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  • Rep. Steve King: Obamacare Repeal Is Still Possible – and Priority #1

    Rep. Steve King (R-IA)

    In the weeks since President Obama signed his health care plan into law, Republicans have done more to repeal and replace their own rhetoric than to repeal and replace Obamacare, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) said at The Heritage Foundation Bloggers Briefing Tuesday. Yet, repeal is still possible, he said—and should be priority No. 1.

    Two days after the health care bill passed, Republicans said they would work to rescind the legislation entirely. Now, some say they’d like to revoke only its most egregious aspects.

    “They’re trying to redefine what ‘repeal’ means,” King said.

    But Republicans can’t seek to salvage the more popular components of Obamacare if they want to undo its worst.

    “If we have to argue about what is redeemable about Obamacare, that means we’ve put the debate over on the Democrats’ side and we’re arguing on their turf,” King said. “Our turf is: It’s got to be pulled out root and branch.”

    And, really, King said, even likeable measures — like the federal mandate that insurance policies extend parental insurance coverage to kids up to the age of 26 — can be argued against.

    “I’d argue that, if you’re old enough to be elected to Congress and still be on your parents’ health insurance, probably it’s a little bit too big of a bite,” King said. “We should be able to make that argument.”

    So, too, should Republicans be able to effect a repeal, he continued.

    According to King, the sequence is simple: Republicans just need to sign a repeal bill, bring forth a discharge petition, use the discharge petition as a litmus test against Blue Dog Democrats in the November elections, win back a majority, pass a repeal bill in the new Congress, endure Obama’s inevitable veto of it, shut off the funding for the 2011 and 2012 enactment of Obamacare, and, finally, elect a new president in 2012.

    In King’s vision, the new president would literally sign the repeal into law at the podium on the west portico of the Capitol as he finishes his oath of office.

    Sound impossible? More than 70 percent of respondents to a poll on King’s website said they thought Congress was more likely to repeal Obamacare than the Cubs were to win the World Series. No Cubs fan, then, would say it’s impossible.

    Ultimately, King said, Republicans have to try.

    “We cannot have a country that lives in freedom and have Obamacare,” King explained. “They are not compatible.”

    At the very least, as Republicans work toward repeal, they’ll prove they’re worthy to win a majority in November.

    “We haven’t earned it yet — and I don’t think if the election happened today we would win it — but we’re in a position to earn it back, and this is one of the things we can do,” King said.

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    13 Responses to Rep. Steve King: Obamacare Repeal Is Still Possible – and Priority #1

    1. Adam says:

      Just in general it's frustrating how politicians act like problems are intractable when they are not.

    2. Sam, Oklahoma says:

      Thank you Rep. King. Its always good when Republicans do conservative things and be proud of it. No need to be ashamed of conservatism. The libs certainly aren't ashamed of themselves.

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    4. Kevin, Arkansas says:

      I really like the sounds of using the legislation as a litmus test for the Blue Dogs. It's about time they were forced to show their true colors, whether they be true conservatives or not.

      Another thought, the Republicans should formulate a healthcare plan of their own and tout that during the campaign (not to say they don't already have something in the works). The plan's greatest selling point should be its simplicity, both in enactment and in word. This would encourage voters that a solution would be put into place after the election and also help to dispel the "party of no" rhetoric.

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    6. Anne, NY says:

      Rep. King is correct. I would not vote for a candidate that will not do his very best to repeal Obamacare. If you want to be elected, you must kill the whole law…then be ready to push a law that will help those that are uninsured. Eliminate earmarks, the Departments of Energy and Education, the Income Tax, and there will be plenty of money to help people who are uninsured. By the way, there are not as many uninsured as Obama says. He is not telling the truth.

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    8. John South Carolina says:

      We must revoke Obamacare immediately. Why does it seem to me to be loosing steam. People get a grip !!! Now !!! Obama is using the Gulf crisis as a way to watch time pass and Obamacare to be forgotten . IT WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN !!!! REPEAL IT NOW SENATORS AND CONGRESSMAN !!! PLEASE.

      Your humble peasant John

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    10. Bob, Baltimore, Mary says:

      Repeal is absolutely needed! My biggest concern right now is that action should be on the top of the activity list of the RNC. What is the RNC doing besides sowing discontent and chaos in the party?. The RNC now has the power and the responsibility to bring conservatives together under one banner, one platform , and assure a Republican landslide in November….but are they doing anything????….absolutely not.!!!!!!

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    12. Rob, Ames says:

      Yeah, why should the gov't be involved in health insurance. Let's just continue letting the health care industry milk us 'til we're dry. We only worry about taxes taking our money. If corporations soak us, that's ok.

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