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  • Morning Bell: White House in Disarray

    A fudgelike goo coating Louisiana’s marshes. A thick oil slick stretching across the Gulf of Mexico. A plume of oil miles below the ocean surface. A tragic loss of life. Reverberating economic consequences. Throw in a poll that shows that 53 percent of Americans rate President Barack Obama “poor” or “very poor” in his handling of the Gulf oil spill, and it’s no wonder the President yesterday broke his 308-day self-imposed press conference moratorium in hopes of conveying some semblance of leadership amid an environmental, economic and human catastrophe that has spiraled out of his control.

    But if Americans were looking for signs of leadership from their President yesterday, they were disappointed. What they got from President Obama was a glimpse of a White House in total disarray, where one hand doesn’t know what the other hand is doing and where there are more questions than answers. At 12:45 PM EDT yesterday, President Obama stood before the country and did his best to convey one clear message regarding the oil spill – the federal government is in control and that he will hold BP to account. Obama said:

    The American people should know that from the moment this disaster began, the federal government has been in charge of the response effort … BP is operating at our direction. Every key decision and action they take must be approved by us in advance.

    Unfortunately for the President, he couldn’t maintain that message for the duration of his 63-minute press conference. When it came time to questions, he admitted that the federal government just doesn’t have what it takes to keep the oil spill under control.

    What is true is that when it comes to stopping the leak down below, the federal government does not possess superior technology to BP … Now, when it comes to what’s happening on the surface, we’ve been much more involved in the in-situ burns, in the skimming. Those have been happening more or less under our direction, and we feel comfortable about many of the steps that have been taken.

    A lack of technology? More or less in control? Not exactly confidence inspiring. Nor was the President’s admission that he did not know whether the director of the Minerals Management Service had resigned or been fired. And in the end, President Obama declared:

    In the meantime, my job is to get this fixed. And in case anybody wonders — in any of your reporting, in case you were wondering who’s responsible, I take responsibility

    From total control, to lack of control, to personal responsibility – that’s heck of a mixed message. What will President Obama do with that responsibility? For one, he announced a halt to all new offshore drilling and called for the United States to move toward “investing in renewable source of energy” in order to “accelerate the competition with countries like China.” And he also warned that “easily accessible oil has already been sucked up out of the ground.”

    The truth, though, is a different story. Unlike us, China is pursuing increased offshore drilling for oil, including deep-sea oil development. And for all the President’s talk about China’s alternative energy push, the reality is that China’s dependence on coal is actually growing. As Heritage’s Derek Scissors writes:

    Coal now provides 70 percent of the PRC’s energy and almost 80 percent of its electricity, with both figures higher than they were a decade ago. These shares may barely shift for decades to come.

    As for the President’s claim that easy to access oil is becoming more scarce, Heritage’s David Kreutzer notes that “billions of barrels of ‘easily accessible’ oil have been turned into ‘impossible to access’ oil by federal regulations and moratoria that block any access.” That’s oil off the coast of California and 10 billion barrels of oil in ANWR.

    To be sure, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is a disaster. BP must bear the economic costs of cleaning up its mess and the cause of the spill must be found. But now is not the time for President Obama to turn an environmental tragedy into an economic disaster.  Stopping all new oil development will inflict higher energy costs on average Americans and result in millions of net job losses for a country already suffering under a 9.7% unemployment rate.

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    96 Responses to Morning Bell: White House in Disarray

    1. Dennis Social Circle says:

      The comments by obama are carefully designed to turn the crisis into a political agenda for "cap and trade", and his alternative energy program. The truth of the matter he has no idea what or how to do any thing with this mess. When it is overwith he will come back to pat himself on the back and tell all what a great job he did to get the problem solved.

    2. William Lulias, St. says:

      An awe inspiring message from an experienced community organizer. It is profane to view him as a leader or President of the United States.

    3. Mary, New Orleans says:

      I live in South Louisiana. If the federal government has been "in charge" since day 1, I'd personally like to know where their presence can be found. Oil is already washing up onto the marshes and coastal areas. Where is the government in the cleanup effort?? They are certainly NOT here. The people of this nation should be up in arms at the incompetence of this administration. One can only imagine the horror of dealing with government dunderheads when Obamacare kicks in. What's happening in the Gulf is a wakeup call to the entire Country. The phone has been ringing at the White House but there's no one to answer the call. God help us all.

    4. Lew Richards Palm Ba says:

      Why would any America loving citizen be surprised that Obama is killing our sources for OIL ,our main Energy source for at least the next 25 years.

      When will the American people GET IT??? Obama is not our friend but our enemy! Yes, through the hate for G.W.Bush we placed an America hater in our White House along with all his corrupt czars, fellow radical democrats , and others who has as their agenda the destruction of America!

      In a short 16 months they have combined to greatly harm our economy, our energy programs, our military, our financial institutions . and even our judicial system.

      Our slide into socialism has been slickened with the Obama agenda of destruction from the inside. Yes, this guy is a fraud, and a foe to our Consitution, our Heritage and our Freedoms. Will we ever wake up???

    5. James A says:

      Obama and his Administration stand naked before the public. No truth, no honesty, no integrity,no virtue, no commonsense.

      The White House has not captain on the bridge and no compass or maps but is tossed about in the wind.

      We see this. Hardly wait to vote him into Kenyan or Hawaiian or Illinois retirement.

      How many corporations want him on their board when he retires? He is not too bright but thinks he is. Harvard made him an affirmative action intellectual. Not that is is one but the faculty nominated and approved his intellect when he received his law degress, the degress to lie and fleece the public.

    6. James A says:

      Made many spelling mistakes. Correct them and go on. Thanks.

    7. Sharon Feil says:

      It is so obvious that our commander in chief is in way over his head. I also think he is a POOR commander in chief when he spends Memorial Day in Chicago and lets the Vice President lay the wreath on the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It certainly should tell the American voters what he thinks of our military.

