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  • Morning Bell: Raising Arizona's Defense

    It isn’t easy being Arizona these days, especially when President Barack Obama puts politics before Americans’ interests, a foreign head of state before the United States, and an agenda of apology before much-needed, sensible reforms.

    But that’s just what happened this week when Mexican President Felipe Calderon visited Washington, DC. President Obama extended a warm hand to Calderon and demagogued Arizona’s illegal immigration law all in the name of politics. Standing in the White House Rose Garden with Calderon, President Obama took the unprecedented step of publicly siding with Mexico against Arizona, saying:

    We also discussed the new law in Arizona, which is a misdirected effort — a misdirected expression of frustration over our broken immigration system, and which has raised concerns in both our countries…

    And I want everyone, American and Mexican, to know my administration is taking a very close look at the Arizona law. We’re examining any implications, especially for civil rights. Because in the United States of America, no law-abiding person — be they an American citizen, a legal immigrant, or a visitor or tourist from Mexico — should ever be subject to suspicion simply because of what they look like.”

    All of this centers around Arizona’s new law that directs law enforcement officers to ask about a person’s legal status if reasonable suspicion exists that they’re unlawfully in the country. And they’re to do that in a reasonable way only during a lawful stop, detention, or arrest.

    Enter the spin zone. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder took a swing at the new law, later admitting that they’ve neither studied nor even read it, let alone mentioned amendments that prohibit using race, color or national origin even as a factor in executing it. And yesterday, Calderon spoke to a joint session of Congress, audaciously criticized Arizona’s law, and drew a standing ovation from Democratic members of Congress, Holder, Napolitano and Vice President Joe Biden.

    Their attacks are in direct contradiction to the Obama Administration’s own policies, which have recognized an appropriate role for state and local governments in dealing with illegal immigration. In 2009, the Obama Administration spent $60 million on grants to state, local and tribal law enforcement in 13 states, all for the purpose of dealing with border-related issues.

    But that’s not all. The Obama White House encourages state and local governments to participate in the “Secure Communities” program, which promotes identifying and removing criminal aliens. Oh, and Homeland Security funds Border Enforcement Security Teams, which include state and local law enforcement. Tack on the longstanding constitutional principle that states have clear authority to act in the interests of their citizens’ public safety, and one wonders on what peg the White House is hanging its highly critical hat.

    But the failure to make political hay while the sun shines is a wasted opportunity in the Obama White House, especially when this issue is a perfect entree for the President to champion one of his favorite causes – granting amnesty to millions unlawfully in the United States.

    There’s a better incremental approach the White House and Congress can take, including: responsible border security; the enforcement of immigration and workplace laws; workable temporary worker programs; and working with Mexico to address its desperate need for security and civil society and economic reforms.

    As The Heritage Foundation’s James Carafano writes:

    Congress should reject efforts by the White House to demonize the people of Arizona in a crass effort to further the President’s political agenda. The Congress should also insist on incremental, commonsense policies that will address the pressing need for immigration and border security reforms instead of the amnesty-first approach—which both the American people and the Congress roundly rejected the last time it was proposed in 2007.

    Meanwhile, for Arizona’s part, it has acted because the federal government has failed to secure America’s national borders. The state now has the obligation to act responsibly in the course of implementing the law.

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    144 Responses to Morning Bell: Raising Arizona's Defense

    1. Ken Jarvis says:

      The BIG NEWS yesterday is -

      The Senate Passed Financial Reform.

      Scott Brown voted FOR it.

      Today – Neither the HF or Murdoch's WSJ mention it.

      ***READER ALERT ***




    2. Joe Minor, West Palm says:

      I fear your message only reaches like minded citizens. Information such as this needs to be presented to the general population as the Obama crowd has free access through the national media. There are just not enough Glen Becks and Sean Hannitys.

    3. Lynn, Texas says:

      I say good for Arizona! Our president is shameful. He has not read the bill or he wouldn't be making such an idiot out of himself. It enforces federal laws already on the books. It is not racism people!

    4. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      This meeting between the 2 Presidents is a big joke, Mexico blames us for the guns, truth be known it's Mexicans who buy or steal guns here and then sell them in Mexico, the cayotes are in a business, human and drugs into USA and taking conterband guns back. BHO doesn't want to UPset THE HISPANICS that are here, either legal or illegal (illegal's are voting) he wants the votes. As for illegals voting, they get forged ID's, go to Va. DMV get a license and register to vote. I have long championed ID at the polls, I DO NOT approve of registration to vote by someone who does not challenge ID's. When I first registered to vote I had to produce 2 pieces of ID, BC and ML, along with a bill showing I lived at the address I said. I also took an oath of allegiance. We are so full of illegals and anchor babies no wonder our states are going belly up.

    5. Jim Scott Dundee, Mi says:

      I am 63 and have never been politically active. The time is NOW that we do everything we can to remove this idiot from office. I am appalled that our leader chooses to defame the Great State of Arizona while promoting the agenda of Mexico. Mexico has strict immigration laws and a corrupt, ineffective govenment at all levels.

      Obama is the scourge of America and he must be voted out in 2012 and rendered impotent in the interim. Time for lazy folks like myself to get off of our asses and get involved.

    6. loves Dogs/Colorado says:

      I hope and pray that more states start up this law. Forget about the idiots in other states that telling people and company's that live there that they aren't allowed to go to Arizona. My husbands Aunt died a few days ago and lived there forever. She never moved from her home to a better area etc. She saw herself surrounded by nasty Iranians and of late a lot of Mericans that spoke NO English. And yet all their children are in the public schools that are close to their homes. Lots of noise and sometimes she was afraid to come out of her house. She died and had no children or family there and I can only imagine what her house must look like and hope that no one broke into it and took things but my guess is they did because that was her area.

      I admire Arizona for doing this and hope they stand their grounds.

      I have a long time friend that lives in a little town(maybe 900) that has grown to not a quiet town or good town to be in as illegals have moved in right and left to work at companys that hire these people because they are cheap labor. That needs to also be changed! She said its 10 families to a house and the crime has risen ten fold if not more. People that have been there forever are scared to go out at nite. It's a small town in Crete, Nebraska. It can happen ever where. They are out of control because there is NO CONTROL OVER THESE PEOPLE.

      THIS so called president DOESN'T CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY. I was appalled with him allowing this creep from mexico to come here and talk down to the PEOPLE in this country when he can't controll what is been happening in mexica forever………

      Yes—–protect our boarders and then some.

      I pray that everyone out there wakes up and realizes what is happening. Our kids aren't safe in school.

      I'm NOT racist, let them come here for the right reason.

      We have California to thank for all this mess. It really proves how stupid these people really are. They are hollywood and rich that will never live next door to these people and see how they bring down your neighbhood.

    7. Richard, Pennsylvani says:

      As long as there's a toadying Democrat majority in Congress nothing will be done to repudiate the Anti-American lies coming out of the White House. Obama is an embarrassing, inept, figure. Under his "leadership" America has lost status, power, respect, and financial stability. If voters wise up, positive change could start appearing in November of this year, but it will take many years to undo the damage he and the Democratic-controlled Congress have done.

    8. Duncan Druhl says:




      i could go on, but I am struck almost dumb by the arrogance of this administration and its acolytes. We are playing scenes here more reminiscent of the Senate in Rome's fateful Triumvirate, following the usurpation of the rights of ordinary citizenry. The level of arrogance is surely comparable if not the precise actions.

      What country is this taking place in, again? Surely not the USA in which I was brought up. The twists and parodies of a democratic republican form of government are mind boggling. From the rhetoric and the mindless support of the conspiring "senators", one surely sees the hand of Alinsky's sponsor, the one to whom he dedicated his book.

    9. Russ Lexington, KY says:

      A solution to the boycotts of Arizona is to round up as many of the illegals as possible and put them on Greyhounds and send them to California, Washington D. C. and all of the other places who are so outspoken and let them deal with the problem Arizona faces. Maybe this will make everyone happy.

    10. Micki-Tamarac, FL says:

      Again this POTUS has let another dictator lecture the US. I am embarassed for our country.

    11. Michael R. Victor, I says:

      History seems to be repeating itself. I recall another "Arizona" being attacked from out of nowhere by malicious, short-sighted anti-Americans who eventually learned not to wake a sleeping giant.

      Oh, pardon me – that was the Japanese, not our president and the american media.

    12. Fr. Mike Marquette F says:

      Did you ever hear that more Americans have been murdered by illegal aliens than the number of our military have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan? Of course not. Does the Progressive media ever report the number of child molestations committed every day by Illegal Aliens? Of course not. The rapes, the home invasions, the deaths by DWI, the gang related activities, etc., etc., etc? There has been no collective reporting on any of these issues. Why does our federal government profess not keep records of these statistics? The political reasons are obvious. The one thing we can be certain of is that the current administration will not protect American citizens. Arizona is wrong in that Enforcement needs to be much stronger. We can be certain that Obama and Co. see "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" only through the prism of amnesty. They want the Mexican voting block and everybody knows it. They are more interested in this block of votes than they are in American lives lost to illegal immigrant criminals. They pander to the Mexican vote by vilifying the Arizona law and these sorry politicians did not even read the bill. Absolutely disgraceful.

    13. Linda West says:

      I totally agree with James Carafano. My concern is that this Administration does not represent the American people nor the interests of the people.

      The Bill of Rights and the Constitution which the President swore to uphold have been totally disregarded and labeled as imperfect documents.

      States rights are being usurped by the federal government and the Obama agenda. Health care reform will cost states that are already close to bankruptcy

      more than the state treasuries will bear opening the door to a federal take-over.

      Unemployment benefits are sending many states to the feds for bail outs and the extension and broadening of Food Stamp benefits will cause even more stress on State economies.

      He has maligned our country in front of other countries and alienated allies (Israel). He has attempted to bridge relationships with known terrorists and put our military and our homeland at risk.

      I fear for our Nation and fear that two more years of his Administration could very well ruin our country and put our children in debt for years to come. They will never experience what we have lived and our forefathers inspired "The American Dream"

    14. MJF, CT says:

      I stand for Arizona. President Calderon, go back to Mexico and shut your mouth. President Obama, you are the lowest, most despicable, disgusting THING that ever disgraced the office of the Presidency of the United States. I have absolutley no respect for the man called Obama after he allowed a President of another Country to insult and ridicule our own citizens. Even Adolf Hitler did not allow this! Barrack Obama is no longer the President of the USA in my eyes!

