather than dealing with threats from the King, hearings on the Hill and the Justice Department.

    32. j fraher, michigan says:

      "our" president is a total embarrassment & incompetent "leader"! everything about him is contrived, unreal, false & created for his public image & brand. the man is not genuine, sincere, honest, truthful nor loving of USA people and lands. he does, says & reacts only for his personal gain, not the good of our country. everything he does is to consolidate his own power, wealth & reach. he is a creation of rich powerful unseen forces, a puppet-monster talking head.

      this man lacks compassion & human empathy. he does not care for america nor american people-just the opposite. he is not one of us, & does not share kindred bonds with our people. he sees everything only as it relates to himself-his views & agenda & benefit, politcally. its all about him. he is the ultimate self-absorbed narcissist, global elitist, marxist/socialist, who sees himself a world dictator, sacrificing america on a global nwo power altar. he states that america does not see itself as a christian nation, though ~85% are self-proclaimed christians. he & his ag protect radical islamic terrorists.

      he is intentionally tearing down top usa wealth, power & financial/law infrastructures to take permanent control, vs personal & enterprise freedoms in capitalism-business, markets, key industries, to have all money flow through govt he would control, without traditional balance of government powers. he disrespects our constitution & history, our culture & values. he is in league with people & forces foreign & alien to our country, people & interests as a nation.

      he is a supreme radical agent chameleon among us, a wolf in sheep's clothing.

      beware, america, beware!!! be very afraid for your childrens' futures!

      god bless & help america return to her history, values & culture, under god!

    33. Joseph Cummins -- Ca says:

      Why do we insist upon referring to public servants, be they elected, appointed or hired, including the President as LEADERS?

    34. Susan, Fresno, CA says:

      Our Country is in crisis and each day this adminstration makes it worse. None of them practice what they preach and they have no clue how to be good leaders. I can only pray he is impeached very soon.

    35. William Casey, Ellis says:

      You forgot to mention that 13+ nations offered help to skim off the surface oil and it was refused due to the Jones Act — which Bush waived immediately when Katrina hit.

    36. William Casey, Ellis says:

      You forgot to mention that 13+ nations offered help almost immediately to skim off the surface oil and the help was refused due to the Jones Act, which Bush over-road immediately when Katrina hit.

    37. betsy weaver, wash d says:

      I watched the speech on MSNBC last night so I could have an "objective" view. President Obama, sadly, looked angry and overwhelmed. It was a misdirected message to we Americans – and he is showing his true colors. He does not lead us as a country but as followers to his personal agenda. He also said we are heading towards a future that he is unsure of, but sure we are heading there. What? This president is in way over his head and leaves us all hungry for strong, confident leadership! I am now more hopeful and confident for this November and it's time for Conservatives/Republicans to unite and bring the USA back to our roots and a future of freedom, capitalism, and strength.

    38. KB in PA says:

      "Confusing and contradictory statements," indeed.

      He couldn't keep from walking all over his own tongue, within this very speech. He remarked, "I've established a National Commission to understand the causes of this disaster and offer recommendations on what additional safety and environmental standards we need to put in place. Already, I've issued a six-month moratorium on deepwater drilling. I know this creates difficulty for the people who work on these rigs, but for the sake of their safety, and for the sake of the entire region, we need to know the facts before we allow deepwater drilling to continue."

      Uh-huh. "Difficulty for the people who work." Mm-hmm. I'm sure he's just devastated for them. How traumatic it must have been for him to find himself forced to take this action, with his very own hand, to sweepingly deprive them of their very livelihoods, possibly their homes, cars, etc. But what's a job, a house, financial security, when stacked against Our Great Hero's definition of "safety" on our behalves?

      Safety. Spare me. Spare all those who have been robbed of their livelihoods as the result of this Great Hero's political agenda to destroy this country. These folks are just the latest whose heads he has opportunistically laid down on the chopping block.

      And yet, hysterically enough, by way of his need to set us up for the announcement of his proposal to extort $30 billion from the shareholders of BP, money which is to be "escrowed" (read "controlled") by Big Gov, he laments, out of the same mouth, only a few paragraphs before, "You know, for generations, men and women who call this region home have made their living from the water. That living is now in jeopardy. I've talked to shrimpers and fishermen who don't know how they're going to support their families this year. I've seen empty docks and restaurants with fewer customers -– even in areas where the beaches are not yet affected. I've talked to owners of shops and hotels who wonder when the tourists might start coming back. The sadness and the anger they feel is not just about the money they've lost. It's about a wrenching anxiety that their way of life may be lost.

      I refuse to let that happen."

      Mm-hmm. He "refuses" does he. Wow. What a man. No doubt the fishermen and all those who depend on the Gulf for their livelihoods feel so much better this morning, knowing Obama is going to refuse to let their way of life be lost.

      What insulting theatrics. This clown purports to cry for the fishing industry out of one eye, and glares angrily at the oil industry out of the other. Does this not remind you of the tale of "The Walrus and The Carpenter", out of Alice in Wonderland? Do you remember it? Near the end, the Walrus says,

      “It seems a shame,” the Walrus said,

      “To play them such a trick,

      After we’ve brought them out so far,

      And made them trot so quick!”

      The Carpenter said nothing but

      “The butter’s spread too thick!”

      “I weep for you,” the Walrus said:

      “I deeply sympathize.”

