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  • Morning Bell: Happy Memorial Day

    In honor of those who lost their lives while serving our country, we would like to share with you President Ronald Reagan’s 1986 Memorial Day remarks at Arlington National Cemetery:

    Today is the day we put aside to remember fallen heroes and to pray that no heroes will ever have to die for us again. It’s a day of thanks for the valor of others, a day to remember the splendor of America and those of her children who rest in this cemetery and others. It’s a day to be with the family and remember.

    I was thinking this morning that across the country children and their parents will be going to the town parade and the young ones will sit on the sidewalks and wave their flags as the band goes by. Later, maybe, they’ll have a cookout or a day at the beach. And that’s good, because today is a day to be with the family and to remember.

    Arlington, this place of so many memories, is a fitting place for some remembering. So many wonderful men and women rest here, men and women who led colorful, vivid, and passionate lives. There are the greats of the military: Bull Halsey and the Admirals Leahy, father and son; Black Jack Pershing; and the GI’s general, Omar Bradley. Great men all, military men. But there are others here known for other things.

    Here in Arlington rests a sharecropper’s son who became a hero to a lonely people. Joe Louis came from nowhere, but he knew how to fight. And he galvanized a nation in the days after Pearl Harbor when he put on the uniform of his country and said, “I know we’ll win because we’re on God’s side.” Audie Murphy is here, Audie Murphy of the wild, wild courage. For what else would you call it when a man bounds to the top of a disabled tank, stops an enemy advance, saves lives, and rallies his men, and all of it single-handedly. When he radioed for artillery support and was asked how close the enemy was to his position, he said, “Wait a minute and I’ll let you speak to them.” [Laughter]

    Michael Smith is here, and Dick Scobee, both of the space shuttle Challenger. Their courage wasn’t wild, but thoughtful, the mature and measured courage of career professionals who took prudent risks for great reward—in their case, to advance the sum total of knowledge in the world. They’re only the latest to rest here; they join other great explorers with names like Grissom and Chaffee.

    Oliver Wendell Holmes is here, the great jurist and fighter for the right. A poet searching for an image of true majesty could not rest until he seized on “Holmes dissenting in a sordid age.” Young Holmes served in the Civil War. He might have been thinking of the crosses and stars of Arlington when he wrote: “At the grave of a hero we end, not with sorrow at the inevitable loss, but with the contagion of his courage; and with a kind of desperate joy we go back to the fight.”

    All of these men were different, but they shared this in common: They loved America very much. There was nothing they wouldn’t do for her. And they loved with the sureness of the young. It’s hard not to think of the young in a place like this, for it’s the young who do the fighting and dying when a peace fails and a war begins. Not far from here is the statue of the three servicemen—the three fighting boys of Vietnam. It, too, has majesty and more. Perhaps you’ve seen it—three rough boys walking together, looking ahead with a steady gaze. There’s something wounded about them, a kind of resigned toughness. But there’s an unexpected tenderness, too. At first you don’t really notice, but then you see it. The three are touching each other, as if they’re supporting each other, helping each other on.

    I know that many veterans of Vietnam will gather today, some of them perhaps by the wall. And they’re still helping each other on. They were quite a group, the boys of Vietnam—boys who fought a terrible and vicious war without enough support from home, boys who were dodging bullets while we debated the efficacy of the battle. It was often our poor who fought in that war; it was the unpampered boys of the working class who picked up the rifles and went on the march. They learned not to rely on us; they learned to rely on each other. And they were special in another way: They chose to be faithful. They chose to reject the fashionable skepticism of their time. They chose to believe and answer the call of duty. They had the wild, wild courage of youth. They seized certainty from the heart of an ambivalent age; they stood for something.

    And we owe them something, those boys. We owe them first a promise: That just as they did not forget their missing comrades, neither, ever, will we. And there are other promises. We must always remember that peace is a fragile thing that needs constant vigilance. We owe them a promise to look at the world with a steady gaze and, perhaps, a resigned toughness, knowing that we have adversaries in the world and challenges and the only way to meet them and maintain the peace is by staying strong.

