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  • Statue of Joseph Stalin to be Unveiled in Virginia

    This Sunday, people around the world will honor the 66th anniversary of D-Day, when over 160,000 troops from the United States, Britain, France and Canada bravely stormed the beaches of Normandy, marking a turning point in World War II. In Bedford, Virginia, a memorial to the invasion will be unveiled with statues of western Allied leaders, including President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Prime Minister Winston Churchill and President Harry Truman. The memorial will also include a bust of dictator Joseph Stalin.

    Residents of Bedford are rightfully outraged. Annie Pollard, a Bedford County supervisor, and a volunteer at the memorial told the Lynchburg News and Advance: “I just don’t think it belongs on the hill with them…To me, he (Stalin) is just a murderer. I just can’t see how he fits in with the memorial. They are people we want to remember. He’s someone I’d rather forget.”

    James Morrison and fellow veterans from the Bedford Post 54 of the American Legion are equally outraged and have been fighting the effort since the plan was announced in 2007. Morrison, author of the book “Bedford Goes to War: The Heroic Story of a Small Virginia Community in World War II” said: “It’s a disgrace and a dishonor to the veterans.”

    So why do it? William McIntosh, the president of the Memorial Foundation said: “He certainly was a fact of life and a major ally during the second World War … There’s nothing about the presentation that’s going to be flattering of Stalin.”

    Dr. Lee Edwards, a Distinguished Fellow at the Heritage Foundation and chairman of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, disagrees. Edwards released a statement saying:

    Since the fall of the Soviet Union, statues of Joseph Stalin have been torn down all over Europe and even in the former Soviet Union itself. The world is closer than ever before to a consensus on the evils of communism and Stalin’s primary role in the worst crimes of the last century. And yet a statue of Stalin is included in the National D-Day Memorial, to be dedicated in Bedford, Virginia, this Sunday, June 6.

    Near the statue of Stalin, a plaque catalogues Stalin’s crimes against millions of people both in Russia and throughout Europe. But no mere plaque can justify the inclusion of the statue which dishonors the heroic individuals who sacrificed so much on D-Day and in the Cold War.

    A bust of Joseph Stalin has no place in a memorial whose purpose is to salute the brave soldiers who made D-Day a vital victory in the crusade for freedom.

    It’s time for Mr. McIntosh and those responsible for the memorial in Bedford to do the right thing. Follow the lead of those who were oppressed under Joseph Stalin and tear down this statue. You can learn more about the victims of communism at www.victimsofcommunism.org.

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    67 Responses to Statue of Joseph Stalin to be Unveiled in Virginia

    1. dan says:

      Just want to thank you for all the work you do to keep Americans informed of what is really happening with are country and the constant attack on our freedoms and liberties. Keep up the good work and eventually all of America will be proud of our country as we are.

    2. Karl Altau, Rockvill says:

      Millions of Americans of Central and East European descent, including the Baltic-American communities, are certainly adamantly opposed to the bust of Stalin at the D-Day Memorial. We feel this not just elevates the Soviet dictator, but does a great disservice to the memories of those who landed at Normandy in June 66 years ago, including hundreds of Polish allies.

      It is embarrassing to have to explain to our friends and colleagues overseas why Stalin’s bust has suddenly appeared in OUR backyard when we have been applauding the removal of Stalinist icons elsewhere.

      There have also been glaring errors evident in reporting the story of the unveiling of the bust this week, mostly gross understatements of the numbers of Stalin’s victims.

      *An AP story stated that Stalin had “…roughly 700,000 citizens executed during the late 1930s.”

      *WDBJ –TV in Roanoke stated that “Some say this is no place for a man responsible for murdering thousands of his own people.“

      Many of these accounts have since been corrected. It shows that we must not simply understate that Stalin was just a bad man.

      What is not being told in the reporting on this story is that Stalin and the evil unleashed by the Soviet communism was responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of innocent people, not only Russians, but individuals from many other nationalities within Russia, and also the citizens of many nations in Central and Eastern Europe that were invaded and occupied by the Soviet Union.

      These include millions that perished during the Ukrainian famine during the 1930s, the 20,000+ Polish officers at Katyn in 1940, tens of thousands of citizens of the Baltic countries that were deported during single nights in 1941 and 1949. The list goes on and on and on.

