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  • President Obama's Memorial Day Vacation

    This weekend, President Obama will skip Memorial Day services at Arlington National Cemetery, and instead he will take his family to Chicago for rest and relaxation. The gesture has rankled many on the right and caused the left to swing into full ‘defend Obama’ mode. However, the fact remains that during a time of war, it is extraordinary that the Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces would choose not to be at Arlington on this solemn occasion.

    First, it must be said that the president is not skipping out on his official duties entirely. At the start of the weekend, the president will travel to Louisiana to survey the response to oil spill; only his second trip to the region since the disaster over a month ago. And on Monday, the president will deliver remarks at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Elwood, IL. In between these duties he will spend a “casual weekend with friends” and then fly home in time to make a White House tribute to Paul McCartney on Wednesday evening.

    So what’s the big deal? As leftist columnist David Corn writes: “[D]oes it matter if Obama throws some leaves on a tomb?” Well, apparently to liberals, it does not matter and to Corn, even wondering why the president would miss the occasion in itself dishonors lost soldiers. Seriously. Somehow, wanting the president to appropriately honor the troops who paid the ultimate price is chalked up as “political ammo.”

    The truth is that no president has missed the Arlington ceremony on Memorial Day since 1992. That year, former President Bush attended a ceremony in Maine while campaigning for re-election. In 1992 our nation was not at war. President Bush was himself a decorated war hero in World War II, risking life and limb to complete bombing missions in the Pacific and losing crewmates in the battles. His commitment to honoring his brothers-in-arms was never in doubt. So comparing 1992 to 2010 is not exactly an apples to apples debate.

    On the other hand, President Obama has demonstrated time and time again an unwillingness to fully support our troops whether through resources or through rhetoric. He gave a commencement address in 2008 with the theme of ‘serving your country’ on that Memorial Day weekend, and did not mention serving in the military once. His proposed budgets reduce defense spending as a percentage of GDP to pre-9/11 levels. And this White House is uncomfortable even using the term ‘war on terror’ which is the cause that many of those who sacrificed their lives committed themselves to in the first place.

    This is not a president who is automatically viewed as a friend of the military, and he has reinforced this view himself, time and time again. In December 2009, the president traveled to West Point (what MSNBC’s Chris Matthew’s called the “enemy camp” that night) to address the ongoing wars and his strategic plans. He used the speech, which was broadcast to all bases overseas, to attack the premise of the Iraq War and his predecessor. He never used the words “win” or “victory” but talked of “conclusions.” And he highlighted his own sacrifice of reading and writing letters and reasserted the ridiculous notion that he was “repairing” relations with the Muslim world.

    This was not a morale boost for cadets that evening, or for the country. It did reinforce the idea that President Obama is a reluctant Commander in Chief, who would prefer focus on domestic government growth. It is speeches like these that make conservatives take pause when the president chooses golfing with friends over attending Arlington in a time of war to honor our fallen troops.

    To indifferent liberals, this solemn remembrance is merely throwing “leaves on a tomb” and this controversy is the manufactured delusions of “conservative wingnuts.” The Democratic Party’s sister organization ’Media Matters’ has been full throated in trying to turn this controversy around on the president’s detractors. But to veterans, and their families, regardless of political beliefs, this is a symbolic break in tradition that can only be viewed as casual indifference.

    Sending Vice President Biden, the man who told Brussels two weeks ago that it, not Washington, should hold the title of ‘capital of the free world’, in his place does not excuse his absence, and will likely give little comfort to those stricken families who expected to hear from their Commander in Chief. President Obama shouldn’t just be at Arlington on Memorial Day, he should want to be there.

    UPDATE: As Robert points out in the comments, we failed to point out that President George W. Bush also missed Arlington’s Memorial Day ceremonies in 2002, when he joined Veterans Affairs Secretary Anthony Principi, Secretary of State Colin Powell and a bipartisan congressional delegation for services at the American cemetery in Normandy, France, honoring those who paid the ultimate sacrifice on D-Day. Certainly an occasion that was warranted. You can read his remarks here.

    UPDATE 2: Many commenters have rightly pointed out that the president will attend services at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery, as also mentioned above. It is true that the heroes laid to rest in this cemetery are equally deserving of presidential attention. However, is President Obama attending services here because of the honor of this particular location, or the geographical proximity to his other plans? The memorial at Arlington serves as a national celebration, which is why past presidents have made special efforts to attend, when possible. We appreciate your comments and debate. Thanks for reading.

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    379 Responses to President Obama's Memorial Day Vacation

    1. JD, North Dakota says:

      Wow, could you be any more of a Right Wing Cheerleader? Do you get a special Righty Glee Club uniform for writing an article like this?

      Whatever happened to writing articles with facts and figures and letting people decide what they should or shouldn't think? Maybe your regular readers require spoon feeding of opinion so they have something to love or hate. Not I sir. While I think Obama should be at Arlington, or at the very least, a national cemetery in Illinois, could you at least tone down the hate rhetoric?

      You sir, and the readers who take your writings as gospel text, are the problem with your side of the aisle.

      • dan reilly says:

        Sad, here are the facts , Memorial Day true Americans hold commerations to are fallen departed while this guy (who is supposed to be leading our nation) takes and his wife and family go to Chi for a weekend of fun. He wants Americans to vote again for him? He must be bloody dreaming !

    2. Micki-Tamarac, FL says:

      God Bless our Troups!!!

      How shameful this POTUS is.

    3. Robert says:

      ***The truth is that no president has missed the Arlington ceremony on Memorial Day since 1992.***

      I have just a small point of correction. President George W. Bush did not attend the Memorial Day services at Arlington in 2002. He was in Normandy on that day. So, the above statement is incorrect.


      I believe that Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz was in attendance at Arlington.

    4. Nancy, Austin, Texas says:

      What a dishonor and disgrace this is to our service men and women (past and present)!!! What a total slap in their faces! My contempt for this man grows daily!

    5. Nancy, Austin, Texas says:

      Such a dishonor.

    6. Lionel Rainey says:

      Thank you Mr. Cooper. As a proud former member of the U.S. Armed Forces, this makes me sick. From his golf outings to his snide comments Iit's obvious what Mr. Obama thinks of this Nation and its defenders. It's obvious that he could care less. The mask has come off. I'm glad he's not there.

      God Bless America

    7. Tim, Kentucky says:

      I think it is SHOCKING the president of the United States of America would go on vacation and snub the troops. Not only our troops on active duty, but those who have lost their lives over the years in defense of this country. SHOCKING and no spin they can put on this makes it any less of an insult to our soldiers.

    8. JD, North Dakota says:

      Wow, could you be any more of a Right Wing Cheerleader? Do you get a special Righty Glee Club uniform for writing an article like this?

      Whatever happened to writing articles with facts and figures and letting people decide what they should or shouldn't think? Maybe your regular readers require spoon feeding of opinion so they have something to love or hate. Not I sir. While I think Obama should be at Arlington, or at the very least, a national cemetery in Illinois, could you at least tone down the hate rhetoric?

      You sir, and the readers who take your writings as gospel text, are the problem with your side of the aisle.

    9. Sheri Indiana says:

      I too agree that it is a slap in the face for our military past and present.. MR Obama you should be ashamed

    10. Leslie, Richmond says:

      Just when I think the President cannot further disappoint me, he again proves me wrong. When I saw this on the news this morning, it put an immediate lump in my throat. It's disgraceful and he should be ashamed of himself. It's a very passive-aggressive way of providing his opinion of the brave men and women who protect us. God Bless them and I hope they know, we love and honor them.

      • Yvonne Ross says:

        Yes, & thank you I want them to know also that we as American's respect them and are grateful for loving their country, the whole picture here is Our current president is NOT an American, not raised as an American and just does not understand or really care. How sad.

    11. cathyann, new jersey says:

      will not vote again for him, this is disgraceful!!

    12. phil says:

      what a JOKE, we are the laughing stock of the world, this man has no respect or honor for this country or our great service men and women,past or present!

    13. Dennis... WV says:

      You dumb azzes… The Man works non stop and wants some family time! Are you going to be at Arlington this holiday, or are you going to be camping and picnicing with family and friends? Think about it… and then grow up and realize that you only see this as bad because you do not like him to begin with. He could go to Arlington just to make you happy, but then he would wear the wrong color or say the wrong thing. This poor man just cant win with you beck loving idiots! Grow up and get a life!!! Yes I served in the military!

      Now go enjoy your time off with your friends and family like the other true Americans!

    14. Tracy, Texas says:

      I'm so glad I didn't vote for this clown. This is disgraceful.

    15. Dee, Alabama says:

      This scum of a man is not American!!!

    16. Donna, Virginia says:

      How much longer can our great nation stand under this man? When is someone going to finally say publically what needs to be done? Impeach this man ! He snubs his nose at America every opportunity he can, he wants America to fail. I am disgusted with him and all of his little minions. Impeach him…

    17. Linda, Iowa says:

      What a POS. Paul McCartney is more important to our soldiers, past and present. Is he retarded or just that dang arrogant?

    18. Mary in St. Louis, M says:

      Geez! Give the man a break! With all that's going on–one day off should be allowed. He's plenty interested in our soldiers, in our Gulf, in all the rest of the mess that's going on. Just give him one blasted day!

    19. M. Brown says:

      Is anyone who reads this really shocked? Have you already forgotten that he is the same president who would not put his hand over his heart during the national anthem last Memorial Day? Actions speak louder than words (even though he has been telling us very clearly who he really is). At least he isn't pretending to love this country like other pols.

    20. Billie says:

      Every day is a day of rest for this performer/ Get rid of fed holidays from the feds, they do not represent America!

    21. Billie says:


    22. Jim Scott says:

      Should we have expected anything else from this fraud?

    23. vic,California says:

      W. also stayed in Texas in 2007 and played golf…


    24. cooper says:

      Hey rory, get a real job.

    25. Sharon, spring TX says:

      A disgrace to himself and his family since he holds the position he holds….

      A blatant slap in the face to the military.

    26. Connie, Portland, OR says:

      It's a sad day when fallen troops of all generations cannot count on our president 'Commander in Chief' to honor their ultimate sacrifice of giving their lives for the country he now runs. The president is supposed to back our troops and support their morale even if he is not in agreement with the cause. By vacationing during our national holiday dedicated to remembering the fallen, he's showing utter disrespect to the dead and the men and women fighting on behalf of the USA today. Could he have not vacationed on another one of the 365 days of the year? At least he'll be there to honor Paul…since Memorial Day is all about honoring music, right? God bless the troops, the fallen and their families that have to live with the disappointment of our current administration. Only a couple more years and we'll see what real change is about!

    27. Warren Bower Atchiso says:

      If skipping Arlington on Memorial Day is another example of Change. I would

      much prefer not have any more

    28. West Texan says:

      As a military veteran, I agree with Lionel. I'm glad Obama won't be at Arlington. Simply because Obama was elected president doesn't earn him right to stand among our nation's honorable fallen.

    29. cooper says:

      The reason we have special national cemetaries for our servicemen and women is because Abraham Lincoln signed it into law. This cemetary is under the United States Dept. of Veterans Affairs and is home to a memorial for the 20th Century soldiers who have perished. An American Eagle statue was donated by the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association to honor the two-thousand plus who perished on Dec. 7th.

      I understand it's a break from tradition, but Rory Cooper sounds like one of the right-wing nuts he describes in his article. Do some research Rory, it'll do you good. Or maybe continue to downplay the importance of the final resting place of thousands who wore the American flag on their shoulder and are currently remembered at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetary. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    30. Carpenter, Texas says:

      I'm sure all of you have made plans to do something with your families on Memorial Day. He's human, just like every one else.

    31. Pete, New Jersey says:

      As a veteran I am stunned that the person who is suposedly our Commander In Chief decids to take a vacation and pass on one of his important duties.

      Don't blame me, I didn't drink the Obama Kool-Aid in the last election.

    32. Patricia, Ft. Lauder says:

      All I can say is this is very sad. The way the state of affairs are, our young men & women in a war that we should have been out of long time ago. For our past soldiers who fought and dies in previous wars this shows absolutely no respect for them. Well you people who voted for him you wanted change well hou do you like it now????? I am totally convinced this man is totally un American and I Thank GOD, yes GOD that I did not vote for him. Shame on him.


    33. Tina, New Jersey says:

      Are you really shocked at this? This would-be leader of my country continually denegrates the traditions, wishes of the country as a whole, and has at every opportunity diminished our sense of nationalism before most heads of state around the world. He has eroded our economy, our spirit, and our pride of country. Everyone and I mean everyone I interact with is either worried, angry or frustrated with what is happening in Washington. There was a time when we worried about threats from outside powers but now we worry for our survival in our own county. What's the remed? Erode his power! Remember in November. If he won't listen to us, then we must remove his minions of destruction. Vote them out, you have the power to remedy this situation.

    34. HSW says:

      I have attended this service every year since the dedication of the WWII Memorial in 2004. Both President and Laura Bush were in attendance,-every year! it's a moving experience and a great way to honor those who gave their lives so we could enjoy freedom. My respect for President and Michelle Obama is not lessened (Michelle must have had other plans last year – she wasn't there), but my respect for President and Laura Bush has grown. The burden of sending our men and women off to war must weigh heavier on some and not so much on others.

    35. Becky, MS says:

      Well, now isn't Memorial Day all about taking a vacation??? [Obama] didn't disappoint me again. Since Normandy was the location of one of the worst battles in World War II ,I can see a president being there, Chicago, I don't think so. The world revolves around him .

    36. Frederick P. Engel says:

      First and for most!! I love this country and all that we do and sometimes don't do. I have had the great pleasure of serving this country in the armed forces (U.S. Army 3ID "Pride of the Marne" 3/67th Bravo battery). All I can say is what a disappointment. Sending Joe Bidden is like sending Elmer Fudd. Not to jump on the beat up the President wagon but, if you don't want to be there we don't want you there. I would rather place a wreath their and leave it at that.

    37. HSW says:

      Not that it makes any difference vic but you didn't notice the MSNBC article was about Veterans Day. They are two distinctive Holidays with Memorial Day being a day of remembrance for those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in our Nation's service.

    38. MAKEITEVEN says:


    39. Anonyms California says:

      You are all whining, do you realize that? What a bunch of old women.

    40. Tammy Lambert, Chand says:

      I believe Biden attending Memorial at Arlington will be just fine. I have no problem with that. I also believe Obama's decision to not use the words "victory" or "win" while talking to troops at West Point was correct. Anyone who feels war has anything to do with winning or victory is crazy, consider the collateral damage while "winning", consider the "victory" of tearing families apart on either shore.

      I do however want Obama front and center for the oil clean-up, not on vacation!!

    41. DL Smith Lancaster,O says:

      What an arrogant show of contempt for those who suffered and died for the freedoms that he enjoys.

    42. DL Smith, Lancaster, says:

      What an arrogant show of contempt for those who have suffered and died for the freedoms he enjoys. I hope all Veterans remember this in the next election.

    43. CLR says:

      As the Proud Mother of a Marine who was severely wounded in Afghanistan a few months ago, I wish I could say that are President preferring to honor a British rock star over his military on Memorial Day surprises me. But it does not.

      We have suffered the highest level of casualities over these past few months, than we have in the last 8 years in our unit (www.icasualties.org). Not one word from this POTUS has come to the fallen and severely wounded. We know this POTUS does not care for our soliders. When he could not bother to get off the golf courses, and out of the slurpee shops over the holidays to go have a meal with his troops after ordering them out to war early, it was also clear he had no respect or caring for his men – or this Great Nation. Our Marines though will continue to Stand Strong, and our families will continue to stand with them. We are Americans!

      God Bless ALL of our Military – Please know that there are many of us who remember you – particularly on Memorial Day.

    44. Cathie Vaught, Marsh says:

      I am terrified that Barak Obama is the commander in chief for my son and every other service member. It's funny that he retreats from his duty to visit his cronies in Chicago. It's a clear slap in the face to our fallen heroes!

    45. frank tripp says:

      You have got to be kidding me.That is so disrespectful to every man and woman that gave their lives to keep us free

    46. Cheryl B says:

      I am no fan of BO, but Arlington is not the only place our fallen soldiers are laid to rest. He is scheduled to speak at Abraham Lincoln NATIONAL Cemetery. Depending on his remarks, of course, I don't see what's wrong with that. Hate to say it, but this story is a tempest in a teapot. Although he could've delegated the Arlington duty to a bigger fan of the military than Joe.

    47. ash/georgia says:

      What makes Paul McCartney so important?

    48. Robin Ft Wayne IN says:

      There comes a point in time when America must again stand up and say enough is enough. This sorry excuse for leadership has got to stop! This man is a disgrace to our flag and to all who have fought so fearlessly for it throughout history. Never in my life did I expect to see such treasonous activity in our own government.

      He may have this 4 years but I think all of America is seeing through the blinders he placed on our hearts of hope in a better future. I don't know about the rest of you but I will be more actively involved in the election process from now on. That is how we will ensure that our country is never run by a spineless excuse for citizenship again.

      I am utterly disgusted in our president. He makes me sick!

    49. Walker, SC says:

      I am totally and completely speechless. What are we becoming? Wait, why am I surprised? This has been coming for several years. We can't discuss 09/11/2001 because it might "offend" someone. We can't expect someone to provide a drivers license to a police officer after a traffic violation because it is, and I still don't understand how, is "racist". So why should we expect the Commander and Chief of our armed forces to honor those who have fallen in defense of what we stand for when he doesn't know what that is. Label me a "right wing nut" I could really care less what label you put on me I know what I am. A Proud American! Thank you to all who are serving, have served, or have paid the ultimate price.

    50. Jesse Jenkins says:

      obama is a worthless human being. He refuses to honor our fallen soldiers who gave all so his worthless butt would have the freedoms that him and his lap dogs enjoy. He should be charged with treason. Worthless, worthless and worthless. Just to hear his name makes me sick.

