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  • Morning Bell: A Crisis of Competence in the Gulf

    “Let’s be clear: Every day that this oil sits is one more day that more of our marsh dies,” Gov. Bobby Jindal (LA) said Monday. “We’ve been frustrated with the disjointed effort to date that has too often meant too little, too late for the oil hitting our coast,” he continued. Specifically, Jindal is frustrated by the failure of the federal government to produce the 8 million feet of oil-blocking booms it asked for back on May 2nd and 3rd. So far Louisiana has only received 815,000 feet of boom, and even then the federal government has failed to place it in the correct locations.

    Worse, Obama administration regulators continue to deny Louisiana officials permission to build up barrier islands between the coast’s marshes and the gulf. Federal regulators have so far refused to permit the state to act, fearing the unintended long-term damage to local wildlife. So instead of action, the oil continues to float on shore threatening the livelihoods of millions of Louisianans.

    Meanwhile the Environmental Protection Agency again demonstrated its uselessness when it informed BP it had 24 hours to find a less toxic alternative to the chemical it had been using to break up the oil. BP informed the EPA that no alternatives were available in sufficient quantity to deal with the spill, and when the EPA’s deadline came and went with no change in BP’s practices, the EPA meekly said they would study the issue, which was an acknowledgment that it has no answer either.

    The federal government’s failure to know how to handle the Deepwater Horizon oil spill does not end with the EPA. It goes all the way to the top. Frustrated by his government’s inability to master the problem, President Barack Obama reportedly cut aides short recently, ordering them to “plug the damn hole.” As if no one had thought of that already. But instead of focusing on the problem at hand, President Obama moved to appoint an unaccountable commission to study the problem substituting process for action at a time when leadership was needed. The commission shifts the responsibility from the persons we elect to oversee these issues to unelected bureaucrats.

    The Pew Research Center has released a poll showing a majority of Americans give President Obama and his administration bad marks for its handling of a massive oil spill.  To combat this rising discontent, the Obama administration flew Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen up to Washington to provide some clear answers as to who was in charge of the operation. Just this past Sunday, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar had said of BP: “If we find that they’re not doing what they’re supposed to be doing, we’ll push them out of the way appropriately.” But when asked about Salazar’s comments Monday, Allen responded: “Well, I would — I would — I would say that that’s more of a metaphor. … You need equipment and expertise that’s not generally within the government — federal government, in terms of competency, capability or capacity. There may be some other way to get it, but I’m a national incident commander. And right now, the relationship with BP is the way I think we should move forward.”

    BP, rather than taxpayers, should be held responsible for the costs of the clean-up and liability, and under current federal law that is the case. BP is currently responsible for every penny it costs to clean the mess up. Furthermore, they are responsible for up to $75 million in liability costs (i.e. the secondary costs incurred by businesses and communities) directly, and up to $1 billion additionally comes from the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund. And the $75 million cap is waived if the responsible party is found to be grossly negligent. Calls to increase these caps retroactively are not needed and are more political expediency then either stopping the leak or mitigating its consequences. Equally frustrating are calls to raise the gas tax, and transfer the costs of this spill onto American consumers.

    And that right there, in a nutshell, is the problem not only with the Obama administration’s handling of this crisis, but with the entire regulatory state. The Obama administration is set to announce new and stricter regulations on the oil industry tomorrow. But as the NEPA waivers and MMS failures of this accident show, the existing regulatory framework is already not being enforced. So how will new regulations piled on top of the old ones fix the problem? When government micromanages how private enterprises are run, those entities are not incentivized to prepare for the worst outcomes. Now no one has developed a plan or the expertise to deal with this spill.

    The Obama administration’s leftist narrative is that after eight years of deregulation under the Bush administration, American businesses are dangerously under regulated. But this simply is not true. By every objective measure, regulation increased – not decreased – during the Bush years. Instead of adding on new regulations, the old ones should be reformed to restore incentives through profit and loss. Instead of retroactively raising the cap on BP’s economic liability, thus undermining the rule of law, Congress should look to raising or eliminating the cap in the future. But most importantly, President Obama needs to accept the responsibility that the federal government is the ultimate owner of the land BP is drilling on, and as the primary responsible party he must show more leadership in solving this crisis.

    Quick Hits:

    • According to the latest CBS News poll, seven in ten Americans are dissatisfied with the way things are going in Washington; including 22 percent who say they are “angry” about the situation.
    • According to Rasmussen Reports, confidence in America’s efforts in the War on Terror has fallen again this month with 52% saying the country is not safer today than it was before 9/11.
    • The Standard & Poor’s/Case-Shiller home price index showed prices of single-family homes dropped for the sixth straight month.
    • Moody’s Investors Service Inc. again warned that the U.S. government’s Aaa bond rating will come under pressure in the future unless additional measures are taken to reduce projected record budget deficits.
    • Senators will have less background to help make their decision on Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan due to her lack of a judicial record.


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    58 Responses to Morning Bell: A Crisis of Competence in the Gulf

    1. Dwight Baker says:

      Tony Hayward CEO BP has changed 180 degrees

      Now is he believable?

      By Dwight Baker

      May 24, 2010


      Eagles Eye View Aiming at Issues for We the People Advocates

      He said, “BP going to commit ½ billion for research to fix all the Gulfs problems that they caused”. Now who is going to get that money and when and how long is it that going to take?

      I find no solace in what the man said, up till know most of his words have been far from the truth.

      The ½ billion sounds like a scheme dreamed up by some propagandist to get the heat off for just a bit of time.

      I believe the only cure short and long term for We the People is to Declare Criminal Corporate War against BP.

      Declare Criminal Corporate War BP is the offender.

      By Dwight Baker

      May 24, 2010


      BP is a felon. BP has practiced deception and changed policies and procedures defying the rules of our Federal Government. We the People have had our borders invaded by the oil from the sea floor caused by the Deep Horizon while drilling in the Deep Mississippi trench Gulf of Mexico.

