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  • Morning Bell: Time to Change Course in the Middle East

    Early Monday morning in the international waters of the Mediterranean Sea, helicopters lowered Israeli Commandos onto a Turkish-flagged ferry carrying 600 passengers determined to break Israel’s blockade of Gaza. Beset by activists armed with poles, knives and guns, the Israelis defended themselves, and the resulting violence left at least nine dead. Hours later, the International Atomic Energy Agency released a report claiming that Iran now has enough nuclear fuel, with further enrichment, to make two nuclear weapons. These two stories are not unrelated. And they ought to serve as a signal to the Obama administration that it is time to change its approach to the region.

    Israel is an important ally of the United States and the most important partner the U.S. has in an otherwise tough neighborhood. Unlike most of its neighbors, Israel shares our nation’s commitment to democracy and freedom. And also like us, it has every right to defend itself. When the United States supports Israel and makes that support clear on the international stage, Israel’s enemies are less likely to provoke. But when the United States distances itself from Israel, as the Obama administration has done, it makes confrontation and conflict in the region more likely, not less. When enemies see Israel as alone and isolated, they become more, not less, aggressive. When Israel feels alone and isolated, it feels compelled to be more aggressive – to act in its own defense.

    What the incident in the Mediterranean Sea demonstrates is just how likely it is that Israel will make a preventive strike on Iran if Iran provokes Israel by further developing its nuclear weapon ambitions. If such an attack were to happen, the United States must recognize Israel’s right to self-defense against a hostile Iranian regime that repeatedly has called for its destruction. The United States must also veto any Security Council resolution that does not acknowledge Iran’s provocations and continued defiance of U.N. resolutions.

    Just this past Friday, the IAEA also leaked news that Iran may be hiding equipment capable of pyroprocessing, a procedure that can be used to purify uranium metal used in nuclear warheads. This is just the latest in a long line of Iranian deception about its nuclear program. The Obama administration actually enabled this Kabuki with its engagement strategy last year, which culminated in last month’s nuclear deal between Iran, Turkey and Brazil – a deal that was based off of President Obama’s own proposed deal with Iran.

    And the Obama administration’s strengthening of Iran does not end there. In order to secure new toothless U.N. sanctions on Iran, the Obama administration agreed to allow the Russians to sell the Iranians S-300 anti-aircraft missiles - the very weapon system that Iran would use against an Israeli air strike.

    What is most troubling here is the Obama administration policy that has helped create the Middle East we have today. Israel feels increasingly alone. Iran feels increasingly empowered. The White House should have been working to achieve the opposite.

    Quick Hits:

    • The SEIU failed to gather the 85,000 signatures needed to place a pro-Obamacare Democrat on the ballot to challenge Rep. Larry Kissell (D-NC), who voted against the bill.
    • According to a Los Angeles Times poll, 50% of Californians support Arizona’s new immigration enforcement law while only 43% oppose it.
    • New home sales in markets hardest hit by foreclosures are set to plunge in June as federal tax subsidies expire.
    • A Chinese central bank adviser tells Financial Times that the problems in China’s housing market are more severe than those in the United States before the financial crisis.
    • The European Central Bank warned on Monday that Euro zone banks face a “second wave” of potential loan losses over the next 18 months due to the financial crisis.
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    105 Responses to Morning Bell: Time to Change Course in the Middle East

    1. Jean, RI says:

      Yes, it is time to change our course in the Middle East. Unfortunately, I don't expect that incompetent, gutless, closet muslim president of ours to do anything worthwhile! He is worthless as a leader…a sick joke on America and our friend Israel!

    2. Mike, McKinney-TX says:

      well….some much for the success of this change….what's next America???

    3. loves Dogs/Colorado says:

      This administration is out of control and truly has no thought process on what is the right thing to do. Life is a hard. Lessons to learn about life can be hard. This group of idiots has no right to be in office. They are the prime example of career politians who are there to get what they can and never do the right thing for anyone. They feel their ideas and ideals are the way instead of listening to the people that turly have the right answers. They think that we can all get along–and especially those in these country's that have been at war since Jesus walked the earth. I hope and pray that the right people will step up and start speaking out so this country–THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA– does NOT go under because of obama and that we here never know what a bomb can do.

    4. Scott/El Paso, Texas says:

      Iran has said numerous times that they intend to nuke Israel. Must we wait until that happens before we take the threat seriously. Hamas is operated by Iran. We know that, it is fact. Is there any logic to dealing with Hamas, a proven terrorist group? This goes beyond logic, or reason. It is madness!

      Should we be surprised at Obama's actions? His father raised him, he is Muslim. Is it unreasionanable to assume he taught his son Muslim beliefs, including the hastred of Israel?? Obama attended this hate monger, Jermemiah Wrights Church. He befriended Bill Ayers, and numerous other like him. What's that old saying "Birds of a feather"… It seems to apply here.

    5. George III says:

      Its almost as if Obama wants conflict in the middle east. He could care less about Israel being our friend.

    6. Greg B Vail, AZ says:

      Anyone, and I mean anyone that agrees with this administrations foreign policy is NOT an American. Without a strong America, visibly present, pro democracy, and yes, feared by our enemies is the only thing holding the world together. A socialist America would be a disaster of biblical proportions. You think world hunger and a low standard of living is prevelant around the world today? It will be like the middle ages all over again without a democratic America.

    7. Pat San AntonioTx says:

      Obama's foreign policy decisions, as they have been to date, are going to lead us and our closest ally into turmoil. This president needs to get himself some foreign policy advisors that know what they are talking about. I am simply appalled that this administration has misjudged the situation so badly.

