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  • Forever May It Wave!

    Today is Flag Day. On this day in 1777, amidst a desperate war for American independence, the delegates to the Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia adopted the “Stars and Stripes” as the official flag of the newly emerging American nation. According to the adopted resolution: “White signifies Purity and Innocence; Red, Hardiness and Valor; and Blue, Vigilance, Perseverance and Justice.” These colors would be organized into 13 alternating red and white stripes and 13 white stars in a field of blue, symbolizing the unity of the thirteen colonies and the American people’s struggle for their inalienable rights.

    Since Betsy Ross legendarily stitched the first banner, the American flag continues to inspire each generation. Throughout the War for Independence, American patriots fought and died under that flag in order to secure their rights and the blessings of liberty that had been so boldly proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence. It was the sight of that “star-spangled banner” during the War of 1812 that inspired Francis Scott Key to pen the American National Anthem. Today, our service men and women continue to fight and die under “Old Glory” in defense of Americans’ right to self-government.

    The idea of human liberty and its political corollary – the principle of self-government, or sovereignty – is not only applicable to Americans. Rather it is a universal principle applicable to all peoples. Thomas Paine famously observed that “the cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind.”
    But this cause is contested today both domestically and internationally. Domestically the Progressives reject America’s first principles and constitutional checks and balances.

    Abroad, tyrants and terrorists try to extinguish Lady Liberty’s flame. American sovereignty is also increasingly threatened by international institutions that have little respect for the Rule of Law and self-government.

    The ideals of America’s founding are timeless. And yet the cause of Freedom is never complete, but requires eternal vigilance. Not only the cloth and colors of the flag must endure, but the liberty it represents must not perish from the earth. In the words of the National Anthem:

    O! say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

    On this symbolic day, not only Americans, but free people everywhere should pause to ponder the meaning of this red, white, and blue flag.

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    11 Responses to Forever May It Wave!

    1. Jeremiah, Jacksonvil says:

      What does the American Flag mean to me? That could take a while. What it mostly represents for me is the continued struggle of a people to be free and the continued price of blood that is constantly paid to maintain that freedom and liberty. We, as citizens, far too often dismiss the flag as just a symbol of our country, and identifier, when it is so much more. It stands for our freedom, but it also stands for our responsibility as citizens of this country to respect and honor our founders and the principles that they set in place for our continued prosperity. It means so many things, but mostly the flag stands for what is most cherished and most sacred about our country and our heritage as a nation.

    2. Ginger, New York says:

      The American flag stands for the republic I love with all my heart: The United States of America!

    3. Gina, Alexandria, VA says:

      I am a 1st generation American. My mother fondly recalls how I carried a little U.S. flag wherever I went from the time I learned to walk. Evidently, after learning how to say "mom" and "dad", I learned to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Whenever I saw the flag, I stopped to recite the pledge. Regardless of whether it was a bucket of flags in displayed outside of a hardware store or a flag carried in a parade, I stood at attention to make my pledge. I was 3 years old when my father was naturalized — I was present in the Federal Court House in Philadelphia. My mother recalls that upon seeing the little flag on a desk, I immediately placed my hand over my heart and pledged my allegiance. The lawyers and clerks who were present, were so astounded by the resolute, tiny, 3 year old that they placed me on top of the desk in the center of the room and asked me to recite the pledge again so that everyone in the Court House could hear it. My immigrant family raised me to respect the flag

      A little more than 2 decades passed. Then, I stood in front of a flag once again, this time, taking my oath as a U.S. Naval officer, swearing to uphold and defend the Constitution. I have had the honor of presenting the flag to my military friends at their retirement ceremonies, and drying my tears when it coverd the caskets of my dear friends who died to preserve the freedom the flag represents. For me, it represents the circle of life, eternal hope, and unparalleled freedom.