      BP as a company comprised of individuals that have lied about the facts. BP has caused a rift of discontent and shown in words and deeds a frail lack of good will in and around the Gulf bordering states affected.

      Now what would a good man go about doing as our President today—- knowing all those facts as they are— simple, complete with no other matter hanging out that needs discovery?

      Declare Criminal Corporate War against BP, seize all their money that can be found, take in custody to be tired by a Military Tribunal the top 25 BP executives, and then do the same with the BP drilling rig employee’s in charge of operations the day the rig went down. Take in custody the government employee that allowed the vital change in the cementing phase to be changed by BP. Seize all BP software and hardware tools and equipment that comprise assets that are in place and needed to STOP THE OIL AND GAS. Make a call out for All to enlist to aid in the Military effort and then those who will not come as volunteers use the Draft for service in our Special Home Land Security Military Oil and Gas troops. Many needed are employees from companies to do the work of STOPPING THE OIL AND GAS, swear them in and bestow on them ranks in the order of their experience and importance to get the job done NOW.


      Declaration of War

      By Dwight Baker

      May 24, 2010


      Eagles Eye View Aiming at Issues for We the People Advocates

      Congress has the responsibility to Declare War. In the past several wars Bush did so without Congress approval or consent, he called those acts of violence some thing other.

      Now, We the People set adrift without leadership that has yet to come forward in acts strong enough to propose that War be Declared against the multinational Corporate Criminal BP. Maybe this will jog some minds to do so.

      We the People have the right and the moral responsibility to demand that our Congress and Senate get off their duff and do the job we elected them to do. Saying, who in America believes all the lies and postponements that have been allowed to be input as Truth by our Executive Branch for the benefit to protect BP?

      Our Federal Court systems are a part of British rule, We will never get a fair shake in any Federal Court system, Yet we stand a far better chance in a Military Tribunal.



    2. Dwight Baker says:

      Let us connect the dots? BP EXXONMOBIL NWO

      By Dwight Baker

      May 25, 2010


      Eagles Eye View Aiming at Issues for We the People Advocates

      Before we begin please do not look for any saints to emerge for they are not any to be found. The crooked and perverse past haunts most in oil and gas particularly the first ones in the oil and gas energy industry.

      The saga of the exploding burning down and sinking Tranocean drill ship over the well being drilled for BP called the Deep Horizon has for me and maybe you had an evil agenda and stench of death about it.

      We must go to the root of the problem if we intend to begin to try to connect some dots.

      The Prospect known as the Deep Horizon was owned 75% by BP and 25% by ExxonMobil in the industry BP generated the prospect and became operators and ExxonMobil put up their share of the drilling and cost to complete and cost to bring on production.

      Now who is BP a spin off of British Petroleum NO it is just a re-branding?


      British Petroleum has been around a long time. A study of their history is needed by those who do not know.
      Exxon was once a part of Standard oil then became Exxon, same is true of Mobil but was a stand-alone entity marketing arm for Standard —-until Exxon and Mobil structured a deal once again to become one.

      Mobil Oil—– http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobil
      Exxon —- -http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ExxonMobil

      So Standard Oil or today ExxonMobil was and is the brain child of John D. Rockefeller

      Likewise British Petroleum was the brainchild of the Rothschilds along with the blessings of the Queen of England.

      Rockefeller and Rothschilds are cousins, both families originated from Georgia

      We think about war in terms of missiles and tanks and bombs. But a far superior form of war is to disguise it as a natural disaster like Katrina or an accident like the BP oil spill.

      This way we are not even aware of it, and cannot take countermeasures.

      The parallels between the oil spill and Katrina are uncanny. In both cases, the American Gulf coast was attacked, and the Presidential response was deemed tardy and ineffective. In the case of Katrina, the levees were blown up 12 hours after the hurricane had passed.

      The "tell" is the failure of the Obama Administration to declare a state of emergency and take immediate action to stop the gusher. It is hard to believe that an Administration facing a national election in six months would sit on its hands while oil poured onto America's Gulf coast. Last week, Obama was announcing a commission to study the causes while failing to address the blow-out itself.

      It is hard to believe that an industry which hosts hundreds of deep sea oil wells has not developed countermeasures for an underwater blow-out. Hard to believe that the richest and most technologically advanced country in the world is helpless in the face of this disaster.

      The optics for Obama are terrible. Even the Huffington Post, which is an Murdoch-sponsored Obama cheering section could not hide its exasperation and impatience with the President's tepid response.

      But the Rothschilds treat Presidents like Kleenex – use and throw away. Every President in my lifetime has left office under a cloud of disgrace. The purpose is to demoralize Americans and make them lose faith in their government and democracy.

      Who owns BP? The Rothschilds. Who owns Barack Obama? The Rothschilds. How hard would it be to stage this accident and then ensure a failed response?


      The BP oil spill must be seen in the context of an ongoing covert war against America waged by the Illuminati, i.e. the Masonic Jewish central banking cartel led by the Rothschilds.

      Concurrent with the BP blow-out, world financial markets are gyrating because European banks again are being bailed out by taxpayers. The loans are to Greece, Portugal etc. but the creditors are the German and French banks owned by the Rothschild etc. whose stocks are soaring again.

      Just six month ago, we were in the throes of a man-made swine flue pandemic that required mass inoculation.

      Just 12-16 months ago, we were wrestling with the world financial crisis caused by the banks deliberately giving inflated mortgages to insolvent people.

      Lest we forget, on Sept. 11 2001, the Illuminati attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and blamed it on "Muslim terrorists." How stupid do they think we are?

      We are under constant attack by Illuminati bankers and their lackeys in government. The two world wars, the Korean and Vietnam Wars, the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, are all forms of Illuminati attack on America.

