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  • Pakistan Attack Plans - What Is Wrong With This Picture?

    According to Reuters, “U.S. military leaders are reviewing options for a unilateral strike in Pakistan if there is a successful attack on American soil tied to the country’s tribal areas, The Washington Post reported in its Saturday edition.”

    Problem One–military contingency planning is supposed to be secret. Why this information is getting out is far from clear. If it is meant as a deterrent–forget it. Odds are if al Qaeda and the Taliban knew they could prompt attacks on Pakistan by striking the US they would just up their efforts–knowing that large-scale unilateral strikes on Pakistan would put US and Pakistani officials at each others throats. Plus, thanks for the heads-up, America! Now, they can start taking countermeasures–dispersing more widely, hiding in the cities.

    Problem Two. If letting this out is supposed to make the administration “look tough”–forget that too. Basically, what this says is that we are going to wait for the next 9/11–just like last time–and then respond. That is just idiotic–even this White House admits we are already at war with al Qaeda and the Taliban. If we know where we these guys are we need to find a way to get them now! Not wait. This is like saying after Pearl Harbor all we did was prepare to respond after the next Pearl Harbor.

    In the wake of the release of National Security Strategy–that tried to look consilatory and humble and at the same time “reserved the right” to look tough–finding secret US strategy on the front page of the Washington Post that tries to send the same message is awfuly suspicious–especially since, of late, the front page of the Washington Post has become the White House’s favorite propaganda outlet.

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    13 Responses to Pakistan Attack Plans - What Is Wrong With This Picture?

    1. neel123 says:

      US media reports suggest that the US military planners are reviewing options of unilateral strike in Pakistan.

      The reports hasten to add that such actions would be taken in such a way that the very special relations with the Pakistani army is not strained.

      Although sounds like oxy-moron, the deal is simple from Pakistan's point of view, do what ever you like, but in exchange of billions of dollars worth of weapon systems that can be targetted at India.

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    4. Imran Khalid Dubai says:

      with reference to the us miltary statement it will be beneficial for the terrorist cause Pakistani nation which is a nuclear state will not allow anyone to step on their heads and launch any miltary operation inside boundries which wil results another war between pak & US.

      Conclusion millitants will be successful in their aims to lift up the peace from earth

    5. Barbara Frances Delo says:

      And this is especially troubling since we need to work with Pakistan to effectively fight the war in Afganistan and the war on terror.

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    8. Raghu Nathan, Bangal says:

      This leak has to be seen in the long term perspective.

      First the fact on the ground in Pakistan.

      Pakistan Army uses extremist groups to

      a. Create trouble for India.

      & b. Keep the civilian leadership in Pakistan under check.

      In this strategy , Pakistan Army derives complete support from China

      as this serves China's objective of keeping pressure on India.China does not care

      about Pakistan Civilian leadership nor for the democracy.Pakistan army will

      loose its clout inside Pakistan if they give up its close symbiotic relationship

      with these extremist groups.

      So Pakistan will NOT give its Close association with extreme elements

      Unless it sees a very dire scenario for itself.

      Coming to the leak , it is meant for Pakistan army.What it is saying

      is that US will carry out attack inside Pakistan if another incident were to

      happen in US.If Pakistan Army does not do anything & incident does occur

      US moves in ,Pakistan army will not be able to resist & will completely

      loose its prestige in the eyes of the Pakistanis.This will bolster the

      civilian power.The only way now will be for Pakistan army to move against the

      extreme groups though this is also against their interest.

      This will be favored in the cost-benefit analysis.

      If they move against the extreme groups then the symbiotic relationship

      could be broken which will be good for both Pakistan democracy , Afghan

      stability post-US withdrawal & India.Also peace in the wider world.

      The question really is , how much Pakistan Army believes that

      US will really carry out the threat? If this leak is have its intended effect

      US will have to leave Pakistan army in no doubt about its political will

      to carry out that threat.

    9. Randall Holland, Ari says:

      I fear the war against radical Islam is lost. The Islamic countries are succumbing to the oppression and submission of Islamic fundamentalism. Freedom of mind and spirit is lost in countries that follow Islam. The christian, hindu, jewish and secular nations must segregate themselves from Islam and it's jihad. The only real defense is the cold war response of "mutually assured destruction".

    10. Jay Trinca says:

      It seems to me that our military leadership is back to playing the political gamemenship that they played during Viet Nam by going along with the Administration. Why aren't they speaking out against this breach of security or gamemenship? Admiral Mullens, Secretary Gates and most of the Generals sound like Harvart professors and not like war fighters. The don't ask don"t tell position taken by the SECDEF and the Chairman are but one example of their play on politics. God help us if we get into a war with Norty Korea.

      Jay Trinca

      LTC USA


    11. Pat Finch Alabama says:

      If it is left up the the present administration, nothing is going to happen. We will not strike against any Islamic faction. We have a pro islamic addminastration. All they will do is talk and put up week sanctions that will do no good.We are losinf face around the world with the people we now have in office we are in trouble as a nation.

    12. Dennis Social Circle says:

      The liberal media and the liberal politicans are not willing to do anything in this area. That is plain to see with this leak, it is just more "smoke and mirrows" by obama and clan. He has no guts nor is he willing to protect this country. May God have mercey on America and its people.

    13. T.P. Brady says:

      So the Administration preemptively bailed out the banking system because many banks were "too big to fail" and collapse must be avoided at all costs.

      Then Congress passed the healthcare bill to avoid a crisis of sick Americans with no way to afford treatment.

      In the meantime, all of the above have been working on a climate bill to avoid an environmental catastrophe.

      However, when it comes to American life, they avoid its protection. They will allow Americans to die and THEN launch an attack. Unbelievable. Smart money is on killing the bad guys before they kill you.

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