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  • Tweet of the Week: New IRS Facility Will Have The Nicest Amenities Your Money Can Buy

    Andy Roth, Vice President of Club for Growth, highlighted a Boston Herald article about renovations to an IRS facility in a tweet he sent out this week:

    An IRS facility in Mass. will include a reflecting pool, an art gallery, and indoor gardens. – http://bit.ly/cxTHEPless than a minute ago via TweetDeck

    The Herald reports that the Andover, Massachusetts facility will boast a host of new amenities after its makeover, including “a reflecting pool, an art gallery, indoor gardens, a 7,000-square-foot cafeteria, and an amphitheater” but concedes that “it remains unclear what new permanent jobs, if any, will come to the center.”

    The article also quotes Jonathan Levi whose firm is taking the lead on the renovation:

    “[The redesigned building] will be a comfortable, collaborative environment” that would foster “community and belonging,” Levi said. “It will be welcoming for the people who use it.”

    What a relief! Chief among the concerns of Americans who are struggling to find or keep their jobs is whether federal tax-collectors work in a space that is “welcoming” and “collaborative”. The project is expected to cost $92 million—after receiving a $80.5 million injection of stimulus cash just last month. The new building will have space for 1,100 new IRS employees, but it is unclear whether the branch had any plans to grow their staff after laying off 1,400 workers just last year.

    These financial excesses have become legend. A recent paper by Heritage scholar Brian Reidl, titled “Federal Spending By the Numbers” details a host of other examples of out-of-control federal spending. Among the waste:

    • Because of overstaffing, the U.S. Postal Service selects 1,125 employees per day to sit in empty rooms. They are not allowed to work, read, play cards, watch television, or do anything. This costs $50 million annually.
    • Washington will spend $2.6 million training Chinese prostitutes to drink more responsibly on the job.
    • A GAO audit classified nearly half of all purchases on government credit cards as improper, fraudulent, or embezzled. Examples include gambling, mortgage payments, liquor, lingerie, iPods, Xboxes, jewelry, Internet dating services, and Hawaiian vacations. In one extraordinary example, the Postal Service spent $13,500 on one dinner at a Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, including “over 200 appetizers and over $3,000 of alcohol, including more than 40 bottles of wine costing more than $50 each and brand-name liquor such as Courvoisier, Belvedere and Johnny Walker Gold.” The 81 guests consumed an average of $167 worth of food and drink apiece.
    • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her staff have charged taxpayers $101,000 forin-flight services”—including food and liquor—during trips on Air Force jets over the last two years. Charges reportedly include “Maker’s Mark whiskey, Courvoisier cognac, Johnny Walker Red scotch, Grey Goose vodka, E&J brandy, Bailey’s Irish Crème, Bacardi Light rum, Jim Beam whiskey, Beefeater gin, Dewars scotch, Bombay Sapphire gin, Jack Daniels whiskey, and Corona beer.”
    • The refusal of many federal employees to fly coach costs taxpayers $146 million annually in flight upgrades.
    • Washington spent $126 million in 2009 on projects associated with the Kennedy family legacy in Massachusetts. Additionally, Senator John Kerry (D–MA) diverted $20 million from the 2010 defense budget to subsidize a new Edward M. Kennedy Institute.

    It is absolutely essential that Washington rein in this type of wasteful spending as well as tackling real and lasting entitlement reform. Until it does, this insanity will continue.

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    20 Responses to Tweet of the Week: New IRS Facility Will Have The Nicest Amenities Your Money Can Buy

    1. Linda Goodman, Italy says:

      I'm no longer surprised at any of the gross misuse of taxpayer's money. I think the folks in DC are so out of touch with main stream America they honestly believe this type spending is of the norm. Perhaps they should quit hanging out with Opray, Martha and Al Gore and visit their constituents back home!!!

    2. Mark Voss, Houston, says:

      We need to go to the Fair Tax which will eliminate all federal taxes and the IRS… If we were only taxed on our spending it would be fair to everyone and bring so much more money in from Drug dealers, Illegal Alliens, Prostitutes and foriegn visitors… What is there to think about, Read the FAIR TAX BOOK…

    3. judy sawyer virginia says:

      It's time for government to have what all middle class have , repo homes , higher taxes, NO JOBS,poor schools,take our americian dream to have a job and send them all over seas to all the countries who would't spit on an Americian if you were on fire and explain back to us middle class how we are the new homeless , jobless and uneducated Americans and NO CLASS. The money spender's need to put it back in America where it is needed getting us off welfare back at work and put teachers back in the school,help get our homes back and look farther thanyour own window,bring our country home don't sell it out to the countries any more.

    4. David Penman, Grand says:

      This kind of stuff has been going on for years. It's not going to stop until every citizen gets angry enough to demand it. However, that's not likely because too many citizens are doing everything they can to get a piece of the pie for themselves. It is going to take honest politicians to have any effect and that too is highly unlikely. We can only hope that things will change for the better. Keep at it, it can't hurt.

    5. Robert C. Martin, Gr says:

      We need to do our very best to boot the wasteful spenders out of Congress this November!