    4. Colleen Kayter, Sant says:

      No matter where you go in the world, you mention "America" and it immediately brings to mind "freedom." America is not just a place, but an idea and an ideal. Our flag represents that ideal.

      Some people believe we've abused our freedom to choose and I cannot disagree that in our society, there are too many examples of lacking self-discipline and personal responsibility. But our flag is a visual symbol and reminder to all of us that we are given that freedom to choose. It is up to each of us to exercise the SELF-discipline and personal responsibility that our founding fathers expected would always be present so we could govern ourselves and be governed lightly by others.

      Regardless of one's viewpoint, principals, and the issues about which we may not agree, we must always defend the right of every citizen to speak out, to express themselves, to make their own choices. Whether on a battlefield or a website, in defending every American's freedom, we honor our nation, our flag, and all those who have fought and sacrificed for us.

    5. Jim, Braselton, Ga says:

      What does it mean? Our flag flying high every day means we continue to have life, liberty and to pursue happiness and those who fought for those things did not fight in vain nor is their sacrifice for naught. It means we are still Americans and those of us who have served her can hold our heads up high and know we served the greatest nation on earth. It means that even though there are those who would attempt to destroy her either from without or from within, there are still those who will stand and give all to keep her flying. To die for one's country is an easy thing. More difficult is to live for one' country. Let your actions teach rather than your words.

    6. Gary, N. California( says:

      It stands for sacrifice, pride, strength, freedom, unity, religious beliefs and community among many other things. I always remember the sacrifices our founding citizens(I include the women), and all of our troops when I see the flag. I am reminded of the conservative founding principles which the country was founded on, and which we should never take for granted. God Bless America.

    7. Bobbie Jo says:

      It's too bad we don't have a government that represents what the flag stands for!

      WE the people, can make it happen!

    8. Bobbie Jo says:

      It's too bad America didn't have a government that represents what her flag stands for!

      WE the people, can make it happen!

    9. Wallace Peeler Alexa says:

      As a world war two vet. it brings tears to my eyes to see what. is being done to our flag. Replaceing our flag with other nations flag in some places is just to much. May God help us all.

    10. Carolyn Smith says:

      I was moved to tears as I watched and heard the renditions of the Star Spangled Banner. One reason was the contemplation of our beautiful country's founding, and the other reason was upon realizing that we have watched too many generations of children grow up without our educating them to these facts. Alas, facts cannot be enumerated without the passion and love in the parents' and teachers' hearts. We have too many people walking around in liberty with no relationship with it. I wish that the Heritage Foundation's articles could be in every public school's curriculum. Thank you for all that you do for the cause of liberty. Thank you for reminding me once again in this busy, demanding world that one of God's greatest gifts to me is to live in America.

    11. Marjorie Hoover, SC says:

      When did hearing the National Anthem stop causing chill bumps up and down our spines? When did seeing the US flag flying high in front of a state capital stop being a feeling of pride that was heart felt?

      Growing up as an Lt. Colonel's daughter in the United States Air Force was quite an experience. I loved going to the Air Force base and seeing everyone in their uniforms, and watching all the salutes that my father received because of his rank. I am so proud to be a part of family that honored this country by serving it in our military. And because of that heritage, I have a strong sense of pride each time I see our beautiful flag and thank God for the freedoms that we have as Americans. This past fall, I was at our state fair, and was walking around with a group of friends when over the loud speaker, they announced that the fair would be begin with the National Anthem. I looked until I found the flag flying high above the fair. Even though I was standing in the middle of the walkway, I stopped and placed my hand over my heart and listened to our National Anthem. Many people continued to walk past, talking and laughing, seeming totally oblivious to the ceremony that was taking place. Tears were streaming down my face by the time it was over. I am so thankful to be a part of such a wonderful heritage and will continue to thank God for all the brave men and women who are stationed all over the world, yet, who will also stop and do the same thing when they hear our National Anthem and see the US flag! For so many of us, the chill bumps and pride will never stop. May God bless the USA!

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