      They also attack our moral and social fabric by promoting sexual "liberation" (promiscuity), feminism, homosexuality, public obscenity, violence, pedophilia and porn in music and in the mass media.

      So why do we look at an ecological disaster in the Gulf of Mexico as if it is occurring in isolation? Will we think the same way about an earthquake in LA?


      The explanation can be found in a book that we have been trained Pavlov-style to reject. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is the work of a Jewish Masonic secret society. Caught red-handed, they attempted to confuse the issue of world domination with anti-Semitism. The vast majority of Jews is not aware, let alone in favor of this plot for world government by a small "Jewish" financial elite and their Masonic allies.

      In the Protocols, the author, who I suspect was Lionel Rothschild, writes that their goal is: "To wear everyone out by dissensions, animosities, feuds, famine, inoculation of diseases, want, until the Gentiles sees no other way of escape except by appeal to our money and our power." (Protocol 10)

      "We will so wear out and exhaust the Gentiles by all this that they will be compelled to offer us an international authority, which by its position will enable us to absorb without disturbance all the governmental forces of the world and thus form a super-government." (Protocol 5)

      My take — the last dot is making money dot. BP has proved 2.5 billion barrels of oil reserve in the deep Mississippi trench , and that is probably a lie too, I predict it is more like 10 billion. Now multiply $50 per barrel and see how much money that represents.

      The way to make money is to buy when blood is running in the streets.

      John D. Rockefeller

      Now ExxonMobil has a lot of investors, so does BP for many of them right now blood is running in the streets. Rockefeller and Rothschilds have the money to buy up the stock that is too cheap.

      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Georgia_(http://www.rense.com/general79/tril.htm http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/hardtruth/thhttp://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/category.asp?id=4http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/index.asp http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/article.asp?ID=12

    3. Dwight Baker says:

      From Dwight Baker BP CON MEN


      May 26, 2010

      Received this last night from an Oil Field Engineer that had submitted a plan for BP use — using their PDF submission form. I too turned in a plan but did not use their PDF submission form — mine went straight to the top to the top brass in England. They have finally adopted the ideas that I submitted weeks ago, but to my surprise the easy way to do it has been set back if the current plan does not work—My current thoughts is that the plan all along has been to stall and cause the great horror that exist today. Remember John D. Rockefeller said, “The best time to buy was when blood was running in the Streets”.

      “Dwight, Check out the fine print on the requests for more information on workable ideas to counter the oil spill. These requests for more info come only 2 weeks after the general call for helpful ideas! 7800 submissions later they are looking at the promising ideas.

      To keep the coordination at the central site going they only accept more details of suggestions on the official format forms (this far I understand the protocol) – Now read the fine print, you can give your "time, expertise” and effort freely to assist – fine when you consider generations of a way of life are likely to start vanishing with every oily tide that rolls in. Again no issue. Those people needed help a month ago if I have to take issue.

      Where I do have a problem is finding the logic in signing away your rights to any submission of ideas, patentable or otherwise in favor of BP. Yes, in favor of BP. Can their lawyers really walk on oil? I am beginning to believe so – READ THE FINE PRINT AMERICA.

      Regards, “

      So from we who have had a good handle on the problem for some time and presented our views ideas cures on how to STOP THE OIL AND GAS, my friend has found out that BP CON was going on from the very onset.

      Last We the People must wake up, stand up, shout out No more wars BP stop the oil and now. If not declare and easy war to win against BP.

    4. walt boyer bradenton says:

      Good luck with getting the Phloppy eared phoney cronies or PHE himself to own up to anything.

      This incident reinforces the incompetence of liberals generanlly to effectuate any practical solution to anything.

      The theorize, sitmatize and regulate is their M O

    5. Ann Kitay Fulton,Tx says:

      This has had the smell of a dead rat from the git go. The President says drill and Boom! – how many weeks, days until the first ' accident'. I'd like to know exactly who was at the wheel when this occurred and how much off-shore experience he had. I'd like to know why BP swore all workers to silence and got away with it. I'd like to know why men/companies right here in Corpus Christi have not been called in as consultants. I'd like to know how long you can pass the buck before the buck gets worn out. I'm with Gov.Jindal all the way. The fishermen have a very short window to make a years wages – the monies they would be banking are not going into the banks. etc.etc. This 'spill' is destroying more than precious estuaries – ruining more than vacations. I'm of the firm conviction that this blow-out did not start at the bottom but because of 'accident' topside. There are tons of wells all over this globe doing just fine, thank you, for one just south of Louisiana to decide to blow and it's hurricane season no less. This is totally being mishandled. Let BP officials do their jobs instead of asking questions in the less than hallowed halls of Congress.

    6. Ida M Temple Mansfie says:

      The taxpayers need to take matters into our own hands and hire an investigative agency to find out how this neglient, non-accident, happened. Maybe a private membership should be born and then hire such an investigator.

      Secondly, the voters need to impress upon the President, and Congress, that the oil spill must be stopped now, and by any means possible. if not their career is finished. We need people in government that will take action immediately and not appologize to other countries. I wonder if the aforementioned can be considered a form of treason?

    7. toledofan says:

      Watching as the oil comes ashore and further threatens the wetlands, it becomes clearer by the day how inexperienced and inept this administration is and clearly shows why big government isn't the answer. It's unbeleiveable that we are, still, waiting for the EPA to decide if we can build more barrier islands. It's even more bizarre that now the chemicals are too abrasive. Give me a break. All words and not action; where is all the help, if Salazar is supposed to be the government lead, why isn't he leading and coordinating. Obama says to plug the leak, wow, so, he'll vacation in Chicago and monitor what's happening between a couple of brews. I sure hope everybody can see the hypocracy as easily as I can.

    8. Nick, Los Angeles says:

      Do we get to blame Barry Soetoro for the MANMADE oil spill and the incompetence of his administration the same way the Communists…. I mean Socialists… sorry, Democrats blamed Bush for the existence of Katrina?

