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  • Morning Bell: The Buck Stops Nowhere

    According to best estimates, the collapsed Deepwater Horizon oil rig is pumping about 210,000 gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico every day. But don’t worry, President Barack Obama has appointed an “independent” commission to investigate the spill. Our federal government will post an estimated $1.5 trillion budget deficit this year, and our debt is projected to equal 140 percent of gross domestic product within two decades. But don’t worry, President Obama has appointed a debt commission to solve the problem. Our nation’s southern border has degenerated into a violent, lawless and lethal zone. But don’t worry, Congress wants to empower a new commission to control the problem. And millions of Americans don’t know whether or not their health plan will be exempted from Obamacare. But don’t worry, faceless bureaucrats at the Department of Health and Human Services are already hard at work determining whether or not you will be allowed to keep your current health insurance.

    Is this any way to run a country? Should the President of the United States be passing off responsibility to “independent” commissions? Should Congress be passing off responsibility for securing our nation’s borders to an unaccountable commission of experts? How is any of this consistent with our nation’s First Principles or the United States Constitution? It’s not. The authors of our Constitution never meant to create a federal government with the power to force you to buy health insurance, let alone one where it would be unelected bureaucrats who determine what type of health insurance you could buy.

    Our Founding Fathers specifically created a Constitution dividing the legislative, executive and judicial functions of government into three branches so that the separation of these powers would limit the size and scope of the federal government. Americans would know who to punish for bad policies at the ballot box because it would be clear who was responsible for creating and enforcing them. But that is very obviously not the system we have today. Our federal government has devolved into an incomprehensible mish-mash of alphabet soup government agencies and commissions that no one American could possibly understand. Why is our country in this state? What happened?

    The Progressive movement happened. Hillsdale College Associate Professor of Political Science Ronald Pestritto explains:

    For the American pioneers of the administrative state–the Progressives of the late 19th and early 20th centuries–this older, limited understanding of government stood in the way of the policy aims they believed the state ought to pursue in a world that had undergone significant evolution since the time of the Founding. They believed that the role of government, contrary to the perceived ahistorical notion of Founding-era liberalism, ought to adjust continually to meet the new demands of new ages. As Woodrow Wilson wrote in The State, “Government does now whatever experience permits or the times demand.”

    It is the Progressives’ desire to free bureaucratic agencies from the confines of politics and the law that allows us to trace the origins of the administrative state to their political thought. The idea of separating politics and administration–of grounding a significant portion of government not on the basis of popular consent but on expertise–was a fundamental aim of American Progressivism and explains the Progressives’ fierce assault on the Founders’ separation-of-powers constitutionalism. It was introduced into the United States by Progressive reformers who had themselves learned the principle from what was then the “cutting edge” theory of history and the state developed in 19th century Germany.

    President Barack Obama, Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) are the modern heirs of the Progressive campaign to eviscerate the rule-of-law-based limited government envisioned by the U.S. Constitution and replace it with an expert-ruled European welfare state. Everything this regime has done since assuming power (TARP, the Presidential Task Force on Autos, Obamacare, EPA global warming regulations) empowers unaccountable expert committees and commissions. Commenting on Congress’ new immigration commission, Rutgers University political science professor Ross Baker told The Washington Post: “It’s the ultimate expression for the need for political cover.” Enough cover. It’s time Washington is held accountable.

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    60 Responses to Morning Bell: The Buck Stops Nowhere

    1. Matthew Fuhrman, Yor says:

      I am totally at a loss for words. The President of the United States takes an oath of office that states, "and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States." Every action this President has taken is a direct violation of the oath of office. President Obama has done absolutely NOTHING to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution." He has gone out of his way to apologize for our actions taken based on Constitutional principles. I really want to know why this man has not been brought up on charges of treason and impeached. Why has the Supreme Court not stopped the unconstitutional legislation that has been passed? Why has congress not used their power to stop all of these commissions? Does no one in power love or value freedom and liberty first and foremost anymore? If other countries are so great, then LEAVE. Go to Venezuela, Canada, France, Great Britain, or anywhere else you think is so much better and leave my country and my Constitution alone. There are far more of us who love this country and the history that has made us the greatest nation in the world than those who despise, ridicule, and condemn every action that doesn't fit into their progressive utopia. Just leave and take Obama with you.

    2. Mary Ellen Rawliniti says:

      Has anyone realized that our current government is out to destroy our country?

    3. Larry Vazzana says:

      It would appear as though Obama is still voting "present".

    4. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      If we are intelligent enough in November 2010 and again in 2012, and have kicked out all the miserable, anti-American Progressives, we will be facing an America in shambles caused by their destructiveness.

      It will be akin to the shambles faced by Europe after the Second World War, except there will not be a benevalent country to help us rise out of the ashes!