      The United States, fortunately, had the fortitude to fight a half century Cold War against further Soviet gains following the war. This was ultimately successful. As the descendants of that generation, it is our moral responsibility to not forgot the sacrifices of those who fought for Western democracy. We cannot forget, either, those who were innocent victims of totalitarian regimes that were bent on conquest and the enslavement of others.

      For more information about the crimes of communism, including Stalin’s crimes, please also visit the Global Museum on Communism: http://www.globalmuseumoncommunism.org/

      Stalin’s bust has no place at the D-Day Memorial.

      Karl Altau

      Managing Director

      Joint Baltic American National Committee, Inc. (JBANC)


    3. Chicago says:

      This is an outrage!!!!!!!! Stalin killed over 20,000 polish military officials and i belive that he does not diserve to have a memorial because i would want to forget him!!! Stalin "BURN IN HELL"

    4. stirling, Pennsylvan says:

      So rather then celebrating an aniversary the right way, we are now errecting a monument to a murderer of hundreds of thousands of people. Something is seriously wrong when the history has been skewed by the progressives to make murderer Dictators seem likeable and not what they really are.

    5. Bob Davis, North Yar says:

      How many troops did the USSR have in the D-Day invasion force?

      Answer: Zero

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    7. SSG (R) Ken Potts says:

      Are you forgetting that Stalin signed a non-agression pact with Hitler? Had Hitler not attacked Russia, Stalin would not have been our ally. Not only that, he didn't liberate Eastern Europe, he conquered them. America's true allies freed the occupied countries of Western Europe. Stalin murdered more people than Hitler.

      It's a shame he is recognized honorably in any way here in the US.

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    9. tom irwin says:

      Does the statue of Stalin mention the Berlin blockade after the war to show his thanks for the normandy invasion that helped take the heat off his troops. Does it honor Stalin who assured the Chinese that America would do nothing to stop the North Koreans from invading the South. A mistake hat cost thousand of lives.

      Melt the bust down…

    10. Tom Goffnett says:

      HOW PATHETICALLY IGNORANT ARE PEOPLE GETTING? Lets get some statues of Hitler while we are at it, we can place them at Hospitals as a tribute to Hitler giving the world radiation treatment. How about one of Sadaam Hussein for beating on Iran for us? This Stalin thing, and then a 13 story Muslim Mosque in New York, too close to the location of where the twin towers stood. WHY, so we can blow it up? It is scheduled to open next year, on September 11th. What a coincidence. Make no mistake, Islam/Sharia and Communism are one and the same.

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    13. Alexander, Tbilisi says:

      I am Georgian, from other Georgia.. (yeah from where Stalin was born…)

      And I just don't understand. WHY THE HELL DO YOU NEED A STATUE OF STALIN? He was a bloody criminal and a murderer! So what he is a historical figure? Hiter was also very historical… does that make him qualified for a statue too?


      Tbilisi / Georgia

    14. Byron J. Dupuy says:


    15. Byron James Dupuy Br says:

      "In ten days I'll have a war on with those communist basterds, and I'll make it look like THEIR fault" Gen. George Patton

    16. Byron James Dupuy Br says:

      "In ten days I'll have a war on with those communist b*@!%^s, and I'll make it look like THEIR fault" Gen. George Patton

    17. Elena says:

      Americans!!!!!! What a shame to say that WWII turning point was in June 6, 1944. At this point the war was almost over, Russians kicked poor Germans back outside from Russia and kept chasing them in Europe. In April 1944 German army was basically destroyed and in June 1944 (yeap, right in time) allies finally open the second front also known as D-day. It was helpful but not so much, Russians would finish this war without help at this point. The turning point was in January 8-April 20 1942-battle for Rgev, the bloodiest battle in the history. Russians lost 776 889 soldiers just in basically three month. My granddad died in this battle, nobody know where is his grave. Tell me about American victory in WW2! People, learn history! I respect all soldiers cuz I am an American soldier myself but I am sick and tired of hearing how American won WWII. Some people even asked if Russia even participated. WWII was won by Russian Army and Americans just provided some help at the end. Here is no even word about "turning point" in June 1944. Have respect to fallen Russian soldiers and families who had to suffer so much!