    15. MJF, CT says:

      I stand for Arizona.!

      President Calderon, go back to Mexico and shut your mouth. President Obama, you are the lowest, most despicable, disgusting THING that ever disgraced the office of the Presidency of the United States. I have absolutley no respect for the man called Obama after he allowed a President of another Country to insult and ridicule our own citizens. Even Adolf Hitler did not allow this! Barrack Obama is no longer the President of the USA in my eyes!

    16. Robert, Corrales New says:

      I wonder if Obama bowed to the president of Mexico. One also wonders if our president knows that Mexico is a train wreck, and has been an awful wreck for centuries. Why would we want their dysfunctional people here in this country?

    17. Keith, Texas says:

      The brazen shooting of two policemen in West Memphis yesterday should be a wake-up call to the administration. I'm not saying that the shooting had anything to do with illegal immigration. Merely pointing out the fact the our men and women in uniform put their lives on the line each and every day and the argument that the AZ law is a ruse to check for birth certificates at the local doughnut shop is just stupid. Everyone that criticizes the law without reading it needs to do some serious reflection on their own values..

    18. HLK, Kansas says:

      Obama took an oath preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. He is a miserable failure. He is the enemy, the Elmer Gantry of hyphenated Americans. His actions punctuated by his callous disregard for the citizens of the United States constitutes treason and he should be delt with accordingly. He owes the citizens of the United States an apology along with his resignation.

    19. Cheryl, Indiana says:

      Shame on the Democrats in Congress. This is shameful and un-American as far as I am concerned….putting politics before the safety of our citizens. Disgusting!

    20. bigdave ocala fl says:

      Another dagger in the heart of America. The ENEMY has risen and is right before us…. Every person who stood and clapped for the MIS-INFORMED Mexican president who slammed an American state which over 70% of the US support! Apparently EVERYONE relies on the LIARS in the left wing media for their mis-guided information, and that includes this devious administration. The applauders are the SAME politicians who voted to 1) give away your valuable social security money to immigrants AND the SS ADMINISTRATION(govt jobs dontchaknow!) so NOW the system is BROKE, but hey, these politicians are not in the program anyway so what do they care! 2) regulate, tax and try to force UNIONS into American Companies, so the companies FOLD OR GO OVERSEAS, NO MORE JOBS!! 3)stop all energy production and STARVE THE ENGINE CALLED AMERICA…because of a global warming HOAX AND LIES..no energy, higher cost, less production, fewer sales, companies closed, jobs lost. No government anywhere has or can CREATE private sector jobs!! Especially a weak brained person like OBAMA who thinks MONEY COMES FROM A PRINTING PRESS!!! All liberals think the government HAS MONEY!!! 4) encourage illegal immigration and amnesty for people who are just looking for a free ride(hey stupid, read their signs when they march!!) at the EXPENSE of the American TAXPAYER! And all for VOTES!!! 5) Cap and trade will be the final nail, in the coffin of the democrats! Americans will not stand for this massive wealth transfer just because OTHER COUNTRIES WANT OUR MONEY and OBAMA WANTS US ALL POOR SO HE CAN BE DICTATOR FOR LIFE!!

    21. Dennis Social Circle says:

      This is just like obama and clan, cozy up to the ones that do not care about this country or its people, tell all how wrong we the citizens of America are and have been. I would like to know why noone has asked about the laws for Mexico, what is required of its citizens and those that travel there, they all have to produce papers when asked, it dose not just include the visitors, but citizens as well. I do not recall anyone jumpimg on the band wagon about any of this, but will bad mouth and degrade the state of Arizona for haveing the guts to enforce Federal Law. The very law that obama and clan will not enforce.

    22. David Bergman, Happy says:

      As was pointed out on Fox News last evening, the Arizona law is LESS demanding than the Federal law it is trying to supplement! If the folks in D.C. haven't figured that out yet, why are they flapping their gums? Looks like incompetence on their part, to me.

    23. Jack Clough says:

      I think it will be a long time, if ever, before this country allows a "community organizer" to become president.

      Sadly, I find him un-American and not presidential. His administration reminds me of the Keystone Cops.

    24. J Price, Nashua NH says:

      Well Obama is a moron….He has not upheld u

      Federal law regarding immigration…He is blind to AZ that they are doing his job…and the wetback Mexican president should worry about his own country & get the hell out of ours…..Thank You

    25. Jack Watertown NY says:

      Please put CNN Wulf Blitzers interview of Calderon on your site. Calderon falls beautifully into Blitzers trap and ends up describing Mexico's immigration policy. It is hilarious and completely undermines Obama's pitiful attempt at politicizing the Arizona law.

    26. Beth, Kentucky says:

      All hail Arizona!

      Let’s think about this…if I’m driving a car and get pulled over, the officer is going to ask me for my license and proof of insurance. Why – to prove that I've met the criteria to be behind the wheel!

      If I’m at a sporting event, an usher can at anytime ask me to show my ticket stub for my seat – why – to prove that I am allowed to be there!

      I wouldn’t be able to gain access to certain buildings without authorization, yet we think it’s ok to not have at least the same security measures with regard to our country.

      Why is citizenship any different? They talk about “criminal” aliens…as being in this country is illegal, all aliens by definition are criminals.

      I realize that here are horrible situations in other countries which make the US seem like the only answer, but you know what…there are US citizens in terrible situations who need help and aren’t getting it so let’s focus on them first.

    27. toledofan says:

      It was embarrasing yesterday to watch, not only Calderon and Obama, but the whole Democratic Congress stand and give a standing ovation. Every person and each sacrifice made to defend our freedom, and our borders, was made somewhat meaningless. This is another glaring example of why the Democrats can't be trusted with managing the government, the economy or the military.

    28. Suezenne Fordham says:

      Amazing that this has been neglected for so long that US citizens are put in such jeopardy! But it is obvious that they are after open borders, and freely flowing drug cartels from Mexico. It is really hypocritical that Mexprez can criticise the US for Arizona's policies! when Mexico deals way more harshly with illegal crossings intp Mexico1 The simple solution to the whole mess is simply to "CUT THE PERKS"!!! Got it? And arrest and severely punish peopls who break the law!

      NO Sanctuary cities! They should lose ALL federal funds!

      Without the perks, the US would not be so attractive… Oh, yes ALL monies being sent into Mexico should be TAXED at an equal rate as it is when entering Mexico. by the mex govt!.. Their govt collects 35% before it ever reaches the hands of the recipients! This would really help fund O's outrageous plans for confiscating all the US citizens money! AND prove further what an "evil" nation we are! BTW, This is the "evil" nation that feeds destitute countries [or their dictators} and fights wars at our OWN [taxpayers} expense to free whole nations… The list is endless! It is high treason when the prez stands up and tells the world how "evil" we are! He needs to be impeached and remocved from the whitehouse=nuthouse… the same for the lunatic Senators who stood up and cheered all the derogative things the mexprez wan railing about… Really insulting to the taxpayers-supporters of this country who pay their salaries, yet are totally ignored as to our wishes! ! I, for one feel there is no longer ANY "bang for my buck"! AND the lazy "don't read the bill before you vote yes on it" and opine about the Arizona on natl TV bill without reading it, need to be recalled AND sued for not living up to their campaign promises… or their respect of their constituants1 Yes, we pay your salaries with hard earned taxpayer $s… Stop or get out, and do your job to ensure our nation isn't brought down in a heap… You are disgusting, AND this goes for both parties. The Repubs for being such polite wimps…

    29. Paul, Texas says:

      Is it possible that in this age of elctronic media and mass communication available to every day citizens, we may actually have the ability to campaign collectively for an overhaul of our corrupt political system? I surely hope so.

    30. Duncan Druhl says:

      In fact, the more I think about it, the more I question how some corruption-filled government whose problems are suppressing a live drug war within its borders without even talking about the open and known requirement of bribes to get anything done with local officials.

      Where does this "south-of-the-border" pipsqueak get off telling the US what to do when he is not in effective control of his own country and seeks to balance their cash shortfalls through the greater value dollars sent into Mexico to families of illegally working migrants in the US? It is almost as if the family of a thief is berating you for keeping your door locked so that the thief can't break in so easily.

      Where do he and that incompetent empty suit get off telling citizens that they cannot protect themselves, their property, and their families when they have neither the courage nor the competence to do their job and enforce the law? Have we forgotten that this problem has arisen because of a series of cowardly executives in that office who had not the hormonal wherewithal to do their job? The last guy that did have this courage was over 60 – so is it time to get rid of these inexperienced children in office?

      Has any of these other empty suit incumbents looked at Mexican Immigration laws and how they are enforced? Of course not, they can't even be bothered to read US laws so they wouldn't know that the US's treatment is incredibly benign in comparison to Mexico, to say nothing of the empty-suit's idea of friendly states, as in Iran, Cuba, and other "worker paradises".

      Sorry, but this kind of chutzpah really rubs me the wrong way.

    31. Auburn, Georgia says:

      President Calderon's remarks were completely ridiculous especially in light of what he told Wolf Blitzer on CNN regarding Mexico's immigration policies. Ridiculous yes, but the Dems in Congress reaction is infuriating. How dare they once again defend illegality and attack keeping Americans safe from these drug dealing knife and gun wielding foreigners! This administration is completely upside down from reality and the longer this behavior goes on the more obvious is that Obama hates America.

    32. george says:

      invaders should have no civil rights there is nothing to look into , they are not welcome and they are ruining our country like a bunch of roachs in a house

    33. wendy Ma says:

      What do you expect from a socilest AssHole.

    34. Todd Wolf, Limerick, says:

      Laws are legislated, written, enacted, enforced, interpreted, and adjudicated … each time setting precedent that redefines its original intent. When confronting issues of grave concern, it is always best to distinguish symptoms from problems, and problems from dilemmas and predicaments. We are all suffering the symptoms of a problem that was the Federal Government’s responsibility to solve, protecting our borders, controlling immigration, and ensuring protection and equality under the law by enforcing those laws. The consequence of our Federal Government’s neglect morphed into a dilemma (any situation requiring the choice between two unpleasant alternatives) long ago. Business was faced with a competitive component that was realized by laws that were not enforced, that in turn presented the risk of not being competitive with those who chose to take the risk of prosecution for employing illegal labor. Citizens were faced with the dilemma of the realization of corrupted wage competition and there feelings of humanity toward those second and third generation “anchor babies” of illegal immigrants. 20 million illegal immigrants later and those problems and symptoms of problems that created dilemmas has become a predicament (an unpleasant and/or embarrassing situation). The moral to the story: A law that is not enforced, is not a law at all.

