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  • Back to the Border

    The President has announced he plans to send up to 1,200 troops to the border with Mexico, a move that prompts many questions.

    Sending troops to the border makes sense, when it makes sense—in other words, if it is an appropriate, effective, and efficient use of military manpower. In 2006, President Bush sent over 6,000 troops to the border to assist in the build-up of the Border Patrol. Some National Guard units routinely deploy to the border in support of state and federal authorities as part of annual training duties.

    Whether this announced deployment fits into the category of makes sense is difficult to tell. There are few details available. In addition, in terms of the overall security of the border it is difficult to see how these forces would make a strategic difference. The border with Mexico is almost 2,000 miles long. The US government already has over 20,000 border patrol agents. Given that many soldiers in a military unit are support and command personnel and the unit has to operate 24 hours a day (requiring shift work), at best the deployment of 1,200 will a few hundred soldiers on the border at any one time.

    The deployment also does not seem to square with remarks by Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano that in recent Congressional testimony that the border is more secure than it has ever been. “I say this again, as someone who has walked that border, ridden it, flown it and driven it,” Napolitano said. “I believe it is as secure as it ever has been.”

    This move also does not square with the president’s desire for an amnesty bill. Amnesties only encourage more illegal entry.

    A draft amnesty proposal that the White House supports claims it will secure the border and enforce immigration and work place laws first. But there is serious reason to doubt the administration’s resolve including recent efforts demonize Arizona for attempting to deal with massive flooding people unlawfully present in the state.

    Hopefully, this deployment is a serious effort to help make the border secure and not just for show. We won’t know until we get more facts.

    Even if this deployment makes sense it will not solve the problem of broken borders and a failed immigration system. There is no silver bullet other than policies that make sense.

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    27 Responses to Back to the Border

    1. West Texan says:

      Although a small contingent, I applaud Obama for the second time, the first was when he was senator. Such a move is the right course. Assigning the military to help control our compromised southern border is an appropriate use of defense resources.

      The first time Obama did something right in my book was as a senator. He correctly supported the rights of Katrina victims by voting to block the confiscation of personal firearms. For a proven socialist, Obama does confuse me at times.

    2. Joe Bean says:

      For Afghanistan we ca send out 100,000 troops. For our own country we can merely spare 1,200.

      Shell game.

    3. stirling, Pennsylvan says:

      Seems more like a knee-jerk reaction to the whole arizona law situation, and seems to always be less then needed (which the administration has done in the past with afganistand 9 months late.). Since the administration has been called out as soft on the border it's clear they don't want to be bothered by it, but have to send something as close to nothing as possible.

    4. jdalabama says:

      Strange how this occured out of nowhere immediately after Obama's behind closed doors meeting with the RNC earlier in the day.

      I suspect some deal was reached, a few guardsmen to the border in exchange for tolerating some degree of amnesty?

    5. Dennis Social Circle says:

      To little to late!!!!!!!

    6. Peter - IL says:

      I wonder if there were 10,000 Muslim extremists crossing our borders everyday day, who are committed to rendering our country to economic rubble, what would the President do? Would this administration send a poultry 1200 soldiers to stop them while these extremists are killing hundreds of Americans intended to make our country their country? At least he's consistent. Do you think Allah could give him some advice?

      We must remember people, for better or for worse he is our President and he was elected by the voting majority of the American people.

    7. jerry betts, Garland says:

      One has to wonder what troop authority will be – will they be locked an loaded, and authorized to fire? Doubtful.

      An article by an Israeli who had reason to know suggested that fences only work when they are accompanied by interdiction – meaning shooting infiltrators. We have repeatedly made it evident that we have no intention of doing that.

      2000 miles of border with soldiers running up and down yelling stop or I'll call the Border Patrol, doesn't inspire fear or even generate negative incentive.

      If we are not willing to do what it takes, why not send the girl scouts? Or the EPA?

    8. George LaCrosse, Wis says:

      I believe the view of the presidant's actions of sending 1200 troops to the border to help stop the violance and illegal imigration is wrong.

      My view is that he sent the troops there, to help prevent Arizona and other states considering the same action that Arizona adopted, from sending the illegals and more violent criminals back across the border.