    8. toledofan says:

      As I watched the press conference yesterday, again, the media gave Obama a pass on asking tough questions, like: if you have been engaged from the beginning and have been in charge of the spill, how come the oil is washing ashore? If we are looking at every possible solution, why haven't we given the govenor the authority to build some barrier reefs? How long is it going to take for this to be approved and why can't we start doing it right now? It is obvious and clear to me that there is no leadership and as your article points out a government in total disray. Heck, he didn't even know if the what happened with the undersecretary if she quit or was fired. Stopping the drilling was a big mistake or should I say, bad for us but good for the cause; a clean way for the price of fuel to go up, less driving, less polution, less freedom. This administration is like watching a three ring circus.

    9. Abilene TX says:

      Is the administration interfering in it so it can become a major crisis, and they can take over the oil companies?

    10. Francis Oswego, NY says:

      Get the speechwriters involved! Bring out the TelePrompTer! It's not too late. The sheeple are gullible.

    11. Tom says:

      If Obama in press conference stated that BP is not acting on its own but only under the direction of his administration–does that leave BP to contest the damage claims that can be assessed to them by the Federal administration on some grounds of incompetence by the Obama admin handling the spill.???

    12. Ross/Fayetteville Ar says:

      We all understand (those of us with common sense that is) that this adminstration is a train wreck. We are looking at an attempt by a few radicals to overthow the United States of America and to take this country to its knees in an effort to punish those whom they deem responsible for slavery and everything that is associated therewith. I continue to fail to understand how just plain everyday common sense does not prevail. These few radicals are in the process of destroying a great country from within and that is their sole purpose in life. When will real hard core Americans finally stand up and be counted? I am an American Vet and it makes tears come to my eyes to see what is being done to my country and my way of life and to that of the youth of this nation. I wish someone would explain to me why people continue to cast their votes for people who HATE this country and everything it represents around the world. We today are considered the laughing stock of the world and the people of this adminstration are laughing with our enemies around the world. I cannot stand to watch this so called president when he is trying to spin his trash. This is the first time in the history of this great country that we do not have a real leader or a real man or a real president in the peoples house. This is absolutely shameful what is being done to this great country.

      Ross Odom

    13. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      Lies, lies and more lies, even the Dems. are turning on him.. He is proving more and more that he is not fit to be president, he is arogant and loves the lime light.

      Come on Nov. It's like rolling the dice, "Come eleven"

    14. Clearhead, U.S.S.O. says:

      Question: the multitude of czars we have in this country,is there not even ONE in charge of sending completely incompetent and insane 'presidents' to the looney bin?

    15. David Cannady, Savan says:

      What do you expect from this "empty suit"? His only goal is the "Planned Destruction of America" so we can move on to the "Post American World" that was groomed and placed into office to accomplish. The New World Order is upon us. Wake up America before it's too late! November 2010 WILL be our last chance for real hope!

    16. Kimberly Benacquista says:

      I know INEXPERIENCE has its obvious drawbacks but when you add dishonesty and hardheadness to the equation you really have a formula for disaster. Obama and his crowd fit this description to a tee! It is destroying our beautiful country that we've all worked so hard to obtain and maintain. It seems to me that it's about time these run-a-mucks who seem to be only good at practicing thugry be kept on the defensive. They are getting away with far, far too much.

    17. william boyer cincin says:

      Some months ago I read that China is building coal-fired plants at an incredible rate. Why is that never mentioned, I wonder, when we are told that they are making such incredible strides in "green technology"?

    18. ann kitay fulton,tx says:

      Have heard that Pres. Obama has closed or is calling for the closure of all deep water oil wells in the Gulf. Not a brilliant idea. We need the oil. Would love to see Louisiana thumb their noses at Federal regulations and stand as a State and protect their immediate waters any way they can. In my book, no State needs Federal permission to protect themselves. Give me, any day of the week, a man who has hands-on expertise rather than a book educated idiot who has only read about it. And this applies across the board of life and what it can throw at you. These are only observations and meant to raise more questions. Seems the same line of thought is being propagated and is caught on a hamster wheel of speculation. Have to go hang my American flag – this holiday is indeed a holy day. God bless and help us all.

    19. Chuck Rees says:

      It is obvious that the emperor has no clothes to everyone but him. My question is why didn't BP use this capping procedure in the first week? Were they still planning on turning this disaster into a profitable oil source for the first 3 weeks?

    20. bigdave ocala fl says:

      Gee, I said last year that America elected(if the results were actually true and I suspect no one checked or protested because only democrats do that) an UN-AMERICAN Community Agitator who will destroy the very foundation of this country. Not that we were not in trouble already with ogre-like people in congress and the senate like Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Conyers, Waters and "I'm investigating myself" Rangel, not to mention other assorted never-worked, no-experience ME FIRSTERS. Has anyone ever witnessed such a RADICAL, Anti-American People administration, shove-it-down-your-throat-without-reading-it healthcare monstrosity, calling Americans names like "teabaggers" and racists, deriding an American state for passing a bill to protect itself from an illegal invasion and again, NEVER READ THEIR BILL EITHER! Napolitano and CO. ignoring the real terrorist threat, "if we just change their name we can get them out of people's minds so don't think of MUSLIM, think of middle aged white man! Now this allowed-to-happen oil crisis( which this admin thrives on to do MORE DAMAGE and TAKE MORE CONTROL) for Obama to STOP OUR DRILLING(only the US!!), raise the price of gas and pass Cap and Trade because as Obama said pre-election, "white man's greed fuels a world in need"! So what do you think now people? Do you realize you have elected a TRUE AMERICA HATER and EVERYTHING HAPPENING NOW IS BY DESIGN TO CREATE ANOTHER SOCIALIST/FASCIST STATE! AND ALL WITH THE HELP OF THE AMERICAN (?) NEWS MEDIA…THERE IS NOT ONE THING AMERICAN ABOUT THE ENTIRE BUNCH EXCEPT FOR FOX AND ABC'S JAKE TAPPER. THEY JUST DON'T REALIZE THEY ARE ON THE SAME SHIP WE ARE ON AND IT DOES NOT MATTER WHICH DECK CHAIR YOU ARE SITTING IN WHEN IT GOES DOWN.