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    19. Edite Lynch Canada says:

      It has been very hurtful, for at least 8,000,000 Canadians who were either born in and fled the Soviet onslaught in their home countries or their children born there, grandchildren born in Canada and great-granchchildren born in Canada (as well as around the world) to know that a bust of their most hated personage, Joseph Stalin, stands in a place of honor together with Churchill, Truman and Roosevelt in a D-Day National Memorial Park in Bedford, Virginia…Many through the preceeding years, when it became known that such an egregious act would be carried out, sent letters of disapproval and prayed that this abomination would not happen.

      Not one Soviet soldier died on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day 1944, June 6.

      Stalin's particpation with the Nazis as a direct result of the Molotov-Ribbontrop Pact of Aug 23, 1939 in the beginnings of the Second World war is not a detail many know about or wish to remember. The D-Day Memorial is hallowed ground filled with men who fought with their hearts and souls to defend freedom and liberty. Now they are accompanied by a man who had neither a heart, nor a soul to speak of, knew nothing about human rights, freedom or liberty, only murder and the enslavement, for over fifty years, of innocent people at the end of the War. It is absolutely incomprehensible that such a man has taken a place of honor along side of those who knew freedom and loved it and fought for it. The fact that over 100,000,000 people's lives were snuffed out by communists of Stalin's ilk during the 20th century seems not to have bothered the Committee folk who authorized Stalin's inclusion at Bedford.There are no polite words to describe this act of lunacy. They should bow their heads in shame and apologize to millions of people offended by such an act of disrespect.

      As an added observation, it was irksome to learn that President Obama ,at last year's D-Day Remembrance spoke of the impossibility of Allied troops scaling the cliffs of Normandy. As an avowed Christian, who still does not have a home church in Washington, DC, the President should have known, that" With, God, all things are possible". These were Christian soldiers and soldiers of other faiths who scaled those cliffs off the beaches of Normandy. The atheistic Soviets could never have achieved what the Western Allies did.

    20. Billie says:

      What disgusting decision makers. Inhumane! Stalin wasn't a fact of life, he was a fact of death!

    21. Lija Ditmar says:

      The slaughter of millions, the oppression of independent thought, removal of religion, and ethnic cleansing during and for 60 years: we should honor this mass murderer? I think not.

    22. Viesturs Timrots, No says:

      I, for one, commend Dr. William McIntosh and the D-Day Memorial Foundation of Bedford, VA on their decision to include a bust of Josef Stalin in the National D-Day Memorial. Who wouldn’t want a statue of a man who influenced the lives of hundreds of millions of people throughout Europe and Asia through most of the last century to grace a monument dedicated to freedom and the sacrifice to regain freedom?

      Stalin was a man who gave “freedom” to, by some estimates, up to 60 million people (or more – the exact count may never be known) in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, the Baltic countries, Germany, the former Czechoslovakia, Hungary, the former Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia, Mongolia, and Finland (to include ethnic groups such as Ukrainians, Poles, Koreans, Volga Germans, Crimean Tatars, Kalmyks, Chechens, Ingush, Balkars, Karachays, Meskhetian Turks, Finns, Bulgarians, Greeks, Latvians, Lithuanians, Estonians, and Jews) by executions (mass and otherwise), mass deportations, and repressions that would make Hitler look like a short-panted Cub Scout. Let’s not forget the anxiety and outright fear of those lucky enough to survive what their friends and acquaintances did not.

      If the good doctor and his foundation “kamityet” have the time, I recommend several sources of information they could read to perhaps better understand what having a statue of this magnanimous, humanity and freedom loving (I can’t even call him Russian – he was a Georgian) “soviet” leader would mean. These sources do require reading, but the easiest source for the beginner is the wikipedia article:


      which has a good historical overview and fairly extensive sections of notes, bibliography, and additional reading. An excellent source, requiring a visit to a library or a bookstore (and a greater investment in reading time), is “Stalin and His Hangmen” by Donald Rayfield, copyright 2004 by Donald Rayfield, published by Random House, Inc.

      Thank you doctor, for your disservice to humanity.

      Viesturs Timrots

      North Potomac, MD

    23. Laurac68 says:

      This is disgraceful but it seems to be in keeping with so many other happenings that are going on around us. Bedford should be awash in protest and outcry against such a thing.This is a black mark on our magnificent commonwealth. Josef Stalin ins not welcome in Virginia or the United States!!

    24. robert says:

      I mean, WTF. This is what happens when you stop teaching history in favor of video games. And if we don't do something about Islam, too, America is doomed. We MUST deal with this stuff.