    35. Jim, Texas says:

      @Ken: Of course they didn't report it. Why would a place like this report anything that is actually truthful or even using the tiniest bit of common sense? This is a conservative website. There is very little that is actually based on truth or values beyond their own agenda of turning this country into their own little one-sided theocracy or destroy it if they don't get their way.

      Take this article for instance. I continue to hear people talk about the inappropriate behavior of the President. I don't agree with every decision the President makes. I don't have to do so. It's my right to disagree if I choose. But inappropriate to whom, pray tell?

      It's about time that there is some humility in the White House. After years of both Republican and Democratic presidents that have used the office as their own brothels of either sex or war, it's about time that someone used this office to actually reevaluate what our country appears to be outside the tunnel vision of a conservative agenda that would have us all look like redneck morons and murderers rather than a firmly compassionate example in the world. It's about time that someone in that office thought about the people of this country rather than the pocketbook of some corporate oil interest.

      And it's about **** time someone finally gave the finger to the insane conservative agenda that will destroy this country by stripping it of its original values and who just doesn't care about the backlash of impotent carpetbaggers that wave their tongue and their flag far more than their brain cells. If you think you can respect a piece of cloth with some stars and stripes on it but don't have to respect the Office of the President and the living, breathing human being that occupies it, you are just plain screwed up in the head and need a decent study in both history and government.

      But you won't learn about history or government on this website. All you will hear is an agenda aimed at destroying the American way of life as set forth in the Constitution and reducing the civil liberties of its citizens in biblical proportions (pun intended) to make a mockery of the very reason this country was founded in the first place.

    36. joanne,phoenix,az says:

      barack hussien obama is a hugo chavez dictator wannabee. He will do anything and everything that he can possibly get away with to destroy the American way of life.this administrations use of certain words is permeating our society and those words are communist in origin. "workers" not american citizens, I am a citizen of the united states of america, not a worker, that implies I am in an underclass to the politicians that make the decisions for those "workers.

    37. Sandra Lea Schell, T says:

      I've said it before and I'll say it again — there are traitors among us, and they are in high places of power and authority. It is obvious Mr. Obummer's loyalties do not safely reside within the borders of the United States of America. He would sell our sovereignty for a mess of pottage, as did Esau in the Holy Bible.

      Esau sold his birthright to his brother Jacob because he (Esau) was temporarily hungry and inconvenienced by the circumstance. And while we're on the subject of birthrights . . . oh, forget it.

    38. Clearhead -- U.S.S.O says:

      Would someone please invite mr. osam…. I mean oBama, to shed his robe and crown, then go into Mexico for a sojourn as a normal (if he can rise to that) American citizen. 'Nuff said. Trouble is — he'll come back, probably within the hour.

    39. Carol, AZ says:

      Backlash from the white house;

      President Calderon and the corrupt country of Mexico has

      NO authority to discuss our laws in America on National TV.

      How dare Obama

      broadcast this well planned dog and pony show

      once again bowing to autocratic authority..

      He furthered utilized the leader of a dictatorship to backlash AZ.

      We are Democracy and we do not take orders from a Dictatorship.

      President Calderon stated, the body count of 22,000 MX

      citizens murdered on his homeland by the drug cartel wars.

      All the Dems gave his a standing ovation. The Reps. stayed seated.

      This useless figured head standing in tandem with the leadership of our oun country has NOT ordered troops on his own border to control the slaughter in his own counrty.

      This pathetic show of solidarity certainly has sent a clear message to the rest of the world.

      But more importantly it certainly should magnify the consciousness of every American about this issue.

      we have NO policy on the subject of illegal immigration in America.

      With AZ's passage of law 1070 and many states also considering the same

      Finally this issue has been exposed for the duplicity we witnessed yesterday.

      The Federal Gov't is bound by law "to to protect and preserve the state of our union."

      AZ understand this

      I hope the rest of the counrty will also understand what we are becoming without enforcement and protection on ALL borders in America.

    40. Carl Nieman, 404 Fer says:

      Obama's Got To Go:

      I know that I am probably the only person on the planet who thinks this, but it is time for impeachment of Obama. He has done such major damage to the US and to US foreign relations, that it may not be fixed. Clinton was up for impeachment because of sexual misconduct and all the financial issues in Arkansas. That doesn't seem to be so bad compared to Obama. This man has done more to destroy our country than any of our actual enemies. The appointment of Czars, attacking Arizona for duplicating federal law against illegal immigration, more lies than a pathological lier, the apology tours, and the hits just keep on coming. I don't think our nation can survive another 2 1/2 years of Obama.

    41. Kathleen Baker, Clar says:

      I am thoroughly disgusted with Obama, his regime, his cronies, interfering increasingly in my life. I am ashamed of him, I did not vote for him and cannot understand why anyone would vote for him. This man is power hungry and has aligned himself with Marxism and crooks. I feel our country is in deep peril and am, personally, tired of the rhetoric, it's time for action.

    42. S Ralston, Lancaster says:

      Perhaps most despicable in all of this is, the exact same law enforcement officers who will be charged with proper execution of this law, were the exact same law enforcement officers who worked in the state of Arizona the day before it was signed into law. So, did one law liberals hate suddenly make all Arizona law enforcement officials bigoted hate mongers who will practice discrimination on a wholesale basis w/ any Hispanic they encounter? Its insulting in the absolute extreme.

      It is also true that the public is being denied access to many of these facts. The 'liberal' and failing old mainstream media are deliberately withholding facts from the public & inciting anger over this law. Their actions are as irresponsible as many of the other politically hyper partisan oriented actions these supposed professional journalists have taken for the past eight to ten years, if not longer.

      It is true Beck and Hannity, along with Rush, are trying to get the message out. It is also true if the Obama administration had their way, such outlets or those speaking out, would be silenced based on supposed "localism" regulations or policies. As it stands today, we actually have government officials in America who want to control, regulate, moderate, edit, and limit free speech in our nation. The same crowd who for decades assaulted America with their hyper partisan leftist politics, and who lamented the absolute requirement for total unobstructed freedom of any speech at all, today champion actions that mirror actions by historically tyrannic regimes. These people despise press freedom when the message tells both sides of a story & permits 'the people' to make their own decisions. These people think balanced reporting leads to a possible bias against their positions or points of view. And in fact, when the public learns all of the truth, not just those portions the left wants known, the public rejects the leftist positions or policies up to 90% of the time. Its amazing what truth & all of the facts will do to an issue, isn't it?

      The actions of federal bureaucrats to limit or control speech in America are as despicable as they come & the left has now once & for all proven to the American people they cannot be trusted with the kind of power they currently hold.

      November 2010 cannot come soon enough. In the meantime all we can do is raise a ruckus each time the left tries to destroy this nation & our individual freedoms.

    43. Andy, Alabama says:

      There seems to be no discussion about why the immigrants are coming into the US? Shouldn't we be addressing the reasons they are coming to the US, ie free healthcare, free education, free welfare. Eliminating the influx incentives seems to be a logical place to start….

    44. Judy, Arizona says:

      I appreciate the comments and support for our state from folks around the country but you have no idea how frustating this is. I am 65 years old (woman) I grew up in Ajo, Az. 45 miles from the border and For the last 50 years I live along the San Pedro River which is a freeway for illegals. I meet them almost daily on the road. (it's a 65 mile dirt road that by-passes Tucson. People in Washington or even large cities can not relate to the everyday encounter. I don't begin to tell people in New York or where ever how to live or what's best for them so until they spend some time with us in rural Arizona they should keep there opinions to themselves. Obama wouldn't last 2 days here. I would like to see more states join us and do whats right. Thank you

    45. Dave, Provo, UT says:

      The Calderon event with the Demonutt praise must mean they have the unusual ability to forget the Mexico immigration laws are draconian compared to ours. Just like the information the HF foundation provides FN had more insights–that Obama has read the Arizona bill but not/or forgotten that the Federal law approved by the Supreme Court which gives federal agents the right to stop any motorist and any person on the street WITHOUT probable cause and ask for proof of citizenship. They can also profile. The borders must be closed as the costs are robbing our children of a quality education. As an inner city school teacher I have watched the majority of our resources moved from educating children of legal citizens to try and educate the children of the illegals. Every teacher training session now focuses on how to reach, motivate, accomodate, catch up these children flooding our schools (who all get free breakfast, lunch, supplies. fee wavers, etc.) Sorry, get carried away on this subject.

    46. terry/phoenix az. says:

      To all Morning Bell readers. Janet-when you ran to D.C. you left a huge mess here. Mr. Holder-your former law firm defends terrorists on a regular basis. Mr. President-in your city (Chicago) children/police officers/ordinary citizens are killed(murdered) every week.My Lord once said-those without sin cast the first stone. You dont live here/clean up your own garbage and leave us alone!!!!.

    47. Jennifer, Tennessee says:

      The only thing this administration is good at is flapping their gums about a bill they haven't taken the time to read.

      Fox played a clip of Calderon speaking and the Democrats giving him a standing ovation. Biden and Pelosi couldn't get out of their seats fast enough. It's sickening to see the mockery they're making of a country that offers life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to all those who come here LEGALLY!

    48. Bill Herring Tulsa, says:

      Why would the President of the United States, the Vice President and over half of congress allow this foreign "official" to stand before us and criticize us for taking action to protect our nation from his people? All members of congress should have stood and left the building if they had any honor or pride.

      These people are without a doubt the worst example of America that I could ever invision.

      Obama will go down in history as the worst President that our country has ever had! He has, with a tremendous amount of help for other liberal democrats, tried to ruin our country and every single person that has supported his take over of America will be voted out of office and should be arrested for what they are doing to us!

      Last word; We can't survive the rest of Obama's term, impeach him now!

    49. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      I can't believe HF is still printing what this devoted socialist, Ken Jarvis's comments on this blog, let alone the fact that he is posting on a subject that

      is not being descussed today. I understand freedom of speech, but he has no right to have he radical left-wing rants printed.