    21. Shelley, Texas says:

      These people never let the truth get in the way of policy. My question is, when the next 9/11 occurs, how long will it take for action to save this country? Hours, days, weeks? Will we have to wait while the resident of the White House has a picture op? Oh, that's right…he will have it on his mind from the time he wakes up until he goes to sleep. Who is actually making the decisions I wonder.

    22. MN J says:

      It's all about control, period.

      This administration may be the most incompetent ever. They refuse to be held accountable (a trait practiced by many on the left) and talk out of both sides of their mouths. The blame game, another trait of the left, is in full view. Sure O said he'd take responsibility but he won't b/c he never has and he doesn't know how to make a decision and stick with it. "Its' my responsibility" then he goes and meets with the Duke basketball team? How many rounds of golf has he played in 16 months? How many vacations? How many cigarettes a day does he smoke?

      What a combination – incompetence and evasion. The Keystone Kops have nothing on this administration. Unfortunately, we all will pay. For those of you who voted for this empty suit team, don't say you weren't warned. You chose to play ostrich.

      The American press better wake up. As in all totalitarian operations, sooner or later the proponents get thrown under the bus.

    23. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Most politicians, with Obama at the top of the list, are superb B.S. Artists. Most of them lack intellectual depth,as Obama is constantly proving. The biggest talent among politicians is glibness and dishonesty.

      Obama is an incompetent "leader". He is merely a salesman! That's all, I believe, he was ever groomed to be…. to carry the message of his Progressive/Socialist masters!

      Otherwise, he is merely "an empty suit".

    24. Maria, California says:

      All I saw yesterday was a man who still thinks he is campaigning. He's no leader because everything and I mean everything is political for him. I hope we can survive and fix all that happens under his presidency.

    25. Mary.... WI says:

      With the Katrina fiasco there were calls to impeach Bush.

      Let's impeach Obama. He sure has done more to destroy this country and hurt the American people than any other president. He's a very poor excuse for a leader and needs to be replaced with someone that knows what they're doing.

      Vote him out in 2012!

    26. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      You still don't get it. This is not a White House in "total disarray". Each and every "hand" in the Obama administration knows exactly what the other is doing. It's the same each and every time in any "crisis". Deliberate deception and destortion. Example; Obama's statement yesterday he "takes responsibility", but refuses to accept the blame for not doing more to stop the destruction of the Louisiana marshes and perhaps the entire Gulf Coast. Two and a half weeks ago, Gov. Bobby Jindal asks for permission to strat building an approix. 100 mile sand barriers to stop oil from entering the Louisiana seafood estuary. Just yesterday, the EPA and the Corps approved a 2 mile barrier. Bobby Jindal

      is a Republican. Obama and the Dems will not allow a GOP to be right on anything. It's all about politics.

    27. Chrisann, Heber UT says:

      Does anybody else feel that this was a setup from the beginning? They made this oil spill so big that they felt the need to halt all production off our shores in order to push the agenda of cleaner energy. All in the name of saving the environment; if they would have kept their noses out of it and let BP take control from the beginning, it probably would've been done, but 30 days later it is still a problem. What a joke this administration is, we aren't blind or stupid, we know this is part of your takeover agenda from the beginning. Mr. President you are relieved of your duties as you can't control the situation and have made more mistakes and messes than all presidents combined, plus lost several Billions of dollars in the process and millions of jobs. YOU ARE FIRED!!

    28. Sandra Anderson, Gre says:

      I just received an e-mail this morning for a simple way of cleaning up the surface oil. They are making such a big deal of it when they can use tons of hay & spread over the oil spill on the surface. It absorbs the oil & then can easily be removed. Why hasn't this been spread around the coast of La.? Florida already knows about this & had already set it up to stop it from getting on the beaches. What a mess!!!!

    29. Capt-Dax / Tampa,FL says:

      He dosen't care about our Nation or our Vets. Only power and Greed fill his Narsisstic self Importance.


    30. Jim Maibach,Ohio says:

      It's time for this administration to be declaired a disaster and we start over. Our legislative branches are a complete failure and if this admin continues in their path, our senate and House won't have any power. (ZARS only ) if things don't change then their will certantly be trouble. If we have anyone in Government who will stand up for what is right and start leading instead of being sheep we need a good shephard to lead this flock. We are giving away everything we value without even knowing. Obama is just a mouth peice for and new world order and if more people don't stand up we will go down the tube of freedom. Let's get our hose in order and control the borders, control spending, execute our current laws, Shut down Freddy and Fanny, reconize that NO Company is to big to fail. We need to put our country back in the hand of GOD.

    31. Mary Kay Bachman- La says:

      This country more than ever needs conservative control back in the House and Senate!

    32. Sandra Washington St says:

      Part of Barrack Hussein Obama's 'press conference' yesterday, May 27 was him dodging the question about the Sestak offer. I believe there is another elelment to the Sestak offer. Arelene Spector was promised that this President and his administration would interfere to assure he is on the ballot in return for hime becoming a Democrat and voting for Obamacare. This was not put in the Obamacare bill as the other bribes were in the bill, i.e. the Louisiana Purchase and the Cornhusker kickback. This was a direct offer to an individual Senator for a specific action-turn Democratic and vote ObamaCare. Arelene Spector acted upon his half of the deal and should be put in Jail. Anyone having anything to do with making Arelene Spector that offer for his vote should also be in jail. It proves, that under this Administration, individual Senate votes can and are purchased and sold. It is only the price that is negotiated. Arelene Spector was the first half of this arrangement for a vote and he willingly complied, Seskak was the second half of the arrangement. It now appears to be a fact that President Clinton was asked by Ram Emanuel to talk to Seskak.

    33. KB in PA says:

      I think, if Obama had, by some bizarre freak of circumstances, managed twenty or thirty years ago to get himself elected to the presidency, the outrage in our country would, by now (sixteen months into his administration) have reached such an extreme, that he would no longer even be in office. Impeachment would already have been introduced, and very likely acted upon, to the end that we would now have :::cough::: Joe Biden in the Oval Office.