    25. Paul Brooks,Kansas C says:

      I want to thank the Heritage Foundation and those affiliated with them for covering this atrocious story.It is coverage like this that is necessary in keeping the public at large abreast of what is happening.

      People of America.Make no mistake that we are now in a fight for the very soul of our great nation.The socialist movement is starting its advance piece by piece.The very fabric is being cut out and replaced by a different fabric.Take a good look around you today and compare to just 20 years ago.It is beginning to look like night vs. day.We are on a 180 degree reversal.

      I believe we have been taking our democracy for granted.Have gotten lazy in its defense and been sleeping while those in power have led us to this point.

      Allowing a bust of Stalin to be displayed on American soil is in my point of view as bad as it gets.It is an insult and a slap to the face of the millions who have served in the name of freedom anf the preservation of life.

      I implore those that would not normally be vocal to start having a conversation with family,friends,neighbors and the like about what we really want our country to look like in the coming future.It is not too late to put the brakes on and change the direction in which we are heading today.

      It is time to take a stand for America.

    26. Robert L. Allen Stre says:

      Between Stalin and Mao they murdered 50 million people in less than 40 years and we want to honor them? The progressives (communists) in this country need to be put out of offices across this great nation. They are the ones who want to honor this butcher. Our nation is in harms way and we need a call to arms against those who would reduce this nation to a communist nation. Tear down this bust and bury it!

    27. Joe Callan says:

      Isn't Stalin #2 on the list of biggest mass murderers of all time right after Mao? Why would anyone want to put up a statue of someone like that? As others have said, might as well put up a statue of Adolf himself…

    28. FRANK DIAS says:





    29. Dennis Social Circle says:

      If this statue is put up, we will probably be able to see comrade obama as he pays tribute to a great person, or apologize to it for the percieved wrongs of this country. THIS IS A SHAME FOR ALL VETS AND ESPECIALLY THOSE THAT PAYED THE ULTIMATE FOR FREEDOM.

    30. KC, Arizona says:

      What entered my thought and one of the all time best phrases ever spoken by any true blooded American, applies to this news….. "Are You Shiting Me!"

    31. MJF, CT says:

      It appears that the people in charge of the D-Day Memorial need to read their history again, Josef Stalin would be correct in a memorial commemorating the END of WWII. It was the union of the USA, Great Britain and Russia that became the "allied" forces at the end of the war.

      Stalin turned to the allies because Hitler turned on Russia but what people have to remember is not only was Stalin a murderer, he was a turncoat. He went from enemy to ally with the stroke of a pen. Not an ally I would want to fight along side of.

    32. Charlie Kilpatrick, says:

      Realize that Obama is a Socialist, and wants to turn this country away from Democracy. Obama must go!!

    33. Nick, Los Angeles says:

      Our communists in government hard at work with our tax dollars. This is what happens when people who want to change the very nature of the U.S. to a communist/socialist style of government. Some have even admitted that Mao was their hero. Now we "honor" people like Stalin? Time to remove these people frm office.

      PS. Love him or hate him, Joseph McCarthy was right.

    34. Hugh Goodman, South says:

      The memorial is a D-Day memorial. I don't seem to recall that the Soviet Red Army landed at Normandy.

    35. Shirley, Arizona says:

      Where is the funding for this? Is it our tax $$ again? .

    36. Drew Page, IL says:

      Let's not forget that Stalin was in bed with the Russians (Molotov-Ribbontrop Non-Aggression Pact) until Hitler betrayed Stalin and attacked Russia. Stalin was never a true ally of America or England, he just happened to be the enemy of our enemy. It was politically expediant for the Allies to take on Stalin as an ally to defeat the Nazis.

      Refusing to honor Stalin as an ally is not revising history, merely clarifying it.

    37. Wayne says:

      Bets our fearless leader replaced that bust of Churchill that Bush had in the White House – which Barry sent back to England – with a copy of the same Stalin bust.

    38. Tracy Turner, Roanok says:

      This apparently was not a well thought out idea. To put Stalin on a pedestal at the Bedford National D-Day Memorial simply because he shared a common enemy with the Allies in WW2 suggests that either this was simply a bad decision or that someone has a political agenda.

      This being the National D-Day Memorial, with all due respect to the Russians who fought and died in WW2, any tributes or acknowledgements need to be related to D-Day and all those who planned, fought and died on the beaches of Normandy.

