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  • House and Senate Cloakroom: June 7-11, 2010

    House Cloakroom: June 7 – 11


    The House returns from its Congressional recess on Tuesday and will be going over to the White House for the annual Congressional picnic.  The rest of the week is pretty light with mostly suspensions bills on the House floor.  The main bill for the week is a Federal Housing Authority authorization bill.  Additionally, the House could possibly consider Rep. Barney Frank’s (D-MA) TARP III bill which would create a $30 billion lending program that would duplicate efforts made by the $700 billion original TARP bill.

    Major Floor Action:

    • H.R. 5072 – FHA Reform Act of 2010
    • H.R. 5297 – Small Business Lending Fund Act of 2010 (aka TARP III)

    Major Committee Action:

    Senate Cloakroom: June 7 – 11


    Upon returning from a sleepy Memorial Day recess, the Senate will begin consideration of the $113 billion extenders package passed by the House.  In an attempt to sooth public concern over unemployment, many liberals are referring to the extension of unemployment insurance and taxes subsidies as a “jobs bill.”  Flashy messaging aside, the bill will do nothing to create jobs even though it will add more than $54 billion to our national debt while raising taxes.  This will be the debate that plays out during the summer – unemployment and debt.

    Major Floor Action:

    Major Committee Action:

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    7 Responses to House and Senate Cloakroom: June 7-11, 2010

    1. Carl Deaubler says:

      Your site goes on and on about taxes. While I make about 35K a yr, I don't mind paying my FAIR share of taxes. If one lives in this country and enjoys the privilidges, one SHOULD pay some. EVERYONE should a little. If it is only $1.00 a month, that would be a reminder of the liberties that have been passed on to us. One policy I disagree with is the EIC for dependents. NO one should get one dime back they didn't pay in from what SOMEONE else has. Another UNFUNDED debt this country has created is the Iraq war. Between Afghanistan and Iraq, it has cost a TRILLION dollars. Talk goes on about the sacrifice our great soldiers, whom I respect and appreciate, are making on the warfront. What kind of sacrifice are we making on the homefront???? Answer: zero or very little. If you look around, it is business as usual, myself included. There should have been a WAR TAX to pay for it from DAY ONE. In WWII, people sacrificed by gas rationing, scrap drives,commodity shortages, etc. Why not sacrifice at home this time of war? I would gladly pay into a SEPERATE account to pay for war expenses ONLY!!! No dipping into it for other matters. (example: Had we left Social Security ALONE years ago when many were paying in, it would be solvent now but GREEDY politicians saw a big pile of money, dipped in it, and CAUSED today's problems. It should have been in a seperate account, untouchable for ANYTHING else.) If a war tax HAD been imposed, the radical right would have thrown Bush out in an instant. A war tax should be imposed so all are aware of and constantly reminded of the many costs of war. Then our soldiers won't be the ONLY ones to sacrifice. If we had an independent energy policy free of foreign oil, we could leave the Middle East to fight themselves. They have been killing each other for 6000 years. How many wars over the ages have been fought because of religeon? Does anyone think they (religeous extremists) will EVER change??? P.S. Would you kindly acknowledge receipt of these comments? Thanks.

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    5. Nettie, Phoenix says:

      They think their job is to spend OUR money. We need people to replace them! People who think thier job is to cut and balance and encourage everyday Americans to live their lives in freedom from BIG, Oppresive government. We are going the wrong direction right now and need to turn back before we go over the edge of the cliff!

      I wouldn't care if 5 million government workers lost their jobs. At least they would not be sucking the life out of the rest of the workers who, actually,support them.

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    7. Lynn Bryant DeSpain says:

      Gee, a picnic and another TARP. Isn't that more or less the same thing, done by and for the same people?

      Time to change Policy and peole, is my thought on the matter, otherwise it seems familiar to Nero fiddling away while Rome burns, doesn't it?

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