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  • On Director of National Intelligence's Resignation

    It is being widely reported that the Director of National Intelligence has resigned.

    Much of the speculation over the resignation revolves around his role in directing counterterrorism operations. Regardless, of this speculation the conduct of global counterterrorism operations by the Obama administration is a legitimate concern. Thirty-one terrorist plots have been foiled since 9/11—two out of the last three in this administration have been by shear luck.

    The White House continues to deemphasize the threat of Islamist terrorism and the Long War against al Qaeda. It has also failed to craft a responsible long-term detention and interrogation policy, even suggesting that Miranda rights of all US citizens should be weakened. The administration is not alone to blame. Congress remains dysfunctional on homeland security with 108 committees, sub-committees, and commissions claiming jurisdiction over the department.

    It is long past time this administration started treating keeping the nation safe, free, and prosperous as job #1 and focus on battling the terrorist 24-7-365.

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    9 Responses to On Director of National Intelligence's Resignation

    1. Anonymous says:

      1. Obama is TREASON 24/7/365, a RADICAL IDEOLOGUE 24/7/365, an ANTI-AMERICAN 24/7/365, a USURPER 24/7/365, and a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR 24/7/365.

      Impeach Obama

      2. "U.S. Senate Candidate Mike Lee Sign Peace Through Strength Pledge," May 17th, 2010, at http://www.mikelee2010.com/u-s-senate-candidate-m… .

    2. Seth Warner, Connect says:

      It seems to me that by aggressively and outwardly ignoring the fact in language that all terrorist acts in the past several years have been committed by radical Muslims, the President is very close to being complicit with their actions. Is it just political correctness that keeps us from not charging him with the treasonable offense of aiding and abetting the enemy, or has America totally lost its common sense, integrity and courage?

    3. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Dennis Blair was "fired" by Obama, not resigned, because he dared to speak the truth about how this socialist ideolouge and his minions has deliberately put this nation's safty in jeopardy. Obama's foreign policies and apologizes can no longer

      be blamed on his inexperience and/or naivete.

    4. Lynn Bryant DeSpain says:

      Took him long enough.

    5. ann kitay fulton, tx says:

      just an editing comment – shouldn't "shear" read 'sheer'. A wee bit of a heads-up. on content I hate to see another trustworthy public servant bite the dust but what else can you expect from a corrupt and corrupting government? There is nothing laudable about this administration and congress is running a close 2nd place. Pray –

    6. Leith Wood Richmond, says:

      Mr. Blair is being used as a scapegoat. He was direct and honest about our very real war against radical Islamists, but Obama is working hard to discount the threat to our country and the world. Listen to Janet Napolitano and weep with frustration. We have a man, who is determined to build a mosque at Ground Zero and bring Sharia law to America. Obama says nothing about it, as he does nothing about the wars on our borders. Read Jihad Watch on line to hear the truth.

    7. Colleen, Savannah, G says:

      DNI Dennis Blairs either resignation because of the Obama administrations interference and policy concerns or firing because he stood his ground against the political machines agenda is a lose lose for patriotic Americans. The problem is who is going to be appointed now? While I understand Mr. Blair's frustrations his position could be replaced with someone willing to cowtow to Obama's every whim. That is a huge concern!!! I wish he would have stayed the course. The problem is we are allowing the left to incrementally sever all outspoken opponents of Obama's policies while shortly we will see yet another Obama crony (KAGAN) with her left liening agenda (although she is called a moderate where that comes from I don't know) be appointed to the Supreme Court. We need to make sure that doesn't happen!!

    8. John Clancy, Wyandot says:

      President Obama's determination to CONTROL the people who head the departments, the congess, the supreme court, and the people at large (witness the contrivance on the healthcare) stabs at the way a president should preside.

      His disrespect for the governor of Arizona, for the plight of the people there, for the new law to be in effect in July, and, generally his reluctance to accept that there are extreme Muslim terrorists who wish us harm, makes one think again about Reverend Wright's statement about damming America.

    9. Alex says:


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