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  • Morning Bell: The Government Bailouts Must End

    Late Saturday night President Barack Obama sent a letter to the leadership of the House and Senate urging them to approve a tax and spending bill currently being debated in the Senate that already would add $80 billion to our nation’s budget deficit. But coming off of last year’s $862 billion stimulus, President Obama is not happy with just another $80 billion in debt for this year. He also requested another $50 billion in deficit spending earmarked for bailing-out state and local governments. Without this “emergency” money, the President claims thousands of government union jobs would be lost. But even among his own party, the President faces an uphill climb. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer told The Washington Post: “I think there is spending fatigue.” “Bailout fatigue” is more like it. And the President’s envisioned spending spree is full of both.

    The Government Union Bailout: $23 billion of the President’s additional $50 billion in spending would supposedly go to keep teachers in the classroom. This new spending would be in addition to the nearly $100 billion appropriated to the Department of Education by the President’s $862 billion stimulus bill, of which $34.7 billion in education funds remains unspent. Meanwhile, over the past decade student enrollment has increased only 6% while the number of teachers in the classroom has risen 15.8%. But over this same period, studies found no correlation between reduced class sizes and student achievement. More federal funding is unlikely to increase student achievement and will not provide a long-term solution to states’ budget shortfalls. Another bailout from Washington could even exacerbate states’ fiscal problems by creating disincentives for states to tackle out-of-control spending and make real education reforms.

    The Medicaid Bailout: $25 billion of the President’s latest spending spree is set to bail-out state Medicaid programs. This would be the fourth time this decade that Congress has bailed-out state Medicaid programs. The cycle is all too familiar. Between 1990 and 2007, Medicaid spending more than quadrupled from $69 billion to $316 billion. Because of these constant bailouts, states have avoided dealing with their mismanagement of the program. More money from Washington will guarantee one thing: states will continue to spend far in excess of what they can afford, and Congress will treat the federal taxpayers like an ATM machine to cover the shortfalls.

    The Obamacare Bailout: The President’s signature legislative accomplishment is just barely three months old, but it already is in need of a $400 billion bailout. In an interview with Politico Sunday, the President said of Obamacare: “I strongly believe that the health care bill was the right thing to do … I think it’s going to help us bend the cost curve in ways that will actually help us deal with the deficit, not add to it.” But just one day earlier during his weekly radio address, the President pleaded with Congress to pass a temporary fix in Medicare reimbursement rates for doctors: “Now, I realize that simply kicking these cuts down the road another year is not a long-term solution to this problem. I’m absolutely willing to take the difficult steps necessary to lower the cost of Medicare and put our budget on a more fiscally sustainable path. But I’m not willing to do that by punishing hard-working physicians or the millions of Americans who count on Medicare. That’s just wrong. And that’s why in the short-term, Congress must act to prevent this pay cut to doctors.” So which is it? Did Obamacare “bend the cost curve” in ways that will help the deficit, or is Medicare still on a fiscally unsustainable path? The reality is that Obamacare’s deficit reduction claims were always a complete fraud, and the President’s pitch for a doc fix exposes that fact.

    Last week Gallup reported that “Federal government debt” was the issue that most threatened the future well-being of the United States. Our nation’s record deficits are largely driven by the record spending increases of the last decade and the last year in particular. There is a way out of this deficit nightmare: stop spending. If the federal government managed to return to the per-household spending level of the Reagan administration, the budget would be balanced by 2012 without any tax hikes. Or just returning to the per-household spending levels that existed before the current recession would balance the budget by 2019. But first we must stop the bleeding: the government bailouts must end.

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    72 Responses to Morning Bell: The Government Bailouts Must End

    1. Joseph C. Moore, Cpo says:

      What is so difficult to comprehend, that more spending is not going to decrease the deficit? We are in way over our heads and will become a third rate nation at this rate.