    51. barbara, alaska says:

      i didn't vote for him

    52. Cheryl, Texas says:

      Just ANOTHER reason to mistrust this commander in chief! What a sad example for our nation. I, for one, am apalled!! God Bless the USA and our valiant men and women who have fought and sacrificed for our once great nation!

    53. Kevin says:

      Well, I find this to be an insult, not only to the men and women who are fighting for out freedom at the current time. But for the brave men and women have given their lives, in order that we may enjoy the life as American citizens. I feel pain and a lack of pride from our so called, " Commander and Chief ". A real American president would understand the importance of this nation, far above taking a vacation. It seems that his family is first, even above our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. If you feel like attacking me… go for it. I am not about to back down for the true reason this day is in place. God Bless the true people of the U.S.A.

    54. becky says:

      Cooper, thank you, you said that very well. I personally have 3 uncles who served in Korea buried at that cemetery and I am honored to have President Obama come speak at one of the smaller cemeteries. He is honoring our fallen soldiers, just at a smaller venue. Are the men and women buried at Abraham Lincoln any less important than the fallen buried in Arlington?

    55. Erik, Roanoke VA says:

      I am not comfortable in the way we are holding President Obama to a different standard than our past presidents. I would think it would be a greater dishonor for President Bush, who stood beside men who lost their lives in the service, to not attend the ceremony at Arlington. Is campaigning really a good enough reason to ignore this "presidential responsibility"? I don't know, but be mad or indifferent when a president doesn't place the reef, but at least be consistent.

    56. CJ, Florida says:

      It's sad that this man will disgrace so many yet sleeps under the blanket of protection they provide for him ! Treason comes in many forms !

    57. Bob Williamson, Ariz says:

      I was, at first, shocked to hear that President Obama wouldn't be at Arlington. Reading that he will be at another National Cemetary for our fallen heroes takes some of that shock away, but not all. There's no excuse for not being at Arlington. He could certainly have a weekend of rest and still be there on Monday. (Isn't that what Air Force One is for?)

      My surprise comes from the fact that, love him or hate him, very few have accused him of being stupid, and I view this as a stupid move (politically).

      Just to comment on a few of the previous posts, why do people with no knowledge of our Constitution continually run their mouths? I'm referring to the people who, once again, are screaming "IMPEACH!" Just because you don't like him does NOT mean that you can impeach him, you rocket surgeons….. He has to commit a CRIME to be impeached. Like it or not, last time I looked, skipping the Memorial Day ceremony wasn't against the law.

    58. Derek Ellis, Norwich says:

      I really wonder the reason to this country's decline is because fewer and fewer elected officials (Obama included) have never laced up and worn a pair of combat boots

    59. Leslie St. Petersbur says:

      What a sad day for all veterans past, present and future that our own President will not be attending the Memorial Day Ceremony. May God bless each and everyone of you for the sacrifices you gave to your country.

    60. Sarah, MD says:

      I guess it's better for our fallen soliders to lay in peace and not be "honored" by a fake person who claims he cares for Americans.

    61. healthedusa_com, cal says:

      He is such a disgrace to this great country of ours! I feel terrible for all the war heroes who fought for us. They must feel especially disrespected and dishonored.

      Obama needs to go! He is narcissistic, immature, oppositional, and danger to our country!!

    62. Missourimule says:

      President Obama seems to be compiling a long list of examples wherein he just doesn't go, do or say the traditional things that we've expected of our leaders. One could be charitable and say that it's intentional – that he's 'charting a new course' . . . . but I think he just doesn't "get it" . . . . that he's never bought into this whole patriotism thing – and that's a sad thing for the country.

    63. Dave, CA says:

      It would have been so easy for the President to avoid this. Go ahead, spend a couple of days at home in Chicago; what reasonable person could begrudge him that? But then get on that fancy jet and make an appearance at Arlington on Monday. It would not have been that difficult to do, and it would have avoided this entire fiasco. He and his handlers are utterly tone deaf when it comes to understanding how those who do not worship him perceive him.

    64. roflmffo says:

      President Obama is not a friend of our U.S. Military AND he is no friend of mine. period! He couldn't take a few hours off and do the Presidential Laying of the Wreath and then go play golf?????????

    65. Jennifer L. Connecti says:

      The President has stereotypically demonstrated not knowing between right and wrong. His poor judgement isn't his fault. He is from the socio demographic that bares no responsability for his behavior or lack of accountability. He was raised with depravation because the color of his skin. Showing the country and the world that his lax attitude and casualness to important matters is simply attributed to being a black child in America and he is doing the best he can given his limited access to the white man's world. He is doing the best he can. Simply a product of his environment.

    66. Moxie, Charlotte, NC says:

      The above comment by Jim Scott hits the nail on the head—fraud!

    67. Ellen Opelt says:

      Hey , whoever said give the man a break he needs a day off too, hes the so called President take a different day off ! Im sad for our country when our so called President doesnt attend the service ! Maybe people would think different if it was their child or husband or any of their relatives that have or are serving or have lost a loved one defending our country ! I say THANK YOU TO ALL THAT HAVE SERVED OR ARE SERVING OUR COUNTRY AND THANKS TO ALL THAT HAVE DIED FOR OUR FREEDOM ! GOD BLESS YOU ARE IN MY PRAYERS !!! ???

    68. kat says:

      Its very sad to have such and unAmerican president sitting in our White House.

      God Bless our troops and America.

    69. MLC, IL says:

      Don't you realize that Arlington and Abraham are the same just in different locations. They both are for all the fallen hero's. Not a big deal, I really think everyone needs to grow up. Changes happen all the time!!!!! He not taking a vacation he still going to address, follow-up on what you hear! Seriously People is their really a need to act like 5 year old's, its time to grow up, stand strong, and support the troops!!

    70. Kaylyn, Grand Rapids says:

      I can well understand everyone wanting a vacation, but this man is in a bit different league than the majority of us. He is the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! The thing that angers me the most is not that he won't be at Arlington to honor our servicemen and women, but that he is taking this time to vacation so he'll be home in time to honor Paul McCartny. Now can someone tell me the reasoning behind this?????

    71. Christine Locke, NJ says:

      Quite frankly, it would be a disgrace if this president went to Arlington. These American citizens, who gave their life for our liberties, provided the ultimate sacrifice. This is a man with no morals and values. his administration is corrupt and has no regard for our Constitution. Given his anti-American actions, siding with mexico, always apologizing for America, the Patriots that are buried in Arlington, deserve to have an honorable man pay respect. This president has no honor.

    72. Tefta, Colorado says:

      wait a minute…..why is Arlington considered the only place appropriate to honor our troops??????? Did ANYONE bother to look up exactly what kind of cemetary he will be visiting????

      The Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery lies in the northwestern area of the former Joliet Army Ammunition Plant, approximately 50 miles south of Chicago. Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery is named after the 16th President of the United States and founder of the National Cemeteries. In the midst of the Civil War, on July 17, 1862 President Lincoln's signature enacted the law authorizing the establishment of national cemeteries "… for the soldiers who die in the service of the country." During the Civil War there were 14 national cemeteries opened pursuant of this legislation. President Lincoln's legacy is especially important to the people of IllinoisMonument and Memorials

      Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery has a memorial walk that commemorates soldiers of 20th century wars on 11 memorials.

      An 18-foot granite obelisk crowned by a bronze eagle with outstretched wings commemorates the 2,403 Americans who died in the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941. It was donated by the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association and dedicated May 12, 2001.

      The Blue Star Memorial Marker was donated by the District VIII Garden Club of Illinois and dedicated on September 15, 2000. The marker is a tribute to American men and women who have served, are serving, or will serve their country. Its symbolism dates to World War II when families of servicemen and women displayed a square flag decorated with a blue star in their windows to signify that a loved one was in the armed forces.

    73. Pingback: President Obama’s Memorial Day Vacation

    74. Leatherneck318, Illi says:

      To vic in California – W. was in Texas on VETERAN'S DAY, not MEMORIAL DAY in '07. Even the slanted, smarmy weblink you posted says so.

      And to anyone defending our COMMANDER-IN-CHOKE and his infinately ignorant decision to head back to the Chi for some R&R…I hope you jokers hit your knees tonite and pray to whatever heathenistic diety you worship and THANK THEM for installing this loser as our 44th President.

      GOD BLESS our Troops and their families, for everything they have done, are doing, and will continue to do; with, or WITHOUT the support of our corrupt, shameful, and embarassing administration.

    75. Danielle, Boston, MA says:

      I've always believed that National Cemeteries are for soldiers who died in service of the country and for veterans who served in a war. The VA site has the full eligibility for burial requirements here: http://www.cem.va.gov/bbene/eligible.asp

      Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery

      So are the soldiers buried at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Elwood, IL less worthy of being honored on Memorial Day than those buried at Arlington? Maybe the National Cemetery in Illinois is less prestigious than Arlington, but it sounds to me that the general population thinks Presidential participation in Memorial Day ceremonies is only considered patriotic and respectful if done at the nation's capitol and not at any of the nation's other National Cemeteries. I wonder if the families of those buried at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery would disagree.

    76. Angelia ( Knottie) O says:

      I lost my son in Iraq 2+ yrs ago..

      Here is a link to my thoughts on Pres. Obama not attending

    77. FlowergirlCA says:

      What a jerk !! He is a disgrace.

    78. Debra N. Alexandria says:

      Unbelievable, but not surprised. I voted for the current president, but can honestly say, I made a mistake and I have been disappointed from the first month of President Obama taking office. My husband (who is a Navy Veteran) and I both love this country and it hurts to see it what is going on with the current administration.

    79. Debbie - Spring, TX says:

      How can the President of these United State opt out of honoring the fallen on this Memorial weekend. He is proving over and over to be an embarrassment to The United State. Bowing to our enemy, saying this is no longer a christian nation, not giving the day of prayer recognition to pray for out nation and our leaders. He's just proving over and over he is not for the people and by the people – he is selling out our nation, our troops, totally going against the constitution. Doesn't he realize it's our troops that keep our country safe and helping others around the world from dictators that do not value human life. I'm praying for you Mr. President for one day you will have to answer to GOD himself for all you are doing to bring the Nation down but I say America is waking up to all this Obama-moronism. Breaks my heart to see what this man is doing – has anyone heard of impeachment? What Nixon did does not come close to what Obama is doing. I have never been so disgusted with a President!

    80. livingenzyme, Chicag says:

      All of this just proves that a great number of conservatives are either liars or purposefully ignorant. You condemn a man even before you have your facts straight. From your damn link above…


      "This year, our current president will head back home to Chicago for the weekend and plans to speak at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Chicago."

      So, he's not speaking at Arlington. But he is speaking at Lincoln. Did any of you cry bloody murder when Bush spoke at Normandy in 1992 instead of Arlington?

      But don't mind me and continue hating and remain in your dark ages mentality. That's what christ would have wanted you to do, right?

    81. retired, proud and h says:

      Well.. 1st off, I certainly didnt vote for him. Funny how the truth slowly reveals itself. Obama is following in the foot steps of a prior president that cut the spending and had no commitment to his (commander and chief??) troops! Well the outcome to that little cut back = 9/11. If you honestly think that it only takes 9 months to plan an attack as detailed as 9/11 was (thus the blame I've heard over the years toward Bush) I find that hard to believe. So we cut military and govt spending thus reducing our "eye in the sky" and before you know it this country could be flipped upside down once again as we were in 2001. All that aside.. I truly hope our Commander and Chief enjoys his Memorial Day vacation (while a true american stands a watch far from home) that so many others have and will continue giving their lives for, thats what makes this country so great, right??

      God Bless America (A term thats meaning is more needed now than ever before)

    82. Spc Nichols MSARNG says:

      As a soldier whom recently returned from Iraq, a family member of a soldier whom served as an infatryman in vietnam, and a friend of someone who recently lost their father, which by the way was a decorated war hero from way back and is buried in Arlington. I am sickened by not only by our, I can't even bring myself to say it, but also by anyone who has the guts to defend him. GOD bless our troops and everyone else at least honor them.

    83. Super Chief, Tulsa, says:

      In my opinion it's disgraceful for the president to ignore this day.

      A visit to Chicago surely cannot outweigh the significance of the commander in chief placing a wreath at the tomb of the unknown.

      Remembering the sacrifices that have been made through the years on Memorial day is done in even the smallest of towns.

      I will be attending in my home town.

    84. Nico - Pineville says:

      You people are so so so sad. Did any of you have the same level of disgust for Bush 43 when he went to France for Memorial Day?

    85. Kathie, Tucson, AZ says:

      It just further demonstrates how out of touch and single minded Obama truly is. Thank God for all those who have sacrificed life and limb so he could have the liberty to slap them in the face. This total lack of respect will not go unnoticed, unrewarded and certainly will never forgotten. He is a pathetic excuse for a leader.

    86. jeff, maryland says:

      As an active-duty servicemember, I am required to support the President of the United States. However, I'm not required to hold back my urge to vomit when I see him behaving the way he is. What a slap in the face of all those who have died to protect him and his family. True Chicago politics at their finest.

    87. Kathie, Tucson, AZ says:

      He is a pathetic excuse for a leader. This act of total disrespect will not go unrewarded and certainly never forgotten. He needs a lesson in AMERICAN history.

    88. Janie, TX says:

      Our men and women have and are still fighting for our freedom. How dare the president think this is just a day to be with family. Our family and friends are the ones that have made it possible for us to have freedom in the United States. God Bless our troups, our country and please God Bless out goverment as we are taught to pray for our goverment. I do and I pray God does work on your hearts until you see the truth. God is the only way. Jesus to forgive and God the father to give us strenght through the spirit.

    89. J. Hill says:

      I don't understand how anybody would expect anything but pure disrespect, from this guy, to our troops who risk and sacrifice their lives and their families that endure the hardships of military life. He told you he was going to do it. Remember, Fundamentally Change The United States of America. Did you think that he was going to be a Patriot? Did you think he was going to be a Christian? His name says it all. He didn't say it was going to be pretty and painless. If you don't like it, send this to everyone you know and VOTE.

    90. Ed Coleman,DeSoto, M says:

      obama is an ass clown. I would expect no less from a muslim.(obama is babtist like the POPE is protestant). He should be ashamed and his backers should be ashamed. He as the so called leader should be 1st in line to support are people and loved ones we have lost. Im glad i didnt vote for this moral loser.

    91. Elizabeth Ricketson says:

      you know what, I am just about sick to death of this constant bashing of the President, he has done more to improve the lives of service members and their families, and the lives of vets than any president in recent history. As for vacation, Bush spent more time on vacation than any president in the history of the nation for God's sake, and we were at war through the better part of his time in office, the man said he gave up golf to honor the troops, wich was both a joke and a lie.. Quite giving aid and comfort to our enimies by bashing the President.

    92. Ann, Oregon says:

      I hope that the president makes a change in his plans and attends the ceremony at Arlington. C'mon, do the right thing!

    93. joiceanne333 says:

      Someone please tell me what business this man has being the Commander in Chief.

    94. Whythink, Wisconsin says:

      The fact that each of the last three Republican Presidents did not attend Memorial Day ceremonies at Arlington Cemetery at least once should put to rest this latest cynical attempt to smear Obama as anti-military. If the thrust of the attack is that this "breaks tradition" and is therefore possibly "offensive" to soldiers, then conservatives either need to abandon this talking point or embrace the idea that several of their Republican heroes also hated the troops.

      Previous presidents have honored Memorial Day away from Arlington Cemetery

      1983: Reagan attended summit meeting; Defense Department official Thayer laid wreath at Arlington. Deputy Secretary of Defense W. Paul Thayer laid a wreath at Arlington Cemetery during the Memorial Day ceremony in 1983, according to a May 31, 1983, Washington Post article (retrieved from the Nexis database). The Associated Press reported that President Reagan attended a "summit meeting in Williamsburg, Va., with leaders of the industrialized democracies."

      1992: George H.W. Bush allowed VP Quayle to lay wreath. In 1992, Vice President Dan Quayle laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day, according to a May 26, 1992, Boston Globe article (from Nexis). The Globe reported that President George H.W. Bush attended a wreath-laying ceremony and made brief remarks at an American Legion hall in Kennebunkport, Maine, where he also played a round of golf.

      2002: George W. Bush spoke at commemoration in Normandy. On May 27, 2002, President George W. Bush spoke at a Memorial Day commemoration in Normandy, France.

      Bush remained in Texas for Veterans Day in 2007

      Veterans Day 2007: Cheney attended ceremony to pay tribute at Arlington as Bush remained in Texas. On November 11, 2007, the AP reported that "President Bush honored U.S. troops past and present at a tearful ceremony Sunday for four Texans who died there." The AP further reported that "Vice President Dick Cheney went to Arlington to pay tribute to Iraq veterans."

      You followers that blindly hate OUR president because of Fox, Limbaugh and pure ignorance need to get over yourselves. The blind partisanship is what is destroying this country. The inability to compromise because of Limbaugh, Beck, etc… (including those on the left) are the real issue. Take the oil spill disaster…nobody, NOBODY is happy with how President Obama has handled this but the right nuts are making claims that this is what Obama wanted. Yes, the left nuts did the same during GW's presidency, NO DOUBT, but that is the problem. Neither side wants this to stop especially those getting high ratings by being a nut. As long as we continue to believe the lies and extreme talk, left or right, we will all continued to be screwed.

      To all those who served, regardless of your political beliefs, THANK YOU.


    95. JC Reid, NY says:

      WOW – I am shocked, That apparently the ONLY place to honor the fallen on Memorial Day is in Arlington? hmm Really? Our President will will bestow the same honors and gratitude's at Lincoln National Cemetery as he would deliver from Arlington, as a matter of fact I would find it honorable if this Pres and those that come after him make an effort to visit MANY of the NATIONS Cemetery's to show respect for our Nations hero's. And they are laid to rest in places other than just Arlington

      - So very sad you use this day to promote your agendas and rhetoric….hmmmmm, how very very UNPATRIOTIC of ALL Of you "aghast, and outraged" Americans. For shame is right – go look in the mirror.