      But we are not who we were, twenty or thirty years ago. Not even close. So, although we readers of the Morning Bell see clearly what has happened, is happening, and is to come, the nebulous blathering that largely characterized yesterday's press conference very likely came off as perfectly sound, in the ears of the soon-to-be-majority of the US population that blissfully perches itself on the couch, only to get up to go to the mailbox to retrieve its unemployment and/or welfare checks. If, indeed, they even listened … ?

      Not only has intelligence, critical thinking, and the very desire to acquire knowledge and learning become a near museum-piece in our nation, but so has self-discipline, responsibility, and character.

      How closely we stand to the ominous specter that goes by the name of "Too Late".

    34. Kendall Svengalis, N says:

      Barack Obama is completely out of his league. His "talents" are far more appropriate to community organizing and corrupt Chicago-style politics than they are to presidential leadership. On a national stage, he has reached the limits of his golden tongue. His rhetoric is unmatched by sound judgment or a sophisticated understanding of the complex issues facing this country. The nation is rapidly learning that ideology is no substitute for leadership. His response to most issues is grounded in far-left ideology and political partisanship, while the country drifts ever farther in the direction of statism and economic disaster. The November elections are the most significant in American history because they will decide whether we remain a Constitutional Republic rooted in law and free market principles, or a socialist welfare state on an already failing European model. Only a radical and incompetent ideologue could advance policies designed to massively redistribute income, raise taxes, increase spending and grow the public sector while simultaneously advocating masochistic cap and tax legislation that will undoubtedly thrust a dagger into the heart of an otherwise healthy American economy which will be necessary to pay for it all.

    35. BONNIE ROMANO, RHODE says:

      If I were the President, I wouldn't be so "proud" and I guess he meant to be "comforting" that the government is in control of the BP spill and cleanup!

      Obviously, nothing much right has been done to even take control of the situation (neither stopping the spill or cleaning it up). It is disgusting the lack of aid that has been given to New Orleans, the Gulf Coast, and even BP, etc., who may have the technology (equipment) do something, but at this time the lack of knowledge. I think it is criminal that the feds have to APPROVE some actions that Gov. Jidhal wants to take (barrier island….).

      I do not know why supertankers have not been brought in to scoop up some of the oil. Although, I have some general knowledge relative to the spill and what has been tried, I am not an expert in this. However, I personally know several environmental engineers and geologists who have been trying to come up with ideas, but apparently BP or the government has not released enough or appropriate data for them to get to far. I am sure there are millions of engineers and scientist and universities, etc., who want to try and work on this situation (on their own) and who knows what ideas may be found for the Gulf spill and spills in the future.

      Instead of leading the way to a solution, the President seems to be hindering it and using the spill to push forward his anti-oil drilling agenda.

      I have lived in southern Rhode Island all my life (61 yrs), near the Ocean (beaching, boating, watching and listening to the ocean). Our Town, as well as, the State provides a living for many of our residents (as long as too many more regulations are not promulgated.) Much of our economics (such as they are) depend on the ocean (e.g., distribution, restaurants,…)

      This is the 1st time I ever responded or written in relative to any political, economic, environmental,..but my heart is just sick about this.

    36. Gray Stroke Republic says:

      Once again a community organizer displays zero leadership skills (he has none) and implements a Keynesian style economic policy that will further choke the economic engine of our nation. This type of knee-jerk reaction is the type of managerial snafus made by entry-level inexperienced managers in their early twenties. This staff according to all the liberal biased media is so well educated and so much smarter then us unwashed masses that he should merely "speak the word" the nation will be heeled.

      The sad part is the amazingly huge population in this nation that lack critical thinking skills still worship 'The One' and the media complicit in aiding and abetting the economic criminally insane policies.

      Thank you lefties for killing this nation……. well at least Dan Rather is gone…..

    37. Dan Shamrock, Knoxvi says:

      What a surprise, ole, never let a crisis go to waste, Obama, to use the oil disaster in the Gulf to further his goal of stopping all oil drilling, on or off shore, which will end in an economic disaster for the rest of us. What does he care about the rising cost of energy for the public, he does not pay for any fuel or electricity, we handle all of that. God help us make it through this idiot's term.

    38. Horace Marple Sonora says:

      The only reason we were drilling at that absurd depth is because our "easily accessible" oil has been put off limits.

      Cut the environmental and bureaucratic crap. If we hadn't been forced so far offshore and this well was in ANWR or shallow water, It would have been capped in a day if not hours. No Gulf disaster, no damage, no problem

      Good work environmental left.

      The answer is obvious, open up ANWR, build new refineries, rapidly permit new nuclear plants, and use as much of our coal as necessary. Encourage technological advances with incentives and build new cleaner coal-fired plants. We have hundreds of years of coal deposits.

      Wa' La'- Energy independence almost overnight (maybe 3 or 4 years). An America no longer held hostage by imported oil. What a concept.

      Is anyone in their right mind really telling us that the America I know cannot utilize its' technological brilliance to build a truly clean coal plant? Only if the government or "environmental interests" stand in the way.

      China is building many coal plants now. They do however, have a slightly less enthusiastic view of any environmental constraints. Certainly they delight in watching us muddle around in our bureaucratic energy quagmire.

      With the proper incentives for entrepreneurial and corporate R&D of (realistic) new and cleaner energy sources, In 15-20 years we won't be using 10% of the oil we are now. No need to posture and legislate Americas' future into mediocrity, subordination or worse.

      H. M.

      Sonora CA.

    39. Mike Gabel. Westfiel says:

      As president, if you believe in the greatness of America and its people, you do not take a disaster like the BP oil spill and turn it into a political football.

      Instead, you show support and encouragement to BP. You offer any and all resources to assist with mitigation. You remind the nation that accidents happen, but on balance, BP and other oil companies have contributed vastly more growth and wealth to our nation. You remind the American people that our nation has only grown because it has tried and failed, and that this time will be no different. You state that, as a nation, we will respond to this disaster and we will forge ahead.