    6. Chris, New Jersey says:

      W/Regards to the Pelosi BOOZE FLIGHTS… On flights such as that, if a bottle is even OPENED and nothing is poured from it…it must be discarded when the flight reaches its destination. HOWEVER…if any passenger (or any flight crew that sees anything left after the passengers leave) can walk off the plane with the bottle(s) if they so desire…so HEY, why not ordeer the "good stuff" to be packed along…HECK Pelosi can get her bar stocked w/o paying for it!

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    8. Billie says:

      Where's the sacrifice, Mr. President? Why do you insist everyone sacrifice while you spend tax dollar money on amenities and comforts? Mr. President, Why do you treat yourself and all under you, royally and tell the country "we all have to sacrifice."? What did the American people do to you for you to live and act on such resentment towards decency of mankind?

    9. RennyG Maryland says:

      Just think, we can't stop it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's what hurts!!!

    10. Dennis Social Circle says:

      If it smells like BSD, then it probably is. The obama clan talks out of both sides of thier face. We all hear about self controll, how we must pich pennies to amke ends meet, how those out of a job will have to work harder to get a job. Yet obama is still in the campaign mode, air force 1 is always flying somewhere for a speech in which he is patting himself on the back for such a wonderful job, pelosi is arrogrant and stupid, she believes we the tax payer owes her. We need to get rid of these people and tell those that are put into office that we will never again put up with such crap again.

    11. Charlie Kilpatrick, says:

      This kind of thing will continue until Obama is gotten rid of.

    12. Drew Page, IL says:

      NEWS FLASH !!!

      Effective January 1, 2011 people who get health insurance from their employers, both in the public and private sectors, will have to pay income tax on the value of those health insurance benefits, whether those health plans are fully insured or self-insured. Don't believe me? Call any IRS office, or H&R Block, or any other tax accountant. Ask them.

      It will be incumbent on employers, both in the public and private sectors, to show on an employee's W2, at the end of the 2011 tax year, the value of the health insurance paid for by employers. Depending on the richness of a health plan, the annual premium for a person taaking Single coverage will run between $6,000 to $7,000. Annual premiums for those taking Family coverage may run from $18,000 to $22,000 or more. Many health plans provided by employers in the public sector are 100% paid for by the employer. this would mean that employees will have to pay tax on the full value of the health plan, be it $6,000 or $18,000 annually. For those covered in the public or private sectors, who must pay a portion of the cost of their health insurance, the employee will have to pay tax on the employer's annual contribution toward the cost.

      This tax is one of the features of Obamacare. Remember, Ms. Pelosi told us that we would find out what was in the bill after it passed? Well, this is in it. Remember Mr. Obama's oft repeated promise that no one who made less than $250,000 ($200,000 for those filing as a Single) a year would see their taxes raised ads a result of health care reform? Surprise !

      Now, don't you want all those IRS agents to have a nice, roomy and comfortable office with indorr gardens, an art gallary and a reflecting pool that will be comforting to those who use it?

    13. Dave Solomon says:

      This litterally made me sick and through up. Here senior citizens, living on

      social security CAN NOT get a pay increase, but the feds can waste this

      kind of money. That is really sick.

    14. malinda in missouri says:

      Let them all share a cubicle and use the rest of the money towards our national debt. They should have no better surroundings then the people they are auditing!

    15. Lynn Bryant DeSpain says:

      Just keep remembering Marie Antwintette, and her words when told that the poor have no bread, "Let them eat cake."

      Remember the cake when you vote this November. Remember the cake, when all those who party and spend our money on fancy new buildings and furnishings and picnics, and vacations to make trade agreements with other nations, remember their eating "Cake."

      Remeber the Cake when those who ask for your vote are printing money out of air, out of nothing, to pump into failing modes of business under the guise of,"They are to big to fail!"

      In my mind, the only concept in all that there is, that is to big to fail, is the concept of God. Thes people, representing our Republic and doing a very poor job of it, definitely are NOT to big to fail, and must not be re-elected.

    16. Walt Lueth Midland, says:

      We cannot get a handle on spending as long as we allow this miss use of the taxpayers dollar to continue. Paying more money into the system will not plug the leaks. The leaks have to be stopped. Lets put our efforts into stopping the leaks rather than pouring more money down the drain.

    17. Corky, Fl says:

      obama makes Jimmy Carter look like a Saint! obama did say he was going to bring "change' but, he didn't say anything about the lies, dirty dealing and flat out stealing tax dollars, for the use by congress, to pay for jobs that are not there or NEW buildings for IRS! To say nothing of "CASH FOR CLUNKERS",

      or paying for Chinese prostitutes to learn how to drink!! HE IS A SHAME TO OUR COUNTRY!

    18. Todd, Dallas says:

      Yet more government waste. Gross misuse of taxpayer funds. Time to starve the Beast, our government, from local all the way to Federal. It is high time that our elected officials listen to the People, as that is where they derive their power, not the other way around.

    19. MAGGIE MAY says:


    20. Ldp, Boston says:

      I just went for an interview at the IRS building in Andover and the building was a run down "mess" in dire need of refurbishing. It looked to me like it had never been previously refurbished. It probably doesn't need an art gallery but it desparately needs new floors, walls, and cubicles!

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