    8. Thibodaux, LA says:

      This president and his administration are fools. One day the US will have no choice but to confront Iran directly – or give undivided support to Israel and this regime will not have the intelligence or guts to do so. We will become a toothless tiger that fits squarely with the other toothless tigers of Europe.

    9. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      Under Article 51 of the UN Charter, which talks about self-defense, Israel has every right to defend itself.

    10. West Texan says:

      Civilian peace activists??? This group of radicalized morons attacked armed uniformed Israeli seals dropped aboard to ferret out ordnance destined for Hamas. Sounds like the real peace keepers were the Israelis. This regardless of what the Islamic world and their misinformed supporters tout.

    11. Floyd Sanderson, Chi says:

      This Morning Bell article is right on target. The mass media, mostly through the AP, uses harsh language to condemn Isreal for doing what it says it will do. Apparently there are far too many people in the middle east who doubt Isreal's resolve. Our Presidents recent public "dismissal" of Benjamin Netanyahu during Netanyahu's last visit here, was shocking to many of us. That treatment of Isreal's Prime Minister by our country's President sent a strong message to the middle east that the USA may have changed its position on Isreal. Isreal will not, and should not, allow its borders be violated by potential terrorist. America should strongly support Isreal's right to protect its borders. Oh yeah, what do we do about our own borders? Rather telling I think.

    12. Dennis Social Circle says:

      We can not expect anything less from obama and clan. We have been told that America is not a Christan nation, Israel is a Christan nation in a great sence, so oabam must go aganist them in every way he can. Iran has said that Isreal must be destroyed, and obama will do all possible to allow this to happen, what else may we expect from someone that does not honor our war dead, THE TOMB OF THE UNKNOWN SOILDER, or one that does not believe in this country. I believe that Israel did what was necessary to protect itself with boarding those boats, and when confronted did what was necessary to defend those that boarded the boat. We as AMERICANS will have to take back our country and insure that obama does not destroy this country from within.

    13. Harry, Westerly, RI says:

      No nation which considers itself an ally of the United States should have any confidence in our government. We have "sold out" in a feckless policy of "talk, talk, talk" which must inevitably lead to war, if we do not change course. It is obvious that the present administration has no intention of remaining true to its friends, and does not intend to protect those we have long supported and led to believe that we consider our friends. The world is in increasing peril because our word is no longer our bond. God helpl us if those who trusted us are ever called upon to come to our aid..

    14. mary handley says:

      We need to stand with Israel now more than ever. Now is not the time to apologise for Israel or to give credibility to the activists, better known as terrorists. Israel is our friend and friends stand with friends when the going gets tough!

    15. Jim Linsdau, Melcher says:

      Any secular-socialist has to see Israel as the biggest obstacle to world governance. After all, nations that send people into battle with sticks and clubs to fight against soldiers with automatic weapons have to appear feeble and easily swayed by the promise of money.

      With Israel out of the way surely the Middle East would welcome the cash-crazy socialists with open arms. After all, what would a secularist know about Islam? What really matters are big bucks! Who better to help turn those oil fields into $trillions?

      Israel knows who its friends are, and they’re not many. That God picked the Israelites as his chosen people was not by accident.

    16. Dick Carr says:

      The disconnect between the Obama administration and the Middle East deepens when the secular Jewish population of the United States continues to to turn its back on Israel. The left leaning liberal political stance and lack of loyalty to Israel by my neighbors and friends is difficult for this right leaning Christian to fathom. Norman Podhorertz gets it. Why is he in the minority? What's the scoop?

    17. Luz Ontario says:

      Right on, I agree that Israel has to defend itself against countries who wants her obliterated. I'm so sick of the people who can't seem to see what's really going on around the globe. Those people ( Islamic Fundamentalist) doesn't want peace, they just want to kill. Israel take care of its own, because Obama doesn't seem to care about Israel, the only Democratic country in the Middle East (Is Obama on their side? I bet he was) God Bless Israel.

    18. Anton Hunter says:

      Has anyone else come to the conclusion that this president has been behaving like more of a saboteur than a responsible leader? In actuality, he is not a coward, but an idealogue…and, one who has sold his soul to his purposes. Both he and those with him will excuse any and all means to accomplish their' goal…even doing things that are wrong. He has proven himself to be a man without a conscience, and we, therefore should not be suprised at what he is doing and not doing. I have already come to the conclusion that, although he is President of the United States, he is not one of us. Take heed!

    19. jim stamulis says:

      its funny how the whole world including united nations comes out blaming israel before an ivestigation has barley started.where were they when something like 80 to 90 people were killed when a mosk was attacked in pakistan the never seem to say anything when suicide bombers kill innocent people in israel or hamas or hizboulah launch rockets into israel. they are all hippocrits. now our own government has turned its back on our longtime friend. it sickens my heart.

    20. David***Newnan,GA says:

      Obama is truly a Muslim;; it can longer be denied; he is the first POST-AMERICAN PRESIDENT; H e is trying to turn America into what HE thinks it should be; may Allah come soon to claim him.

    21. MaryAnn says:

      America used to share the value of liberty and democracy with Israel. Our current president clearly does not. He lied about his feelings toward Israel during his campaign, he just backed a U.N. resolution against Israel concerning nuclear weapons and non-proliferation and he's constantly badgering Isael to give up more of her land to the palestinians.

      Israel stands alone as long as Obama is in the white house, and she knows it.