    9. Carl Nieman, 404 Fer says:

      Why is it that the President and his administration's response to seemingly absolutely everything is to pass legislation to tighten restrictions on that particular industry. So instead of doing something constructive about the oil spill, they are working on legislation. You just cannot fix everything with legislation. No more than you can legislation morality. This administration is inch by inch extending the tenicles of government into every single aspect of American life they possilby can. The Obama Administrations concept of "don't waste a good crisis" seems to always relate to gaining more control over something else.

    10. c. grimm, texas says:

      The Obama administration doesn't care. The more crisis this country is in the more they have more reasons to "control" us. Can you imagine what gas would cost if we don't drill. It is all about power, unfortunately we have to deal with this incompetent administration for two and half more years. We really are in the "perfect storm". I keep hearing the progressives saying we need to globalize. Oh yeah, just look at EU and what a great job they are doing. Look at Pakistan, Africa and how they take care of their people. We need to take care of our own backyard. All I can say is God is in conrol and keep praying for His wisdom.

    11. loves Dogs/Colorado says:

      this is all really sad for a great many reason.

      I have to wonder if someone was paid to do this so it's Obamas excuse to not get us oil.

      Now is the RIGHT time to drill and make this country self sufficient. I live in Colorado and from what I have heard there is an abundant amount of oil right here to last us for a great, great, great many years. When is this administration going to get it's head out of you know where and really prove to ALL AMERICANS that it believes in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and not just themselves and their incompentants to run this country. Start doing the RIGHT things. NOT lining their pockets.

      I hope and pray the day of career Policitians can and will end.

    12. KB in PA says:

      Efficient, responsible action on the part of the Obama Administration would only have served to solve the problem, and returned the Gulf to as near normal as possible. Talk about an agenda blocker! Had measures been enacted and put into place quickly and effectively, the problem caused by the explosion of the rig could not have morphed into the disaster it has become, and let us not forget that this Administration's driving philosophy is to never let a crisis go to waste. By stalling around, going on vacations, occasionally stepping up to the microphone to abdicate responsibility for sincerely working toward a resolution of the problem, and instead casting blame in every improbable direction, the Obama Administration has succeeded in its effort to further demolish the US economy by working to extend and expand upon this disaster to the point where, now, the livelihoods of those who make their homes on the Gulf are being destroyed, and the hues and cries claiming that offshore drilling carries too much potential danger to make it viable, can go forth.

      Meanwhile, of course, all the other nations drilling in the Gulf are laughing in their sleeves, sneering, and silently hoping BHO keeps on keepin' on.

    13. Moey says:

      Why is BP not being fined Millions of dollars a day which would motivate them to action? Why was this oil rig which was registered outside of the US, constructed out of the US, did not fall under safety inspection/regulations of the US allowed to have been in service in the gulf at such an excessive depth? Why were they not required to have PROVEN safety measures in place before being allowed to drill at such depths. This is just called COMMON SENSE! I am so outraged at this mess and what it is going to cost everyone in lost marshland, deltas, wildlife, fish of all kinds all along this fragile eco system. Once it reaches the Florida Keys I believe that al …. is going to break loose. It is a tragic event much bigger than anything we have ever seen before and this Administration is doing nothing but talk, talk, talk- appointing a commission to study is not what is needed. it is action a month ago and double time. I will NEVER SHOP OR BUY FROM BP again as long as I live and I know many others who have the same feeling. They need to pony up billions of their dollars that they have been schlepping to the bank all these years. They are disgusting!

    14. Norseman, Pueblo Wes says:

      This is what you get when you elect a community organizer with no executive experience as POTUS. The people that voted for this least experienced person in every room that he walks into should be ashamed.

    15. Ed Ford, Winterport, says:

      Its pretty clear, This adminstration needs this oil leak disaster. Getting boons there quickly could dramatically reduce the amount of oil that actually hits the shores. To not move quickly when they promised and have the capacity to do so, is pretty common sense that this admistration needs this disaster to be as bad as it can, create the pictures to have a photo portfolio for decades to be used for regulation of the offshore oil industry.Just like the Clinton Adminstration needed some good gun deaths to further gun control.

      The longer this oil disaster goes, the more regulation they can enact without any oppostition.

    16. Anton Hunter says:

      Why doesn't the 'Messiah' just command the gulf waters to engulf the oil and make it go away? Or, maybe the democratically controlled congress could pass a law demanding that the Gulf Stream must prevent oil spills from reaching the shore-line. Hmmmm…But, instead, all of their regulatory commissars are tripping over each other trying to figure out what anyone with COMMON SENSE could see needs to be done. Just listening to Bobby Jindal would be an excellent start…but, before they do that they have to form a commission to study what would happen if they do. I think the Three Stooges have competition for acts of baffoonery!

    17. Al Reasin, Conowingo says:

      This is the method that is included in the Walton County Plan of Action. See this video where CW Roberts employees demonstrate the use of hay to assist in a defense against the oil spill in the Gulf. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5SxX2EntEo&fe….

      Following the video lead and being a retired engineer, I and a friend have written every major media outlet and BP about using this seemly good method of cleaning up the oil; I expect the experts would want to ignore the idea since it comes from a guy in bibs with a southern accent. The idea seems so simple it obviously wouldn't work, the experts would think. The chemicals now used are not environmentally sound. They just need hay, boats, a port, transportation and a facility to burn the oil soaked hay. At least try it rather than use chemicals. CBS linked this story: http://chipleybugle.com/may10/walton-plan.aspx which I sent to Governor Bobby Jindal.

    18. Jim Linsdau, Melcher says:

      This is a prime example of how govrnment cannot be all things to all people in all situations. BP's ineffectiveness in this matter demonstrates its assumptions campaign support of this admnistration would somehow insulate it from culpability. Rest assured Americans will pay for this debacle just as it is paying for the debacle of November 2008.

