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  • Joe Biden: Freedom Has A New Home, It's Brussels

    Sometimes when presidents are elected, they siphon off old vestiges of previous administrations. Perhaps they discard a rarely used perk or discontinue a tradition such as the playing of “Hail to the Chief.” But never has this nation seen an administration treat the idea of American exceptionalism in the same manner you would a used Oval Office carpet.  Sure, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden recognize that America was once the leader of the free world, they simply think that the line of thinking is something to be admired in a museum, taught in history books, but practiced no longer.

    Vice President Biden is responsible for the latest example of this White House’s disregard for American leadership. Speaking to the European Parliament in Brussels on May 6, Biden said: “As you probably know, some American politicians and American journalists refer to Washington, DC as the “capital of the free world.” But it seems to me that this great city, which boasts 1,000 years of history and which serves as the capital of Belgium, the home of the European Union, and the headquarters for NATO, this city has its own legitimate claim to that title.”

    This is not a case of Joe being Joe. This was a deliberative statement read from a Teleprompter that abdicated American exceptionalism, and replaced it with a misguided view of European dominance. A speech of this magnitude is not drafted on the plane ride over, and this line was carefully considered. This ladies and gentlemen, was the Obama White House in living color.

    Liberals haven’t even finished watching the video and are already thinking of defensible reasons for this statement. Reasoning such as: ‘He was merely complimenting his hosts’ or ‘America should be more humble’ or ‘It beats George Bush thumping his chest’. But the problem is that the abdication of American exceptionalism isn’t a choice that should be made by a president, and surely not for political reasons.

    American presidents earned the title ‘leader of the free world’ not because “some American politicians and American journalists” decided so as the Vice President so obtusely and condescendingly implied. The title was earned during the nearly seventy years that the United States has been the last beacon of hope for nations and people yearning to be free. The U.S. has always acted in the best interests of liberty, especially when the United Nations or even European allies sat on the sidelines. It is in fact this leadership that gives nations in the European Union the comfort to not build up strategic defense operations knowing they can rely on our protection.

    It is not an act of humility to give these cold hard facts the credit they’re due. Continually apologizing for America’s global leadership and strength has not bought us any international goodwill, but does further erode the confidence our strategic partners have in our ability to maintain this footing. Never was this more evident than when Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was joyfully flanked last week by the leaders of Brazil and Turkey, two key American allies, as they moved forward with a nuclear fuel deal, against the interests of Washington.

    President Obama has ceded even the most obvious federal authorities to independent commissions, with the latest example being his commission to study an oil spill that is actually still occurring. Rather than accept accountability, it is easier for this White House to pass the buck. And in foreign affairs, the United Nations and the European Parliament are those places where problems can be passed around for deliberation, and no action.

    Now all of this may be a different scenario if Brussels and the European Union were wrestling the leadership role from our hands, if the European Parliament were now fighting for democracy and human rights in the way that America has for decades. But even Daniel Hannan, Member of the European Parliament, knows this not to be the case. Hannan recently said: “European Union is not safeguarding democracy, either internally or externally. Abroad it is doing business with Castro’s Cuba, with the Ayatollahs in Tehran, it’s demanding the right to sell arms to Communist China.”

    Washington is indeed the capital of the free world, and will continue to be so, if we choose to accept it. It is high time that the American journalists that the Vice President credits with incorrectly identifying this nation as exceptional, ask the White House why they think we as a nation are so ordinary?

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    27 Responses to Joe Biden: Freedom Has A New Home, It's Brussels

    1. Jay Nelson, Orlando, says:

      Forest Gump said it best: "Stupid is as stupid does"!

    2. John Egan, Grass val says:

      That's it? Must have been a slow news day. As a Republican, I'd suggest the GOP spend more time fixing their party and less trying to drum up non-issues.

      John Egan

    3. Slim says:

      Joe, you and Obama can resign and move to Europe, we don't want your globalism here!!

    4. Jesse Jenkins says:

      Joe Biden is a bafoon. He is simply a puppet lap dog for the anti-American puke who is currently residing in the White House. Maybe we as a country will get lucky and bafoon Biden will move to Brussels and take obama with him.

    5. Eddy Seegers, Katy, says:

      This thoroughly disgusts me. It is one thing if the current leadership of our nation thinks that we have falen short and are no longer the the exceptional national that we were. While I strongly disagree with their opinion, I can see where their political viewpoints may lead them to have this position. However, if we truly are no longer the "capital of the free world" we as a nation, and the administration as the leaders, should be doing everyting we can to regain that status. We should NEVER cede our status as the protectors of freedom to someone else. We have the greatest minds, resources, and most importantly, the greatest people willing to stand against those who would deny people the "unalienable Rights" endowed to all men by their Creator. Our nation is so great that we are currently dealing with the issue of millions of people willing to break the law to enter our country illegally to become part of our society. Is our country perfect? Of course not. But what other country would enable a child of mixed race, with a father who left at a young age, who lived in impoverished 3rd world nations to return to that country, study in the finest schools, and eventually become the president of that great nation? The United States may no longer be the capital of freedom, but if it is not, we should be working to make it so again. If not, true freedom may be lost throughout the world for many generations to come.