      Impeach???? You have no business throwing those words around if you have no idea in what circumstances that would be warranted.

      And to M.Brown – HE did not have his hand over his heart in the picture you refer

      BECAUSE THEY WERE PLAYING HAIL TO THE CHIEF! Not the Anthem, they were saluting him, Which you would know If you actually watched the broadcast instead of FOX news bytes and anti-Obama news feeds……

    96. blaurencea@bellsouth says:

      Discraceful that Obama is not at Arlington on Memorial Day

    97. w says:

      You do not put your hand over your chest during the national anthem for goodness sake its an anthem not a pledge. For all the people out there who claim "to be more American then the next" how can you not know this.

    98. Faylea, Bronson Flor says:

      At a time when our young americans are defending the USA, our president, commander in chief chooses to have a relaxing weekend with his family??? Maybe he should just go ahead and go on a permanent break!!! I feel that if you cannot stand behind our troops, when you took an oath….then get out!! This is an honorable american holiday…..Arlington is in your back yard!! Paul Mccartney can wait, OUR SOLDIERS DESERVE YOUR RESPECT A WHOLE LOT MORE THAN HE NEEDS YOU IN HIS AUDIENCE!! I AM ASHAMED OF YOU!! PLAIN AND SIMPLY ASHAMED!!!

    99. Love, Los Angeles says:

      I love living in a country where people can write lies without political or judicial consequences.

      I take you you don't recall the news in 2007: George W. Bush Bush Honors Veterans Day in Texas; Cheney Supports Vets at Arlington Cemetery. Here is the link for verification: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,310468,00.htm…. Also, George H. W. Bush, a veteran, never attended the Memorial Services at Arlington during his four year in office. Are they Unpatriotic?

    100. Jim Indiana says:

      This is BLASPHEMAS, and DISRESPECTFUL to our military!

    101. Melissa, Iowa says:

      If our own President of the United States cannot even support our troops, then I say he needs to be placed on the front lines instead of our families and friends who have lost their lives to fight for the freedom of this country he "supposedly" runs. Lord help him!

    102. Cliff Hammond, Balmo says:

      Here's the part you're leaving out: "This year, our current president will head back home to Chicago for the weekend and plans to speak at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Chicago."

    103. JWJohnson, Fort Wort says:

      Is anyone really surprised? I didn't think so.

    104. Kenny, Georgia says:

      I, as an active duty US military member, am perplexed by the constant errors in judgment of this President. I did not vote for him however, he is my Commander in Chief…and for that I am truly saddened.

    105. Shirley says:

      I can't believe he is american? I will not vote for him again!! Enjoy your vacation that had to be on Memorial Day!!

    106. Shirley/Pa says:

      Are you American Mr. President? I'm ashamed of you! I will not vote for you again!! Enjoy your vacation.

    107. Debbie, Midlothian, says:

      A complete and total disgrace! What network will defer from coverage of how the president spends his day in favor of how our active military and familes of Fallen Heroes spend theirs?

      This is nothing short of a Failure to Honor.

    108. Cat/Santa Fe says:

      Honoring Paul McCartney but not those in service to our country?How is it that this man desrves to be our president?

    109. Cat/Santa Fe says:

      To Reid, You must be intelligent enough to realize that the ceremony at Arlington is a tradition and a symbol. His absence there is a clear message to the country. We get it, and it is a slap in the face to all real Americans.

    110. Steve says:

      Hello, he is not the first president to miss this. Go look it up! Stupid conservatives will believe anything. Limbaugh–"Hey guys, follow me over the cliff, its good for the country!" Conservatives—"Sure Rush, we are coming!"

    111. Bobby, Florida says:

      Obama has failed us again.

      The President has a duty to be at Arlington national cemetery on Memorial Day, it is tradition and is proper.

      Why Arlington and not any of the other National Cemeteries? Because Arlington National Cemetery represents the country as a whole. Those buried there are from every corner of the country. Most other cemeteries have soldiers from that particular state buried there. IE: The Florida National Cemetery in Bushnell, FL has mainly Florida soldiers in it.

      I am amused that the Pro-Obama posters bring up about the Bush's not attending services at Arlington. (Attending the service in Normandy to pay honor to the US Soldiers who gave their all during the Normandy Invasion, for the 60th anniversary of the invasion, would be appropriate.) But your argument that because the Bush's did this then it should be OK for Obama too. is a lame argument from the President who campaigned to bring change…….

      I am also amused by the poster who believes this President has done more for the military than any other President… Lady, I don't know where you have been getting your information, but our soldiers and their families are not being better taken care of by this administration.

    112. dave, alaska says:

      @whythink thx! for a moment, i thought this comment section would just be a long string of dittohead drivel.

      im a veteran. while my world-view has changed alot since then, it has never included a need for the president to make a tv appearance on memorial day.

      i think we all honor our fallen in our own ways. wearing a stars and stripes sweater and chanting 'god bless the troops' at the top of your lungs may be your way… it isnt the only way.

      @kevin i think you mean 'master and commander' like the movie…or maybe 'commander IN chief' like the honorary military title given to our elected leader.

    113. josh, minneapolis says:

      I liked how you brought up the bit on how defense spending is down as a percentage of GDP when 300,000 teachers throughout the country are about to get laid off. The US military budget is larger than the entire European Union's, and you complain about how tragic our situation is? How incredibly irresponsible, fiscally and morally!

    114. Brittany, KY says:

      As a wife to a US Soldier in Afghanistan right now I am extremely upset, for a lack of better words. I work day in and day out to provide welfare and food stamps for his supporters, and I am disgusted that he can't support our troops!! At least give the fallen a proper acknowledgment, and thank their families! People may NOT support this "WAR ON TERROR", but it's not just about this war! It's about WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Panama, or the Persian Gulf just to name a few. So man up Mr. Obama and pay your dues to those who have died for you to lead this great nation…ONE NATION UNDER GOD!!!

      P.S.- I do want to thank those who are serving, or have served in our Armed Forces!

    115. Andrew, Fairfax VA says:

      "Wow, could you be any more of a Right Wing Cheerleader? Do you get a special Righty Glee Club uniform for writing an article like this?

      Whatever happened to writing articles with facts and figures and letting people decide what they should or shouldn’t think? Maybe your regular readers require spoon feeding of opinion so they have something to love or hate. Not I sir. While I think Obama should be at Arlington, or at the very least, a national cemetery in Illinois, could you at least tone down the hate rhetoric?

      You sir, and the readers who take your writings as gospel text, are the problem with your side of the aisle."


    116. Mrs. O., South Dakot says:

      How many of you will be at Arlington? Or will you be honoring the day at your own location? Get Real.

    117. Paul, Seattle says:

      Of course, there's Reagan in 1983 (attended a summit instead), Bush the first in 1992 (was in Kennebunkport instead, went to a ceremony there, then went golfing) and Bush II in 2002 (was in Normandy, (gasp) France instead). The horror, the horror!

    118. TexasGirlbytheGraceo says:

      @Carpenter – families taking a vacation? Really? POTUS is on the clock 24/7 so he could easily spend Friday-Sunday in Chicago and then high-tail it back to Arlington for Monday.

      @WhyThink – the writer said other Presidents' had not attended on some occasions but those were not during war time…some people in this thread have gotten Memorial Day and Veteran's Day mixed up and yeah, GW spent one at Normandy – does D-Day ring a bell with you???

      People should look at the patterns over the last 18 months (not just this one incident)…vver and over this President has shown disdain and disrespect for our military – now impeachment is a charge for high crimes – how about appointing morally bankrupt officials and judges? OR how about selling out jobs for political favors? OR how corrupt groups with favored status get government funding and can threaten and coerce American citizens forcing them to do business with them or mandating loans or intimidating people when voting? I thank God that my daughter when she graduates from college will serve in the Army, but especially because she won't go active until BO is on his way out! REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER FOR THE NEXT 3 YEARS!!!!

    119. Jesse says:

      Whoever wrote this article is a funny person. This is my question for the person who did write this article. Have you ever served? Have you ever served in the two current wars that are taking place today? As a person who has served in both Iraq and Afghanistan and still serves today, I can't believe you have the nerve to be saying what's going to raise or lower a troops morale. My comment is in reference to the your remarks regarding the President's speach at west point. Why weren't the words "victory" or "win" in his vocabulary when he was giving that speech. To me conclusion is an outstanding word. In both Iraq and Afghanistan we are forcing upon the people of both those countries a democracy that will not work. They have been under a dictator or a monarch far too long for the people of both of those nations to be receptive of a democracy. We are also forcing 20th and 21st century ideals on two countries where the most modern thing they might posses is an automobile. If our plan for these countries is to make them more like the U.S. (and it is) We will fail, there is no winning, there will be no victory because of the cultural differences and beliefs. That is why conclusion is the best word the president could have used.

      As far as the president missing the ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery I can simply say this. This is a day of rememberance for service members that have payed the ultimate sacrifice, I've lost a few buddies in both wars thought I've fought in and I can guarantee you the way that they'd want me to remember them is to celebrate not, not mourne them, not put on this big uncomfortable dog and pony show (yes I just called the memorial ceremony at Arlington National Cemetary a big uncomfortable dog and and pony show). They would want me to go out and celebrate, drink a beer for them…play a round of golf for them. I can't remember who posted this earlier but they said "what makes the service members who gave their lives at Arlington National Cemetary any more important than the ones who gave their lives at the national cemetery in Illinois that president Obama will be giving a speech at?" Don't disgrace our fallen troops by simply mourning and throwing big ceremonies, celebrate their lives and what they accomplished for our country.

    120. Devin, Montana says:

      "President Obama be spending part of the day visiting the oil spill in the Gulf Coast, and then the rest of the day vacationing with his family in Chicago."


      "The Boston Globe reported that on Memorial Day in 1992, Vice President Dan Quayle laid a wreath at the tomb while Bush spoke to American Legion members in Kennebunkport, Maine, and played golf."


      Seems fairly similar to me. I think he should go to Arlington to pay his respects but the hypocrisy is more annoying.

    121. Annette Glover says:

      As an Australian i "felt" proud to allies like the USA ..but now…This is DISGUSTING..no other word describes it better..Shame on you OBAMA!!!!!

    122. Annette Glover says:

      As an Australian i “felt” proud to have allies like the USA on our side ..but now…This is DISGUSTING..no other word describes it better..Shame on you OBAMA!!!!!

    123. Barbara, Oregon says:

      Whythink and JC….well said – very well said. Why is is so easy for some of these readers to completely gloss over the fact that he will speak at a National Cemetary on Memorial Day, just not Arlington? So many comment they are appalled and disgusted that he won't appear at Arlington, but don't even bother to really read the article. I'm disgusted and appalled by those individuals! And I love how that same tired, old (untrue) story about not putting his hand over his heart rears its ugly head yet again. Stop being lemmings people, think for yourselves and pay attention to the truth.

      Another thing….how can he speak of "winning" in Iraq….there is no way to "win".? Doesn't in any way, shape or form mean the service by our military is not appreciated. Maybe even more so for the efforts and sacrifices made for a war that can't be won in the traditional sense.

      I honor all the military both here and abroad and their families. We have an awesome country and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else!

    124. Tammie.... tennessee says:

      I voted for President Obama and I have tried to give him the benefit of doubt on several issues , but not attending this is so wrong and I will be so embarrassed that I voted for him if he does not attend this…..

    125. LW in Carolina. says:

      As an veteran of Viet Nam I did not serve my country and shed my blood to stand by and watch you and Obama turn my country into a socialist sewer pit. I do not accept your thanks. I do not watch Fox news and I for one am tired of listening to you people suggesting we are idiots controled by Fox news. I have the intelligence to see what Obama does and form an intelligent decision based on the facts and not by just what someone tells me. If you want socialism go to Mexico or France or anywhere else you want to go because I do not care, but if you want to change my country stand by for a fight.

    126. Jonathan Kotinek, TX says:

      I've put together a chronicle of presidential attendance at the Arlington National Cemetery Memorial Day ceremony going back to Nixon. It's telling what we're not being told:


    127. Mark, Ohio says:

      I'd rather him blow my tax dollars on his shinny new jet far far away…it's a dishonor to all the free and brave for him to even get close that hallowed ground!

    128. Reggie, NJ says:

      This is going to haunt him in 2012. The country is on the brink of depression, engaged in two Wars, and he goes on vacation. Apparently he will be attending the Lincoln Memorial instead. I wander if people will vote for him again in 2012.

      He should be in the Gulf of Mexico directing clean up team, there is a horrible disaster and people are suffering, instead he goes on vacation, and doesn't even bother to Attend Arlington Cemetery on Memorial Day weekend.

      This is equivalent to Marie Antoinette "Let them eat cake. " I think people are tired of him, because he disappoints everyone on a regular basis. I didn't vote for him, when he pushed Clinton out of the way. I have no doubt that the next President of the United States will be a Republican. This is just too much.

    129. Tim Gagnier, Springf says:

      Carpenter, Texas on May 26th, 2010 at 3:00pm said:

      I’m sure all of you have made plans to do something with your families on Memorial Day. He’s human, just like every one else.



      He signed on and was ELECTED to be President, therfore his JOB and DUTY is to HONOR those who DIED for this country. The BRAVE men and women that memorial day is all about also did the same thing, they signed on and payed the ultimate sacrifice and gave THIER LIFES so some MORON like YOU can think like you do.

      By the way I have made plans to do something with my family, the same thing we do EVERY year. We go to the local Veterans cemetary, place flags on all of the stones and say a quick thank you each time. After that we go home and have a bunch of friends over have a BBQ and party.

    130. W.H.Wood Tennessee says:

      This is a shame that the President of the United States of America goes on vacation at this time. He has no respect for our men and women who are now defending or have defended our country in the past. How anyone can vote for this man is a puzzle to me. He is the no. 1 worst President we have ever had. I hope and pray that the Democrats in Washington will wake up and see just what he is.

    131. arthur krause says:

      If the hero's in Arlington could vote-they I am sure would pick a current day military person, who is worthy of the honor of speaking to them on this- their day…

      Sadly our current white house resident does not even grasp that it is a great honor to be able to give a tribute to these fallen hero's on this day.

      That in itself speaks volumes on his character and ability to lead.-God help America..

      Please say a prayer for our hero's on Memorial day..They deserve it.

    132. JS says:

      I just wanted to say Thank you to JC Reid from NY who makes the most sense of ALL the comments from above. OUR president is not skipping anything! He is taking care of business in the Gulf, returning home and honoring hero's and service men from his home state! What an honor for everyone who will attend the service to be able to take part in history. Abraham Lincoln's National Cemetary shouldn't be considered any less patriotic then Arlington. Change has to happen people! He is showing you this! He is trying to do things other than "business as usual!" He wants our country to be BETTER then it is, and that can only happen with change. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

    133. TRaley, TX says:

      I am sorry for those of you who voted for this man. You have made a poor choice and now we all live with it.

      He is "Barry from DC" (he called HIMSELF that) and that is all he will ever be.

      Class has nothing to do with color, background or education. It has to do with inner integrity. He is LOW Class.

      God Bless our Military past and present. If you have to ASK why Arlington or WHY our POTUS should attend a memorial service who have given the all; then you wouldn't understand even if someone tries to explain it.

      The men and women who served our country are the REASON that "Barry From DC" can be who he is.

    134. Joyce, Michigan says:

      For all of you that are outraged at those of us who are outraged at our current President for blowing off the laying of the wreatth:

      Do you get who the man IS? He is a Marxist/Socialist, Communist sympathizer, open-boarders, hate the Consitution, wants to "fundamentally change" America into a "social justice" nation, disrespecter of the military, Chicago thug politician. If you get that and you still support him, what can I say? But don't try to make him into some kind of patriotic lover of this country. He isn't! That's why this latest action incenses us. Just more proof of who he is. The reason he's going on vacation is because he could CARE LESS about bestowing HONOR on the military – especially those from the past! Do you people not get this?

    135. C. Taylor Tomball TX says:

      Everyone who voted for change..there you go. He is going to be different. Though I may disagree, I am not surprised. From a proud American, To all our Troops, May God Bless you and keep you safe and Thank You so very much for your selfless acts of protecting our Great Nation and the People within it.

    136. Adele New Rochelle, says:

      This is for those who critsize the President for his not being at the Memorial Service at the Arlington Cemetary. I ask you this, is he the only President who missed it; no.

      Should he be there, A BIG YES, as the Commander in Chief he has an obligation to be there.

      However, ask yourself, do you want a person there just so your needs are satified.

      He has not been the perfect President, and no one ever has. I don't recall anyone saying anything when Bush (who was not the war hero as everyone wants to believe, and you should educate yourself on that subject) missed the service.

      At persent there are very important issues to get out of the way, but do remember, even the President of the United States has a right to chose if other issues, such as the BP Oil Spill, are more important than being part of something he might not believe in; that is our right in this country.

    137. Steve, Texas says:

      @ vic, California, That article you sited speaks of Veterans Day, not Memorial Day as to what this discussion is about.

    138. Ed Ortega, Miami, Fl says:

      I can't believe that any citizen that sympathize with the Democratic party and is not a fanatic left winger will ever cast another vote for Mr. Obama.

    139. Chris, Orlando says:

      UNREAL! What a blow off of our troops, our soldiers that gave everything, the families that were left behind. And for those of you that can honestly justify this, MOVE TO FRANCE!

      It's people like you that will be the first with your hands held out for freebies, and whinning and crying when you check does not show up in the mail on the right day. The worst part of this is that you would vote for him again. We don't need or want you here either. The country you live in was based on honor, courage, and the desire to live free, not for free. The people we honor this weekend paid the ultimate price.