      We can do it; but, we will have to have the will to do it alone. And it will never happen if the likes of Obama, Reid and Pelosi are still sitting in Washington, DC. All other Progressives in Washington, in education, in religion and in local and state governments also need to be sent packing because they are the metastatic cancerous outgrowths of the central cancer in Washington!

      Let us resolve to return America to its roots in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    5. Tom Berquist, Pennsy says:

      This article and the link provides great insight into the Progressive movement and why it MUST be eradicated from all levels of government and our education system. This movement is the root cause of the threat to the Republic.

    6. MJF, CT says:

      Mr. Obama and his worthless Administration have no idea what they are doing. They prove this everyday sometimes several times a day. At our present rate, the November elections will mean nothing as by that time, Mr. Obama will have infiltrated all of the religions to which there is no escape.

      I have been saying since Mr. Obama was elected, we are traveling EXACTLY parallel to the 1930's when the Nazis took over Germany. Everything is following the time line perfectly. We are a divided Country, the financial system is at risk, we are so far in debt that recovery is almost non-existent, the government is full of no nothings that have absolute power, there are mini-dictators with powers that overstep our laws and Constitution, people are without jobs and homes, people are dependent more and more on the government, everything – I mean EVERYTHING is a racial thing, and our youth is being indoctrinated on a daily basis. All that is left is to control the places of worship and there will be no turning back. Once Mr. Obama has control of the religious strongholds, he will have complete power over us.

      On a lighter side, if Mr. Obama traveled to Arizona and was stopped by the police for speeding, would Mr. Obama have proper papers to show the police?

    7. Joseph Franchella says:

      The majority of this "political philosophy" is indoctrinating our childre from middle school right through to our universities. The radicals from the sixties now sit in all positons of power including the White House. If not stopped now, it will devour all the freedoms that we hold dear.

      The message of Cloward, Piven, and Alinsky are practiced and is obvious to all who have eyes to see and ears to hear, yet few speak out. It is painfully obvious why over 2000 new jobs are being created at the IRS and why the average federal job pays much more than its civilian counterpart.

      Every single postion filled by this administration is from people on the far, far, radical left. Taxpayer money is used to bribe those who would vote against this administrations wishes,bills are passed without ever being read, and obvious to all against the vast majority of the American peoples wishes.

      If I read that this was going on in another country just a few years ago, I would rightly assume that this country was lost in corruption from top to bottom.

      The American people have evrey right to be very fearful of this administration. They have shown that they will stop at nothing to achieve their goals; least of all the constitution which they swore to uphold.

    8. Mary.... WI says:

      Ask George Soros for all the answers as to what the agenda is for the destruction of the USA. I'm convinced he's pulling Obama's puppet strings and is controlling the Democratic party.

    9. Joanne Walczak says:

      Will this Nation wake up? Just reading the article makes me truly

      wonder if we as a people can save our country?

    10. Rob Figliulo, Chicag says:

      Finally someone says it! Conn Carroll aptly describes an urgent need to return to the separation of powers which is a founding principle that even the most ardent Progressive fears to oppose. President Obama must act as an Executive first and manage the government instead of making new laws and "transformative reforms". Look, just enforce the existing law, okay?

    11. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      I, like so many others cannot understand or accept what Obama is doing to our American way of life. This "mish-mash" of government agencies is

      a deliberate attempt by Obama to first of all provide cover, and second

      to distort and confuse. It's the way, he intends to get his agenda passed and into law, before we know hit us. Of course, this is all made possible by his

      complacent lackeys in the left-wing media, that continues refusing to report just

      who and what Obama is. This is not going to be stopped just at the ballot box.

      So much more will have to be done to save this nation.

    12. RennyG Maryland says:

      Why are we waiting for November to vote?? Everyone is saying the things that are happening are not Constitutional. Is anyone doing anything about it or are we "waiting for November 2010 to vote??" This community organizer is behind the senes piling/buying up his voting blocks!!

    13. philip says:

      Our present Obama dictator form of goverment is totaly out of control ,and lack of leadership With no respect for the majority of the american people wishes ,They chose to dictate rule of unconsitutional laws and put goverment over the american people instead of rule of people over goverment . god save america not god save the king we need a big change in Nov. put in a clean house and sen.

    14. William Beckman, Wis says:

      There is a YouTube presentation, showing two Mississippi men cleaning up an oil-in-water mess simply by tossing in hay. The oil clings to the hay, leaving the water clear.

      Instead of appointing commissions with finger-pointing duties, try this overly simple solution. Being overly simple, it should meet the intellectual capacities of Congress.

    15. James A says:

      The dissolution and dilution of leadership is in full swing. The President wants to gave away any issue to some other body; the Congress surrenders gladly its role in policy making, just too busy campaigning to deal with large issues.

      Barry wants to have a good time with parties; the Congress wants to focus on minor issues. Check Rep. Waxman's latest brain storm to ban chewing tobacco [smokeless tobacco] in baseball dugouts.