    19. MJF, CT says:

      Number one, I also do not feel that it is the duty of the Federal government (aka the TAXPAYERS) to deal with this problem. This is not a "natural disaster" (tornado, hurricane, etc) but rather a private industry problem. But then, it IS the Federal governments fault because they let the idiot environmentalists dictate where we can and cannot drill. If this were a normal land site or shallow water site, this well would have been capped off already! This mess is over a mile down and nothing like this has ever been dealt with as of yet.

      For all of those screaming and crying about the spill and aftermath, I am willing to bet that you are all using gasoline or diesel powered cars, trucks and boats to deal with the mess, aren't you? So there is proof! We are an oil dependent society and we need oil to survive. That includes the wacko environmentalists!

    20. john koss, Tennessee says:

      What did you expect? This President (in title only) is not only inept but he is and has been derelict in his capacity as a leader. BP will fix this they have to. When is the last time a Community Activist fixed anything. In the words of the old sages: "They'll muck it all up." (no pun intended). Money is the issue here as if anyone didn't know that. BP obviously stands to lose billions, but they'll make it back. It's OIL! Black Gold Texas Tea. Just look how much Jed Clampett made doing nothing. How many days until the next Presidential election? Just hope the Republicans put up someone with half a shred of intelligence. Gotta Go, Just saw 25 Hispanics (oh I forgot thats racial profiling) running through my woods. Gotta call Border Patrol

    21. Anita Metairie says:

      What do you mean obummer has to show more leadership in this matter. He's not a leader, he's a divider. This idiot is in a job way over his head. He doesn't know whether to turn right or left. How about that so called very high IQ now? And how do we know he has a high IQ he won't release any information on himself. No birth certificate, no grade transscripts, no passport records. Hell, we don't even know what his legal name is.

    22. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Obama's plan to stop the oil? Appoint another "commission" to deflect the blame away from him and his incometent lackeys, plus raise our taxes. Meantime,

      Gov. Jindal and others, that live in South Louisiana, know what has be done and have asked Obama for help. The reply, they are being ignored, lied too, and denied. 10 million feet to boom could be deployed, oil will still washes over and under. Jindal requested the EPA to allow dredging to build sand barriers (levee islands), although not a "fix all", it is the only reliable method to stop oil from entering the marshes, which are the estuaries for one third of all this nation's seafood. Two weeks later, Jindal is still waiting for a reply.

      This spill is just another "never let a crisis go to waste" mantra being played to the hilt by Obama. Terms like "keep the boot of their throats" and "push them out of the way", are NAZI terms used to imploy political power to force more and more government control on private business.

      This spill was caused by "mechanicial falure" of the BOP. THAT'S IT! Stricter or more regulations by government agenies will not stop the flow nor prevent furture spills. Any piece of machinary can "fail" at any time. It's that simple. Obama did not cuase this problem, but he, and his lackeys, are hindering efforts to prevent even more catastrophic damage to Louisiana wetlands until qualified companies can plug the well.

      Obama is using this as pure politics. He is making another "photo opt" trip Friday. We sure a hell don't need him down here, unless he will put on a diver's hat and plug the well with his body. That might help a lot more that another photo opt. It's only 5,000 feet deep. Obama can walk of water, so decending to crushing depts should not be a problem.

    23. Martin/Georgia says:

      Oil leak … meet Obamacare. OMG!

    24. Norm Klevens says:

      BHO will never accept responsibility for anything. Emanuel's tact of exploiting a crises continues. A commission, new regulations, a moratorium on drilling anywhere. Get the boot out. Of course for some, they really thought Obama was actually going to approve drilling as his teleprompter said. The end result; we will pay more for the only energy source available and continue to finance our enemies. Just make sure the gallon price does not go up too fast. I even heard some genius say, we should ask Chavez how to control the spill. Even his media arm; the NYT and MSN, cannot avoid blaming him or his administration; not him directly. Can anyone see a presidential debate between the governor of LA and BHO in 2012 ? "Thanks for the help, there, Barry.

    25. Ben Harrison, Hemet says:

      Obama is not a leader. A leader would be making the decisions that are required in an emergency situation, i.e., oil spill in the Gulf. But because Obama is unable, unwilling, or it is politically damaging to him personally he appoints a commision to look into a problem so that he can avoid making the famous saying of "the buck stops here" a reality in taking charge of an emergency. He does not have a clue as to what to do. He is an empty shell with only one thing on his agenda. Destroy America as a great nation and turn this Republic into a bannana republic.

    26. John. oklahoma says:

      why not task the navy to fire a torpedo, or series of them, into the well head & maybe cave it in?

    27. Laraine Thompson says:

      I have long held to the beleif that it is easier to seek forgiveness than permission. Forget the federal government! Do as you must Governor and let the chips fall where they may–creating another barrier island for the president. May the oil of his pernicious policies be permanently contained by the citizens' barrier islands.

    28. Bill Lee, ArkLaTex a says:

      I agree with this article. BP and the Driller are to blame and must be required to pay for all of this not the public that uses gasoline or the tax payers.

      The one oversight duty of the government that is called for in the Constitution should be "hung" on Obama. But this is bigger than Obama and Republicans.

      Senator from Louisiana Landrue is proposing to change royalities from Feds to Louisiana State Fund. This was due to come into pay in 2017 I think but Louisiana wants to speed it up to now!!!!