    39. Red Ruffansore says:

      Stalin's bust has no place here. We're constantly reminded about the ugly American, it's time we focused on the stupid American. William McIntosh now joins the ranks of other Stupid Americans such as Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Michael Moore and oh so many others. Display these clowns in the hall of shame.

    40. malinda in missouri says:

      This cannot be true!!!!!!! This is an outrage we do not want a bust of Stalin anywhere in our country!!!

    41. Joseph Valentine, Ma says:

      As a resident of Virginia, a land I adopted and love as my own, I must say I am sorry for the lack of sound judjement and decency on the part of Mr McIntosh and of those who contributed to the idea, approval and realization of this nauseating project. I hope our governor leads Virginians in the repudiation of such an event and eventual demolition of the statue of the monstruous criminal Stalin was. The merit in the war belongs exclusively to the Russian people and not to their murderous dictator.

      Please, is there anyone capable and able of revealing who this McIntosh is, along with the names of those who approved, supported and financed this travesty.

      Dear Elena, I am sorry that your granfather had to fight and die in Rgev. I am sure he faught heroically for his land and his people, for which you can be proud. But don't minimize the courage and generosity of our grandparents who died bombing the German industrial might and fought and died to liberate a good part of Europe and Africa, just for the ideal of freedom. And we, the Americans, can be proud for their sacrifice and even more for their incredible generosity after victory – they returned the land they conquered, soaked with their blood, and paid for the reconstruction of what they were forced to destroy. Unreal!

      Are you now an American, Elena? If you are, I congratulate you for being able to be proud for the bravery of your grandfather and mine, and for the unbelievable courage, idealism, generosity and bravery of the American People, of which you are a part. Thank God our Grandparents were born free and we are still free. Let's make sure we stay that way. And this is true History too, Elena – generosity and all.

    42. John Clancy, Wyandot says:

      Our secularized schools and universities make it more and more difficult for our graduates to distinguish between good and bad, right and wrong, degrading and noble. Relativism is destroying our minds.

      We are levelers, irrationally tolerant: Churchill and Stalin are equal! Hitler and Roosevelt are equal. Nothing is better than anything else. America is not exceptional. All countries are equal. That we would even consider a bust of Stalin tells us that we are losing our way.

      Our schools and universities need to learn to make distinctions, to discriminate fairly, intelligently, honestly, kindly, but discriminate we must–between a Churchill and a Stalin.

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    44. Lynn Bryant DeSpain says:

      Stalin was responsible for the torture and murder of more milllions that Hitler himself!

      I don't know who's bright idea it was to place a monument to him in our Nation, but I'll damn well bet you it was a teacher with an alphabet behind their name.

      If FDR had been really aware of the Manhatten Project, and had faith in it, America would never had signed any treaty with the Devil himself, Stalin.

      Who'sever idea it was needs to be run out of the great State of Virginia, on a rail, tarred and feathered.

      They are no American to me.

    45. John Drinkwater, Dov says:

      Those of us that remember that time in history and others that have taken the time and effort to at least have read or studied the truth of this mad man's "crimes against humanity", can only be outraged by this affront to the memories and sacrifices this monument is intended to honor.

    46. Bruce Decker Evns Ci says:

      There is a simple solution. Include a statue symbolic of the Russian people of 1945. Forget Stalin. He was an ally of convenience. We needed him to open the Eastern front to take the pressure off of us and Britian. The Russian people bore the burden of the War on the Eastern front.

    47. Rudy Malmgren, Texas says:

      To Elena,

      No one is belittling the Russian participation in the war against Nazi Germany. You also have to respect the fact that if the 40 to 60 divisions that were constantly tied up in the west had been able to be deployed to the east Russia would not exist now. This does not include the round the clock bombing of Germany from the West that curtailed German production. Just imagine if Germany could have had their war production undisturbed up to and including the A-Bomb. The only thing we object to is glorifying a person who in the end was even worse than Hitler. Ask your older relatives how much fun it was to live under Stalin.

    48. Andrii says:

      All hello

      Reading this article I was very disordered from a game by facts. The policy of ideology went at that time, but it is not necessary to forget that WW2 won not only America and Britain, but SSSR. Honour history, only not that which you are taught in USA, and in the world. Finally honour that Wikipedia.

      In respect of Stalin, he really tyrant and not hardly worse than Hitler.