    2. Tony, DuBois Pa says:

      We must stop this out of control spending. It may seem that he is save parts of our country that need saved but is he not making making us more vulnerable to our enemies. The unions should not be helped they should be stopped. I believe that he is buying votes and trying to make it look as if he is saving our country,

    3. wayne az says:

      How do we end the insanity? First end the unions we have no beed , they have ruined the country, eliminating manufacturing now ruining all other facets. They are inept can't manage money they have taken from members, maybe they need to quit trying to run politics. Just end them. Now get the usurper out of the white house, we can see he is totally inept, but also see he has one agenda socialize america don't let it happen. We wouldn't even have to worry if we had competence in congress but we don't. Start impeachment, get smarter on voting.

    4. KB in PA says:

      Just wondering if, in your second paragraph, the sentence that reads "But over this same period, studies found a correlation between reduced class sizes and student achievement," was meant to say, "[...] NO correlation [...]" … ?

    5. David Barth, CFA, Ju says:

      BHO (Bobble Head Obama) is going to tell us, as he bobs between teleprompters and put chills up Chris Matthews' leg, how he has it all under control. Name a Czar or two, get a committee of effete washed-up politicians and bureaucrats who can't balance their check books, and they will have a plan for 2050,

      How quickly Washington and Wall Street has forgotten about stagflation. The only reason it hasn't manifested itself yet is that international debasement of sovereign currency is taking place. This is resulting in a hidden tax and a rape of the saver, especially retirees and retirement programs.

      This is nothing new except that many taxpayers are realizing, thanks to the internet and some responsible media, what is taking place. Sadly it is probably is late but our tenacity is great. We will survive but not without lasting damage.

    6. toledofan says:

      It is crystal clear to me that this President has no intention of cutting back spending or increasing the deficeit in any way shape or form. What is going to happen when the Bush tax cuts expire and we have to start paying for healthcare? It's pretty clear that once those two things click in place, our economies going to tank even further. It is just unsustainable for us to keeping spending without making some dramatic changes. There is no leadership, no understanding of real life and no concern for the average citizen or our country within this Administration and Congress. Every crisis turns into a disaster and nobody has any clue on how to fix them.

    7. Common Sense says:

      Monopoly money vs. United States Dollars—Is there a difference?????

      There may be for now! Keep printing & borrowing & spending & giving it away–smother the country & the world with US Dolllars & debt & we will find dollars have absolutely NO VALUE, barter system, gold, precious metals, & services rendered will be the currency.

    8. Ryan R. Kopp, Evansv says:

      So, there are 142 days til midterm election day, and 953 days until inaguration day 2013. Currently I'm wondering how different the world will look, assuming the Mayan monsters don't get us, by then.

    9. Richard cancemi, Arl says:

      Obama and all Progressives in both Parties must go!

      Remember this debacle of a Progressive Congress and Presidency when voting in November!

      We must take back our Country and our lives.

    10. jerry,,,,, Tenn. says:

      thanks for the Morning Bell . I read every day !! thanks again!

    11. Ray Reed, Ohio says:

      Thank you, Heritage Foundation for all the great work you do. Your in-depth research continually gives me the confidence that my conservative views are, indeed, correct. For anyone to not understand that bigger government with bigger spending of money it does not have is bad either does not want to know or has some underlying agenda that is served by this.

      As today's post again demonstrates, this administration is perhaps the most deceptive one ever. They will say one thing and do something complete different with that something often being the paying off of some political patron with unions figuring quite prominently in those pay offs.

      Also, I cannot stand the demonization of particular groups of convenience at the moment. This administration has demonized big pharma, insurance companies, doctors and more recently big oil and, in particular, BP, just to name a few. If nothing else, it appears to be to divert unflattering attention away from it's own incompetence.

      The POTUS is supposed to be the leader of ALL citizens of the USA. He is supposed to speak for all of us. He is supposed to look out for all of us. He is supposed to follow policies that will benefit all of us as those policies strictly conform to the Constitution of the United States of America.

      As we see above, he is doing none of this.

    12. Carolina Castellanos says:

      I read your publications every day, and I congratulate you on your effort to educate everybody on the right things to do and the wrong turns the Obama administration is making.