      Unfortunately, our president does not seem to believe in the greatness of America and its people.

    40. Van Peski, Deming, N says:

      Most helpful in determining the cause of an accident is the study of the " Safety Triangle", where-in each of it's three point's is designated with one of the following factors; " Training , Equipment, and Procedures". As a rule, procedures are the most complex. The school trained marine engineers, once field trained, are top of the line in their field. They understand the role that thermal dynamics, pressure, and partial pressures play. It is from this knowledge that proper operating procedures are made. If no fault can be found in the safety triangle, we must look at a fourth factor, " SABOTAGE ". Political in this case, in that any anti oil driller that has been potty trained by the Reverend Wright would defecate all over himself, and the entire Louisiana coast.

    41. H Gil Guggenheimer, says:

      Excellent article. I am anxious to hear all of the poor management policies and practices of BP managers on the oil platform before the explosion took place, and their poor leadership in protecting life after the explosion. To limit or stop offshore oil production by Obama will have no effect on China, Cuba, Mexico and Venezuella's oil exploration and production efforts in the Gulf of Mexico. Obama's decision to stop US production will only hurt the US economy. Production efforts by other countries will increase the chances of further disasters because the US safety standards can not be imposed on their operations. These issueas simply exemplify how Obama's decisions reveal he has no idea what negative results they will bring. Even a broken clock is correct twice a day, Obams's miserable record of wrong decisions indicates to me that the damage to our economy he is inflicting is intentional.

    42. William A Yon Newber says:

      It's hard to continue being civil when we have an administration, House and Senate that are not civil toward the American People. Ideology is what motivates them and they attempt to quell any and all opposition. They are aided and abetted by the leftist media. The goood hard working people of this country are awakening to what is and has been going on for decades.

      November 2010 can't come too soon.

    43. Elaine Atchison @ Oc says:

      When (if ever) will eligibilirty of BO be publicly challenged? So much of dollars spent on challenging his health care would be saved if eligibility were tackled.

    44. rosemarie douglass says:

      Obama needs to be put out of the white hoase

      that man was not born on american ground, he came to harvard on a student visa , to go to harvard,

      he was born in indoniosia, get that moslem out , he is making a 3d world country put onf the usa,

      i`m an imegrant and i hate to see a great country like ouers to go to pot,

      thank you

      Rosemarie Douglass

    45. Leith Wood Richmond, says:

      Now we know why we have a total disaster in the Gulf………. Obama has been in charge.

    46. Blain, Colorado says:

      The worse thing we can do right now in this regard is stop offshore drilling. I agree with the author-don't take enviornmental tragedy and turn it into an economic disaster.

    47. Carey, Dallas TX says:

      If this administration admits it cannot handle this oil spill with all the departments it has at its disposal, how can the American people expect it to handle something as large and complex as Health Insurance for the nation? This is just something to think about. It's a shame I can't get people to read these Heritage posts on Yahoo Buzz. I am wondering if heritage needs to buy advert time on America's Idol if it plans on getting it's ideas across. -sighs-

    48. Tanna Kasperowicz says:

      How about we repeal and replace Obama?

    49. Gene Stevenson, Bluf says:

      I'm a petroleum geologist who has worked my entire career (38 years) onshore in the western USA. I'm tired of all media types, including The Heritage Foundation, in referring EXCLUSIVELY to "OFFSHORE" drilling as if that is the only remaining source for new oil and gas discoveries. Nothing could be farther from the truth. There remains untold billions of barrels of undiscovered oil yet to be exploited here in the western US, but the biggest problem is that a large portion occurs on Federal lands administered by the BLM (and not within National Parks or Natl Forests, as the environmentalists like to always bring up). Access to federal lands that have been leased, but actual drilling denied when proposed is the real hurdle. Onshore drilling may have its accidents too, but can be accessed far more readily than the deep water disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Remember all the oil wells Sadam blew up in the first Iraq war? All those fires were quickly squelched by US firms because we could get to them! Please expand your argument for Domestic drilling to include the fed lands onshore in the western USA before Obama turns it all into national monuments (see Bill Clinton's bogus Escalante-Grand Staircase Natl Mon in southern Utah that turned billions of tons of clean-burning accessible coal and who knows how much oil/gas into OFF Limits with one swipe of his pen). Obama's plan is to make hydrocarbons inaccessible while he promotes the CCX and carbon trading scam, which will fatten his and Gore's wallets but leave America in the Dark Ages.

    50. Agnes, WI. says:

      Suddenly, now that B.P. has found what appears to be a solution to the problem,

      Obama claims credit…of course, but he's been M.I.A. for how many weeks now?? Planning to take a vacation to visit his Chgo. buds was the last straw for a lot of Americans.

      Such a sad excuse for a President, of any country, but particularly of the U.S.A.!

      And he will use this disaster to further disable our country. He has become so predictable.

      While he parties this weekend with his Chicago cronies, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all who have fought for our country, past and present a Happy Memorial Day, and thank you for your commitment to each of us.

      We salute you for your incredible dedication to our nation! When you see flags waving this weekend and beyond, know that it's all in YOUR honor!

    51. Lynn Bryant DeSpain says:

      With BP fines more than quadruple those of the other oild companies added together for safety violations, why are they allowed to drill in, on, or above American Territory anyway! This isn't rocket science either, just look at the scores, and anyone could have figured that BP were risk takers.

      Just as with Harry S. Truman, Obama has to know that the 'Buck Stops Here."

      Anywhere along the line BP could have and should have been stopped. It is our Nation's Three Houses together that allowed the fox in the hen house, so let us all place the blame correctly. We cannot blame the Fox, because we all knew,meaning those in DC, what they were for a ong, long , time.

      Now it is time to replace all of our 'Watchmen' in DC who can see the foxes without tinted glasses, and see them for what they are.

    52. A Go California says:

      If people impeach Obama, the nation will end up with Biden or Pelosi. Which is the worst of all evils?