    50. pepper jantzen says:

      Why was I so excited when Scott Brown was elected? Another weakling who has shown he is not a true Statesman.

      Alabama has a Primary Tuesday June 1st between Republican candidates

      Turncoat Parker Griffith whom the NRC pumped money into:

      Career Politician Mo Brooks,

      Conservative Les Phillip without much money.

    51. KC - New Mexico says:

      Yesterday’s bashing of the USA by President Felipe Calderon was disgusting. Even more so when Congress applauded his comments on the Arizona illegal immigrant law and gun control in the US. He can’t seem to get his own country under control due to the drug cartels. His country could do this if they wanted to but others would look at this clean up as non-humanistic.

      The comment made in the Morning Bell – President Barack Obama puts politics before Americans' interests, a foreign head of state before the United States, and an agenda of apology before much-needed, sensible reforms says it all. We are deteriorating daily with our current leadership. Many in this country wanted “change” – I hope they are happy.

      The message from our country to Mexico should be – clean it up – now! Control your own boarder!

      The message to our own country is – expose the illegal immigrants, get them deported. Re-introduce hard jail time for the criminal illegal immigrants. Require the current inmates to do hard time work, daily, in their communities – they have no rights! Finally, stop providing the free medical, free food, free shelter, free education, etc to those who cannot prove they are legally allowed to be here.

      Yea for Arizona! GB America!

    52. fred,toledo says:

      If an amnesty passes, and it goes back to any date before June 2007, when my (now)wife and her 3 daughters arrived from the Philippines on valid visas, then I intend to seek the return of the thousands of dollars I paid for application fees, green cards, work permits, and adjustment of status. You may think you have some idea what these things cost. It seems like every time you turn around, you are filling out another application, and writing another check for another 3 or 4 hundred dollars. Maybe it's just all about the money. So, look for some serious payments to be made in any amnesty plan.With, say, 15 million illegals, at, say, $2,000 per family, that could bring in some serious change. (No pun intended).

      This kind of treatment of the Mexican president, and disrespect for the many Americans struggling under the burden of this problem, lends credence to the notion that the US will soon be more closely aligned with Mexico and Canada in a single borderless continent; the North American Free Trade zone(or whatever they intend to name it). It spells the end of our national sovereignty.

      A good example of poor deplomacy. A good diplomat shows a way forward that all can accept and support.

    53. Lynn Bryant DeSpain says:

      My wife and I plan on spending our vacation dollars in Arizona this year!

    54. Donald Thorin, Glend says:

      Congress established immigration laws in the early years of this nation. They were stringent and staunchly enforced. Many of our grand parents and parents came through Ellis Island, New York quarsntined, scrutinized and interviewed befors being allowed in our nation. The statutes, regulations and policies have been revised to a scant skeleton and enforcement nonexistent. Secure the borders, deport ALL illegal aliens, tell calderon to straighten out his own country and enforce original immigration policy. From 1986 through 2000 we extended amnesty to five million eight hundred three thousand illegal aliens and now there are twelve to fifteen plus million more illegal aliens Obama wants to GIVE citizenship to. They have freeloaded on our citizens long enough send them back and if they want United States citizenship earn it the right way. We must establish an english only law and our electoral documents be published in english only, we have weakened our liberties and freedoms to appease every culture of the world. We are Americans, we are not hyphenated Americans

    55. Martin/Georgia says:

      We too will be in Arizona in three weeks. I extended my stay matter of fact.

      Never been there- what a year to visit! I support their efforts on this immigration problem. It shows how useless the Federal Government really is.

    56. fred,toledo says:

      Another possibility in the larger picture is oil. Mexico's got it. We want it. We link up, the immigration problem goes away automatically, our military gets the cartels under control, and the revenues start pouring into the treasury again. And we all get to take a vacation on the Mexican coast. Heck, we already have all our documents in Spanish.

    57. Don, TX says:

      There otta be a law: 1. Anyone using race as an aegis to deceive, disrupt, or otherwise gain advantage in the course of an investigation by a state, local or federal law enforcement officer will ( If found guilty of that investigation ) be charged with a felony along with the original offense. 2. Anyone using race an aegis to thwart, interrupt, or otherwise interefere in an investigation by a state, local or federal law enforcement officer will be charged with a felony if that investigation yields a guilty verdict. 3. Anyone using race as an aegis to interefer in the duties of a state, local, or federal law enforcement officer will be subject to fines and/or imprisonment.

    58. tucanofulano says:

      Giving aid and comfort to the enemy ought to be impeachable. Outrageous behavior and slanderous accusations against the American citizens ought to be impeachable. Get rid of the s.o.b. Marxist un-American anti-American B.H. Obama in 2010.

    59. Jack Till Santa Fe N says:

      Obama has once again sided with those who criticize America. He has swirn to protect our borders. His refusal to do so confirms his playing to the Hispanic vote trumps his personal responsibilites.Swearing on a bible cannot mean much to a man who listened to Rev. Wright for 20 years,

    60. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      My suggestion is to move Obama, Holder, et al to Phoenix for the remainder of their terms for a little empathy training. It is easy to be critical of others until you have "walked in their shoes." I am sure the Obama's will have no problem sending their kids to public school and letting them stroll the local mall. It is easy to fly over in Air Force One and view the ground – quite another matter to be on the ground looking up.

      Or, how about we round up Congress and dump them off in Mexico City without any identification. That solves two problems. Its a thought.

      I agree with those that suggest nothing will be done by Mexico since the billions of dollars sent back by the illegals supports Mexico's frail economy. I also agree with those that say "its about the voting block, not about what's right." To this end mostly the democrats will position themselves by whatever means to garner the votes and could care less about the consequences.

      For Ken Jarvis – sadly history is repeating itself. Read "The 5000 Year Leap" and give us your thoughts.

    61. Judith in Michigan says:

      Why isn't anyone mentioning the real reason behind the Obama/Calderon/Democrat love fest going on, which is the eradication of all borders. Not just open borders, but NO borders.. The United States will no longer exist and there will be, instead, just one country I wonder how Canada figures in all of this? Can you just imagine the power these radicals will have then?

      Arizona just through a wrench into the works, and The state must be taken down.

      Every single Democrat in Congress who stood up and cheered for Calderon yesterday also needs to be taken down. (Remember 11-02-10.).

      I wonder who will be the new Dear Leader of this re-arranged country. Will we be able to vote for either Calderon or Obama? Can we vote on a new name for this utopia? Probably Calderon will be named Leader, because Mr O wants to be Dear Leader of the world through the UN. I'm sure they are straightening the details out in their closed-door meetings.

      If these traitors are not "fired" come Nov, America deserves what it gets.

    62. Richard Kumicich, Na says:

      President Obama says he entends to take a closer look at the Arizona law. He should. According to Fox News's Megan Kelly there is a federal law allowing for the same type of proof of status, which has been approved by the Supreme Court. Here's the kicker: Arizlona law requires a reason for the stop. They can't just walk up to anyone on the street. The Federal law does allow for a stop without any other cause than to question status.

    63. Sami Coop Reno Nv says:

      I can't understand what has happened to the brains of our Senators and Representatives. What is so difficult to understand about our Federal Immigration Laws and the fact that they are not being enfoced? What is so difficult to understand about Arizona's law? It is just doing what the Federal law is supposed to. Why is it so hard for them to recognize the fact that breaking the law is a criminal act and subject to punishment. It is not profiling, it is identifying and eliminating a threat to the security and well being of the legal citizens of the United States. It is not complicated!

      The terms "profiling and politically correct" are just words designed to hide immense evil.

    64. Dan Coffey says:

      Someone needs to get the research Megyn Kelly did for the O'Reilly factor last night comparing the Federal bill with the Arizona bill. The Federal bill is much more intrusive and restrictive than the AZ bill. This needs to be widely published. B.O. doesn't realize what is in either bill!

    65. Carole Power Florenc says:

      Our lives are in danger here in Az and also in Cal. Obama has startedd racial problems up again and it is no accident. We have had drive by shootings forever in Cal and Az. They don't need and excuse. Now they ;have Obama, the Union and the Dem Congress egging them on.

    66. Al Reasin, Conowingo says:

      Just like the potential for AZ 1070 to use racial profiling, as the president said, the Consumer Financial Protection Agency formed under S 3217 can potentially track my financial records; the federal government can profile me from an economic standpoint thus violating my civil rights. I sent that to the president and my congressional delegation. If he can talk potential problems, so can I. As below, AZ's law IS constitutional, but is S 3217. I don't think so.

      Megyn Kelly did an excellent analysis of AZ 1070 and reported it on O'Reilly's program on May 20th. The gist was the federal law is more severe and with the unanimous vote of the SCOTUS, federal law enforcement can stop people an ask for proof of citizenship without the another legal code violation first drawing the law enforcement's attention that the AZ law requires.

    67. Dustin C, Chico CA says:

      Impeach him! We've got a lame duck for a

      president, a sleeper cell agent working for foreign interests in la

      office de oval. Giving Caldron the floor in the senate … giving Russia

      the advantage in a nuclear war … giving health care to 30 million

      illegal immigrants … giving terrorists Miranda rights when they

      …attack… on and on. Don't we have enough already to impeach him and

      have an early vote for a new president?

    68. anne metz says:

      excellent article and we in Oregon agree and we will be supporting a simialr bill

    69. Lil, San Diego says:

      Is there any doubt left that this person, sadly, the President of the United States hates this country? His rhetoric has done nothing more than illustrate his contempt for this nation and its laws! The collective witless wonders known as the mainstream media laud this guy with intelligence, yet one wonders after listening to him whether he truly has a grasp of the law and most certainly the Constitution! I doubt he has even read AZ 1070 otherwise why does he spout the nonsense he has. Does he really think that all the illegals here are either "tourists" or "visitors?"

      Andy, Alabama, don't you know according to the fool in the White House, illegals, either "visitors" or "tourists" CONTRIBUTE to our society, certainly they are not a millstone on our society, so says the fool in the White House!

      I, too, plan a visit to AZ!

