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  • In Their Own Words: CBO Admits Obamacare Unsustainable

    This Wednesday CBO Director Doug Elmendorf gave a slide presentation on Capitol Hill titled: Health Costs and the Federal Budget. Elemendorf’s very first slide reads:

    Rising health costs will put tremendous pressure on the federal budget during the next few decades and beyond. In CBO’s judgment, the health legislation enacted earlier this year does not substantially diminish that pressure.

    The presentation concludes:

    Putting the federal budget on a sustainable path would almost certainly require a significant reduction in the growth of federal health spending relative to current law (including this year’s health legislation).

    In other words, our nation’s budget is on an unsustainable path and Obamacare did nothing to change that.

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    19 Responses to In Their Own Words: CBO Admits Obamacare Unsustainable

    1. Laurie L, AZ says:

      There are real solutions and I'd hope you'd look at:


      It provides a transition so that the most vulnerable in society are protected, without continuing to bleed the taxpayer dry. Also addresses Social Security. Funding is discussed. Better version of tort reform. More doctors and nurses. Going to cost us less than the current system and anyone who wants to be covered will have a wide array of private plans to choose from. The needy will be able to qualify for a tax credit to the insurer to get the health insurance they need.

      There is also a Facebook group page for it here
      if you like the plan, please join.

    2. SB Owner Springfield says:

      Surprised? Obama & the left is more dangerous than any foreign enemey to the security, health care, economy, and anything else they decisde is best for the American people.

    3. SB Owner Springfield says:

      Obama wants unsustainable debt. Then he can become ruler of the world when America crashes on his watch.

    4. wktskt (TN) says:

      Would the comment, "I told you so" be appropriate at this time? What happened to all the news media types who were "flaunting" the idea that Congress could stay under President Obama's artificial "Trillions" barrier for Health Care. Now that myth is debunked and we have moved on to saving the Gulf Coast environment, condeming Israel, challenging those dangeroue North Koreans, and vacationing in Chicago. What a way to celebrate Memorial Day. I am remembering (memoralizing) what America used to be like! God bless America again!

    5. Ron Porter, Decatur, says:

      Obama's budget busting policy's will cause civil unrest a la Greece. Which will then give him the excuse to grow the government even more creating even more of a stranglehold on American liberties.

    6. Fred Rivenburg says:

      Why didn't they say this before the vote?

    7. Bill Warren, Huntsvi says:

      Mr. Obama has no concept of economics and money flow and neither does the minions (Soros, Pelosi and Reid) he bows to in Congress. Bowing comes easy to him as demonstrated by his foreign policy. November, 2010 will be this country's last chance to stop what he has planned for all of us. We must regain the Senate and House to put a stop to the socialist agenda being promoted by liberals. Once again in 2012 we will hopefully have a President that will honor his oath of office and sincerely and truthfully mean, "So help me God".

    8. Drew Page, IL says:

      Sure, now that this monstrosity has been passed, the CBO comes out with the truth. A fat lot of good it does to say so now. The excuse used by many voting in favor of passage, "This will reduce the deficit." For this reason alone, the health care reform legislation should be repealed and replaced with something less costly.

      Everyone and his dog knew this legislation was financially irresponsible and would cost three times as much as Obama said it would. Yet through bribery, like the 2nd Louisianna Purchase and the Cornhusker Kickback and the other bribes paid to Senators and Representatives as yet unearthed, this legislation (with no Republican support) passed.

      Every word coming out of the Obama administration has been a lie.

    9. Joan Chew Butler PA says:

      Well now that is a real suprise to us – is it not?

      Never put a BOY in to do a MAN'S job.

      He had no real experience and it certainly shows. Talks well with the prompter but really doen't say much that is not canned then polished.

      What a farce this man is. People are really starting to see through the campain smoke, let's hope it's not too late.

    10. ChuckL says:

      Food for Thought ——— Was the

      BP "accident" planned to take concentration away from the Health Care fiasco?

    11. Dennis, Texas says:

      If those Bozos on the hill would read these bill's before voting on them maybe they would KNOW what it really cost's!!!

    12. Becky, Minnesot says:

      Politicians don't care what the bill says. They care who will support them if they vote for it…and who will destroy them if they don't.

    13. Spiritof76, NH says:

      Thanks for Johhy come lately. The clowns in Washington are taking this country down. What a reality that we face on this Memorial Day as we have allowed this government to unconscionably enslave our future genrations.

    14. D.C.Andrews says:

      Wher do we go from here,how can it be eliminated? Who has the clout to act as terminator?

    15. Billie says:

      Obama and his "care" promised less cost all the way around! As many have proved him wrong, he intentionally ignores the facts. Another crisis. Money, money, money.

      Repeal, based on many things, plus.

    16. Kevin Habib, Glen Bu says:

      But isn't the health system (private and public) far more sustainable with health reform they passed earlier this year compared to if nothing was passed? Didn't CBO say the reform will save over 1 trillion over the next decade?

      In other words, you'd prefer nothing be done and things get worse much quicker?

    17. Sea.Level Florida Ke says:

      I never thought I would say this of the President of the United States, but I believe he has a motive and an agenda that is not favorable to this country. This country was founded on a people of faith and Obama is obviously trying to undo all the good that has come to pass since the days of our forefathers. May God help us.

    18. Billie says:

      what has been in place is much better then this infiltration of corruption, confusion, bias, deceit and danger! Giving personal health to the government is dangerous. Especially to a government who lacks integrity and chooses not to be held accountable. It's giving up freedom, Kevin Habib. Letting government take it, is a take-over, Kevin Habib. The government created the illusion and called it a crisis. Destroying what was already in place and paid for by the elderly, eliminating the elderly of the health care that is rightfully theirs.

      Take care of yourself, Kevin Habib. Free markets work and why should your money be responsible for the health of anyone outside your family?

      Most men have the dignity to provide for themselves and families. I'm not speaking for you, of course.

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