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  • Iran Warns Against U.N. Sanctions, Seeks to Divert Attention to Israel

    As the U.N. Security Council finally prepares to vote on the long-awaited Iran sanctions resolution, Tehran has escalated its efforts to undermine sanctions efforts.  President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warned today that if a fourth round of sanctions is imposed, Iran will drop its nuclear fuel swap deal with Brazil and Turkey and rule out future talks on the nuclear issue.  Ahmadinejad whined: “I have said that the US government and its allies are mistaken if they think they can brandish the stick of resolution and then sit down to talk with us, such a thing will not happen.”

    Western diplomats hope that the Iran sanctions resolution finally will be approved this week, after more than five months of negotiations.  Brazil, Lebanon and Turkey are expected to oppose sanctions but probably will not be able to garner enough support to block them.  Brazil and Turkey teamed up last month to help Iran undermine the push for sanctions by reaching a cosmetic deal with Tehran that involved swapping some of Iran’s enriched uranium stockpile for fuel rods for the Tehran research reactor, but failed to address the core issues related to Iran’s nuclear defiance.

    The Obama administration’s push for U.N. sanctions has included classified intelligence briefings for foreign leaders that indicate Iran has revived efforts to design nuclear weapons that U.S. intelligence agencies previously had concluded it had suspended.  An article in today’s New York Times quoted a senior U.S. official who said the briefings “made the point that the Iranians are doing both dual-use research and some things that you can explain only by an interest in nuclear weapons.”

    The briefings, based in part on new information gleaned from a scientist who defected from Iran’s nuclear program, are a tacit admission that the much-criticized 2007 National Intelligence Estimate on Iran’s nuclear efforts reached the wrong conclusion.  Many congressional leaders, including Congressman Pete Hoekstra, have called for an independent review of the flawed 2007 NIE. The Obama Administration was slated to unveil the conclusions of a new NIE on Iran’s nuclear efforts this spring, but mysteriously delayed its release.

    Meanwhile, Tehran also seeks to exacerbate the international tensions surrounding last week’s clash between the violent “peace activists” and Israeli soldiers maintaining an arms embargo against Hamas-controlled Gaza.  Ali Shirazi, the personal representative of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, pledged that Iran would send Revolutionary Guards to escort future Gaza aid convoys.  This threat, if carried out, surely would provoke another spasm of violence that would benefit Tehran by distracting international attention from its nuclear weapons program.

    President Ahmadinejad today ominously chimed in that Israel’s interception of the convoy had started a “countdown to its destruction.”  Since Iran already has ballistic missiles that can target Israel and it gets closer every day to building a nuclear warhead for those missiles, Ahmadinejad’s belligerence is increasingly difficult to ignore.

    For more publications and links, see: Iran.

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    3 Responses to Iran Warns Against U.N. Sanctions, Seeks to Divert Attention to Israel

    1. G Rome Laguna Niguel says:

      Enough with the threat of sanctions. This has been an ongoing and diplomatic way to deal with international tics for many decades. The concept of sanctions assume that by isolating the government of a specific state, it will cause the people of such state to rise up and usurp their current leaders. It is evident that sanctions fail, and do nothing more than harm the common people.

      There was a time when Iran was obviously sponsored by the USSR, then Russia, and then Russia and China. The Cold War held Iran as the USSR's pawn against the West, while China was still trying to figure out its groundwork to become a global power, and thus demurred in most Security Council decisions. The recent expansion of the Chinese economy, concurrent with Russia's attempted seizure of Eurasian oil and natural gas reserves and delivery systems, caused both of these nations to hold Iran in some esteem.

      Within the last few months, Iran overplayed its weak hand. With its ham-handed and usual response to international concern, Iran gave the finger to the international community in its pursuit of nuclear refining. Iran then struck a deal to mitigate the concerns of the world by suggesting that it would send its nuclear raw material to another emerging nation to be processed and returned so that it could be properly used for medical and municipal benefits. Apparently Russia no longer needed Iran as an ally or business partner, and China is likely thinking that they can control the flow of energy by the collapse of Western economies. Iran is now orphaned.

      Enter the new chaos in the Middle East, with Israel once again being the knave. The incident with the flotillas has provided Iran with a new incarnation of being the foremost dissident against Western control and aggression, as well as being the martyr in facing new sanctions imposed by the International Community. Iran is the one sending relief supplies to the contested Gaza territory. Iran is the champion of the "little guy."

      Iran is promoting a war, and using Israel to divide the rest of the world, to forge a new scenario where nations align on one side or another without a common cause, but for common desires. These are the seeds of another World War, commiserate to the desires of both sides in prior World Wars. Hope that the nations do not buy in to this subterfuge and machination. Hope that the use of sanctions are understood as useless, and that isolation is utilized to negate the rattle for war that Iran constantly employs. Hope that the United Nations acts as a truly International Body and considers all nations as possible targets of such perverse machinations, and that the only war we all have to fight is that of a global economy in shambles.

      Then again, that was the foundation of the Second World War, wasn't it? Perhaps history is repeating itself. Hopefully, our leaders across the globe can recognize that.

    2. Lonnie Shaer says:

      It is apparently time for the civilized world to neutralize Iran's nuclear program.

    3. Jim , Ohio says:

      He'll probably run for U.S. Presedency in 2012, and the liberals would vote for him.

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