    70. Mike, New York says:

      this admin. and the likes of Reed,Pelosi,Schumer and the rest of the their comrads know exactly what they are doing, and doing it in concert with the few thousand world wide power brokers that want to control the masses through false promises and intimidation, people are starting to wake up, you can fool most of the people most of the time but you can't fool all the people all the time. Thanks to the Heritage Foundation, the word is spreding, at least in the USA, keep up the great work and good luck Arizona we are standing behind you.

    71. bigdave ocala fl says:

      Thank you HERITAGE for having the guts to STAND UP FOR ARIZONA!! Seems like it is FASHIONABLE these days to be an America-hater!? It is NOW a PROVEN FACT, the President and all his co-conspirators in congress, the news media as well as the Mexican Official, LIED AND DISTORTED THE TRUTH about Arizona law!! They each owe the people of the STATE of ARIZONA a PERSONAL APOLOGY(especially from the MOTHER-OF-ALL-APOLOGISTS!) and THE AMERICAN PEOPLE(WELL, OVER 70% OF THEM) demand an APOLOGY!!! After 30 years in California, I have seen first hand the destruction of a beautiful state at the hands of ILLEGALS!!! These are not doctors and engineers running across the border! These are the people MEXICO WANTS TO BE RID OF!!! Lets dump all of our jails into Mexico! Over 25% are Mexicans anyway. Lets see what the have to say about a REVERSAL OF FORTUNE!

    72. Drew Page, IL says:

      Maybr Mr. O can invite the Castro brothers for a State dinner at the White House. After dinner they can tell Americans what miserable no good capitalist pigs we are and Mr. O can apologize to them and Cuba for us making it so hard on them these past 48 years. Maybe Mr. O could invite them to open their prisons and mental asylems again and send us more 'undocumented workers', whom we could then provide all government subsidies and benefits, after all the sign at the foot of the Statue of Liberty says give me your poor, wretched huddled masses yearning to breathe free. Cuban jails and asylems ought to have lots of these. They would probably even be willing to vote Democrat.

    73. Barb, Wisconsin says:

      The Obama/Calderon Meximania lovefest has sickened me. He clearly was reading talking points given to him by the Emperor Obama. To have them both stand on the peoples' rose garden at the peoples' White House and berate the great and brave state of Arizona was appalling. The salt in the wound was for Nancy Pelosi, Biden and the Dems back to their congressional up and down aerobics applauding their hearts out against our great country. Kudos for the people of Arizona for standing up to defend themselves. I have just cancelled the Thanksgiving week we had planned in Playa del Carmen in Mexico and told them exactly why. We are going to Arizona instead to spend our time and dollars there. How long must we wait for Obama's impeachement? He is not keeping us safe and upholding the Constitution. He must be impeached and NOW!

    74. LARRY ZILGE says:


    75. kenny houser, pa says:

      I am happy to see that a state is exercising their state's rights during a time when the Obama Administration is trying to strip away states rights. He doesn't really care about the law, he is pissed because a state is acting on their own. The law is legal, but that does not matter with him. If its not what HE likes its no good (health care bill…people apposed it…oh well, cap and trade…people do not support the proposal… does not matter). Apparently its ok to denounce capitalism in this country now, sooo does he like socialism?

      The U.S Constitution is a hindrance to this administration, and they let the rest of the world make fun of it.

      This far left un-american methodology that has Washington DC gripped has got be stopped. There is a movement bring conservative values back into the swing of things..The problem is that the country moved away from them over time, now when things go extreme, conservative groups pop up (not that its bad) and rally america to remember what this country is and why. What needs to be done is NEVER forget once control is taken back OR it will happen again (during the Progressive movement in the early 20th century the agenda was to recreate the constitution).

      Got off topic here

    76. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      If all goes well, I believe it will, in Nov. Come Jan. Impeachment can proceed, better yet he needs to be tried for treasonand tyrany. Also to be tried should be Reid and Pelosi and all the gang members (SIEU and ACORN) who worked so hard to make sure we got this person in the WH. It's going to take support both in dollars and volonteerism, Please realize that even $5.00 and $10.00 donations once a month add up, I am retired and on fixed income but support RNC both local and National and try to give some every month to both as well as a few dollars to my canidate. Also try and help to get the conservative vote out, see if someone needs a ride or help getting an absentee ballot, there are many ways to help and WE NEED to do what we can.

    77. ms Arizona says:

      Yea! Somebody read the law! I had and still have some mixed emotions, but I am convinced that since racial profiling is strictly forbidden and our governor strongly stated that it would not happen during her speech, this law will not bring about a police state. Arizona is reacting to the fact that Phoenix is the kidnap capitol of the nation (fed by drug trade and lack of border security) and that life is of no value to some. Recently a rancher in the southern border region of our state was murdered. It was reported that the assassin was tracked to the border. It has also been reported that the rancher had stopped to help someone who appeared to have collapsed on his ranch. Arizona is a state that embraces the many cultures that have combined to make it unique. Racism is viewed as ignorance by most of us. My problem is that condemning a whole state without reading the document is also ignorance.

    78. Susan Shumway Phoeni says:

      Having lived in Arizona most of my adult life I have watched all of the changes to our state as well as to the nation. This bill is a direct reflection on the government in Washington DC mainly Obama. He does not want the border closed. Does anyone think for a moment that if all of these illegals from Mexico were potential Republican voters we would be even having this discussion? When Janet Napolitano was here and our governor she spent like a wild woman. She never even considered what would happen if we couldn't sustain all of her spending. She talked about closing the borders but didn't do much and when she saw her golden goose Obama) ,she left us holding a 3 BILLION dollar deficit. She did not reflect the majority of Arizonans. I spoke to Dean Martin, State Treasurer, and he said he knew we couldn't sustain the amount of spending that she was doing so he reined in his office at least and saved for harder times. She had plenty of time to get something done about our border but she saw the Obama train and got on it in a hurry.

      I love all of the outrage for everyone but for the victims of this mess. They are many. Just this past year we had an illegal shot 2 of our police officers point blank on the street. Another man who was illegal was just convicted of raping 9 little girls in the Chandler area . He had been caught before as being here illegally and was sent back to Mexico 3 times. He then went on a binge and raped 8 and 9 year old little girls after climbing through their bedroom windows.

      Where is the outrage for the little girls and there families!

      We also just had a prominent rancher who was just murdered one morning on his own ranch in southern Arizona . He was shot and the officials tracked the shooter back to the border of Mexico.

      We have to deal with kidnapping, drug smuggling, car theft, and home burglary in our state. Folks in the rest of the country think this is just our problem but I have news for them ,it is all of our problems.. This is not about supposedly nice people who just want a new start. We had over 1 million come across the border just last year. They are going all across the country. We better wake up NOW and get this under control or we will be very very sorry!!!!

      How in the world can someone like the President or Janet Napolitano, or Eric Holder for that matter speak to this issue when they haven't even READ law!!! What a joke these people are. They care not one iota about what this is doing to our lives and state.

      Susan K Shumway


    79. Clyde Hughes says:

      Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Madison, and even FDR would consider Obama's statements treasonous.

    80. Tumbleweed Benedict says:

      This letter was emailed to the White House website Friday 5/21/10. I'm a Tucson, Arizona resident and Navy submarine veteran who is disgusted with President Obama's attack on Arizona HB 1070 illegal immigration law.


      Dear Mr. President:

      Before I comment on Thursday's charade by Mexican President Calderon, yourself, and the joint session of Congress, I have to mention you should change this website's opening rhetoric.

      Mr. President, if you were really committed to being "the most open and accessible administration in American history" why haven't you had a national press conference since last July? Hardly what Americans consider "accessible".

      Now back to topic. As a resident of Tucson I consider your comments, and those of Mr. Calderon's, to be toxic toward maintaining border safety for the residents of Arizona and our Nation. You're words and in-actions to secure our southern borders from illegals, drug lords, smugglers and terrorists, are either mis-guided or intentional. In either case, you're not fulfilling your duties as Commander and Chief by protecting US citizens from foreign invasion and terrorism.

      Forget about illegals coming here to do the work Americans "don't want" – that's a lame excuse for not securing our border when long-term unemployment is higher than it's been since the Great Depression. If you think we're naive enough to think just helpless Mexican nationals are diluting our sovereignty, you're extremely mistaken.

      If the "bad guys" can smuggle thousands of tons of narcotics and weapons into Arizona monthly, don't you think radical Muslims haven't tried to smuggle WMD across too?

      If you really want to be Presidential, you might want stop inviting foreigners into our National Capitol to berate us about our own laws — and hop on AF1 for a non-stop to Davis – Monthan AFB. Within 30 minutes you'll be standing squarely in a hot desert wash littered with remnants of human feces, drugs and weapons trafficking.

      I know you're focused on that nasty Gulf Oil Spill, but out here we're focused on another Al Gore calamity called the Desert Human Debris Spill.

      As a cold war veteran of the U.S. Navy's "Silent Service", I can say with honesty and passion, Sir, you're not doing your number one job as President; protecting Arizona citizens from foreign terrorism.

      No Sir, you're allowing race-baiting by elected officials and diverting us from the real problem and agenda at-hand; providing illegals amnesty for political gain.

      You further place our Country in jeopardy by passing healthcare reform with out securing the border simultaneously.

      I was born and raised on Chicago's south side. My Chicago Math is exceptional at calculating the bankrupting effect your policies have placed on this Nation.

      I will congratulate you also on one other point Sir. You have a way of polarizing citizens – against you. Have you looked at the polls this week? You and the Democrats are standing on the wrong side of the America freeway regarding jobs, national security, closing the border, spending and government takeovers of private industry, banks, insurance companies, etc..

      Veterans have sacrificed much to assure the USA remains the greatest beacon of liberty on the planet. We're not pleased with the direction your Administration is taking us and we'll remain vigilant defenders of our freedoms and Constitution.

      Freedom. Not Freedumb.

      November 2nd can't get here fast enough.



    81. Gayle Cranford, Herm says:

      Yesterday, May 20th, on Fox News channel, there was a discussion of the Arizona law regarding illegal immigrants. The Federal stance on illegals is actually more draconian than the Arizona law. Of course, Obama and his administration don't know that because they haven't read, at least, one of the laws.

    82. H. N, Eicher Hot Spr says:

      Regarding Arizona!

      I do not feel that legal reform is required. Current law has stood the test of time. What is missing is the lack of enforcement! I do not care what a law says if it is not enforced it will not be respected by anyone. The Arizona law deals with this issue quite well,it is more about enforcement and in no way in conflict with existing Federal law.