    29. bigdave ocala fl says:

      This is a "manufactured and embellished" crisis by the Obama administration! The requests by the governor Bobby Jindall, to build barriers, go by the wayside from this woefull federal government, which fails us at every turn, whether its a terrorist attack, an oil rig explosion, hordes of immigrants breaking our laws and our communities, spending tax money beyond our great-grandchildren, forcing unwanted bills down our collective throats, Americans(75%!) who disagree with Obama's socialist/wealth-transferring policies are called RACIST and TEABAGGERS(huh?!) by the most CORRUPT, Anti-American People administration imaginable…INCOMPETENCE, IGNORANCE, INEPTNESS AT EVERY LEVEL OF GOVERNMENT! And the MEDIA just SMILES and says "aint they wonderful"…And you want to throw your TV set through the window and wondering WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE AND THE IDIOTS IN HOLLYWOOD WHO ARE ABOUT TO KILL THE GOOSE WHICH LAYS THE GOLDEN EGGS!!!!! Obama, Holder, Salazar, Brennan, Napolitano, Pelosi, Boxer, Waters, Frank, Reid,Dodd…and I thought all the cartoon characters were at DISNEY! And these people have the AUDACITY to ridicule and make fun of a person like PALIN?! LUNATICS ARE FINALLY RUNNING THE ASSYLUM. LETS GO HERITAGE! YOU HAVE THE POWER AND THE VOICE! TIME TO GET PROACTIVE! IT IS NO LONGER ENOUGH TO JUST TALK ABOUT IT…TIME TO PLAN OUR FUTURE WITH YOU IN THE LEAD! IF WE GO…YOU GO…AND WE DON'T WANT THAT TO HAPPEN NOW DO WE?

    30. Frank Diani, Goleta says:

      Why hasn't "the government" akja these days known as Mr. O… gathered a "competent" team of its undersea and oceanographic experts, NOAA engineers, Navy submarine experts, deep submersibles experts etc. etc and maybe even NASA engineers etc. to generate a coherent approach to solving this problem? In conjunction with – or if necessary – without BP's sompliance?

    31. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      Hold on to you hat, and look at – U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time


    32. David VanNorman Wind says:

      I feel the Obama govt is dragging their feet so as to make this an environmental disaster to make another set of victims They want to bring this country to it's knees.

    33. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      He's right. We don't need another incompetent President like Jimmy Carter. We need

      a strong, competent leader, like Ronald Reagan. If this had happened on Reagan's watch, he would have had the Coast Guard down in the Gulf quicker than you could say "Well, there you go again, Mr. President." Bush may not have been perfect. The

      Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989, was bad. Katrina was worse. The Deepwater Explorer

      blowout is 10-20x worse. I just heard that if they don't cap it, if they can't cap it, then

      it would take not weeks, not months, but years, before the oil's exhausted. Then again, if this had happened on Bush's watch, the Democrats, and the media, would have spun it as to how the Republicans are in the pocket of BIG OIL. To quote Steve

      Martin, "Well, excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me!"

      Say what? Who's in the pocket of BIG OIL? The Republicans? No, NOT the Republicans! Contrary to what the media says, and popular opinion, it's actually the Democrats. Democrats got more money from BP, and other oil companies, in the last election cycle than Republicans. To paraphrase Louis in Casablanca, "I'm

      shocked! Shocked that the Democrats want to use this to bludgeon the Republicans!"

    34. Bernard P. Giroux, F says:

      The incompetence of the Federal Government in this crisis should give pause to every American citizen to understand how medical care and cap and trade will be managed in this country. Obamacare needs to be repealed and cap and trade needs to be crushed before it rises to the surface. In November, all citizens eligible to vote should, in my opinion, vote out any incumbent Democrat and other anti-business, pro union legislators and replace them with anyone who has common sense and the will to overcome this political trash that is running this country at present.

    35. Bernard P. Giroux, F says:

      A little company called Absorbent Corp. tried in the early 1990's to overcome the polyethylene crowd and substitute cellulose fiber based absorbents to handle spills of hazardous materials. Only now, years later, is the government waking up to the fact that this little known company may have the answer to handling a major spill such as the Gulf spill. Another example of bureaucratic indifference and lobbying power only waking up after a major catastrophe which they cannot handle. It's like people dying in a war before they really learn how to fight. Everyone in this country has to wake up to the damage that big government has caused in our lifetimes with over regulation and lack of accountability. The government needs to answer to its people, not the other way around, as the Progressives would have us do.

    36. Arvid Myhre says:

      "and the beat goes on" and on and on and on. I really don't understand why people expect anything positive from this presidency. The people of America voted an idiot into office so why would you expect anything positive and thoughtful to come from this administration. We are stuck with a total incompetent until the next election and hopefully then, we will do better as voters.

    37. Bill Ballou Williams says:

      The essence of the problem is the lack of clear ownership. If the Government owns the property, the Government has the responsibility to solve the problem. If BP owns the property, then BP (or its assignees) is responsible. Property rights have been blurred because of regulation. Solution: sell, not lease, the sites and respect the owner's right to drill or not drill, hold the property or sell it to another owner. Require that property rights are clear and respected. Hold owners fully responsible for actions they take.

    38. Frederick J Scheffle says:

      The birds and bunnies, the wetlands and marshes and the people of rural Louisiana never stood a chance.

      The shrimping industry, pristine beaches and healthy bayous went on the ‘disappearing” species list when the first atom of hydrocarbon was released into the marine environment. Proven innovative technologies and resources existed that could have effectively mitigated what is now an inevitable disaster. These were never considered for deployment.

      REF 40 CFR Ch. I (7–1–03 Edition)

      (g) Sorbents. ) EPA does not require technical product data submissions for sorbents and does not include sorbents on the NCP Product Schedule.

      Even a cursory investigation will confirm that organic materials that could have prevented oil from being absorbed into the beaches and marshes had been specifically and continually ignored by the EPA. They have been routinely dismissed by DOD. The record will confirm that there are proven marine organic sorbents which should have been incorporated into the spill response plan long before this cataclysm. If these materials were available and deployable as a part of the defense in depth of the shorelines, the scope of this irreversible environmental holocaust would have been dramatically reduced. .

      How did we get here?