    That, of course, is the lesson of this century, a lesson learned in the Sudetenland, in Poland, in Hungary, in Czechoslovakia, in Cambodia. If we really care about peace, we must stay strong. If we really care about peace, we must, through our strength, demonstrate our unwillingness to accept an ending of the peace. We must be strong enough to create peace where it does not exist and strong enough to protect it where it does. That’s the lesson of this century and, I think, of this day. And that’s all I wanted to say. The rest of my contribution is to leave this great place to its peace, a peace it has earned.

    Thank all of you, and God bless you, and have a day full of memories.

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    67 Responses to Morning Bell: Happy Memorial Day

    1. Anthony W Katulski H says:

      As an Vet,not of any war, but I feel serving was someing I had to do. A lot of young people today think this is just a three day weekend. I miss President Reagan and our country now could really use a man like him! God Bless all who are serving and those who have fallen.

    2. Tami, Indiana says:

      What a beautiful person Reagan was, inside and out. Where is our Reagan today when we need him so badly??? America owes these brave men and women. We owe them the same America they died for, not the America of Obama's dreams.

    3. CELIA HERNANDEZ says:


    4. MLN, California says:

      Amen President Reagan, wish you were here.

    5. WayneM Atlanta says:

      I do so miss him. President Reagan, was without doubt the greatest leader we have had in my lifetime, what passes for leadership these days, sadly is nothing more than posturing. God forgive,preserve,and protect this great Republic.

    6. Kevin Brinkley says:

      As always–wow! I long for the days when we will once again have a President that can communicate exceptionlism like RR.

    7. Larry Roberts, Miami says:

      Reading that beautiful piece reminds me how great a president Ronald Reagan was, and at the same time it saddens me to see how far we have fallen. Never in my wildest dreams would I expect to hear anything like that from the current occupant of the White House.

    8. Sandra - CT says:

      I really wish Barack Hussein Obama would read and respect these words.

      God Bless Our Military – Then and Now – And All Of Their Families.

      Thank You!

    9. ann kitay fulton, tx says:

      For this – on this day, all I can say is "Thank You!".

    10. Main Street Mama - O says:

      PSALM 144 ~ "A Prayer for RESCUE and PROSPERITY"

      “BLESSED be the LORD, my rock, Who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle; my loving kindness and my fortress, my stronghold and my deliverer; my shield and He in whom I take refuge; who subdues my people under me.

      O LORD, what is man, that Thou dost take knowledge of him? Or the son of man, that Thou dost think of him? Man is like a mere breath; his days are like a passing shadow.

      Bow Thy heavens, O LORD, and come down; touch the mountains, that they may smoke. Flash forth lightning and scatter them; send out Thine arrows and confuse them.

      Stretch forth Thy hand from on high; Rescue me (rescue us, AMERICA) and deliver me (us, AMERICA) out of great waters, Out of the hand of aliens whose mouths speak deceit, and whose right hand is a right hand of falsehood.

      I will sing a new song to Thee, O GOD; Upon a harp of ten strings I will sing praises to Thee, Who dost give salvation to kings; Who dost rescue David (substitute your name or AMERICA in here) His servant from the evil sword.

      Rescue me (us, AMERICA) and deliver me (us, AMERICA) out of the hand of aliens, whose mouth speaks deceit, and whose right hand (and left-hand) is a hand of falsehood.

      Let our sons in their youth be grown-up plants, and our daughters as corner pillars fashioned as for a palace; Let our garners be full, furnishing every kind of produce, and our flocks bring forth thousands and ten thousands in our fields; Let our cattle bear, without mishap and without loss, Let there be no outcry in our streets!

      How blessed are the people who are so situated; How blessed are the people whose GOD is the LORD!”

      FATHER GOD, it's me – Main Street Mama. Thank You for our TROOPS, and their service to AMERICA. If it's all right with You, would You please think upon each man and woman in our TROOPS today – irrespective of rank? Would you go before them, behind them, and beside them, FATHER? Would you draw them to You, protect them, grant them wisdom, and BRING THEM SAFELY HOME? Would You think upon each member of their families? Would You think upon each member of the families who have lost their loved ones in the Wars? And finally FATHER, we would be remiss in not asking You to think upon their present Commander-in-Chief, as well. Would You do these things today – in JESUS' Name? Thank You, FATHER GOD. Amen.