      Issue such as this are a sign that one elected to Congress and for many terms,

      the brain shrivels and dies. Dead Head Waxman is a worthy respresentative of the District of Fruits and Nuts in California.

      Yet, regrettably, he is not the only one in Congress or in the service of this Imposter, BHO. I note that most of the bad ideas coming from Barry's Administration have been weighed and measured by Harvard grads and faculty.

      Something is desperately wrong with the country the requires us to limit our brain trust to Harvard or Yale or Princeton. If so, perhaps let's split the country into sections, and let the Big 3 govern the East Coast only.

      Or is limiting the ideas to the Big 3 of the East another way to abandon leadership rather than embracing it? Works in a 3-hour seminar but not in the real world.

    16. Sam Larsen says:

      I keep hopoing the Heritage Foundation is more than another conservative Obama bashing think tank. This is the second article I've read. So you are two for two. Would it be too much to ask if you could find some answers instead of painting Obama as the boogie man?

    17. William Beckman, Wis says:

      In a recent YouTube, two men from Mississippi cleaned oil from water by merely tossing chopped hay into the oily water. The oil clung to the hay. When the hay was removed, the water was clear.

      Rather than point fingers at each other through appointed commission, why not try this simple solution? Why, it’s so simple I’me certain this administration and Congress could understand it.

    18. ed, Seattle says:

      PLEASE……this may be a learning moment for the red states…lets' face it, you

      red states along the Gulf of Mexico sold out to BIG OIL a long time ago……so now youv'e "fouled your own nest"……andlooking for someone to blame…….let's blame Obama…….or better yet, the Federal Government…….if that doesn't work…….".shit

      happens" as Ryan Paul would explain.

      Well,why is it that the Northeast and the West didn't buy into offshore drilling?

      Too risky?

      Ryan Pauls' solution is to let BIG OIL self-regulate…….if you buy that bullshit you deserve what you get.


    19. R. M. O'Neill A says:

      May God help us all. We are paving the way to self-destruction.

    20. West Texan says:

      The U.S. Supreme Court is suppose to referee congress and the executive branch regarding their limited powers under the constitution. What happened? Progressive ideologues managed to infiltrate the high court under the guise of constitutional jurisprudence. SCOTUS and its judicial nominees must always promise to return and uphold our government to its federalist standards as outlined by James Madison, et al. Otherwise, why bother having a constitution? We'll just make it up as we go along like England has done for centuries under the Crown.

    21. Bill Sr. Jacksonvill says:

      We can name this oil spill debacle after Nancy Pelosi and the other bureaucrats in congress. Like Obamacare, no one knew for sure what it would look like or how far the coverage would extend until we were blessed with its arrival.

      BP disaster, no! It’s the Bureaucrats & Pelosi petroleum over the seas contingency plan for disaster and community action evaluation. Somewhere in those two thousand pages of Obamacare there might even be coverage for sea life. There are people in their camp who believe animals have the same rights as humans.

      One other thought, have we been offered any help by our Gulf neighbor to the south?

    22. Jeffrey H, Ottawa, O says:

      I watch from Canada a growing administrative bureaucracy in Washington. Writing from the capital of Canada, I do see bureaucracy up close, in a progressive polity (thankfully changing for the better with our present federal Conservative government). This expanding de facto bureaucratic branch of government is nothing but delay, cost, avoidance of action. Appointing another Czar of this or that, appointing another Commission at the appearance of any problem is a strategy destined to fail.

    23. Dwight Baker says:

      Declare Criminal Corporate War BP is the offender.

      By Dwight Baker

      May 24, 2010


      BP is a felon. BP has practiced deception and changed policies and procedures defying the rules of our Federal Government. We the People have had our borders invaded by the oil from the sea floor caused by the Deep Horizon while drilling in the Deep Mississippi trench Gulf of Mexico.

      BP as a company comprised of individuals that have lied about the facts. BP has caused a rift of discontent and shown in words and deeds a frail lack of good will in and around the Gulf bordering states affected.

      Now what would a good man go about doing as our President today—- knowing all those facts as they are— simple, complete with no other matter hanging out that needs discovery?

      Declare Criminal Corporate War against BP, seize all their money that can be found, take in custody to be tired by a Military Tribunal the top 25 BP executives, and then do the same with the BP drilling rig employee’s in charge of operations the day the rig went down. Take in custody the government employee that allowed the vital change in the cementing phase to be changed by BP. Seize all BP software and hardware tools and equipment that comprise assets that are in place and needed to STOP THE OIL AND GAS. Make a call out for All to enlist to aid in the Military effort and then those who will not come as volunteers use the Draft for service in our Special Home Land Security Military Oil and Gas troops. Many needed are employees from companies to do the work of STOPPING THE OIL AND GAS, swear them in and bestow on them ranks in the order of their experience and importance to get the job done NOW.