    22. Kenneth Kok, Richlan says:

      I do not understand the comment about pyroprocessing being used to purify uranium for weapons. The U235 needed must come from some enrichment process such as the centrifuge process which Iran is known to have. The resulting enriched uranium hexafloride can be easily converted to pure uranium metal. Pyroprocessing is used to process nuclear fuel to seperate out the fission products it can not be used to isotopically enrich either uranium or plutonium. The comment is technically incorrect.

    23. walt roginski, Glen says:

      We , who also find our borders potentially too porous, must stand by Israel. They responded correctly to the implied threat and provacative actions of a Turkish group, I expect condemnation from arab nations but not from Americans.

    24. NoMoreChange, NewYor says:

      Sadly, Israel has no appreciation for the safety of the rest of the world. They continue me me me.

      Formerly a supporter, and continue as such for the Jewish people, but definitely know the difference in Zionism and peace. No, we must let Isreal stand on its own now. Time to grow up and learn to get along in the world. The Zionists bring great trouble for the jewish people, but Zionists really don't care because all they want is power and controlling influence of other countries. Enough of their influence in the USA. They are BAD NEWS to the world, but not "news" anymore. Better listen and not twist.

      Go to your room until you can behave.

    25. Bob Veigel, Arlingto says:

      And way past time to change course in America! Changes in other areas of the world are futile and worthless if our own Nation is on the ropes and ready to fall.

    26. A. Terranova, Ormond says:

      The Obama administration is just a part, albeit an integral part, of dismantling the balance of power in the Middle East. If Israel is attacked and the U.N. stands against her, that will give Obama cover to side w/the Palestinians. I say "Palestinians" but I believe that, too, is a cover so that the American people, influenced by heavy Obama administration propaganda through the mouthpiece of the "mainstream" media, begin to perceive the Palestinian people as victims. In my opinion they ARE victims; victims of Hamas and Hezbollah, who are funded by the Iranians who are funded by Russia, China, the Saudis and who knows who else. The key is that Israel is going to have its proverbial back slammed against a wall and it will be provoked either into war and/or into a false "peace" treaty. Either way, they are extremely vulnerable. Obama and his backers will come out of this w/o any measurable political scars because he is part of the global power structure which seeks to assert itself as THE global power structure, i.e. GLOBALIZED, CENTRALIZED POWER whose locus resides in the hands of a very few ideologically elite; think international banking cartels, global foundations who are funded by (perhaps) the IMF and monies from entities who all want this scenario to play itself out on the global stage. Americans need to understand that what is going on here is the U.S. is mostly manufactured by an administration whose intent is not in the best interests of America but in the attainment of an almighty global structure of world dominance and control.

    27. Noshir Mehta, Calcut says:

      This was an extremely well-written and effective piece of writing. The US needs to stand up NOW and defend Israel's actions as entirely justified and necessary.

      That Ahmadinejad is hell-bent on forcing a show-down with Israel and the US is not to be denied. He is a dangerous and despicable, rabble-rousing fanatic, deeply hated by his own people.

      And as for Tayyip Erdogan, well, he has clearly revealed his true colors. From the time of his government's accession to power in Turkey, there have been major concerns from within that it intends to subvert the secular character of Turkish society by imposing on it the more regressive elements of Islamism!

      The secular armed forces of Turkey have indicated that they will strive to ensure this does not come to pass – I hope that they succeed.

      Erdogan's conduct in the public arena towards the senior Israeli statesman that is Shimon Peres has been patently reprehensible; the former has enjoyed for too long now a bull-run of playing to the gallery in the so-called 'Islamic world'. (That title is indicative of Islam's penchant for a form of self-inflicted apartheid, and should really not be used by serious, unbiased scholars.)

      Turkey's act has been provocative indeed. Erdogan's use of hyperbole in damning Israel's legitimate right to a defense of its laws and territorial integrity is predictable. It is also the product of a culture that favors the use of charged and incendiary rhetoric – the sort we've heard from the likes of Qaddafi, Ahmadinejad, and the late Benazir Bhutto. It aims to stir up hatred and condemnation of Israel without ever coming up with genuine solutions to the 'Palestinian problem'.

      It is clear that to these Islamic states, it is not the Palestinians that matter so much as their usefulness in enabling the rabid hatred Israel's neighbors have always had for her – a hatred based on envy and an understanding of their own relative inferiority. Unfortunately, this sort of hatred is characteristic of fundamentalist Islam, witness its inability to live in peace with any who do not subscribe to its tenets.

      Erdogan's Turkey has no moral standing on which to issue this prating against Israel. In order to gain such ground, Turkey must, for starters: a) Quit its occupation of Cypress b) Stop winking at Islamic fundamentalism and acts of terrorism within and beyond its borders and c) Accept complete responsibility for the massacre of nearly 2 million Armenians during WW 1.

      With Islamic fundamentalism as a awful reality in Western Europe today, it would be utter folly for the EU to admit Turkey as a member state, especially at a time when the latter has taken a clear step backwards, and to the Right!

      Israel, like any state across the world, is no angel. But it is, when all is said and done, a democracy allied to the West. It is in the interests of not just the US, but that of all civilized nations, to rally around Israel in her hour of need. If the US had missiles and terrorist attacks launched against it from an immediate neighbor, what would it do? Kudos to Israel for defending itself!!


    28. Liberty13.1911 says:

      From the article, "These two stories are not unrelated. And they ought to serve as a signal to the Obama administration that it is time to change its approach to the region."

      Nothing is going to change Obama's approach to anything. For Obama to change his approach on anything one would have to assume that he is acting in the best interest of the US and that rational thought could ever out weigh ideology in this administration.