    140. policehorse1 says:

      Hate to say but it's only going to get worse until 2012. Until then all we can do is pray for our country and troops. God Bless us all.

    141. RJ, Dallas says:

      George HW Bush missed all 4. Clinton showed up for all 8. George W Bush missed one.

      This is, apparently, not a real issue. We need to FOCUS! It is not a dishonor to the troops. This is part of a tradition for all of us. Real issues we need to concern ourselves with: War, Healthcare, Financial Crisis, North Korea, etc. Not his vacation of one day.

    142. Pamela Corr, Boynton says:

      Missing Memorial Day at Arlington. Doesn't the President and his followers know they rest comfortably under the blanket of freedom provided by those veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice. Too bad they take it for granted. It's a slap in the face to our veterans. Our fathers must be rolling in their graves.

    143. Tressa Resch, NV says:

      Deep sadness, for our Veterans and all Service Men and Women past, present and future. The leader of our Country takes a vacation, when so many of our Soldiers are in harms way.

      He also stated he will not rest till the B P Oil Crisis is over, contradicting hie own words.

    144. West Texan says:

      From a military veteran to Christine Locke, your comment was very well stated. Thank you!

    145. Kei Torres says:

      As a mother of a Fallen Soldier, who gave his life for OUR freedoms, Obama not speaking at the Memorial Day services is an affront and insult. My son volunteered to serve his country. No one made him. He did it on his own volition. He was willing to serve. Obama is in office because of men like my son. Because men like him served our country. They have fought for our freedoms and others for years and years. That is why we are free to elect our officials. For any official, that puts their own interests above our soldiers is an insult to all of us.

      We need a President that openly and always supports our military! Every single day. Not just when it's a photo op.

    146. Brad Miller says:

      He will be attending a service at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetary. W. sent Cheny in 2007 while he cut brush in Crawford. Lets not forget W. skipped the entire Vietam conflict CHOOSING to protect Georgia. Ronal Reagan attended NO service in 1983.

      That said NO president EVER goes on vacation. I also believe a president's itinerary may be set by national security concerns and private issues. For example Reagan may have had a medcical treatment or other appointment that was more important than Memorial Day appearance. Presidents may need to take care of these issues at times that would be inconvienient to ordinary citizens.

    147. Don, Murfreesboro Te says:

      If you want a moving experience and are in middle Tennessee area, check out a real Memorial Day Remembrance with the 2nd Annual Murfreesboro Noon Exchange Club's "Healing Field Flags of Remembrance"

      We are proud of our Country. We are proud of those serving and who have served. We are not ashamed to fly the American Flag.

    148. Ken, New Jersey says:

      As a Viet Nam Vet who just recently buried my WWII veteran father, I hope the current White House resident never goes near another military cemetery.

      Arlington, and cemeteries like it, are reserved for the true Americans who love and honor this nation, and put it ALL on the line to protect her.

      How terribly sad that he turns his back on the American soldier, but is going to honor a non-American singer/song writer a few days later. He won't tell us his priorities, but his actions make those priorities crystal clear. I can only hope that voters remember these actions on election day!

    149. BJ, Kansas City, MO says:

      To all those using the defense of "previous Presidents weren't always present in Arlington on Memorial Day" – Ponder this:

      Previous President's were never in question about their patriotism or loyalties to America, much less their citizenship and moral judgments. Previous Presidents were never in question because we Americans NEVER doubted or questioned their loyalty to the United States of America.

      If this man gave a single hoot about the perception America has of him; he would have done the WISE thing and stayed true to American tradition and visit Arlington.

      Had he chosen "tradition," he may very well have had a brighter light shining on him from the Obama-naysayers. Instead, he's so dog-gone gun-ho about "change" that he's sacrificing losing the respect of even more Americans than his goofy decisions already have.

      But, once we become a Socialist nation; will all of this even be relevant?

    150. Kaity, NC says:

      Bush missed it to campaign for election, and that's fine? So what if Obama didn't serve our nation in war. I think getting an education and dedicating his life to public service is a great contribution to America.

    151. Sarah, Pacific NW says:

      So, are you aware of how to write unbiased news? Or did you spin it to a liberal slant on purpose? I sincerely hope you never have a relative who dies in a war – that you never have to understand what it is like to wonder every day if they are dead or alive, or coming home for Christmas. Clearly those sacrifices don't mean anything to you since honoring their deaths means nothing, and those who get heated up about the lack of honor are just over-reacting.

      So next time why don't you just present the truth and skip the opinions? Since you are a reporter and you are held to higher standards.

    152. Reagan, Texas says:

      @ Carpenter, yes but WE aren't COMMANDER IN CHIEF OF THE ARMED FORCES OF AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!

    153. Brad says:

      Someone said, "Geez! Give the man a break! With all that’s going on–one day off should be allowed. He’s plenty interested in our soldiers, in our Gulf, in all the rest of the mess that’s going on. Just give him one blasted day!"

      Here's the reality – with the job, comes responsibility. He signed up for the job and campaigned for the job. There are plenty of days available for a day off, NOT THIS DAY. This is similar to a minister deciding to go on vacation on Easter, or a school principle deciding to go on vacation on graduation day. I expect my minister to be in his place on that day. I expect my child's principle to be in his place on that day. And I expect the president to be in his place on that day – NOT OUT GOLFING SOMEWHERE!

      This is just one more feather in his proverbial cap that shows his disdain for this nation and our military. I did not vote for the man, will never vote for the man and I cannot wait for November to come around. I'll rephrase what another said; Just when you think he cannot disappoint us any further, he goes and does something asinine like this. I'm sure Carter is delighted with this man, someone is finally taking his place as the worse president this country has ever had.

    154. Chris, S.A. Texas says:

      What a disgraceful and repugnant president. If he thinks the military is so unimportant, then maybe he should be handed a rifle and send him out. He should live the horrors of the war first hand. When he comes back, maybe he will have a new found respect for the people. Sadly this is no longe the land of the people. This is now the land of Obama. I'm ready to leave the country. God bless!

    155. William Wayland says:

      This is a non issue. How many of you were this offended by George H. W. Bush's actions on Memorial Day during his time in office? Do you even remember that he spent most of them vacationing in Maine? Even Ronald Reagan skipped Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day. What's the big deal? Get the facts: http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/memorialday….

    156. Roy, KC Missouri says:

      For those who have not served in the Armed Forces, they cannot comprehend what a direct slap in the face and contempt this is to the 2 million men and women who serve their country. The Commander in Chief does not feel it worthy of his time to respect the generations of sacrifices of lives that the holiday commemorates. It is about Duty and Honor to Country above all else to the point of death. He may as well urinate on their tombstones!

    157. Lisa Georgia says:

      I am disgusted with OBAMA but I am more disgusted with the people on here defending him STILL. What else does he have to do in order for you to see WHAT he is!!!! WAKE up people. My father served in Vietnam and was sprayed with agent orange and passed away in 1989……the president is dishonoring him and all the Soldiers that have served this country in the past or present. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU THAT MAKE EXCUSES FOR THIS MAN!!! November………..our voices will be heard!!!!!!!!!!

    158. William Kansas City says:

      George W. Bush started two wars and went on vacation! Yet you won't compare that to Obama missing memorial day services at Arlington. If you want to talk about fallen soilders then why don't you talk about weapons of mass destruction? Why don't you talk about unjust war?

      If W was a little more responsible and a little less of a cowboy, there wouldn't be as many fallen soliders.

    159. John, GA says:

      It is laughable that Vic from CA doesn't even understand the difference between Memorial Day and Veteran's Day…. I guess if ya listen to MSNBC and CNN they are both obsolete holidays… just another day off from work. All gave some… Some gave all… Memorial day is to honor those who "gave all"

    160. Ken Dies Houston says:

      We must all realize that this public and frequent 'sniping' at one another serves only to embolden and empower the diversified and influential enemies, domestic and foreign, here legally and illegally, of this once great and most powerful nation. One day we will all come to realize while 'a tapestry of diversity is an admirable goal for any nation, it is unity that, in the past, has held the fabric that is called America, together!' Too bad that so many have forgotten so quickly how so many have died and suffered for unity and not diversity! The 'dog that barks' generally doesn't have the courage to attack but seeks only to stir the real watch dog to action! May we at least be stirred to rally against the 'abyss of diversity' when it becomes the primary goal of any nation, institution or leader. As for me, a Viet Nam Veteran, give me unity, not diversity!

    161. Holly, TX says:

      It doesn't really matter what your political leanings. These troops, who did not CHOOSE the war we are in, are still fighting to protect YOUR freedoms (speech anyone?) so that you can argue ridiculous semantics on this post.

      The truth is, when GWB was in Normandy, it was to honor D-Day casualties, and still honored Memorial Day. He was not on vacation.

      Our President could relax all weekend and be back Monday to honor the fallen and console their families. That's why he has AF1. This is a choice – and the fact that he can be back to honor an entertainer, and not our troops, is all you really need to know.

      Welcome to change!

    162. Billy Thompson, Kenb says:

      The men and women serving our country, my son included, should lose any respect they have for our Muslim president if they have any. He should not be allowed to call himself Commander-in-Chief after this. If the people of this country don't wake up and REALLY change Washington now, we will all live to regret it.

    163. vworkman, wa. says:

      How disappointing. You're hatred for the President (CIC) is a terrible way to show support for the troops in service. God has annointed Obama, and by a majority vote, in the country you claim to love and honor, has been appointed by this country.

      Badmouthing a sitting president is bad form, and emboldens our enemies at home and abroad. Taking advantage of a national holiday to publish a hate filled opinion/editorial filled with half truths makes one question the entire premise of the article.

      We've spent 600 billion on Iraq and Afghanistan so far.Obama and the DOD has requested another 100 billion to wind up these wars.

      Thats more than all other nations of the world combined spend on their military defense.

      If you truly want to honor those who have served, and are serving now, stop trashing their CIC, start paying your taxes without whining,

      and do your part to identify and elect someone you can stand with.

      Right now, your true colors are showing, and it ain't pretty.

    164. S. Bogan Fort Campbe says:

      I as a Veteran and my Husband ( whom is still Active Duty and a Wounded Warrior ) …. ARE VERY OFFENDED !

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    167. Jennifer, Houston, T says:

      This is just another prime example of our President failing to support not just his country but the people that make up this country. Our veterans that paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms should be honored in every way possible by every person that calls themselves an American, but above all, should be honored in the time old tradition at Arlington by the Commander in Chief. His personal/leisure plans should be set aside or shortened – it's his job. He signed up for this and needs to live up to expectations. While I realize that he is more concerned with making this a socialist nation and befriending those that have attacked us (Americans), it's past time for the President to step up and do the job he was hired for. He is the president of the greatest nation in the world; be proud!!

    168. Eric Jordan, Joliet says:

      So, the implication here is that the soldiers buried at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery are less important than those buried at Arlington. An appology is owed to all the families of those buried there.

    169. Laurel Montgomery says:

      Why are you surprised by his actions? This is only the tip of the iceberg and while everyone who voted for this man are scratching their heads in confusion, we who know what he's all about are saying ' I told you so '.

    170. average citizen in M says:

      I just can't believe it! A day off! I bet the men lying in Arlington would have like to have had a day off too! With the situation of the USA today, Mr. President you should be as ASHAMED of yourself as we are of you. But you know no shame, you are corrupt, a liar and a coward. We should impeach you, I feel you are just a very fine line away from 'treason', with your behaviour, If anyone is 'seditious' in this country it is you my man..You can take any damn day for your 'vacation' You don't have to deliberately demean the service these men have provided for this country and not for nothing but for 'you'. to go on 'vacation' HOW SICKENING! I agree with the others here that said 'WE DON'T WANT YOU THERE, YOU DO NOT DESERVE TO STAND AMONGST THESE MOST HONORABLE OF MEN. GO ON YOUR VACATION, THE AMERICAN PUBLIC IS GETTING QUITE TIRED OF YOUR FOOLISHNESS ANYWAY!

    171. Patty, Hancock, Main says:

      I am just without words…our Commander and Chief will not be there to represent our troops on this memorial day! I myself am a veteran and always look forward to seeing the President on TV giving the troops their due for giving their life for their country….would he be willing to put himself in the position these men and woman were put in for their country….I am beginning to believe that he would not…I am so disappointed!

    172. Alex says:

      this is a slap in the face to the memory of every soldier that died to defend this county. he is the fricken Commander and Chief of the armed forces. this is just sad.

    173. West Texan says:

      Sarah said " … and those who get heated up about the lack of honor are just over-reacting"

      This military veteran says to Sarah that until you've lived it you'll never understand honor. Following Obama won't teach you this lesson. Neither will Harvard. I suggest if you haven't already done so, go and FAITHFULLY serve your nation in uniform. Then come back and tell us about your cheap shot opinion. This president hasn't earned the right to visit any cemetery where America's fallen rest.

    174. Patti, Wyoming says:

      So what I'm gathering here is that you all think our President is disgracing our troops by not going to Arlington?

      I think the true disgrace is still held by GWB, for lying to us all and having our troops over there in the first place.

      It's hard to fix 8 years worth of retardedness. Give the man a break, he certainly needs one.

    175. Charlene, Oregon says:

      Is our President not still honoring the troops in Chicago at an event?

      Geroge W. Bush did miss one Memorial Day during his Presidency.

      1989 Geroge Senior did not attend services at Arlington.

      On four occasions Reagan was not in Arlington….

      Hmmm…are the Republicans scrapping the bottom of the barrel or what? They can't find anything wrong with Obama so they are making mountains out of mole hills and fabricating facts to fit their political agenda.

    176. average citizen in M says:

      well hello and good bye, I thought this was going to be a forum free of censure, there was absolutely NOTHING wrong with my post as it did not say anything different than any other here..including the cap lock..


      Glad you did that before I became a 'paying member'

    177. LJ, Massachusetts says:

      I understand why everyone is upset and yes I am a little concerned as to why he is not going to Arlington. But it would be hipocritical of me to make any judgement, sadly I don't do anything special on Memorial Day to remember the troops. Not to say I don't think about them on Memorial Day, but in my opinion it shouldn't take a holiday to honor the troops.


    178. Domeracki, Dan Arlin says:

      One just has to forgive a man who has graduated from Harvard who does not recognize what is right and what is wrong. We all make mistakes. The Bible teaches (is this polically correct now?) us to forgive one another or God will not forgive us, Matt.6:12-15; 1 John 1:9; Mark 11:26. We also must remember, that God did not leave our great nation, the over-whelming majority of people left true Christianity and Jesus Christ . . . why? We have learned that we can do all by ourselves and we do not need God any longer. Leave our President alone, as our president, knows what is best f or our nation.

    179. Derek, California says:

      Bush was at Arlington in 2007.


    180. Krisp says:

      I'm shocked at the responses here. Anyone can realize that this article is full of half truths, just read the updates at the bottom. He is not taking a "vacation." He is honoring our fallen troops at the Lincoln Nation Cemetery. I hope more citizens of this country have better reading comprehension skills then most here do.

    181. Ami Murray , Cape Co says:

      Obama just keeps proving himself more and more to be against everything this country stands for. Makes me wonder what his motives really are. As a military wife, I have seen much disappointment in our president. Especially deep blows to our financial needs. Huge cuts to our pay and resources in order for our men and women to be effective in their jobs to protect our country. I feel that he is only weakening our country….why? I guess we will have to wait and see unfortunately.

    182. Lisa Georgia says:

      vworkman wa said: How disappointing. You’re hatred for the President (CIC) is a terrible way to show support for the troops in service. God has annointed Obama, and by a majority vote, in the country you claim to love and honor, has been appointed by this country.

      Listen God did NOT annoint OBAMA……where do you get that from???????? And we do LOVE and Honor our Country AND OUR MILITARY PAST AND PRESENT which it is apparent that he does not. I pray that GOD will take his country back and move OBAMA out of the way before its to late!!!!! And open the eyes of poor souls that still have them closed!!!!

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    184. Carol, Kissimmee says:

      Who cares which cemetery he goes to? Grow up!

    185. Jack, Springfield, V says:

      You guys are all morons. I suppose the soldiers buried at the Lincoln National Cemetary must be 2nd class citizens or somehow their sacrifice is less important. And while 99% of you will be spending time with your loved ones and friends, cooking out and playing golf etc., you insist on maintaining a dual standard. You hypocryts. You make me sick and shame on you for calling yourselves Americans. Shame on you. AND YES, YOU ARE AIDING AND COMFORTING THE ENEMY BY SPEWING YOUR VILE COMMENTS ABOUT THE POTUS.

    186. Carol, Kissimmee says:

      2010: Obama will participate in Memorial Day ceremony in Illinois, Biden to lay wreath in Arlington

      2007: G.W. Bush honours US troops on Veterans Day in Texas, Cheney attends ceremony in Arlington

      1992: G.H.W. Bush lays wreath at Kennebunkport, Quayle lays wreath at Arlington

      1983: Reagan attends summit meeting in Williamsburg, Defense Department official lays wreath at Arlington

    187. Pat Southwest Missou says:

      I am a Viet Nam Vet…My son is on his fourth deployment in Iraq…We buried my Father on Tuesday…He is a decorated Veteran of the D-Day invasion who suffered for years with PTSD from that war…My three brothers all served…The President skipped the National Day of Prayer–but attends the day of prayer for Islam…He insulted the leader of Israel…He appologizes for America everywhere he goes…he parades the President of Mexico in front of us…and now he misses this VERY important event. Shame on you Obama…I have no respect for this man.

    188. pigeonca, los angele says:

      Before you all continue frothing at the mouth, read some of the comments. The President IS honoring our fallen soldiers. He's doing it at another military cemetery, in Illinois. That's all. And I can't believe you're still complaining that he didn't put his hand on his heart during the national anthem. When I went to public school in Chicago, we never were taught to put our hands on our hearts for the anthem. We were taught to sing it. Hands on heart were for the Pledge.