      The additional troops that are being sent, will have no personal engagement with those crossing the border or committing violent acts, but will instead only furnish intel according to some reports to the border patrol. I believe they will also(And what I feel is their true purpose) provide intel for the administration in knowing how to twort the efforts of the states like Arizona, in planning and sending illegals and others back across the border.

      Anything that the administration can do to stop Arizona and other states from upholding not only federal but also state laws regarding illegal imigration, it will from what I've seen certainly do!

    9. Rick Cvitanich, Foun says:

      Once again we see how inept our federal government really is to respond to any situation. 1200 troops is merely putting a band aid on a situation that is cancerous . Hey Mr. President try doing something right for once. Shut down the border first, then figure out what your going to do with 12 million illegal's already roaming the United States. The Presidents Homeland Security efforts are a joke. When not one high ranking member in his administration can only comment on Arizona’s Senate Bill 1070, and slam the bill. “which was modeled after the federal law” and then when questioned, if they had read the bill. Then answering “no” just goes to show how incompetent this administration really is.

    10. Jonelle Marie Mades says:

      I don't remember the persons name, but someone on Fox News this AM stated that many of these troops would be filling desk jobs rather than actually being on the border, watching for illegal crossings.

    11. Trey, Texas says:


      I thought Governors could control and deploy their states' National Guard troops to whereever their state needs them, unless the President needs them some place else? For example, if the President hasn't called on the National Guard to be deployed in say Afghanistan, I thought Governors could deploy their states' National Guard to their border with Mexico (using Southern States as examples).

    12. James Kuykendall, so says:

      This is just a ploy so the Obama administration can say it has secured the borders and is now ready for a comprehensive immigration plan, which will include the proposal to legalize 20 million undocumentd democrats, who will immediately apply to sponsor 80 million relatives into the United States, 90 percent of whom will be then be expected to vote democrat.

      That is exactly what happened in 1986, in spite of all the guarantees by the democrats, the landscaping companies, etc.

      The first thing that must be done is to put the Border Patrol back in the interior of the United States and enforce our existing immigration laws.

      The democrats who applauded Calderon's speech against our fellow citizens in Arizona need to apologize to the American people and then get voted out of office.

    13. j - Iowa says:

      This move is half-hearted at best, though probably more condescending in my view. The president has shown little concern for individual or States' rights. He consistently places focus on advancing his socialist goals using the favor of a select few groups.

      A lone dead rancher, a few random kidnappings, or thousands of foreigners put into virtual slave labor don't warrant the concern of this president. They simply aren't politically organized enough to be anything other than statistics. The president is unnerved at the reality of the individual and pushes on with his crazy socialist dreams with the aloofness of a king.

      Simply put, the 1200 troops are nothing more than a bone thrown to the media so they can't say he has tried to do anything about the dire situation in the Southwest.

    14. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      the potus can send in troops, He CANNOT send in the Nat'l. Guard unless the Gov.tate asks, remember Katrina, La Gov. DID NOT ask for the guard and that caused a problem. To do so would upsurp State rights. There is a lot of scandal brewing and if I am right these will amke the Clinton and Nixon problems look like child play, we need to be patient BUT stay aware. No good deed goes unpunished.

    15. Rudi Bracaglia, MD says:

      I agree whole heartedly with those who say this is nothing more than a PR ploy to silence Obama's critics. 1200 troops across 2000 miles of border is like using a drinking glass to put out a burning building – not going to happen. As for the comments that state Obama is our President so we have to respect his position and, by the majority of the people, he was elected? Yes he was elected but by a very narrow majority ( and like Bernard Goldberg, I think we have the media to thank for that). Obama is more than just a socialist – he is a very real threat to the American people since he seems content to let those who wish us the most harm to come into the country without so much a batted eye. Pray for November, and thank you for keeping my hope alive :D

    16. gopack says:

      Napolitano is a hack and the decision to send 1200 troops to the border is a joke. Lets talk about his removal of 3,000 earlier this year…

    17. Walt Lueth Midland, says:

      If we cannot secure our border with Mexico what prevents other illegal nationals from entering our country over that border? I would bring enough military to really patrol the border. I would notify the people on the Mexican side of the border that effective at a certain date anyone enering the U.S. at other than a legal border crossing would be shot on sight. After a week or two and a few thousand illegal being killed they would stop comming in that way.

    18. Carol, AZ says:

      Jeanne from VA you are very confused over the issue of the power of the Federal Gov't.