      The chain of events began in 1984 when, incorporated as the law of the land in the RCRA, Congress enacted prohibitions crafted to protect constituent business interests that would have been threatened by the expanded use and availability of organic sorbents. Faulty and Indefensible scientific conclusions that would have embarrassed even a first year high school biology student were cited as justification to bar the use of innovative organic oil sorbents. Ten years later, after a body of irrefutable evidence could no longer be ignored; the erroneous scientific claims were exposed and finally publicized. However, at this point, further bureaucratic impediments were created to insure that responsible government agencies were not held accountable. The EPA was not compelled to openly evaluate, qualify and record the performance of sorbent materials.

      No standard means there is no accountability.

      1. In 1991 Environment Canada recognized the potential of organic sorbents and, with representatives of both Canada and the US, developed a uniform sorbent testing protocol. Contrary to pronouncements of commitment to GREEN responsibility, the EPA ignored any testing or qualification of sorbent materials. Independent comparative testing, using the standards of developed by Environment Canada and a matter of public record, confirmed the superior performance and retention of organic sorbents versus the synthetic materials commonly is use both then and now by agencies and activities of the federal government.

      2. The EPA created a Product List in the National Contingency Plan that specifically excludes by statute the inclusion of any evidence qualifying the performance of marine spill response sorbent materials

      3. The acquisition practices of the DLA (Defense logistics Agency) have consistently failed to require any uniformly verifiable performance standards for sorbent materials.

      4. Unlike other product categories, the DLA never acknowledged and applied ENAC’s (Environmental Attribute Codes) that would have identified the preferential environmental characteristics of organic Sorbents that the DLA has had on contract for over yen years.

      5. The Spill Response Protocols of the United States Navy minimizes the role of sorbents and relegates sorbent materials to the discretion of individual installations defining them as “consumables”.

      6. The DON has no method to qualify either the performance of or dissemination of the performance of marine sorbents. The DON specifically refrains from directing the use of any specific sorbent products and has no standardized quality or performance standards.

      7. The United States Navy ignored a recommendation for expanded use Navy wide, based on the successful protection of a beach endangered by 1000 gallon diesel , to evaluate an oiliophilic ( attracts oil) and hydrophobic (repels water) cellulose sorbent that had been applied as a free particulate.

      The end result?

      Even now as oil that could have been trapped is oozing into what had been pristine beaches and fragile ecosystems, no action is being taken to address the fact that a solution still exists to prevent further environmental devastation, .

    39. ONTIME says:

      This entire adminstration shows a definite dearth of leadership and the economic straits being suffered by the business world is a solid indication of this whirlwind of confusion.

    40. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Incompetency and inadequacy rule from the top (Obama) down (EPA). All washington is good for is finding ways to spend and tax, over and over. Obama is doing great work ruining America!

      Why must we suffer the "slings and arrows" of such fools?

    41. David Bess, Carson C says:

      It seems that a great deal is being made of "who is responsible" not how to solve the problem.

      We are trying to crusify an industry that is vital to our country and has given us many years of safe oil production. Do you beleive that the oil industry chose to take on deep water wells when they could provide all the oil we need from wells on dry land or shallow water? No, they were forced into this by our over zelous environmentalist. The blame for this tragedy was put into place decades ago to quite the screams of the environmentalist extremist. The same fools that have cost us our steel industry, lumber industry, and so many more. The zelots that are one of the main reasons that manufacturing has elected to move off shore.

      With the "greatest enviormental disaster " at hand what has all of the over regulation accomplished. We just got all of the pollution in one package, truely a monumental problem that would have never happened if we were allowed to explore and drill within the boarders of America and the shallow water surrounding our country.

      I can only hope that we learn from this and face the future with moderation in our decissions. This is not the last time this will happen,matbe not an oil spill but some other type of man-made disaster, but maybe with a common sense approach we can satisfy the true enviormental needs coupled with rational uses of our natural resources. Only by doing this can we bring back the American Dream.

    42. Pepe Ut says:

      My thinking is that all he cares about getting the Mexican's out off the country but he for got to take care of the Gulf of Mexico. Now we have this massive oil spill all over the ocean and our Beautiful beach's are getting damage, This President need to leave the White House and give it to some one how cares about country at about him self and fame, And we should still be United whit Israel GOD'S People,

    43. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      The Deepwater Horizon oil spill situation is a showcase of how such Statist politicians and bureaucrats as Obama and his accomplices will simultaneously opportunistically and duplicitously "milk" everybody and everything for all the power and money they can grab (think Rahm Emmanuel and his “Never let a crisis go to waste; What I mean by that is it’s an opportunity to do what you couldn’t do before”) including through their antics and machinations which make a bad situation worse for the same purpose.

      Indeed such politicians and bureaucrats as Obama and his accomplices have already made such a bad situation, or "crisis", even worse through their not following and enforcing the regulations already on the books and, at the same time, through their demagoguing and pandering to only too conveniently and misleadingly target any business as "the bad guy" so that they can grab more power and money through more regulations, fines, or even government take-overs of any businesses, and any other schemes they can come up with.

      Oh, and of course such Statist politicians and bureaucrats as Obama and his accomplices won't let our Constitution and any facts stop them, including the fact that BP was a major contributor to such as Obama's campaign for President, and, lo and behold, BP “just happened” to get favors which didn't exactly help prevent this "crisis" and its' consequences which also "just happen" to be "not wasted" by such as Obama and his accomplices in their quest for ever more power and money, at the actual expense of both us, the American people, and the environment!

    44. Billie says:

      what's the hold-up, Mr. President? Your failure passed the safety standards of this rig, that KILLED 11 LIVES, yet you do nothing but talk. Your immediate action should be to Governor Jindahl. And all those that CAN DO FOR THEMSELVES. Quit stalling AND FIX!