    189. GH, San Diego says:

      As 22 year active member of the Armed Forces and having buried my fellow Patriots and friends I find this most offensive of the Commander in Chief! I am not a Liberal, a Democrat or a Republican, I am an American serving in the Armed Forces of the United States! I don't care about your politics, your personal view or your vacation plans, I care that you support those people who volunteer to do this country's bidding and that you show the families of those who have given the ultimate sacrifice to this country the appropriate and most deserved respect they have earned!

      Haven't been home in a little under a year? Really? Well, I got news for you; my friends spend years away from home, they get shot at, they die and we keep doing it over and over again! We've earned a vacation! Yes, we volunteered and will continue to volunteer despite the longer deployments, shorter home stays, smaller budgets and fewer people to twice the work! How about a Thanks, not a slap in the face!

      I am making my first trip to DC, the only site I desperately want to see is Arlington! Because its hallowed ground, a place were heroes rest and family mourn!

      I have never been more ashamed of a president before!

    190. HDCaesar Western WA says:

      We don't need Obama to help us honor this coming holiday – even though he is our so called commander in chief.

      Go away Barack and have a nice vacation while the rest of us honor our Veterans. Good riddance……

    191. C. Tahtinen, Oregon says:

      Is this for real? That seems kind of insulting to the troops. Shouldn't the leader support his men? Isn't that how it's supposed to go? Lead and support? I'm confused as to why President Obama would do this.

    192. Meg WGBH says:

      As Memorial Day quickly approaches, we pause to reflect on the state of our union, especially with President Obama at the helm. This week on Basic Black, we will be examining the presidency of our current commander-in-chief, especially his role in shaping the outcome of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and his role with the recent oil spill. Our panelists will explore the issues faced by men and women of color in the military. For this episode, our panel will include: Callie Crossley, host of The Callie Crossley Show on WGBH Radio, Philip Martin, Senior Investigative Reporter, 89.7,Latoyia Edwards, anchor for New England Cable News, and Lionel McPherson, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Tufts University. You can watch this Thursday, May 27, at 7:30 on WGBH (Channel 2) or online at http://www.basicblack.org (where you can also tell us your thoughts on our live chat).

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    194. MD of Georgia says:

      I have to disagree. President Reagan went to Arlington four times, which means he missed half his opportunities. President George H.W. Bush never attended Arlington on Memorial Day. Three of his opportunities were spent vacationing in Maine. And President George W. Bush skipped out of visiting Arlington on Memorial Day in 2002. BTW, President … See MoreClinton never missed an opportunity to go to Arlington on Memorial Day. So, Republican presidents went to Arlington 9 of 20 times, while Democratic presidents went 9 of 10.

    195. Liberal says:

      and you think your report is ubiased, non-political … I think we should look into a mirror and see our own faults before we start pelting stone at others …

    196. CJ Nevada says:

      I am bothered that the presidential reason for this has been said to be that they need the "time" to visit friends that they have not been able to visit. On the other hand, the first lady has boasted that they have frequent overnight visitors to the White House in order to remain connected with their friends.

      I think if there was a basketball playoff this coming weekend, the president would arrange time to attend it. I do not believe it is critical for him to attend, but I do believe it would have been respectful and honorable. I think it reflects badly on him and can serve as a politically costly blunder. Does he not have Air Force One and the presidential helicopter at his service? What would an early morning ride to lay the wreath cost him in time especially considering the "time" those who have fallen sacrificed on behalf of the country that gave him so many opportunities?

    197. Karla Scott, Smithla says:

      I am very disappointed in the fact our President has chosen to not attend the Memorial day services at Arlington cemetery this year. This is just yet another disappointment added to the list. Our veterans and soldiers deserve a day of remembrance for their service and sacrifices. I am the proud mother of an American soldier, and it saddens me the way the people take for granted the freedom we have. It is sad that Mr. Obama can not take a few moments of his time and show his respect to the fallen soldiers, veterans, and currently serving military, but has time for golf and to entertain Paul McCartney. Our country really needs to look at who we are electing to lead us!!

    198. Barbra, San Diego says:

      I'm an independent voter who is tired of the right-left finger pointing and personal attacks. Let's stop the political rhetoric and work together to get America back on track. The wrath over Obama's Memorial Day plans is just plain jibberish. In 2007, Vice President Dick Cheney took on the wreath mission, while President George W. Bush was in Texas. Come on! Enough is enough!!

    199. et GA says:

      What a disgraceful, disrespectful indivudal this country has as President. I have served this country for 21 years and in a combat zone and this who is our supposedly Commnader-in-Chief. What a joke!

    200. et GA says:


    201. Becky, MS says:

      To those who still think he's great, I can't stand the man. He is not honorable enough to honor anyone living or dead. I don't really care where he goes . He and the little woman are "ashamed" of this country. I am ashamed of them.

    202. Spencer says:

      President Obama IS honoring the troops at The Lincoln National Cemetery. Lincoln started the National cemeteries. Reagan missed 4? @ Arlington, GHW Bush never celebrated at Arlington…3 he was in Maine on vacation…during the Gulf War, GW Bush skipped 2 at Arlington…Clinton did go all 8 times however….Facts are facts. The President on vacation is not like others on vacation….he will still be dealing with the country. He doesn't take the phone off the hook.

    203. Billie says:

      Who cares what Bush did. This president is the first man with "black" skin. Not that I care, but it seemed the country was anxious to see it. Hopefully he will be the first and last president to disrespect the military that fought and died to give him a position in the white house. Have a nice vacation, Mr. ungrateful, because I told you to!

    204. Spanky Texas says:

      I can just hear the uproar from Obama bashers if he flew back to Arlington just for the ceremony. "What a waste of taxpayer resources, Obama could have attended services locally instead of wasting a flight on Air Force One."

    205. Jessie, Ft Hood, Tex says:



    206. Julie, West Chicago says:

      My father-in-law is buried at Abraham … he was a proud Marine and served his country well in Vietnam … it's shocking to see the lack of respect the posters have for the soldiers buried here. They deserve the same honor as the soldiers in Arlington. It's not about location, people; let's unite to honor all soldiers, everywhere!

    207. Alex, Pennsylvania says:

      He was born in Kenya, and he has no special connection to the military or even veterans.

    208. R Adams, Saint Paul, says:

      Oh, for heaven's sake, folks, grow up! I think this is called making a mountain out of mole hill. Of all the things to be concerned about in this world, whether or not the President is at Arlington Cemetery on Memorial Day is no big deal.

    209. Peter, NH says:

      Thanks for the fair and balanced report. President Obama and the First Lady will be observing Memorial Day at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery 50 miles from Chicago. Vice President Biden will lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington. Anyone without an axe to grind would have found access to the facts before unleashing such an undignified diatribe against the nation's Commander in Chief regarding such a solemn day of remembrance.

    210. Bobby says:

      So for all of you who say you can't trust a President who skips the ceremonies at Arlington, what say you to the fact that the last three Republicans have skipped them and that the last President to attend every year during his presidency was Clinton? Seems like you'll be eating a bit of crow there, eh? You're flat out wrong about this one. Come to think of it, you're flat out wrong about just about everything!

    211. OPscar Casselman says:

      After spending 20 years in the US Navy,and losing my father in WWII, this really upsets me. How many family members has he had serve/die in the Armed Forces of the United States? He might feel differently if he had! And to some of the other opinions listed above, I ask them the same question. What branch of service did they serve in? How many family members have they lost. Now, why shouldn't I express MY opinion about the CIC as they refer to him as. My dad dying in Germany GAVE me that right.

    212. Mike says:

      Lincoln National has hundred upon hundred of fallen soldiers and ex service personnel. I didn't realize that the President going there was somehow slapping our service personnel in the face. The comments from some on here are far more a slap in the face to those that serve than anything the president has done. We finally have a president with a brain in his head and he's doing the best possible given the past 30 years of conservative ideology and supply side economics which have left this country a mess.

    213. Rob, California says:

      Well, Reagan skipped it twice. Sr Bush never went. W skipped twice. Clinton is the only once in recent years to have always gone.

      Also, what's wrong with going to the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery outside Chicago instead? Will he not be honoring our military there?

      Citation: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/arti…. See Mor ehttp://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/05/27/AR2010052702696.html – "Obama is not the first president to miss the Arlington ceremony. Ronald Reagan spoke at West Point one year, and went to his California ranch another year. George H.W. Bush, a war veteran, did not go at all. Bill Clinton, who did not serve in Vietnam and had a rocky time with the military, went to Arlington all eight years, and George W. Bush, who also avoided combat service in Vietnam, attended from 2003 onward."

    214. John, Kentucky says:

      This does no more than assure the people of this country that this man could care less about anyone but himself. He is only here for what he can get for himself, whether it be something material or something that he will be remembered for. One thing is for sure, he will (already is) the worst President this country has ever had the sorry to call its President, and we AMERICANS have a memory like an elephant.

    215. ajm says:

      Ronald Reagan was in Virginia on Memorial Day and didn't even make the short trip back, and he didn't even send the VP but an underling… and yes we were at war, the Cold War, if we weren't how could Saint Ronnie have won it single handed?

    216. KC says:

      He is no different then previous presidents who were elsewhere.

      I'm sure all of you will be sleeping in on Monday which is evident in most local papers of the low turn out for most veterans parades around this country.

    217. William , Illinois says:

      In 1955, Pres. Eisenhower attended a Memorial Day celebration in Gettysburg, near where he lived and sent Vice President Nixon to Arlington. This is the same thing that Pres. Obama is doing this year, albeit in Illinois. I think this pretty much disposes of the notion that Obama's decision is in any way disrespectful of the military. Unless you think Ike was disrespectful, too.

    218. Bob, Washington Stat says:

      Just when I was beginning to like Obama, this happens.

      Each generation of my family (both sides), dating back to the Civil War (both sides), has had someone die for this nation. Many more were physically and mentally scarred fighting because the American president ordered it.

      I don't know, fellas, this *guy* just isn't presidential material. At least Bush was a fighter pilot…….

    219. MSgt Allen 'Mut says:

      What we need here is a new medal. A medal to reflect how we, the men and women who have served this country feel about their current President!

      I propose a new "Medal of Dishonor" …a tin plated turd attached to a crappy brown ribbon!

      Obama… you could be the first President to get one!

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    221. KLB, Maryland says:

      The only disgrace I see here is you. Rabble-rousing, indeed! Talk about a double-standard – this is hardly the first time a sitting president has not attended the wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington (in fact, George HW Bush NEVER attended the ceremony when he was president). But a Democrat doesn't do it and it's OHNOES DISGRACE. Give me a break.

    222. Joyce Sparks, Georgi says:

      Of course I am appalled. You know however we can not condem our "Commander and Chief" for this act of disrespect to the people who make the sacrifices to protects every day. More so to the ones who gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect and defend.

      We are at fault here. Being lazy and not getting involve in the running of our country. We need Statesmen not Politicians. What can you do…. If you are not ready to effect change then quite complaining. If you are ready, Read, Study, Pray, Vote. We need to take back our country.

      Powerful or Pitiful… take your choice…

    223. BJ, Kansas City, MO says:

      To all those using the defense of "previous Presidents weren't always present in Arlington on Memorial Day" – Ponder this:

      Previous President's were never in question about their patriotism or loyalties to America, much less their citizenship and moral judgments. Previous Presidents were never in question because we Americans NEVER doubted or questioned their loyalty to the United States of America.

      If this man gave a single hoot about the perception America has of him; he would have done the WISE thing and stayed true to American tradition and visit Arlington.

      Had he chosen "tradition," he may very well have had a brighter light shining on him from the Obama-naysayers. Instead, he's so dog-gone gun-ho about "change" that he's sacrificing losing the respect of even more Americans than his goofy decisions already have.

      But, once we become a Socialist nation; will all of this even be relevant?

    224. Jay, Jamestown, NC says:

      I am a veteran and saved 9 years in the USAF. As for the above article, where is the reference to President Obama's recent suprise visit to Iraq/Afghanistan? The article appears to be very one-sided.

    225. Eeyore--Virginia says:

      Such a sad occurrence. One would thing that at least, the President of our fine country would take the time to remember why he is having his vacation. As an American, I would like to have the honour that he is turning his back on. We as Americans have a moral obligation to all those who did serve, and protect us. To these fine men and women, we say THANK YOU for all that you have given, and given up, for the rest of us—Again we thank you all.

    226. Dennis, St Petersbur says:

      Obama is not retreating on Memorial Day. (What president would?) Instead of visiting Arlington cemetery, Obama and the first lady will participate in a Memorial Day ceremony at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Elwood, Ill., about 50 miles south of Chicago. Moreover, not every president has spent Memorial Day at Arlington. In 1983, President Reagan was at a summit meeting, and the deputy secretary of defense placed the wreath. Nine years later, President George H.W. Bush passed off the wreath to Vice President Dan Quayle (who had used family connections to get a slot in the National Guard during the days of the Vietnam War draft). And in 2007, Vice President Dick Cheney took on the wreath mission, while President George W. Bush was in Texas, perhaps clearing brush.

    227. BZ says:

      I've read several articles detailing this total F-you to our fallen troops and no matter which way liberals try to spin this one(he's going to listen to some experts talk about the oil spill and probably sleep through half of it, he'll be at a memorial service in Chicago), it's downright disrespectful. There isn't a single good reason why he needs to miss this day. There are 600+ dead soldiers under his command, the least he could do is attend the ceremony. And yet, as President of the US he thinks that, in this job, his family and relaxation comes before America. He can miss Ramadan, miss Thanksgiving, miss Canadian Boxing day or New Years… but don't miss Memorial day. If you take the job as President of the United States, family and vacation time should always come second(or even third). At any rate, there's no chance in hell this ass will get re-elected. At this point, he must be shooting for early retirement.

    228. Lela, Eureka Califor says:

      Facts: Bush Sr. spent a Memorial day up in Maine, giving a wreath to a local Veterans Hall and then going to play golf. Bush, Jr. Went to Texas for Veterans Day and his cohort Cheney went to Arlington. Bush stayed in Texas and then 4 days later spoke at a cemetary for 4 soldiers. I think the idea that Obama is not going to Arlington is just another manipulation of the right to stir the masses against him and his administration. I understand the fact that you and other rightest, such as Beck find this group so easy to manipulate, because they are mentally weak and don't know how to think outside of the box. Kudos to you.

    229. Daphne, Modesto, CA says:

      It does not matter what side you are on, this is an insult! These Men and Women D I E D for the freedom we enjoy, and our PRESIDENT won't go on the one day out of the year to remember those heros????? So that he can have a DAY OFF??! He can have all the free time he wants when he is not re-elected in 2012.

      He doesn't support our troops in life, and obivously doesn't support them in death.

      Shame on you Mr. President.

    230. Zack says:

      for all you soilders out there sucking up this heritage garbage, i got news for you. I don't want people like you that have this misguided "hatred" for President Obama serving our country. That's right. I would have no problem standing right in front of you saying that to your face. All of you. your hypocrits. This is the most bogus blog i have ever seen. you are the cowards, not the president. you guys are on thin ice, you better straighten up.

    231. Ray, USA says:

      His girls are in school. Any parent knows you can't just up and take a family vacation on any 365 days of the year. He works and lives by the same 24 hour clock that the rest of us do. Although its a break in tradition, he is still making an official presence at a national memorial. My step-dad is buried at Arlington so this article should be making me feel some contempt, but I don't. Respect for our fallen heros should be in our hearts every day, everything else is just window dressing.

    232. Terri Frederick, MD says:

      I wonder how many of these above complainers about what should be done to show repect and honor are showing respect and honor theirselves on Memorial Day? That's the real slap in the face for our service men past, present and future.

    233. bill pulk florida says:


    234. Kat mcclure says:

      So Obama once again behaves poorly, and the left wing rushes to justify this behavior. This is unsurprising, but disappointing. One would think that some Democrats would at least gently chide Obama for his dereliction of duty. Especially since some of those same Democrats are up for re-election soon. Even Jimmy Carter, a Democratic president, who flushed our nations money down the toilet too, honored our fallen soldiers. It isn't a surprise Obama is putting his entertainment above the grief of families of the fallen, but it does disappoint and disgust.

    235. noneofyourbusiness says:

      you mother fuckers got a civil war coming…and believe me, the north will win again. burn in hell.

    236. renee, georgia says:

      Well I'm glad to see that all you have to do to be a great President is make a speech at Arlington Cemetery on Memorial Day. How soon do we forget all the crap we have gotten into over the past 8 yrs under the previous regime. Oh but that's okay not he did make his Memorial Day speeches.

      Let he who is without sin cast the first stone….

    237. renee, georgia says:

      President Barack Obama will deliver the Memorial Day address at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery’s 11th Annual Memorial Day ceremony on Monday, May 31, 2010. A prelude to the official ceremony will begin at 10:30 a.m. The official ceremony will begin at 11:30 a.m.

    238. Todd, Hickory, NC says:

      We must all remember that what we have now is not a true Commander in Chief, but one who is still going through his On-the-job training!!! It is probably better that he not attend the ceremony at Arlington…it would probably be another opportunity for him to apologize to the world for all of the past wrongs committed by our nation!!! It's more of a tribute to send him to Chicago!!!

    239. Vet Houston Texas says:

      Why should this suprise us? I have yet to find anything that our President has done for this country. and not for himself. He couldnt even stand up for the United States against the Mexican President when he bad mouthed the U.S.A. and we feed a very large number of his people .The Pres. of Mexico said he didnt like the way we treated his people.Well if they a citizens of the United States, they are not his people. If they are illigal they are his people. Why didnt he take them back to Mexico with him?? And our President agreed with him..On Memorial Day I will be takeing our 4H kids to the Memorial Cemetary in Houston Texas to Help place wreaths on the graves of all of those deserving peoples graves. Therefore our 4H kids will be doing more for those who served than our President. I also spint my hitch in the United States Army did he??? He could have had he wanted to.