    29. philip says:

      Our support of Isreal is a must they are a true ally of the United States and the freedom of a free world. unfortunaely our present is is anti free american consitutional type of goverment by the people for the people of people. Obama dose not support our allyies he sides with the enmies of freedom like Iran he is antie american and free enterprise he is for globle socialist take over of the United States And the World vote this power out in NOV.

    30. walt roginski, Glen says:

      Yea Israely commandos—they didn't hesitate. Boo trouble makers.

    31. Richard H. Irish, Ed says:

      When are you guys going to accept that Obama's very plan is the destruction of Israel AND the United States of America?

    32. Drew Page, IL says:

      Once again Obama and his administration have proven to be dangerously naive and inept in foreign policy. Isreal is surrounded by Arab Islamic states, many of whom deny Isreal's right to exist. When these states see that U.S. support for Isreal has diminished, it emboldens them to strike against Isreal. Of course Obama and his administration will say they fully support Isreal, but actions speak louder than words. The actions of the Obama administration have made it clear that they are more interested in cultivating relationships with Arab Islamic states than maintaining a strong relationship with our only ally in the middle east.

      Obama's refusal to halt the production and importation of weapons grade plutonium into Iran for purposes of developing a nuclear weapon puts Isreal, the middle east and the U.S. in grave danger. Due to the failure of the Obama administration to act decisively with Iran, Isreal will launch a pre-emptive strike to ensure its own survival. Ahmedinejad's threats to annhilate Isreal are taken seriously by Isreal and with good reason. The U.S. has an inexperienced juvinile in charge who is pro-Islamic and who thinks he can charm middle eastern states into just getting along with Isreal.

      Mr. Obama is the Neville Chamberlain of our time and will prove to be even more dangerous to world peace and stability than was Chamberlain. And all the while, those very people that Obama believes he is charming, like Ahmedinejad and Kim Jong IL, are laughing at him and our intrepid Secretary of State.

    33. Carol, AZ says:

      It is time to pull-out all support to Iraq asap

      and closed the chapter on one more corrupt country in the Middle East.

      If Iraq can not protect their our borders and thier own poeple by now

      send an illustrated copy " for dummies" as a "how to man up and do it. " …

      As the troops are re-deployed back to the States put them on our Southern borders and secure the gapping hole in AZ where proof has been known for months that illegals with terrioritist ties are entering into the USA. .

      But oh my gosh where is our proof coming from D.C?.

      Att General Holder

      Homeland Security,

      The head of ICE , Morton in Washingiton.

      Our President allowing a dictator from MX lecturing us on

      American law.

      Clearly we have all dropped down

      the rabbit hole

      Allowing All reason over these actions

      that has disallowed the failure by our Fed. Gov't

      who refuses

      NOT to secure the borders of our country in direct violation of all laws in our counrty.

      What a message we are senting to the rest of the worlds.

    34. daveinboca says:

      News reports repeat like a mantra that "Those ships carried nothing but humanitarian aid" which strains credulity to the utmost when "pro-Palestinian activists" are involved.

      The US did keep the UN resolution from blaming Israel alone for the violence, but if the UNSC tries to put forward a resolution of punishment, Israel should respond as Saddam Hussein did to the 17 UNSC resolutions. Because an embargo against Israel would be unenforceable, period.

      As an FSO-ret'd and Arabist, I believe the US is not gaining admirers by Obama's stand-offish Israel policy, even among Europeans. And I think that this policy may come up for examination in the US 2010 November elections.

    35. Martin E. Weinstein says:

      I am waiting for Republican leaders in the Congress to speak out strongly and challenge the Administration. Vital American interests are at stake. We are strenghtening our mortal enemies and weakening ourselves. That is a formula for disaster.

    36. Bud (northwoods of W says:

      This would be like telling UBL that it is time to change course. This administration is as committed to the Muslim cause as they are opposed to Israel. The only hope we and the world have is a successful outcome in the mid-term elections in Nov. And that is why this election is the most important in the history of this republic.

    37. MN J says:

      Appeasement doesn't work, O. You may think you're the head of this "change" based on guilt but once "they" get what they want, you, too, may be thrown under the bus.

      Israel has no choice, period. The question is how much have they stockpiled in case they need to go it alone?

    38. Randy/Louisiana says:

      I say God bless Israel and they must take action again Iran ASAP!! America is falling with president Barack Hussein Obama per his plan of Global Government which is the new world order!! President Barack Hussein is destroying America with spending money we don't have and making deceitful bills with idiot commie congressmen using both parties!! Lock and load America the time has come!! SOS!! Gods book has been written and we christen win!! Congress is out of control and their allowing the idiot president to allow illegal immigrants to help destroy America which I must add he took an oath to protect America. What say you every second this president is in office he is killing you and and your children future!!! The UN must be no more it is corrupt as our Congress!! Pray for the United States and the christens of America that work every day and are talking about this crazy Government and president Barack Hussein Obama!!

    39. Warren Lyckman Hills says:

      In the 80's when Israel decimated the Iraq reactor to prevent Iraq from building an atomic bomb. At that time the U.S., Under Reagan was very critical of Israel's action. But soon realized that Israel was right to destroy Sadams ability to build an atomic bomb. This attack by Israel's forces to determine what was on that ship is in my opinion the only position they had. When is Obama going to learn and assist Israel to defend itself. Your article spells it out very well

    40. KB in PA says:

      It staggers the imagination to contemplate how irreversible will be the hostile violence that is set to let itself loose in the Middle East, as the result of Obama's "policies". Who can imagine how far down the road to hell it will lead, not only for us, but for the world? He pretends to be behind the efforts of our military in Afghanistan and Iraq on the one hand (though who among us is fooled?), yet with the other he viciously tears down the decades-long friendship between us and Israel. His actions belie his feeble, insincere words, and utterly betray our military, for it is they, in the end, who will be sent into the way of the awful harm that he has deliberately created.