      I am totally dismayed that with the large numbers of lawyers in Congress and in this Administration that fail to understand this rather straight forward attempt by Arizona legislators to "do the right thing"! I can only assume that they fully understand but choose to politicize the situation which perpetuates the polarization of this country. Haves Vs. Have nots! Dependents vs. Independents!

      And on and on!

      I am especially disgusted with the fact that there seems to be a "knee-jerk" reactionary approach by this administration to deal with both important and less important issues.Read and understand the bills before you vote or critize! Look before you leap!

    83. carlo in new jersey says:

      The president of Mexico should have been firmly booted out of The People's House on his ass. The Republicans should have walked out as a group. At what point do we impeach Obama? The White House, the main media, and the Democrats pose a greater danger to the Republic then any foreign enemy. Its a good thing to have a civil society where ideas and debate flourish. Its another when you are constantly being asked to bend over. God Bless Anerica.

    84. Mike, North Carolina says:

      Here we see it again! "Obama and his accomplices controlling Congress did this, that, and those other wrong things, and his flunkies in his Administration joined-in", all of which is true and further evidence that Obama and his accomplices in Congress and his Administration have neither any inclination nor intention to stop doing everything they're doing, and more, no matter what, no matter how wrong, and no matter how Unconstitutional and destructive of our freedoms, resources, and security.

      Oh but then, yet again, in the very next breath, we see such as "Congress should do this", and "Congress should do that", when it's evident and obvious that not only is that exactly like trying to get criminals (including the legalized ones in government such as Obama and those in Congress) to stop tying us all down in chains and robbing us all blind!

      Hey! Wake up, smell the coffee, and see the abundantly evident and obvious!

      Not only is it an exercise in futility, doomed to failure, to try to tell criminals (including the legalized thieves in government) how they should stop tying us all down in chains and robbing us blind, but such criminals will always make it equally evident and obvious that they have neither any inclination nor intent to stop tying us all down in chains and robbing us blind, and so it is that the only way to stop such criminals as those in government is to get them out of power.

      In other words, it's as the wise farmer says: "The only way to get rabid foxes to stop attacking and taking over the farm is to get rid of the rabid foxes!"

    85. Bill B LC,NM says:

      This president and congress are traitors to our country. They should all be removed from office. How dare them stand up and clap for Mexico's president while he is here bashing one of our states. These people disgust me, check out Mexico's immigration policy "they send them back or put them in jail." What a bunch of moron's.

    86. kj says:

      You should check out 20 million Americans requesting the resignation of the sitting President on Facebook America has spoken and if someone doesnt do something to stop this man who is questionable on his credentials and as of yesterdays debacle in Congress I fear this man is not an American wake up America what are you waiting for? This includes Congress and the Senators and Representatives and everyone -what are you doing this is detrimental for our country. Be an American and Stand up !!! This is too scary to even fathom him finishing his term. omg!

    87. kj says:

      i think it is high time someone listens to WE THE PEOPLE and let us do something like get him out!!!! Please he is destroying what America means!

    88. Darrin, Oregon says:

      We must support Arizona and its efforts to stem the tide of illegal immigration! If unchecked we will be overrun with people who would rather use us than join us for the common good. Obama and the rest of the liberals say that they are so concerned about the downtrodden but what about the millions of downtrodden American citizens? This concern for the illegal aliens crossing over into America is simply a cover for the effort by Obama to gain votes. Amnesty is simply a way to reward illegal behavior and will destroy this country!

    89. wade, texas says:

      is the govt a farce or what????????????? vote em all out.

    90. Mary, Houston, TX says:

      I am just sick and broken hearted over the betrayal of America and wonderful, hard working American citizens. How much clearer can it be that our president and his cabal is against Americans on every front. Too many people are playing the fiddle while "Rome Burns". There a lot of very smart and courageous ones out there and we have got to find ways to help save our country. Regarding Ariizona I hope the. business people there will build a web site and advertise every product that can be shipped and people could show their support by giving them a lot of business. And I might add some buying from the states that boycott AZ

    91. Sue From Detroit says:

      Scott Brown sold out the American People voting for this financial law. This law will destroy any one the Democrats do not like. It is giving the Executive Branch too much power over the average citizen.

      The Arizona Border is another example on how much Obama hates America. He and George Soros want to destroy our lives. They have no love for Mexico but they have extreme hate for Americans. Mexico should clean up it's own country and we should protect our borders.

    92. Jackson, Denton, TX says:

      Actually I believe the "reasons" people violate our borders without regard for our laws, our language, and our sovereignty, are irrelevant. There is NO acceptable reason to enter a country illegally – that automatically places you in the category of criminal. Be that as it may, millions do it to the US every year and not only commit an illegal act by damning our borders but many continue to commit crimes for other "good reasons" like drugs.

      I have had a gut full of excuses and rationalizations for not ferreting out and deporting those in our country without proper authorization. The touchy-feely term "illegal immigrant" is an oxymoron. By definition, an immigrant enters a country LEGALLY. Years ago people that occupied land illegally were called "squatters", that is a more correct term.

      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

      An immigrant is a person who moves to another country legally.

      What part of illegal do people not understand? If the Texas legislature can muster up some sense, they will be right behind AZ.

    93. frank, minnesota says:

      Ther president needs to stop groveling at the feet of the world's leaders He is spineless. .

      The conservatives need to hold on to the pictures of those Democtrates who gave a standing ovation to thePresidet of Mexice who is lecturing the USA especially on the human right violations perpertrated by Arizona.

      Each Democratic member of Congress needs to have their face circled and the picture shown to their constituancy come October / November 2010.

    94. Elaine Connelly, Lin says:

      GO FOR IT ARIZONA. One of our state senators, not from Omaha or Lincoln, I assure you. As Omaha and Lincoln want to import illegals to keep their source of cheap labor; one of the senators from a district to the west of Omaha and Lincoln, has proposed legislation similar to Arizona's. Of course our dumbkopf mayor (who is a Dummycrat) is against it. I so wish that I could be elected mayor of Lincoln. I would fire all of the administrative department heads, fire the planning commission, and most of the teachers in the public schools. All we have here is a bunch of wanna bes.

    95. Howard Phillips Brah says:

      Obamas adminastration is a joke. A bunch of IDIOTS that don't know what their job is. I'm surprised bama didn't get down and kiss his feet since he lets that clown stand up and degrade our country.His Homeland Sec's either don't know what their job is or just don't care, They could at least read about what they are talking about but I guess they are to important for that like pelosi and reid. Lot of people in bamas admin. that don't read or maybe don't know how???

    96. Gail GR MI says:

      Did I miss something in the past year or so? Does not the President of the United Sates take an oath to preserve and protect us, the Consitution and our laws? What oath did Obama take? Or maybe he just crossed his fingers when he said it. Its only words anyway. So much for our heritage and history!

    97. Thor H. Asgardson says:

      Notes From The Planet Krypton–An Open Call For Intervention By The United States Military

      The American Southwest "… seems to be slowly returning to the jurisdiction of Mexico without firing a single shot."

      – Carlos Loret de Mola, Poet Laureate of Mexico

      July 20, 1982, the Mexican newspaper Excelsior.

      “Diplomacy without arms, is like music without instruments.”

      Frederick the Great

      King of Prussia 1740-1786 (1712 – 1786)

      WASHINGTON — As Mexican President Felipe Calderon ripped Arizona's new law clamping down on illegal immigrants in front of Congress on Thursday, Democrats and White House officials rose to their feet to cheer, including Attorney General Eric Holder and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano — two officials who have confessed to not even reading the law.


      The liberals who drafted the 2,000 page healthcare bill were too lazy, misguided and irresponsible to even read the 10 page report regarding the Arizona law they castigated. Their disinterest in the direct will of the American people is transparent and there is certainly NO “hope” or “change” evident coming from this quarter.

      So the question for Mexico’s president is what is he doing here, beyond cementing the hold of the 40-million-man Mexican occupation force which seeks to wrest the Southwest–and then some– away from the United States of America?

      Article 9 of the Mexican constitution states, "only citizens of the Republic may take part in the political affairs of the country." Article 33 is clear in its meaning: "Foreigners may not in any way participate in the political affairs of the country."

      The Mexican presidency has become a beachhead for the Mexican nation to meddle in the sovereign affairs of the United States of America.

      “We are defined not by our borders, but by our bonds.”

      Barack Hussein Obama

      Superfly just zapped himself with his own kryptonite!

      Perhaps the “president” should be interrogated about these alleged “bonds?” Where is Michael Savage?

      The president of the United States, the heads of Homeland Security and the Justice Department and every member of Congress who stood up to applaud the outrageous remarks by the Mexican president–Felipe de Jesús Calderón Hinojosa–all deserve to be removed from power by a United States military


      These globalists have provided the nation with a spectacle of treason the nation will NOT soon forget and the legacy of these alleged “lawmakers” is one of shame and disgrace, for having tolerated a lecture from the head of a failed nation and third world basket case.

      The host/parasite relationship between the United States of America and Mexico continues under the incapable leadership on Capitol Hill.

      Felipe Calderón imagines he is going to influence the American political process, by coming up here to denounce America’s firm stance against the Mexican incursion.

      Every lawmaker who stood up to applaud Calderón’s speech, belongs in a mental facility and/or reeducation camp. The sooner the entire criminal regime–posing as the legitimate government of the American people–is removed from power, the better it will be for the survival of this republic.

      The war criminals of the current Obama regime are a direct threat to the national security of the United States of America and Obama in particular, must be removed not only for being an usurper, but also for his treasonous statement that America is not defined by her borders.

      This affirmation by Obama aids and abets, while giving comfort to the Mexican enemy. This foe has a self-entitlement mentality–as stated by a long line of Mexican presidents, including Calderón –that the borders of Mexico extend beyond that nation into the United States of America and that: “Wherever there is a Mexican; that is Mexico.”

      America needs a final solution to the Mexican question and that solution is a military coup, to depose this criminal regime in Washington from power and to restore the republic to the American people.

      There is no such thing as a “dual citizen,” neither is there anything in the globalist agenda of the New World Order, which is compatible with the survival and future existence of the United States of America.

      Our ship of state is set on course to become a vassal state under the boot of the United Nations. This peonage must be averted by the United States of America exerting its sovereignty, by expelling the Mexican occupation forces.