      With sobs and tears he sorted out

      Those of the largest size,

      Holding his pocket-handkerchief

      Before his streaming eyes.

    39. Lloyd Scallan New Or says:

      It's a huge mistake that people still think Obama is "incompetent" or inexperienced". We had better wake-up to the fact that this is a deliberate attempt to use this "crisis".to push his Cap and Trade bill, thus higher taxes on all forms of energy. Those terms are justified with Carter, but don't be fooled, Obama is devious and deliberate. The longer the oil flows, the more Obama and the left will continue use this spill to push for his socialist agenda.

    40. Carol Wilson Bluefie says:

      Did not watch the speach but I am sure there was more crap coming for this imposter!!!!!!

    41. Wanda Riggs says:

      Has anyone considered that Obama wants the oil spill to continue in order to pass cap/tax? He thinks that he can then, with the wave of his hand clean it all up. To him this is a good thing and blame everyone else, then swoop in and save the world.

    42. bigdave ocala fl says:


    43. Joanne Walczak says:

      Keith O really said that?? no way.Maybe people will wake up

      Before it's too late,but alas we here,Gulf Coast residence will

      live with this for who knows how long?? We still need OIL!!!

      We can thank the EPA for the spill,5000 feet down?? I wish

      he could dive down and plug it/suck it up with a straw. Oh well

      we sure could use some good news. Got any??

    44. Barbara J. Souders, says:

      I agree accusations are not the remedy. Surely this country, which has accomplished so very much in making us who we are, has yet a wealth of those with the bravery, competence, knowledge and confidence to work toward controlling the crisis we are facing – for the citizens' and the nation's good. Thank you for these updates. I'm praying, believing God's hand is on this – and asking what can I do to help.

    45. Laura, Tampa, Florid says:

      Our President is unable to calculate the effects that his decisions, comments and actions have on this country and on the world. He is making enemies of our allies and allies of our enemies. Go to http://www.moveoverdotcom.blogspot.com to read my article about this and other issues. They have gone from "greed is good" to "green is good". (But it really is still greed, just with a new color.) Cap and Trade would be devastating if it passes. Write and call your congressmen now to stop it!

    46. bigdave ocala fl says:

      OBAMA is the first president ever to skillfully change a CRISIS into a CATASTROPHE! Then take the CATASTROPHE of the oil leak and transpose it into more LIES about GLOBAL WARMING so he can pass Cap and Trade! Anyone who votes for CAP and TRADE should be THROWN OUT IMMEDIATELY for CRIMES AGAINST THE PEOPLE! We are being set up by the progressives. Remember, PROGRESSIVE, which Obama claims to be, is a NEW NAME for COMMUNISM, SOCIALISM, FASCISM ALL ROLLED INTO ONE. ITS ALL BY DESIGN. GEORGE SOROS COULD NOT BE HAPPIER.

    47. Ron Derry NH says:

      When a person continues to put agenda and ideology above the needs of reality we call him a religious zealot and accuse him of being a right wing knuckle dragger or compare him to a Mid East extremists and lay insult upon insult upon him to expose his weaknesses and show our disdain…when its Obama, or a progressive ignoring reality and imposing fascist ignorance upon all manners of bureaucratic failure, we praise him, cover up his ineptness and continue on the path of deception and contempt for realities mirror.

      At this point Obama doesn't deserve nor has he earned the benefit of doubt.

      Obama and this Congress are hell bent on putting a progressive bureaucratic chain on America rather than service realities needs. Agenda before people is the hallmark of a destroyer of nations not a builder. When politicians ignore reality it will only reveal itself with more vigilance and the going will get worse not better. Every bad moment in history was laid in place by the ineptitude's of poor leadership and misguided progressive intents that cheated reality of its importance in judgment and decision making.

    48. MJF, CT says:

      After listening to Mr. Obama's speech last night, then reading the transcript this morning, I think that Mr. Obama has absolutely no concept of what he is supposed to be doing. I also think that Mr. Obama is speaking more like a dictator than a leader of a Free Country. Mr> Obama reminds me of a child who wants you to believe that he can do something when you know darn well that he cannot. Mr> Obama needs to get a diaper change before he really stinks out the place!

    49. JACK TILL Santa Fe N says:

      The big scare yet to be discussed by our president is the possibility of a hurricane moving the slick into the Houston shipping channel which would disrupt our refining industry big time. No one (the press) has asked him why he did not lift the Jones Act and let foriegn flaged ships assist as they offered to. The man never ran a candy store and has surrounded himself with intellects (and boy do I use that term loosely)

    50. Robert F. Schnebelen says:

      The President is a child, he has surrounded himself with children, trying to play in the adult world. He has neither experience or competence to play the games. Perhaps in twenty or thirty years……Naww

    51. Ben says:

      You're obviously racist. All your points come down to one thing, that you hate black people and can't stand a black President.

    52. Jeremy says:

      My job is not all that important. Many people could do it. I know for a fact that if I did my job like Obama is doing his, I would be fired so fast!!!

      Lets get him out of office!!!

    53. Joel, Long Beach, CA says:

      We're all thinking the same thing. At best we have a president who is totally incompetent. At the worst, we have a President who embraces Islam and socialism who is dedicated to the overthrow of the government we know. The situation is magnified by the fact that Obama has a Congress supportive of his wishes lacking the backbone to stand up for the American people and do what we all know is right —

      impeach Obama.