    240. InDC, DC says:

      My question is how many of you complaining actually do something to honor our troops on Memorial Day? It seems to me this just an extra day off for many people out there and a day for a good bbq. Maybe people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones and maybe the blogger who wrote this should be objective.

      Let's face it folks you don't come to this blog to hear an objective point of view. You come here to hear what you want to hear and this blogger is more than happy to give it to you even if it means slighlty fudging some facts until they are called out.

      The truth is no matter what Obama or his admistration does you all will find a way to make it negative. Instead of saying "I just don't like the man" you try to justify your reasons but you don't do any of your own research. You just use the talking points others have made for you and think that makes a valid argument. Well, it doesn't. I don't care if you like him or don't. You don't have to agree with his politics but if you're going to complain and whine and moan then at least have a valid argument because otherwise people just think you are stupid. Facts people, facts are your friends.

      For the other side of the fence try reading http://www.politicsdaily.com/2010/05/26/rightwing

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    242. N.J. bell says:

      How can we extend the reputation of strength, honor and loyalty associated with our armed forces if we paint them and/or their families as sniveling weaklings who allow their feelings to get hurt because the President did not stand at graves on Memorial Day? If soldiers can be expected to witness the "hell of war" and be strong enough to endure it, it seems reasonable that they should maintain such strength in the face of one man's trip on one day in the year. If this unfolds them, I think our problems are greater than where our President spends his personal time…especially since George W. had more vacations than another other President and the conservatives defended HIS right to determine the use of his time. What hypocrites. Please try to find something significant one of these days when there is actually something to report.

      My family is and always has been involved in the military. I was born at Tripler's Army Hospital in Honolulu, my father was in the navy and served on the first nuclear submarine to go to the North Pole, my son-in-law served in the navy, my brother in-law served in Iraq. My uncle served in Vietnam, my husband served in the marines and my Grandfather died in WWII as a pilot. I forgive President Obama for being human and having the gumption as Commander in Chief to determine how he will observe this National Holiday.

    243. Pingback: How a real president honors our fallen heros.

    244. Lynne, Arizona says:

      I moved to this country, from Toronto, in 1974 when I was 10 years old. Since then, I've lived in 2 different states and went to school for 6 years in another state. I've also visited many different states over the last 36 years. In July of 2008, I became a citizen of the United States of America and am very proud to be a US citizen. For 34 years of my life, I was required, by federal law, to carry my visa (or green card) with me AT ALL TIMES! I do not understand how, or why, the new immigration law in Arizona has so many people in an uproar. It is already federal law! The fact that it hasn't been enforced to the degree that it should have been could be partly responsible for such horrific events as 9/11.

      Meanwhile, partly because of such devastating occurrences, we are at war and losing more of our brave young men and women every day. The fact that our President refuses to take time out of his vacation plans to go to Virginia and properly honor those who have lost their lives so that we might free, something that I consider a Presidential duty as well as an American tradition, is mind blowing. It shows me that his priorities and concerns are personal and not that of the Country for which he is commander and chief and not that of her citizens.

    245. AnotherAlias says:

      Or, is Obama attending the Chicago ceremony because of the backlash of him missing Arlington's? Did he already have plans to go to the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in the first place, or were these plans made at the last minute?

      Just curious. Anyone know the answer to that?

    246. Evan says:

      This critique strikes me as being similar to the criticism of Obama for not wearing a U.S. flag lapel pin. Silly and shallow. One should not mistake attendance at Arlington National Cemetery as meaning supporting troops. Yeah GW went, but he also was the master of disastrous decisions that have endangered our troops and have made our nation less secure. At ever turn he hid behind the claim that any and every policy preference of his was connected to defending the country post-9/11. Yeah well the Middle East is now severely destabilized. Iraq had actually been just about the only Muslim country in the world with Christians in its parliament. Now Christians have been forced to flee, as has its small Jewish population.

      If Obama can remake the world to be safer for all Americans, whether in uniform or not, then it does not matter. I have no doubt that Dick Cheney has attended many such ceremonies, yet he was and is a chicken hawk that cowered in the comfortable college world when his nation needed him. Then he turned around and saw a terrorist under every bed and park bench, promoted torture, and don't engage in linguistic loops to deny it. It was and is torture and the fact of it created thousands of Islamist terrorists who spilled onto the streets and byways of Iraq and Afghanistan to oppose and kill our troops and oppose our policy goals.

      If you think attendance at Arlington is important, it does not outweigh intelligent and wise policy decisions. A matter in which your partisan politicians are sorely lacking.

    247. Randall, Kentucky says:


      This says differently than the above article.

    248. mike says:

      I cant believe any of you would admit you voted for him. One said she would vote for him again… He has destroyed more in this country in 1 year than all the presidents before him could in a lifetime. Jimmy carter was known as the worst president ever but Obama has taken his place i know Jimmy has to be happy.. He cares nothing about our troops and the challenge they have faced day after day and then end it with maybe the loss of their life…He makes me sick to my stomach just hearing his name.

    249. Mike Sullivan, Bosto says:

      Hey Vic, Bush went to Texas on Veterans Day, not Memorial Day. On Memorial Day, we honor those who died. That's why the ceremony at Arlington National Cemetary at the tomb of the unknown soldier is so important. Get your facts straight before running out to defend your Commander in Chief.

    250. Mike Sullivan, Bosto says:

      Zack, have you served? Have you lost a friend or family in combat? Have you stopped to think what it means to make the ultimate sacrifice, in a fighting hole, alone, in a miserable fight, thousands of miles away from home, because a soldier/sailor/marine/airman answered the call of duty, most times when they did not want to? Who is the hypocrit (sic)? Even if you did not have to answer the call, the least you owe those thousands who made that sacrifice is a few moments in a prayer of thanks. Why don't you knock off your knee jerk defense to this president who has no compelling reason not to be at the National Cemetary.

    251. Ken Burrows Las Vega says:

      Mr. Obama is half white and part black and part Arabic. He only choses to say he is black so he can use it as a race card. I'm white and I say he is just dumb white trash! Is that racist? I think not. (If this statement does not meet your standards, feel free to delete.)

    252. Angel, AZ says:

      Well the wool was not pulled over my eyes… i did NOT vote for him the first time… I hope all of you people will open your eyes to what is going on in this country… And make a better informed decision next time… Dont believe the HYPE! look what its gotten us onto.

    253. Angel, AZ says:


    254. Tami Galloway says:

      Mr. Obama doesn't care about our troops or Americans for that matter. My belief is he is a fraud. A front man. Wouldn't that explain why he doesn't seem to know what is going on? Wouldn't that explain his lack of press conferences? All he seems to care about is making sure he gets his vacations, his golf games, his photo-ops AND doing what is necessary to destroy this great country. IF we survive Obama it will take a generation to "mop up this mess".

    255. Mark, North Carolina says:

      it just amazes me on how Biased news reporting is. W spent a Lot of time on the Links as I recall.

      Let's See, 487 Days at Camp David and Let's see, oh yea, 490 Days at the Ranch in Texas.


      How Can WE, America, Come together and become the Leading manufacturer in Solar Energy. Those Wealthy individuals in the Oil Industry Don't want that to happen.

    256. Rick, Long Island, N says:

      Makes you wonder, huh? What's going on?

    257. Rick, Long Island, N says:

      MAkes you wonder, huh? What's going on?

    258. Navy Retired says:

      I retired from the Navy Three years ago and am very proud of my service to this Great Country. I do not agree with the Presidents plans to go on vacation during this time of year. This weekend is for the memorary of all fallen soldiers. Those soldiers that can not go on vacation because Washington has sent them to War, a war that most Americans agree with. Our leaders should be doing there job as they have sworn to do according to the Constitution of America and not be concerned on going on vacation.

      When Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, Seabee Battalions were told to stay on deployment and be shipped to Pakistan to help with the Earthquake yet we were not alowed to return home to help our families with the destruction of our own homes.

    259. Marie Horton, Illino says:

      I thank God that on Memorial Day 2010 President Barack Hussein Obama will be visiting the Abraham Lincoln Cemetary in his home state of Illinois, where my father's ashes are interned. My father James Horton was wounded in the Korean War and honorably discharged from the UNITED STATES AIR FORCE. Thank you Mr. President.

    260. Kathy, Oklahoma says:

      It is a disgrace to our Troops and their families that our President chooses not to spend this Memorial Day at Arlington, but really America did you expect anything different from him. The truth be known they probably don't want him there anyway. Cannot wait until election time. Maybe the people who voted him in will vote him out!

    261. Rich Fagan, Nashvill says:

      I've always considered myself a liberal, but also a free thinker. I think Barack Obama owes our Nation a public apology for not attending the Arlington ceremony. It is to me unconscionable, (not to mention stupid), and disrespectful not only to all who died, but to all who served. As a Vietnam veteran, I am particularly offended. Conservative or liberal, we are still one Nation, under God.

    262. Denise, Tampa, Flori says:

      When are you gonna Bush repsonsible for this mess…the war, the mortgage crisis…This is who should have been impeached…..

    263. Chip Yeomans, Tennes says:

      WHATEVER! Why do so many people think President Obama has to do exactly what they think he should in every situation. He is entitled to go on vacation WHENEVER he chooses to do so. The last time I checked there is not a law requiring any president be in attendance at the Arlington National Cemetery Memorial Day ceremony. All of you Republicans make me sick. You all need to get a life and find something better to do than continually find things to bitch about President Obama. God bless our President always. God bless the USA!

    264. Lillian Ogden says:

      As a wife and mother of WW2 and Vietnam veterans I think it is disgraceful and disrespectful that Obama is not going to Arlington on Memorial Day. This is a day to show our love and devotion to those have given all to our country, Obama should be ashamed of himself. I know I am ashamed of him

      L Ogden

    265. Dee, Detroit says:

      Most of you here are h8ters. Other presidents that did not attend in the past:

      Reagan, 1983 didn't go nor did he send his VP. He sent his Dep. Sec of Def. while at a summit.

      G. H. Bush, 1992 sent Quayle while he was on vacation – (Bush Sr. showed up at a ceremony at an American Legion Hall in Kennebunkport, laid a wreath there and said a few words, also took in some golf)

      G. W. Bush, 2007 sent Cheney to Arlington Cemetery, Bush was in Texas and honored U.S. troops at a ceremony in Waco – a hop skip & a jump from Crawford – I bet he was even able to clear some brush on that morning.

      President Obama will be at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Elwood, IL on Memorial Day.

      More info about the last year with President Obama:

      President Obama at Arlington on Memorial Day 2009

      President Obama at Arlington on Veterans Day 2009 and visits Section 60

      President Obama pay respect at Dover

      And I know Bush & Cheney never went to Section 60 or Dover and started this.

    266. Martin D Sloan Elma, says:

      Surely you have looked at the record of former Presidents before you took up the mantel of absurd protest? No? Guess you didn't. Please stop making us Wasps and white europeans look like Bigoted idiots and research you rhetoric before you spout it. Bush and Bush both didn't make a few. and sometimes it's been handed off to even more subordinate officials than the VP by Republidum wingnuts. Bush never visited the Afgan section of the cemetery ever! Did Obama, YES! Obama is attending another Ceremony at another National Cemetery, or don't you read? If you cut this or don't publish it I will make sure it is viewed as a right wing trip on their own shoelaces…

    267. Jack, Texas says:

      So what? Fuck the military, the civilian-murdering troops, the stupid fucking wars that are bankrupting this country, and anyone that supports such blatant horseshit. You're all a bunch of retarded sheep…think for yourself…think outside what is being forced down your throats by the media every day. Wake up America, or face the consequences of your indifference and ignorance.

    268. Dave, Peoria, Arizon says:

      This is a total disgrace!!! This disgrace of a president is kicking vets, the fallen heroes,current serving soldiers,and their families right in the face and laughing about it!! I have several generations of my family who served in the military from WW1 to Vietnam. Thank God, my late father, who served in WW2, is not with us to witness this, he would be fuming mad as I am sure my uncle in Washington State is, who served in 3 wars!! WW2, Korea, and Vietnam! I know many living vets who are fuming about this too!! And sending Biden in his place doesn't help matters either! Every time he opens his mouth he says something wrong, and he'll probably do it again!! TOTALLY DISGRACEFUL!!

    269. Adam, NE says:

      Yeeeah, he's going to a national cemetery in Chicago. Not for rest and relaxation. Don't be Ann Coulter.

    270. Adam, NE says:

      Also, George H W Bush never once attended an Arlington Cemetery service on Memorial Day.

    271. Bob Mulligan, Atlant says:

      I am SSGT USAF 100 % Disabled Veteran and what Obama has done on this Memorial Day is a Disgrace. Ever Veteran and every American no matter what party or race or religion, should be offended by his actions.

      If you are Commander in Chief than Command and lead like a Commander.. We are at War.. Act like it..

      Chicago is almost a war zone but our troops are not there..So get back to Washington and HONOR OUR FALLEN SOLDIERS..

    272. Bob Mulligan, Atlant says:







    273. Joe, California says:

      Yet another indication that this man's heart is not for this country! (Ooops, I almost said HIS country!) When he promised change, did anyone expect it would be evidenced in such callous, appalling disregard for the traditions and values the citizens (a word I chose carefully) of this land cherish? I take very little credit for not having voted for him, but I do take extreme offense that he sits in a position to represent the USA. Make no mistake, this man has an agenda and if you can't see it unfolding, get your head out of the sand and look around. He is neglectful of our heritage; he is negligent with his duties to represent ALL peoples of THIS country and not other countries; and he has and always will put his self interests above any notion of personal sacrifice. Indeed, he recently spent a ton of our tax dollars to fly to California in order to generate campaign dollars for Barbara Boxer. We paid his salary, bought his flight fuel, put up with the disruption to commute, and on top of all that – get ready uninformed… if you wanted to meet him and say get a photo of yourself with YOUR president – cough up $20,000 and we'll see if we can makie it happen! That's right, pay to see the President who is YOUR elected representative to the world. Disgusted yet.? Get ready, there is much more coming from Mr. Obama. His agenda is unfolding and there's not a thing you can do about it!

    274. Alex, Portland OR says:

      I once approved of Obama however with his recent acts of stupidity I do not support him anymore. I am starting to think he has a lot of the same habits that Bush had in office constant vacations. Wow America when will be have a real president who cares.

    275. Chas, Santa Rosa, Ca says:

      What a bunch of cry babies. Hurt feelings cause the pres is honoring the troops in Illinois as opposed to Arlington. The right looks for anything to blow out of proportion to slam Obama. The right loves their wars so we can be tough and create soldiers to honor after they are dead. Fighting for freedom and democracy is honorable. Asking Americans to fight as Dick Cheney's Haliburton Security force is a no win situation. Rory Cooper does not appreciate a view that does not match his. So of course he's surprised when we get attacked on 9-11. He does not care that Muslims hate the fact that we had military bases in Saudi Arabia. Mr. Cooper thinks it's fine we have military bases wherever we want to have them. Just don't allow someone else to build a military base in our country. I am proud of the people who serve in our military. The difference between me and the tea baggers is I am willing to sacrifice my earnings in the form of higher taxes. Wars are not cheep. The tea baggers and the majority on the right want a military that works for free because the right wants to pay zero in taxes. Yeah you cry babies love the wars. You just don't want to pay for them. That's not patriotic. Way to go you freeloading cheapskates. Go ahead and take the country back. Back to the 18th century. If you take the country back, I know you will make things worse. You'll elect Palin president and she'll get America blown up in World War 3. But at least she'll have a ton more graves to honor on Memorial Day.

    276. Chas, Santa Rosa, Ca says:

      To all of you who don't like Obama for whatever bogus reason, where are those weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Where were you when Bush started an unnecessary war? You probably voted for Bush a second time. If you voted for Bush twice, you helped reward someone for sending more than 4000 Americans to their deaths when they did not have to die. You helped strengthen Iran. The phrase an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure means nothing to you. Cause and Effect mean nothing to you. This is what republicans do. They buy a rake, they set it on the lawn, they step on the rake and then they blame Obama.

    277. Michael Powe, Naugat says:

      Sometimes, when I read the comments to conservative columnists, I feel like I've stumbled into Bizarro World. First, Obama will be attending memorial services at Abraham Lincoln cemetery in Chicago. He is not "ignoring" the occasion. Second, Bush Jr skipped the service on one occasion, to do what amounted to the same thing. Third, Bush Jr was a draft-dodging coward who hid from service to avoid going to Vietnam. He joined the National Guard, which he treated as a party club, not as an honorable service to his country, specifically with the proviso that he would not be shipped out to the war under any circumstances. He failed to complete his service assignments, went AWOL eventually and was honorably discharged because his daddy was a rich, white, influential Texas oil man. Any other recruit with his service record would have been shipped to the stockade.

      Finally, Bush Jr consistently short changed veterans in his budgetary requests throughout his 2 terms; and at one point even threatened a veto of a bill if it included an increase in pension benefits to widows of veterans. Veterans groups, not surprisingly, are supportive of Obama because he completely reversed the Bush negative attitude toward vets and has given them pay and benefit increases that far surpassed what conservatives supported.

      My motto is: I would rather die on my feet, living as a free man, than live on my knees, begging the gov't to protect me. Americans in harm's way in Iraq and Afghanistan are not there to "defend liberty." They are there because a draft-dodging coward sent them there — because he could. We can honor them by bringing them home now, alive. We can honor them by standing on our own feet and refusing to be cowed by murderous thugs. Sadly, that attitude does not seem to popular on the conservative side of the aisle.

    278. DJ, Michigan says:

      Past President did and some didn't at all.

      Reagan, 1983 didn't go nor did he send his VP. He sent his Dep. Sec of Def. while at a summit.

