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  • First Comes the Baby Carriage

    The National Survey of Family Growth has just released new results for the years 2006-08 and the findings about teens’ attitudes toward marriage and childbearing are bracing. Reaching a new high, the NSFG found that the percentage of teenage males who agree or strongly agree with the statement, “It is OK for an unmarried female to have a child,” has risen from 50 percent to 64 percent since 2002. The percentage of teenage girls agreeing with the statement was even higher, nearly 71 percent.

    While attitudes and actions are not perfectly congruent, especially in the area of decisions about sex and marriage, the increase in acceptance of unmarried childbearing tracks with the national data released earlier this year that found a record number – nearly 41 percent – of U.S. births in 2008 were out-of-wedlock. Much of the media reported that non-marital birth story as a positive one because the number of teen births was down. But marital status is the key indicator of the present and future well-being of families, as well as of the cyclical prospects for reducing out-of-wedlock sex, pregnancy, abortions and births in the future.

    Marriage is the single most powerful preventive and antidote to child poverty. If today’s poor women who have a child out-of-wedlock were to marry the actual father of that child, nearly two thirds of them would be lifted out of poverty immediately. The benefits of marriage accrue across a wide range of social outcomes for children, and include reductions in alcohol abuse, the rate of adultery, and running away from home; and increases in child literacy, high school graduation rates, and future marital success.

    The surge in out-of-wedlock births is occurring not among teenagers, who have just 23 percent of all non-marital births, but among 20-somethings. The attitudes of current teenagers toward such births are trending in a negative direction, but their actions as adults will matter more.

    The NSFG data continue to underscore the factors that are most protective in deterring teen sexual activity and permissive attitudes toward unwed childbearing: religious beliefs and residing in a married-parent household. For example, 57 percent of all unmarried teens have not had sex; for teens in intact families, however, the figure is 62.2 percent, for those in stepfamilies it is 56 percent, and those in single-parent families, 47.5 percent.

    Put more positively, teens in intact families are nearly 44 percent more likely to remain abstinent through their teenage years than teens being raised by a single parent.

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    7 Responses to First Comes the Baby Carriage

    1. sherry says:

      This is stunning……..we will be doomed as a prosperous flourishiing nation as long as this continues. We must bring god back to the center of our lives.

    2. Char, Wisconsin says:

      This is not surprising. I'm old enough to have seen this coming for years. First it was, we musn't judge girls who have babies out of wedlock because it's not their fault and who are we to judge?

      Boys will be boys, you know. That attitude is reinforced more and more so that, unlike earlier days, when boys were told to do the manly thing and marry and take care of his child, the idea seems to have taken hold that you can have sex with as many girls/women as you want and if you skip, the government will take care of the results. Another fallout from liberal welfare rules.

      Females, also realize they have the safety net of the government so if they become pregnant, they'll be able to have a roof over their heads and enough food and necessities.

      Another result is the injury and killing of babies and small children by "boyfriends". This must be reaching epidemic proportions by now, to the shame of this whole country.

      If we can't get government out of our lives except as to where the constitution says they belong, our country will not last as our constitutional republic can only thrive under a moral people.

    3. Becky, MN says:

      News like this makes me wonder if I am raising my kids right. I teach them to study hard, work hard, and not have children until they have a steady job and a good marriage. Perhaps I am teaching them survival skills that no longer apply?

    4. Tim AZ says:

      To be sure this is something the LSM would be proud of since they are died in the wool liberals they believe they are creating a better world. For the rest of us it's just another mess liberals have created that we must clean up.

    5. Al Wunsch, Fl says:

      The attitudes are a reflection of the lack of good principles and a solid moral framework rooted in the belief in God. The results, going back to the 1960s, shows that as God is pushed out of our lives, the prosperity of this country and even it's viability is decreasing every year.

    6. Carol, Roswell, GA says:

      First, to preface this response. If a woman has an education and a job and can support herself and a child – go and have as many children as you want, but what is the cost to each Ameican taxpayer to raise some one else's child born to an uneducated teenager, who goes on food stamps and welfare and subsidized housing?

      Would some one please come up with the statistics on children born out of wedlock and get the data to Congress, the Senate, the president, Ministers across the country and into every elementary school.

      What is the percentage of teenage unwed moms who drop out of high school.

      What is the percentage of teenage unwed moms that go on welfare.

      What is the percentage of teenage moms that will have a second or third child while unmarried.

      What is the percentage of prison inmates who were raised by an unwed teenage mom.

      What is the percentage of children born out of wedlock who drop out of school.

      What is the percentage of children born to teenage moms that have developmental problems – born prematurely.

      What is the medical cost of a child born prematurely to a teenage mom; birth in hospital, long term hospital care for the child and who pays if girl has no insurance.

      What are the crime stats of male children born to teenage unwed moms.

      What is the percentage of unwed teenage moms who were also

      born to an unwed teenager.

      What is the percentage of children born out of wedlock that are abused by the mom's boyfriend.

      If you don't think this is a national crisis and that there is no possible way that we can, in all our hearts and hopes and charity, save everyone of these children, you are mistaken. We might save a small percentage, but the numbers are staggering. You might say the school system is to blame by not reaching all the children, but it is the parent who is responsible. If you can't guide, lead, instruct, teach morality, respect for books, learning, and people; your child will probably go down the same path.

    7. Chuck Riley. Grand R says:

      To ALL and regarding Carol from GA>

      Providing information to those government officials and even ministers and pastors anymore is practically a waste of time!! As a family/ Childrens advocate and Pastor, I am constantly writing, emailing and calling these politicians etc…and although they "claim" to be supportive and caring about the issues they refuse to lend their own voice to the matter!

      The states and counties receive money based on the number of single parents from the Federal Government (Title IV) which although is supposed to be used to directly benefit the Children, instead goes into the State and Counties general funds and used in many cases (ie. Michigan) to provide for raises for administrators or to purchase cars for mid level employees, etc…

      As for pastors and ministers…they are so afraid of losing any portion of their church donation by insulting someone…they are now stating that perhaps the Word ,might not be relevant any longer…Men ahving sex with other men, committing adultery, People having sex out of wedlock…Some churches are not only looking the other way but are openly suggesting that "we" are tolerant and SUPPORTIVE" of such behavior!!!

      Today, it seems, that no matter who it is…they are motivated by MONEY…politicians and pastors alike!! If letters, calls and emails dont work…All that is left is exercising the Right To Recall these "community leaders" and withhold church donations, election donations, vote these people OUT OF OFFICE and thoroughly vett those who we put into office…Their morality, values and true FAMILY TRADITION SUPPORT!!!

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