    53. David, Solvang says:

      The President can say what he wants, but oil drilling and spilling will continue and continue to impact U. S. coasts. The M/V Exxon Valdez was not the largest spill to impact our shores it was the Mexican IXTOC 1 blowout, hundreds of miles away in the Bay of Campeche that sent tons of tarballs to soil the Texas barrier islands and beaches. If we don't safely drill in our own 200 mile limit, others will encroach and drill unsafely. My question is why we allow semi submersible drill rigs registered under flags of convenience to drill in our waters under charter by foreign oil companies?

    54. Clearhead, U.S.S.O. says:

      Could any of my fellow Americaqns PLEASE come up with a recommendation as to how we can expeditiously fill the vaccuum existing in the White House, the Senate, and the House? Hurry! Every minute counts.

    55. Jane, Temecula, CA says:

      Our illustrious community organizer was too busy playing golf and with photo-ops to care about this horrible disaster. He has the mentality of a five-year old; all fun and no work. What an embarrassment he is!

    56. alan says:

      Identity Politics coming home to roost.

    57. Don, Raleigh, NC says:

      We are witnessing the result of the election of a college graduate, a member of the so called intellectual elite carefully indoctrinated in some of our most prestigious institutions of higher learning, convinced they are the smartest people in the world able to manage in a superior manner all things scientific, political, commercial, etc. etc.,…struggle with reality and fail miserably. This guy we, out of respect for the office, call "Mr. President," is dangerously unfit for the job. What is really troubling is that he and his sycophantic followers are convinced otherwise. We should kneel in awe when he opens his melodious mouth and out spews absolute drivel. He should instead be patted on the head, given a high five and a "nice job," maybe a meaningless medal or two, an 'A' for effort and sent packing. The fact that this is very unlikely to happen, that he will strut, pontificate and patronize as "Mr. President" until January, 2013, is the very disturbing reality.

    58. Lil, San Diego says:

      This is what happens when a community organizer is elected to a position of responsibility and power! This guy is so out-of-his-depth, that he can only resort to meaningless rhetoric, as pointed out he was in control, then he wasn't, then he was, then maybe or perhaps! What magnificent leadership! Now this dolt has stopped all drilling, isn't this what he wanted in the very beginning? Is it, perhaps, a tad too fortuitous that this well went down?

    59. Charlie Vaughn, Aust says:

      On the oil spill……..In all honesty….. I trust BP more than I do our government and would just soon see our government stay our of it, at least until it is clear that BP is not doing all it can to stop it. BP is on the line and they know it and I believe they have been and will continue to do all they can to stop the leak. It is in their financial and public perception interest to do so. Having our government get involved will just slow the process down and will result in more restrictions and much more waste. Our government does not have the expertise to handle this and I am not sure we should invest in the technology to do so. Require the oil companies to make that investment. Let that be part of the risk. I would rather see our government issue permits for more drilling that will include sound recovery plans and back up plans to deal with such incidents. When in any technological endeavor, there are risks, some higher than others, there will be accidents and equipment failures and human errors, yet is that a reason to shut a program down. In some cases….. maybe, but careful evaluation should be made rather than knee jerk reactions to just shut everything off.

      I would rather see our President say he is relying on BP to stop the leak and then follow through with the cleanup. It is their responsibility and they have even accepted that. I appreciated our President's comment, acknowledging our government does not have the expertise, nor the equipment to deal with this.

      BP can handle this in a more efficient way and will do so, just give them the space and time to do it. Charlie

    60. zephyr, new hampton, says:


    61. Mike Rios Longview, says:

      The Obama administration has shown with bells on that the only thing that th ey are good at is causing economic disasters. Anything else that happens is just momentum from the way things run.

      The White House is in disarray because the President is on a 4 year vacation at the expense of the American taxpayer. I'm still wondering when this man is going to put in a full weeks work. I lost my job to his "stimulus package." That was six months ago and I do more yardwork in a week than this child for a President has done in a year. The sad thing about this is that the media hasn't noticed the miserable laziness of this man.

      Any private business would collapse in 8 months if the owner spent all of the companies money on trips, vacations, dates, and getaways. This country is no different. Mr. Obama spends other people's money because he has never earned his own. Our country is in serious trouble and our fearless leader is spending the weekend in Chicago or wherever he can to avoid doing the job he was elected to.

      What happened to my America?

      Mike Rios

      Longview, Tex.

    62. BRAD KAROW, RED WING says:

      It is true that the gulf oil spill is a terrible thing.


      If you are not familiar with the BAKKEN field in N.D, I invite you to check it out on Google.


    63. Marilyn, Indiana on says:

      We can FORCE BO to show LEGAL information that proves that he is a citizen of this country. When I researched him 2 years ago this month I

      found that relatives in Kenya were jubilant over BO running for the presidency of the U.S.A. A grandmother and an aunt reported that they had held him right after his birth and these people have never set foot on any other land but their own! They were quickly silenced when he won the presidency. Those articles disappeared. This whole presidency has been built on a house of cards and that is why they have hurriedly passed legislation to get control of the country and keep it. Hitler did it in the early 30's and it worked!

      And anybody that would spend over a million dollars to stop any investigation into this has to be guilty!

    64. Barbara in Virginia says:

      Many of us are still wondering if this was truly a tragic accident or

      a planned Crisis. The so called President sure was quick to ban all off shore

      drilling which puts our economy in more jeprody.

    65. elizabeth hart says:

      be careful every one. you are being watched. Obama's next goal is to take control of the information system. he has a record of everything that has been said in these comments. smile, bow down and worship the almighty president of our country. remember the day that Obama care passed and he gave a speech in Colorado. he said that people said his healthcare bill would be a disaster and he looked up in the sky and smiled and said" the sun is still shining, i have not been hit by lightning.". everyone in attendance laughed, i wonder if anyone will be laughing when he completes his term in 2012. God have mercy on the United States of America!

    66. H. N. Eicher Hot Spr says:

      More than 30,000 people are killed on our roads and highways annually, this tragic reality has a long history. Our response has been to improve roads and highways and to seriously address vehicle and operator safety supported with reasonable laws and aggressive enforcement.