      G. H. Bush, 1992 sent Quayle while he was on vacation – (Bush Sr. showed up at a ceremony at an American Legion Hall in Kennebunkport, laid a wreath there and said a few words, also took in some golf)

      G. W. Bush, 2007 sent Cheney to Arlington Cemetery, Bush was in Texas and honored U.S. troops at a ceremony in Waco – a hop skip & a jump from Crawford – I bet he was even able to clear some brush on that morning.

      President Obama will be at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Elwood, IL on Memorial Day.

      More info about the last year with President Obama:

      President Obama at Arlington on Memorial Day 2009

      President Obama at Arlington on Veterans Day 2009 and visits Section 60

      President Obama pay respect at Dover

      And I know Bush & Cheney never went to Section 60 or Dover and started this.

    279. NEW YORK says:



    280. Kim, Wisconsin says:

      I am less concerned that Obama is going to Lincoln National Cemetary then I am with the comments of Mr. Corn about throwing leaves on a tomb. I believe that is the true travesty of all this. Perhaps Obama is only going to Lincoln because of the backlash of his vacation plans but Mr. Corns comments are indicitive of the way liberals feel about the military in this country.

      For the poster who stated that Obama's daughters are in school and they can't just take a family vacation anytime ~ Uhm, don't they have a little thing called summer vacation coming? Either they are already on it or soon will be. And if spending time with his extremely young daughters was a true priority for him he wouldn't have campaigned for a job that had him and his wife jetting around the world and leaving his children in the care of nannies.

      Carpenter ~ what the plans of the average American for Memorial Day are are rather irrelevant. Obama is NOT an average American (at least until 2012) and his job (that he wanted) carries a different set of expectations. If he couldn't live up to them he shouldn't have taken the job. As for my family, my children (both of whom are in Scouting) will be placing flags during our local remembrance. As their leader I will be there as well because I understand the importance of instilling respect in my children for those who provided us with what we currently enjoy.

    281. Phil Gillispie Alaba says:

      I will simply say that , I don't want him to go to Arlington because he is a disgrace to our military.

    282. Tom, Florida says:

      vic,California on May 26th, 2010 at 3:00pm said:

      W. also stayed in Texas in 2007 and played golf…


      Vic, you need to learn the difference between Veteran's Day and Memorial Day!

      They need him as a community organizer in Chi-town.

    283. Sally, California says:

      You are redundant – you comment that both (then) President George Bush, Sr. and (then) President George W. Bush missed ceremonies on Memorial Day (during war/conflict time) and insinuate that somehow "their" reasons are more valid. Going to France (do you think there might have been a little "vacation" in THAT plan) or missing because of "CAMPAIGNING" IN HIS hometown state (no, that couldn't be geographical, could it?) These are "excused" absences while President Obama takes his "relaxing" vacation flying to Louisiana to discuss the BP oil crisis and attending a memorial service at a National Cemetery in Illinois. I don't know about you, but when I go on a vacation personally I don't work!

    284. Derosdate says:

      Vietnam War

      People need to look at pictures of field hospitals, the coffins loaded on a C141 others full off med vac soldiers some going to hospitals

      some to die some to homeless or alcohol.

      If you are Vietnam Vet you know what I MEAN.

      I am living with all the agent orange disease include Parkinson.

    285. JR says:

      Presidents who understand the meaning of the word "Duty" perform their duty and on Memorial Day their duty is to be at Arlington.

      Those who do not understand the word "Duty" choose to, in the words of one of my most unfavorite politicians, have "… other priorities at the time."

      A politician has no idea of the words "Duty" and "Honor". Those laid to rest in Arlington did — and there lies the difference.

    286. SSG Richard A. Flore says:

      It is shameful that while our country is at war we do not have our Commander in Chief attending the ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetary. But ask yourselves this, do you really want him there in the first place? We should stop complaining about what he is and isn't doing and concentrate on getting candidates in the race that will win and do what they are supposed to do (represent the people), this November and in 2010. I will in turn be covering for the President today at Grandview Funeral Home and Memorial Park in Pasadena, TX. We will have a small ceremony honoring our fallen warriors and retiring a United States flag in the proper and dignified fashion. God bless America. And no one else.

    287. Bobby Seymour,Tn says:

      I would like to tell the world I am sorry for our President . Thank GOD, GOD Bless America and Thank You all branches of military……………………

    288. J, va says:

      I believe Obama should be at all the events not just one. He has shown disrespect for this nation from the beginning. His budget plan cuts our spending on defense to lower than pre 9/11 levels. Does that make sense, we need to worry about defense especially after 3 lucky times that we have thwarted attacks that thank God wasnt successful. Obamas intelligence cant talk us out of all the victims and innocent AMERICANS that will be taken if one of these attacks is successful. Yet he continues not to worry about putting more money toward our defenses. If I remember correctly our soldiers are fighting and those that passed away that he should be honoring died while fighting for this country to provide the freedom he so chooses to take a vacation on. The vacation could of waited until next week.

    289. J, va says:

      Anyone ever watch the video of him admitting he was muslim. Anyone see that he doesnt have a official birth certificate here in the US. Just thought I'd bring those up not that they are relevant. If Bush didnt go or have a good reason not to go, the dems would be saying he was a draft dodger and everything else. Atleast he served for the nguard what did clinton do?? I hate how the leftist and dems always try to portray the rights as the ones corrupt when they are just doing things we would find corrupt if we knew about them. What happened to the bipartisanship he so promised if he was elected? Instead if the repubs wont accept his terms the dems just push it through anyway. Not to mention they do it without us knowing about it remember the christmas eve vote no one really knew about unless you watched FOX. Which everyone says is to far to the right, when they are so far the fairest most would be the first to admit when they or a candidate they support is wrong, while all the other news channels do is preach bush or and repub hate.

    290. John, Louisiana says:

      Good heavens. George H. W. Bush missed all four of his opportunities to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns. Disgraceful?

    291. tlg says:


      the fact is Damn-a-crap voted for the iraq war too..and worst, some retreated and some regretted they voted.

      While we're at it, do you recall how Saddam murdered all those Iraqis? tell us how did he do it?

      The fault might be the govt. failed to secure any proofs of WMD(probably the Iraqis got rid of them before the invasion), but that doesn't eliminate the fact Saddam used them on his own people..

    292. tlg says:


      do you think those Islamist terrorists would act any different if a different type of policy/approach is enacted?…dream on.

      Fact is, if you have a home, you want to protect it at any cause. Telling your neighbor to watch each other's home or trying to befriend them won't do any good..do you really think they care abt your home?..

    293. TEW says:

      I don't think Obama even likes Americans. He sure doesn't seem to respect us.

    294. Pat McKeown says:

      This president continues to astonish me with his lack of patriotism. A man who has never served in the armed services makes it perfectly clear how little he understands the sacrifices of these brave men and women.in keeping this country free and safe. He has this slanted point of view which can only weaken this country and its resolve. I did not vote of Mr. Obama, but from the moment he took office I truly wanted him to do well. Unfortunately, my president has let me down.

    295. Troops says:

      I love our President. I am saddened by this.

    296. Sally, Florida says:

      "Obama is not the first president to miss the Arlington ceremony. Ronald Reagan spoke at West Point one year, and went to his California ranch another year. George H.W. Bush, a war veteran, did not go at all. Bill Clinton, who did not serve in Vietnam and had a rocky time with the military, went to Arlington all eight years, and George W. Bush, who also avoided combat service in Vietnam, attended from 2003 onward." This is from a Washington Post article I just read online. So which is the correct story? I just want to know the truth.

    297. Ron, Lexington says:

      Hey Vic….

      You wrote "W. also stayed in Texas in 2007 and played golf…" NOT true. The news article you cite is from Veterans Day, Nov. 11, 2007. Dumb Ass

    298. Sarasota says:

      Robert who cares did you read the speech G W Bush gave in Normandy? You are so worthless as an American. Go to work if you have no respect for our fallen. Obama is the worst president in my lifetime. He has doubled our debt to foreign countries and ruined our children's chance at prosperity. I just wish people like you would move to a country that is what you are trying to turn this country into. They already exist and are failures. I am sorry that you hate this country.

    299. Sarasota says:

      Chas We are still there why aren't you complaining now

    300. Sarasota says:

      Robert read the speech he gave.

    301. Lori, Jacksonville, says:

      Today is a very hard day for many, many, many American families as their lost loved ones are honored for their fight for our freedom. As the article stated, the President of the United States shouldn't even think about being at Arlington today out of duty, he should "want to be there".

      My father fought in WWII, My oldest brother was killed at age 18, in Vietnam. I also had 2 more brothers in the Army, and 2 brothers and 1 sister that served in the US Navy. My husband retired from the Army, as well. I was brought up in a military family, where the flag had a meaning and it waved for freedom. I pray that our country will be able to withstand the days to come with a leader that cares more about an "English" rock & roll band members memory, than those soliders that gave their lives for the country, that now protects him. I hope that I am wrong, I hope that things will work out and our great nation will be able to stand after Obama finishes using us for his own gain, but I have a sick feeling that he will leave this country in devastation and chaos. Perhaps the nation will awaken and recognize what is happening before Obama is permitted to complete his annihilation of the United States of America.

    302. Gerald Lawson says:

      Lets Face it Obama is just a DFN what would you expect from him he thinks he is a god. He is a GDN.

    303. Tom, Houston says:

      Does it surprise anyone? It would surprise me if he actually did make the trip to Arlington.

      A God-less man with God-less people around him running our country. How can God bless that? I think that is why so many God-fearing citizens are up in arms. We are very, very afraid of what can happen when men with no moral code or convictions obtain the power of life or death over those of us who do.

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    305. Tori texas says:

      obama is a travesty to our nation and has no respect for our military or american traditions…free abortions?

    306. C LabOUNTY MERRITT I says:

      My Brother is at Arlington.

      I'm glad the commie didn't show up!!!!!!!!!!!!

    307. PJ Salem, Ma. says:

      I find it disgraceful that our President OBama would not be at Arlington Cemetary to honor the highest sacrifice paid by American soldiers and their families. It is unfortunate that the President of the United States has such little regard for those that paid the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms we all take for granted and enjoy. Very Sad!!! This is one tradition that should NOT be delegated to a Vice President.

    308. C kleiner says:

      I' m beginning to wonder if he as president is little more than another talking head.The office of President has diminished in stature as far as I can see. He is a theorist without any real experience . His repetative response to all crisis so far has been,"we will hane to have a thorough investigatio.", with no thinking on hism feet ability as aMayor Gulianni in (/11 or President Bush. I am very frightened for this nation under his"WATCH".

    309. Zack(TRUE PATRIOT) says:

      Yea, that's what i thought, no response to what I wrote. Blogs like this are a direct reason why people decide not to put trust in conservatives anymore. I mean, look at what you are writing! Seriously, do you not see what you are writing? Honestly, what the hell are you getting at? Let me tell you something. Your unwarranted hatred and confused passion will have a huge backfire in november. I keep hearing "wait till november"… why? What will happen? Oh, democrats will lose 4, maybe 5 seats in the senate, 15, maybe 18 seats in the house. Oh no! It's a slaughter! Basically, when the majority has a mid-term election, they tend to lose much more then that as history has shown. For democrats to lose only few seats in november after all the fear mongering, lies, rhetoric, confusion, hypocritical comments, saying "no, no, no, no" to everything, and providing nothing of substance by conservatives doesn't say that much at all for conservatives. For the comments on this page, I'm embarrased to be in the same species as some of you. As common as this sounds I can only think of one thing to say- get a life! And let me tell you something else. Your patriotism is false. Your hatred is working against you. There are some democrats out there that will not stand for this garbage. If you want a fight, you got one coming. Be ready because the end of conservatism is just around the corner. How embarrasing is it to claim that you follow this website, or Hannity, Rush, Beck, Coulter…wow, I cant imagine. Your reign of hatred is over. Stay in your element because "real" americans want nothing to do with you.

    310. Las Vegas, NV says:

      Yet another vacation…how many does this make now? It is a disgrace to the fallen troops as well as the active duty troops both overseas and local to have the President their Commander-in-Chief show disrespect for them…my father is a veteran who served in 3 wars (WWII, Korean Conflict, and Vietnam) and has a reserved space in Arlington…The President has shown nothing but contempt for the military since getting elected…without the military where would this nation of freedom be?

      God Bless our Troops!

    311. tlg says:


      the dems also voted for the iraq war. but apparently some of them decided to retreat or change their vote later on.

      fact is, saddam had WMD. how did he kill all of those iraqis?

      true, the govt. & military didn't discover any proofs of WMD (most likely the iraqis got rid of them before the u.s. invaded) but that doesn't change the fact Saddam had & used WMD.

    312. tlg says:


      don't be confused with George W. Bush missing the Veterans Day and Memorial Day.

      He missed the Veterans Day in 2007, not the Memorial Day.

      He only missed 1 Memorial Day ceremony, in 2002 as he was in France (Normandy).

    313. Salem, Ohio says:

      First of all…there should be no comparing President Bush missing this, he was a decorated war hero, there is no question about his commitment to this country and its veterans. MR. Obama on the other hand, I cant say that for, he never served in the military and shows nothing but contempt and indifference for the military! Mr. Obama said "Change is here" on election night, I think the day this country elected MR. Obama as president and commander in chief, is the day we took 3 steps backwards. I am embarrassed to say I am a democrat. I am a veteran of the Armed Forces and I take this as a personal slap in the face!

    314. Jacksonville, FL says:

      I find this like a slap in the fae to America and Veterns alike if the "president" does not have enough prde in the country that "elected" him to show up at Arlington Memorial Cementary and pay homage to the falling that have given their lives to keep this great country free. This goes to show why I did not vote for him and I would NEVER vote for him our his socialist views, his attempts to turn this great country into a Socialist state will fail the people who are his followers will come out of their stupor and he will be OUT of office but he will have done some damage while he was there.

    315. Zack says:

      you heritage moderators are fucking cowards. read this and read it well. you will pay for this hatred you allow on your site. karma is a bitch.

    316. Woody says:

      Thanks for the info…. I'm currently trying to clear this up in a discussion with a friend about this subject…

    317. Beverly Cowling, O&# says:

      While I do think it is a moving moment each Memorial Day at Arlington, the fact remains that there are soldiers' remains all over the world that are ignored. There is nothing wrong with our president honoring soldiers at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery. Lincoln championed the rights of all, for whom our soldiers have died. Furthermore, President Obama has provided more for the families of our armed forces than any other president in history, so to say that he is an reluctant commander in chief is erroneous. How many soldiers were tortured under Bush's administration, forced to sign papers that they had Personality Disorders so they couldn't receive lifelong benefits?

      The constant attacks on our president are unwarranted and unfair. He is our president and he has presented himself with dignity and integrity at every turn. The world respects him, unlike our previous president.

    318. Edward B., Anchorage says:

      Is anyone really surprised anymore?

    319. Thomas Jones , Port says:

      UPDATE # 3 … Poppy Bush skipped it every year he was in office & refelected while on his boat in Maine … Sonny missed more than once while he celebrated in Texas w/ BBQ … YaaHoo !!! … Reagan skipped it … Nixon skipped it for the solemn Key Biscayne FL … You're divisive bullshit is so transparent …

    320. Cheri & Walt - H says:

      There have been far too many sacrifices on behalf of the people of the USA, for the president, any president, to forgo a simple thank you to the fallen men and women of our countries Armed Forces at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day. Sacrifices that seems to have become an embarrassment to our up and coming generation who seem to think that freedom is a right of passage. History has taught us otherwise and it is on these occasions such as Memorial day, that these lessons and sacrifices should be remembered and honored.

    321. Drake, Georgia says:

      Why is this such a big deal?? GW missed several times during his 2 terms as many presidents have over the years. Plus is going to another ceremony at the Abraham Lincoln national cemetery in Chicago. Get over it people!!

    322. allmhuran says:

      The right needs to calm down about this and be thankful for small favors. A Marxist president has no business attending Memorial Day services at Arlington Cemetery. Breathe a sigh of relief. It represents everything he despises about America. Frankly, he does'nt deserve to stand on the same ground as those who will be in attendance. I think he finally did the right thing. And I applaud his decision. It's a first for me. With all we know about this President why persist in such rancor. It's a continuation of the same. It's as irrational to expect his attendance as it is too get angry about him not being there.

    323. Scott says:

      Oh my god you guys are tards. He went to a Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery outside of Chicago to pay respects to the troops. Hey rednecks, there is more than one national cemetery and all of them deserve to be visited by presidents at some point or another. Oh and a little factoid for you simpletons:

      Who was the only President in the past 30 years to visit Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day every year of his presidency? It wasn’t Ronald Reagan, who spent one year in Normandy and at least one other at his ranch in California. It wasn’t George W. Bush, either, although he was also at Normandy the one year he missed. George H. W. Bush, a veteran himself, never attended ceremonies at Arlington, sending Dan Quayle in his stead. In fact, it was Bill Clinton who made eight Memorial Day appearances at Arlington National Cemetery.

    324. June Dalton, Califor says:

      It grieves me that our President has so little respect for the traditions and values that we Americans hold dear. Could it be because he didn't grow up in the mainland of the U.S.? Could it be because his male role models were Muslim? Could it be because he doesn't value Democracy and the many lives that were given so we could continue as a Democracy? Or is it because he is young and wants to show everybody that he doesn't have to do anything he doesn't want to do? The President of the United States should be an example that brings honor and respect to our nation. Put our nation first, Mr. President, and that includes our military. Thank you.