      What is this man about, for crying out loud? He is about destruction, and he knows exactly what he is doing. Not the slightest move is uncalculated. Who of us can comprehend this reckless passion to bring the entire planet to its knees, through both economic chaos, and actual war? Wherever he can find the possibility of the furtherance of destruction, there we will find him, paving with great energy the road to destruction's ultimate, absolute "victory."

    41. Jim Olrando says:

      Why are we not bringing Treason charges against this President?????????

    42. Allegheny934 says:

      In 4 years, this Actor in chief and his flunkies will make the world we know unrecognizable and we will pay for a very long time. And I hear nothing from top Republicans…zero from the adoring press…and after the election, I am not sure Americans are smart enough to dump this guy and his henchmen when the times come to do so.

    43. barbara sue secrist says:

      I am an American, christian, gentile who is well aware that the jews are our most loyal and honest allies.

      I do not believe that obama is as loyal to America as Israel and it is a real shame that he would rather defend Iran's right to nukes than defend Israels right to protect themselves.

    44. toledofan says:

      Our foriegn policy is a disgrace, and, I fear, it's not going to change, much, as long as these people who think they can pacify and prevent anybody from doing bad things, just by talking and coddling, are out of office. I mean wee're not supposed to call the terrorists a terrorist and we can't call what they want a Jihad and we side with the bad guys thinking they will become our friends. I agree, tha,t we, because of showing signs of weakness, are embolding the enemy. Just look at what is happening in Korea, Russia selling stuff to Iran, Iran planning to wipe Isreal off the map, China buying up our debt, South America in chaos, the Mexican border on fire, etc. All because we aren't standing up to the bullies. Pathetic leadership or no leadership rules our policies.

    45. bigdave ocala fl says:


    46. Joe Ruffino says:

      One must be knowledgeable enought to know that Americans of Jewish heritage, in mass, voted for and contributed money to this President who now has opinions and actions which should alarm them.

    47. Lorraine Brown, Meta says:

      Thank you, Heritage for telling the story correctly. Few news outlets are telling the fact that the Israeli soldiers were virtually ambushed. The "activists" were armed and ready and had been provoking this scenario by refusing to allow Israel to check them out. You don't hear Israel's side of the story told in the mainstream media. We do need to stand with Israel during this precarious time.

    48. Lil, San Diego says:

      This clear and ineffective course of action the Obama admin has proposed regarding the Iranian problem demonstrates conclusively his complete incompetence! This failure of "diplomatic engagement" is another signal that this community organizer has neither the temperament nor the capability and should never have been elected to the most responsible position in this world's current environment. His continued lack of support for Israel has sent a signal throughout the Middle East that he does not understand the Middle East and the importance of the "iron fist" strategy that was effective! For our sake and the sake of the world, 2012 can't come soon enough! Hopefully November, 2010 will offer effective supervision for this incompetent fool!

    49. sofiagonzelez, Texas says:

      The enemy of mine enemy is my friend?

    50. D E Huber, Willis TX says:

      God's promise to Abraham in Genesis 12, "I will bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you" still applies. May the USA be on the right side of this promise.

    51. Joan, CA says:

      All things considered up to now, it would appear Obama wants to bring USA to its knees rather than protect it. His speeches, especially in other countries, has made us look weak and vulnerable. Now, he has a perfect chance to throw our our best ally, Israel, to the wolves as well.

      His book title word "audacity" sums up his approach and ideology.

    52. A. Terranova, Ormond says:


      This outrageous piece of legislation was passed UNDERCOVER and will use 20 million dollars of U.S. taxpayer moneyto fund the immigration of HAMAS refugees into the U.S.

      This information can be found at: http://www.federalregister.com/d.p/2009-02-04-E9-2488

    53. Debbie McLain, Point says:

      I agree with D E Huber. This current administration should read their Bible, they said it very plain, "I will bless them that bless you and curse them that curse you". Genesis 12:3.

      The Obama administration should take very seriously this promise and re-think their position on Israel. If the Obama administration should go as far as to denounce Israel as an ally, America will suffer the consequences and God can curse America! We pray that doesn't happen!

    54. James Horn, Menifee, says:

      Kemal Attaturk dragged the Turks kicking and screaming to the brink of civilization, and the Turks have turned their backs and are reverting to their barbarian roots. Read about it: http://www.dididawdawdidi.com

    55. Lynn Bryant DeSpain says:

      Honestly, would anyone expect anything different from an Islamic President in its attitude towards the Jewish State of Isael?

      The old saying is,"When you lay down with dogs, you get fleas." The Jews have no fleas, the Islam/Muslim Nations do, and Obama is scratching.

    56. Steven Coy Westminst says:

      Heritage Foundation should know that Obamanation being Muslim, he is doing exactly what is expected of him by the Muslim nation. He has slowly destroyed our economy our dollar, has done nothing about jobs , has enhanced Illegal Immigration, apologized around the world for America being arrogant, hired marxists in our Government, allowed the oil spill to continue so he could declair this an environmental disaster so he could stop all drilling in the Gulf and elseware, wants to stop coal production, passed socialized death care, has the New Communist Party (democrats) backing a Kenyen born Marxist as President and helping him destroy America. Of course he is not acting on anything except when it has something to do with degrading the country or enhancing our enemies. Impeachment should be the center of the Conservative movement and trials for all who have covered for the Manchurian Candidate OBAMANATION. HANG THE BASTAR_!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    58. Greg Katz says:

      So, how's that "Change" working out for ya?