      I wanted to comment on something. President Obama is demanding BP a plan to stop the oil leak in the gulf of Mexico. He even gave them 72 hours to present the plan. As far as I understand things…. BP has been trying to stop the leakage since day one. Why do they have to present a plan to President Obama? Isn´t BP a British company? Aren´t they working everyday on different plans to stop it? Wouldn´t it be better to help BP instead of demanding plans? I read an articls where the journalist mentioned that the way a President deals with crisis is more important than the crisis itself, referring to the President´s leadership and image. I have to agree on that. Crisis come and go, but facing them and dealing effectively with them is m ore important, even if the "dealing with" doesn´t produce immediate results. Thanks for you comments on this.

    13. TaterSalad says:

      Very simple: NO!

      Anyone voting for more debt placed on the taxpayers shoulders to burden will loose their jobs for sure! Case closed! Progressive, Republican or Independent………you will be out of a job!

    14. Dennis Social Circle says:

      This has to stop! We as tax payers can not afford any more, we can not afford what has been done. Congress and obama live in a dream world, as a muslim obama has the idea that "guvment" is the answer to all problems in this country, the unions are the answer to his "spread the wealth" just like Ho Chi Min did in Vietnam. The only difference between obama and Ho Chi Min, the latter was open with his direction for that country, COMMUNISM. It is still up for debate on where obama wants to go, SOCIALISM or COMMUNISM. Both suck!!!!

    15. Robin, Florida says:

      I may be wrong, but I have a feeling Obama wants this oil problem (spill) to really keep on going so he can now implement his energy bill……I don't know if it is on purpose or incompetency!!!

    16. Bob H Syosset N.Y. says:

      Regarding more spending as a way out of the financial mess, there an old country saying that goes something like— If you always do what you've always done you will always get what you've always got. Einstein said it better of course—Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

    17. Russ Errett Sebring says:

      ? With the economy in the tank, all the pundits, the left, right and all the ones in between, are exalting

      their cause and solution to the problem. But nothing has stopped the ebb and tide of the economy.

      I guess I will weight in with my opinion. To start with, the ratio between goods and services is

      proportional or relative to technology.

      When the pilgrims first came to this country, they had to grow their own food and build their

      own house. They had little or no food to exchange for a service. While we are talking small, we can

      describe the problem. If the farmer takes the family to a restaurant The only thing the farmer could do is

      to charge the dinner. If the farmer had a little technology and grew more food than he could use then he

      would have something to exchange for his dinner. So the only way to measure the ratio between goods

      and services is debt.

      In theory all debt is bad. But in practice we have to put up with some debt. Is a mortgage really a

      debt? The bank owns the property. As the monthly mortgage payment is made the ownership is

      gradually transferred. Where the debt comes in is when the income is below the requirement for the

      monthly payment. This goes for autos, appliances, etc. Debt for short lived goods like food, vacations

      etc. is bad.. This debt has no collateral.

      In the public sector the spending on service was held to what was affordable, that is until the

      credit card was introduced.. The government sector is a whole different story. The Government as a

      whole is a service industry and is a monopoly. Therefore the cost of government must be added to the

      service of the private sector. The government has grown immensely and getting bigger. How big does

      the government have to get or has gotten to unbalance the ratio of goods and services? Because of the

      huge government debt, I would say that the government is way, way too big. The negative balance of

      trade has some effect on the debt. When the trade is in balance then the income and taxes of the exports

      balances the lack of the income and taxes of the imports. When we have a trade deficit we lose the

      income and taxes of the imports.

      “In economics, the Laffer curve is used to illustrate the idea that increases in the rate of

      taxation do not necessarily increase tax revenue. . Increasing taxes beyond the peak of the curve point

      will decrease tax revenue….” Have we reached this point on the curve?

      The only way to pay down this debt is to reduce the size of government.

      When a politician is elected to office they take an oath to uphold the constitution.

      Once they are elected they think they can do anything without regards to the constitution. Where is the

      judicial branch of government?

