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  • Iran Caught Cheating Again: Pyroprocessing for Pyromaniacs?

    Diplomats based in Vienna leaked some interesting news on Friday: IAEA nuclear inspectors have discovered that Iran has removed equipment that was the focus of an investigation into experiments to advance Iran’s clandestine nuclear weapons program.  The inspectors are concerned that the Iranians may be involved in yet another cover-up:

    At issue is pyroprocessing, a procedure that can be used to purify uranium metal used in nuclear warheads.

    Iran in January confirmed to the agency that it had carried out pyroprocessing experiments, prompting a request from the nuclear agency for more information — but then backtracked in March in comments at a closed meeting of the IAEA’s governing board.”

    This sudden about-face by Tehran is one more example of Iran’s deceitful nuclear diplomacy, which involves repeated promises of full cooperation (to defuse momentum for new sanctions) followed by the willful withholding of information, denial, deception and outright lies.

    For more publications and links, see: Iran.

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    9 Responses to Iran Caught Cheating Again: Pyroprocessing for Pyromaniacs?

    1. Randall Holland, Ari says:

      Oh no… you mean that Iran is trying to pull the wool over our eyes???? Again… LMAO

    2. Drew Page, IL says:

      And Obama believes them ! He won't believe Iran is a threat. He still has trouble believing N. Korea blasted a S. Korean boat out of the water even after looking at the remnants of the torpedo thats says "Made in N.Korea". wouldn't want to rush to judgement here.

    3. Howard Wolf--Seattle says:

      There comes a time when one deals with the sociopathic and the heartless that one must seriously consider force of arms in order to preserve one's own life and the lives of friends and allies. If that time has not arrived yet, it is assuredly very close.

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    6. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      No, no, no. Get your minds right. Israel's plans to build 1,600 homes in east Jerusalem is the biggest threat to Middle East peace. How could a nuclear-armed Iran, which speaks of wiping Israel off the map, possibly do more damage than home building?

    7. Dennis Davis Auburn says:

      It is no more possible for Iran to tell the truth then it is for Obama to

      tell the truth

    8. Lynn Bryant DeSpain says:

      I don't see anything unusual in Iran cheating. It is a Nation where the leaders are nothing but liars and thieves, much like our own at this time.

      We vowed to South Korea, in writing, that if she was attacked by North Korea, we would assist immediately in military retaliation.

      Of course all of that was before our Messiah, Obama, the all knowing, all seeing, and his follower came on the seen.

      Well, they do not stand for me, nor millions of others who still have the Honor of their word as Americans, who believe in Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

      We all believe in what Obama and his followers do not, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and our Constitution.

      All of those make it very clear that Iran and North Korea are not our friends, and have great need to be dealt with immediately.

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