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  • Wherever Did You Get That Idea?

    All across America, on web sites and among social networking groups, sports fans are playing in fantasy baseball leagues. Even Major League Baseball operates a particularly sophisticated site that allows participants to draft players and create their own rosters, all to compete against other fans. The goal is to demonstrate skill in assessing the attributes and predicting the performances of athletes. Harmless fun. Now it’s come to light that a group of male students at Landon School, an upscale Maryland college prep academy, created their own fantasy sex league last fall. Not harmless at all.

    First of all, the online sport was all too real. The participating ninth grade boys reportedly posted information and constructed their “draft” using ninth grade girls from other area prep schools. They posted nasty, sexually oriented comments about each of nine girls on the web site. The intention was to begin a round of parties over last Labor Day Weekend to which the girls would be invited. The participating Landon students would then try to obtain sexual favors from the girls and track and tally their results in order to determine the sex league champion.

    Maureen Dowd of The New York Times surfaced the story (school officials stepped in and suspended several of the male students but state that disciplinary records are confidential) and called for a “curriculum overhaul” at the school. “Young men everywhere,” she wrote, “must be taught, beyond platitudes, that young women are not prey.” The Landon School administration stated that it has “an extensive ethics and character education” program that includes “civility toward women.”

    But something deeper than “incivility” was at work in this incident. The notion that teenagers can and should be taught to engage in whatever sexual explorations suit them is widespread, and in fact this message is heavily subsidized by government programs and policies. Abstinence programs, the best of which are effective and more properly understood as programs designed to instill real character and true civility, are derided by entities that receive the lion’s share of public funding.

    The appalling antics of rising freshmen at one prep school are a reflection of appalling advice from many adults who think nothing of having their own fantasies about a national “Petting Project” or teaching kids multiple ways to use others for sexual gratification. The good news is that for anyone genuinely seeking the kind of curriculum overhaul Dowd recommends has a number of very good – even fantastic – options.

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    5 Responses to Wherever Did You Get That Idea?

    1. Jack says:

      This story is appalling. Not because of the boys actions, but how this has played out in the national media. I was just forwarded an official email from Landon's headmaster from a friend that graduated from Landon years ago. It turns out that these kids were more than adequately punished. Not only were they suspended for a week, but they also had to attend extensive counseling sessions over the course of the year. That seems pretty fair to me. Kids make mistakes, and it's important that they learn from them.

      The reality is Maureen Dowd is on a witch hunt. Every all male organization in America has a target on their back. The reality is that teenagers make mistakes, and the sexual fantasies of three fourteen year old boys should not be brought up in national media. Did anything happen with these girls at the party? No. Were the actions of these adolescent males morally apprehensible? Yes. However, this behavior is actually pretty common amongst teenage boys. Heck, men think of sex multiple times a minute.

      The harsh reality is that boys sometimes will be boys. While wrong, this is true because we are humans, and it is hard to escape human nature. Maureen Dowd's witch hunt of an opinion piece exposes that she is equally ignorant of how to treat the opposite sex as the three teenage boys she exposed in her column.

      What's next? Is she going to lead a crusade against "spin the bottle" or truth or dare?

    2. Brian, Greensboro, N says:

      Is it any wonder that children and young adults think this way given the leadership of our educational institutions? Have you ever visited Columbia University's Health Q&A service for students? Take a gander here: http://goaskalice.com/, it will send chills down your spine if you have any sort of moral decency.

      Paid for with (I'm sure) at least some of your tax dollars. God have mercy on us all.

    3. Billie says:

      Obama suggested teaching boys how to do something that, I would think wouldn't need to be taught? What business government intervenes itself in this personal area, is why it's a disaster.

      This is so disappointing in the youth of today. The value of humanity has lessened below value itself. Social indoctrination. Disrespect is paramount. Disrespect for girls/women is getting worse then ever.

    4. Billie says:

      I know this is a private school, but social influence rules and the school (unlike public) is holding accountable those who are. Government schools holds the taxpayers accountable.

    5. Billie says:

      holds the taxpayers accountable to the expense…

      sorry about that…

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