    18. Donald Thorin - Glen says:

      The Obama and Congress plan is not a tax and spend activity it is a spend and tax. Congress has to date not submitted a 2011 budget – therefore creating a runaway Federal spending spree and tax to "balance" the incime/outgo of Federeal revenue. This, in close observance has been a substantial part of their agenda. With the aid of the socialistically inclined Executive and Czar ridden appointments has precisely been the goal for some time. We have seen it comming and ignored the forseeable consequences.

    19. Gary says:

      All part of "giving them the wealth, give

      them the dignity," to quote Van Jones. Too bad neither can be given, only earned, by free individuals. Once destroyed, who will save America? Knowing there may be a massive snap back to Constitutional values, the current regime is rushing to cause as much long lasting damage as possible, especially with it's ill conceived faux climate change policies. Hold on to your hats America, we are in for bumpy ride.

    20. Joyce Burkett, Brain says:

      The Progressive/Socialist/Dems in charge of Congress at present, especially those up for re-election (every member of the House ie. Pelosi & Hoyer et al), are simply using the 'rope-a-dope' strategy and will continue to do so throughout the summer & early fall.

      On November 3rd, any that have managed to Rope Their Dopes into beleiving they have "come to their senses" and still find themselves members of Congress will revert to the 'Spend & Tax' Progressives they truly are (as opposed to the Tax & Spend Liberal/Dems of yesteryear).

      We cannot allow any of these phonies to get away with this ploy or things will get very ugly in a big hurry.

    21. D.Clay says:

      I am tired of seeing President Obama on television…and frustrated with Washington cannot help wondering what/why it is taking so long for Americans to support or REPUBLIC.

    22. Katie Conkling says:

      Obama has only added government jobs— what do they do??—Nothing!!

      I'm against all stimulus—if they fail—let them start over –in real time. Unions have too much control—which they use for their political ideas.

    23. Alice in Indianapoli says:

      Is anybody reading this who can help stop this madness? Listening to the people seems to be out of the question for this administration.

    24. West Texan says:

      Obama apparently believes that since the feds print the money there's an endless supply for his spending spree. Does Obama understand the concept of payback? His personal credit must be well overwhelming. Besides not prioritizing worth a hoot, he's fiscally irresponsible and abuses constitutionally limited powers. It's time for "CHANGE"! Let us have "HOPE" that the current congressional leadership and their puppet president join the ranks of the unemployed this November and 2012.

    25. Arnold Fort lauderda says:

      The President is a true Socialist. He believe that spending without any consideration of future generations is fine, The President is a true communitarian thinker, and he invisions a third way for all Americans to Live, This is far from the vision of the Founding Fathers of this Country. We are at a very serious time in history, We need a return to the principles that made this country great, as stated in the Founding Documents.

    26. bigdave ocala fl says:

      This " talking out of both sides of his mouth at the same time" president Knows exactly what he is doing as his only goals are wealth transfers, tax dollars to UNION THUGS who pillaged their UNION PENSIONS, and finally making everyone equally poor and controllable by SQUASHING ANY SORT OF JOBS RECOVERY through taxation and regulation and lying about a so-called RECOVERY when unemployment rolls; even with GOVERNMENT CENSUS TAKER HIRINGS are ACTUALLY AT 20%?!. Now there is a communist or ultra radical in charge of every government department, why do you ignore it? This ENTIRE GOVERNMENT NEEDS A THOROUGH CLEANUP and a complete REVERSAL OF COURSE is in order! Let he liberals MOVE to Venezuella or Cuba or even Mexico. There is not a country in the world which can sustain itself without some form of CAPITALISM, and the more CAPITALISM they have the more SECURE they are!! Washington is planning on REGULATING EVERYTHING…except themselves! TIME TO REGULATE THE REGULATORS, IE, THROW THEM OUT!!!

    27. KC - New Mexico says:

      BO must be playing the old song over and over – the lyrics are "tax the rich and give to the poor, tax the rich till there ain't no more". There comes a time when greater than 50% entitlement just must come to an end. The bailout money is not needed – get with it Congress and BO – November is coming!

    28. GA says:



    29. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      That's right. In 1979, when Chrysler went into the hole the first time, Chrysler repaid its government bailout—–I mean loan. That was when Jimmy Carter was President.

