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  • Side Effects: Cost Of Medicaid Expansion Going Nowhere But Up

    In passing Obamacare, Congress has put the states in quite a pickle. To sharply expand health coverage, Obamacare flung wide the gates of Medicaid eligibility. It envisions a massive expansion of the federal-state health program that, historically, delivers low-quality care to low-income Americans.

    Not a smart move.

    States were already struggling to meet their share of Medicaid program costs—even though Medicaid payments to providers often don’t even cover the cost of care. And, due to the inadequate reimbursement rates, more and more doctors were already refusing to accept new Medicaid patients.

    How fiscally shaky is Medicaid today? Well, last year Congress used the stimulus bill to give states $87 billion to help them cover rising Medicaid costs. And that doesn’t seem to be enough.

    A recent letter from House Democrats encourages their colleagues to give states another $24 billion to help them cover Medicaid costs for another six months. “Without this funding,” the letter says, “our states will be forced to make severe cuts to Medicaid providers and benefits, and the ensuing budget shortfall would have grave consequences for school funding and other essential state programs.”

    Remember, all this special assistance to just to help states cover the cost of their current Medicaid programs. Yet Obamacare assumes that somehow this fiscally spavined, poorly performing “workhorse” program will be able to finance health care to millions more. None of this extra Medicaid spending is part of that “deficit-reducing” Obamacare.

    But back to Obamacare. Please recall that the federal taxpayer is required to foot the entire bill for the big expansion that starts in 2014. But after 2016, states will be on the hook to pay their share of a massively larger program.

    As the letter from House Democrats notes, “without federal support for Medicaid programs, states and territories will not have the resources they need to successfully implement health reform.” Duh. Maybe they should have thought about that before passing Obamacare.

    Rather than expand a badly functioning program, Congress should have pursued systemic reforms that would allow Medicaid to function better for those already in the program. As it is, taxpayers can expect Congress to keep reaching into their wallets for more bailout money when the state cost-sharing provisions of the expansion kick in. That means taxpayers will receive ever less bang for the many bucks they shell out to pay for low-quality, government-run health care.

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    13 Responses to Side Effects: Cost Of Medicaid Expansion Going Nowhere But Up

    1. West Texan says:

      Because the current congressional leadership and Obama have furthered federal intrusion into state affairs and sovereignty, this whole Beltway crowd should be impeached. My hope is not only for more states to file suit against these overreaching DC elitists, but charge them for abusing the constitution's limited powers. The same document these elected leftist swore to uphold.

    2. Barbara F Delo says:

      These facts are frightening! And they go hand in hand with a low profile but increasingly effective pro-euthanasia movement in our nation. Already three states have legalized Physician Assisted Suicide – Oregan, Washington State, and Montana. This was achieved in Montana by way of a court decision that interpets the Montana Constitution as guarenteeing the right to take one's own life. There are also plans by pro-euthanasia groups to bring similar cases to the Supreme Court of the United States arguing that the 'right to privacy' includes the right to suicide. This would then make it the law of the land.

      One has only to take an economics course and study cost benefit analysis- a method of planning that assigns lower values to both those who are elderly and those contribute less to society to be concerned. The results can be seen here in America in the recently passed healthcare plan that that shifts funds from nursing homes and Medicare to inner cities and quality of life programs. Inroads have been made in Europe as well. 'Mercy killing' is already widely practiced in countries like the Netherlands. '

      The sad fact is that economic rationing of healthcare for the elderly and frail, and the movement toward legalizing and popularizing euthanasia provides an economic 'quick fix.' to increasing healthcare costs.

      Yet if America ceases to be a nation that values and protects human life…it will be a very different nation. We must become aware, and we must act!


    3. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Just more of the same. Force it down our throats then find out what's in it. Once we find out what's in it, ignore us and lie. Is it just me, or does anyone else see what these socialist Democrats are doing to all of us.

    4. Gwendolyn, North Car says:

      It sems to me that the only solution is to get the Obamacare beast repealed as soon as possible. With all of the mismanagement going on at the White House by highly placed, but inexperienced Czars, we remain in constant peril from unwise decisions that will shape our lives for decades to come. If not stopped soon, we will surely lose the freedoms that have been ours from the inception of our great Nation. The time for following as helpless sheep has passed. Or, soon we will be required to become adapted to that state, and suddenly realize that we are now living under a Socialist regime, our freedoms gone forever. It might serve us well to remember Germany, and Cuba.

    5. Bill, Kansas City says:

      Term limits for Congress, massive campaign finance reform, and stronger limits on lobbyists and their numbers. Make the career politician a thing of the past.

    6. Lynn Bryant DeSpain says:

      The Social Security, Medicare, and the Medicaid issues that have and are coming up, should have been no surprise to anyone. They certainly were of no surprise to myself and the rest of the front of the BAby Boomers/War Babys, from WW11. From the first grade on, through college, schools and class rooms were being built to accomodate us.

      Fall of 1965 as a Freshman to a four year college here in Oregon, the entire student body the previous year was 1,400+ students. Over 2,400 Freshmen showed up. We were placed in hotels and motels and given food chits to eat in any retaraunts, and fast food places we could find, because there were not enough dorms nor cafaterias available. Classrooms were held in gymnasiums, National Guard Amories, basements of various building, Lodges of various groups.

      This was true throughout this Nation. All the way from the first grade! Wether you went to college or to work right after High School, there were no jobs, because the retirement rate, didn't meet the demand rate. Thank God for Vietnam, at least there was work, even if you had to be drafted to get the job!

      It took around twenty fife+ years to lever that balance off.

      Now we Boomers are going into retirement, and there are far less people putting money into Social Security and more taking it out. Thats the Governments answer to the problem.

      My qquestion is this, you had sixty+ years to find a solution, with all of the Presidents, Senators, Legislatures having ample opportunity to work on it, but did anyone? The answer is no.

      The only solution available to America now is to shut off all funding to all other Nations who depend on us for food and medicine and housing, and redirect that money to our own Senior Citizens who have worked for and contributed to the Promise of having these things waiting for them when they retire. This is the honorable and the American thing to do, taking care of our won first, before reaching out to aide others.

    7. RennyG Maryland says:

      Why are we sitting around talking about our country going down the tubes and nothing is being done about it. I am 73, served my country for 8 years and now I watch my country being pissed away because of some power grab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    9. Billie says:

      I support you and the like minded, Lynn. Entitlement is earned and the seniors and military both earned what they were promised to be entitled to. Thank you for your service to this country and I am sorry for this evil by choice of mankind, happening in America. God Bless the good people of the world.

    10. Dexter60, San Franci says:

      Indeed, the prognosis is grave.

      The parallels with Socialist Security as governmental insurance fraud is quite clear and tellingly neither can stand — a program of conscription and cranking up the machinery of war forcing even greater sacrifice will not save their faces (or other parts) this time.

      Clearly the one billion dollars given to HAMAS last year should not have been taken from taxpayers in the first place but would have done little to reduce the pain and damages that these same 'giving' swindlers created abundantly elsewhere with manufactured scarcity and crises.

      But there it is: all those guilty of these multiple frauds deserve penalties to full extent of the law.

      If, as they are proceeding, there is going to be no law, then they will not get any of its protections either.

      They can whistle for their taxes, state and Federal, whilst looking for food and shelter at that rate. And there will be no amnesty for anyone.

      One third of the voting population has managed to deliver us to a gang of precocious imbeciles, that doesn’t mean we cannot change it before it is too late.

    11. Ralph, MediBid, Cali says:

      The Medicaid cost per enrollee is already more than double the per enrollee costs of private insurance. These costs may be enough to send some states over the top, financially

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