      The Gulf tragedy, horrendous as it is, is not the greatest tragedy facing the U.S. Of equal magnitude is the distinct possibility of this country becoming financially insolvent, lack of control of our own borders, and the inevitability of a nuclear Iran.

      What I question daily is what can we as concerned citizens do to stop Obama prior to the elections in November which are still five months away which may be too late.

      It would seem that we should be talking about civil war in this country or at least civil disobedience. Where are the leaders who can make this happen?

    54. Stevo, MN says:

      If I were the BP CEO meeting with him today, I'd open by saying: "Look, dipstick, the only thing worse that the oil leak is the crap currently leaking from your lips! NOW HEAR THIS: You are not helping the problem! I can take us into bankruptcy in 30 days and you can then fix this problem yourself. Get it? So instead of opening every speech with threats against me, you might wanna start by asking: 'How can I help you stop the leak?'"

    55. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Enough already of the blame game. I respectfully request The Heritage Foundation to research and state the facts concerning the "regulations" that have been "deregulated" that resulted in the current oil spill. This will include the "who" and "when." Those critical of the situation speak in generalizations and not fact. To me the whole fiasco is a tragedy of errors by all parties that has resulted in this mess. Rather than finger pointing (plenty of time for that once the facts are on the table) Obama et al should be employing every means possible to stop, control and clean up the Gulf Coast. Photo ops and teleprompters don't count.

    56. Drew Page, IL says:

      It is hard to understand why Mr. Obama refused help from the Dutch. they are experienced at containing and cleaning up after such oil spills. Apparently there is also equipment (booms) sitting unused in wharehouses in Maine that could be used to help contain and cleanup the leaking oil. WHY have these resources not been used? Please don't quote the "Jones Act" to me. This could have been suspended by presidental order to help contain the spill.

      For many weeks now Mr. Obama has been criticized for not appearing to be in control of the situation, for not being passionate enough about it and for not being on the scene more often. HIs recent trips to Louisianna beaches and recent speeches now attempt top show his involvement and his passion (finding the right a$$ to kick and "informing" BP that they must pay for any and all losses). These trips and speeches are nothing more than responses to the criticism.

      I have given up believeing anything this man says. The last statement Mr. Obama that had any element of truth in it was his comment to "Joe the Plumber" about his intention to redistribute the wealth. Mr. Obama is the perfect creation of the Chicago political machine, much the same as Rod Blagojevich, all politics and no substance. Payoffs, bribes, kickbacks, inside connections, broken promises, pandering to and reliance upon union support and ethnic minorities, bankrupt governments (Chicago, Cook County and Illinois) and constant demands for tax increases are the foundation of Chicago politics and the standard operating procedures of politicians who come up through the Chicago Democrat Machine.

      Anyone supporting Mr. Obama is only doing so because they are getting something for it, either government contracts, government jobs, or government handouts. Unfortunately for the rest of us, without government contracts, jobs or handouts, are paying for all of this and then have to listen to all Mr. Obama's speeches of what he's doing for us.

      This man and his socialistic policies are bankrupting America today and well into the future and are aimed at consolidating total power and control over all Americans into the hands of a centralized government that will decide everything for us.

      How I wish it were November 1st.

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    58. Lil, San Diego says:

      Is it any wonder that we are now in day 58 and the spill has reached the shore lines of the Gulf Coast states? Executive experience is a requirement for the office of the President of the United States of America and what was elected was a community organizer with a socialist agenda! Assistance from foreign countries was denied because of the Jones Act, interestingly enough Bush waived the Jones Act the 3rd day into Katrina! All this liar can do is finger-point, insist on raising taxes via his Tax & Cap, more finger-pointing, and, oh yes, crocodile tears because of the hardships the coastal states will realize. Have any worthy solutions been presented to the liar-in-chief? Not yet, apparently he is waiting for James Cameron, the Hollywood director, to point him in the right direction!

      Las night's effort was a Kabuki event: ritualized movement, shadow speech, and nothing else!

    59. T R Miller, Rising S says:

      To Frank25 and others. You said, "Knew I would get too much from the cable “talking heads” afterwards to know what was happening.."

      I too, have been, and am, disappointed with most of the "news" media, because of the slanted, and abbreviated reporting. We see and hear only as much as they want us to hear and see. It takes days, months and years to get a full picture. Good example, JFH assassination – we are still cannot be sure if we have the full picture.

      Just this week, HLN broadcast that that man who trespassed into Pakistan with the intent of hunting Osama bin Laden advised that he "had a criminal record and had been in jail 3 times." But they didn't say WHY (or WHEN) he had been in jail – it will be interesting when, and IF, we eventually find out the WHY and then we have a little more knowledge about deciding if that is a significant factor in the discussion.

      I have found a solution to some of the limitations of depeding on the major news networks that I am happy with, "Week" and "World" magazines. Week is a non-religious, and seemingly unbiased, perspective on the news, World is a Bible oriented, Christian "slanted" perspective on the news (a "slant" I am happy with – but also an "unbiased" viewpoint).