      Now we have Barack Obama as the Second Coming of Jimmy Carter. What do Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter have in common? Jimmy Carter was the first Democratic President from Georgia. Barack Obama's the first black President. Jimmy

      Carter was incompetent and was defeated for re-election. Barack Obama's incompetent and will be defeated for re-election. Jimmy Carter, by the end of his term

      in office, had stagflation. Barack Obama? The jury's still out on that. Jimmy Carter also had high unemployment. Barack Obama has high unemployment. Welcome back, Carter.

    30. Gray_Stroke in the R says:

      You can count on another failure, deeper entrenchment of the entitlement crowd expecting something for nothing from those that persevere; and finally you can count on the POTUS blaming conservatives for this next Keynesian failure.

      And you just know it will still be GW Bush's fault. The intellectually deficient media will never report how this Zirconium POTUS tried under the demands for executive leadership continues to fail under the heat and stress of real world demands and the Zirconium sheen is glazing and crumbling.

      Hope you Hollywood types and other elitist remember how the Politburo treated its media lap dogs, your turn will soon be here.

    31. Jan Rose says:

      Well, Congress has done it again. The Small Business Admin. is the new GSE place for money with taxpayers taking the down side. I know people are crying that business is hurting. Well like my Granmother use to say- "Put on your big girl pants and deal with it." Go to http://www.house.gov/smbiz/PressReleases/2010/pr-1-27-10... and see for yourself.

    32. Carl, ABQ says:

      I disagree and support the President in his efforts.

    33. Glynnda White, Orlan says:

      Good Afternoon Conn

      Just read the article and it's a good one. I don't think however that Steny's evalutation of the situation is a good one or an honest one. I think that they are not experiencing spending or bailout burnout…..they are experiencing a fear of losing their jobs in the next few months…….


    34. Micki-Tamarac, FL says:

      What part of WE ARE BROKE does this POTUS and congress not get?

      we can't afford any more spending and especially on unions. They are going to have to tighten their belts as the rest of us have done. I still have a job for which I am grateful but no raises for three years. I expect that as my employer is having a rough time also. The only ones prospering are government employees and the unions. When are they going to quit giving themselves raises and wake up to the fact that we can't pay anymore to BAIL them out. This includes the Congress and Senate that keep voting to give themselves more money and benifits when the rest of us suffer.

    35. Richie Naples says:

      You just have to ask yourself how they just don't care about anything but there

      agenda. They must realize that they have lied and cheated to put the world in

      trouble with spending and letting the housing market get out of hand. They changed

      the rules that allowed the market and big money do things they couldn't do for

      a hundred years. Now they want to take it over what a joke they don't know how

      just to fix what is broken. We know if the government takes over it will be a mess.

    36. Ron Clark - Dearborn says:

      With regard to the "Government Union Bailout", the notion "over this same period, studies found a correlation between reduced class sizes and student achievement" would strengthen Obama's argument.

      Did you instead mean to say "But over this same period, studies found "NO* correlation between reduced class sizes and student achievement."?

    37. Don Ridinger Pa says:

      Obama just does not get it. He is dooming the dem's in 2010. Nice rhyme, Doom the Dem's in 2 thousand ten….

      Anyhow, I agree with author, this is insanity!

    38. Drew Page, IL says:

      "There he goes again". Mr. Obama is promising to cut Medicare costs, but only after he is given more tax money to prevent pay cuts to doctors taking Medicare patients, which of course part of his hwalth care reform bill that he never bothered to read. Remember, it was only a few months ago when Mr. Obama was going to pay for health care reform by cutting $500 billion from Medicare funding over 10 years. Now he is saying that he is willing to take the difficult steps to cut Medicare costs, but not at the expense of hard working doctors and not at the expense of millions of Americans who rely on Medicare.

