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  • Failed EPA Votes Undermines Economy

    President Obama and EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson

    United States Senators went on record this afternoon and the result was unfortunate.  53 Senators voted against a resolution offered by Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) that would have disapproved of the Environmental Protection Agency’s backdoor global warming regulations.  Today’s outcome was a victory for anti-growth environmentalists, but a devastating loss for the American people.

    The EPA’s regulations will marginalize any potential economic recovery by making investment and job creation more expensive.  Why?  Because the costs of regulation are staggering.  The EPA estimates the average permit will cost applicants $125,000 and 866 hours of labor.  Some businesses will simply close.  The lucky ones will move overseas, cancel expansion plans and just lower wages.  All of those are bad options considering the American economy has lost nearly 8 million jobs over the past 30 months.

    Despite the outcome of today’s vote, many liberals recognize the EPA cannot be left to its own devices, which means there will be other, more subtle efforts to limit the EPA’s regulatory dragnet.

    Chief among them is a proposal offered by Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV).  His proposal would simply delay the implementation of the EPA’s regulation.  Delaying these destructive regulations is not inherently bad, but it does not address the fact that bad regulations are indeed coming.  It creates regulatory uncertainty is bad for the economy and bad for the American people.

    According to Greenwire (subscription required), Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) promised the Senate would vote on Rockefeller’s proposal before the elections.  The article implied Reid’s promise was designed to prevent the Murkowski resolution from passing.

    Another potential alteration of the EPA’s regulatory scheme comes from Senators Tom Carper (D-DE) and Robert Casey (D-PA), both of whom voted against Senator Murkowski’s resolution.  Their approach is rumored to “protect” small businesses while focusing the economic pain on only the biggest emitters.  Any student of economics knows those so-called “big emitters” will pass those costs along businesses and families.  Even worse, the plan would only “protect” the little guy until 2016.

    While those two policy prescriptions are misguided, the real danger is that Senators will use this failure as an excuse to move forward legislatively on a cap-and-trade scheme or renewable electricity mandate.  A Heritage analysis found that the House-passed global warming bill would destroy 2.5 million jobs and $9.4 trillion in economic growth.  Similarly, an analysis of a renewable electricity mandate would reduce employment by more than 1 million jobs, add to our national debt and undermine our quality of life.

    By voting against the Murkowski resolution, Senators have failed to address the primary concern of Americans—the economy.

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    11 Responses to Failed EPA Votes Undermines Economy

    1. Billie says:


    2. Billie says:

      they're provoking anger!

    3. Barbara Frances Delo says:

      President Obama seems intent on creating jobs of regulation to replace jobs of creation. THIS MAKES NO ECONOMIC SENSE! It does not lead to a healthy economy or make us a competitive in the global marketplace.

    4. Bill, Charleston WV says:

      This is another reason why the 2010 election is so important. The resolution can be resubmitted and passed in both houses if both houses obtain Republican majorities. Of course, Obama can and will veto the bill because his ideology trumps the will of the people but there is always 2012.

    5. Sue Fitchett says:

      'By voting against the Murkowski resolution, Senators have failed to address the primary concern of Americans—the economy'

      Case and Point. If the Senators talked with the people in his or her State and explained what the implactions were,they would have told their Senator to vote against the EPA. The Senators we have,too busy wanting Their own way,making deals…(if you vote for this,I'll vote for that and if you'll vote My way,I'll make sure You have a better job if you're ousted from your seat.) could care Less what the People want. Congress is out of hand. They are deaf to the voice of justice and consanguinity. Note to Congress…July 4,1776, funny how history has a way of repeating itself.

    6. david,newnan says:

      Obama continues to steal AMERICANS' FREEDOMS and crush capitalism.. What a Marxist.

    7. Sue Fitchett says:

      When the price at the pumps are Sky High…Blame the Democrates.

      When your Power Bill comes in and you don't have enough money to pay it..Blame the Democrates.


      When yet More jobs are lost..,Blame the Democrates.

      When our national debt is more than we can pay…Blame the Democrates.

      They had their chance to make it right but…they seem to know better than you.

      Note to Democrates…You can Run but you can't Hide.

    8. burl traylor says:

      why take it to court? the courts are just as liberal as the robots for the treehuggers.

      i love to hunt, fish, and the outdoors as much as anyone. but i have enough common sense to have mankind win against some animal that doesn't make any difference.

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    10. Clearhead -- U.S.S.O says:

      American "democracy" is fading fast because of the one-two-three punch: 1. We have no congressional representation for the majority of our citizens. 2. Our Constitution has been all but destroyed. 3. There is a wanna-be despot occupying the office of The President Of The United States. The solution? This has happened in the past to other democracies. Some have survived. Go figure. God help us.

    11. bornintheUSA says:

      The current situation in America is unbelieveable. When in the eighth grade I raised my hand in history class and asked "how did these countries come under comunist rule?" My teacher said they lied to the people and the poeple voted them in.Wow! I had no idea the common person in America would ever be this dumb. Ignorance is celabrated these days with our youth and they're TV shows. Music, etc…..Wake up you guys! Its our last chance to stop this. They don't call it comunism anymore they call themselves democrats!!!!!!!PRAY HARD………..

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