    60. J. Guidry, Battlefie says:

      This crisis plays right into the leftist plans for this country. How convenient. Can't help but think of the "anointed one's" speech of a couple of weeks before this disaster began. Announcing plans to open drilling in places around the Gulf and various spots in the Oceans. Surely a disappointment to his pals in the "environmental" movement. Then the BP rig goes up in flames. How convenient for them to raise a furor about the evils of oil. Hmmmm. Perhaps, the explosion had help from the lefty ecology crowd somehow. And, now, the empty suit in the White House gets to push his non-energy policy down our throats, all in the name of the hoax of climate change, global warming, etc. Is it just me or does this whole thing seem too convenient to anyone else? I don't trust this administration or anyone associated with it in any way. Can ya tell?

    61. Al, Atlanta, Ga says:

      Good to point out Obama's copying of Carter's speech. Another example is the use of the white cover-all beach sweepers, which is identical to New York's Col. George Waring's white-suited street sweepers, who initiated cleaning up of the NY streets in the early 1900's.

      I would like more scientific information on the toxicity of the dispersants. Some say they are more toxic than the oil, and that the emulsified oil is harder to get out of the water than non-emulsified oil.

      Regarding Obama's delayed response: I don't think he knew what to do, and that BP was better equipted to solve the problem than his guys. Today Obama appointed a new head of MMS, a person that has no oil experience, but who's claim to fame is cleaning up some city police corruption. (It wasn't Chicago). As the failure of MMS to force the oil companies to follow existing safety rules, etc, led to this problem, I can't figure out his choice, but certainly is par for his course.

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    63. jj says:

      I am as unenlightened today as I was yesterday since hearing Obama speak from the oval office. He and his administration are clueless as to how to handle a crisis, but they will use it to their advantage as presented in his speech last night. He wasted precious time on promoting his cap & trade/clean energy bill but nothing about how to clean up the devastating spill. This crisis, up to this point, has been an annoyance for this administration as demonstrated by it's lack of urgency and refusal of help from other countries. He stated last night that the govt has been there from day one, all I can say is "God help us if we are attacked like we were on 9/11".

    64. Judith in Michigan says:

      Mr O & Co will never drop irrelevant policy priorities, refrain from making the economic crisis damage worse, etc. because they are achieving exactly what they set out to do. Fundamentaly Change America. Problem is, the MSM and the "in love" American public forgot to ask, "change America to what?

      Unfortunately, the darn oil well exploded, and threw a monkey wrench into the works. Now, the spotlight has shown the cancer breeding in the shadows, and reality has started to dawn on folks just what the "Change" was. A deliberate destruction of America as it was founded and fundamenatally changed into a Socialist nightmare

      To stop this, we, of course, must vote as many of these traitors out of office.as possible. But that isn't enough. Each and every citizens must petition congress people, over & over, to stop this madness, attend townhall meetings with these people, and if they try to hide, go to their offices and politely request a meeting. Respectfully & with determination, the congress men and women must understand they will be held accountable for the continued carnage being done to America.

      If you do not stand up, then who will?

    65. Geppetto, Raleigh, n says:

      Et tu Olberman? I confess! I did not watch the Commander in Chief's address from the oval office last night (at least I think it was from the oval office) and was not surprised at the response today except from the uber Liberal from the truth, the whole truth and not even close to the truth "news" channel, MSNBC. What a shocker. Excuse me while I mix myself a scotch, neat over ice.I see a glimmer of hope on the horizon…….or is it a mirage?

    66. Val.E., Texas says:

      We are in a crisis to be sure, but not a crisis of competance, more a crisis of incompetance and greed.

      Good job big dave and everyone, and especially betsy weaver who caught this, "…heading towards a future that we are unsure of, but sure we are heading there."

      Although I stopped listening to him months ago, I decided to listen this time. Was it really necessary to tell us almost 60 days later, and in prime time, that we have a tragedy on our hands? I was also shocked [should not have been] at his so-called effort at Consolation and Action – there was absolutely none. He is not capable of it.

      Instead, his voice was simultaneously brisk and abrupt, sharp and accusing, "who needs that, have we done something wrong?" He only really "warmed up" when speaking about his new plan to raise taxes.

      If you look at the initial pictures of this oil spill you will see that it was much smaller and many, many miles away from our coast. There is no reason that it could not have been contained at that time, either by us and or with outside help. I do believe that Obama, our Non-Citizen President, deliberately allowed the oil to get to land so that he could push his energy scheme. My heart goes out the people and the animals of the affected areas. What these folks are going through is nothing short of criminal.

      PS: Just saw on FOX that a Port Chester, NY Judge ruled that Illegals [who were complaining that they were not represented] could have SIX (6) VOTES each! So each of them voted SIX times for the same man and now they have a Mexican Representative. Go figure!

      Does this mean that we will lose in November based on an expansion of this new shredding of the Constitution?

      We have to start speaking up EVERY TIME we see this kind of thing.

    67. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      How we elected an incompetent, pipsqueak Lenin, is beyond me. Obama's "Triumph

      of the Will" speech in Denver was good. As they say in Texas, he's all hat and no cattle.

    68. Doc, Stafford says:

      Sounds like Jimmy Carter. Tastes like…..Bologna.

    69. Richard Rash; 170 Ho says:

      This administration has repeatedly stated they seek a crisis to enable another government take over law or laws to take away yet more of our freedom. I believe the in group of Obama held presidential response, gambling on allowing the oil spill to grow in public demand. Their plan calculated that BP would get the well plugged at some point (an action which the administration had no expertise at all) But, they may have miscalculated the difficulty of capping the flow of oil, therefore their waiting for public anger is not seen as what it really is neglecting of much needed resources. Obama has gotten his crisis and perhaps even enough yelling by the uninformed and unaffected to allow his second masterpiece CAP and TAX. He has his "Villain" he has a seemingly public anger arousal. He cares little about the leak or its damage so long as he is enabled by it to gain more power. Sad Sad situation

    70. Mike, North Carolina says:

      Will we (including, as in this case, the writer of the article at hand ["A Crisis of Competence"]) never learn?