    24. bigdave ocala fl says:

      Obama is just another Lenin, Stalin, Mao or any other style of a socialist/fascist/communist dictator…unfortunately. History means NOTHING to these people. The fact that others have tried the same systems with devastating effects means NOTHING. They all think Their"s is a better way. And foolish me! I THOUGHT we were protected by our CONSTITUTION and the fact that politicians and MILITARY took an oath to abide by the laws of our Constitution and defend this country from enemies foreign and DOMESTIC!! We won wars against communism and fascism and now BOTH INHABITS OUR WHITE HOUSE AND THE MEDIA with HOLLYWOOD tagging right along! And we the people who have ALL THE POWER…are waiting. This Wednesday, all fast food restaurants are celebrating OBAMA DAY…order anything you like and the guy behind you has to pay for it!

    25. Ken, Atl. says:

      Okay, all well and good. We get it. What is the solution? Who's going to get us there? Last time we went through this we heard; Bush lied, Cheney's evil, WMD?. We got "change." Now we're saying; Obama's bankrupting the country, he's munipulating government, he's soft of immigration, etc. Who do we replace him with? Personally, I think Bush and Obama are very similar. I can't believe I'm saying that after defending Bush all these years.

      Again, who can change this and how? We've heard the critizism. Enough. We NEED solutions. Let's hear those solutions loud and clear. Three years from now I don't want to hear about someone playing footsies or have tickle fights.

      Example: Every time I hear Palin, I hear nails on a chalkboard. She has contributed nothing to the dialogue, only critizism. Clarification: Building a fence is not a solution. Legitimizing a human being is. How do we get there? This one isn't rocket science.

      So far, the only one walking the walk is Christy.

    26. E.P.WOOLLEY,CLEBURNE says:

      Contrary to the desires of many americans,we have lost control of this government.We will see in November whether the American people have succumbed to the socialist state or not.Presently, we do not have the votes for impeachment,nor the will to do so.

    27. Dave, Provo, UT says:

      Did you see yesterday that the NEW UK leaders are planning large cuts to their budget to reduce their spending. No commission to study it, they are just going to do it. This should be the question asked of every prospective and current member of congress and the Obama administration–What cuts are you pushing?

      The Federal Dept. of Bloatification, I mean Education should be reduced to a watch dog role and have no money to dole out to inefficient, nonaccountable school districts. Schools should be locally controlled and funded.

    28. Menelaos Panagiotou, says:

      Well, we wanted change, right? So, we are getting it and a lot of it. Next time when we vote we better use our brains, November 4 is comming let's not lose our memory.

      I did not vote for the Marxist

    29. Brad Kelley, Marylan says:

      It was through the use of these same types of anamorphic administrative agencies that beasts like Hitler and Mussolini perpetuated and expanded their power to subjugate citizens rights and commit heinous atrocities. This isn't about spending. This is about protecting and maintaining liberty, which is something O'Bama is fighting tooth and nail to destroy.

    30. Gini Perdue; Kfalls, says:

      We the people of these United States of America are in deep trouble and we brought it on ourselves. There are no longer Democrats and Republicans, nor is there Liberals and Conservatives. The Liberals are now socialist (Marxists) and the Conservatives are quickly becoming Revelutionists. It's going to get ugly out there folks-and may GOD help us all.

    31. Bill Harbeck, Phoeni says:

      The frustration rests in the inability to inact change. 100 years of chiiping away at the foundation has left us teetering on sand. We are all angry, we are all frustrated, we all agree with the brilliant analysis everyday of truth…turning it back wihtout totally removing the progressive ideology will be a hundred years in the remaking…and considering that the core of progressivism is evil, we need to prepare for the worst…

    32. Ross, Jacksonville, says:

      Goes to show if you elect a person that has no leadership experience and is use to being able to vote present on all decision making situations you have a person in charge that can't but his butt on the line and make hard decisions. We have what the people elected. History shows we learn by our mistakes.

    33. toledofan says:

      Czars, commissions and always somebody to point to so no blame can be put on the administration. It too bad the media can't do it's job and put some heat on Obama and the administration to change. I mean just look at everything from TARP through the oils spill; if a republican had made half of these mistakes, can you believe the onslaught. Just look at the oil spill and the inaction of the interior department, FEMA and Obama himself, there wouldn't be enough nails to nail the republican to the cross. Here is the sad part, even though we are a resilent people hell bent on keeping our freedom, many are suffering needlessly because of this administration action, non actions and ideology. That is the current disaster.

    34. Tommy Gioscia, Bonit says:

      We brought it on ourselves, step by step. It's up to us to undo it step by step. The people we have elected lie their way into office, and then we expect them to swear an oath to preserve protect and defend the constitution.

      The basis for my vote in the future will be "where does the candidate stand on the constitution, not on any specific issues. How has his career demonstrated his word in that regard, and what does he intend to do to restore the principles of this timeless document.

      Our current government officials really don't care for constitutional limitations because they are unaffected by the results of the decisions they make.