    11. KB in PA says:

      Thank you for printing this. The contrast between Ronald Reagan's inspiring words, spoken with a sincere love of country, and with a clear comprehension of our history, our liberty, our courage and greatness, and the price is has cost us, and the words of debilitation, cowardice, and apology, that come from the mouth of the current Administration, contrast so severely as to cause my eyes to tear with the pain of grief.

    12. David, Omaha says:

      Where is our president today? Is he honoring our fallen soldiers or is someone else standing in for him? I read he was going to be elsewhere on vacation but couldn't believe that our Commander in Chief does not plan to fit paying tribute to those who serve our country.

    13. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      God bless America and those who serve have served and have fallen in the defence of America.

      Pleas God, shed Thy grace on all!

    14. TaterSalad says:

      Our Founding Fathers must be rolling over in their graves about now and here is why:

      What we are witnessing today is exactly what our Founding Fathers warned us about and here is why:


      Please America, remember and put the present administration on notice!


    15. bigdave ocala fl says:

      As a decorated Vietnam combat veteran I am saddened to see where our country has FALLEN and how quickly, after so many died to keep us AND the world free. I see an American administration, chock full of COMMUNISTS, RADICALS and ULTRA-LEFTISTS(all the sort of people our dead warriors fought AGAINST!!!), an administration which PURPOSELY IGNORES the will of the majority of Americans forcing UNREAD bills down our collective throats, at the behest of a LEFTIST MEDIA which also ENCOURAGES CONDEMNATION of America's IMMIGRATION LAW, with the condemnation of over 70% of the population who want the laws ENFORCED, and the corrupt administration goes right along with them! THE PRESIDENT, ERIC HOLDER, JANET NAPOLITANO, AND VARIOUS OTHER CULPRITS RAIL AGAINST ARIZONA'S LAW, AGAIN, AN "UNENFORCED FEDERA LAW" WHICH NONE OF THEM BOTHERED TO READ!!!!! WHY ARE WE HERE? EMBARASSINGLY OBVIOUS! I just watched another Hollywood leftist movie in the vein of "V", Edge Of Darkness.THEME of this OBAMANATION? AMERICAN CORPORATIONS-BAD. REPUBLICANS-BAD. FOX NEWS-BAD. LEFTIST US GOVERNMENT HIRED EUROPEAN AGENTS-GOOD. NUCLEAR PROTESTORS-GOOD. EE ARE NOW UNDER A fascist regime THE LIKES "V" FOR VENDETTA CLAIMED THE "RIGHT" WANTED! HOW SLICK. When American companies are gone, no more advertisers, no more workers, NO MORE MONEY SO GOODBYE HOLLYWOOD! THAT WILL BE A GOOD THING!! AFTER A LEFTIST TAKEOVER, THE ACTORS AND THE MEDIA WHICH AIDED THE TAKEOVER…ARE SHOT OR TOSSED AWAY AND FORGOTTEN. THE "NEW REGIME" WILL TAKE NO CHANCES IN ALLOWING THEM TO REVERSE…WHEN THEY SUDDENLY GET A CLUE THEY HAVE BEEN ON THE WRONG SIDE ALL ALONG! AS YOU SOW, SO SHALL YOU REAP!

    16. William White, Ph.D says:

      This is a day to remember……………………………………………the people, living and deceased who stood up for this great nation It is also a day that we hang out our American flag, upside down, in a show of distress for America and to signify the political mess we find ourselves in……God Bless America.

    17. Robert Crum says:

      Thank you. Happy Memorial Day.

    18. Liz, Fairfax, VA says:

      Very moving. Reagan had a wonderful way of talking to "every man". His words resonate with passion and admiration for each and all the soldiers who fought to protect and honor our country. I very much appreciate having this moment to read his remarks.