      The Commander and chief of the USA ,i.e Pres Obama

      is indeed enpowered to send troops any where in the world deemed necessary.

      Here in our oun country for the safety and security of all of America we have been asking for Obama to do just that FOR MONTHS.

      But here's where it get sticky:

      If we in AZ place our National Guard on the border ordered by our Gov. we have to pay for it.

      If the Federal Gov't who's primary responsibility is to protect the security of all borders of our country

      orders-in the troops we all get to pay the bill.

      Since we have been fighting this battle for some time

      with a full blown drug war on our border we are

      flat as broke in AZ.

      And if you have not heard

      the USA is trillion of dollar in debt bailing out

      all those forturne 500 deal brokers.

      Like you, our Pres. has also asked us to wait and wait.

      However while doing so what has been with-held from you

      in VA and all other upper 49 states

      is the clear proof we had for months that persons crossing here are representative of every major terrorist county in the world.

      And unaccoutable number have already gotten in.

      Of those interdicted by border agents it reads like a who's who from a terroist manifesto..

      So while Obama 's and Pres. Calderon had their recent love feast held in the White House Rose Garden last week

      and Pres. Calderon the leader of a Dictatorship

      lectured us all on American law you can just bet that sent

      a clear message to the rest of the world. I'll let you decide what that was.

      1200 troops sent as a token whos' recent marching orders have been

      to "do paper work" by our own Commander and chief

      , and not help the under-manned border agents who do this exceedingly dangerous work for all of us also sent a clear message.

      you may understand this token is

      spit in the wind here in AZ with over 2000 miles of border bordering a foreign country. .

      But I did forgot one major talent he seems to have announcing today

      he will also take the responsibility to solve the problem of B.P.'s oil

      gushing into the Gulf Coast.

      One of his magical powers IF we all wait long enough, will be

      to watch him walk on water without getting his feet stained.

      OR maybe he can turn dead sea life into pascos.

      We will all have to wait an see since we are All looking for a miracle to fix this pervasive problem.

      AND if you have any spare cash we in AZ are now accepting private donations which we will put towands finishing the fence since those funds were also cancelled.

    19. Dave, Ohio says:

      "Up to 1,200 National Guard" are not nearly enough. It's a joke, really. This is not even enough to cover the border of Arizona, let alone the rest of the border between the United States and Mexico. The National Guard troops sent to the border will not even have the power to enforce the immigration laws. They won't be able to do anything other than watch the invasion. Obama has proven that, like Bush before him, he has absolutely no interest in controlling our southern border. We don't need immigration reform. We need law enforcement! Illegal is illegal. If someone is in our country illegally, they have no right except the right to go back where they came from.

    20. Robert Smith, P.E. says:

      I was suspicious of the administrations motives for this move when I heard about it. No doubt that there is a political motive behind it. Maybe Obama and McCain will appear in commercial on the border together.

    21. Ronald Hollis, Clark says:

      I'm still waiting to see the red carpet to be rolled out inviting Osama Bin Laden to the White House. These people have done more harm to this country than any war in our past. It's only a matter of time until we are running for our lives!

    22. Wally New Baden says:

      Our education system has really failed us here and it's evident everytime we listen to the debate or observe a demonstration. So, to the basics. First, what does the law really say about entering this country and what is/are the processes to do that? If the "rule of law" (which is continually touted) is in fact the "rule of law," and the processes to enter into this country aren't followed, it seems pretty elementary about whether someone is legal or illegal (forget about those with doctoral credentials spewing the gray areas). Unfortunately, we no longer spend time in our schools (all levels) educating our students about this. Second, what is the responsibility of the govt of Arizona to its' citizens? If the federal government fails to takes the actions it is by law supposed to take, should the AZ citizens stand by and watch their fellow Arizonians killed so some political utopia/agenda can be realized (whatever that may be)? Arizona should be applauded it has chosen to enforce a law the federal government ignores. So, it would be wonderful if our education system spent as much time delving into issues such as this as it does worryng about whether or not someone gives someone a hug in school (remember Mascoutah, IL? National attention for a hug). One last comment with regards to sending the National Guard anywhere in the world. Until such time they are put on a Title X status, they cannot be deployed in the manner inferred in some other comments. There's that legal process again.