      To even rightly and correctly say such as "the (Obama) White House should do (this and/or that)", when such as Obama and his accomplices continue to make it evident that they have absolutely no intention of doing anything else but to keep stealing and trashing anybody and anything they can for their power and money-grabbing agenda, is, as the wise farmer would tell you, only too much like this:

      It is only too much like trying to tell a rabid fox and his rabid accomplices to stop their rabid power-corrupted plundering and destruction of everybody and everything on the farm, as if they would do.

      And so it is that, instead of stopping them, such an exercise in futility practically invites more of the same from such power and money-grabbing politicians and their accomplices as Obama and his accomplices and others before them, as both historical and environmental evidence both here in the U.S. and around the world shows and proves through history to this day.

      So either we all finally wise-up and realize that such as trying to tell the (Obama) White House that they should do (this or that)" when they are making it evident that they are determined to ignore us and do as they wish, realize that the only way we can really stop their power-grabbing antics and machinations is to get them out of power, and speak and act accordingly, or else everybody and everything, including the environment, will continue to suffer more instead of less consequences because of their "power at all costs" agenda.

    71. Leith Richmond, VA says:

      -O bama knows exactly what he is doing and none of it is beneficial to the country.Suzanne-Florida, we need you in Washington.

    72. Leith Richmond, VA says:

      Obama knows exactly what he is doing and none of it is good for our country.

    73. Mike, North Carolina says:

      Apparently, as in this case, this site has taken to not posting my comments, with or without anything like "Your comments are currently under review", when I post them, or even one or more days afterward, and so I will just keep trying to post my comments again, like now.

      We, the people, (including, as in this case, the writer of the article at hand ["A Crisis of Competence"]) need to see and realize something.

      To say such as "the (Obama) White House should do (this and/or that)", when such as Obama and his accomplices continue to make it evident that they have absolutely no intention of doing anything else other than ignore us and keep trashing anybody and anything they can for their power and money-grabbing agenda, is, as the wise farmer agree, only too much like this:

      It is only too much like trying to tell a rabid fox and his rabid accomplices to stop their rabid power-corrupted plundering and destruction of everybody and everything on the farm, as if they would listen and stop doing so.

      And so it is that, instead of stopping them, such an exercise in futility practically invites more of the same from such power and money-grabbing politicians and their accomplices as Obama and his accomplices, and others before them, as both historical and environmental evidence both here in the U.S. and around the world shows and proves to this day.

      So either we all finally wise-up and realize that such as trying to tell the (Obama) White House that they should do this or that" (when they are making it evident that they are determined to ignore us and do as they wish) is an exercise in futility, and realize that the only way we can really stop their power-grabbing antics and machinations is to get them out of power, and peacefully act accordingly, or else everybody and everything, including the environment, will continue to suffer more instead of less consequences because of their "power at all costs" agenda.

    74. Fred AKA Foosis says:

      Very good points above. It goes to show Americans are paying attention and ARE intelligent contrary to how this administration chooses to bill "We The People."

      I stated on my blog, as did so many Americans, this administration will do more harm to our Constitution than has been done since conception. Since that post I never prayed so hard I would be wrong on any other subject since I popped these little eyes into this world. Sadly the realization of truth is coming to light daily.

      While I believe this spill will end up being the greatest disaster in our country's history I do not think most have identified the actual disaster properly. THE true disaster is Rom Emanuel's (and the admin's) belief "Never let a good crisis go to waste."

      Beware my fellow Americans…. This "crisis" is about to unfold under the guise of "What is good for America."

      That something will be known as The Waxman-Marky Cap and trade bill.

      Watch carefully….


    75. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      This administration is out to convert this Republic to a Socalist country, then part of the world org. which he wants to lead. I would not be surprised to find out this was all created so he could get his way. He lied about available places to drill, then kept help away with eco-studies. Where are all the booms, straw barriers on the coast, foriegn ships to suck up the oil?? BHO said NO to all help and I want to know WHY?? As one writer said, his past is obscure, he's spent over a million hiding it, we need to know why, He needs to be removed from office, charged with treason, and any other charges that can be leveled. One thing fr sure he is not able to lead.

    76. Fred, AKA Foosis, Bi says:

      Absolutely outstanding comments. Once again we, as a group, prove the admin wrong by proving We The People are well informed and intelligent citizens of this great land.

      Way back I posted on my blog this administration would do more harm to OUR Constitution than has been done since conception. While it indeed has been a process over the years I sadly find those words to be more true than I could have imagined. I might add I NEVER prayed as hard that I would be wrong on any subject since I was born.

      While most understand the current spill will go down as our nation's greatest disaster I do not see where many have really identified the vehicle by which those words will come true.

      I am sure Rom Emanuel wishes he could call back the verbalization of his belief, and the administration's I might add to, "Never waste a good crisis."

      Rest assured "they" will not let this crisis go to waste and most assuredly will put all their might behind the real crisis we are about to face… The Waxman-Markey Cap and trade bill.