    325. Joe, Texas says:

      I think its unfair for everyone to constantly judge President Obama so harshly. Most people are always looking for something to bitch about, and this honestly isn't that big of a deal. I'm not a vet, so I can't claim the strong emotional feeling that some of you old-timers have for memorial day… but honestly 90% (made-up number) of the people I know that claim to have such deep feelings and respect for the soldiers who have died in the past are out on their boats right now, drinking beer, talking about how Obama is anti-american and hates soldiers. I say if you're so damn worried that the deceased soldiers are gonna be lonely on memorial day go to your local cemetery and honor them yourselves. Just because he is a President doesn't mean he isn't human. Hes going home for a couple days to be with his family. And the statement that sending Biden in his place will not comfort those expecting Obama to give a speech is ridiculous. Most of the people watching his speech wouldn't be comforted, they'd be looking for any screw-up and hoping he would do something they could hate. Nothing I say matters, hell I don't even consider myself a liberal. I'm a dude from Texas that thinks people need to ease up and give him a chance. Bush didn't do much for America, hell he almost destroyed it, and McCain/Palin likely would have finished the job. Obama isn't perfect, but none of us are. If we support him more then maybe we'll actually get something out of these four years other than the 'tea party'.

    326. Greg, Virginia Beach says:

      Rory, you are an idiot. And I bet you never served….

    327. Kevin California says:

      I have two brothers, one buried at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery in San Diego, CA (Served US Navy Vietnam) and the other at Port Hudson National Cemetery, Baton Rouge, LA (Served USMC, Vietnam) and the folks here who seem to think and act like Arlington National Cemetery is the ONE and ONLY place for the President to be to honor our war dead disgusts me!

      There's something like 400 National Cemeteries open only to veterans (and their spouses, children, etc) and none is any better or any worse than the other. Arlington is just the one that gets the most publicity, that doesn't mean that it's the beat all and end all. All of those buried in ANY ONE of the other National Cemeteries are just as deserving of a presidential visit as Arlington.

      For the person above who wrote about how important it was for him to visit Arlington during his DC visit, I wonder if he even realized that there is another National Cemetery just a few miles away in Alexandria, VA which predates Arlington by about 4-5 years? It was only when it became too full to accept more burials that Arlington was even established.

      The people buried in Arlington are no more deserving of a Presidential visit than those buried in any other National Cemetery. Ironically, the 2 funerals I attended at Arlington during my many years in the DC area involved no one who had actually served a minute in service. They were the spouses of men who had served.

    328. Francine Tussey (Pen says:

      I am extremely hurt and disappointed that President Obama did not attend the Arlington ceremonies to honor our deceased and living soldiers.

    329. James, Arizona says:

      The fool thinks he's president of the world and doesn't have time for his own people any more than he supports his people in Arizona.

    330. JUMPIN JOE says:

      Glad your swimming in clear water…what a joke for our main man…..

      he is noting more then a PROMOTER

    331. Mrs Joan Deering RN says:

      WHO CARES?

      I am an Ultra classic conservative…lapsed Republican turned Constitutionalist.

      Don't you guys ever give it a rest…sick of all of you!? from telling me to switch parties…was Repub to Dem to vote in the primaries in '07 to vote Hilary out… to saying they don't want a Black house…to all the gay and cheating Repubs outed every other week…to the expansion of Eminent Domain…you are the ones who gave up your patriotism …you hate big government but love big business, to whom who you sold us out. You, along with Dems, are destroying the very fabric of our country with all this slander day in and day out. Look at yourselves…look at Carl Roverer the Nazi…you sold us up the wazoo and China is ready to pluck us…worry about that! And this bogus war…the longest of all wars in our country's HX…Can't ever believe I was Republican!…by the way I am also a born again Christian…my stomach turns each to you claim to be Christian…you definitely don't know the Lord…but you guys make it clear you have the almighty $$$ as your god! As I said you all have blood on your hands.

      And you are making it very easy for China to take us over…ever hear of divide and conquer? Just keep up with all this Obama crap…like kids in grade school…"look he said this and he did that and look how perfect we are" You people need to get a life and grow up…and if you hate our country so much, well leave, just go…you are free to do so…my family fought and died for you to have that choice, so go find a better place to live and balk!

    332. nortex says:

      per the washington post. Obama is not the first president to miss the Arlington ceremony. Ronald Reagan spoke at West Point one year, and went to his California ranch another year. George H.W. Bush, a war veteran, did not go at all. Bill Clinton, who did not serve in Vietnam and had a rocky time with the military, went to Arlington all eight years, and George W. Bush, who also avoided combat service in Vietnam, attended from 2003 onward.

    333. As if my father, who served in WWII and the Korean war would know if leaves were thrown @ Arlington. Some friends and family didn't even remember that he served in the US Army…my point is; Memorial Day is personal, to me. Although, I am greatful to those who fought for my freedom, I really don't know who and how many. I don't hold it against Obama that he wasn't @ Arlington; the point is he remembered to go to another cemetary and honor them there. Focus on the positive! Move forward!

    334. Julie McPherson, Iow says:

      All you people need to get over yourselves Obama is not the only President to miss the ceremony at Arlington, President Ronald Reagan was in West Point one year and in California one year. I read on the Washinton Post that George H. W. didn't attend not event once when he was President. If Obama wasn't black (and I hate to bring that up ) none of you would care if he wasn't at Arlington, get over yourselves we have a black President and as far as I'm concerned I hope he gets to serve 8 years he's got my vote, and my husbands for the next term, he didn't vote for him last time but plans to in the next election if he runs.

    335. Bil Vacanti says:

      Our Commander and chief should have been at Arlinton, may be he was better off not being there.

    336. CJ, Lakeville MN says:

      Here is a great article you should all read:

    337. NOT for OBAMA says:





    338. Paul Sojka says:

      Just think, the President shunned his favorite senator, Ted Kennedy. That was no earthquake in Haiti, it was the ground moving when all the "Real Veterans" turned over in their graves when they buried Ted Kennedy there.

    339. Sharon Henderson says:

      From what I can gather the only one that Bush missed was 2002 when he was in Normandy. Here is the link for 2007 of him in Arlington placing the wreath.

      . http://www.defense.gov/news/newsarticle.aspx?id=4

    340. Loren, Reno says:

      There is a bid difference from Normandy to Chicago and the reason President Bush was there as opposed to Mr. Obama delivering his speech from Chicago so he could drink maritini's with his corrupt terrorist cronies.


      What a total disgrace this so called President once again presents to his country. My faher, broher, husband and father in law and our son have all served our country proudly. This man is a terroist in disguise, in his position he has bankrupt our country and he coninually internally destroys the usA. No other terriot could do a much damage to the entire usa tha obama already has. This latest disgrace is just icing on the cake!

    342. David, Kentucky says:

      Bush the first never attended ANY Memorial Day services at Arlington, and Reagan missed 4 of 8. So this story is very biased. Only Clinton attend every Memorial Day service at Arlington during his presidential terms.

    343. NOT for OBAMA says:






    344. Robert, WV says:

      Hey, vic from California if you would have payed attention the link you gave for W. in TX in 07 was Veterans Day not Memorial Day, where he was honoring 4 Defenders who payed the ultimate price to keep us free.

    345. Isaac, Gardena Calio says:

      Was President Obama the first President to skip the Arlington National Cemetery Memorial Day events? NO HE WAS NOT!

      In 2002-George W. Bush was in France.1989-George H.W. Bush was in Rome.1990, 1991, and 1992-George H.W. Bush was in Kennebunkport.1981-Ronald Reagan was in Santa Barbara.1983-Ronald Reagan was in Williamsburg.1987 Ronald Reagan was at Camp David.1988 Ronald Reagan was? in Moscow.Bill Clinton, however, spent every Memorial Day attending the Arlington services..

    346. tlg says:

      btw, BO never finished his Memorial Day ceremony this past Monday as it was cancelled because of rain…so, so much for him attending one in chicago…

    347. James,Pearland,tx says:


    348. Mat says:

      Biased. Skewed facts too much to support political viewpoint.

    349. paul, Illinois says:

      I read the articel you referenced twice and failed to find the "throw leaves on a tomb"remark. Also, where did George W. Bush perform Memorial Day duties in 2007 while in Crawford. The Heritage Foundation is promoting a "civil society" abpuit as much as fox news in fair and balanced. Be part of the solution not the problem.

    350. regena stevens usa says:

      Please check your facts before you publish comments like this. There is too much divisiveness in this country as it is and disinformation like this only adds to it.

    351. cordeg, Florida says:

      Amazing how "news" sources can publish pieces of facts, then sit back while people run with them without understanding what's been withheld from them.

      To those who said, for example:

      "Reagan was in Santa Barbara" — Duh! He was there recuperating from an attempted assassination. He wasn't on vacation. He also missed a couple other Arlington ceremonies because he was at international summits that were scheduled for that time period by many nations not particularly concerned about our national holiday schedules. Even the "Williamsburg" year was a summit — he wasn't there visiting "Colonial Williamsburg" on vacation.

      "Did any of you have the same level of disgust for Bush 43 when he went to France for Memorial Day?" — Duh! Bush 43 was at a NATO summit, but still took the time to quickly divert to Normandy to honor the American dead at the Normandy American Cemetery. He didn't go there for a vacation..

      "W. also stayed in Texas in 2007 and played golf…" Duh! Bush was actually in Texas for a two-day summit with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and did not play golf at all (in fact, he abstained from the sport after 2003 because he said that it would upset military families to see the president playing golf while their loved ones were at war).

      "President George H.W. Bush never attended Arlington on Memorial Day" — George H. W. Bush never Bush 41 was the only one of the group that actually fought in a war and nearly died for his efforts. In his first year in office, he suggested that he was not up to the honor of speaking at Arlington. Many of his best friends with whom he had served were buried there, and even his enemies never doubted his reverence for military service. It reduces one's own dignity, not Bush's, to suggest that he did not honor all who died in service to America. President Obama — by his own prior statements and actions — has not earned the same presumption: he had better wise up and show up next year, or – barring that — should stop suggesting that American troops are more likely to be criminals than defenders of liberty.

      Once all the factual dust clears, President Obama still holds the dubious honor of being the first president since the Arlington wreath-laying appearance became a presidential tradition (fairly recent, it turns out, as no one before Reagan made a habit of it) to have skipped Arlington and chosen another cemetery just for its convenience to his vacation spot. Frankly, it matters not how nice a spot Lincoln Cemetery is for a speech — anyone who thinks Obama chose it for anything other than its proximity to his vacation spot is completely naive. Even God — or the goddess Gaia, if you prefer — found the move transparent: the president's speech was rained out and lightening bolts shot from the sky!

    352. Jonathan Kotinek, TX says:

      "The memorial at Arlington serves as a national celebration, which is why past presidents have made special efforts to attend, when possible."

      Come on, Mr. Cooper. One might be forgiven for just not doing his research in the first place, but continuing to be this disingenuous in your follow-up statement with the kind of substantive retort that has been offered?

    353. Derek, Utah says:

      Pres. Obama is more focused on which celebrities he's hanging out with then running the country! I figured once he was elected President it would stop and he would get to work, but it's continued and it looks like the real important things like playing golf on Memorial Day is more important then Honoring the Men/Women that serve/served our Country.

      The man is incredible, and not in a good way!

    354. penny misner benzoni says:

      I guess we should be glad he didn't choose to visit Lenin's tomb or Stalin's final resting place in Russia as a show of 'our appreciation' of other countries battles …

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    356. Lisa chicago says:

      I love the picture you included in the article… my mind wants draw a itty bitty moustache on his upper lip…

      Wait… if you look close… don;t you see it growing?


    357. Lynn, Woodstock, GA says:

      I'm glad Obama didn't go to Arlington, I'm glad his ceremony was rained out in Illinois. This fool doesn't deserve to attend these proud, solemn ceremonies with our best. Biden should have bowed out too.

    358. Pingback: Fun in the Sun at Biden’s Beach Party | Conservative Principles Now

    359. Carl, Arizona says:

      First off, Mr. Cooper, how was your term in active military duty? What's that? You never served?

      As for the rest of you, have you forgotten Memorial day 2009 when Obama went to Arlington Section 60, the area were the dead soldiers from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are buried? That was the time when he personally took a moment to speak to the Barbieri family that were visiting the grave of their son, Army Specialist Thomas "TJ" Barbieri who was killed in Iraq in 2006.

      President Obama is also the only president to visit Dover AFB in Deleware to observe the arrival of dead soldiers.

      So, is he perfect? No. But what President has been?

      And as a person who has served this nation of ours, I couldn't give a shit where the president spends memorial day. There are far more important things going on in the world today then where Obama chooses to attend Memorial Day services.

    360. Frank, PA says:

      Actually, Reagan, Bush and Bush missed the Arlington Memorial Ceremony. I can't believe that everyone is Bashing Obama and missing the whole point to this Holiday. I truly hope that none of the loved ones who attended the Ceremony at the Abraham Lincoln National Ceremony.is reading this. And to say that he disgraced whatever by not attending the Memorial Day Ceremony at Arlington National is a slap in the face to the survivors of those who may have fought side by side with those laid to rest in Arlington. My grandfather was a POW and i for one would be very proud if any President, Past, Present, or Future would come and Honor my grand father at a lesser know Cemetery. But i guess those laid to rest at Arlington deserve the President. For those who have lost a loved one defending our Country, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. And for those who for whatever reason did not lay your loved one to rest in Arlington, my apologies for those who can not see the Forest for the Trees and disrespected you and your loved one…geesh!

    361. Emma Friend,Broken A says:

      Why does he not get thrown out of office, he has shown to be as unamerican as he can be. His actions speak loud and clear.

    362. Larry Hunter, Oxford says:

      why does it surprise or upset anyone that this president would avoid history and tradition. he is all about changing history and tradition. to honor the dead of past wars in the traditional manner would be to acknowledge that those wars were needed to protect freedom and he is not about freedom of the people, we all can see that. he is about government authority and control, everyone should work for the state for the benefit of all, even those who cannot or will not work to support themselves. except for him and his family, all wealth and benefits should be thrown into one big divider of the needs to survive. the people elected him for change, i wonder if they like the change they are getting. i certainly don't.

    363. Susan Tamagni, New J says:

      Cut me a break, Really. He did attend a Memorial Day Event-just not at Arlington. The people that say that not going to Arlington "proves" that he doesn't respect our military need to ge a grip with reality. Why don't they just call it like it is- they don't lik Obama, never will and even if he solved evrey problem this world has, people on the right would find a way to criticize him

    364. Jenn, FL says:

      Sure, before we have another czar in charge in charge of "limiting constitutional freedoms" or something; I'll call it like it is: I don't like him. And guess what? I'm a democrat! Some of you think he deserves "a day off" "cares plenty about the troops. ABOUT OUR GULF?!?! Are you serious? I'm mere miles away from the oil slick. He's been here three times. Planning his fourth trip of "observation".

      Seems to me like he spends more time playing golf and taking his adorable little family on vacation than doing his job. What he needs to take a break from is golfing, and spend some time fixing this country, and start keeping some of those promises!

    365. David, Vancouver Washington says:

      Those screaming that Obama doesn’t honor the military by going to a ceremony other than Arlington are complete idiots.

      Bush spent the 2007 Memorial holiday on his ranch, driving over to Waco for a small ceremony. Do i have a problem with it? OF COURSE NOT!!! DON”T POLITICIZE OUR FALLEN HEROS!!!!

    366. Carol ' Houston says:

      Many other Presidents including George W. have not attended this memorial!!!!!!!!! The President attended last year!!!!!! What is the big deal as I said before when other Presidents did not attend every one!!!!!!!!!!! Back off conservatives who are still upset about Obama's election!!!!

    367. Carol ' Houston says:

      Obama is not the only President to not attend this service!!!!!! Even Mr. Bush, both of them did not go to every one. Still there are people who are upset that a great President is in office now and not a do nothing one. So they complain!

    368. charles says:

      Unreal……………………..the people writting this stuff is a disgrace to our Nation. Our Vice President representing the falling troops and armed forces shows plenty of honor and respect to our holdiay. President Obama deserves the respect and support of the American people not this type of radical thinking that is anti-american.

    369. Amanda, Michigan says:

      You guys are all ignorant. The cemetery in Chicago IS a NATIONAL CEMETERY, with military dead from all past wars interned there.. Since when is honoring troops somewhere other than Arlington anti-American? I think it is quite a disservice, and a slap in the face to all the other soldiers buried elsewhere in this country that our past presidents have never felt the need to honor their sacrifices. I think the president SHOULD travel to a different military cemetery EVERY year. That is the only true way every soldiers sacrifice can truly be honored.

      Proud sister of a Marine killed in action in Iraq who is buried outside of Arlington.

      Get your heads out of your asses you stupid republicans and admit that your puppet president, whom hold in such high regard, killed my brother, and thousands of other brothers, sisters, moms, dads, sons, daughters etc.! God forbid our current president chose to honor MY BROTHER at the cemetery HE and many others are buried at. You all should be ashamed of yourself. ALL FALLEN SOLDIERS MATTER!

    370. Mik, Montague says:

      You people have waaaaay too much time on your hands.

    371. John Paul Parks, Sco says:

      Arlington National Cemetery is not the only place where our war dead are buried.

    372. jerry murphy says:

      i have total respect for all american soliers who have given their lives for us. regardless of where thety are laid to rest.it has been traditioinal for presidents to honor all soldires from arlington.my brother was in viet nam, ny uncle in ww2, and many friends killed in viet nam. it seems like a typical poloitical move only and he could care less about the real meaning of what we have been acustomed to as americans, and that is respect and pride for our fallen soldiers. as commander in chief, it is the least he could do.they have chicago hot dogs in dc.

      our soldiers made it possible. god bless them.

    373. Mike, California says:

      I didn't vote for him either !

    374. Pingback: Gallup Poll: US Military Veterans & Currently Active Military Duty Give President Obama Low Job Approval Marks | Scared Monkeys

    375. ???? 46 says:

      Wow, marvelous blog structure! How long have you ever been blogging for? you made blogging glance easy. The overall look of your website is great, let alone the content material!

    376. Ron Pruitt says:

      It is nothing less than treason, America, how much proof do you need to vote this man out of office.. ??

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