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  • Don't Let the Lights Go Out: Defend Against EMP

    We’ve been warned. In 2004, the Commission to Assess the Threat of the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) reported that “EMP is one of a small number of threats that can hold our society at risk of catastrophic consequences.” Yet, Congress has done next to nothing to protect the U.S. from an EMP attack.

    As my colleague, Baker Spring explains an EMP can occur when a nuclear weapon is detonated high in the atmosphere above the Earth. The resulting explosion interacts with the Earth’s magnetic fields, sending a pulse, or current, throughout all electrical systems. Nearly everything we depend on from day to day would be affected. Imagine a world without computers, ATMS, cell phones, water systems, the internet, ambulances and even cars. The U.S. would essentially be knocked back to the 19th century.

    The idea may seem abstract, but the threat is real. Nearly 30 nations have the ballistic missile capabilities needed to launch such an attack, and reports have circulated that Iran, North Korea, Russia, and China have worked towards achieving EMP capabilities.

    Given the magnitude of the threat, it is due time for the U.S. to work towards building a suitable defense against EMP attacks by hardening the nation’s critical infrastructure. If properly shielded, the nation’s infrastructure could survive even the strongest attack.

    Join The Heritage Foundation tomorrow at 11 a.m. in Lehrman Auditorium at “Keeping a Finger on Electromagnetic Pulse,” part of the Science and Technology series, as experts discuss technologies available to help harden critical infrastructure and defend the nation from the EMP threat.

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    10 Responses to Don't Let the Lights Go Out: Defend Against EMP

    1. william durgan, NH says:

      The book "One second After" by William R. Forstchen is a fictional depiction of the real world consequences of an EMP attack. It is a must read for all citizens interested in the subject. It is a great read and full of information. It would be a great addition to the information received from the Heritage foundation.

    2. Gary Wilson, Toledo, says:

      This is yet another serious threat to our national security that this administration will, at best, protect us with a half hearted response. Instead of looking for all the new areas which they attempt to invade and control, from health care to education, they are charged with first and foremost defending this country against enemies. That is one area in which they are failing miserably.

    3. Tim Az says:

      The government we have at this time is far too busy waging their own war against their own people to worry about threats outside of the U.S.. Yes their goal of a socialist America blinds them to their own destruction. We are nothing more than useful idiots to them.

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    5. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Still, people don't understand that the Dem let Obama Congress has no intentions of protecting this nation. Rahm Emanuel said it all. The more

      "crises", the earier it will be to completely take over everything American.

    6. Jim - USA says:


    7. mike arizona says:

      We have been in a multi faceted conflict that has no clear end or source.

      Destruction of Energy, Information and Wealth are real objectives,

      with serious consequences and stealth like timing.

      We need more serious thought and actions to fully protect ourselves.

      Unfortunately, this seems to be a gray area that we choose to avoid as a reality.

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    9. Jerry Bateman, Ovied says:

      It looks to me as though our government is asleep at another switch. An EMP attack would definitely put the US out of business. We must figure out a way to replace the clowns in DC before they get us all maimed or killed, mutch less knock our country back into the stone age. I sometimes wonder if changing the idiots in DC in November 2010 will be soon enough to turn things around. I am normally very optimistic, but I am very concerned at what is happening in our country.

    10. Fred Howard, Midloth says:

      Sirs – We, Evergreen, would survive an EMP Attack!! In matter of fact Evergreen will virtually off the Grid in more ways than one.

      What if I could grow food locally to feed half a million people from only 100 acres of land, year round, provide clean water in the process while generating our own electricity as we clean up the local environment? What if we built R60, energy efficient housing and shelter for enterprise on the same site and provided training and education to provide jobs and a future for the less fortunate in the area? Think of the Tail Pipe emissions we would eliminate and cost savings for getting produce to market. Each community that partners with an Evergreen Village will become it's on provider of sustainable food, water, and energy production with out depending on Host Community infrastructure.

      We have the technology and expertise to make it happen and will soon have a funding source. Do you know of any Rural Communities near Metro areas that need a Green economic development project to boost their economy and create jobs? Evergreen could be an answer to a lot of needs common to communities across America.

      Go to: http://www.evergreenfarms.org & http://www.saladacres.net

      R. Fred Howard, Evergreen Farms Group



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