      "They" will attempt to push the emotional hot buttons of the same American's who blindly voted for change.

      Hopefully enough have awakened to the sham….

      Keep fighting the good fight!


    77. Rich,Phila.Pa. says:

      Isn't there a way of getting this President out of office before 2012,he is out to destroy the Republic.I think he did nothing and is doing nothing to help the people in the Gulf states,he is making a lot of talk and want to institute cap & Tax,which will destroy this once great nation & God Help Us if we are attacked my terrorist.He is a worse President than J.Carter,in fact the world was a lot less dangerous back then.I never thought I would say this,but I do not think Barack Obama is an American.

    78. A. Terranova, Ormond says:

      This isn't about anything except manipulating the American public into believing that cap and trade legislation is the answer to eliminating all of our nation's problems in regard to our "dependence" on foreign oil. I am very skeptical about this latest disaster because it is an overt political power grab of unparalleled magnitude which will negatively impact our lives in every way imaginable. What no one is saying is that BP will actually benefit from this scheme! Once again Obama has succeeded in deceiving the American public.

    79. Timpclimber Provo, U says:

      Great Comments from Americans who read, think, care and will hopefully act in November to end this stumbling charade to the left. I would change the Obama camp's "never waste a good crisis" to "We never learn from a crisis" The Obama camp has decided that the average citizen will forget the facts and never do any research on their own but we won't be snookered by his great delivery of trite phrases and poor logic any more—Mr. President, start listening to us for a change!

    80. Bill, Crownsville, M says:

      What kind of leadership and hard decisions can you expect from a person who received millions in campaign contributions from BP?

    81. john Arizona says:

      Many of us knew at the time of the last election that BHO was an empty suit, only able to talk with a teleprompter in front of him.

      We really need to know who is pulling the strings that make BHO talk and say what he says. Let's weed them out and expose them and their agenda!

    82. Mike, Chicago says:

      barry is against this country. he should be investigated.

    83. Lee White Tanks AZ says:

      A short note: there are at least two very key missing persons or organizations as this mess has progressed.

      Where is Janet Napolitano? and

      Where is FEMA?

      I can't fault the job done but why on earth was a Coast Guard Admiral heading up this effort 9such as it was)?

      Anyway, calling all this "incompetence" is being kind. Deceitful bordering on criminal negligence is more like it.

    84. Scott, Montana says:

      This is a prime example why this "President" should be removed from office. He is totally incompetent, and his actions, or inactions, constitue a grave threat to the welfare and well being of this great country. My greatest hope would be for a grass-roots movement to force the congress to impeach this idiot before he does irrepairable damage.

      And while we are at it, we need to break the unions, kick the U.N. off American soil and seal our borders. We need to defend our allies, rebuild our military, and recreate the greatest military machine on the planet. We need to create a Fortress America. And by that, I mean a country where we are safe and secure, and don't have to worry about attack from outside our borders. We need to have our own energy supplies, without being dependent upon foreign countries. We need to rebuild our manufacturing base, putting people and factories back to work doing what Americans do best. We need to be the leaders in inovation and invention.

      Only then will we be in a position, both financially and morally, to ask the other peoples of this planet to follow our example. Because, when you look at us now, what kind of example are we showing. How to be weak and apologetic, how to dump on our allies because we have a President that wants to turn us into a third world country. That's his goal. He can't bring his African homeland upto American standards, so he's going to drag us down to African standards.

      This "man" has never completed anything in his life. He's never completed any term of office, and with any luck, he'll continue that trend. If he had an ounce of integrity, he'd resign. But since that's not going to happen, he needs to be impeached. Him, Pelosi, Reed, and that whole socialist, marxist, communist crew.

    85. Sherry, TX says:

      Obama turned away foreign aid because he didn't want to make the Unions mad. He doesn't care about the Gulf States, damage, or anything but getting his personal agenda completed. Obama is a calculating evil SOB and is only out for himself. God Save America

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    87. imjustmusing Massach says:

      All Obama has shown us is he is good at holding up companies for money. Why doesn't he do the same to Mexico as far as illegal immigration and the drug trade? Why doesn't he do the same with Iran? Becasue he can't or won't.

    88. John, Houston says:

      Instead of acting decisively in this time of crisis, our President stalled and is trying to use the oil spill to enact his legislative agenda. People in the Gulf know the oil never did not have to reach our shores had Obama acted like a president is supposed to — like a leader! Shame on you, Obama!

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    91. Carol AZ says:

      And….he sent 17,000 National Guard troops to help clean-up the Gulf coast and we asked for 6000 troops in AZ to protect our border for all of America. .

      To shut us up, we are still waiting for 1200 troops to arrive and we have the biggest National Secuirty crises to all of America

      right in our own back yard.

      All requests refused, to protect our open border that no one in authority gives a rats ass about.

      We must force ATT Genral Holder to resign.

      Add to that,

      Homeland Security, Janet, who?

      Head of ICE Norton who trash us also.

      and you can all ponder what we do with this idiot, the PREZ .

      who's' flawed arrogrance and refusal to "protect and serve the United States of America" is treason on all levels.

      If we have learned nothing else from 911

      we have learned that we must protect our borders!

      To all of the States that caved -in over some small law passed here in AZ..

      .to boycott us , to backlash and cancel contracts ,

      to further use the race card to fueled splinter groups clouding all reason for any clear understanding for law enforcement and issue we face here

      How dare you complain .