      Well Mr. Obama, just exactly what are those difficult steps you are going to take to cut Medicare costs? What benefit cuts will you be proposing? What services, supplies or drugs will no longer be provided? Yeah, yeah, I know, you are going to cut out all the fraud and waste in Medicare. You've had 18 months to do something about all that waste and fraud, what have you done to stop it? Please, be specific, quote some verifiable numbers for us. The only thing I have noticed you have done is to sign legislation giving Medicare recipients a rebate of $250. for prescription drugs theymay have purchased, which Medicare didn't cover. How's that going to reduce Medicare costs? Your health care reform bill also provides for the government paying an increasing amount to Medicare recipients for prescription drugs. How does that reduce Medicare costs?

      Maybe, Mr. Obama, if you would spend a little more time reading what's in the bills you sign, you might not sound so foolish when you comment on things.

    39. Jim Constance says:

      We should begin calling the "bailouts" exactly what they are purchase of union votes. In most cases the bailouts are going to unions that can and will vote for the administration. The latest the Teachers union (school teachers).

    40. Pete Speer says:

      It is time to move beyond Obamacare as a single electoral issue.

      The continuing stream of bailouts have the single purpose of centralizing power in Washington by passing out to the States Other Peoples Money (OPM) in order to assure the reelection of politicians who don't mind giving up the Rights embedded in the Constitution to avoid taxing their constituents to pay for the Duties they have accepted when elected to State and local office.

      Federalism is to be replaced by Provincialism by the Democrats..

      The weakness of Provincialism is shown by the faltering response by the Federal government in monitoring the performance on the oil rigs of that equipment which in working order would have prevented the well failure and the oil spill.. Had that responsibility been left to the states or even a regional body, which would have been well aware of the dangers to the coastal economy, drilling would have been halted and repairs made to the faulty equipment.

      Provincial weakness is further shown after the oil flow started. The President was distant by several levels of Federal bureaucracy from the level of responsible officials. No Federal contingency plan had been written. Only the President would have had the ability to cut through the layers of environmental regulation and free resources for deployment in containing the spill. He was caught in a prison of his own making. The emergency demanded quick and decisive action and an appreciation of the greater good. As a result the environmental and economic damage increased by several orders of magnitude from what would have otherwise been the case..

      Some decades ago Louisiana based ocean going tugs sailed to Europe to respond to a problem there. They went without prodding. The Netherlands offered to send their boom vessels and other ships to control the oil spill. Federal response was lacking.

    41. Jeff,USA says:

      It seems this administration and our president is bent on spending to the demise and downfall of this country…….. .http://www.islamoncapitolhill.com/sponsors.php just thought this was an interesting link,you be the judge.

    42. Jim, Texas says:

      "But over this same period, studies found no correlation between reduced class sizes and student achievement."

      Really? That's a load of crap. But coming from a bunch of people that support the Texas Board of Education's rewrite of history to a political agenda and furthering of a religious indoctrination, I shouldn't be surprised that teachers are the most maligned after the President.

      Uneducated cretins are the best the Conservatives can muster anyway.

    43. Timpclimber Provo, U says:

      There once was a President named Obama

      Who wouldn't do what the people wanta

      He spent and spent without reason

      Piling up the debt in every season

      Until he and his party sank due to November trauma

    44. Margaret Stokely NJ says:

      So, overriding the will of the people, again? NJ just voted NO on giving Teachers a raise, they are paid well enough, especially for the results that we get. We are paying BHO’s campaign cronies off.

    45. Klimax Baltimore Mar says:

      Maybe Obama should donate some of the 5 Million plus he earned last year !! He keeps spending like every working person in the country pays Federal income tax the truth is only 53% of Americans pay taxes the rest are using deductions to avoid paying or their income level is to low or they are illegal aliens (9 Million+) who never pay taxes !!!

    46. Shawn - TX says:

      Some things are meant to sink . . . submarines, lead weights and governments that overstep their “care” for their people. Stop bailing and let it sink! How arrogant can they possibly be? I want the same standards of economic accountability that I am held to on a daily basis applied to business and government. If I make foolish choices and mismanage my stewardship, I am FREE to fail and strong enough because of that freedom to learn from my mistakes, pay for them myself and start over. That standard must be required of our leadership. If they want to provide this level of care for people, let them enter the marketplace and generate true wealth. Stop taking mine and my children’s.