    23. fresno ca says:

      ;;;;You Ask How Many People Cross Our Borders ILLEGALLY;; This I Do Not Know;;I Do Know That Going Back To 1989,,I Was In BELIZE;;AKA. BRITISH HONDURAS;;QUATAMALA,,,Ect,Central America;;At This Time I BEFRENDED NUMEROUS BRITISH SPECAL FORCES STATIONED In BELIZE;Equiped with JUMP JETS & HEAVY Armour,, The WHOLE BANANA;;At That Time I Was Informed By These BRITISH Military Forces Officers That Our CIA,,,Was Picking Up The TAB;AKA; Paying For The Operation For Their Services; Back When {BEFORE CASTROS} Were Only Costing .50c Per Drink,, Aka. CUBRA LIBRE;;;;;;RUM & COKE:::::I Was A HIGH ROLLER, Buying Rounds For 6 Of My British MATES;; My Tab $3.00 US Per Round,.

      My BELICAN Non PASTEURIZED Locol Beer Was $1.00 US.;;DIAHREA No Extra Charge;;

      The Point Of This Story Is That CHINESE Were Comming Down From South AMERICA, STOPPING In BELIZE Paying The BELIZEAN GOVERMENT $25.000 CASH For A Belizean PASSPORT;;Anouther $1.000 US. To Have Said PASSPORT STAMPED By The MEXICAN CUSTOMS At The Crossing At The River DIVIDING MEXICO & BELIEZE;; ToThe MEXICAN CUSTOMS In Mexicos Defence,The GOVERMENT Did Come In & IMPRISON The Customs Officials For Taking The MORDITA..From The Chinese.;;MEXICO IS VERY<<<VERY STRICT On People Who Are Found To Be Without Proper DOCUMENTS;;TO MY Surprise'' No TELLING HOW MANY PEOPLE From Around The WORLD SLIDE THROUGH The SYSTEM That Are In AMERICA To FREELOAD;;Or Do Our COUNTRY DAMAGE,,Like The CURRENT TRAITOROUS LENINIST In WASHINGTON: AUTHOR;;copyright pending; Carl Nelson;

    24. Stanley Newman Ander says:

      I live in Indiana and even I can see that 1200 is not nearly enough for just Arizona let alone the whole border.Obama and his administration have no intention of sealing our borders, everything they do is meant to destroy our country not protect it.I wonder if we will still be a free country by 2012.As a disabled veteran watching what this administration is doing to our country makes me sick.

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    26. Tim Dickinson Tx. says:

      1200 troops and a law suit against Arizona. A party and a platform for the president of Mexico to criticize one of our United States who dares to protect herself (and the rest of us) from his people fleeing his corrupted country in droves; A congress who applauds Calderon's speech, including a critique of our 2nd amendment right! a 5 to 4 "victory" to allow (?) us to maintain that right! Yet another supreme court nominee who would surely help to steal that "victory". Every day brings another incredible revelation about this insane administration. Thugs at best, representing only the worst of America with their crazy notions! A Commander in Chief who sits idle while foreign drug lords set up camp in Arizona. I bet we have real military folks about to crawl out of their skin waiting for permission to wipe those vermin from the face of the earth. Last thought…isn't the supreme court avowed to uphold the constitution of the United States? How is 5 to 4 a victory? Unless we had amended the constitution I would have thought it would be a unanimous decision. I am no legal scholar but the way I see it some of these "justices" need to be removed from the bench…if not tried for treason.

    27. Rick says:

      , Hello,

      I just want to point out that sending troops to the border is possible using Army Reserve and National Guard Troops of different MOS’s for training purposes. In 1989, Ohio rotated National Guard Troops on two and three week tours to Honduras for training. I performed security for my Squad and moved equipment and other materials in 5-ton dump trucks in the mountains near Camp Castle etc. I was part of the Ohio Army National Guard 372nd Engineer Battalion. The overall mission that went on for several years was all part of the war on Drugs and Terrorism. You can find Information on the net about troops in Honduras. My point is if we can go to Honduras in 1989 in the name of training and the war on drugs and terror, why, can we not defend our own borders with our own troops in the same name! Also, the activation to Honduras was overshadowed by Desert Storm in 1990 sending my unit to undertake new training for Desert Storm. And of course we all know what happens after that! Just some thoughts!



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