    45. Leith Wood Richmond, says:

      My prayers and hopes are with Governor Jindahl. Forget asking Obama and Washington for help or permission. Go ahead and use hay or any other ..damn thing you think might work. Government does not know how to keep it simple nor does it want to do so.

    46. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      And he is going to Chicago for a vacation, BHO does not care about any of us, I would not be surprised to find that the rig was sabotaged, BHO does not really want off shore drilling, this happened too soon after he gave in. there are many sources that could be drilled we just need to do it, we also need to improve our refineries. this should have been done yesterday. Nov. cannot come too soon, make him a lame duck and start taking our country back, and in 2012 finish the job.

    47. Jim, Reno NV says:

      You have to wonder, if Governor Jindahl were a Democrat, would the requests for booms and the permits to construct the barrier islands be acted upon more quickly. The Governor may be a serious contender for President someday, and it appears that politics again raises its ugly head in the midst of a terrible disaster for the Gulf and the hard working people of Louisiana.

    48. Susan Tn. says:

      All points to intentional lack of command. They aren't collectively that stupid. I'm sure they're busy taking every advantage of the "crisis". I put nothing past them. This administration lacks adult supervision!

    49. Mark Davis, M.D. Bel says:

      And the loser is America. Incapacitated by Constitutional dementia Obama and his left of the left staff live in a surrealistic environment that does not permit reality to enter. As a result the Obama you see daily has no time for the Nation. He is to busy snuggling with celebs, sports figures, the wealthy and anyone else who elevates his positions. His positions are not wrong but delusional. The Gulf Coast catastrophe is the largest environment hazard in the history of America. Yet, the response by Obama was to deny his own army corps of engineers permits to build island barriers and protective areas for marshlands, deficit the needed manpower by the coast guard and directly inhibit his own departments from taking control over this disaster. Perhaps he should seen a herd of lawyers down there to sue anyone who wants to fix the problem. One message I can state clearly is the delusional will still vote for him by I wouldn't and did not. He is a true demon of democracy. comment at platosrun@yahoo.com or demonsof democracy@gmail.com or twitter.com/demonsdemocracy

    50. bigdave ocala fl says:

      Follow the money! It was BP who gave Obama a boatload of money for his campaign. It is BP's well which exploded just a few weeks after Obama's announcement he wanted to start drilling(intelligent people knew that was a lie). BP refuses to accept and implement ideas from those experienced in oil leaks and cleanups…ignored at the request of Obama administration maybe? You scratch mine I'll scratch yours…maybe? The world now knows the Obama administration's feelings and need for one crisis after another…coincidence of events? And people even died !…and no mention of these people either…were they all white guys? You know, like the flood in Nashville, where MORE people died, virtually ignored by the White House AND the MEDIA because it was a mostly WHITE area? NAW, there aint nothin goin on now is there?

    51. Marilyn Flowers, Ral says:

      This evil president is purposely stalling about giving help to the Gulf states. His is a Cloward-Piven strategy to further destroy the American economy. This will result in more & more persons having to depend on the government for just basic living. The object of the game is for complete government control of all Americans' lives. Stalin, Hitler, Hugo Chavez, Castro, and other dictators are "green" with envy at how quickly this person and his communist czars are accomplishing the destruction of the Constitution and our country.

    52. American Citizen , S says:

      After several failed attempts to submit an idea to BP (online) , simply thought I'd post one here .

      I'm suggesting that BP pump liquid Nitrogen at a level approx. 30 meters below the opening of the submerged wellhead , then resume their 'capping' method .

      The liquid Nitrogen should solidify the crude long enough to interrupt the pressure flow , thus enabling capping-off process to occur .

    53. Hazel, UK says:

      This should be headline on US news

    54. Pingback: BizzyBlog

    55. Sergio Romero, Chesa says:

      President Obama has demonstrated that he is not only the MOST NEGATIVELY RADICAL president ever, but also THE MOST INCOMPETENT President in history. He has demonstrated that he was never fit for the job of President of the USA. Most of what he has done has been DISASTROUS: the Ineffectual closing of Guantanamo, the Failed Stimulus, the Inadequate Takeover of the Auto Industry, the IRRESPONSIBLE Trillion Dollar increase of the National Debt, the TYRANNICAL Health Care law he forced on everyone, the Tyrannical Takeover of ALL the Student Loans he also forced on everyone, the Misguided response to the New Arizona Law, and now the INCOMPETENCY of his response to the BP disaster.

      On the scale of 1 to 10, I give him a 3. President Obama's greatest accomplishments so far have been: 1. Getting Elected as the First African-American President in History. This was without a question Mr. Obama's Greatest accomplishment. 2. His Gift of Public Speaking. and 3. His Beautiful Family. He has a Pretty Wife and Beautiful Daughters.

    56. Arthur Hill, Saint P says:

      I have to ask myself how long it would have taken for the Democrats to be asking for Bush to step down, or for impeachment charges to be presented(?), The "Main Stream Media" would have been dealing out the "garbage" they usually spout. A myriad of Special Investigations would have followed to propel Bush from office. But now, with what has been demonstrated so far by President Barrack Hussein Obama, I wonder if anyone will suggest that maybe he is asked to step down. It appears that he is not sure what his "job description" is! He seems to be pointed about 180 degrees off course, or at least out of phase with America. He does not have this Great Country's good will at heart! Impeachment sounds good to me!

    57. Linda, Louisiana says:

      Our President, who was elected by individuals that could not see through this candidate and believed Change was good, does not know how to act on a crisis situation. God help us all, if he is faced with a decision in an emergency situation that would endanger the entire U.S, population. It takes him forever to make a decision, except in the case of the Arizona "law" which he was so quick to criticize without even reading it. This man is "out in left field" — no, he is not even in the ball park. Some action needs to be taken to remove this man, who is destroying our Nation, from office.

    58. Ron says:

      Where are the oil skimmers? http://bestcreditrepair23.com

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