      Congress should serve for $1.00 per year, with no benefits. That should separate the wheat from the chaff. That was the constitutional way.

    35. Gray_Stroke in the R says:

      Read F.A. Hayek book "The Road to Serfdom" where he clearly outlines how the 'rule of law' has been replaced with the Progressive's rule of Social Law and how it lead to Hitler's rise to power and merely take over the reigns of the Progressives and took it over the edge…….and after 90 years the Progressives are now in power and you the average American with the retention span of a gnat will NOT vote out the Progressives because you lack the courage and will refuse to hold the GOP accountable as they also are co-opted within the Progressive movement. So as long as Sean Hannity and other mouth pieces give John McCain and Michael Steele a pass, it is clear then the FNC is part of the problem of playing both sides and us for fools. No, our nation is in decline due to lack of spiritual and moral fiber….God have mercy on us all….yes be honest and quit being naive about FNC…….. they have shot down down Debrah Medina and now we in Texas are stuck with Rick Perry a globalist….thank you Glenn Beck…..yeah FNC my foot…….I'm done with both parties and new sources……….

    36. Sandra Massey* Brand says:

      I am and do vote the republican ticket, that being said, I would like the "two year olds in the Senate and Congress, playing in their sandboxes", to get off their behinds, get out of the sand, stop playing the blame game and work on taking care of the problems of this country together like grown men should. Do they really think that the people of this nation cares about who threw sand in whos eyes? Maybe, they should all request the movie, "Mr Smith goes to Washington". and watch it until they have learned something.


    37. Craig Sacramento ca says:

      Seems like the Europeans are finally waking up and discovering that Socialism is a colossal failure. Why are we going pell mell to get into Socialism. Indeed the true mark of an Idiot is to keep making the same mistake while you expect different results each time! Well folks, come November we get one more chance to flush out this whole stinking corrupt dysfunctional mess by voting the Democrats out of the power they have so totally corrupted! We had better not pass up this cahnce as there will likely never be another opportunity! It is indeed time to B.O. Banish Obama! If we get a big enough Republican majority we could indeed banish him through the process of impeachment!

    38. Warren Lyckman Hills says:

      We only have one solution and that is to nominate a candidate like Reagan and then vote him in. We're not going to do it with kicking out half the Congress even though that would be a start.

    39. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      DON'T GET ME STARTED! The Deepwater Horizon oil spill happened on Obama's

      watch. Whom does he blame? Himself? NO WAY, JOSE! He's above politics. He wants to reign but not rule. No, I'll tell you gets the blame in Obama's world: George

      W. Bush. That's right. Bush gets the blame. Why? Because Bush, and by extension,

      the Republicans, are in the hip pocket of BIG OIL. Guess what? According to the new

      book THE MANCHURIAN PRESIDENT, Obama's being advised by radicals. This is

      typical Alinsky. In his book RULES FOR RADICALS, Saul Alinsky said to demonize your opposition. That's what Obama's doing. Every time he opens his pie hole, he

      loses points in the polls. If we're not careful, we'll end up with a far-left, Venezuela-

      style dictatorship. What does Woody Allen want? He wants Obama to be dictator. Come the revolution, Obama will like strawberries and cream.

    40. Lil, San Diego says:

      I believe this is one more indication that the community organizer has neither the temperament nor the intellect to be the President. It is obvious he has absolutely no grasp on the Presidency nor the duties and responsibilities of the office of the President of the United States!

      His only goal is the destruction of the US and, so far, he is succeeding!

    41. Duncan Druhl says:

      Some years ago, Clinton I think it was, replaced responsibility and accountability with plausible deniability. That replacement remains. Nothing new here.

      The only way to change this despotic government is to throw all the bums – and I mean ALL the bums out and turn them over every year until we get a government that demonstrates its accountability to the American people. The first litmus test is eliminating the Dept. of Energy, that arcane bunch of clowns that was supposed to lead us off foreign oil, remember? How successful have they been? I believe we use a greater proportion now than when they were created – but nobody holds them accountable to their mandate, so what else would you expect?

      Next target: Dept. of Education! Put education back in local control where it belongs. Just as the UK medical system has become ill from too many administrators, so has US education which has been consistently downgraded for over 40 years…not to say that other western countries did not follow the same dumbing-down path of progressive education, and they are also embarrassing for the inabilities of their students.

      The list of departments that are not accountable and need to be eliminated can go on until we reach a government that does its job, not ours. But this all starts with getting people in there who care not as much about corporate and union money as they care about the country and its people. If that doesn't happen, you can kiss the Eagle adios.

    42. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      In the speech, writings, and actions of so-called "Progressives" such as Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and their accomplices, and even Wilson before them, and their "the buck stops nowhere" (a.k.a. "pass the buck") antics and machinations, we are presented with ever more examples of why our Founding Fathers and writers of our Constitution tried as hard as they did to so provide and warn us against such power and money-grabbing politicians and bureaucrats as Obama and others.

