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  • Fun in the Sun at Biden’s Beach Party

    What does Vice President Joe Biden do on a hot summer day in Washington, DC, while a major environmental disaster has left the Gulf of Mexico in ruin?

    Host a beach party for journalists at his house, of course! And go ahead and get the Democratic National Committee to pay for it, too. With squirt guns, watermelon, and the Vice President himself, sliding down a waterslide, how could he go wrong? (Nevermind the oil spill! Let’s get some sun!)

    The party held last Friday underscores a troubling trend in the Obama administration – an insensitivity to the world around them and a lack of seriousness devoted to the task at hand.

    Take President Obama’s decision to play a round of golf when he was unable to attend the funeral service for Polish President Lech Kaczynski. Or his decision to skip-out on Memorial Day services at Arlington National Cemetery, only to return to Washington for a private performance by Paul McCartney. And now Vice President Biden hosts a party with the press, followed on Sunday by a private concert at Ford’s Theater with President Obama and Lionel Richie, Kelly Clarkson and George Lopez.

    Despite the coterie of reporters in attendance (CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and Ed Henry, The New York Times’ David Sanger, NBC White House correspondent Savannah Guthrie, and The Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder), news from the “on-the-record” event was relatively limited. What coverage came out of the party? Video of Vice President Biden sliding feet first down a waterslide, video of Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel – a former member of the Israel Defense Force – wielding a Super Soaker at reporter Ambinder, and photos of the gala, all posted on Twitter.

    The limited commentary on the event has focused on the (im)propriety of journalists cozying-up to the people they’re charged with covering objectively. And that’s certainly an important, relevant point. But another crucial point is that the lighthearted summerfest occurred in the midst of an oil spill of disastrous proportions.

    In one such report, The Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder noted of Vice President Biden’s party that “[T]he event was paid for by the Democratic National Committee, not by taxpayers. There was no additional Secret Service presence needed, so I don’t think the afternoon produced any hidden costs to the government.”

    Unless, of course, that cost is a Vice President not on the job or an administration that doesn’t take the task of governing seriously.

    Perhaps the president sees himself as a cultural leader of America and must embrace that role. Or perhaps he’s unaware of the gravity of the public policy challenges that face the country.

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    9 Responses to Fun in the Sun at Biden’s Beach Party

    1. Robert Collester, Cr says:

      I agree that the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill has been handled badly by both BP and our Federal Governments response, but come on. Do you really expect the Vice President or President or any other citizen to sit around in sack cloth and ashes crying "oh woe is us" until the clean up is finished? What is wrong with people going about their normal business and daily lives? Mr. Brownfield, have you suspended all festivities in your life until this disaster is fully behind us? If you believe that all "fun in the sun" should be postponed until there are no more calamitys or disasters in our country then we are going to become a very pale skinned people.

      I have heard a lot of people as of late describing the President and Vice Presidents actions as lacking. They may very well may be, but, we have to remember their positions are administrative positions. Do we or you or anyone really expect to see these men down in the gulf soaking up the oil in sponges personally? If you believe that should be their response then I suggest that you and I and everyone should put down the tools of our daily vocations as well and travel south and pick up some sponges.

      However, I'm sure that this event won't interfere with your happy hour socializing. Or, should happy hour be suspended until all the oil is soaked up and all the animals and beaches returned to their prestine conditions as well?

      Signed, A concerned Conservative

    2. Jim, Avon, IN says:

      Reminds me of the old saying, "While Rome burned, Nero fiddled" These guys take the cake!

    3. GSM says:


      Don't forget the President's new show of emotion…laden with profanity ("kick ass"), a message that was no doubt written by the man-boys managing the messages coming from the most powerful leader in the world… why do I say man-boys?

      Well, consider this:


      Someone should have told those guys that BP was an oil disaster, not beer pong. Keep working hard kids.

      Now don't get me wrong, it's not that the President can fix the problem, that's expecting too much of government. But being the President requires leadership, and this spate of juvenile-jackassery is not Presidential. But that's what you get when you elect a man based on his personality and speech giving ability, a White House filled with reality tv stars and inexperienced personalities (See e.g. Kumar, and some Maxim model, and these two beer pong playing morons).

      Should I even ask…where is the MSM? Where is Kanye? Someone in the media should try and get a quote from Kanye's agent, that would be funny.

    4. Rosemary Mariotti, S says:

      Wonder what the left wing main stream media would have done to Bush, and or Cheney if they pulled this beach party stupidity with all the horror going on in our country. Let's face it America, Obama, Joe Biden and the rest of this corrupt government could care less about America. It's all Bush's fault not matter how long they are in charge, What a change we got. All you idiots that voted for it, how's it working for you? Explain it to your Grandchildren.

    5. Rosemary Mariotti, S says:

      What would have the main stream media done to Bush if this stupidity was on his watch. With all the devastation going on Joe, ding a ling has a beach party. America, wake up to the fact, this corrupt administration could care less for us or our country. Oil spills, unemployement at it's highest level in years, not to mention Terror Threats. Oh, what a change we got, all you blinded souls, how;s that working for you. Explain it to your Grandchildren when they are living in a Socialist country, not the U S A I grew up in.

    6. Joan Moyer says:

      Maybe the Vice President Biden ought to have another party on the beaches where the oil spill is coming to shore. Then he and his guests may understand the seriousness of the situation and help to clean the mess up.

    7. alan says:

      Even more stupid than seeing him do this with the state our country is in , is seeing him do it in dockers and a polo shirt. Can't get any more dorky than that.

      And I don't even use the word dorky but it fits here.

    8. kevin habib says:

      Typical teabaggish remarks. Sad how misinformed many these comments are. Socialism? That's laughable, but sadly, people actually beleive the garbage beck and others through out there. If anything, the oil spill shows the need for more regulation and how, when it comes down to it, you can't trust major corporation who will do whatever it takes to increase profits, even if it means throwing safeguards out the window and ignoring years of complaints and warnings.

      I'm also amazed at how all these anti-government people are now calling on the government to do more. Simple example of no matter what they do, the far right fanatics will blindly criticize.

      Some even criticized the state of the economy – when the annual increase in GDP growth is biggest in 30 years. Jobs are actually being added to economy, where as under the last month of the previous adminsitraiton, there were 700,000 being lost a month. These people complain about deficits and debts but refuse to acknowledge that their policies and leaders are the precise reason we have such great deficits and debts. Ignorance and hypocrisy is bliss. It's a shame the teapartiers are so anti-education, anti-knowledge adn anti-government (that is until they need them – suddenly they turn very pro-government).

    9. Mark Mettler, Savann says:

      It was said that Nero fiddled while Rome burned, the Roman senate watched Olympics and the gladiators while Rome fell, and so in keeping with traditions because the American voter is stupidly oblivious beyond any Roman in history, we will allow the empire to fall to musicians and beach parties because the reality of life is too real. Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it, welcome to the last great empire, get your ash shovels out of the garage.

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