      The government is complicit in treason against the nation and therefore it must be removed.

      Just because America has never had a military coup does not mean it cannot happen, as these special times clearly call for such an event, as Washington D.C. is occupied by the enthronement of corporations, which circumvent the will of the American people, to the national detriment. In addition to all of this, a communist usurper dares to lecture the American people that their country is not defined by borders, which is the highest treason.

      The governor of Arizona has pleaded with these war criminals to do their jobs, but that supplication is clearly barking up the wrong tree, for it is hinged on the hope that these degenerates will do the right thing, when their repeated pattern reveals an agenda of sedition.

      Now is the time for the American military to topple the communist regime in Washington.

      Like Arizona, our battered nation can’t take anymore. One hundred million more people will arrive over the next 30 years (U.S. Census Bureau), most of these will be denizens of the Third World, who bring nothing to our shores but balkanization, through “multiculturalism.”

      Mexico’ shocking pronouncement regarding Arizona law, should dispel all notions that this movement is about assimilation, U.S. citizenship, civil rights or diversity.

      It's about unchecked power. It's about payback. It's about the takeover of our country. It's about an invasion. It's about war. And most of all, it’s about the quislings in our government who enable La Reconquista.

      “Were the United States a serious nation, Calderon's claim that Mexico extends into the United States would have produced an instant demand from the U.S. ambassador for clarification.

      Failing to receive it, he would have packed his bags, and the United States would be on the verge of severing diplomatic relations.

      In an earlier time, U.S. troops would be rolling to the border.

      Patrick J. Buchanan

      http://www.ourcivilisation.com/usa/invade.htm – 18 hours ago – Cached – Similar
      http://www.rense.com/general41/annex.htm – 20 hours ago – Cached – Similar

    98. Gary Wise says:

      Any person who is so full of himself, so left of center that Hillery sounds like a conservative, and sides with as mexican "criminal corupt government" over an American state he is sworn to protect, should himself be asked for his "papers". In this case 666's would be unable to produce! Eventually this socialist jackass will go to far and force law abiding Americans to do what must be done to rid this plague from our Judo-Christian Republic.The only one to blame will be the people sitting in the White House, senate and congress with their stinking thinking! Remember the Alamo America! Their at it again!

    99. Jeff,Huntsville says:

      This information needs to be published in newspapers for the general public and broadcast on TV for all to see but this administration is on a different path and unfortunately their are a lot of people with the same mind set…….it seems common sense is the only thing that's being deported these day's.

    100. Stephen Krayanek says:

      When will some organization or wealthy individual file a law suit in

      against Obama / the Obama Administration for not enforcing the Federal Laws on the Books?

    101. Linda Thomason, Eagl says:

      I intend to spend my vacation in Arizona this year, hope everyone does. They will need everyone's help to deal with the cost of securing their (our) border. They are doing what the federal government should be doing. We owe them a great debt of gratitude.

    102. Mary Rogers says:

      I have read most all of these comments. Has anyone thought of inpeaching him. He did promise to uphold The Consitition of the United State. That means to uphold our country not to trash it. We do have border and laws to enter the country and become a citizen. You must learn English, most of all you denounces your old country You pledge to uphold the laws of the United State. Arizona I and with you.

    103. Pete / Washington says:

      All I can say is " I "m with Arizona"

    104. Pete / Washington says:

      All I can say is " I'm with Arizona"

    105. Judy, MA says:

      After seeing the Dems standing up giving this Mexican President a standing ovation, I thought to myself. "what traitors". They have a rude awakening come November and thereafter. We the People will not forget and we don't have amnesia. I already have my liberal friends educated. LOL

    106. Robert N Ivy; Dawson says:

      I have been ashamed of what a leader of our country has said before, but in my 69 years I have never been more embarrassed by the President of the United States ass kissing of the President of Mexico, and to back that up the Congress gave the President of Mexico a standing ovation for his upbraiding of the Arizona law.

    107. John Tedeschi, Calif says:

      I am more than embarrassed by our president, I am angry as hell. He is pushing his socialistic policies down our throats regardless of the impact to America. What is the matter with our congress? Standing ovations from our congress for a second rate country's president. Mexico's laws are more strict than ours and he has the gaul to critisize us.

      What can we do to get our country back?

    108. Marie, Arizona says:

      I am an Arizona native, and am so glad we have a Governor who will stand up for the people of Arizona. The illegal immigration problem here is so bad, and it is a multi-faceted problem. The funny thing is that our "new" anti-illegal immigration law is so simple, and practically mimics the Federal law. Also, I believe that California has a much stricter law (834b) that the citizens of California voted on. I am not 100% sure on this, but I heard about 834b and researched it on the internet. We have a deficit in Arizona of around $1.4 billion, and the taxpayers pay around $1.5 for illiegal immigrants in education, incarceration, health care, etc. Thankfully, we have some strong Republicans in office and running for office in the Fall.

    109. ALAN R... FLORIDA says:



    110. Bob in Mexifornia says:

      Obummer is an empty suit with an ego that won't quit. His antics about immigration and his rhetoric are all hurting our country in obvious and more subtle ways. I believe he is a confirmed radical liberal socialist that really hates what the USA stand for. He has never had a real job, managed anything and now depends on his cadre of elitist czars for advice and necessary decisions. God help us all.

    111. Bob in California says:

      Greetings from Mexifornia.

      Obummer is an empty suit with an ego that won't quit. His antics about immigration and his rhetoric are all hurting our country in obvious and more subtle ways. I believe he is a confirmed radical liberal socialist that really hates what the USA stand for. He has never had a real job, managed anything and now depends on his cadre of elitist czars for advice and necessary decisions. God help us all.

    112. Robert Davis Montagu says:

      You only have to pay for the expense of holding the illegals for ICE to come get them . That could be done by using all federal taxes from Gas Income , and any other you collect. No reason to send money to D.C. then try to get it back to pay their bills. Have all Federal taxes sent to Phoenix and send an accountind with Thank You note to Obama. He will be so happy to pay your charges.

      You can do it.

    113. James Thompson / Pea says:

      Let's return the favor and boycot Cali-forn-ia and all other non-American states who boycot Arizona for their brave stand against the stupidity taking place in this great nation. It is time to go beyond talking and take action, take to the street if we have to. Maybe it is time that we use their techique and let them pay our bills while we protest for our rights.

    114. Lynda Wilds Michigan says:

      Yeah Arizona! My family came from Britain and into this country legally which meant a very long separation from my father. We all carried green cards wherever we went. We did it and so can everyone else coming to this country. I am now a US citizen and DID NOT vote for Obama!

      Shame on Obama for siding with Calderon. I am so tired of being reprimanded by this president. We are not children and we are not stupid and do not need to be told what to do when. Shame on Calderon for his arrogant speech! Get your own country in order! How dare you come to the US and tell us what to do. Shame on you both. Mr. Obama, you are being reprimanded! How does it feel?

    115. Mark, Detroit says:

      This is stunning. We have the president of Mexico taking issue with the Arizona immigration law. I just read the Mexican law pertaining to immigration into that country. And I like it. It's considerably more repressive than anything this country has on the books. And the president of Mexico accuses Arizona of potential racial profiling? He's got to be kidding! That was an outrage. And to have that despot cheered by the Democrats is insulting. I can't wait to November 2. Can we only vote once? Unless we live in Chicago.

    116. gil binezewski manch says:

      I hope all the states will do the same as Arizona. If people from other counties want to come into United States than they should come in the right way and become citizens, not any way they can . we should find them and deport them, for one very good reason they are not paying any taxes. These illegals own houses cars, they send their children to our schools. and they pay nothing.

    117. John H. Ellis, Matth says:

      The Republican's (with any spine) in the Senate and House should introduce bills that will, in the spirit of the President of Mexico, give the illegals the same humane treatment that Mexico gives to all foreign persons that come into their country. This Meixcan law should be printed in the bill and issued to all Americans to see what Mexico practices.

      Including the right to never Vote, own property, or be a part of any voice against the government of Mexico.

      Also, that Mexico allows the illegals in the USA to vote in Mexico's elections.

      Voter ID and papers for everyone is a must.

      We must have immigration reform only for those that are legal

      immigrants. Speed-up their time and cost.

    118. Russell Dallen Sr, D says:

      Doesn't anyone remember history. Toynbee said there are 5 stages in a civilization. First the vanderfolk who cross the borders and overwhelm the inhabitants and the Fifth when a state cannot protect its borders from the next generations of the vanderfolk.

    119. Gail, Utah says:

      When will the calls for impeachment come? I know the Senate won't take it up while the majority are Democrats, but responsible citizens and organizations should be beating the drum now for impeachment of this shameful president who undermines US security and sovereignty at every turn. How much worse do his crimes have to get?

    120. paul,the villages fl says:

      I'm sick of all this whning about racial profiling. most of the illegals are hispanic,so trying to find them is not profiling.If they were white women,we be checking white women not hispanic males.Every time I apply for a permit, I have to supply identification.All non citizens are required to carry idetification, so I don't see why they are asked to show it.As a driver I must shoe my license and insurence, so what's the big deal with these people.If I were the govenor of Arizona, I would call a press conference and demand an apoligy to the citizens of my state for his disgusting joke on tetevision.

    121. Doug Gerbing says:

      My wife and I just returned from a nice visit to Arizona. It was great to travel down there and support their economy and their new laws. It is incredible that they are receiving such bad press when what they are doing makes so much sense. This just goes to show how much damage has already been done by the Liberals in our government and why it is so important to start us back on the right course both now and in November. I encourage Arizona people to stand by their new law and to not be swayed by a very minority population of liberals who are voicing a minority opinion.

    122. Pastor Carmine says:

      We must Pray for and Stand with Arizona on this. I am with you. If you need me call me.

    123. Pastor Carmine Reno says:

      Go Arizona America We The people are with you on this God Bless you we are praying for you call me if you need my help.

    124. Mirt , Seabrook, Tx says:

      My comment is short and right—get rid of Obama,his administration and most of the Democratic Congress—I'm not sure they are Americans—what a disgrace.

    125. Mirt , Seabrook, Tx says:

      I did leave a comment —you must not have liked it.–My comment was–get rid of Obama and most of hsi administration and many of the Democrats in Congress—thats the only solution I see

    126. Ken Davis, Midlothia says:

      I suggest we boycott all states that boycott Arizona.