      Indeed such politicians, their speech, writings, and actions, are exactly why Thomas Jefferson said "The two enemies of the people are criminals and government; so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so that the second does not become the legalized version of the first", and exactly why he said "Experience has shown that as government grows, liberty decreases". So also, such things show and prove why it is truly said that "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance".

      Alas, too many of us, the people, "fell asleep at the wheel", in apathy, unattentive, and even went so far as to fall for the notion, promoted by so-called "Progressives", especially since the early 20th Century, that value systems (a.k.a. "politics") are not supposed to be brought up and discussed "in polite company" (despite the fact that every individual, and group, has value systems/politics and they direct or impact every area of our lives, both individually and "collectively"), and, more recently, the notion that "character/personal behavior and association doesn't matter".

      So now all of us, the people, except, of course, “Progressive” politicians and bureaucrats, the (“Progressively”) politically connected in government, academia, and big business, including the news and entertainment media, and elsewhere, are all paying the price, and shall continue to pay the price, in lost freedoms, resources, and more, for too many of us having "fallen asleep at the wheel".

      That is unless, of course, enough of us, the people, "wake up”, right now, and use every non-violent way we can use to stop such "Progressives" as Obama, Reid, and Pelosi and their "Progressive" assault against our founding Constitution and principles for freedom and limited government.

    43. randydutton says:

      When questioning the motives our our government, consider the following quote:

      "My three main goals would be to reduce human population to about 100 million worldwide, destroy the industrial infrastructure and see wilderness, with it’s full complement of species, returning throughout the world."

      -Dave Foreman,

      co-founder of Earth First!

    44. Jeff.USA says:

      Would it be considered treason or an act of war to overthrow this administration and those that follow them?Would those that would fight for what was right be considered terrorists or criminals,enemies of the state?Would those that would preserve what our country was founded on be put in jail or worse for defending their rights and freedom?…………."I wonder how they felt during the American Revolution?"

    45. bigdave ocala fl says:

      The "mother of all corrupt administrations" headed by Obama, is about to BAIL OUT WITH AMERICAN TAX DOLLARS, the SECOND most corrupt organization, UNIONS, because they have WASTED the pension contributions of their members!!! This will not stand!!! AMERICANS are taxed up to their CHIN and will not tolerate this MASSIVE GIVEAWAY to THIEVES!!! You people decided to join a UNION so you get WHAT YOU DESERVE!!!! You were not watching them just as we were not watching these crooked politicians. We have to put up with THEM till we vote them out, and you UNION PEOPLE DO NOT LOOK FOR THE TAXPAYER TO BAIL YOU OUT!!!! Go after the crooks who stole your money, not us!!!

    46. Dexter60, San Franci says:

      One of the main innovative features of our Constitution is the idea that we should not periodically need a revolution to escape the consequences of human nature: from the abuses of power — that is what has been abandoned and which may soon precipitate real Change. The retoration of the Republic, at great expense to the people but even geater cost to those who have assumed a suicidal path to power.

      They need to be made to pay that full price now already.

      Blame the people at large and deny any solution but dictatorship — another literary fiction.

      Blame government w/o dealing with the criminals in it only preserves the status quo, with all the impending signs of a slow ugly death pressing closer.

      Impeach or assassinate, no other choice. So be it.

      Franklin was no fool. The only question now is:

      Are there any left who will keep us from losing it? or are we so too afraid already.

      Without the Constitution there is no law, there is no authority, but power — it is we who have that power, to protect ourselves from all that would do us harm, let the chips fall where they may, at the borders and in Washington DC.

      Your voice may not be heard but you can make your power felt and it will make a differance if you are an American, head bloodied but unbowed.

    47. Weltgeist, Hemet Cal says:

      I really liked this. You do figure, or do you figure about "Halliburton", D. Cheney & this crisis in the gulf quite possibly by design!? Maybe?

      After all, this may chap many, B. Obama is just G.W. Bush's 3rd term in office, really.

      I better say that now, before it becomes (illegal or) a federal crime & I get arrested for speaking out against the govt. ;

      "Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of … [Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness], it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government." ~ Thomas Jefferson

    48. Jim, Rockford says:

      Amazing….. If this had happened under Geo W Bush, the Ultra Liberal Media would have Crucified him by the start of the second week. Sooooo, here we have gone a month without a solid government decision being made and the Media goes DUHHHH. Why not send in as many small Navy and Coast Guard boats and Sailors NOW and bill BP later? Obama and the Demoncrats have procrastinated long enough. The oil must be undocumented alien democrats and they don't want to piss them off.