      Obama, a professed Muslim, is not going to be an open ally to Israel. He has discussed this many times during his speeches to the Euro and ME communities, that he is absolutely Arab friendly, and at the expense of US national security and that of israel, as well.

      It's a sad time in our country's history for so many Americans to have been duped by the Obama/Chicago political machine.

      I am very converned for the well-being of my kids and grandchildren…

      You should be too!

    59. P Korman, Atlanta, G says:

      For interested parties, please Google "Detroit Activists" and "David Sole", as David is the President of the UAW Local in Detroit and frequently holds anti-Zionist (read anti-Israel) protests and seminars, all organized out of the local UAW facilities. They are closely aligned with the SEIU. I received their email this morning, recuiting for a pro-palestinian protest today at 4PM in Dearborn and tomorrow, 4PM in Detroit. AIPAC acknowledges this wing of the Democrat Party, which includes former rep. Cynthia McKinney, and, of course, Jimmy Carter. The labor unions are part and parcel to this anti-Israel effort. The black Muslim community is very active in promoting this position. The center of the black Muslim community is based in Chicago. That same community is funded, in large part, by Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E. Both McKinney and Carter have taken large donations from this crowd. This is where you may start if you want to understand what is driving current US (Democrat) policy in the middle east.

    60. Judy Johnson, Fort W says:

      Now that the White House has messed up, what should be done to recover?

    61. Harry Callaghan, Hou says:

      The wisest thing for the U.S. to do is distance itself from Israel, the greatest threat to world peace..
      Iran is no threat to anyone, with or without nuclear weapons although if I were Ahmadinejad, I would be producing them so that the U. S. or Israel might have to think twice before attacking.
      The title of this article said something about changing Mideast policy……get the hell out of Aftghanistan and Iraq and just mind our own business. Nothing more than a fairy tale as it will never happen as long as we remain the world's biggest war-monger and hypocrite. Going back and forth with Democrats and Republicans in the oval office or in Congress will never change that either. We are on the ego trip to end all ego trips, trying to play big-shot to all the world while being the laughing stock of the civilized world who recognize all we are doing and neglecting our domestic problems which should take priority.

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    63. firehouse says:

      Bush….Jews…caused the problems.. Not Obama

    64. israeli supporter, N says:

      This was a stunt by Turkey to cause a crisis and blame it on Israel. Ultimately this is the West vs. Islam:


      I'm just shocked (and saddened) that more people in the West do not see the bigger picture.

      PS – Stop the Mosque at Ground Zero:

    65. Norbert Stager says:

      I believe the line in the sand has been crossed with Iran. If Israel does not act against Iran Tel Aviv will be a pile of ashes. He won't nuke Jerusalem because of the holy sites. Once the missiles from Russia have been delivered a lot of brave Israeli pilots will loose their lives needlessly. As for US foreign policy we will have to wait for a reboot in 2012. As for Israel they will have to go it alone. May God protect them because Obama won't.

    66. William Jackson, Val says:

      "Armagedon" All who belive should Pray to God for the Right decisions!

    67. European Conservativ says:

      The uncritical support for Israel from American "conservatives" is truly mind-boggling. The only sensible explanation is that they do not know any history. Just a few facts:

      The State of Israel is a socialist creation. Established by socialists, meant to be a model socialist society, and run by socialists for the first 20+ years of its existence.

      The very creation of Israel was an act of astounding social engineering every real conservative must detest.

      The Communist Soviet Union was the closes ally of Israel and played a critical role in Israel's creation. The USSR provided Israel with political backing and massive military aid in 1948-49.

      Sionism is an offshoot of socialism.

    68. Spiritof76, NH says:

      Heritage keeps pointing out what the Obama administration must do. I am sorry to say they won't. They are anti-American and anti-Israel. Some of Obama's friends and mentors are ant-semites.

      We must get rid of the spreading socialistic cancer on the US this November and start reducing the size of the federal government.

    69. Mark Fantozzi, Cuper says:

      It should be obvious to everyone by now that the Obama administration is not a huge fan of democracy and freedom. If you consider Obama's gestures to countries that are not friendly toward the US, i.e. Venezuela, Obama seems to have more of a kinship towared dictators then to leaders of the free world. Therefore, in the eyes of Obama, Israel is not an ally but a rogue state.

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    71. Larry Templeton says:

      Israel is a friend and ally of the west and America. America and other western powers must help Israel maintain its balance of power with its enemies. It deserves to survive as a country. The only reason the current crisis came to pass was the effort of a flotilla of vessels to break a blockade. The determined use of knives ,iron bars,& clubs indicate the occupants of the vessel were armed and dangerous. If Israel has a right to exist it has a right to defend its self. If a vessel wants to go through a blockade it must submit to search.

    72. bigdave ocala fl says:

      I am afraid the Israelis were skunked. This is a very smart, yet extrordinarily devious and evil world we live in today. Almost EVERY WORLD ATTENTION GATHERING INCIDENT is CONTRIVED and EMBELLISHED so the particular crisis in question can be used to ACHIEVE DEVIOUS ENDS. Oil disaster….government take over of oil Cos, stop drilling, raise substantially the price of gas, pass Cap and Trade, further destroy America's capability to build up and defend itslf(a LEFTIST GOAL). Israel set up by a contrived Aid flotilla by people who KNEW EXACTLY HOW ISRAEL WOULD REACT, which Israel did, yet THE CAPTURED ISRAELIS WERE HARDLY HARMED AT ALL, and one thrown overboard and it was reported Israel KILLED some people…who exactly LOOKS LIKE THE BAD GUY? RIGHT! ISRAEL! COMPLETELY SET UP!! Which NATIONALIST FREE MARKET COUNTRIES ARE LEFT? ISRAEL AND THE US!! And world opinion has been manipulated/contrived against us when we are now weaker than any point in our history! It takes a keen intellect to realize WE ARE IN IMMINENT DANGER OF LOSING OUR COUNTRY. If not deterred, we will all be slaves soon. Seen any new companies in the last few years? You know, the ones which provide TAX PAYING JOBS? I didn't think so.

