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    Pentagon (Photo by Newscom)

    According to The New York Times, Secretary Gates has told the Pentagon to tighten its belt to pay for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and everything else: “His goal is $7 billion in spending cuts and efficiencies for 2012, growing to $37 billion annually by 2016.”

    Some may think this is a good news story. It is not. Rather than achieve “savings” mostly what the Pentagon will do is job Peter to pay Paul. What is happening under Obama is exactly what happened under Carter after the Vietnam War. Cutting back just made the military “hollow.” “Hollow force,” a term coined in the post-Vietnam War era, describes a military that lacks the resources to field trained and ready forces, support ongoing operations, and modernize.

    Heritage Defense analyst Baker Spring already made the case that Obama’s defense budgets are short changing readiness and modernization. Gates orders to the Pentagon are pretty much an admission that Spring was right…and the Obama defense plans are wrong.

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    6 Responses to That 70s Show

    1. Toecutter, from Texa says:

      The hollow force started with Bush the First, and the attempts to privatize the military.

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    3. Charles Chiddix, Kan says:

      Fighting a war with a blank check is not a very good ideal. Bin Laden said that he would bankrupt the soviet union during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. After 911 Bin Laden said he would also bankrupt the US government in a war. We have spent nine years in Afghanistan and what have we accomplished. Our military leaders are to prideful to admit that we are in a war we can not win. After six years in Iraq what again have we accomplished nothing. The democratic peace theory which we are not operating under does not work in a third world country who has know nothing but dictators. The last man to unite the islamic world was Saladin in the pursuit of recapturing the Jerusalem. Saladin was one of there own and he again could not keep the tribes together and now American Soldiers are going to unite them and move them to a democracy. The budget cut is a necessary mean in which to prevent the national debt from increasing anymore

    4. Robin from Kansas says:

      Hey, Toecutter! Get your head out of your fourth point of contact. I was there and you are wrong. Privitizing the military "support" services allowed our soldiers the time to concentrate on training and becoming professional.

      I did my share of KP just like every enlisted person in service. It was stupid to waste the time and energy of a soldier when someone that needed a job could wash dishes just as easily and at less cost.

      The "hollow force" began when I was a private but was gone by the time I became a CPT. I remember road marching back from a drop zone because our trucks didn't have any gas; eating hotdogs for a week at a time; collecting money from the officers and NCOs in my battalion in order to buy ammunition off post so our soldiers could practice. Don't tell me it started with Bush I. Everything I mentioned, and a lot more, happened in the 70s and early 80s.

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