    19. loves Dogs/Colorado says:

      WOW that was fabulous. Fabulous.
      And where is our supposed president on this day? Well, in Chicago with his old friends……..what a smuck! He's not a president of this country SAD day when he was elected. So many bought into this person who is nothing more than a talking babble head. Same crap all the time. Trying to convience the American People about HIS way, the Lindsky way…..
      What a joke on all of us who Believe in this Country and who have fought hard to keep it free

    20. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      If the HF loved America


      WE ARE IN.


      To them




    21. Char in California says:

      Oh to have a President like this again.

    22. Eileen Conley says:

      I'm going to make a copy of President Reagan's speech at Arlington Cemetery. The words are inspiring to all who would read it. We owe the many thousands of warriors who suffered for our country. We owe the many thousands of warriors who have died for our country. We owe the many warriors who are suffering from horrible wounds as I write my comment.

      The men and women who chose to fight for our country are in my prayers every day.I pray for their safety; I pray for their families, I pray for their safe return.

    23. Brian Kilcullen, For says:



    24. Stevenn Smith says:

      If Obama likes Chicago as much as he seems to, why doesn't he stay there?

    25. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      I went to Arlington Sat. A.M., my grandfather, brother in law and six others from my husbands family are there. My grandfather fought with JJ.Pershing in Cuba, and again to defend our southern border in 1914, & WWI, he went to Hawaii as a Military commander before WWII, MacArthur served under him, he returned state side after I was born and succummed to a disease he picked up in Cuba. Down the road on the other side of Grant Ave, there are three graves next to the road. One was my brother in law, 2 mos. short of being 22, next to him are two 1st couisns one 21 the other 24, my brother in law was in Pattons tank corp Feb. "45 hit a land mind and died in Holland, he left two children under 3, Jimmie died in the Battle of the bulge, he left an 18 mo old daughter, Phillip also died in Feb."45 and left an infant son. For our Pres. to ignore them and to appologize for their actions turns my stomach. I honor all buried there and in any other cemetery here or abroad. Thank you all who wore the uniform regardless of branch, for your service and sacrifice, FREEDOM IS NOT FREE.

    26. Brian Kilcullen, For says:



    27. Henrik,Ekenas,Finlan says:

      Happy Memorial Day America and may God Bless You All

    28. Judith in Michigan says:

      Saying "Thank You" doesn't seem enough .

      My family heritage goes back to the Revolutionary War, and I've had ancestors fight in every war since then. Even an Aunt was one of the first WACs in WW 2 . My son-in-law just returned from his 3rd tour in Iraq. We are honored to have participated in the history of The United States of America. We take nothing for granted and understand Freedom must be earned and protected..

      Many Blessings to all of our service members and their families who give support during these trying times.

      Thank God we had Ronald Reagan

    29. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      I'm sure Obama is having a "Happy Memorial Day"! Not so for those that served

      and lay in Arlington. If Obama would have had any sense of honor to visit the there today, it would have been a disgrace to those brave souls that gave all for this country. Obama's presence would be spitting on those graves.

    30. Wes Ramsay says:

      The contrast of this heartfelt wordsmith's few thoughts with the shallow outpourings (in the main, insincere verbiage) of our present leadership is a sermon unto itself.

      We remember the men Reagan memorialized, and likewise, we remember Ronald Reagan.

    31. Main Street Mama - O says:

      On the MORNING BELL page, in the yellow portion of the right hand column under Quick Hits, it says: "remarks at Arlington Cemetery."

      Is this the speech that Vice President Joe Biden gave at Arlington Cemetery, today? If so, I have some concern.

      How is it portions of President Reagan's Speech were used but Joe Biden failed to audibly honor President Reagan by crediting him with those words?

      President Reagan's noble words are worthy of repetition on this Memorial Day, and are profitable to all hearers. Plagiarism is "theft" worthy of an "F."

      This is one of those 'little foxes that spoil the vine" – gnarly and nasty. It is how AMERICAN HISTORY is so easily "REWRITTEN" by PROGRESSIVES.

      At some point, someone somewhere someday may think Vice-President Joe Biden came up with those original thoughts, and give credit to him. VOILA!