      WE have been begging for help in AZ over and over. …..the cartels have now moved 40-60 miles inside our border in AZ to move their product that fuel MX economy in the billion ea day with deep pockets here . . .

      The violence has risen beyond description here and we are losing this war which is a war of terrorism on all levels.


      ..or are you so disconnected that you think it's still a racial profiling issue.or perhaps you may want to ask ATT. General, Eric Holder who also trashed us and further had never also read the law.. .

      You may not want to support us here in AZ but don't you ever whine and complain as part of the entire spin zone that turned it's back on us here

      when we begged for support.

      Do you get now?

    92. Valerie Eggers Las V says:

      It was through trust and confidence that Americans allowed the now obvious agenda of this regime, and those before it, to become an undeniable threat to America and Americans.

      We trusted that "By the People and for the People" was an innate oath to those we elected to public offices of this great country. Our trust was/is betrayed. Our Constitution and only actual protection from tyranny is being ignored or worse shredded.

      We have a president that most of us are not convinced should even be in office. Our first ammendment rights are crippled with hate-crime legislation. Our JudeoChristian heritage is blackballed. Instead of individual right we suffer a classification of part of a mass of humanity to be ruled and managed. Our healthcare has fallen under the control of the government.who is now actively involved in trying to tax the very air we breathe. Where does it stop?

      A crisis in competence?????? Oh it is MUCH deeper then that. There's NO will to remain traditionally America. Competence can be honed and improved, but WILL that's another issue.

      To be engaged in a global market place is critical and productive to be absorbed by a global governance is to die to sovereignty.

      Insult to this great country is and has been turned into a gutting of everything it stands for. The branches of government have changed from governing bodies to ruling bodies. Our founders must be spinning in their graves in between sobs and wailing for what we are allowing to happen to what they fought for and died believing they had left behind. We did not protect it with the vigor required.

    93. SueD - Phoenix, AZ says:

      Bait and Switch seems to be the name of this game. First it was Pay-Go, or another necessary 120 billion expenditure. Today Biden is touting the many millions of jobs based on new highways, etc. If that doesn't tickle your fancy, watching the amount of dung being thrown by some Republicans and Democrats because of BP and the oil spill is abhorrent. This government forced BP to drill in deep waters and now they are gleaning $20 Billion which they will supervise and or waste. With any success Congress will put the company to bed or BP will move out and never return. I could hardly blame them for that. How many times can one company admit, regret and offer to pay for damages? BP should control their billions not Obama; call a spade a spade regarding this government; support all the BP privately held gas stations whose families are losing business because BP's name is on the station and continue as they promised. Obama got tons of money from BP as campaign contributions, but that fact gets swept under the House, Senate and White House rugs. Vote them all out America and we can hopefully start anew!

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    95. Jerry Brown SR. says:

      The current pres. is the most incompetent president since Jimmy Carter. He has no leadership ability. Obviously ACORN did not train him as an executive which is required as the president of the USA. He also has no military experience for leading the military.

    96. Carol , AZ says:

      Yes we are all blinded sided.
      Have we all lost our minds as well?
      Less than a month ago AZ was set-up for failure by a slick well oiled propaganda machine further supported by the press core
      against the state of AZ.
      We passed a little law for state’s rights.sn-1070.
      We were marched out in front of all of you as the leader of all things evil under the banner for racial profiling.
      Once again the dreaded race card was re-played here in America.
      Many states came after AZ like a straving herd of Jackels.
      Did the State you are now writing from boycott us, bash us, cancel business contracts?
      So now your whining and complaining over the state of the union?
      Once again you are blind sided..

      Here in AZ our State of the Union is fighting a war on our border that we are losing. It has drained all resouces to pay for it.

      Front and center the issue here in AZ has been and STILL IS, for the National Security of the United States of America.

      When we begged for help here and the leader of the free world ignores all requests for help ALL us are in deep trouble here beyond your worse nightmare,

      If we have learned nothing since 911, we should have learned that keeping our borders secured is a primary issue for the safety for all ol America.

      But when the leader our counrty does nothing,
      nothing to help us here , and you sit safely in one of the upper 49 states, also doing nothing and kicking us while we are fighting this on a daily 24 hour bases
      Your wailing make sick .

      We are supporting you .
      The drug Cartels are so well organized and have become so fearless of us that they ae now moving their product within 40-60 miles inside the border area near PHX .
      They are armed with semi-automatic weapons . Our law enforcers are not.
      It is also reported here that the drug mules are escorted by the MX military to a certain point.
      It is a billion dollar enterprise that is exchanged here every day ,24 hours a day.

      We need troops here. We need all military hardware.
      We need to finish the fence.
      We need to close the border until we can gain control.
      But most of all we need the rest of America to hear what we are saying about this pervasive problem.

      From the venue I am writing about the drugs cartels and the illegal crossers are the least of the of it.

      We continue to tell Washington D.C that illegals coming across our broken border are from countries with known terrorist ties.
      But no one is listening.

      Pres. Obama made it very clear, his support is with the corrupt country of MX and President Calderon.

      If someone from MA in the above comment section can figured this issue out what is worng with the rest of you..?
      The next time you hear someone bash AZ you better stop and really think, have they lost their minds?

      In Sept we have the 10 th anniversary of 911 and we have never been as vulnerable on all levels for National Security as we now are.
      A country without a secured border is a counrty in anarchy.

