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  • NEW VIDEO: Federal Spending By The Numbers

    Did you know that the federal government spent $2.6 million training Chinese prostitutes to drink more responsibly? Were you aware that Washington is on track to spend $30,543 per household in 2010? What about a recent audit that classified nearly half of all purchases on government credit cards as improper, fraudulent, or embezzled?

    The federal government is addicted to spending our money and can’t seem to kick the habit. Heritage scholar Brian Reidl has released a new paper chronicling all this spending. Our latest video highlights just some of the startling figures he uncovered and makes the case that we must get government spending under control if we want to restore America’s fiscal health.

    Please take a moment to watch our video and share it with friends and family. America needs to know the scope of the problems we face.

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    22 Responses to NEW VIDEO: Federal Spending By The Numbers

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    4. Shayla, Kansas says:

      Where did you get the fugures? Is there a site that has all of the expenditures/federal spending listed?

    5. Shayla, Kansas says:

      That should be "figures" above. =)

    6. Jackie, Chicago the says:

      I can't say that I'm a bit surprised. As a matter of fact, this is what I expect from our government. They love to spend other people's money, but never consider other people's pain.

      The United States Governmant Motto: CHA-CHING!!

    7. Richard Sandmeyer says:

      There comes a time when our elected officials in Washington and in the states must recognize when circumstances (largely of their own creation) dictate a microscopic level of budgetary review before a budget is allowed to be put in place. Ridiculous spending like the kinds shown here must stop and now! No budget should be allowed to go into effect with foolish items like these in it.

      The electorate must ask more and better questions of those seeking to obtain or retain their their elected posts, and put those in place who have the political will to act as wise stewards of the public purse strings and not just spend thrifts of others hard earned dollars.

    8. Laffin Atya says:

      -Cut the military budget by at least half.

      -Put the Bush admin. on trial for crimes against humanity.

      -End corporate lobbying of elected officials.

      -Stop fukkin with other countries.

      -Allow real journalism access to major media outlets.

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    11. Clarence De Barrows says:


    12. tacamojo, oklahoma says:

      Well don't leave me in suspense….did the chinese hookers learn to drink more responsibly? If so, is it safe for our politicians to go to China on a junket?? Inquiring minds want to know!

    13. Harry Factor Colorad says:

      Stop "All" Government spending except for National Defense until we are solvent!

      Congressman/Senators cannot spend Taxpayers dollars for anything unless approved by Taxpayers, period!

    14. Tracy, CA says:

      The federal deficit is at 90% of the GDP and climbing. We've passed the point of no return, so I think the Government is trying to cash out as much as it can before hyper inflation sets in, and the dollar goes to dogs.

    15. Robin Florida says:

      Can someone stop the president from taking over our country! And the people of the United States Of America will vote out the bums and that includes the president or so called that which he does not deserve that title? He as pushed to destroy our country and is not relenting??? So too the president I say DO YOU HEAR US YET?

    16. James, Ontario, Cana says:

      Their spending habits make quitting cigarettes look easy……….

    17. Andy, Ohio says:

      This is the type of spending that we get when congressmen and senators pass a budget or a bill that is thousands of pages long. You know damn well they didn't read enough of it to pass a simple pop quiz on what it contains or where they are spending the money.

    18. Julia R. Ricker says:

      Lately I have seen many people write comments or post videos stating the U.S. Postal service as being one of the Governments waste of taxpayer dollars. I need to make this clear that the U.S. Postal service is in no way subsidized by taxpaper dollars! This used to be the case years ago until they became a seperate entity. Please correct this, The U.S. Postal service just like any other company does not need or appriciate false publicity at this fragile time.


      Julia R. Ricker

      U.S. Postal Service, RCA

    19. Michael l says:

      I believe an immediate halt to government spending, except essential services. All employees are on vacation pending an audit of every single department in the federal government by an independent agency. After the audit has been reviewed – it is published so that all Americans can see where we are at – financially – exactly and what ways we will proceed to solve the problems that face us. After all that, each department will be able to call back employees depending upon how there department audit turned out, what monies are available, etc. Congress will not be able to 'vote' more funds to solve the problems (raise the debt ceiling) No taxes will be raised in this process. The budget can and will have to be balanced by strictly following the specific budget for each department.

    20. Troy, Reno Nv says:

      I love the video!!

      Great job, Heritage!!

      Give us more.

      I would love to start making some videos like these, myself!!

    21. AL BAXTER, RANCHO P. says:




    22. AL BAXTER, 26920 IND says:


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