      Let us set the record straight: Whoever wrote this speech, borrowed portions of President Reagan's Speech and wove them throughout his own words.

      PLAGIARISM is "theft" worthy of an "F" and tarnishes the good one would do.

    32. MN J says:

      Reagan (and, frankly, Bush II) were class acts, period.

      Though we are small in number, what we must do, continually, is REMEMBER our soldiers who died for the rest of us; REMEMBER our veterans who are still alive; and REMEMBER our soldiers of today.

      They are the wall that keeps us free. Take your kid/grandkid/someone to a memorial service this year and forever forward. We attended a very moving ceremony at Ft. Snelling National Cemetery in Mpls., MN. It was packed, SRO, and very well done.

    33. Leith Wood Richmond, says:

      Happy Memorial Day. God bless all the men and women, who have served in the military to help maintain our freedoms. I'm in awe and filled with gratitude. The powers that are trying to abolish belief in God and the Constitution in America will eventually fail. Reagan knew that and soldiers throughout the centuries have known it.

    34. David Moon says:

      There are some great comments posted here, Pres. Reagan was a great leader and I for one miss that leadership. I pray daily for our country and that in Nov. we vote our conscience and bring new great leaders into the congress.

      I agree we pray for no more deaths of our citizens, we do know it is going to happen. We must continue to pray for those fighting.

    35. SueD says:

      Oh to be as eloquent and insighful as President Reagan. Like others, he brings tears to our eyes again today. Thank you, Sir, for a great 8 years serving America and her people.

    36. SueD - Phoenix, AZ says:

      Corrected Address. Sorry.

    37. S. Bartley Marietta, says:

      I hope that Rush Limbaugh, Brannon House, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck and people like them can be buried in Arlington someday. People speaking out now for America in spite of the tyrannical, overreaching government we have in Washington deserve to buried with other heroes. With so many cowards giving in to tyranny in government and business, people with the courage to help America should be recognized.

    38. Francis Oswego, NY says:

      Our veterans are truly a cut above and President Reagan knew that.

    39. J. Guidry, Battlefie says:

      For the current resident of the White House to skip the ceremony at Arlington in wartime, just demonstrates to me how little he respects the Armed Forces of this great nation of ours. Just another signal that he does not like this country and I am beginning to believe that he cannot be a true American. Through his policies and actions he continues to erode the American way of life to the point of turning our great nation into a statist country. His administration's takeover of the auto companies (except for Ford who was smart enuff to say "no thanks"), healthcare "reform", financial regulation "reform", attempts at stricter gun regulation (guns don't kill people, people do), attempts to regulate conservative talk radio via FCC threats of "diversity" policies, belittling Arizona illegal immigration law which perfectly reflects the federal law already on the books, etc, tells me they are intent on power and nothing else.

      Our valiant servicemen and women who gave their lives for this country, and others, must be twirling in their graves by now. I, personally, believe the current administration is hellbent on the destruction of this nation in the interest of a world government. We are in trouble, people, and need to take action to stop this administration from its socialistic agenda. November 2010 cannot come soon enough for me.

    40. ANN R BOYD, CORONADO says:

      Wonderful, but did you say HAPPY Memorial Day? Not hardly – drop it, please.

    41. Pingback: baldilocks

    42. Lauren, Lexington, K says:

      Thank you, it brought tears to my eyes. I pray that we will have another Reagan during my lifetime. We need him desperately. God Bless this country and all of our soldiers

    43. Lew Richards Palm Ba says:

      YES, President Reagan was a TREMENDOUS person , indeed a precious gift from our God.

      Today we are trapped with an indecent human being, in my opinion a teaching period, from our God, showing us how important it is to select our leaders wisely and ask for help from God. In time bad things will heal with forgiveness , until then we will suffer from this ungodly tyrant that is wanting to destroy America.

      God will prevent him from doing so !! Our lesson has been learned! Praise GOD!!

    44. paul c.ranquist u.s. says:

      Thank you for all your patriotism and all the good work you do for our country.