    6. James R Jones, Richm says:

      John Egan, If you think our Vice President (or President) talking down America is not news the just stay quite and ignore it. However, the vast majority are tired of this Administration's efforts to minimize the USA's role in history and in the future.

      I guess they want to make sure the world is prepared for our exit if they succeed in destroying the nation and creating a Marxist dictatorship.

    7. Pat Finch Alabama says:

      and we have to wait till 2012 to get rid of these idiots?

    8. lha, Texas says:


    9. Tom M, Baton Rouge, says:

      Once again we have a liberal Vice President acting as a puppet for the anti-American President in a pre-scripted speech that has alienated the countries around the world. They no longer respect the US but laugh at our leadership as this administration tries to appease our enemies and our friends cringe in fear as we give away our capabilities to defend the free world. This once great nation is going down the road to socialism and will be in the same quagmire as the countries of Europe.. Be careful what you ask for…

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    12. Billie says:

      Really Joe? Which American politicians and American journalists? In your own words, define a "free world."

    13. Joe Bean says:

      He's the Gaffe Machine! Except this time they handed him one inside his speech. What a buffoon!

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    15. Nels Vancouver, Wa. says:

      The "leader" in the White House is trying to take this country down, his and his czars trail of marxism, socialism,communism, and it looks like Islamism! The nonsence that comes out of their mouths can be expected but not tolerated!!!

    16. sherry spurlock, TX says:

      I wish the PROGRESSIVES (and we ALL know who you are) would just have the courage of their convictions enough to say we HATE AMERICA and want a GLOBAL GOVERNANCE. Instead, they slink around in the shadows like a serpant spewing such nonsense. Can't wait til 2012! I just HOPE that this is a lesson we remember for a long time. Progressives, I hope when we show you the door in 2012, you will finally go 'progress' in your beloved EUROPE and eave America to her patriots!

    17. scranton pa says:

      What is wrong with this man /does he not know he lives in the greatest country in the world and does he know that we the people are tired of all of the politicians after they have open their mouths, saying they misspoke

    18. Rieta McClure,Arling says:

      I am so tired of this administration apologizing for our wonderful country while they are trying to destroy our economy, I can hardly stand it anymore!

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    20. Carol Cardwell India says:

      The greatest country in the world should provide medical care for it's people! Progressives want to move this country forward, while the tea-baggers are trying to go back. A country as great as America cannot behave like a third world country and expect to act superior to other countries! The big corporations are killing this country while the republicans cheer them on! Wake up and realize we can learn from other cultures!

    21. Joel Greene; Atlanta says:

      I agree with John Egan – as a conservative independent, there are more important things to worry about in regards to what the Obama Administration and the Reid and Pelosi controlled Congress are doing to ruin America than what Vice-President Joe Biden said to appease his hosts in Belgium.

      "John Egan, Grass valley, CA on May 24th, 2010 at 2:50pm said:

      That’s it? Must have been a slow news day. As a Republican, I’d suggest the GOP spend more time fixing their party and less trying to drum up non-issues.

      John Egan"

    22. Steve Davis, Woodsto says:

      Again Joe Biden does truly show his utter disrespect for the heritage of this country. Tell the young men and women who are abroad and serving in our military that you are no longer representing the cause of freedom, unless you live in Brussels. What a joke this administration has become.

    23. Ron, Albuqueruque says:

      It was said by a individual that we will not be the same United States by Christmas! With speeches like this is reinforceing the feeling. The American people are being neutralize or being lead to believe we are going to blend in with the rest of the world, and the blame for all the worlds woo's! I have never seen such an all out assault on the Constitution and the elimination of our national sovereignty. We need to get our country back from the hippies of the 60's before it is too late!

    24. Jackson, Denton, TX says:

      And the shameless kiss-butt pandering continues, at our expense. I am not interested in joe's definition of a free world, he is clueless – the reason obama picked him as veep; dumber'n a box of rocks thereby keeping him in his place: "below the prez"

    25. Brad, Detroit, MI says:

      Carol Cardwell. I am sure others that frequent this website will be more than happy to contribute some money to buy you a one-way ticket to Belgium. Let me know when you want to leave.

      Last time I checked, the private sector (big business) is the only reason the public sector exists. Also, health care is not a right. It is a privilege. If you don't believe me, ask a doctor or nurse to treat you for free and see how that goes for you.

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