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  • A Recovery Plan for the Gulf Needs 100% Attention

    During President Obama’s address to the nation from the Oval Office tonight, he stated that he was calling on Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus to lead a long-term restoration plan for the Gulf region. The President noted Secretary Mabus’ prior service as Governor of Mississippi as providing his credentials. While Heritage respects his service, Secretary Mabus left the governorship nearly twenty years ago and much has changed since then.

    In addition, the Navy needs a Secretary who is able to devote their full attention to the current issues we face in terms of acquisitions, personnel, and how to best respond to near- and long-term threats.

    The President could, instead, turn to another more recent former governor of a Gulf state and someone who has significant experience in responding to regional disasters. The President could appoint former Florida Governor Jeb Bush to this commission.

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    5 Responses to A Recovery Plan for the Gulf Needs 100% Attention

    1. Tim AZ says:

      Do you really believe Mao-Bama would appoint someone that would actually put an end to this golden crisis? Mao-Bama has spent over 50 days nurturing this oil spill to create an exploitable crisis that he could use to push the American citizenry into supporting his energy policies that he and his pals will profit from. They expect the cap & trade scheme by itself to net a minimum of ten trillion dollars. I really don't believe the environment is going to get between these fools and their quest for wealth and power. The ends have always justified the means with liberals.

    2. Lloyd Scallan New Or says:

      Still don't get it! Obama want NO ONE competent. To suggest that Obama

      appoint Jeb Bush, a Rebublican and brother of George, is like asking for the moon to plug the hole. It ain't going to happen! Obama does not want to solve the problems. He want them to continue so he can continue to use this "crisis" to push his socialist agenda.

    3. G Murphy, Buchanan N says:

      The president did not seem to fill the chair behind the oval office desk. One could see at once, the thinness of his neck, and a strange upward turning of his face, as if he could not quite master the acting role of seeming to be president, and so had to ape an FDR mannerism. Repeatedly during the speech, the viewer was left impressed only by the man's lack of leaderly gravitas, his total inability to inspire confidence in himself, his rushing of the words, as if embarrassed at uttering one more half-lie after one more half-lie to a people who, as Lincoln noted, could not all be fooled.

      So he fulfilled his job requirements….for 19 minutes, talking to people who did not believe him. Visibly uncomfortable, he made us all wonder why he had sought the job in the first place, and we all understood. We all understood that getting a minority president was so important, that it was even worth elevating a man who never voted once while in congress, who never set policy for any group, organization, or political body, a man who had yet to learn what it means to lead.

      My sorrow for him, so ill suited to his fate, was only matched by my sorrow for America, in that I think he will get re-elected by purely ethnic mandate, leading the USA to hospice in my lifetime.

      God help us all.

    4. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      Even though my family didn't like FDR, for one thing he sure acted like a President and kept our morale up during WWII, his fireside chats were listened to weekly by all, even as a child I listened, didn't understand much, but knew I had to be quite.

    5. Tony Lopez, Florida says:

      50,000 barrels a day = 2,060,000 gallons a day = 146 5 HP 2" pumps@14,000 p/h

      Simple attack it at the source and attack on the far edges work from the outside working inwards towards the source. To much time has been allowed for the oil to move from the center of the source and will become more tougher to clean has is spreads out. The idea of putting a larger pipe over the broken one mentioned here before is great idea, even on that does not reach the surface any pipe that can direct the spill to a surface center location is far better than letting the undersea currents take the oil far before surfacing. After directing the oil up to a center confined location then surround that center by circle barracade in concentric circles one bigger than the other, to contain has much has possible. No comes the neat part the oil will spill over from circle to the next but only when it has filled the volume of one and then the other.

      No get the pumps to work small inexpensive pumps will do. A five horse power 2 inch high performance pump and pump 14,000 gallons per hour.

      Get large open scrap ships the kind that hual Scrap Steel, Recylcle material and start filling them up, until tankers can come to the area. With 146 5 horse power pumps you can draw all the surface oil expelled by the problem. That takes care of the source. Has for the large area problem, simple follow the surface current it will bring the oil towards you and just start sucking, with skimmers and 5 HP pumps. But start at the outside areas first that will affect the land. Hope this Help nettony@hotmail

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