    45. Airtog, Macon County says:

      The term "Happy Memorial Day" irritates me. Today is a day of commemoration. It is a solemn day of thanksgiving for those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

    46. Joan Oliver, Vancouv says:

      I like ALL of what Reagan had to say but especially the words in the last paragraph:

      "If we really care about peace, we must, through our strength, demonstrate our unwillingness to accept an ending of the peace. "

      There are those who would have us withdraw from ALL war/fighting no matter who is being attacked. These words suggest the reason to fight: NOT to initiate hostilities but rather to return a culture to peace.

    47. Stu Upson,New Bern, says:

      I don't want to quibble with the inspirational messages found here. They are First Class.

      There is a request however. I find it disturbing that people use the phrase 'Happy Memorial Day.' There is a fundamental disconnect with the purpose of the day, remembrance of the fallen, and the wish of 'happiness.'

      In the same vein, one would never say "Happy Holocaust.'

      Please consider.

    48. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      Happy Memorial Day. There are those who forget what this day is about. It's NOT

      about sales and barbecues. It's about remembering our fallen soldiers in ALL wars.

      Memorial Day was started by General John A. Logan, the head of the GAR, (Grand

      Army of the Republic, the first veteran's organization), to honor the Union soldiers who died in the Civil War.

    49. bigdave ocala fl says:

      Reagan? You mean the man despised and riduculed by the liberals, communists and unknowing/uneducated militant gays?! You mean the man responsible for MORE FREEDOM FROM GOVERNMENT through lower taxes and PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENT AND WEALTH? You mean the man LOVED BY THE MILITARY? That same military which despised Clinton and Gore because C/G despised THEM? You mean Reagan who conquered communist USSR, by allowing them to implode trying to keep up with us and our MILITARY STRENGTH? Why is our White House suddenly taken over by an EXTREME LEFTIST and his cadre of communists?

    50. T.P. Brady says:

      This is my first Memorial Day as an active duty military member.

      Proud to give back to the best country on Earth and return the favor of my father and grandfathers' military service.

      Thank you to my brothers (and sisters) in arms around the world. Stay safe.

    51. C Knight, Falls Chur says:

      Thank you for this memorable speech – so humble yet so elegant. Although I may not be familiar with every person mentioned, I was touched. I am again reminded that I made a correct decision way back when, to move from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party in order to vote for Ronald Reagan.

    52. Gail GR MI says:

      Congrats to whoever wrote this piece….awesome sentiment and written from the heart. Thank you for touching our souls.

    53. Barry S says:

      "HAPPY Memorial Day?" This is tantamount to saying, "Happy funeral." Memorial day is a day of reflection and prayer and of giving thanks to those who died so that we may live in freedom.. The word, "happy" is so inappropriate that I gag when I hear the phrase. I am surprised that the title of the article got past the editors.

    54. Jim Roumeliotis - Hu says:

      As I completed my day of motoring around, visiting past veterans, I notice the void of American Flags from the local homes. I was extremely saddened by the lack of flags. How soon we forget, or possibility we don’t past our traditions on to the “new” citizens. Do we as parents neglect to teach? Has this just become another excuse to BBQ and take the day off? Have we lost the reason for this day of honor? Are we not grateful? How sad I feel. What is there more to give than to give one’s life? So many men and women have died so that we could live in freedom and peace. Is one day to many to honor our hero’s? To raise the flag of glory and to set aside a moment of silence in their honor?

      Where are the Americans that remember our fallen hero’s? Loose your flag?

    55. Paul Pomerville, Bro says:

      I scoured the broadcast networks this morning (ABC, NBC, CBS) and the

      other possibilities in hope of finding at least a one-hour program featuring

      the Marine Corps band and perhaps the other service bands.I found nothing.

      To those people, Memorial Day apparently means nothing. I still can't quite

      believe it. No rousing Sousa military marches? The media owe their very

      freedoms to exist and express to the brave young men who have given their

      lives to buy and retain them. Where is the quality of gratitude?

      And, the History Channel was also missing on this once a year day of

      remembrance. They ran Pawn Stars all day. Wouldn't find anything in their

      archives today to honor the brave, young Americans who died for all of us.