    73. Carv'n. Indy says:

      Barak Hussien Obama! He is not of American descent and does not have America as his first priority. He will sell Isreal out in a heartbeat and every american value will be sold out as well.

    74. peyami sungur says:

      Let me get this straight. Heavily armed Israeli commandos illegally storm a humanitarian aid ship in international waters, shoot dozens of people, then claim self defence?? Is this some kind of sick joke? Their excuses would be comical if they didn't have such serious repurcussions.

      Israel has been blatantly flouting international law for decades, without so much as a slap on the wrist from this spineless country.Whats the difference of somali pirates..??

      Why can't the US just once, for a change, admit that their Israeli buddies are in the wrong? For just a few minutes, forget about what actually happened on the boat and accept the fact that it was an illegal operation in the first place – illegal through a UN resolution.

      Israel is a failed state and should be treated like Apartheid South Africa until it learns stops committing indiscriminate and state-sponsored crimes across the globe.

    75. Michael Higgins, Ca says:

      Israel is not an important ally of the U.S.A., we have no treaty with Israel because they refuse to define their borders, and have done so since the birth of that nation in 1948.

      Furthermore Israel has conducted the largest amount of espionage in this country, surpassing that of any of our bona fide allies. Many of our state secrets including nuclear weapons technology have been passed by Israel to third party countries, including possibly North Korea. This is a friend and ally to the U.S. ?

      Racist, Marxist Israel is not a democracy, you can ask the Sephardic Jews and Israeli Arabs how they are treated as second class citizens in their own country.

      Free market? The list of goods imported from Communist countries over the decades by Israel is truly staggering.

      Attacks in international waters by any country, are by definition acts of piracy, Israel was no more set up in this affair than when they blatantly attacked and tried to destroy the U.S.S. Liberty in 1967, which was actually an act of war, by an "ally"

    76. Modern Times, Boonsb says:

      I suppose it's not surprising that Heritage would present only what has come from the Israeli side in a very inflammatory manner and as a factual account when the facts are not yet known, and nothing at all from the view point of the activists, which is hardly yet known since Israel has allowed little or nothing to be heard from them. Of course, to Heritage and its adherents, you can't be an "activist" unless you are a Tea Partier; if you're on the Left, you're a terrorist!

      No mention either of the Americans on board the boats, including former U.S. Ambassador Edward Peck, members of parliament from Germany, Sweden, Ireland, turkey, and Malaysia, as well as Palestinian members of the Israeli Knesset and a Holocaust survivor, although this information was readily available.

      Well, the Rachel Corrie, one of the boats in the flotilla that was delayed in Cyprus is still heading for Gaza, despite everything. What's that, you don't know who Rachel Corrie is? She was a young American woman who, as she stood her ground to defend the home of a Palestinian family in Gaza, was run over and killed by an Israeli bulldozer seven years ago.

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    78. Moco says:

      No more Foreign Aid and free military hardware for the brutal pirates who wouldn't have had to "defend" themselves, if they hadn't attacked mercyships carrying food and medical supplies IN INTERNATIONAL WATERS!!! Duh!

    79. David S. McQueen says:

      Obama wants Iran to destroy Israel. For some reason, Obama sees Israel as the terrorist nation, not the radical and extremist muslims of the middle east.

      So while the Islamo-Fascists keep killing innocent civilians, and try to set off bombs in Times Square, Obama is perfectly content to see Iran nuke Israel into oblivion.

    80. Dbur, OR says:

      As long as Israel is surrounded by those sworn to destroy them they are justified to take any action up to and including full destruction of their enemies. Let the Palestinians reject destruction of Israel and talk real peace instead, and I'd be happy to put pressure on Israel to back off.

      If Cuba was shooting missiles to Florida and sending suicide bombers to our cities we would not show nearly the restraint that Israel has.

      America needs to wake up and realize other nations have the same right to security we seem to reserve only for ourselves.

    81. Richard, New Jersey says:

      This article says what needed to be said for so long and what the mainstream media has failed and refused to acknowledge. Obama has deliberately turned his back on Israel and has facilitated Iran's effort to carry out a second Holocost on our watch. His actions and inactions have been unforgivable. Those who claim that this is simply the product of Obama's inexperience or his stupidity are sadly mistaken. He is evil, not dumb. His actions are and have been carefully calculated to create exacty this situation inwhich Israel is de-legitimized and abandoned by her greatest ally in the name of both figuratively and literally bowing our heads to the Saudi King. Thank goodness we have not yet lost our free speach rights (which are under attack from the Obama-Democrat-Socialist Regime) and thank God that there are still Americans willing to speak out for what is right.

    82. Patrick James says:

      If you are interested in the intellectual calibre of some of Obama's staunchest supporters, check out the BET website.

      If a retarded chimpanzee was trained to say that he's black and then announce his political candidacy, the pseudo-intellectuals who regularly post comments on the BET website (especially those whose primary language is Ebonics) would be his most ardent supporters.

      On the subject of Israel, I would like to see that great nation become an island nation. Currently, the nation with the worst neighbors is Israel.