      The current crisis in the Gulf is the first such tradegy in years and our answer is to stop drilling and exploration! By this logic, are we to expect that our government will close all roads and highways and eliminate vehicular use?

    67. memez, San Diego says:

      People are saying this administration is "inept". Obama said he was going to transform this country and he surely is keeping his word, whether we like it or not!! He is not inept, he is doing everything he can to DESTROY our Beautiful country, and so far he is succeeding!!!

    68. Ron, Derry NH says:

      This is Heritage foundations fault for picking on him

      all GOP lies

      Your negativity is making him look bad

      Bush did it

      When are you going to let him succeed

      He;s only been in office a couple of years

      Cheney did it.

      Ok now with that being over; this is a childish operation from Obama. It is like when a school prom gets canceled because some girl decides to announce she wants to wear boys clothing and go with her girl friend, or shutting down a school program because of one incident that was handled poorly once.

      We need a man in the White house not a bureaucratic child.

      Agenda driven ideologues can not perform the task at hand because as stated they are agenda driven not solution driven. This is beyond pathetic this presidency, this Congress and this press.

    69. John Ottley, Jr. Atl says:

      Is Obama being accused of spreading trouble over oily waters?

    70. glm Tulsa, OK says:

      On the one hand, Obama claims that the feds have been in charge of the crisis; on the other hand, he blames BP for not fixing the problem. Obama is in a leadership vacuum.

      The common sense thing is for the Feds to admit that BP and the private oil industry is in charge, because technically oil industry experts are the only folks with a prayer of knowing how to stop the leak. The Feds involvement should be of moral and physical support to help out private industry in any way possible, but not to PRETEND that they can actually take charge of this technical nightmare. The oil industry experts WILL figure out a solution, not the Feds.

    71. fresno ca says:


    72. Nancy, Wilmington, N says:

      Does it seem to anyone else that Obama appears to smirk his way unseriously through his public appearances? Does it annoy you as it does me that he prances lightly up/down the Air Force 1 steps as if the weight of the whole world were not on his shoulders? Do you too recoil at the arrogance of his simplistic statements about deeply profound or tragic matters, at his telling transparent lies and not caring who knows it is not the truth? Someone whose name escapes me (sorry) wrote an excellent article about the "unbearable lightness of Obama." How apt: all form and no substance. (It would be an insult to clothing to call him an empty suit.) But why should the fate of a great country or its millions of citizens slow his roll? That's the job of the heavy lifters in the shadowy deep background who set him up in this cool gig. And they are deadly serious.

    73. John J. Greifenkamp, says:

      Out of control spending, lack of leadership in the worst oil disaster ever, unkept promises, high unemployment. Unfortunately we have a Democratic Congress and the likelihood of impeachment is non-existent, but don't some in Congress see what Obama is doing to this country and the country's future. A great orator, but lacking in substance – his "change" is not working.

    74. Norm Klevens says:

      The federal government and CA state require emergency plans anywhere hazardous materials are stored or used. Wonder where the plan is ? Inside Ray Nagan's buses. And why not wait till the emergency is over, then do an investigation to determine causes an then hold more show hearings.

    75. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      I didn't see Barack Obama's presser yesterday but I heard excerpts of it this morning.
      Obama sounded like Jimmy Carter when he said "Malia put her head in my bathroom
      door and said 'Have you fixed the hole in the ocean, Daddy?'" Compare that to what
      Jimmy Carter said in his first debate with Ronald Reagan in 1980: "I asked my daughter, Amy, what she thought the most important issue in the world today was, and she said nuclear war.''" By 1980, the Soviet Union had pulled its missiles out of
      Cuba. Then he sounded like Alexander Haig by saying "I am in command," and Harry
      S. Truman, when he said "The buck stops here." The buck's continually being passed. Then there's the Joe Sestak, or should it be Joe Sleestak, scandal? Joe Sestak claimed in February that he was offered a job in an attempt to get him out of the Democratic Primary against Arlen Specter. Either Sestak's lying, or Obama's lying. There's no in-between. Obama's beginning to sound like another corrupt president——Richard Nixon. It's not the crime that puts your ass in a sling.
      It's the cover up.

    76. MLEE, Alaska says:

      Why isn't anyone addressing the real problem that caused all this? The environmental groups, like the Sierra Club and Green Peace, among others, are responsible because of all unreasonable rules and regs that they have pushed through congress which prevent oil companies from operating efficiently and safely. If BP and others didn't have to drill so far off shore and so deeply this disaster may have been avoided, or at least the flow of oil could have been stopped more quickly. This is just a symptom resulting from the stupidity of these laws on the books.

      The environmentalist agenda, of course, is to put a stop to oil drilling. They'd rather clutter acres of our beautiful landscapes with ugly turbines than to have a few oil rigs. They don't care about people, they only care about POWER and CONTROL. And don't forget EPA that is now trying to take control of the states. The states can take better care of our environment than any of these groups.

    77. blaurencea@bellsouth says:

      He is out of control !

    78. sam tri[[ says:

      Exactly when the American people GET IT.. With this farce or Barf of a President Obama. I also think he out so sell us down the road on all his polices and ideas that he has.. The oil leak is a VERY SERIOUS Situation and all the time where was he at????? He sure was not takeing care of Business but of Course IT WAS BUSH'S FAULT THAT THIS HAPPENED what were we Thinking to such dumb founded excuse.All he does he blames the Bush adminstration go get a life OBAMA go back where or what HOLE you came out of…You are the Biggest JOKE AND YOUR side kick Pelosi…You make us all sick….

    79. walt roginski, glen says:

      Out president hasn't a clue about anything.

    80. beckNcall Illinois, says:

      We, the people of Illinois tried to tell all you that voted for this jerk he was not qualified in any manner to be President. He had NO experience, not even enough to be a manager for McDonalds. This fact and the fact that he associated with known radicals, was raised in other countries ( which means he knows little or nothing of USA and has NO love for our beloved USA) and has had a horrible childhood makes him the worst President in History. For Pete sakes READ his books, he is a racist.