    47. Mary.... WI says:

      Your analogy of the American taxpayer being the governments ATM machine certainly sums it up. If only congress and BO would listen to the American taxpayer pleas to stop spending! Truth is they don’t care where the money comes from…..they just don’t get it.

    48. Richard, Michigan says:

      All this stimulus is just so much heroine being feed to the union members at the front of the line. Tomorrow they will wake up and not feel so good.

    49. Bette Overk, Bridgewater, NJ says:

      He won’t stop until this country is destroyed. The only solution is to get him out of the Whitehouse ASAP !

    50. ONTIME says:

      This man, the UN-Credentialed, is anothing more than a pandering fool who lives on OPM and cannot for the life of him do anything correctly or with conviction. I am really tired of paying off his debts to the unions and government employees so that they will continue to vote for him and his cronies while the private sector is being sucked dry by new taxes and mandates passed illegally by our unrepresentatives.

    51. Drew Page, IL says:

      To KC in New Mexico — I believe the old song you refer to is I'D LOVE TO CHANGE THE WORLD, by Alvin Lee and Ten Years After. I seem to recall lyrics that went something like "I'd love to change the world, but I don't know what to do, so I'll leave it up to you." The lyric you refer to is "Tax the rich, feed the poor, till there are no rich no more."

      I think those lyrics stuck in Mr. Obama's head.

    52. John Wiant, SIlver S says:

      Anyone who watches Glenn Beck on FOX frequently……..is aware of the biggest scandal I've ever heard about, which he now calls "Crime Inc."

      IF Beck is correct, then it's predictable that the out of control spending is intentional and that it is directly related to deliberate plans to "crash the economy." I know: This sounds foolish and outrageous……how could anyone / much less the President, have such goals? Glenn Beck essentially answers that with one word: PROGRESSIVE. Those in public office (or in any organization and/or in the Media, etc.) who clearly defend or to be a part of a Progressive ideology are potentially (and not so covertly at this point) motivated to create a replacement for Capitalism. That could be: Socialism, Marxism, or even Communism. What is clear is, these people are not only ignoring the financial experts, and phrases like, "This is UN-Sustainable" (spending) …..but are actually spending more and more / faster and faster. Perhaps they KNOW they're going to lose in November AND in 2012? OR: Perhaps they think they can crash the U.S. economy even before that and thereby cause such a series of catastrophes they will be able to retain power, in an effort to "squash" the emergencies THEY created………? Scary possibilities………

    53. Ron, Albuqueruque says:

      The article title is absolutely correct, however, you must find a Democrat or RINO that is willing to care about destruction of America to vote against another bailout!

      If you look at the situation, Europe is turning their spending around while we are sending our through the roof, there is some kind of something going on and it won't be good for the US! Given this adminstration.

    54. ChuckL says:

      This sure sounds like the OBAMACARE bail and law is just a falsification of the actual costs created for the sole purpose of deceiving the CBO to obtain a positive analysis from them. If any of us did the same with a financial report to a bank when seeking a loan, we would be jailed for FRAUD.

      I see no difference, and every person who voted for OBAMACARE should be jailed.

      OBAMACARE, needs to be repealed and the best way is to follow the example of the XXI Amendment as far as the wording goes.

      "OBAMACARE (here insert the correct title of the legislation) is hereby repealed."

      We are going to have to do this for each and every law that is not in compliance with Article 1, Section 8, of the Constitution.

      Then as it is clear that the Justices of the Supreme Court are unable to understand the clear wording of the Constitution and the Amendments, we will have to provide legislation that clarifies each item and possibly each word. We must prevent the definition of a word from being changed from one clause to another, by the Justices for the purpose of justifying their desired outcome.

    55. Mamooska, Minnesota says:

      Why do the Liberals always say they will have to get rid of "firemen, teachers, or policemen?"

      What about the license bureau?

      The tax department?

      The water police?

      The inspections department?

      The librarians?

      The welfare workers?

      The city workers?

      The road crews?

      The OSHA crew?