      He can be remembered only for that when but Moscow there was one the kilometre, he did not hurry east, and remained in Moscow. And Moscow was not handed over as it was 1812 to the year

      I live in Ukraine and when for us also set a monument stormy protest rose to Stalin.

    49. Corky, Fl says:

      Maybe a likeness of Hitler or Mussolini will be next? What the hell is going on in this COUNTRY?? Our president bows to leaders of other countries and says we are basically thugs. We have people yelling "raceist" at the drop of the hat. You can't say "I had a 'Gay" time at the party" for fear of being taken to Court for bashing gays. Can't use the word "God" because it seems to offend VOTERS in certain states and the list goes on.OUR Country has gone mad! We have to live by the wants of the "special interest" grups and of coarse the Politician seeking those votes to keep them in a jog with BIG dividens……..Wake the Hell up AMERICA and AMERICANS!

    50. Corky, Fl says:

      Morning Bell wouldn't let me use a few names of some very bad people from the second world war but to make a long story short, if Stalin can be put up then why not some of the more "well Known" bad guys from WW2? We all know who they are (the Foundry is just not sure) like the ones behind,(oops, sorry Foundry) the bad things that happened to the Jews? Or Pearl Harbor.?Well, I'm sure you all get my hints..(don't tell the FOUNDRY!!) Don't let them put up Stalin or they'll want to put up H—-r or M——i or T–o

    51. KC, Arizona says:

      A bust of Stalin in the state of Virginia,USA! Are you Shi-ing me??????

    52. Perry, South Bend, I says:

      If I recall correctly, after the former Soviet Union "fell", citizen's of that nation systematically tore down statues of Stalin. The male citizenry also felt compelled to urinate on the fallen images. Good for them. It's a rational response. Yet William McIntosh would erect a statue of him in Virginia. Yes indeed. Stalin is one of the 20th centurys' most prolific murderers, if not all of historys' most prolific murderers. Yet we Honor him symbolically by erecting a statue. Yes, indeed.

    53. Char Springfield, IL says:

      The plaque under Stalin reads:

      "In memory of the tens of millions who died under Stalin's rule and in tribute to all whose valor, fidelity, and sacrifice denied him and his successors victory in the cold war,"

      Regardless, WHY is a bust of the perpetrator being made and shown?? How about just plaque stating the brutality and inhumane circumstances these brave men fought against in SPITE of someone like Stalin?

    54. Daniel McCabe, Pratt says:

      This makes no sens to me. The Russians didn't even have a single battalion participating in the Normandy invasion. Why isn't Mackenzie King in the list of statues? At least Cananda had troops on the beach with US and British forces.

      People should pick up a history book before they decide to throw money at creating memorials.

    55. thomas joseph bragen says:

      If I were rich enough, I would send every high school senior and college

      graduate a copy of "With God in Russia, by Walter J Ciszek, SJ." He was

      an American priest who was framed by Stalin and charged with being a

      spy for the Vatican. He spent 23 years in Moscow prisons and in the

      brutal labor camps in Siberia. He was freed on April 22nd, 1955, long after

      the War had ended but restricted to the surrounding area of Norilsk, Russia.

      In one of the prisons he was put into, there were 150 prisoners in a cell that normally held 50 people. October in Siberia can be 30 degrees below zero, and

      only then could they turn in their summer clothing for winter clothing that was

      not much warmer than what they had on. Prisoners be the Russians, Chinese,

      Poles ,Jews or Lithuanians were all subject to a life that no human being could

      endure with serious consequences. Some died in coal mines with less than

      days to go before they would be freed. This drove some men to insanity

      thinking about it, after surviving years of prison life. The dead is even hard to

      quantify. How in God's name could we put on our soil an edifice to this

      depraved man. May he burn in hell for the suffering he cost. Let the man

      in charge of this monument go to the prisons in Russia or the work camps

      in Siberia and speak to those who miraculously survived. Can we as Americans

      take out an injunction against doing this, especially if tax money is paying for this.

      Tom Bragen Bayonne New Jersey

    56. Stewart Sharpe,Victo says:

      Holy cow people?.

      Why would anyone want to gloify this murderous person?

      I consider myself a progressive person. They say this is the work of progressives, I really wish that I understood better what is going on.

      Please, sombody,

      explain it to me.