      Obama's radical associations, his past etc was all over FOX news every night……….but the drive by media covered it up by NOT reporting the facts. People like Chris Matthews, Oprah, etc that found him to be a rock star as well as the major news outlet ABC, NBC, CBS, Msnbc, CNN should be tarred and feathered for NOT reporting the facts then and now. This man is corrupt as is his entire administration. One good thing, Jimmy Carter can now be the 2nd worst President ever.

      God help the USA……….

    81. Southern Illinois says:

      And we are giving the government even more control with our health, banking, etc. Isn't it scary to think how it can handle so many problems with our health. The government has a hard time just to get one problem completed correctly. It is time for us to remember that there is a God that is higher than anyone. We need to pray, read our Bibles, etc. to turn to the real God.

    82. Billie says:

      Ignorance is here to stay until accountability and reprimand rules the day.

      Let's not forget the safety recognition of this rig, with an award given by THIS GOVERNMENT'S FAILURE TO ACKNOWLEDGE BELOW SAFETY STANDARDS! ENDANGERING AND KILLING LIVES!

      Drill here and drill now. At safe and efficient levels in the ocean with high safety standards on and off shore.

    83. Rene (Pasadena, CA) says:

      Obama sees himself as a vital part of the Citizen of the World movement. And himself as the first Great Leader in that movement, where there will be no countries. For him to accomplish this objective, America must fail. I have lived under 11 presidents of this country. Obama is the first and only one who I have come to believe truly hates America. If enough of us are compromised by being on some form of federal entitlement or dole by the next presidential election and we reelect him, America as a nation is truly finished. Done. Dead.

    84. Mbrown says:

      Now is the time to find true leadership. A true leader will take this oil mess and turn it to our advantage. Us the American people will welco

      e the speach long over due from politicians. This speach to lay out the plans to make America again a true superpower

      "today I Announce the creation of our new NASA. This Agecy will not only protect our shores from any offshore oil spill, but will lead theIMG_0506.JPG world in finding and recovering off shore deep water oil. Let the world know, we are not cutting out offshore drilling but our scientest and engennering will lead the greastest expanshion of safe and reliable recovery of these vital oil deposits"

    85. Edward, Richmond, VA says:

      I think that we have now seen, experienced and understand that we may not make another 2 and 1/2 years of the Obama Administration without significant damage to our country. Mr. Obama does know how to give speeches off the cuff without really knowing what he is saying, but it is obvious that he is no leader. He is our servant for the people. He has proven though that he is hard-headed, obstinate and a know it all. In other words, Mr. Obama, you are a "dumb-ass". America, wake up, if you elect him into office again, all hell will break out like you have never seen before. It will make the Boston Tea Party look like a family day in the park!

    86. jim smiuth says:

      Nobama has started quacking like the lame duck he is rapidly becoming. The mantra for the upcoming mid term election is REPEAL! This will take a lot of long hard work with no time for mantra number two, IMPEACH! Why? How do you like the worst two words in the English language, President Biden?

    87. Chuck, Denver CO says:

      If only he can find the right speech to load into the teleprompter, the problem will be easily solved!

    88. Neal Palmquist - Ohi says:

      Accelerate competition with China? Really? Good lord, what a mess we are in if we cannot compete with China! Because as far as I can tell, the investment in renweable energy in China has been a shameful and embarrasing bust.

      70-80 pct of China wind farms fail to fulfill power generation targets

      BEIJING, Jul. 27, 2009 (Xinhua News Agency) — Now 70-80 percent of China's wind farms post their electricity output far less the targets due to imprudent preliminary feasibility study, according to a survey by the China Wind Energy (OTCBB:CWEY) Association.

      The Chinese government issued a scheme for mid- and long-term renewable energy development (OOTC:EGDCY) in September 2007, encouraging the power companies each with capacity of above five million kw to raise the ratio of their electricity output by renewable energy to three percent in the total power production (excluding hydropower) by 2010 and to eight percent by 2020.

      Stimulated by the supportive policy, the domestic power giants are all rushing for wind power exploration.

      However, most of the small wind farms have tumbled in the red due to unsound economic benefits. Some even suspended production rather than production for losses.

      Now China has 80 wind power enterprises and the top six's combined installed capacities exceed 12 million kw, said Xu Hongliang, board chairman of China Fulin Windpower Development Corporation. Xu estimated that the domestic market's wind power demand can be satisfied with just ten more firms apart from the top six.

      China's wind power enterprises are likely to be subject to a big reshuffle via restructuring, merger and acquisition, Xu added.

      Source: Xinhua (July 27, 2009 – 4:45 AM EDT)

      News by QuoteMedia

    89. Linda Maddox, Carlsb says:

      Thank God for the Heritage Foundation. Thanks for informing us, and giving us a place to be heard.

      From the looks of the comments, America is awake and on the move.

      It seems that we have a President and administration that is always absent unless it's a crisis to promote their agenda.

      Well, we are Americans, we are going to stay FREE regardless of their agenda!

      Hopefully, when all this is over, they can all move to China, Iran or Cuba, where their agenda will be welcomed!

    90. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      BHO has signed his own warrent. He hasacommitted a high crime by trying to bribe a Congressman, and now they are all scrambling to cover it up, using the "LIAr in Chief". If, as is suspected, he is a Muslim and ALL the TRUTH comes out, he is part of the plan for Muslims to take over the western world, there is abook about this. WE NEED THE TRUTH and he needs to be tried for treason.

    91. Pingback: Sunday Weekly Summary

    92. concerned-cleveland, says:

      so,—is his presser something of an Alexander Haig moment where he thought—ok, so NOW I'm in charge??????. This whole administratin is a losing proposition run by unseen hands back in Chi-town.

    93. KAREN says:




    94. KAREN, LAKE ARIEL, P says:





    95. KAREN DEMPSEY, LAKE says:




    96. Karen, Lake Ariel, P says:

      "Never waste a good crisis!"

      This will be Obama's excuse to close down all drilling endeavors and leave the country in continued dependence on foreign energy sources.

      If a doctor botches a surgery, we don't shut down every operating room in the country!

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