      The AFC, AIOA, AHRQ,USDA,PHI,AMICC,AFFC,BPA,BBG,BATFE,BHS,BEA,BIA,BLM,BISBPD,BILA,BJS,BLS,BP,BTS,CNPP,CDC,CENTCOM,CAOO,CFOO, EC, ETC, ETC. There are thousands and thousands and thousands of government departments that cuts can be made in without cutting any vital services. Just Google Government Agencies if you want to see the ridiculous amount of government agencies that you couldn't even dream up in your wildest imagination. Those are where the cuts should be made. And as far as the teachers go, quit your freaking whining. My daughter goes to school for 6 hours a day. That means the teacher are working 6 hour days. They get every summer off. They get every Holiday off. They get every weekend off. And they get a very decent salary and awesome benefits. Isn't it about time they start appreciating what they have? Coming from someone who has been unemployed for more than 2 years (and not getting one red penny of unemployment- lost our jobs, our business and our house), be happy that you have a job. Isn't it about time that the government workers start taking cuts, too? How about a 10% across the board? Every state and federal worker. All new workers will be hired at new wages that are equal to private sector jobs with their benefits included in that equation. No more retiring at 50. Work until you're 65 like everyone else.


    56. ChrisRas says:


    57. T Kulcsar says:

      Please don't believe a word any of the Demo's say, heck for that matter don't believe a lot of what the republicans say, look at G.W., his 2nd term he did a 180.But we as true AMERICANS has to get out and vote,not just the people that think they are going to get something for free,and our kids that they have brain washed by the commies that are running our education system.

    58. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      HF Brilliant advice to Obama for the day –

      "There is a way out of this deficit nightmare: stop spending."

      There it is –



    59. Bobbie Jo says:

      plain and simple. the government holds irresponsibility, no accountability, can't budget TAX PAYERS MONEY AND NOW GOVERNMENT SACRIFICES! The part of "we" obama NEVER REFERS TO!

      Suffer the consequences you laid on yourselves! cut government services as no state should contemplate police, fire, or any other emergency entity, while some people benefit from "special interests!" get rid of special interests that aren't the interests of all! Get rid of "government welfare" words of weakness.

    60. Donald Gaines, Al. says:

      I am for another bail out but it must be specific to bail the O-Hitler’s out of America with a no Return ever stipulation. Any such attempt would be met with imprisonment until each of them reaches 150 years old. No Reprieve Ever.

    61. Dan Ruble says:

      It's time to tell the government to go pound salt, take away their checkbook, and cut up the credit cards! This government has lost all moral authority as it burdens us and our children with unmanageable debt.

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    63. Larry Boyd Marietta says:


    64. Pingback: Indymedia Barcelona: Zhibin Gu: roots of China's Communist … | World Politics

    65. Charles Shaver, West says:

      Perhaps the President has favorably received my suggestion to have the IRS tax corporations as the rightful/responsible 'individuals' the U.S. Supreme Court says they are, now, in consideration of the equal rights, protections and status mandated by common law, constitutional law and prudent reason. The extra revenues could easily help reduce the deficit.

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    70. Tom, Pennsylvania says:

      State union workers and teachers in most states dominated with the ever greedy teacher's unions have wrecked havoc on state budgets and local school boards. Additionally, Politicians have given into big labor for their votes and campaign contributions. Politicians are ignoring hard working Americans who are fed up with the entitlement attitude. It is time for these unions to face the fact that governments and schools must become lean and mean just like any other business or household on a budget.

      Bailing out states and local school boards to reward their union masters is not the way to go. It is time to start making the tough choices just like everyone else. Just look at what the powerful labor unions in Europe have done to those countries. They have made a bunch of spoiled brats who get what they want or begin violent demonstrations. We are next on the world stage of bankruptcy unless we stop all these senseless bailouts and let the chips fall where they may.

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    72. Lola Sullivan says:

      Obama is Muslim through and through and doesn't give two hoots in hell what happens to this country. As long as he is president we are going to keep going downhill,if you all notice the pace just keeps getting faster and faster.

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