      Please support AZ in any way you can.
      We are losing this war right here in America with a war of terrorism right in our back yard.
      If you doubt my over stating this issue go into all website for AZ borders or Federal agencies for ICE etc.

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    100. Greg Urban, Vallejo, says:

      For those of you who unaware, the Jones Act has been in danger of appeal many times before. Who would most like to see this law done away with? All the owners and heads of the marine industry. Why is this? Because they would then be able to finally hire foreign nationals to crew and run their vessels at extremely reduced manning costs. Also, vessels worked domestically in the US would be able to be built on foreign shores at reduced costs. It is doubtful, in this day of corporate gluttony and greed, that these savings would be passed on to the consumer. The number of US jobs, on the water and shore side, lost would be tremendous. The Jones Act has protected our maritime industry since the 1920's. It also protects, directly and indirectly, millions of non-maritime jobs.

      Also of note, while there are many UNION maritime positions that are protected by this law there are at least as many NON-union jobs protected by the law. The law protects the industry and those industries with direct involvement in the shipping and receiving of goods- not just the unions, as it is being reported.

      The oil spill in the Gulf is now, so it appears to me, being exploited as yet another possible back door to circumvent this law.

      As US citizens, we need to think long and hard about all of the implications of doing away with the Jones Act. First, the loss of American jobs as already stated, not to mention the loss of a long standing American maritime industry and tradition. I know that we tend to have very short memories as Americans, but we also need to remember the USS Cole and the events of 9/11.

      By appealing or amending the Jones Act we are opening the doors to foreign nationals to operate our domestic vessels. These vessels are as various as a person can imagine, from ferries operating in New York harbor to tug boats towing barges with millions of gallons of petroleum products in pristine waters of Alaskan or in and out of the San Francisco Bay, passing under the Golden Gate Bridge. Each of these thousands of vessels could, in the hands of the wrong people, be used as a terrorist weapon, visiting anything from environmental disaster to our nation's waterways, to bridges being taken out along the inter-coastal waterways and bays of our country or to countless people being killed in planned attacks. The USS Cole was taken out by a single small barge. A few terrorists with minimal training were able to take over several planes and take down the World Trade Center and attack the Pentagon. Use your imagination. It does not take much of one to see how giving up our country's control of our entire marine industry and all of the associated thousands and thousands of miles of shores and waterways would be terrorist's dream come true.

      Yes, what is happening in the Gulf is a disaster and a better way of dealing with it must come into play. I applaud Obama's decision not to waive the Jones Act and I urge caution and a better understanding to those who just want to throw away a law that they may not fully understand. This law, albeit an 'old' law, was written for a reason. It continues to serve and protect this country well, not just the unions as indicated. I can think of a few other old laws, the freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, the right to vote… just to name a few. Some 'old' laws are good laws. We would not think of opening the doors at GM and letting foreign nationals take away the factory jobs, would we?

      I am a tug boat captain that works towing petroleum barges on the west coast of the US and Hawaii. I have worked in the maritime industry for thirty years and work for a non-union company. Please educate yourselves and help us hold and protect our country's values, traditions and jobs together, along with those 'old' laws that make this great nation of ours possible.

      Please provide comments to: tugcapt11@sbcglobal.net

    101. Val.E., Texas says:

      To CAROL, Arizona:

      Hang in there! Although we have a pretty good idea of it, we do not know exactly what you are going through; but please know that around 75%, or more. of us are with you! Please tell your Govenor to speak out more. She should hold her own regular TV Press Conferences, or give Public Statements weekly, have people talk about how they were victimized, put faces to the problem. Other Americans need to see this. Personally, I do not see any difference between your Govenor and Gov. Jindahl.They are both just trying to save their States due to a lack of Obama support. In my opinion, they have every right to do so!

      FOR US ALL:

      Sad to say, all Americans are fighting for survival in a this BHO created whirlpool. He can't wait to see us all go down the drain. Make no mistake, he is moving us toward a financially broken, governmently dependent, Military-in-Charge existence. At which point he will demand all our Guns & Ammo as we will have also lost the right to defend ourselves.

      This NOVEMBER is truly our last chance to fight back.

      If not, the last step, eventually, I believe, will be Revolution.

    102. Mercene, Florida says:

      I blame unexperienced voters who thought it would be “great” to have a young black president. As a black woman, teacher, believer in our Christian American heritage and constitution, I am sorely dismayed with this man’s lack of knowledge. Perhaps Mr. Obama needed a few more years of learning how our government works before taking a shot at our history and established charity and support for so many of the other nations who desire the same freedom which our Declaration and Constitution embodies and ensures.

    103. James Swearingen Hix says:

      What is not discussed is the fact that the permit for this rig was deeply flawed. This is not being discussed because it was the Obama administration that approved the permit. In addition were the required inspections properly performed. In other words what was the government des that led up to this disaster. Is Obama going to hold these people accountable.What caused their failure. Was it incompentice, lazy or possibly corruption. The regulatory group that oversees this needs to be investigated and held accountable.for this failure Maybe if the President was more focused on his real job (enforcing the existing laws) rather than creating more ways to gain power over us, this might not have happened.

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    106. Ted Wilson says:

      The department of energy was created for the sole purpose of keeping us free from foreign oil, If obana stops drilling and refuses to use coal the D.O.E. cannod do it,s job and should be elimited saving billions of dollars.

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