      What a despicable and pathetic collection of clowns these executives are

      that decided to ignore Memorial Day. How in hell are today's young people

      going to know what freedom costs if this knowledge is denied them?

      Paul Pomerville

      Brookings, Oregon

    56. Frank M., Oakland cn says:

      Ronald Reagan was a great man who made decisions based in his core beliefs.

      We could use a man like that in politics today.

    57. Billie says:

      God Bless the troops who fight for peace, human decency and the right to individual rights. President Reagan always spoke with sincerity and beautifully.

    58. Sandra Driscoll Clyd says:

      Phil Jennings has written a book about the Vietnam war, Politically Incorrect HIstory of the Vietnam War. In short, he clearly gives data to support his contention that the war was not lost militarily.. I recommend that this book be read to give a more clear picture of what our military accomplishes and what they had to deal with…and not just the protestors at home!

    59. Mike, Chicago says:

      These days as the costs and damages of the Regan revolution are being shown the world needs to be see his name in the news to prevent this kind of damage from happening again. May God help the country overcome the damages caused during his administration.

    60. toledofan says:

      What a contrast between ' then' and today. I guess when we refer to the good old days, in many respects they were, especfially when President Reagan was in the White House. When we look back on thwe Obama administration, maybe, they will be called the dark days and we'll be glad when they are put behind us. Great article and a fitting piece for Memorial Day.

    61. West Texan says:

      What I shared with extended family this memorial day "It’s up to those of us who served to live honorably in testimony to our fallen comrades’ sacrifice."

    62. JUDY MALECKE says:

      Loved him then, love him now. I pray that God guides us through this dark time and blesses us with another Reagan – soon!!!

    63. Drew Page, IL says:

      I would like to echo the words of so many wishing that we had Ronald Reagan back at the helm of the Ship of State. He was truly an inspiring leader who believed in America's greatness and potential. Could you possibly imagine Reagan apologizing for America around the world? The very thought of it would have been repulsive and sickening to him.

      My thoughts on this Memorial Day are with those who have gone through hell and given their lives throughout the years defending freedom not only for America, but for so many other countries around the world. It seems that we are becoming everything we fought against over the years, making the sacrifices of all those who paid the price almost a futile effort.

    64. Lynn Bryant DeSpain says:

      And God, please be with our fighting men and women thoughout this world who battle against the Terrorist, those who bring harm to the innocents of this world who have harmed no one through word thought or deed. And God, please help our people to eliminate a belief that says it is good to kill others in your name because they do not believe in you in the same manner as the Terrorist do. And finally God, plese enter the Terrorist minds and show them the errors of their belief, that we all, Jews, Christians and Muslims alike, believe in the same God of Abraham.

      And god, I know that you listen to all prayers, but please don't pay any attention to the radical Islams, fore theirs seems twisted and preverted, and please change our President's way of thinking about our great Republic, and have him stop trying to destroy it, but to build it strong instead.


    65. Tec Stein says:

      And thank you to their mother's who brought them into this world and gave them the strength to serve. Although neither is buried in Arlington, my mother served in the Marine Corps and my father was in the Army Air Corps during WWII. My mother was a finger-print expert; and, after fifty-two missions, my father returned to the states, married my mother, and started a family.

      Pardon me for believing that these are the true heroes. They didn't receive the recognition, but made a difference.

    66. Dave, Stillwater, MN says:

      Please send a copy of Happy Memorial Day to President Obama because I do not think ANY of his speech writers know what Memorial Day really stands for nor does Mr. Obama have the slightest notion what it really means to our people! I am not at all upset that his parade was rained out!

    67. Will, PA says:

      The lack of flag displays, the dearth of young men volunteering for military service stands as a testament to the hypocrisy of today's America.

      You sunshine patriots, quoting bible verses and extolling the virtues of Reaganism were the ones who blamed the Vietnam Veterans for the outcome of that war, showed them a cold shoulder instead of an outstretched hand, locked them out of meaningful employment and attempted to consign them to a marginalized lifetime.

      Those of us old enough to remember those days know that it was the American conservatives, not the ubiquitous "hippies" that did the most damage. And now we reap the whirlwind.

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