      I suggest investigation of all members of Congress who stood up and gave a standing ovation to Calderon and put them on trial for treason. Aid to the enemy.

      I suggest all illegals immigrants be rounded up and sent back to their respective home countries. This should be completet with any child born here.

    127. Billie says:

      This is suppose to be the UNITED States. It's a shame ANY state turns on another. Especially over something as critical as this. The country is lived by law and order out of respect and decency of human lives. To enforce the law teaches those who choose not to understand.

      We saved to go to Hawaii and planned to next year. Sorry Hawaii. Hopefully another time.

    128. Carol, AZ says:

      Dear President Obama,

      The position you have taken as the leader of the free world an your stance against AZ and the USA is heard loud and clear by the rest of the world.

      Your primary responsibility is to protect and secure the borders of our country..

      We have proof here in AZ that illegals crossing our border

      are coming from country with terrorist ties.

      For every one interdicted 10 get through.

      Country's of origin of those interdicted

      now read like a map from the Middle East.

      Prayer rugs, book of the Koran, terrorist literature on bomb making

      and know organizational ties from Iraq, Iran, Af, Sudan,

      and other country's who harbor and breed terrorism are proof of this.


      This information has been passed on to Homeland Security from here to D.C. .

      All effort to inform the press has been silenced since

      the focus is on the S.American invasion and the race profiling card

      since AZ passage of bill 1070.

      This control of the press has disallowed all other facts

      for the safety of the USA to be ignored .

      Lately I see a certain truth slowly creeping from the limp reporting

      by most media on this issue.

      However the above findings have never been revealed to the American public.

      My message is loud and clear.

      This is NOT just a S. American flood to cross our borders.

      Since January terrorist cells have been located in CO, N.Y., N.J.

      What further proof do need .

      You, and the useless leadership from Homeland Security

      are assisting country's that are known enemies by treasonable leadership.

      Does this sound like treason to you?

    129. Richard-Calif says:

      !st, I send the morning bell to all my friends. 2nd- I'm going to boycott all those areas that boycott Arizona. 3rd. My wife & I are considering a vacation in Arizona.

      PS– I would send this to our politictions that do not listen to us anyway. They do not get my vote.

    130. Woody, Maryland says:

      Obama said it himself. "in America no law abiding person"

      As far as I am concerned as soon as they cross the border without papers they are NOT law abiding people. What is so hard to understand about that ? Hay Obama, why dont you enforce the immagration laws this country has in effedt instead of trying to distroy the peoplr who are?

    131. Jerry Johnson, 29684 says:

      Would it be possible to publish a list of things that can be bought from Arizona?

      *A Reverse Boycott*

    132. D Force says:


    133. Pete Kleff, Cypress, says:

      It is strange that apparently most commentators of both left and right have missed the most serious issue with the statements of Pres. Calderon concerning the Arizona law. Under international law, "comity" – respect for the laws of another sovereign nation – is a basic principle. In his various public statements, including his speech to Congress, Pres. Calderon mocked this principle of international law. His conduct was a breach of diplomaric protocol of the first magnitude. That Pres. Obama and certain members of Congress supported this insulting behavior reflects an underlying disrespect for the U.S.

    134. Jackson, Denton, TX says:

      Good on you D Force for using the correct lingo "ILLEGAL ALIENS" to describe the squatters that invade our country by the millions.

      People ARE illegal if they enter the USA without proper authorization/papers, and they ARE legal if they immigrate – look it up on Wikipedia. Immigrant: A person that moves to another country legally. Let's get rid of the wimpy term illegal immigrant and call them what they really are Aliens or Squatters.

    135. Mike, ID says:

      Instead of "comprehensive" immigration reform, can't we start by eliminating one huge attraction of illegals of all stripes: anchor babies? There appears to be clear intent in the law that it not apply to just anyone who "happens" to be in the country (shopping trips by Muslim women during ninth month of pregnancy, Hispanic women here illegally give birth, etc.). Don't you wonder why these women would even be travelling to the U.S. during late pregnancy? I know, it's a rhetorical question…we know why they do it.

    136. Doug Stafford, Conco says:

      Sadly, the Arizona law would have been unnecessary if Obama (and several Presidents before him) would have enforced federal law. There is absolutely no excuse for allowing the borders of the United States to remain unsecured. It's a shame that dereliction of duty is not an impeachable offense.

    137. Linda, Louisiana says:

      I wish the President of Mexico would have taken the President of the United States to Mexico with him. They are both like two peas in a pod, don't know what they are talking about and have no respect for the Legal Immigrants in the United States. The Mexican President wants to send all citizens in Mexico to the United States, including the druggies, criminals, and other riff-raff. That will leave him less to worry about. President Obama will fall all over himself to influence someone like the Mesican President, yet be rude to the Official from Israel. He does not have his priorities in order. He is the most arrogant person I have ever seen or heard of, thinks he is always right, forgets that he is representing the people of the United States. and has no respect for others who are deserving of respect. He is destroying this Nation, brick by brick.

    138. Paul Revere II, Broo says:

      Please, bring impeachment / indicting proceedings NOW.

      I fear that some thoroughly fed up taxpayer will, G-d forbid, physically attack/harm Obama. I want BHO to live, face justice, and feel humiliation.

      My greatest wish is that he be legally removed, forfeit his perquisites, and live a long time in disgrace.

    139. Ronald Keith Goering says:

      to the Heritage Foundation and others,

      I just wanted to inform you that the "matter regarding the IRS" has been resolved. They rescinded their "false and fraudulent claim for tax debt, penalty and interest" I will be forwarding you copies of the "letters and ongoing appeals" (it seems they intend to continue to deny the "stimulus payment").

      ALSO – in regards to the ARIZONA IMMIGRATION LAWS – The Secretary of Homeland Security – Napolatano and her director of ICE are in violation of U. S. Criminal Codes, to wit:

      TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 19 > § 372

      Prev | Next

      § 372. Conspiracy to impede or injure officer

      How Current is This?

      If two or more persons in any State, Territory, Possession, or District conspire to prevent, by force, intimidation, or threat, any person from accepting or holding any office, trust, or place of confidence under the United States, or from discharging any duties thereof, or to induce by like means any officer of the United States to leave the place, where his duties as an officer are required to be performed, or to injure him in his person or property on account of his lawful discharge of the duties of his office, or while engaged in the lawful discharge thereof, or to injure his property so as to molest, interrupt, hinder, or impede him in the discharge of his official duties, each of such persons shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than six years, or both.

      Because each and every agent, employee and assign swore an oath to uphold the laws of these United States and its subdivisions (States), when Napolatano and her director of ICE ordered their subordinates to act contrary to the laws of these United States after which the Arizona Law was patterened, they have in fact "impeded" their agents and assigns from "complying with the laws for which they are "required to perform".

      Ronald Keith Goering

    140. Jerry Albuquerque NM says:

      As I am a member how can I get some pocket Constitutions for myself and friends??

    141. Mike, Chicago says:

      The Arizona law is right and just. Obama and Holder should be thrown out of office for opposing it,

    142. Carol, AZ says:

      To the rest of America,(update)

      We are dying a slow death in AZ.

      The back door to our country is a gaping hole right here on our border. .

      All proof of the turth and all reality of the real problem we face here /

      to secure our border for the protection of the rest of America,/ ignored.

      We are after all being punished fro passage of SN- 1070..


      Homeland security

      ATT. General, Eric Holder

      Head of ICE Morton

      Pres. Obama

      The press

      How can this happen in America ?

      The smokescreen over passage of sn-1070 is not / nor has ever been/

      the real issue / to address all aspects of illegal innirgation and the fleecing of America.

      What part of this issue do you need to understand where you are?

      $2.5 B. ea yr for education for border (anchor babies) birth here by illegals..

      $ 7.5 B. ea yr spent for Medicaid for illegals living here.

      $ 14 to 22 B. spent ea yr on welfare JUST for illegals living here.

      another $12 B. on primary and secondary education who's children STILL can not speak english.( mandated by the FED GOV'T )

      $2.2 B. on food assistance food stamp porograms such as WIC and free lunch programs all mandated by the FEDERAL GOV"T .

      28 % of all Federl prison are immates here illegally.

      $200. B. per year in surpressed American wages are caused by the illegal

      The illegals here in America have a crime rate 2.5 times/ that of white non-legals aliens

      The children following in their foot- steps.

      The school drop-out rate over 50%.

      In 2005 over 8-10 million that crossed our borders as many as /19, 500 ( that they know about) were illegals from terroist countries

      That stats (quoted) is from ten years ago.

      The cost for deportation is ~ $206 and $230 billion dollars .

      And what this counrty has hidden from all of us:

      Over $1.million sex crimes are commited by illegals in the USA.

      That cost is a wopping $ 538.3 billion dollars.

      Another hidden issue is 1.5 million illegals here have outstanding warrants for violent crimes who are now living amonst us saccccountable somewhere.in the USA.

      This is only a partial list .

      If you think I am profiling here and we all need to press (1) for ENG and (2) for SP. to understand this problem,.

      Here is AZ we say, NO.

      Now the rest of you can ponder what should be done in your state.

      We are over runned here in AZ and no one cares.

      The funding for the fence to finished canelled by the Obama machine.

      We are also broke in AZ paying for this problem.

      We are the primary entry" for 60% of all illegals that enter into the USA.

      Do you think that AZ is telling the truth?

      This is your problem as well and think about it long and hard/ before you bash AZ over passge of this little law for State's rights.

      Where ever you are you right now in the upper 49

      you are looking at a mirror image /in your state. Just give it time.

      As for the topic header on this article the ans here is

      AZ is the is holding the line in the sand on our border.

      We are losing this war on terrorism.

      and (OMG ) who has ever heard that statement coming form the mainsteam press?

      We have an opened door to the world right here in America/ ignored by the Gov't that has taken a oath to "protect and serve our country"

      AND< YES, Mike from Chicago YOU are CORRECT !

      How could this happen in America?

    143. Ray A.,Paso Robles,C says:

      I agree with Joe, the media won't tell us the truth so like minded citizens need to get the word out. To put it nicely "Vote the Bum's out"

    144. LoisLane1951 says:

      OUT the employers of illegal aliens.

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