    49. Robert Huitt, COnnec says:

      Two thoughts to consider: First, The Constitution was not a given. Before it could be conceived, the difficult period of the Articles of Confederation had to be undergone. Only when the insufficiencies of the Articles became clear did the Founders experience the revolution of thought necessary to imagine the 13 states as one country. After the Constitution had been in force for some years, Jefferson's purchase of Louisiana could only be justified with a modified vision of what the Constitution allowed. Since then, there has been new interpretation upon new interpretation, compromise upon compromise to get this country to the point of stretching from sea to shining sea. And if we look at the Declaration of Independence, do we suppose that the meaning of "all men are created equal" meant the same to the Signers as it does today? Would we want to go back to, in essence, "all while, adult, male property holders are created equal"? If we accept American history, don't we have to accept an evolving sense of what the Constitution and the Declaration means?

      Second: Perhaps we are just too big. The "pure" democracy of Athens could not last when it became an empire, nor could the simple collegial, term-limited government of Rome last in an empire, so why should we expect that a Constituion designed for a 13-state country with a population of 4 million to work efficiently for a 50-state (plus territories) country with a population of 300 million?

    50. Jerry Porter, Freder says:

      Excellent points are made in this article, although after reading it I've become even more remorse than I was before hand. Perhaps Governor Perry of Texas should begin the ball rolling to remove Texas from the Union in order to start things anew all over again. But on second thought the Texas State Government has grown as much or is more out of control than the Federals in Washington. Simplification is sorely needed on all fronts and at every level of government and society at large. Honest, caring and concerned Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Independents, Couch Potatoes, Believers, Non-Believers, Tea Partiers, and the rest of us need a fresh start. A new renaissance, a kick in the ass and a strong slug of straight Black Coffee—no cream or sugar—just might sober us up enough to take out a copy of the U.S. Constitution and read it very deliberately at least once daily. Thank God for The Heritage Foundation! May individual freedom and liberty reign once again—someday!

    51. Paul Revere II, Broo says:

      For more than one year, on American Thinker, and now here, I ask,"Who are those who will lead the "conservative revolution" NOW, and remove BHO and his regime from office NOW?

      I am well over retirement age so I am not yet loading my M-16, but…

    52. sherry avon, ma says:

      I feel like I am living in the twilight zone or another parallel world. Where is Obumma when tragedy strikes our country. Is he in a pool hall? Playing Golf? Is he in a hideaway basement making his next move to destroy this country. Why isn't anyone in the Black House doing anything? I feel like smashing my TV when that imposter is on. Everytime he opens his mouth lies just comes out naturally. The bum is a muslim, marxist, nazi, communistic pig that doesnt belong in this country. Leave us alone and all of you left wing morons that think we are idiots and we need direction go with him. The only direction I need is to be left alone by Government and live my life in peace. You people keep creating problems. It is your fault, the country is in this situation, you are purposely doing it to make it the way you want. This isn't t he USA anymore it is communism and if you like communism so much go to Venezuela where that nut case of a dictator is and you can join forces but leave us alone.

    53. S Clark, Colorado Sp says:

      Please look at the Colorado Republican State Assembly returns. Please look at the resolutions that were passed at the CORS Assembly. I think you will see a trend towards conservatism. From my view as an Alternate delegate to CORSA, there were well over 75% of the delegates present on 23 May 2010 who were first-timers. The "Don't Tread on Me" flag was flying proudly behind candidates during the 12-minute speeches. The excitement filled the air in a full house at the Budweiser Center in Loveland, CO. Folks there are serious about current issues, including Mexican President's disrespect of America, corruption in D.C. and local governments. News of the event was blatantly absent from local newspapers!

    54. Jackie says:

      So we know and we hear every day what is wrong, and we know and hear every day how not to fix it. What are we really doing to fix it. It is time to stop just talking about what is wrong and put prayer and feet to our problems. We need to let people know what happens when we allow this type of government to destroy our nation and it's purpose. We need to educate ourselves on those who are seeking election in the fall term, and we need to encourage voters to get out and vote in an intelligent manner. We need to do everything possible to prevent voter fraud, and we need to let those who are currently benefiting from this administration's give-aways, that it will end when they have gotten what they want from the people. Wake up America.

    55. Dexter60, San Franci says:

      Robert Huitt::

      "… if we look at the Declaration of Independence, do we suppose that the meaning of “all men are created equal” meant the same to the Signers as it does today?" It certainly does, as 'in the eyes of the law,' that is the founding principle and it will never be pefect of course — but to throw it out shows no priciples at all.

      "Perhaps we are just too big." That smells a lot like 'You have too much money already,We have decided. So put up your hands.'

      "The 'pure' democracy of Athens could not last when it became an empire…" so this experiment is over, even if it is not a failed democracy as described; we have a Republic which is not to be replaced by rubbish that has never worked — unless you like to think of Cuba as your model.

      "…don’t we have to accept an evolving sense of what the Constitution and the Declaration means?"

      The Constitution accomodates change; but change consistent with the Constitution, to protect the people — to be otherwise is an abuse of power delegated by the people, as delineated or defined by that Constitution. Your thoughts are far from being considerations.