      Stewart Sharpe

    57. Geneva Cook, College says:

      Since when do we honor murderers of millions? If he is going to be there, how about just a plaque stating that he was there, then outlining exactly what he did. I am beside myself realizing that the history being taught to our children in American schools today has no remote connection to what really happened. It has been changed, twisted and politicized. God have mercy on this country. Russia tore their statues of Stalin down. We are now putting them back up.

    58. Wayne Holladay, Rexb says:

      Unbelievable. Someone needs to knock it over the day they memorialize. Who ever does, invite the press to take pictures while you do it and you will go down in history as a war hero all over the world. Good Luck and God Bless.

    59. Wayne Holladay, Rexb says:

      War hero status for the person who knocks it over..

    60. Ernie, Colorado Spri says:

      This is an outrage and just gives more credence to the whole situation that the United States of America is heading in the wrong direction…we are becoming the United Socialist States of America. Those who chose to include a statue of Stalin should be fired by those that put them in a position to desecrate the memory of those that have sacrificed their lives to protect the freedoms that Stalin systematically destroyed in his own country and those that were subject to his tyranical rule!

    61. Tony says:

      The question should be asked who is the communist that pushed for Josef Stalin.

      I don't think that any body in your local community asked for Stalin.

    62. S. Gibson Ohio says:

      I think that putting a statue or bust of anyone as a sorry low down scum as stalin was is just unthinkable and it should never be anywhere in our country. I had a brother in Normandy and he would turn over in his grave if he could know this. and I think it should GOOOOOOO. NOWWWWWWWW

    63. Darryl Chambers says:

      I would like the names of all who had something to do with this! People of America this is only the touch of the ice burg. Obama and his progressive liars are gong to do worst then this to all Americans. I don't understand why we cannot the Americans cannot Impeach Obama and get rid of his Progressive friends. Obama is using our tax payers money to bribe, lie, ear marks and help the unions so the unions will vote for Obama and his cronie nepotism friends. Don't start a revolution but we all save money in a trust fund and get his but out of office. Impeach him. Every day that he is in office is another day of disaster. Even if we bet him in Nov. What about the Republicans are they really going to help us. We Americans have to do this ourselfs. I don't see private Lawyers, nor our movie actors, the news media ( other then Fox News Channel ) etc. helping us out. Lets go and Impeach him before it's to late in 2012. For our sake, our furure generation sake and our fore fathers who millions have died for the freedom of this country. God Bless America, God condem those to hate her. Thanks

    64. MIKE BEST TEXAS says:


    65. Stanislaw says:

      I`m russian, live in GULAG`s land (Komi Republic, in the North-West of Russia). All sensible people in our country accedes to your protest.

      Victims of Stalin:

      1. Who died of starvation as a result of forcible removal of food in the early 1930's

      4-10 million people (according to different estimates, the most plausible figure – 7,000,000).

      It`s very discussed the fact, someone said that people died because of drought and crop failure. But why the government continued to confiscate exorbitant food?

      2. Who was repressed.

      near 700,000 was killed and as many more died in the camps (i talk about only POLITICAL prisoners!). In toto = 1,400,000 peoples.

      3. Who died in the war, that Stalin had spent so ineptly and with such huge loss!

      near 27-30 millions peoples.

      4. Who died as a result of post-war hunger (which Stalin could have prevented it, because the food to save people was in real!!).

      near 1-1.5 millions people.

      Total passed through the Gulag in 1930-53 years is about 18 million people. Of these, 3 million – "political" prisoners.

      Exiled people by ethnicity and of wealth in 1930-53 about 6,5 millions (and near 500,000 dead there as result of intolerable living conditions in the early years).

      Iosif Stalin! Burn in Hell! Burn, bloody murderer! Peoples of Russia curse you!

    66. Long Live The Ugly A says:

      Long Live The Ugly American!

      How stupid can you people be?

      Why do you tollerate such affront to Communist victims?

      Why do you pit Communist victims with Nazi victims?

      There is no hierarchy to persecution..

      And keep paying your taxes.

      Shame on you America, Virginia D-Day Foundation!

    67. Sam says:

      Stalin is nothing but another Hitler and some fool people didn't even know how heinous crimes he committed when he was in power. But on earth we only live for say 100 years and after that there is Hell for people like Stalin. You can escape from wrath of humans on earth but you can't escape Wrath of God. All those who want to support animals who were born in human form like Stalin and Hitler will also burn Hell.

      R.I.P. all my brother and sisters who were killed by the Russian Communists

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