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    88. Rich,Phila.Pa. says:

      We are living the 1930's all over again,we may have a inkling of what our Grandparents were feeling at the time.That something was going to happen but they did not know what.We have a massive Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico,our leaders are powerless to do anything about it.Its going to further destroy our ecomnomy.We have massive deficits,we have our News Media who is silent on everything that is not Obama sponsored,you have a criminal element pushing for illegal immigration,which allows our enemies to cross the southern borders besides Mexicans and South Americans.We have a Nuclear Capable Iran,Hezbaloh,Hamas,Islamo Fascist Jihadist who want to destroy Isreal,United States,yes you heard me right The USA,Obama is making it easy for them by bowing down and kissing where the sun does not shine.Remember the name Neville Chamberlin,he was before my time.But History repeats its self with the help from an ignorant voting population,that believes everything they hear.

    89. Lloyd Scallan New Or says:

      They voted for Obama by 78%. Now, let them live with their votes. Even the Jews should understand "elections had consequences". Maybe next time they will

      vote for a person that is qualified and not a dedicated socialist.

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    91. Al Wunsch, Fl says:

      Obama foreign policy approach has set in motion a wave of encouragement to terrorists and trouble makers around the globe. We are heading for a war somewhere soon. Without American Police or adult supervision, the troublemakers are stirring about.

    92. Larry Welch, Idaho says:

      Sending inspection teams to screen ships violating a blokade is a benign method. Israel would be wise to sink any violators in the future.

      The hysteria from the anti-Israeli crowd would be louder but otherwise no different.

      President Obama has already earned impeachment by recklessly endangering our country and betraying our allies. 2012 is too long to delay action to prevent irreparable harm to our country.

      Get on the phone, email, twitter, facebook, the housetop ………. The traitor has to go … now.

    93. Pingback: Check out this sweet free online game, Qwerty Warriors 2 | WORDS

    94. Alexander S Polyak, says:

      There are series of Demonstrations conducted by Pro-Palestinian activists in San Francisco. One of them is being held today at 4:30 PM.

      It is impossible for a working person to participate in either a demonstration or a counter demonstration. That leads me to believe that those demonstrations are mainly organized by Pro-Palestinian students of our State Colleges.

      Majority of these people are here on student visas and are not American citizens.

      Why are they allowed to demonstrate? Is this constitutional that non-citizens of this country have the same right to express themselves as the citizens?

      We, The People of this country support our Middle Eastern Ally and don't want the rest of the world be under impression that Americans are protesting Israely Defence and Security measures. Please help us correct this injustice.

    95. Pingback: Be Aware Of The Cancer Signs

    96. dave vk says:

      its only a matter o time before the shoe drops…israel is our friend and the sooner we send these liberals packing the better..

    97. Joseph Picone, Belmo says:

      It has become painfully apparent that Barack Obama is no friend to Israel. There are many in the world who wish to see the destruction of Israel. I think that to much of the Arab and Muslim world, Israel had become a convenient scapegoat, and an excuse for the failures and weaknesses of these countries. The bottom line is that anti-semitism is very much alive in the world today and many are jealous of what Israel has accomplished in its short history. They have strength; freedom; prosperity; and a tremendous will to survive. People who cherish their freedom and liberty, and who believe that an ally must be defended should stand up and support Israel, even if Barack Obama will not.

    98. Drew Page, IL says:

      To Moco (or is it Loco) — You actually believe the Isreali commandos were "brutal pirates"? The video tapes show those on board the "Mercy Ship" armed with pipes, clubs, broken bottles ready to repel boarders. When one nation imposes a quarantine on another and ships try to break that quarantine, they can expect to be turned back, or at the very least, boarded and inspected. Those on board the "Mercy Ship" were looking for a fight. They announced as much before leaving on their mission.

      The Isreali commandos were looking for contraband in the form of arms, ammunition, explosives or other materials that could be used against them. Isreal has a right to defend itself. Had those on board the ship bring food, water, medicine, etc allowed the commandos the inspect the cargo of the ship without resistence, violence could have been avoided. Those on board the ship wanted a confrontation and to provoke a reaction. They got more than they bargained for. And now, of course, they portray themselves as the innocent victims and the Isrealis as the bad guys.

      When Russia put missles in Cuba, JFK set up a navel blockade, with orders to stop and inspect and/or turnback any Russian ships suspected of carrying more missles into Cuba. Would the U.S. Navy have been 'brutal pirates' if they carried out JFK's orders and boarded Russian ships to inspect them? Had the Russians physically resisted and attacked Navy boarders, would our sailors have the right to defend themselves with deadly force? Of course these are rhetorical questions, but I know how I would answer them.

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    100. Dave, Iowa says:

      Obama has a hate on for Israel, plain and simple. This guy damages us in ways that will take years to figure out and fix.

    101. Pingback: The Absurd Report » Time to Change Course in the Middle East

    102. Sandy, Alabama says:

      When it comes to Obama can we say "Anti-Christ"? Hmmm

    103. Greg, Remington, Va. says:

      Heritage's "Morning Bell" is incredibly and remarkably informative, and balanced, and I enjoy the wealth of knowledge and perspective it provides. But sometimes I can't read it without becoming pissed off into a coronary! I hope the American electorate wakes up and realizes: ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES!!!

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    105. Ed, Upstate NY says:

      Obama is not making foolish foreign policy decisions. He is doing what any muslim president would do. Abandon Isreal and in doing so increase the resolve of the muslim countries to exterminate our ONLY ally in the region. Muslims want the destruction of the Jews and all infidels. Is Hussein his African or christian name? Wake up before the games over.

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