      Ask yourself, how have any of these changes, real or imagined, expanded or enhanced our liberty? do you feel more secure with ObamaCare? what will you do and what will result when the bills come due?

      What is happening is obscene. That is not just my considered opinion — that reality is taking hold, is all that will save us now — 2012 will be too late. Get with the progrqam.

      Our enemies will not nuke their comrades in Wahington DC.

    56. Dexter60, San Franci says:

      Robert Huitt::

      "… if we look at the Declaration of Independence, do we suppose that the meaning of “all men are created equal” meant the same to the Signers as it does today?" It certainly does, as 'in the eyes of the law,' that is the founding principle and it will never be perfect of course — but to throw it out shows no principles at all.

      "Perhaps we are just too big." That smells a lot like 'You have too much money already, We have decided. So put up your hands.'

      "The 'pure' democracy of Athens could not last when it became an empire…" so for you this experiment is over, even if it is not a failed democracy as described; we have a Republic which is not to be replaced by rubbish that has never worked — unless you like to think of Cuba as your model, so little above the Dark Ages.

      "…don’t we have to accept an evolving sense of what the Constitution and the Declaration means?"

      The Constitution accommodates change; but change consistent with the Constitution, to protect the people — to be otherwise is an abuse of power delegated by the people, as delineated or defined by that Constitution. Your thoughts are far from being considerations. Not the fraud and trickery we are seeing.

      Laws that are no more than diktat, from those who are neither compelled to read nor obey those very laws; hw far from the Constitution can we as still a free people allow it to be subverted? to put any trust in those least worthy of any trust at all?

      Ask yourself, how have any of these changes, real or imagined, expanded or enhanced our liberty? do you feel more secure with ObamaCare? what will you do and what will result when all the bills come due and the engines of production are destroyed?

      What is happening is obscene.

      The American people will not wait to be commanded to the barricades.

      That is not just my considered opinion — that reality is taking hold, is all that will save us now — 2012 will be too late.

      Get with the program. Ask not what is wrong with our country, ask what we need to do for correction.

      Our enemies will not nuke their comrades in Washington DC, certainly not to save us or our country.

      We know friends from foes, foreign and domestic; as this government becomes the worst enemy of the people, their names are writ large.

    57. Christine says:

      First, I am so grateful for what Heritage Foundation is doing.

      Second, I'd really be grateful for Heritage Foundation to dig in to finding the pracitcal way to put a stop to the illegal and unconstitutional

      in this administration.


      Start impeachment process, or at least start dismantling the bizarre czar system.

      President Obama thinks he has some absolute power. Why shouldn't he when nobody has come forward to let him know he can't.

      Put your foundation to work to specificly apply law to procedures to stop this President

      and Congress.

      PLEASE do this NOW before the Supreme Court becomes part of the mess.

    58. Christine says:

      Hey! You well educated Constitutional scholars and lawyers!!!

      Get it together and DO something Supreme

      Court level to stop this President and Congress.

      It's time to put it in practice and quit the theory business!!

      If I had your brain power and education I'd do it myself.

    59. Ronald Keith Goering says:

      In regards to the "oilspill" – on the day of the "explosion and fire", news media reported that there was "no leaking or seepage of oil". On the Third day they reported "seepage from three locations from the pipe from below the ocean floor". (This would be indicative of an explosion occuring under ground where there is no oxygen to support an explosion nor a spark to initiate it – therefore the only logical conclusion is that this was a "man-made" disaster). Instead of calling in "well explosion experts like Red Adair and others" to cap this "damages pipeline" – BP, with the aid of the Obama government decide to take action (or restrict action) to "allegedly" stop the leakage.

      Instead of taking the "common sense approach to "plug the leak with a 'well cap'" they "fabricate" a device that could in no manner stop the leak (given that the "cone" was bouyant).

      After a few weeks, employees and the news media report that the "required protection devices required to 'stop' a leak in the event of a "disaster" were exchanged for "less effective and unauthorized parts". (This event also indicates that the "disaster" was a man-made event).

      Now after months of "allegedly trying to stop the leaks", the news media now declares that the "leaks are coming from a broken oil pipeline" and they show a "picture" that shows a pipeline running parallel above ground (and not under the ocean floor as previously reported). The "diagram picture" does not show any "drilling rig" in close proximity to the broken pipeline.

      Now they are reporting that they are trying to "pack mud and concrete" down the hole against oil pressure – "in standing water"? How can any mud and concrete solidify against such pressure in such a "moist environment"?


    60. glenn-dayton oh says:

      I read comment after comment on what the government and all the liberals are doing to our country and our freedom. It is all interesting reading and cause for concern but it doesn't actually do anything. It seems pretty clear we are in trouble and need some ACTION. Does any one have a course of action that is decisive and decisive that can be taken to STOP the hemmoraging now. It would be great to start fighting back….

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